Two weeks to go, $133 million to spend (Update)

Heading into these final two weeks, it appears that Sen. Obama has oer $133 million to spend on campaign ads, ground efforts, and general campaigning. Sen. McCain’s campaign has substantially less due mainly to his decision to accept public financing.

The report from Yahoo News:

WASHINGTON – Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama spent $87.5 million last month and began October with nearly $134 million in the bank.

The numbers illustrate his vast financial advantage over John McCain, his Republican rival, in the final stretch of the contest. McCain ended September with $47 million in the bank.

Obama, who raised a record-shattering $150 million in September, filed his campaign finance report with the Federal Election Commission overnight. The numbers became available on the FEC Web site Tuesday morning.

McCain is accepting public financing and cannot raise money. He is limited to $84 million for the two months before Election Day.

Both candidates are also getting help from their respective parties. The Democratic National Committee had $27.4 million in hand at the end of the month. The Republican National Committee said it had $77 million.

That helps close the gap, but Democrats still hold a considerable $37 million advantage.

Moreover, Obama’s $5 million-a-day fundraising rate has likely continued in October and will widen the financial gap between the two sides.

By having the bulk of the money within his campaign, Obama also retains far more control over how it is spent.

He spent $65 million in advertising in September to McCain’s $22 million. In October, he has outspent McCain 4-1 in advertising. Even with Republican Party ads in the mix, Obama has had more than a 2-1 advertising edge. He also spent $2 million on Internet advertising.

He reported spending $3.2 million on payroll, nearly three times more than McCain.

Obama’s resources have also permitted him to venture into what had been GOP strongholds — states that had traditionally voted for Republican presidential candidates. The economic crisis and President Bush’s extraordinarily low approval ratings have made those states ripe for Obama.

With so much money, Obama has been making sizable contributions to Democratic parties in key battleground states. He distributed more than $7 million to party committees, including $1.7 million to the Florida party and $1 million to the Ohio Democrats. Among other state parties receiving $400,000 or more were those in Michigan, Wisconsin, Colorado, Nevada, Pennsylvania and Missouri. Virginia’s received $390,000.

Meanwhile, McCain is busy in the final two weeks trying to convince voters that the economy is his issue, not Obama’s. Report from Yahoo News:

PHILADELPHIA – Republican presidential candidate John McCain dismissed the idea that he can’t win the presidency if the top issue is the flagging economy and used a remark by Democrat Barack Obama’s own running mate to argue that Obama isn’t ready to be president.

McCain said “it’s absolutely not true” that the economy is a losing issue for Republicans. Earlier this month, the New York Daily News reported that a top McCain strategist said in an interview, “If we keep talking about the economic crisis, we’re going to lose.” Obama has cited that remark in criticizing McCain for launching attacks over Obama’s past association with a 1960s-era radical.

“We’re focusing on the economy,” the Arizona senator said in an interview aired Tuesday on “The Early Show” on CBS. “Listen to me. I’m the candidate, and this campaign is about the economy.”

Polls show that voters have more confidence in Obama when it comes to economic issues. McCain has been using a remark by Obama that he wanted to “spread the wealth around” to criticize the Democrat as favoring socialist economic policies.

McCain has his work cut out for him during these two weeks while Obama simply has to play defense.


Never mind defense, Obama is on the offense via the economy, story from Yahoo News:

LAKE WORTH, Fla. – Democrat Barack Obama said Tuesday that Republican John McCain is offering little more than “willful ignorance, wishful thinking, outdated ideology” to an economy in crisis, seeking to capitalize on the main issue that is propelling him forward in the race for the White House.

“While President Bush and Sen. McCain were ready to move heaven and earth to address the crisis on Wall Street, the president has failed so far to address the crisis on Main Street, and Sen. McCain has failed to fully acknowledge it,” Obama said at a jobs summit his campaign staged in economically precarious and politically significant Florida.

Obama said that McCain’s response to the limping economy doesn’t offer enough to Americans worried about keeping their jobs, their homes and their lifestyles.

“Instead of commonsense solutions, month after month, they’ve offered little more than willful ignorance, wishful thinking, outdated ideology,” he said in a steamy gymnasium at Palm Beach Community College, where 1,700 people sat cheering in the stands and at least that many if not more gathered outside to cheer Obama’s appearance.

The McCain campaign shot back that Obama’s stimulus plan, which includes sending billions to state and local governments to keep projects and health spending afloat, isn’t the right recipe.

“When Americans are hurting, Barack Obama’s plan to take more and more money from pocketbooks and hand it over to mismanaged government budgets is not the solution — it’s the problem,” said McCain spokesman Tucker Bounds. “Barack Obama is simply offering more of the same.”

Sounds like this narrative will dominate the next two weeks.

  • EricF

    lie – about accepting public financing
    cheat – via ACORN voter fraud
    steal – the election

    that sums up the fake messiah named Obama and his political career so far.

  • Jayne

    Looks like he’s going to HI for other reasons as well….
    I’ll be listening to see how this plays out. I mean heck, just let the man see your certified birth certificate and be done .. right?

  • EricF

    Andy Martin? i have been following that also.

    heres yet another reason we should vote McCain so we can drill now.,2933,442343,00.html

  • Stalin

    This guy, Phillip Berg, has also filed a lawsuit regarding his birth records:

  • EricF

    yeah, there are also lawsuits in individual states to remove Obama from the ballot unless he can prove he is eligible. i really dont know what the truth is on his birth but why not just produce the documents? real fishy.

  • Tyler

    I thought it was already proven to you on this site by many members that he has provided his birth records. I guess ignorance is bliss?

  • It is scary how desperate people are to discredit Obama. Are you all really that afraid of black people? I wish people would stop trying so hard to nit pick at him and just admit you don’t want a black president, at least then, you’d be being honest and not ignorant.

  • Kendale,

    Just as an observation, could you argue in the same notion that the people criticizing McCain and trying to discredit him over the “Keating 5” scandal don’t want a white man in office? Calling someone’s character into question or disagreeing with them on policy doesn’t mean you are against their particular race being president.

    Just tossing it out there for continued discussion.. carry on..

  • Lets hope the Messiah doesn’t start spreading the wealth and give some of the $133 million to the DNC for them to get more Congressional seats.NAHH!!! that would never happen after all everyone knows the Dali-Bamas looks after “THE ONE” first.

  • Kendale, you are fear mongering. Have you even considered that people DO NOT agree with Obama’s policies, or who he associates with, that there are some who view socialism as a bad thing. You really need to drop that fear mongering and realize it’s the 21st century and you’re still living in the 20th century and mature people have moved on from this race issue. However, people like you want to keep racism alive and kicking. The Racist thing is getting old, get a new line.

  • EricF

    Tyler, the only thing Obama has done is provide a questionable COLB to a fact check website. he has not produced a birth certificate and is actively being sued to produce such documents by several people. Obama and the DNC are both fighting for him not to have to produce these documents. why wouldnt they just produce the documents? why make such a big deal about it? where theres smoke theres fire.

  • Pats

    I don’t have a protection code since yesterday and I’ve not been able to comment on any of the issues raised, am I barred because I speak out my honest thoughts?

  • EricF

    i was having issues with the protection code also so i dont think its you. it seems the code has been removed to make it easier to post.

  • You look at Obama and you look at McCain and they’ve both had questionable associations with questionable individuals.

    If people disagrees with his policies then fair enough, but this guilt by association the Reps are trying to pin on him is just complete nonsense. This Robo-call that’s been going on is complete gutter tactics and they know it.

    In desperate times people do desperate things and the McCain campaign has a one way ticket to Desperateville.

  • NiceKing

    i heard someone talking about public financing. you conservatives make it sound like its Obama’s fault McSame is broke! lmao hahahaha and about the Acorn thingy, please check your facts before accusing them of trying to steal votes. they hired people to register new voters, instead these punks filled in the form themselves using the phonebook. so as you see these made-up names are non-existing and therefore cannot show up to vote twice. no one is votings twice so ask urself how you cheat an election without voting twice?? only the republicans know how to coz they made it happen in 2000 and they are looking forward to doing so again thats why they’re tryng to cover up with the whoole Acorn saga so we suspect them least. dont be fooled. u are smarter than that!!