Tables turn: Palin more accessible than Biden to media

Since Gov. Sarah Palin was announced as McCain’s vice presidential choice, she has taken criticism over how inaccessible she’s been to the media. As a slight turn of the tables now it seems the pendulum has swung the other way since Sen. Joe Biden, Obama’s VP choice, hasn’t been before the press in over a month.

In the same token, neither McCain nor Obama have been very accessible in the past month.

The report from CBS News:

(COLORADO SPRINGS) It was less than two weeks ago when Sarah Palin astonished her traveling press corps by lifting the curtain (literally) and journeying to the back of her campaign plane to answer reporters’ questions for the first time after 40 days on the campaign trail. But the candidate who has been criticized for having a bunker mentality when it came to the national media can now lay legitimate claim to being more accessible than either Joe Biden or Barack Obama.

In the past two days alone, Palin has answered questions from her national press corps on three separate occasions. On Saturday, she held another plane availability, and on Sunday, she offered an impromptu press conference on the tarmac upon landing in Colorado Springs. A few minutes later, she answered even more questions from reporters during an off-the-record stop at a local ice cream shop.

By contrast, Biden hasn’t held a press conference in more than a month, and Obama hasn’t taken questions from his full traveling press corps since the end of September. John McCain—who spent most of the primary season holding what seemed like one, never-ending media availability—hasn’t done one since Sept. 23.

Though she often turns the “mainstream media” into a punching bag on the stump, Palin clearly enjoys interacting with reporters. She seems to relish the opportunity to demonstrate that her breadth of knowledge far exceeds what she offered to CBS News’ Katie Couric in a series of interviews that were marked by vague, often convoluted answers to straightforward questions.

After her plane in Colorado Springs, Palin answered no less than 14 questions from the media. It took traveling press secretary Tracey Schmitt three attempts finally to get the governor to move along.

Clearly the McCain campaign has made a conscious effort to let Gov. Palin have some freedom as she interacts with the press. I’m betting the campaign decided that they have nothing to lose and everything to gain if Palin continues to answer questions and undecided voters may see that she is ready to do the job.

On the other side, clearly the Obama campaign has made a conscious effort to keep Sen. Biden on the script to minimize any minor gaffes in these remaining days.

Both campaigns are trying to avoid the land mines and weave their way through these remaining days attempting to score points while avoiding any unnecessary negative press coverage since every vote counts.

  • I don’t think it’s a case of Palin being more accessible than Biden to the media, but the fact that the media are more interested in Palin than Biden.

    If there really is media bias, and I think most of us pretty much agrees that there is, then the media are just waiting for Palin to make a fool of herself like she did in the Katie Couric interviews and then pounce.

    To be honest, the rallies and press conferences and interviews are all pretty boring now, as all the candidates are doing is repeating ad nauseum the exact same thing they’ve been doing for months or 6 weeks in Palins case….YAWNNNN!

  • Babs

    I don’t know, I think Joe the Plumber has made it more interesting, but about the time he started to fade up jumps Joe the Gaffe Machine and has made it much more fun. 😉

  • DJS

    What is with Joe Biden and his comment he made on Sunday? It’s almost like he wants to convince people not to vote for Obama because there will be an international crisis.
    I think it is great that Palin is out there answering questions. I think she made Katie Couric look like the fool. She said she did what she did on purpose. Now people can see the real Palin. She is very informed and very knowledgable.

  • Frank

    Like asking questions gets new information to the voters.
    Just like in the debates, both candidates dont answer though questions and simply talk hours about how terrific their plan is for the middle class.

  • I wonder how accessible Palin will be when answering questions about the $150,000 spending spree on clothes and accessories since being tapped for VP


    Spending $21,000 of state funds flying her 3 daughters up and down the country

    Drill baby drill? she needs to so she can spend baby spend.

  • DJS

    I am amazed that people are so concerned with Palin’s wardrobe. If McCain, Obama or Biden went out and bought new suits, ties and shirts it wouldn’t even make the back page of the newspaper. Here we go with the double standards.
    I am more concerned about where all of Obama’s campaign funds have come from and why his campaign gave ACORN $800,000. On top of that the government has been giving them money because they are supposed to be a non profit, non partisan organization. I’ve seen the videos like everyone else has. Did the $800,000 go to help with voter registration or voter fraud. I can’t help but wonder if this is why Hillary lost. But I guess sense they are telling everyone to vote for Obama then there really isn’t a problem!! We can just turn our backs to the fact that this group is doing something illegal and they are funded in part with some of our tax dollars.

  • I’d place a safe bet that McCain, Obama and Bidens wardrobe and accessories for the past 10 years combined won’t have cost the same as Palins in 6 weeks.

    You can’t go round saying you’re a champion for working families that are struggling, then spend! spend! spend! like you’re the fifth chic in Sex In The City.