McCain and Palin on Nightly News (Update, Video)

Brian Williams of MSNBC’s Nightly News sat down with Palin and McCain on October 22 and discussed their recent hurdles. This is one of the first network interviews in which both Republican nominees were interviewing in tandem with each other, and offers a glimpse of their chemistry outside of the rally environment.

Already the footage is being analyzed. Here is one from MSNBC’s Hardball:

More to come.

Update by Michael

Thanks to a correction from one of our frequent posters, we will be providing two additional interviews in which Palin and McCain were present. Here is a segment of the first with Katie Couric on September 29, 2008:

Update by Nate

Joint interview with Palin and McCain sitting down with Sean Hannity, via Fox News:

Draw your conclusions…

  • EricF

    question for any of you socialist obama freaks. do you think its right to take money from someone making $200,000 and giving it to someone that makes say $175,000? what about $150,000? $100,000?

  • Stalin


    They don’t care. They assume that if you are successful it is because of the following:

    1) You are white
    2) You are male
    3) You bought your way into a good school
    4) You had connections to get a great job/company
    5) You are cheating the system

    The last thing it could be is that you worked you A$$ of for what you have. Success MUST be punished!

  • EricF

    yes i know that Stalin. its that way because of the liberal propoganda of decisiveness. liberals are the ones that keep people down and they do so for political gain. its really disgusting if you ask me.

  • It’s nice to see we’re not paranoid– and united as a country.

  • I came accross this a while back at it describes liberal thinking perfectly.
    “Law of Panem et Circences”
    Where imagined entitlement rights are aspirations binding on the benevolence and expropriation of others and their property based solely on envy, the socialistic belief of equal outcome and the soft bigotry of low expertations.
    This inability to distinguish between endowed birthrights and the deification of government is a matter of assumed perquisites.It may force clarity into the discussion of entitlements if we banned the word “rights” however the liberal left seems to prefer banning the word clarity.

  • Michael……..I assume when you say “we are united as a country” you are refering to Thailand?

  • Mao, can I call you Mao? I think we should not jump across contexts and assume associations based upon symbols, or say– names…. 🙂

  • b

    It is over guys, you cannot spend 150,000$ over two months on clothes from the most high end department stores in the world and still seem like you are fighting for ordinary Americans. You cannot run a campaign as poorly as McCain has, be this far behind and afford a ridiculous development such as this. Love it or leave it, this is the nail in the coffin, even my Grandma (who is a staunch Kansas Republican and as Salt of the Earth person as I know) is disgusted and awed by this development. This is comical and trivial but it underlines the entire McCain campaign, it has been too manufactured, not enough real politics, real worldliness and real McCain… How do you make the argument that Obama is an elitist when RNC and McCain camp spends money this dumbly? How can you call Obama a socialist when McCain suspended his campaign to try and work out a compromise in favor of the biggest government/socialist intervention since FDR? Further how do you call Obama a socialist when the 2000 McCain tax plan was nearly identical to the tax plan of Obama 2008, don’t believe me google video McCain 2000. ( I dont see how anyone can call tax rebates, or a shift in the tax burden under the progressive tax system that has been in place for decades, socialism.) How can one defend this campaign and its horrible framing of the issues and horrible framing of thier candidate to the issues?

    It is a sad thing that McCain and his strategist have cornered him this badly, he is a hero, a true good natured ole boy, a reformer and a true bipartisan player but he looks bad and mean out there, he does not look comfortable and his message just does not have any logical connection to his record or the issues of the day and on top of it his general message seems to change from week to week with no fluidity.

    I hope that a moderate national politics will arise out of this, maybe a little to the left or a little to the right, but never again the politics of the Swift Boaters, or calling people terrorists or communists, or vast right wing conspiracies, demaoging and demonizing the other. We all need to wake up and realize that our country is made up of 300 + million people, 30% hardcore conservatives and 30% hardcore liberals, and many more right in the middle, a little to the left and a little to the right. This country at the national level cannot and should not ever be given over to a tyranny of the minority majority of either side, we ought to demand that much of our country, of our leaders and most importantly of OURSELVES, for the politics of this great land are at heart grassroots and begins with our own thoughts,ideas and perceptions. Viva USA amigos…

  • Michael………..No my name is DD Mao.Lets not jump accross context and assume associations based on names.DD Mao has a diferent meaning than just Mao which people will assume I’m a Chi-Comm supporter.
    Don’t tell me you’re a citizen of the world like the Dali-Bama?

  • DD Mao, did you just repeat what I said?

    Oh, yes– there is such a thing as planes, and they fly around. When you board one of these things, they bring you to different countries– and you then get to use computers with different IP locators. It’s fun thing to do. Ask Palin about getting a passport, she just went through the process.

  • Antonio

    EricF, Stalin, Mao,

    You guys are so afraid of socialism… but you do not seem to even understand what it is about. Sorry. What are your professions/occupations? Have you lived in other countries with different lifestyles and mentalities than in the US? Say, in one of those countries of “socialist freaks”? Stalin, do you have the faintest clue whose evil person you are borrowing the surname from? Why didn’t you borrow “Hitler”?

    Socialism is about caring for the weaker. It is not about giving for free, not about spreading wealth, not about robin-hooding! It is normal to pay taxes, guys! How do you think that your government pays for your troops to “defend you from terrorists”? how do you think that your government pays the salary of Sen. McCain or Gov. Palin?

    It is not that socialists (not *all* of them) are for punishing (financial) success! c’mon! not (all) capitalistic or right-wing people are for carrying arms in the streets or cheating his/her way through… There are extremes on both sides. So, why to think that (all) “socialists” are for punishing success? Socialism is about *society*, about common good, about helping the weaker. Helping does not mean “do in place of”. Would you tell a guy in a wheelchair at the bottom of a staircase to work his A$$ to the top *all* by himself?

    Has any of you lived in Europe? say, The Netherlands, or Scandinavia? Specially in Scandinavia, one gets the impression that *everyone* is rich. Isn’t that the American dream?! In Sweden, for example, they haven’t succeeded by stepping on each other but by helping each other to get everybody’s A$$ to the top. They haven’t succeeded by some doing all the job for others, either. Have you observed ants colonies? Go and see Sweden for yourselves!

    Of course, there are abusive people, those only interested in getting unemployment grants and other similar ways of “help” from the government. There are those who live on that indefinitely; that’s definitely an evil side to fight but it is by no means the *only* side. There are others (as myself) who have benefited enormously of a socialist regime (I live in France but I am not French) and, by working my ASS through I and my wife have become both research scientist working for a prestigious Government Research agency comparable to NSF. I can tell you I *did* work my ASS through but I also did benefit from subsidies for rent and for my children for few years; that helped me to have a proper quality of life while my wife could get a job. Eight years ago I used to pay a ridiculous amount of taxes; I received more from the government to “buy pampers” for my babies than I used to pay in taxes! Since four years ago, I have a more confortable and solid situation, economically, and I pay 12 times as many taxes as I used to! I think this is nothing but FAIR!
    I believe some other honest guy is indirectly using my taxes *plus* his sweat to work his A$$ through to the top.

    Do you know how I got my job? Not to show off or anything but I passed an internationally open contest to recruit researchers in my area. And I can tell you I worked my ASS for several months preparing a 10-minutes interview; as a result, I was ranked 1st among 136 candidates; 4 jobs were available.

    So, no, sorry to dissapoint you but not all socialist “freaks” are lazy beggars and yes, society is full of opportunists but also of weaker people who need a little help to get going. Didn’t Jesus say sthg along the lines of “help yourself ; then, I will help you?”. That is what (good) socialism is about.

    As, of course, there is (good) capitalism in which one works his A$$ through without cheating, faulting morals and lots of hard work. Whoever denies that is as much out of his mind as that who thinks that socialism is bad and we are all freaks.

    Mao, I do not know where you picked that “definition” but no, I do not agree with it. I guess a truly socialist *freak* might also compose an equally extreme and fallacious definition of capitalism. For example, one containing the 5 points that Stalin listed. Of course, it is ridiculous to say that this is what capitalism is about.

    I say, no system is perfect but it is a fact that certain societies/economies are way ahead.Back to the swedes, people leave pretty well, benefit of pretty good services paid by taxes and yet, economy produces brands such as Ericsson. Now, you may question their morals regarding abortion, sex and all that but that is another debate …
    And since I speak of abortion and others did some days ago on this forum let me cite a survey on The Netherlands that I read 4 or 5 years ago in The Economist (which is not precisely written by socialist freaks). According to the survey The Netherlands was the first European country to make abortion legal (in the early 60s, before French let their women vote!) yet, it is (was at the time of the survey) the European country with the lowest abortion rates! No, there is no contradiction; it is called education. Making it legal does not mean to endorse it, let alone to encourage it!

    And yes, I am against abortion. I am a socialist catholic freak who thinks that abortion is to kill an innocent human being; like many who write in this forum and seem to be right-wing freaks 😉

  • Michael ………….My you’re quick to pick that up.!!!
    Just trying to find out who I’m having a conversation with.

  • EricF

    ** Nuked by admin **

    Note: Swearing and profanity is not tolerated, thanks!

  • Antonio


    It’s good to see some sensible speech in this forum from now and then..

  • Outside Perspective

    Erik F

    “Socialist freaks”???

    ***NUKED BY ADMIN– AVOID PERSONAL ATTACKS*** Do you know what socialism is? Or does it scare just because of the way it sound? Sen. McCain supported a bailout of $700,000,000,000 which would tax money from taxpayers and distribute it to select, independently owned companies when they where in trouble. THAT IS SOCIALISM! Regardless of my personal feelings about this bailout, Sen. Obama and Sen. McCain voted for this bailout. Please do some research before you post ignorant comments like one I have quoted Above.

  • DD Mao,

    Michael is from the United States and is currently traveling so his IP shows up with the flag from whatever country he may currently be in.

  • Stalin

    Antonio…or should I say A$$ man

    You are a little late to the party here bud. Yes you are absolutely correct. I am afraid of socialism. You got me. Don’t presume to know me, my profession or where I have lived and traveled. I have been all over Europe many times over, including your France, so stick it up your A$$. Don’t you dare come on to this site and start insulting people you know nothing about. Good day….I SAID GOOD DAY!

  • b

    So EricF, don’t you think it is funny that there is no link on that drudge headline?… as far as I have searched outside of Drudge there is no story, so why don’t you hold back on your amazing powers of judgement until you have at least read the story and have some facts to begin working with. Second, you really think that pointing to an alleged activity like this, and if this really did happen as the conservative Drudge is framing it then is disgustings and the work of scumbags, is indicative of all or even some Obama supporters or his campaign? You are using second grade logic and pure imagination at this point bud. Do you realize that McCain supporters have attacked Obama supporters in the last few weeks in several states, don’t beleive me then google it and find out for yourself. None of this kind of crazy activity is indicative of either campaign.

  • Antonio

    Stalin, or Hitler, or whatever,

    Who is insulting whom?
    Can’t you debate at another level? Seemingly not.
    Well, have a good day, then. And wish you good next
    8 years of socialism.

    A$$ man, the socialist freak

  • EricF

    if socialism is so great and awesome why not just move to a socialist country?

    well i cant expect people as brilliant as you guys spounting this socialist crap to take an honest and critical look at the facts but i will try to get you to do that anyway.

    how about doing some research on the specific countries and their policies and then take a look at total population and money produced from exportation from those countries. sorry but America is not one of these tiny in comparison, countries with big money coming in from oil and other exportations with much lower populations.

  • Pats

    I’m still waiting to see McCain demonstrate the experience he professed to have. Definitely it does not show in his campaign. Is he waiting to become president? The way to the White House is becoming too thorny and slippery for him and I guess this is the most opportune time to come out of the shell. Talking has not been helpful then action should do the rest for us to see. He’s not been president before, has he? Then why is he immune to being tested?

  • EricF

    well theres your link. sorry for the profanity Nate im just pissed about this.

    to all you socialist people- how is it helping the poor or less forunate by setting a line of $250,000? please do tell. is someone making $175,000 poor? are they less fortunate? will writing checks for $500 or $1,000 solve poverty? will it all of a sudden make kids want to learn?

    look, i wouldnt even have a this big of a problem with obamas tax plan if that money was going to long lasting and worth while efforts. the fact is though he wants to just punish people for being succesful.

    all obama is doing is telling people want they want to hear. bottom line.

  • EricF

    someone answer this for me please, and its a real simple question.

    what incentive does any company have to stay in America if you are going to raise the business tax?

    we already have the second highest in the world. what happens when these companies just shut down or leave America? who is obama going to tax then?

    even if they dont shut down or leave they are going to have to either lay people off or raise prices. you guys are all so brilliant so im sure you can answer my questions.

  • Antonio


    I lived in France, then lived and worked in the US.
    I chose to live back in France, which is, by American standards, socialist but far from Scandinavian standards.
    So, I do live in a socialist country. Didn’t you read my story?

    Now, I take your point about size, population, economy, comparing the US to small countries like Sweden or Norway (I also lived there). I agree with you entirely. Norway has lots of oil and 5 million people or so. Surely that helps too. So I entirely agree with you on that.

    Yet, there is no need for insulting, demonizing, pointing fingers at. All I was trying to convey is that socialism is not as bad as you think. Sorry if I sounded rude by saying that you guys are afraid of socialism. I am not afraid of capitalism nor I think it is an evil system. I do find advantages in capitalism and highly dynamic economies such as yours or the British. But, again, no need in insulting or making radical and extreme comments. I think.

    After all, as I said, there is no perfect system. The Soviet Union (and I am not pro-comunist in the soviet sense of the word) collapsed mainly due to economic reasons; as much as the US and Europe suffered the great depression which largely had to do with the 2nd world war and we are at this very present living a major financial world-wide crisis in capitalist economies. Flaws are all over the place.

  • EricF, let’s get to the root of your problem with socialism. Can you please tell me what is so threatening about this economic ideology?

    And EricF– the incentive to live in the United States? If you think taxes are the only thing keeping companies here, then I would strongly differ. And as for companies leaving– how many Japanese companies have left Japan (which is the highest, mind you). If memory serves me right, they did relocate some of their work to the United States in the past— but why to the United States rather than a cheaper area….

  • EricF

    Antonio what you need to understand and im sure you dont is that this whole economic collapse is due to social engineering programs started and carried out by the liberal agenda.

  • EricF

    Michael are you even reading anything i post? i think not.

    now stop trying to change the conversation and answer my questions.

    also nobody said taxes are the only reason but lowering the business tax like McCain wants to do does give incentive to stay or comeback. sure there are other reasons like cheaper labor but if we made labor cheaper than it is now in America wouldnt that be hurting the working class?

  • EricF, I have been reading your posts, which is why I asked the question. You are writing a lot of passion, but I am not seeing the source of your frustration. If I can pry a bit– which religious tradition do you practice– and do you support democratic systems? I am not changing the conversation– I am keeping with your self-imposed subject about socialism.

  • Antonio


    Firstly, I am not an economist nor a businessman nor knowledgeable of American legislation. Yes, I agree that many companies will (have to) leave. Others, will prefer to leave without *having to*. Too bad.

    Now, where did you pick that datum about USA having the 2nd highest company tax in the world?! not that I doubt what *you* say but the statement is astonishing and sorry, it is not that I (think that I) am brilliant but to state that “the USA is 2nd” one must have proof of it; like for instance the record of *all* company taxes of *all* the countries in the world. I do not even how many there are, do you?! Moreover, even just picking comparable developed economies, say those of the G8, legislations are not equal so I am not sure a fair comparison may be established.

    About setting the line at 250 000 or less or more… well, the line has to be put somewhere. There needs to be a reference. A sensible way would be to make a serious study about the cost of life. Certainly 250K does not buy the same in Paris, Tokyo, NY, Calcuta or Marrakesch. I have no idea how Obama came up with this figure. Do you know how McCain came up with the figure of 5000 for medical? why not 4000 or 6000? Why no to set the limit higher or lower in California or Minessota? The point is, some concrete number is needed, in both cases.

    You also said:
    “all obama is doing is telling people want they want to hear. bottom line”
    Wake up! isn’t that what politics is about?
    Honestly, have you seen a politician who tells what people does *not* want to hear?
    I haven’t.

  • Thank you Nate. Like I said I was just trying to see where Michael was coming from in regard to is he an American or is his views from overseas and thus influenced by other ideas and images.

  • Stalin


    I think you are confusing Japanese companies setting up North American operations and manufacturing with actually moving their headquarters. Japanese car companies manufacture in the US for a number of reasons but mostly for the reduced labor, energy, land costs and it gives them the ability to say the the car is “American made” Furthermore, local municipalities and states grant huge tax breaks to companies that build large job producing factories in their state/town.

  • Antonio

    EricF, no I certainly do not agree with you about the economic collapse. Or, if you prefer, I do not understand nor I pretend to. As far as I can tell from people I’ve met who lived through the tough 90s in Russia, in Soviet Union the system collapsed, among other things, because they simply emptied their reserves (which they lasted for several decades). Lack of a dynamic economy resulted in lack of new freshly created wealth (bad extreme, this is not the socialism I defend). Yet, increased de-regulation as in the sub-primes situation is the other side of the story. Too much dynamism leads to higher risks and the higher you go the harder the blow you take when the system fails.

  • Stalin– yes, there is that, and the fact that the LABOR in the United States was already here– and well trained. Skilled technicians, solid equipment to buy– it was a bargain. All the more reason why we need to keep our workers competitive…

  • McCain has supported socialist ideals in the past, so all those that are making out socialism is bad because McCain said so are talking nonsense.

    Anyway, Michael said:

    “This is one of the first network interviews in which both Republican nominees were interviewing in tandem with each other”

    Not true my friend.

    Both of them sat down with Katie Couric on 29th September and Sean Hannity on 8th October.

  • dale

    Does it feel odd to anybody else that these posts inevitably come down to very partisan arguments over semantics?

    Republicans picking on perceived flaws in liberal logic based upon semantics rather than erroneous logical errors and VICE VERSA. Most of the time the counter surely must be apparent to the writer, the only actual difference which party line you support. The counter argument inevitably being, the official party rebuttal, of which there is always one given the political climate.

    Can we have some original free thought, please?

    And my god before anybody accuses me being hypocritical in writing this I will, unequivocally, confess that I am as guilty as anybody.

  • dale

    With the spirit of my above post in mind I would like to ask, as I do not get msnbc in Australia, is it usually so liberally biased? I get Fox and it’s stance is very often hilariously scarily biased, is msnbc the mainstream liberal counterpart?

    I’ve seen Brian Williams of John Stewart a fair bit but dare I say he appears more independent on JS than on his own network.

    Is that normal?

    I’d say I can agree, or at least see the merit in much of what was discussed on the Hardball clip. Although Chuck Todd’s input seemed erroneous and lacking of any actual political insight and semmed to be mere punditry rather than news.

  • Dreadsen


    You have to watch both Msnbc and Fox. You will damage yourself watching only one or the other!
    Fox is further right to the point of actually making up lies.
    Msnbc only reports positive things for the left and suppresses or omits other isolated negative things of the Left. They may try to spin some things but they don’t make up things which do not exist. Msnbc is actually nice to the republicans they invite on their show too. Fox is hostile.

    But if someone is not a critical or analytical thinker i would suggest watching C-Span or maybe CNN.

  • Babs

    Michael, the interview was nice, it was good of you to post it – I wouldn’t have watched it on NBC, and the second video is so totally offbase it’s typical.

    Sean Hannity did a great interview with both of them, to be fair and balanced I would suggest you update this article with that as well.

    To say the two are disconnected is laughable.

  • dale


    Thanks for the input re msnbc, that’s basically what I expected. I can only get Fox News and CNN on cable here, no msnbc.

    It might now surprise you to know that Rupert Murdoch (former Australian, probably owns even more of our media than he does of yours) owns most of cable TV here. As you can see, I will never get msnbc here. Anyway I thank you for clearing that up for me.

    It’s really the greater statement about the tactics of the mainstream right and left in your country. This was further evidenced on this very site given the drastically different tones of yours and Conservative Girl’s commentaries on the use of hate and fear in the campaigns.

  • Sean Hannity’s a joke and his interview with McCain and Palin was a joke. The only person on Fox News I’d trust to give a anyway decent interview with either McCain or Palin would be Bill O’Reilly.

    I’m looking forward to watching Fox News on November 5th after Obama has won and seeing Hannity crying…LOL

  • Gochiz

    I don’t think Katie Couric likes Sarah Palin very much…

  • Deb

    I think this says it all:

    A gentleman by the name of Blair Warren has pretty much summed up the Obama movement in one concise marketing statement.

    “People will do anything for those who encourage their dreams, justify their failures, allay their fears, confirm their suspicions and help them throw rocks at their

    Notice that the premise of this does not imply that “those” have ever, are capable of or even intend to do anything other than provide rhetoric that sounds wonderful. Obama supporters have fallen hook, line and sinker for this marketing ploy. As Blair points out – so did the followers of Hitler, Jim Jones and David Karesch. I see the current state of the Democratic party as Jonestown – The Sequel.

    People are too lazy to find out the truth about Obama and let the spin artists do the thinking for them. Most humans go with their first impression and never will change – great for marketing – lousy way to pick a President.

    It doesn’t take a genius to see that Obama’s career is first class packaging carrying very little supportable substance. It does require looking beyond the spin – but I am not sure the Democrats can go there.

  • Babs

    Apparently they can’t think for themselves, Deb. I actually had people asking me to prove what I said in my last commentary about the people Obama has now left out of his economic joke. I couldn’t believe it. I mean, when he says it only covers people with jobs, it doesn’t take that much thought to know who it DOESN’T cover, does it??