The Right to Vote: Don’t Take it for Granted!

Often times I think we get caught up in who our next president will be, however, during that time we often take for granted that fact that we have the freedom to cast a vote for the candidate of our choosing. This freedom is guaranteed as our right to vote.

The reason I’m writing this is because I just approved a comment a few minutes ago from a commenter originating from the country of China. The comment was as follows:

Great American Democratic System.I don’t care about who will be the new president ,only enjoy the process of American people’s voting that not exist in China.

– Zhou Sheng

That certainly put this entire election process into perspective for me, just the simple fact that not everyone around the world enjoys the same God-given freedoms we have been granted here in the United States of America is sobering.

Not to get sentimental on you all, but I thought some of you might appreciate this observation as well.

So the next time you’re ticked off about either candidate, just remember that at least you have a right to speak your mind and cast a vote for your candidate since not everyone around the world has that same opportunity.

The main message here is that if you don’t vote, you have no right to complain! End of story. Obviously most registration deadlines have passed, however, if you have registered, make sure you get out and vote on November 4th and do so for all the people around the world who aren’t given that same privilege.

This concludes my sentimental reflection, please wait until the ride comes to a full and complete stop before exiting.

  • Pats

    Thanks Nate for your observation. The freedom to express oneself was granted from creation but many nations like China are denied that freedom. America and few other nations enjoy it. I’ve lived in a country where that freedom was snatched from us but when we stood up to fight for that right, the same America and the so call democratic nations called us evil names. I don’t want to repeat them. Today, thank God, that West African state is back to its democratic footing.
    China can do the same. I believe that no man on earth gives freedom to a fellow man but every body can take his/her freedom. America is educating the world, let the world learn from America and apply what they’ve learned.

  • Andrew

    “The main message here is that if you don’t vote, you have no right to complain! End of story.”


    I would also like to add that there are more elections than just the presidential election on November 4th. In south Mississippi we have the pleasure of voting not only for president, but also 2 senators and a representative.

    California is voting on a constitutional amendment, Prop. 8. I’m sure there are dozens issues and elections on the ballots all over the country. take some time and do some research. Find out who’s running for what and what they stand for. Don’t just check off the most familiar name or the name with the (D) or (R) behind it.

  • Pete

    Kudos Andrew. I suggest going and picking up a sample ballot before the election so you can go line by line and research each candidate online.

    Wouldn’t it be great if they just sent sample ballots (with the updated candidates, of course) to each registered voter’s address a few weeks before the election? Maybe that is just too sensible for our country.

  • “The main message here is that if you don’t vote, you have no right to complain! End of story.”

    Totally agree.

  • Pats

    Failure to vote should not disqualify any body from complaining when things go wrong. That again is undemocratic and trampling on people’s right to freedom of speech. Americans, you are bestowed with right to express rights freely. Please enjoy it but maintain it. If a citizen does not trust any of the candidate and decides to stay neutral, I don’t think s/he should be deterred from his/her freedom of speech.

  • Bill Hedges

    Pats– I believe you misunderstand. Of course you have a right to speak. You are not America and can not vote An assumption on my part. America will be run by our elected officials. Voters decide who will run our Country. The vote is important. If all vote we get the government we all choise . By not voting it may be different. So your vote being with held, means you got something diferent and you must accept what you get. Of course you still can complain..

  • Pats

    Bill, you may be right to say that I misunderstood your post, which is human. I know that the elected officials in America and all other democratic states run the affairs of that state. For one reason or the other not every one will ever vote in election. Failure to vote does not mean you have something different as you posted. That does not also mean that the individual MUST accept what s/he gets. Bill, many factors deter individuals from voting but should not deter them from speaking their minds.
    You assumed that I’m not American and that is true. I’m not an American and do not want to be one. However, my children are Americans. The important thing here is voting right is FAR INFERIOR to one’s right to frredom of speech.

  • If a citizen does not trust any of the candidate and decides to stay neutral, I don’t think s/he should be deterred from his/her freedom of speech.

    Pats, my point was not that people have to vote for Obama, McCain, or either major party. My point was to vote, for someone! Exercise your right to vote, lest you lose it.

  • Pats

    ” My point was to vote, for someone! Exercise your right to vote, lest yoy lose it”.

    Nate, I think I know what you are saying but what I refute is one voting just to exercise his/her right, regardless of policy differences.There is no democratic constitution that says one will lose his right to vote if he/she fails to vote in a particular election.Please prove me wrong.

  • Pats

    Sorry I have to come again. It’s better not to vote than vote against your wish. The mentally retarded gentleman is complaining about his vote being cast to the candidate that is not his choice. Nate, you reported that incidence. How can you now incite people to vote just to retain the right to vote. I think every body should vote to exercise his/her right to choose. The right to vote or not to vote is also one’s choice.

  • Perhaps people should vote not to vote. Go to the polls and tick an undecided box if they’re really not comfortable with either candidate. At least they’ve exercised their right and with obesity on the rise then they’ve at least done some exercise…LOL

  • IndiMinded

    It’s not about retaining the right to vote. You always have that. But the people in charge are chosen by the citizens – and writing-in whoever you want is an option. But if you don’t choose to voice who you want in charge, then how can you complain when everyone else puts someone you don’t like into power?

    If nobody votes, democracy can’t possibly work correctly. It’s as simple as that. So if you don’t vote, you don’t get to complain about whose in charge or what they do – when they asked for your opinion, you basically said “put a monkey in charge for all I care”. And the people who actually participated got to choose for you.

    If you want a government that elects itself, find a good monarchy or dictatorship. They make it nice and simple for everyone.