The Barack Obama Hate Machine

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If there was ever a better illustration of how intolerant the so-called “tolerant” left is in America, it’s been seen in the vicious, evil attacks directed toward Gov. Sarah Palin since she became John McCain’s vice presidential nominee.

Many liberals in this country like to pretend they are open-minded and love free speech, that lie couldn’t be further from the truth. They believe in tolerance to the point where they wish death on Republicans and espouse violence toward anyone who dare question The One and his socialist ways.

Just for some examples of this liberal “tolerance” in action, I didn’t have to go far before scores of stories popped up to illustrate just how tolerant liberals really are.

Just to contrast this, there was a big media todo about a supporter at a McCain rally supposedly yelling “Kill him,” when speaking of Barack Obama. This turned out to be a complete fabrication as the Secret Service investigated it as a death threat and found no merit to the claim made by one reporter, read about there here.

Now, onto the liberal tolerance.

1. “Let’s stone her, old school”

Just over a week ago, Gov. Sarah Palin was invited to a Philadelphia Flyers game to drop the ceremonious “first puck” of the game. She was received with mixed cheers and boos, however, outside on the street, it was another story. According to, one Palin-hater was heard saying the following:

Outside on Broad Street, waiting for Palin to leave, one man was heard saying: “Let’s stone her, old school.”

So is “stone her” better than “kill him,” which never even happened? I’d say not yet the media isn’t interested in reporting hateful death threats made against conservatives from Barack Obama supporters.

2. “Abort Sarah Palin”

You don’t have to look much further than internet t-shirt shops to find the love and respect given to Sarah Palin by the left. Did I say love and respect, I’m sorry I meant hatred and disrespect.

Just a few examples of t-shirts being designed and sold from supporters of Barack Obama:

Oops, sorry, tossed in one illustrating the tolerant love and affection these same folks have for President Bush.

Oops, and another, I better stop now or this could go all day.

Here’s the wrap-up from Fox News discussing an anti-Palin t-shirt worn to a Barack Obama rally which was so vulgar, they can’t even show it on TV:

But wait, I though Barack Obama supporters were all tolerant, peace-loving people. Then why, may I ask, do they support stoning Sarah Palin, killing President Bush, and constantly trashing those with whom they disagree? It must be their love and tolerance.

3. Silencing free speech

In recent days and weeks, it has become the norm for supporters of Barack Obama to begin stifling free speech which doesn’t support The One and his policies.

One example from the state of Florida where a man’s car was vandalized and defaced because of it had a McCain/Palin sticker on it:

CLEARWATER (Bay News 9) — A Clearwater man’s vehicle that displayed a bumper sticker supporting John McCain has been defaced in what appears to be a hate crime, authorities say.

According to authorities, 41-year-old Frank Armstrong’s 2006 Lexus LS 430 was parked on the 1400 block of Gulf Boulevard when someone or a group of people scratched the letters “KKK” into the paint and burned a U.S. Flag on the vehicle.

Authorities say those involved also used cigarettes to burn several areas of the car and apparently urinated on the car.

Armstrong’s vehicle displayed a bumper sticker supporting the McCain campaign and another that was anti-Barack Obama leading investigators to believe the crime was racially or politically motivated.

No witnesses or surveillance video have been found.

The other “anti-Obama” sticker on his car was a sticker which said “NObama,” hardly offensive to the point where it warranted vandalism. This man put a McCain/Palin sticker on his car and supporters of Barack Obama etched “KKK” into his car because they didn’t like his free speech. Tolerance in action, my friends. Apparently tolerance means you find a car with a sticker you don’t like, then urinate on it.

Here’s a video of some guy who finally got ticked off enough at his McCain/Palin sign being stolen from his front yard, so he video taped it:

There are so many other examples of Barack Obama supporters illustrating their belief in free speech by stealing private property that I don’t have time to list them. Again, tolerance and what a beautiful thing it is.

Here’s another example, just for fun:

Now I know you could point to an Obama sign being stolen by a McCain supporter, but why justify bad behavior with other bad behavior? I will condemn any sign being stolen, be it a McCain or Obama, because I actually do believe in free speech, not like these Barack Obama supporters showing their respect for private property by walking onto someone’s lawn and stealing from them. See how gutsy they are doing it when it’s dark?

Here’s another story which explains how tolerant and love-filled Barack Obama supporters are:

Albemarle County Police are trying to figure out who is responsible for setting fire to a couple campaign signs.
The incident happened early Saturday morning in Earlysville. A McCain-Palin sign and a Virgil Goode sign were set on fire.

“This is a disturbing turn of events and I’m dismayed at the intolerance and attempted intimidation,” said Chairman of the Albemarle County Republican Committee, Christian Schoenewald.

Both signs were 4′ X 8′ that had been posted on someone’s private property.

“I’m concerned that this new behavior shows an escalation in the desire to intimidate Republican voters. Theft and defacing of signs is one thing. Burning signs elevates the situation to a whole new level,” said Schoenewald.

Last month, similar Republican campaign signs were stolen from that same area.

Barack Obama supporters literally torching McCain/Palin signs because they are such champions of free speech, that they have to stifle the speech of others. Embrace the tolerance, my friends, it’s a wonderful thing when Barack Obama supporters go around setting McCain/Palin signs on fire.

Think it’s just confined to McCain/Palin? Think again. Take this story from Minnesota where Democrats have vandalized the home of Republican Senator Norm Coleman, currently running for reelection:

ST. PAUL (WCCO) ? Vandals defaced the garage at Sen. Norm Coleman’s home, his campaign and police said Wednesday. Five other Minnesota politicians were similarly targeted with vandalism, according to authorities.

Coleman and his wife, Laurie, live in the Crocus Hill neighborhood of St. Paul. Graffiti left on the outside of their garage reads: “U R A criminal resign or else”; “Scum,” which is written three times; and “Psalm 2.”

Coleman is a former mayor of St. Paul, and has lived in the home on a residential street near the Victoria’s Crossing shopping area for almost 20 years.

Police spokesman Peter Panos said the graffiti was reported Wednesday morning. Police were canvassing the neighborhood for clues, and Panos said he expected increased patrols around the Coleman home.

“We’re considering it a threat to the senator,” Panos said, adding that three other Republican members of Congress — Reps. John Kline, Michele Bachmann and Jim Ramstad — were targeted with similar vandalism that police think might be related.

Hope, change, and calling people with whom you disagree “scum”.

Then take these photos of a business-owner in Minnesota who had a McCain/Palin bumper sticker on his van, this is how it ended up after Barack Obama supporters got a hold of it and left their calling card, in the form of Obama/Biden signs and spray paint on his personal property:

His wife’s Volvo was also targeted in the same driveway by thoughtful and caring Barack Obama supporters:

I feel the love, don’t you?

4. Hollywood Hatred

Aside from your average hateful Barack Obama supporter expressing their thought that Sarah Palin should have been aborted, you have the Hollywood fools acting as if their opinions matter.

Stay classy, Hollywood.

Right, because Matt Damon has faced down so many foreign leaders. Perhaps he is mistaking “The Bourne Identity” with his real life which consists of repeating the lines people feed him.

Of course, at the end there you get a good view of what those anti-Palin t-shirts said which were worn to a Barack Obama rally by tolerant Barack Obama supporters. They’re so loving and tolerant of Republicans that they believe “Sarah Palin is a cu**,” and wanted everyone else to know at the Barack Obama rally they attended. Can you imagine if Republicans wore clothing with a similar phrase on it? It would be front page New York Times for a week.

5. YouTube self-made “F*** Palin” videos

Just search YouTube for anything derogatory surrounding Sarah Palin and you will find dozens, probably hundreds of Barack Obama supporters swearing and ranting about how they believe Sarah Palin is “retarded” or needs to “suck it” from them. That’s putting it mild since many of them are obscene and sexual in nature. It’s really disgusting to watch these Barack Obama supporters descend into these filthy depths.

Here is an example, a very mild one at that, of what I’m speaking about:


His intelligent ranting has won me over, I’m now voting for Obama, NOT!

Here’s your loving, Barack Obama supporter saying “Sarah Palin needs to get smacked in the fu***** face” with something. See the tolerance? He showed his tolerance when he said “Palin is retarded,” it went by quick at the end in case you missed his love, hope, and change.

Finally, just as an illustration of the tolerance espoused by Barack Obama supporters, here’s a video made by a group of McCain supporters who dared march in Manhattan. Witness the love and tolerance displayed by countless Barack Obama supporters as they flip them the finger, scream obscenities, equate them to Nazis, and tell them to leave because their free speech isn’t welcome there:

So tolerant, so love-filled. Barack Obama supporters are so tolerant, so open-minded that they won’t even allow opposing views to be expressed without shouting them down and calling them Nazis.

Stay classy, Barack Obama supporters while you say Sarah Palin should be “stoned” and/or “aborted”.

It is really sad that in our country a major party like the Democrats and Barack Obama supporters would not want everyone of all groups, including conservatives, to enjoy what they have to offer. Why would Barack Obama supporters embrace hate-filled rhetoric against everyone who opposes their views, instead of making a stand against it? The answer, of course, is because in the eyes of Barack Obama supporters, free speech is only acceptable when it is praising Obama, not McCain.

So, the next time you hear that it is McCain supporters espousing hatred because they dare question The One’s policies, remember, liberal Barack Obama supporters are full of hope, change, and most of all, love. They express these emotions by wishing death on anyone and everyone who opposes them.

Hope and change my friends, and Sarah Palin should be aborted according to Barack Obama supporters in their own words, proudly displayed to the world.

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  • CG, the propaganda used against Palin is atrocious. Not only is it sexist, but it is insulting to our entire political process.

    I do have a problem with FOX trying to equate issues, however. People are saying terrible things about Palin– and this is awful, but Palin is a person. She stands for something, but they are attacking her. This does not parallel with racist/homophobic rhetoric against entire peoples.

    Now, I am sure that Democrats/liberals do this– we can find a crazy in every crowd. And you are absolutely right about liberals not being open-minded sometimes. In fact, there is such as thing as “liberal guilt” when it comes to racism– and it is not much better than sugar-coated racism.

    I think your point (and FOX’s) would be stronger if you did not try to equate an attack on a person– with attacks on groups of people.

  • Demosthenes

    Alright, this and the “Republican Hate Machine” article leave me bewildered. Yes, many supporters are stupid people. You know why? Because on average, people are stupid. Neither Obama nor McCain have the time, will, or need to address every idiotic thing done in their names. Yes, there will always be people who take it too far. There will be many of them. But, if *every* supporter of each candidate were to do things like you described Obama supporters doing, or things described in the “Republican Hate Machine” article, or even if the majority of people were to commit such atrocities, and if nothing were done about it, then you’d have to worry. By looking at people who go to rallies, you’ve got a strong statistical bias – you’re going to be looking mostly at blind fanatics, thoughtless followers, and the like. The politicians understand this, and it’s important for them to build up their public images for the undecided people at home who can be leaned one way or the other because of which crowd seems more enthusiastic, and also important for their egos.
    An appropriate analogy is to compare this phenomenon to the by now well-studied and understood statement that it is wrong to judge the followers of Islam as being all hateful, ignorant and violent because of the small constituent that is extremist. Any group is going to have extremists. The Christians have them (Jesus Camp, anyone?), the Moslims have them, the Democrats have them, the Republicans have them. There are extremist Israelis and Palestinians. Even the Shinto-Buddhist syncreticism, arguable one of the most peaceful groups imaginable, had the kamikazes during WWII.
    There are a couple of conclusions I think it makes sense to draw from all of this, aside from the one I’ve been attempting to drill which is that it is simply ridiculous to judge the nature of a group by its extremists, despite the fact that they will be the most prominently visible advocates for any cause – that is, after all, their self-proclaimed purpose, to draw attention; we then have to deal with the fact that they draw, more often than not, negative attention that repels more people than it attracts.
    First, don’t judge the candidates by their extreme followers. In fact, don’t judge the candidates by their followers at all. Once you start doing that, you’re just dragging yourself down to their level, you’re just becoming another sheep in a herd of millions. Make a decision based on what you hear from the candidates themselves, or from official sources. Fox News or Keith Oblermann, whichever you prefer, are going to be opinionated, biased, and will leave you uninformed.
    Second, it is important to keep a balance of negativity and positivity. If someone attacks your candidate, and you choose to reply to it, as this article did, this is the wrong way to do it. What this article sums up to is “Oh yeah? Fine. Well guess what YOUR supporters do?” And it’s not just this article that’s guilty of it. The debates have been mostly the same thing. One candidate makes an accusation, the other does nothing to refute it, but instead makes another accusation back. It ends up looking like two children on a playground:
    A: “You stink!”
    B: “Oh yeah, maybe so, but you smell like poop!”
    A: “Fine, well you’re ugly!”
    B: “I don’t care, at least my mommy loves me!”
    And so on and so forth. You get the idea. Both campaigns have too much negative and not enough positive, which is why the American people are so negative about the affair as a whole. It would be nice if the campaigns stopped being afraid of sounding defensive and actually stood up for themselves for once without attempting to deface the opposing side. What’s going on now is not a healthy or productive argument; it’s a childish squabble, and the message that it’s sending to Americans is that we need to decide between the lesser of two evils.

  • Stalin


    An attack on Palin is an attack of a group of people. They are called Conservatives.

  • DJS

    Remember the words of Rev Wright. Not God bless America but God dam America. It is no wonder his followers act that way. Obama accepts it just by showing the type of people he associates with. He sat in a church for 20 years that promoted hating white people. He worked on a few boards with Ayer who hates Americans, his boyhood “hero” was Frank Marshall Davis who admits to being a marxist just like Ayers. Obama himself turned against his own mother and grandparents because they are white. One day he will wake up and realize he is part white.

    And they might as well enjoy their freedom of speech and most of your other consitutional rights because you will see changes you may not like. Obama and his followers in Washington think we should do away with freedom of speech. So you could be jailed for saying what you think. And Obama is against guns. Guns don’t kill people. If that was the case we should ban all cars, trucks, buses, airplanes etc because they have killed people too.
    Say hello to Obama and good by to your constitutional rights that our forefathers fought for.

  • Stalin, you can make the case that the ire/utter disrespect shown toward Palin is due to what she symbolizes to the right. I think there is a lot of substance to this– but I also think there is some good ol’ fashion sexism present there too.

    Nonetheless, it is different to attack a stance versus a group of people. People choose– sometimes on a daily basis– to be conservative or liberal.

  • Kurt

    Could we just stick to the issues and candidates and ignore the general public, please?

  • Kurt, this is the commentary section — so anything is up for grabs with the writers.

  • Stalin


    One thing in your response caught my eye. Your comparison of the people in Jesus Camp to Muslim Extremists is disturbing. While the people portrayed were certainly on the extreme end of Chrisitanity, they were not trying on suicibe bomb vest bombs or learning how to fly planes into buildings…that’s called Terrorist Camp. I think that Never Forget has become Forgetaboutit…


    Great rebuttal to the Dreadsen article. Unfortunately we won’t see any of your examples in the MSM.

  • Babs

    “Now, I am sure that Democrats/liberals do this– we can find a crazy in every crowd.”

    Michael, considering that last video, I’d say we can find a lot more than “a” crazy in every crowd. In fact, that last video is a fine example of just how badly Obama and his radical campaign is dividing this country. If you think this is bad, wait until Obama wins. If you didn’t get to live through the north and south of the civil war, or civil rights, hang on. It’s coming back. You’ll see people like these New York idiots taking one side, and us “rednecks” the other. Surely, Biden was right. Only the crisis will be in our own country, taylor made by Obama/Biden 2008. It will be between the “bitter” and the “bastards”.

  • Babs, flipping people off is rude, but boos are quite all right in my book. You either have cheers for affirmation, or boos for condemnation. Most of the comments from the people were benign— the comments written by the person who made the video was rather self-righteous (as was the music and setting of it). One might suspect that the videographer planned this– with the choice of marching through the “Mecca” of Democrats.

    What is ironic in that video is the at the end, it accuses liberals of trying to eliminate dissent– when it is the liberals who are dissenting (in the crowds) who are being ridiculed by the video.

    You gave two historical examples of when our country was deeply divided by racism. I am hoping that we have grown since then. I can only hope.

  • Babs

    I can tell you’re not from the south, Michael. One of my examples was racism – civil rights. Like the banner at the top of this page that reads “90% of Obama & 99% of McCain voters believe Blacks can’t be racist. Do you?” I’d say that’s stoking that fire pretty good.

    When I said the north and south of the civil war, that’s exactly what I meant. Do some studying, Michael. In reality, the civil war was not about slavery, it was about land. Slavery was a by product. The point was a comparison much like that between southerners – or “rednecks” – and yankees – or snowbirds. Elitists and common folk. Capitolists and socialists. A cultural divide. It’s coming in an Obama administration.

  • Babs, racism is not White-person disease.. it is a human disease.

    Now, as for your historical discussion– yes and no. The actual meat of the divide was about economics– (you say land, which is one way of saying competing economic processes). The northern states were dominated by large corporations and the railroad companies– who dominated the politics of Washington. The south was dependent on agricultural products.

    Culture is a nice way of putting it— slavery was part-parcel of the south’s agricultural production. The north had slavery too– and in some ways it was even more heinous as it was more of a luxury device, rather than a economic ‘necessity.’ Nonetheless, racism was very much present during the Civil War (and the good ol’ Jim Crow laws, etc), and the civil rights issues did have to deal with racism.

    The fighting, the blood that was spilled– in both cases, was fueled by racism– but the underlining principles and motivators were economic.

  • IndiMinded

    A few weeks away from a heated election amidst an economic catastrophe. Why on earth would the American public seem so testy?

    Probably because of race and gender.

    Jeez, I’m glad no one’s getting hysterical about this. Civil war 2 here we come.

  • I think on average most of the hate from Obama’s supporters have come from California, well that’s a land of fruits and nuts anyway…LOL

  • Haha, this is funny. Well, I its not Obama’s fault some of his supporters are idiots way to excited about the campaign. I support Obama.

  • PeoplePower



    Yup. I’m booing this article…

    Oh, wait, I can’t boo. That’s showing hatred and intolerance.

    Booo. Boooo.

    Or is it that my disagreements with the hyperbole of using the acts of a few loony extremists to try to paint Barack Obama, the Democrats, the Liberals and all of his supporters as hate-filled and intolerant highly distasteful?


    I think pointing out the acts of these people is a reasonable thing to do and I’ve heard some of it addressed on *Liberal* radio, but how would you know that as you doubtless change the dial quickly when you stumble across a Liberal station.

    It is very uncool that someone vandalized Coleman’s house. I greatly despise most of his policies and look forward to him getting voted out of office. However, I find it horrendous that his house was targeted and hope they catch the perpetrators.

    This being said, what I am booing is your portrayal of the message. Your blasting *all* Liberals and *all* Obama supporters as acting this way, participating, supporting or even condoning such actions…by disagreeing with you, I do not take away your ability to state what you did or impinge your free speech…

    So, I say BOOO.

    As is my right under the First Amendment.

  • Babs

    Yes, PeoplePower, it is your right. Would you also go over and boo Dreadsen’s commentary on the “Republican Hate Machine”? Or do you not apply the same principals to the Republicans that you do to extreme leftists? I see people here brushing aside this article, while cheering the other. Neither is right.

  • Gideon

    While everything you have discovered shows poor behavior and actions that are not condonable by reasonable people, it does show the divisive and disruptive influence the last eight years have had on the American psyche!

    However the Official campaign has never called for these actions, has never called McCain’s patriotism, citizenship or lineage into question. The Obama campaign has not brought up McCain’s associations with various criminals and organizations, while the McCain campaigns Official Talking Point is Obama is unAmerican and a terrorist socialist that will take money from the poor and give it to his terrorist pals”! The anger while deplorable is understandable.

  • Arwen

    Oh, Conservative Gal, you are a little hate-filled propaganda machine, aren’t you?

    Yes, every single slur, insult and scummy comment just absolutely has to be made by an Obama supporter, doesn’t it? And, of course, they have to be supported and encouraged by the liberal, socialists who will murder you in your sleep.

    Silly, silly girl.

    Did it ever occur to you and your very limited intellect that these acts are merely the bored, adolescent actions of common vandals? These vandals have no political agenda. They don’t support McCain or Obama. What’s my proof?

    Exhibit A:,2933,373426,00.html

    I believe the graffiti scrawled on this car says “Obama smokes crack.” I suggest you do a search for “Hate Hillary Clinton” on Google images and see how many lewd, rude, and incredibly crude photshopped pics you can find of Hillary.

    Should we presume that every single one of those were created by a McCain or Bush supporter?

    Get over yourself and grow up, little girl. Your righteous indignation is ringing a little hollow.

  • Arwen

    Look here. This couldn’t have had anything to do with the poor picked upon Republican Fear-Mongerers:

    Oh, and here’s a report about Obama signs being stolen:
    Those wascally Obama supporters! Stealing their own signs to make McCain/Palin supporters look bad!!

    Here’s an African-American family who keep getting their Obama signs stolen.
    But everyone knows they must be lying. All those black people are racist and stick together.

    And the people who wrote these hate-slurs couldn’t have been Republicans:
    Everyone knows “racist” is the only word that redneck bigots know how to spell properly.

    I hope you don’t mind my channeling you for a while, Conservative Gal. It’s just that you you fit the term “Walking Cliche” so well.

  • PeoplePower

    Babs – no I won’t. I specifically went to the “Republican Hate Machine” thread after posting here and expected I’d have to boo it too, but after having read it, I agreed with much of what was said.

    The McCain camp is deliberately making implicit, and some explicit, references connecting Obama to Osama bin Laden. You’ll have to look at my commentary there for my reasoning.

    Plus, you didn’t catch my point about booing. CG decried the bad reception the McCain supporters were given in New York. The vast majority of people were booing and nothing more. Certainly some birds were flying and some nasty remarks happened, but that wasn’t the majority of people.

    Aside from those who went overboard, the booing was completely acceptable. They are within their rights to voice *their* opinions while those marchers were voicing their own. I wouldn’t call fans who boo the opposing team coming to their stadium “hate-filled.”

    If CG or you or Nate or someone else supporting McCain, says something I disagree with – I’m entitled to ‘boo’ while I disagree. It doesn’t mean that whomever I am booing is entirely wrong or should pack up their belongings and leave…

    However, I think that this article was filled with over-the-top hyperbole that some supporters use to express their outrage and/or anger. Much of it is wrong, within polite society, but they’re entitled to carry on nonetheless.

    What I disagree with, wholeheartedly, is pegging this upon the entire Obama campaign, all Liberals, all Democrats, etc.

    I didn’t boo Dreadsen, because he was properly attributing the source of the incendiary language and not labeling all Republicans, all Conservatives nor *everyone* on the McCain campaign as the bad apples.

  • Stalin


    You are just proving CG’s point by insulting her and generally acting like a complete jerk. Thank you for making her point.

  • Here’s more evidence of Obama supporters expressing themsevles

    “PITTSBURGH — A 20-year-old woman who was robbed at an ATM in Bloomfield was also maimed by her attacker, police said.

    Pittsburgh police spokeswoman Diane Richard tells Channel 4 Action News that the victim was robbed at knifepoint on Wednesday night outside of a Citizens Bank near Liberty Avenue and Pearl Street just before 9 p.m.

    Richard said the robber took $60 from the woman, then became angry when he saw a McCain bumper sticker on the victim’s car. The attacker then punched and kicked the victim, before using the knife to scratch the letter “B” into her face, Richard said.

    Richard said the woman refused medical treatment after the assault, which happened outside the view of the bank’s surveillance cameras.

    The robber is described as a dark-skinned black man, 6 feet 4 inches tall, 200 pounds with a medium build, short black hair and brown eyes. The man was wearing dark colored jeans, a black undershirt and black shoes.

    The Obama-Biden campaign released a statement, commenting on the attack. The statement said “Our thoughts and prayers are with the young woman for her to make a speedy recovery, and we hope that the person who perpetrated this crime is swiftly apprehended and brought to justice.”

    At least the Obama campaign sent their prayers, maybe they should tell their supporters to stop vandalizing things, stealing property, and physically attacking people.

    Should I be afraid to go to the polls on Nov 4 out of fear that a crazy Obama supporter will attack me at knife point?

  • PeoplePower:

    If CG or you or Nate or someone else supporting McCain, says something I disagree with – I’m entitled to ‘boo’ while I disagree.

    For the record, I have not endorsed any candidate nor said who I am, or am not, voting for.

    I can only speak for myself, but please don’t put things out there stating that I have announced support for a specific candidate as I have not.

    For certain I will be voting, but I will not be disclosing my decision, nor have I.

  • Let me take the opportunity to illustrate the absurdity of all the liberal responses to my fantastic article one by one.

    Gideon – “The anger while deplorable is understandable.”

    So aborting Sarah Palin is understandable? Saying its ok to “shoot” President Bush is understandable? Saying Sarah Palin should be stoned is understandable? Saying Sarah Palin should be smacked in the face is understandable? Vandalizing cars costing owners thousands of dollars is understandable?

    So if I say that Obama pals around with the unrepentant terrorist Bill Ayers, then it’s ok for you to call for my death and come vandalize my car?

    I’m glad I don’t live near you since, in your opinion, anarchy, hatred, and violence are all “understandable” when taken out on the political opposition. How sick is that?


    Arwen – “Did it ever occur to you and your very limited intellect that these acts are merely the bored, adolescent actions of common vandals?”

    So the people who trashed that guys van with Obama/Biden and Al Franken signs were not political in any way? They were just “bored vandals who spray-painted Obama/Biden on his wife’s Volvo. I guess it was just common vandals, with no political agenda, calling for President Bush to be shot and Sarah Palin to be stoned and/or smacked around? No political agenda there either, right Arwen? If you refuse to see it, then we now know how incapable you are of reasoned, rational thought since you’re justifying bad behavior by ignoring the motive.

    You posted some stories about Obama stuff being vandalized, which I condemn as hateful acts! The problem is that you’re unable to condemn any of the things I mentioned in the article because you’re too blinded by your Palin derangement syndrome. You probably do think she should be stoned, you sicko.


    This is the best one:

    PeoplePower – “However, I think that this article was filled with over-the-top hyperbole that some supporters use to express their outrage and/or anger. Much of it is wrong, within polite society, but they’re entitled to carry on nonetheless.”

    Are you freakin’ kidding me? They’re “entitled to carry on” by trashing other people’s property and spray-painting cars? How sick is that? They’re entitled to carry on saying that Sarah Palin should be stoned? That Palin should be “smacked around”? If a McCain supporter said Obama should be smacked around or stoned, you’d be have a conniption but since it’s about your political opponents, you just laugh off the violent hatred by calling it “expressing their outrage.” I saw you in other posts lambaste McCain supporters for discussing William Ayers, what’s wrong? Aren’t they “expressing their outrage” as well?

    This is nothing but selective outrage and you’ve been exposed, PeoplePower.

    That about wraps it up, anyone else want to defend statements about aborting Sarah Palin, smacking her around in the face, shooting President Bush, vandalizing property, or spray-painting cars?

    I see the “reasonable” liberals held their fire on this one knowing full well that these acts are indefensible, as are any political acts which involve death threats and damage to property.

    I see Obama signs around, yet I’ve never stolen one or trashed anyone’s house, they have a right to display them. Unlike Gideon, Arwen, and PeoplePower, I believe in free speech and believe that people shouldn’t be punished for displaying their opinion.

    Let me remind all of you that if you were to step on somebody’s property and vandalize their home, steal their possessions, including political signs, that landowner, in many states, would have the right to shoot you and the law would be on their side. God bless Texas!

    So think about that the next time you’re out “expressing” yourself by breaking the law and stifling the free speech you supposedly stand for, sickos.

  • PeoplePower

    CG – Let me amend my statement. I *meant* the *speaking* of opposition, the booing, the hissing, the sourness of tone are fine, even using vulgarities as the f-bomb, etc.

    Sorry to be unclear. I definitely do not advocate the aborting or stoning of Palin. Or the vandalism of private property, or property in general.

    FYI – Keith Ellison (Rep. D-MN) had his house vandalized by miscreants as well. Does that mean all Republicans and Conservatives lack compassion or are whack-jobs? Not at all.

    My issue with this article is that you paint the lefties as hypocrites lacking in the very compassion they espouse others to hold. It is *very* true with *some* of them. However, keep in mind that the anarchists and radicals that do espouse violence oftentimes are not for either major party candidate.

    If you had made the focus about the terrorizing nature of these acts (at least the vandalism and violence) and not try to paint *all* liberals as wanton thugs, I would have agreed with your statements more…

    By the way CG, the other point I was trying to make, which you seemed to miss completely was that you are displaying a lack of openness to free speech by saying that the New Yorkers can’t boo the opposition.

    Although, since I didn’t come out and specifically say “no way to violence and vandalism” I can see how you may have thought I was opposed to free speech.

  • PeoplePower

    Nate – sorry to lump you in there as a McCain supporter. I did so from the stances you have taken, which is all I have to go on to decide your views…

  • PeoplePower,

    Noted, I’m glad to hear you are more reasonable and willing to condemn these actions.

    I condemn any actions like this from any side, my point was to shock some people into realizing that the anger is alive on the Obama side as well since everyone is accusing McCain and Palin as “hate mongers” and such.

    It is navie for Obama supporters to believe their fellow supporters are incapable of this kind of hatred. People need to wake up.

    My point with that video wasn’t so much the “boos”, more the profanity, middle fingers, and other mean-spirited things the people yelled. I didn’t even mention the “boos” but you all act like I did, that wasn’t my concern in that video.

    I condemn these actions and any actions which involve trampling on people’s personal rights, whether it happens to either side.

  • PeoplePower

    Hear hear!

    Spirited disagreements and debates.

    But, more to my liking, is finding some semblance of compromise where we can finally bury the hatchet that has been festering since we were just a British colony.

    The two major rifts in the colonies were people who came here to be able to practice their strict religion(s) w/o government interference AND the people who came here to avoid having religion forced down their throats.

    Those groups essentially became the social conservatives and the social liberals. And we have been arguing ever since, sometimes violently.

    When you look closely at our disagreements, there truly is room for common ground. But we have to work towards it…and any violent acts against one side or the other only serves to widen the gap.

    As does hate speech or speech meant to inflame the differences to gain some crowd control or political power or some other agrandisement…

    I *really* think the knowledgable people who are actively involved in politics (unprofessionally) should sit down together and build a *true* book of laws that can replace the garbage that has been created by Congress over so many years of corruption and greed and pandering!

    We might even be able to understand the laws on the books w/o needing a law degree!!

  • “It is navie for Obama supporters to believe their fellow supporters are incapable of this kind of hatred. People need to wake up.”

    Where are these supporters who think anyone is incapable?

    Now i condemn those horrible things they are doing up there. But i will tell you that the equivalent is on both sides. I can show you a shirt with some horrific stuff. Like one that says Nig** Please it’s called the “White house”. Or Obama supporters being jumped on while canvasing. Lots of racial hate. But guess what? Those are fringe people. Fringe people are not equivalent to actual Republican officials or Senators spewing hate on a particular group.
    Did you see the protesters outside of the RNC convention? I bet people think those people are Obama supporters. Come to find out the WORSE and most violent of them were the same people outside of the DNC convention. Some have been protesting both conventions for 30 years.

    Fringe people could be Bob Barr supporters or Ralph Nader supporters too. Either one could be attacking Obama or McCain staffers or signs. There are also anti war people who are angry with both McCain and Obama. The problem is if they attack obama’s people some will think it is McCain and vice versa.

    Have you all seen the protestors outside of Nancy Pelosi public appearances. Some of them get really nasty. Those are NOT MCCAIN SUPPORTERS.

    But when you have official branded Republicans who actually work for the party spewing things which help incite things like this. Which is why John Lewis Brought up George Wallace. George Wallace did not tell anyone to do anything bad. But his rhetoric inciting people to do bad things. Other senior members did the same thing. That is different from fringe people who’s identity or party affiliation can’t be established.

    So yes i condemn those acts. But you are in error to claim that all of those are representatives of the Democratic party or Obama supporters who don’t want everyone to have a chance to enjoy what the democrats have to offer. Now if you can prove or show some official Democrats or Democratic Senators like i did in the case i presented you are trying to mock. Then you will be right. But fringe people are not the equivalent.

  • dale


    I was just about to make the point you just made, thanks again. Oh and thanks for the commentary to which this is a very poor rebuttal of.

    Both sides are capable of intolerance, cruelty, ignorance bigotry, guess why…


    We are all capable of horrible things, the way we rise above is free speech and free original ideas. It is our own independent creative thought that makes us more than this and gives us the ability to change and grow. With the true spirit of altruism I even want to thank you, CG, for another eventful commentary.

  • Babs

    PeoplePower, I remember seeing an awful lot of video showing folks from NYC another time. They weren’t booing then, they were crying, and they were grateful for whoEVER would show up to help them in anyway in their time of mourning and crisis. That was 9/11. How soon they forget how to treat others.

  • Dhd

    Idiots and more idiots on both sides. How terrible.

    This just in, umbrage idiots:

  • Babs

    Yeah, that’s on Fox, too, Dhd. I doubt she gave herself the black eye, but the rest is ridiculous. There’s enough going on without nuts making stuff up.

  • Mike A

    “Now I know you could point to an Obama sign being stolen by a McCain supporter, but why justify bad behavior with other bad behavior?”

    This one astute observation completely nullifies your whole “article” Conservative Gal. My lawn sign has been demolished 3 times. I don’t support this vandalism and property infringement from either side.

    But your whole essay is trying to make a case by revealing the ugliest qualities of supporters from both sides. It’s not about the candidates or issues with you. I don’t want Sarah Palin dead. I just don’t want her anywhere near the federal government. My opinion is based on her interviews, debates, and the info on the website about Mccain’s agenda.
    There’s a HUGE proportion of Americans who don’t like or agree with how this country has been governed by conservatives. Just accept it. And by the way, that huge slice of liberal America has been incredibly tolerant of the incompetence and mismanagement of the country. Civil protest, the right to free speech, the right to organize, the right to vote: all sane methods for changing this country. And it’s happening right now. I feel no pride or connection with vandals or calls to violence from my party. Neither should you, for your part. You’re associated with a party that has some loonies calling for a violent end to Obama, who willingly gone on camera and said that can’t vote for a black man. Does this mentality represent you? Do you support the temperment you see at rallies like that? If you do, you shouldn’t have written this article. If you don’t, don’t cite examples from the other side to prove a useless point. I don’t understand how your “hypocrisy” platform lends to a discussion about government. This is just a seething angry opinionated rant, full of sarcasm. I am a liberal democrat. Why do you hate me so much? What policies proposed by my party do you disagree with? I just don’t understand what you were trying to do here. You should also spell-check a long essay like this.

    Stalin, if people who criticize Palin on policy and behavior are attacking all conservatives, it’s because McPalin is the current conservative ticket seeking the highest office. So, in some minds, they justifiably do indeed become the spokespeople for the party. What are they, if not? Futhermore, there’s huge difference between analyzing/criticizing then smearing/attacking. There are decent, competent, intelligent Republicans out there. Why they have been absent from the executive scene is for you to dwell on, not me. People like Jim Leech, Dick Lugar, Ron Paul, Colin Powell, and formerly, yes John Mccain. I’m tired of being lied to by my government. Lying and manipulating those you govern is the most Anti-American thing of all. Dissent and revolution for the betterment of the country is not. If you agree with the last eight years, that’s fine. But stop dumping on people who don’t.

  • Butterfly

    These are the actions of a few people. Just as all McCain supporters do not think Sen. Obama is a terrorist, all Obama supporters do not act out like this, nor do we support it.

  • Robert

    when the left administration wins power in America, The dictators on this planet are hi fivin it, dancing on the celing, overwhelmed with tears of joy. Why do you think this is. I know this to be true. THE LEFT POLITICAN IS IN THE POCKET OF THE DICTATORS. HAS BEEN,WILL ALLWAYS BE. TO THOSE OF YOU WHOM THE MASS MEDIA PROPIGATES TO, 50% OF THE COUNTRY, DONT LET THEM TELL YOU WHAT YOU THINK, THEY ARE IN THE POCKETS OF THE LEFT POLITICION. your SMARTER THAN THIS.