Conflicts emerge within McCain Campaign

Conservatives and Republicans alike have been critiquing the McCain campaign, at times– from within the campaign itself.

Karl Rove has rebuked those involved, especially the people working within the McCain Campaign, calling their conduct unsuitable during the election period.

Daniel O’Reilly of writes, October 26, 2008:

Former Bush adviser Karl Rove said Sunday that the finger-pointing within Republican ranks is a “sad sight to see,” criticizing some within John McCain’s presidential campaign for airing their internal grievances before Election Day.

“It’s a sign of undisciplined people who do not have loyalty that they ought to have to the candidate,” Rove said on “Fox News Sunday.”

Ken Adelman a self-proclaimed staunch conservative who served as an ambassador under Ronald Reagan, wrote an article in support of Barack Obama in the liberal news blog, The Huffington Post on October 24, 2008:

Granted, McCain’s views are closer to mine than Obama’s. But I’ve learned over this Bush era to value competence along with ideology. Otherwise, our ideology gets discredited, as it has so disastrously over the past eight years.

McCain’s temperament — leading him to bizarre behavior during the week the economic crisis broke — and his judgment — leading him to Wasilla — depressed me into thinking that “our guy” would be a(nother) lousy conservative president. Been there, done that.

I’d rather a competent moderate president. Even at a risk, since Obama lacks lots of executive experience displaying competence (though his presidential campaign has been spot-on). And since his Senate voting record is not moderate, but depressingly liberal. Looming in the background, Pelosi and Reid really scare me.

Nonetheless, I concluded that McCain would not — could not — be a good president. Obama just might be.

David Frum, a speech writer for and assistant to President Bush, writes in the Washington Post that he is concerned that McCain may bring down the Republican Party. Claiming that GOP numbers have not been so bad since Watergate, Frum urges conservatives to follow two important steps in order to salvage the Party – in essence, shifting their efforts from the White House bid to protecting what is left of Republican strength in the U.S Congress. October 26, 2008:

1. Every available dollar that can be shifted to a senatorial campaign must be shifted to a senatorial campaign….
2. We need a message change that frankly acknowledges that the Democrats are probably going to win the White House — and that warns of the dangers of one-party, left-wing government.

The friction within the McCain campaign has not spared his running mate, Governor Sarah Palin. Some McCain advisers complained that Palin was acting like a ‘diva.’ Ben Smith of writes that “Even as John McCain and Sarah Palin scramble to close the gap in the final days of the 2008 election, stirrings of a Palin insurgency are complicating the campaign’s already-tense internal dynamics.” Some insiders have altered the language to call Palin’s efforts going “rogue.” Dana Bash, Peter Hamby and John King of write, October 26, 2008:

Several McCain advisers have suggested to CNN that they have become increasingly frustrated with what one aide described as Palin “going rogue.”

A Palin associate, however, said the candidate is simply trying to “bust free” of what she believes was a damaging and mismanaged roll-out.

From what it looks like, Palin has helped more than she has hurt the Republican ticket, but clearly her tactics are different from those of McCain. Whether the McCain insiders will calm down or not is another story.

Is this a passing bump in the road, or a signal of more to come? You decide.

  • Pats

    “Is this a passing bump in the road, or a signal of more to come?” Michael, let this be a passing bump in the road. If not, the conservative contributors in this blog will burst with shame. Maverick McCain is the more experienced candidate with sound judgement in this presidential campaigne. Can his campaigne trail end in chaos? No way!!!!!!!!!!
    When he spoke of Obama not to be trusted I surpressed my thought for him. The only thing that was lingering in my mind was the old adage “The pot calls the kettle black”.
    McCain’s selection of Sarah Palin as a running mate is the most intruging thing. It was meant to deceive women in believing that he cares for them more than Obama does because he failed to pick Hillary. It worked because people did not scrutinise his personal life. When McCAin returned from Vietnam and found his wife handicap, what did he do? Dumped her, flirt with Cindy and marry her because she’s rich. Is this the man that can be trusted?
    His choice of Sarah Palin was premeditated. This was why he waited for Obama to pick his running mate. It was not out of true indulgence for women.
    Peter Tosh said, “You can fool some people some time but you can’t fool all the people all the time”. The woman he wanted to use to get his desire has turned out to cost him his very image

  • I hope this makes the McCain campaign fall apart, because if he becomes President, our country is through. I think he is more dangerous than Obama because conservatives are asleep whenever a so-called “conservative” is in the White House. (I’m referring to Palin.)

  • This is quite sad but inevitable at the same time.

    It’s quite sad because it highlights the lack of loyalty to the party or to the candidate, but it’s inevitable because people don’t want fingers being pointed at them for screwing things up.

    I suppose when you have two so-called mavericks who do mavericky things then harmony is the last thing on your mind.

  • EricF

    you libtards are too damn funny.

  • Michael

    I’m still waiting for a response from you EricF. But, I do have time.

  • dale

    EricF tard (see what I was getting at there, we can all your play your reindeer games), every Obamabot knows that there are not many neo-cons that support McCain, yd2000’s own Conservative Girl once (several once’s, actually) said she wouldn’t even vote if he won the nomination.

    Now she’s singing a different song now, as you all are, but that doesn’t mean he represents you. As I’m sure you see it, he’s the lesser of two evils. It’s only natural that having somebody at the top that doesn’t properly represent your ideals and is losing, is going to cause some conflict.

    So to all the EricF tards out there, Obama does reflect the true ideals of the Democratic party, so it’s really no surprise his campaign is running so much smoother and more successfully.

  • Yara

    if McCain couldn’t control the people within his campaign ,who are supposedly loyal to him and are on his side,how would he be able to run a country?

  • Babs

    I think that this is just another one of the very biased rumors that have circulated against Palin from the beginning. Campaigns are run by individuals, and individuals don’t always do or say the right thing, and as one of my very first bosses said one day, “You can’t put eight women in the same room and not have a disagreement sooner or later”. I’ve come to learn that you also can’t put 8 people of either gender in that room and not have some type of power struggle before it’s over.

    Don’t doubt for one minute that the Obama camp suffers from the same problem. Just understand that the MSM is never going to tell it.

  • DryHeat

    If David Frum wants to know who is bringing down the Republican party, he ought to point his finger at his boss rather than the McCain campaign.

  • Dreadsen


    There’s a difference. Key republicans and long term conservatives are voicing their anger with the McCain campaign. So now i suspect if this stuff is true that they are going to try to throw her under the bus when this is over and blame this on her.
    Obama’s campaign isn’t have these problems. The only problems they have is Bidens foot in mouth reflux. But their campaign has still be producing different results. Now i think if things were the other way? I would be exactly the same. You’d have key democrats saying that Obama didn’t run a proper campaign because he didn’t fight back forcibly ( remember when they were complaining about that a while back) and there would be fighting with in the campaign. especially if they were this far behind in the polls.

  • Pats

    It all come down to one’s ability to select/appoint individuals with team spirit. One’s judgement and organisational ability is tested in this way before a country is entrusted to that individual’s care. It may be that the other camp is facing the same issue but they settle it within themselves. The ability to bring people together and direct their efforts to one main goal is a requirement for a leader and must be demonstrated, not only talked about.
    McCain boasted of his ability to bring Republican, Democrats and independent Americans together to rebuild the American economy, let him demonstrate that in his campaign camp.

  • Babs

    Dreadsen, if SOMEONE wasn’t voicing their anger at the McCain Campaign every day about something, I’m sure we would think the sky has fallen. Either they’re too negative, not negative enough, should turn Palin loose, should protect her from media vultures, shouldn’t have picked, did the best thing ever in picking her……… It’s something all the time, and has become really laughable.

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