Video: John McCain on Meet the Press (Update)

Sen. McCain did another Sunday talk show interview this morning, this time on Meet the Press, now moderated by Tom Brokaw. Sen. Obama did not personally make an appearance on any of the Sunday political shows this morning though his surrogates were out in full force.

First, the full interview with McCain on Meet the Press as well as the entire broadcast:

More coming later today along with Obama and McCain surrogates arguing it out.


Here’s the entire Face the Nation broadcast which features a decent economic discussion from Obama and McCain surrogates:

The economy seems to be where it’s at, will McCain make this the focus the next 9 days or continue trying to erode Obama’s judgment?

  • Bob

    “Sen. Obama was not on any Sunday show this morning though his surrogates were out in force.”

    Wow.. talk about being unbias. Nate, you’re gonna be so sad when Mccain loses huh?

  • Bob

    disregard that comment, I’m an idiot

  • Maybe Obama was busy and went to church to ask for Bidens sins to be forgiven and for Palin to make some more…LOL

  • Jason

    enough about Ireland already

  • EricF

    is this real or what? if it is and gets verified, its over for Obama. this would be the nail in the coffin. i wont talk too much crap until its verified.

  • EricF

    oops you can delete

  • Babs

    Even in the face of the soundbites of McCain and Bush, he doesn’t laugh and he doesn’t cut off the interviews. Every question is “bad news” for McCain, but he takes it. He always has.

    This interview is more a McCain bashing interview. McCain doesn’t back down. He’s a class act, and he put Brokaw in his place several times in that fashion. Notice that.

  • dale

    I don’t get the constant Ireland reference. 35, 39, even 25%, all waaaaaaay higher than 11%. If the 11% tax in Ireland was so attractive, they’d be there now. There’s so much more to it than taxes, I mean, have you ever met an Irish person? Damn I’d pay more taxes not to live with those people.

  • Kathy
  • Bill Hedges

    dale- insult group of Irish people !!!!