Early voting in several states around the country

Several states, 31 to be exact, are now offering some form of early voting in the hopes of stemming longer lines and difficulties on Election Day in two weeks. Many voters have been taking advantage of this option and the lines, in some areas, have been long enough already.

Keep in mind not every state offers early voting and their is no advantage or disadvantage, so sit tight until November 4th if you don’t have that option. Personally I’ll be waiting until Election Day here in Virginia simply to see how things are working at my particular polling location, and I’d like to check out the electronic machines.

A report on early voting in Florida via CNN:

Report on early voting in Houston, Texas via KHOU:

Report on Louisiana’s early voting from WBRZ:

Virginia doesn’t officially have early voting for everyone, however, they do allow absentee voting in person at your local board of elections office, a report on this from WVEC in Norfolk, VA:

Report on more states from the Associated Press:

A look at early voting in several key battleground states in the presidential election:



Nevada Democrats have a big jump on Republicans in early voting in the state’s urban centers of Las Vegas and Reno, election officials say.

Cumulative early-vote totals in the Las Vegas area show ballots were cast by 31,875 Democrats and 13,371 Republicans through midday Monday. Republicans had the advantage in absentee balloting, 6,616 to 6,161 through noon Monday.

In the Reno area, a similar pattern occurred — twice as many Democrats than Republicans voted early through noon Monday.

Nevada has five electoral votes.



Florida voters hoping to skip long lines on Election Day found themselves waiting for hours at some polling places Monday as early voting opened statewide.

Republicans have requested 295,000 absentee ballots statewide compared with 199,000 Democrats.

Florida has 27 electoral votes.



About 12 percent of the state’s roughly 5.6 million registered voters have already cast ballots for the Nov. 4 general election. Statewide on Friday 55,709 people voted.

Georgia doesn’t track absentee ballots by political party.

The counties with the most early voters are DeKalb, Fulton, Gwinnett, Cobb and Chatham.

Georgia has 15 electoral votes.



Early voting opened Thursday and drew some 214,000 voters to the polls in the first two days, leading to hours-long lines in parts of the state and lengthy schedules for poll workers.

In the first few days, the balloting clearly favored Democrats, with those registered with the party making up 62 percent of those who had voted. Only 22 percent of the voters had been registered Republicans.

North Carolina has 15 electoral votes.



Nearly 8.5 percent of Colorado’s 3.2 million registered voters have already cast ballots by mail or at early-voting polling places.

Nearly 249,000 mail-in ballots had arrived at county clerks’ offices by Monday, the first day of early voting. About 21,000 people cast ballots at polling places, according to the Colorado secretary of state’s office.

Colorado has nine electoral votes.

I’m not sure how I feel about early voting since, technically, the campaign isn’t over yet. However, I’m certain there are large numbers of voters who have made up their minds and might as well get it over with if they can free up some voting machines come November 4th.

As noted here earlier, there have been issues with the early voting in some areas.

Has anyone here taken advantage of early voting? What did you encounter?

  • I agree with early voting for those that are overseas or in the military and maybe disabled and elderly people too.

    What time do voting stations open? is it 00:01 am 4th November?

  • EricF

    wow liberals sink to new all time low never before thought possible. have you guys seen this yet? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K_w514yOQvg
    just disgusting.

  • The third party candidates are having the rescheduled debate Thursday night!!!

  • Election days at one time were a holiday and this made it easier to get to the polls because you had all day.Today if it is a holiday it is only National elections meaning Presidential elections and not every business gives this off either.Absentee ballots were mainly for members of the military or people who knew they would be outside the country on election day. Today you not only can get an absentee ballot but it is much easier to register to vote………..as often as you like.
    They say they are going to look into voting practices after every election and yet the following election nothing changes. I won’t go into motor voter registration or ACORN but as we saw in the past two presidential elections the results will be disputed all as a result of making it to easy to vote.

  • C.S.


    EricF since we are posting youtube links i’ll at least try to post one on topic.

    Could voters suppression cost the election?


  • Babs

    I took advantage of early voting here in Georgia simply because I’ll be in Alabama on election day. My county is so small there was no line, etc., and it went very smoothly.

    As there was no line, and I’ve lived in this county 24 years, I had a chance to chat with “the” election official here. She told me this was the first time in her nine years serving that she had had major problems with attempted voter fraud. Georgia is one of only 6 states that require photo ID (driver’s license) in order to vote, and she said it was astounding how many people still tried to circumvent the process. People who actually live in the neighboring counties are trying to use a relative’s address in our country to vote a second time. She said she had had no direct contact with anyone claiming to be from ACORN, but there’s an unnamed group who is working three of the adjoining counties here to commit obvious voter fraud. In Dougherty County, our neighbor where the special needs victims are, it will likely be more successful than it is in the two smaller counties. And when I say small, my county’s population is barely 6,000 people, and that includes children.

    The “Get Out the Vote” movement is leaving no stone unturned, pushing their way into even the smallest of counties.

    Let me give my opinion here on this as well. I’m beginning to think that the Obama camp is pushing early voting (in a big way) because they are afraid of what’s happening in the polls. In other words, get them to the polls quickly before they change their minds, or before the fraud can be uncovered and votes are already in and can’t be pulled.

  • EricF

    blah blah blah voter suppression yah yah yah. how dare they try to silence the vote of Micket Mouse, children and the dead! damn those Republicans. hey Dreadsen have you seen the news today? ACORN own internal investigation shows illegal use of funds. lol.

    hey Dreadsen what are you going to say when RICO charges are filed? lol.

    Dreadsen, its over for Obama. watch the news over the next few days. the cat will soon be out the bag.

    damn if you guys want socialism just move to Europe or Cuba or any other socialist nations. stop trying to ruin America.

  • NiceKing

    republicans are getting scared that the democrats are onto their rigging tactics!! early voting helps raise all the difficulties in ballotting and to address them also. and if you guys want further evidence, then check this out:
    the republicans are deliberating tryna push throu the ACORN saga to distract voters from seeing through them whom the real rigger is. the stole the 2000 elections for Bush and for the past 8yrs the slogan has changed from GOD BLESS AMERICA to GOD SAVE AMERICA!! and if a deja vu happens and a republican comes in power again?? boy! GOD HELP AMERICA!!

  • NiceKing……….Well it wasn’t the Republicans who pushed through motor voter registration and the Republican candidate didn’t work for ACORN.As far as your Youtube video I wasn’t able to acess it.As for the rest of your post it’s all speculation and opinion and doesn’t deserve a response.

  • NiceKing

    speak of voter manipulation…
    in colorado the secretary of state (Republican) discarded 1 out of 5 of registered votes has been purged. D. Davidson (former republican secretary of state) who was promoted to head of election assistant commission by President Bush. her replacement is sec of state Mike Coffman has since purged an additional 37,000 voters and last week he purged 6400 new voters all from colorado rolls alone. Iowa & Florida are using the perfect match (social security & drivers licence details) technique to deprive people from their voting. e.g. John H King & John Henry King are classified as imperfect match! hence no vote!! how ridiculous!! and thats how the republicans stole the 200 elections, and their are trying topractice the same this year.
    they also know that 1 in 5 African-American do not have drivers license so if you make it a requirement then what are you trying to say?

  • NiceKing

    DD Mao, for the record Acorn hired people and paid them if they are able to get people to register. and what these people did was to copy names from the phone book. however since these names are wrong, and obviously doesnt exist, these non-existing people are not going to show up and vote!! Acorn didnt do nothing bad. the hired people did. and as for Obama working for Acorn, dude he was a lawyer and represented them twice (unpaid work) and that was it. this is America and even the known terrorists who commited 9/11 are given lawyers, rapists, murderers, even unfaithful wives get lawyers to represent them. so you tell me what is the crime in Obama’s charitable work!

  • NiceKing– do you have any sources to back up these allegations?

    As for the driver’s license, you are correct– but you do not need a driver’s license– a simple State ID is required (or a birth certificate, social security card, and photo ID). Now, I understand this is cumbersome, especially for poor people, and voting should not be a hassle or a burden for people. However, it should be protected and safe– and this requires documentation. People need to get IDs.

  • Republicans are well practised in voter fraud, Florida 2000 and Ohio 2004, the Democrats are mere amateurs in comparison.

  • NiceKing

    fortunately yeh Michael. i do have a very useful source of information…
    after that you can do your own further investigations but yeh its real coz i have. point of correction:
    they aint allegations…they are facts!!

  • Bill Hedges

    NiceKing- Have you heard of Hackers. Yes there are ways to hack, different ways, voting results. Has been discussed on Fox news. Guess your news media does not tell all the FACTS.

  • Odonata28

    Oregon has outlawed the paying per signature tactic that is causing the problems with ACORN for a reason. Because when you PAY someone per signature or registration, they are quite inspired to fake some. Duh. People should be volunteering because they feel passionate about getting out the vote, not because they need a few extra dollars.

    The ballots have arrived in our mail boxes, and people are starting to fill them in and mailing them back. I can’t wait to get home next weekend to fill mine out. I think it’s a great system here. People have 2 weeks to look over the ballot and make thought-out choices in the privacy of their own home. It has been working here for 10 years.

    EricF – GIVE ME A BREAK!!!

  • Bill Hedges

    Acorn has had problems for years. Libraries, in my ciy sign new voters & has had no problems. They go through-out my city signing up voters. If one way is flawed, Stop it. Find one that works. Acorn was major cause of sub-prime. America can not use Acorn.

  • niceKing………..I supposed the Acorn people that are arrested for voter fraud in Ohio,Oklahoma ,Nevada and Texas were these so called volunteers?Yeah right !!! THEY DON’T HAVE TO SHOW UP THEY CAN VOTE BY ABSENTEE BALLOT as long as they are registered.It’s funny how a Brit (NiceKing) and a New Zealander(nzpudding) can get their information from CNN and MSNBC and think they now have the whole story.These are two of the most far left media outlets in America. And with MSNBC they aren’t even trying to cover up their bias with Chris Matthews and Keith Doberman.

  • niceKing………I just got done watching the video you recommended from MSNBC. Not only are you using one of the most biased networks to get your so called facts but you are taking the word of a Kennedy.They are DEMOCRATS !!! Don’t you think he will say ACORN isn’t that bad to get Obama elected? His uncle Teddy and cousin Caroline endorsed Obama.No wonder Europe doesn’t trust us when they get their news from the opposition party.Well I have some news MSNBC won’t tell you. Obama thinks that by simply talking with our allies in Europe they will send more troops to support us in the two wars.

  • Odonata28

    DD Mao – and I suppose to watch FOX??? Wow. At least MSNBC admits they are left leaning. Every time I try to watch FOX they advertise they are “fair and balanced”. The hosts repeat it to themselves over and over again.

    I believe the question NATE asked about about early voting, not about voter registration fraud. ACORN is old news. Get over it. Go find a blog where they are still talking about it.

  • Babs

    And ACORN endorsed Obama as well. If you haven’t seen the videos, you’re not paying attention. ACORN is partisan, Kennedy is partisan, the millions in government funds funneled to ACORN was funneled by democrats supporting Obama. Fact, fact, and fact.

    ACORN is not a dead issue, it grows by the day. If you don’t wish to discuss it, skip the thread.

  • Stalin

    I think early voting is a very bad idea. If something were to come up in the last few weeks of the election, you can’t exactly take your vote back. I voted early here in IL, mostly because my mind is 100% made up and even if McCain was abducted by aliens, I still wouldn’t vote for Obama. Unfortunately my vote doesn’t matter in IL anyway. It’s a really crappy feeling.

  • Odonata28…I never heard PMSnbc ever admit they were liberals.As far as ACORN it seems any news the left doesn’t want to hear their favorite slogan is “Get Over It” or “Lets Move On”.
    Stalin…….Very good point you brought up about voting early.Funny a guy calling himself Mao talking to a guy calling himself Stalin eh?

  • Odonata28

    DD Mao – I didn’t say they openly state they are liberal. Their slogan is “The place for politics.” Pretty general. Not controversial. They do discuss politics, and if you are left-leaning, you may enjoy their talking heads more.

    What they don’t do is go around with a slogan like “Fair and Balanced”. The line Fixed News talking heads spout all the time over and over again (like they are trying to convince themselves). It’s not. It leans right. When they have a Democrat or liberal to discuss something, they have 2 right-wingers plus a right wing host. I just can’t figure out why they can’t admit it and move on.

  • Stalin


    MSNBC is a joke. It’s more than their talking heads. Why do you think Chris Matthews and Olbermann got yanked from election night coverages? It’s because they were injected their personal opinion into the news. Fox News is much more responsible than MSNBC. They have their “talking heads” but when it comes to reporting news, they are fair. But I’m sure you will think what you want and I really don’t care either way.

  • Thankfully I can’t get to watch MSNBC, it is a joke.