“Joe the Plumber” makes the media rounds today (Update)

Ever heard of overnight fame? This is the very definition as Joe Wurzelbacher has now become a serious player in this presidential race, who knew? Both Sen. Obama and Sen. McCain spoke directly to Joe in last night’s debate and his conversation he had with Obama at a campaign event has become the topic of discussion.

Here, by popular demand, is a few clips from Joe’s morning media appearances following last night’s debate.

ABC’s Good Morning America, Joe with Diane Sawyer:

Report with local media, with interview footage, from NBC’s Today Show:

Here’s Joe on the phone with Katie Couric following the debate:

Finally, Joe was also on John Gibson’s radio show Wednesday just before the debate:

Joe has made the rounds, but will his encounter matter in the minds of voters, will he help or hurt McCain/Obama?


Interview with Joe on MSNBC:

“Joe the Biden” takes on “Joe the Plumber” on Good Morning America:

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  • U.S.A.

    Joe is an idiot….lol

  • He would be interesting if he were truly undecided, but as a registered Republican and against basic programs like Social Security I don’t think he should be given much attention at all beyond “here’s the guy they kept referring to in the debate”, but certainly no interviews.

    It is interesting to note that he has now appeared in more interviews than Sarah Palin. This year is full of stuff you just can’t make up.

  • London

    Joe said he was undecided but was clearly biased in his opinions. he’s obviously going to vote for mc cain but is saying he’s undecided to try to appeal to the group of voters that haven’t yet decided to vote. How is a tax cut a hand out? It’s your money you just get to keep it. Instead of the government taking it. Also it sounded like he thinks that everyone pays the same amount of taxes. From the looks of his home he probably recieves a refund every year but yet still says he doesn’t want a tax break or a ” hand out”. he should never be interviewed again .

    Oh yeah my mother makes 50, 000 a year and is taxed 33 percent so having 250000 and being taxed 37-39 is nothing. Under the bush administration . Now Joe plumner explain to me how that’s fair. to make income but not have enough money to feed your children because of taxes.

  • Joe, I have some really cute, good looking, single friends that could use a yummy conservative like yourself, let me know if you’re interested! 😉

    Mean while U.S.A is home without a date, yet again. Go figure. The ladies don’t like liberal girlie men.

  • U.S.A.


    As usual you are an idiot.

    I am married and have been for 11 years. I have two beautiful kids.

    I would say that you and Joe would be a good match because you both are losers. Just my opinion….LOL

    Maybe if you get your bra filled up (toilet paper) some loser will notice you. Man that was childish wasn’t it….LOL

  • Nikki

    Actually I happen to think that this guy was more articulate than most of the politicians I have had the *cough* honor *cough* to speak with over the years. i don;t think he is in anyway undecided, I do think that he votes non-partisan and decides for himself who to vote for by educating himself. that in itself is a major kudos. For the record, I am still up in the air and doing more research myself. Although thanks to my big mouth in chat there are those of you who know which way I am leaning.

    If any of you would like to discuss things rationally, fantastic. But I will not respond to any infantile name calling or obvious flame baiting. I have better things to do like fold socks.

  • Bill Hedges

    U.S.A.– You sexist________________person…….

  • Joe is the only man with the acorns, if you will, to speak truth to power and tell Barry O what his tax plan is all about. Bravo Joe, you are my new hero as you have exposed the Barry O socialist plan for America, you have advanced freedom just by making Barry answer a question.

    Typical response from an intellectually enlightened Barack Obama supporter: “You’re an idiot”

    Bravo u.s.a., you have proven how immature and intellectually barren Barry Obama supporters are, thank you for doing us a service here.

    It’s very easy to rebut someone’s argument with facts but it takes a true genius to call people idiots and act like it’s a valid argument.

    u.s.a. I hope you’re teaching your two children to answer people the same way you respond in political discussions, then you will have raised two more Democrats who’s greatest, most thought-provoking response to a factual argument is: “You’re an idiot”

    Sometimes I’m jealous of Barry supporters since they get to legitimately rebut people by calling them idiots and losers so that other similarly intelligent Barry supporters can understand them.

  • Bill Hedges

    Suzie Q–I am watching OReilly Factor. Did you know that Ohio State Secretary (D) has turned off links that allow Voter registration checks. That they have 200,000 questionable registrations, (Yes, from CORN ). SHE REFUSES TO COMPLY with FEDERAL LAW. After being ordered to by Judge. She says she is too busy……They discussed the high spending in Obama plans. Pointing our that will raise taxes.

  • Maybe if you get your bra filled up (toilet paper) some loser will notice you. Man that was childish wasn’t it….LOL

    U.S.A, Thanks but my wife’s chest is perfect for me, but thanks for the concern. 😉

  • SusieQ you’re fast becoming one of my favorite republichicks, of course Babs tops that list!

    U.S.A, I guess I think of you as a high schooler since you post like one. “Joe is an idiot….lol” Lets see that’s the second time today you used the same savvy language to prove your point, all b/c someone doesn’t bow at the same Obama alter as you.

  • Dreadsen

    C.G. and U.S.A.

    You two would scare the average new comer from posting here.

  • Bill Hedges

    Conservative Gal– I am looking for a conservative female. Does your friend like cats ?

  • EricF

    looks like alot of people missed the point. Joe the plumber was saying he wants to one day soon buy a plumbing business, not that he already does. plumbers make great money for the record and they work extremely hard. seems to me that liberals like Obama dont understand or have ever done hard work. unless you consider community fraud organizer to be hard work. lol.

  • Babs

    First of all, CG, I’d really like to think that USA was referring to Joe Biden, not Joe the Plumber. 😉 He would be right on there, Biden’s insults (and Obama’s yesterday) were shameful, and I have to wonder how many other voters out there will take offense to their arrogant treatment of J the P, as we all relate more to him than to Obama or Biden.

    Second of all, EricF is right. Obama, Biden, and their media sheep are trying to discredit Joe the P in order to throw up a smoke screen for Obama’s answer to him.


    And Obama has the audacity to call that “fair”, while his running mate – the idiot – calls that “patriotic”.

  • Odonata28

    Joe the Plumber’s real name is Sam and he’s not a licensed plumber.

    I thought this was a conversation about JOE???

    And why is USA sexist when CG made the first remark about dating? I don’t think either of them are being sexist, just a little immature.

  • LOL Obama got stuck with his hand in the cookie jar!!!!!!!!!!!!

    LOLO llolll I LOVE IT!! I LOVE IT!!
    Joe speaks for so many people! Real down to earth humble guy. And EricF he prob.. dose want to buy the business but wont be able to under Obama! Did ya think of that? Come on Obamas tax plan prevents so many from exactly what Joe sayed “living the American dream” Come on what happen to skys the limit?

  • unfair

    babs, (et all)


    i assume this to mean you make over 250K a year. the problem is that you assume those who make less than that don’t work hard. just look at your language. take ‘my/our’ money and give it to ‘them’. we (i believe) shoudl avoid generalizations on this grand of a scale.

    now – have you always made over 250K a year?

    if so – congratulations. and, as it is, i am sure you claim some deductions and receive some tax credits. where do those deductions and credits come from? are you paying for them? no, the government (via taxes) ‘took’ them from a ‘my/our’ person and distributed it to you (now a ‘them’ person). see why generalizations are bad. not only that, but you are already paying taxes, are you not? so the govenment is already taking ‘your’ money and giving it to ‘them’ (someone else).

    if you have not always made over 250K, you have most likely been on the recieving end of some tax breaks (for example, do you have kids and do you take the $1000 tax credit per child. if so – the government is taking that $1000 from someone else and giving it to you. as the taxes stand – the government ‘pays’ people for having kids and any money the government uses – it takes from someone)

    under obama’s plan – if you make over 250K a year – you will only pay a ‘little’ more (i read 3% more somewhere – i will have to look again). all this really means is that you will pay the government a little more than you currently do so they can do with it what they want through wealth distribution (via taxes). this isn’t anything new. it is not socialism. it is our tax system. obama isn’t going to take anything form you and he isn’t going to ‘hand it out’ to anyone. the government would (if it could even pass a vote in congress) using the same system it uses now – the number are all that change.

    we all benefit from government programs. no one has done anything ‘all on their own’. you live in a neighborhood that has police (i assume) salaries paid by your (and others) taxes. no system is perfect. there will always be people who take advantage of the system. but please don’t generalize to the point where you are lumping everyone who makes less than 250K a year together with the small (relatively) percentage of us (and by us – i mean all americans) that abuse the system. there are also many millionaires who abuse the same system. your tax dollars line with pockets of the insanely rich and give a struggling family who does ‘nothing’ food vouchers. personally – i would rather give money to the poor family.

    and, as a final thought, what do we mean when we say working ‘hard’. the ‘hardest’ workers are the ones who get the least compensation ‘typically’. people often interchange ‘i work hard’ with ‘i work a lot of hours’ – these are very different. i can work ‘hard’ for 40 hours or i can be at work for 80 (in front of a computer, say) and be more exhausted after the 40 hour work week. so please, please, stop saying that all those who make less than 250K a year don’t work hard. because we all know joe the plumber would probably work ‘less’ hard if he were to buy a company and own it than he does now. which means – he would work harder making less than 250K a year which is not what you are saying or implying by your statements.

    with all that said – i am not an obama fan. i just don’t like what you are implying when you say what you’ve said.

  • Babs

    unfair, you sure do assume a lot about me. Let me rephrase what I said, or repeat what I have said just this morning on another thread:

    From the “Home Stretch” thread:

    I actually can give you the bottom line of Obama’s tax plan.

    Take money away from those who have earned it, and give it to people who have not earned it.

    That’s it in a nutshell. Redistribution of wealth, ie socialism. Class warfare.

    EricF has asked for an explanation of Obama’s tax plan on that thread. Maybe you should go over there and explain it to him.

    I stand by what I say. If you want to further see my opinion on the matter, read my commentary “The Obama Welfare Nation – Belly up to the Bar”. It’s on site.

  • unfair

    how is ‘redistribution of wealth’ different than our current tax system. people pay in (taxes) – people (through tax credits, tax deductions, and government programs) recieve. it is not class welfare. its called the IRS. the only difference is that obama (and mccain) are ‘tweaking’ the numbers to distribute the wealth differently. mccain tweaks favor the wealthy. obamas favor the not-so-wealthy.

    and – i don’t know you. so i have to ‘assume’ things about you from your comments.

    and again – you assume that those who make over 250K (the top 5%) ‘earn’ their money and everyone else (the 95% at the ‘bottom’) does not. how can you ‘stand by’ that? you are saying that the richest 5% of america are the only ones who ‘earn’ their money?

    our economy would crumble if only 5% of us actually ‘did’ anything.

  • Babs

    Again, you assume wrong about me. I did not say others did not earn their money. I said they did not earn MINE.

  • Bill Hedges

    Unfair—-Money you pay to the government comes in many forms. Not all from income tax form. My utility cost are rising because of a tax. My purchase of a sofa will go up because coperation that built it paid higher coperate taxes under Obama. The tax is cost of business and added to cost of sofa. I do not make $50,000. But my total tax paid, directly and in-directly will go up under Obama.

  • unfair

    aren’t you paying taxes now? at what ‘percent’ does the money you make stay ‘yours’ despite the current tax rate. i could argue (hypothetically) that of all the money i make – 95% of it is MINE. i concede to giving the government 5%. however, in this hypothetical situation – i am currently paying 25% of my income to the us government (20% more than i concede to). now you, because you, i assume, get some benefit from the government, are getting handed MY money because the government in unfairly taking 20% of MY money. i get mad and call it class welfare because you make less than me and are getting the money i earned.

    now – the numbers are inflated but i hope you get the idea. currently – you are paying a certain percentage of your income to the government (right?) that percentage is not fixed. it varies. you are saying that if you pay any more than that percentage – the government is taking YOUR money and giving YOUR money to someone who has not earned YOUR money. what percentage of the money you ‘earn’ YOURS. 100%? if so – the government is already taking a good share of it (i assume you pay taxes, of course) and using it (quite inefficently – i might add) to help someone or some program who has not ‘earned’ it. other people benefit from your tax dollar – no matter how you look at it. just like you benefit from someone else’s tax dollar. we all contribute. and i believe that the current rate of compensation for various jobs is way out of whack. trash men making less (and working much harder) than those people standing at booths in the mall – than the telemarketers calling you from who knows were. what would happen if people refused to pick up your trash…? what would happen if someone stopped trying to sell you crap as you walked in the mall…?

    this debate is more about defining what it means to ‘earn’ money. are we ‘entitled’ to ALL the money WE make? does anybody ‘deserve’ anything if they have not worked for it? define what ‘work’ means. do stay-at-home moms work? do they earn anything? do they deserve anything? are they a valuable contributor to our society?

    do you earn more money because you take larger risks? define risks. do you earn more money because you decided to stay home with your kids after you got pregnant (and have you husband work) rather than finish your degree (a risk – what if you husband dies or gets hurt and is unable to work)? do you earn more money because you are home schooling? do you earn more money because you decided to pursue making money over being a parent? define value? is it more valuable to be responsible parents or ‘earn’ larger inheritances for your kids. how do you put a dollar amount to all this?

    bill hedges – you have a point. we all pay taxes – despite how much we make. i was exaggerating to make a point. if the receivers of YOUR money through ‘class welfare’ use it to buy anything – they in turn give back to the system that gave to them – thus put more money back into the system. they will take YOUR money (babs) and pay their heat bill – a portion of that will be taxes – and thus they contribute back to the circular monetary cycle that is our government. no one is giving anyone a hand out – we are all just helping each other. you start up small businesses (babs) pay employees – who might be on the receiving end of a ‘hand out’ (via tax breaks or government program) they in turn take that ‘hand out’ and buy gas or go to the doctor and pay taxes. we all coexist. and i am sure we disagree.

    i am under the belief that we all pay more taxes because we all need to pay more taxes. there are more in need – and fewer people willing to help them. if we can’t do it on a micro scale (voulenteering – giving to chrities, etc.) and you don’t want the government to do it on a macro scale (via taxes) – how do we do it? are you saying that we shouldn’t? everyone just keep working and ‘earning’ money and buying sofa’s? it will trickle down all on its own?

  • Bill Hedges

    Unfair– Wealth redistribution is a dirty term to many. In American history , you may recall the BOSTON TEA PARTY. Say you and I earn the same amout of money. You spend your income. I save some of my money. After years of saving, I open a business and beat the odds and do well. Now I make good money. I provide jobs. Now,,, Obam tells me I must pay more taxes to help you…Well, I want to revolt like the BOSTON TEA PARTY. I should have spent my pay check like you for immediate self-gradification. Or laid back and did less contrctive things. Not delayed having family. Waited to buy a home. Waited to go on nice vacations. keep my old car. Then be given extra money from the rich guy..Forget the American Drean. Give me. Give me. Give me…Some feelwe have given enough. Many programs exist now.

  • Babs

    You can only give so many “hand ups” before they become “hand outs”. Why work if the government will give it to you. unfair, check history. Check the number of americans who have never TRIED to get off welfare for generations now. They are many, and the number is growing. And they are why wealth redistribution is bad. I’m all for a “hand up”, I’m tired of the “hand outs”. I give to charity, and I give of my time. I’ll give anyone a hand up, and anyone who knows me knows that. Don’t ask me for a hand out, you’ll not get it.

  • unfair

    bill – you are assuming that all those who pay taxes (directly or indirectly) are somehow ‘better’ than those who pay less taxes. your life may be completely different. i might have had to take care of a sick parent with ‘all my money’. i might have adopted an abused child with ‘all my money’. sure you saved – started a business – and provided jobs. but aren’t my ‘risks’ valid? sure – some people take, take, take… (take too much) some other people earn, earn, earn (give too little). where is the line? both ‘sides’ are equally to ‘blame’. sure their are lazy poor people. but there are also greedy and stingy wealthy people.

    “i would rather give to every beggar i see than to be selective on to whom i give and turn away someone truly in need” <- not my original thought (and it is paraphrased). it is a quote from someone but i can’t find it nor can i recall who it was that said it. (yeah i know.. *sure* it is…:)but – it is valid to this argument.

    i don’t believe you can ever give too much.

  • unfair

    the fact is babs, the need is greater than the ability of those willing to give ‘hand-ups’ i’m not a fan of welfare. i am not advocating welfare. i don’t think obamas plan amounts to welfare. i think you are looking at a small percentage of people and applying their lack of drive to everyone who would be ‘receiving’ under obamas plan. that is an unfair generalization. that is all i am saying. i think we should all ‘chip’ in to fix our broken system. i don’t think any one man can do this. it really doesn’t matter who becomes president. we all ‘pay’ in our country. some with money – some with lack of nutrition or quality of life – some with time – some with lack of opportunity. money is not the only variable in this equation. some things you can not put a dollar amount to.

    if there is suffering – give.

  • Bill Hedges

    UNFAIR–No I am not assuming… I am saying under Obama plan I will pay more taxes directly Or indirectly under Obama plan. I am saying everyone has a choice to want to earn more if they want to make sacrefies. We make choices in your life and must live with them. As I do. Your choices are yours. Be happy with them. I am happy with my choices. Your choices are valid. Be happy with them. So now I am to give you money for your social awsareess. You provide social awareness and I provided jobs so prople like you can do what you do. I did my part. I also have social awareness. I give by my choice. I do not need you to tell me how to do it. Stingy wealthy people, words you use.

  • Babs

    Yes, unfair, it does matter who becomes President. I understand your argument – from a philosophical standpoint. That’s Obama – a lot of philosophy. I’m not talking in generalities and philosophies, I’m talking hard core facts of life and practicality. The fact is Obama is going to turn our country into a Welfare Nation. You can stay mired hip deep in the nuances of his tax plan if you want. But you’d be better off climbing out and looking at the real world as it is today – not how you want it to be. We don’t have to “chip in” with higher taxes to fix our broken system. We have to stop the government from wasting what we’ve already “chipped in”. Try thinking about it from THAT angle one time. Taxpayers don’t have the bottomless pockets that Obama thinks we have.

  • Bill Hedges

    Gore is such a great believer in the EARTH. He was given awards. Yet in the real world his home energy us was outrageous. His talk was one thing, his walk was totally different. Obama talk on taxes in one thing, the truth would be totally different. My income of less than $50,000 will be taxws more..Directly and indirectly in total ..

  • Bill Hedges

    I see Democrat Frank saying Fanny and Freddy are in fine shape. I see Bill Clinton say poor need homes, not rent. I see sub-prime home loans providing those homes. I see ACORN pushng sub-prime. I see my money being used to bail-out this mess. I see government needs to be smaller. I see Obama wanting to make it bigger. I see videos of McCain wanting more regulations on F/F. I see McCain does not add PORK BELLY SPRNDING. I see Obama adds nearly $1 million PORK for each day in Senate. I see he stops when he runs for President. I see Obama knows PORK is bad for votes. I see McCain wants lower taxes. That is what I see.

  • Will

    unfair, I like your post, it doesn’t look at the tax plans Obama and McCain is propsing. Obviously each proposal will favor different people.

    Why are we so eager to help other countries when we should help the citizens of our country? Why are we so eager to have our tax money sponsor a war, while it could be used to help a fellow American out?

    Bill, please keep in mind that if you make 250k/year you are considered to be in the top 5%, and yes taxes will be increased on you, BUT you will still be in the top 5% and richer than 95% of the population!!!!

    Everybody has received a helping hand, directly or indirectly. Why is this any different?

    I don’t think any of us will really know how this will turn out, there are too many variables that can change the outcome of EITHER plans proposed by Obama and McCain.

    As we’ve seen for the past 8 years, we need a change. If you disagree with that then we’ll have to agree to disagree.

  • Bill Hedges

    Will I clarly have stated on this tread I maje less than $50,000.. I have given my view. you, your. we agree to disagree

  • Bill Hedges

    When Obama said to Joe…Spread the wealth.. Lights lite up. Obama supporters pointed out Joe has no lincense. Attacking Joe. WOW. Of course Joe works for a lincensed company. So Joes does not need a lincense. Obama picked Joe. Joe did not ambush Obama. But go get Joe Obama supporters. See Joe on Huccabee show this week-end.. See Sarah on Saterday Night Live

  • U.S.A.

    So my comment was out of line….sorry…it happens….LOL

  • U.S.A.


    You know…after thinking that over, I guess I should say I am sorry for the comment. It was a joke but it was in poor taste and out of line. I have never seen you and have no idea how you look. That said….I would say your comment was out of line as well but I can take it. I usually laugh a good bit while I read and post here.

    I agree with your comment.

    CG again

    Every comment we make to each other is an attack. Realize that I am one to speak my mind and I don’t scare easily. Your remarks are cool with me so don’t take mine personal(if you do). I laughed out loud at the “girlie men” comment….Good stuff. Keep’em coming!

    We may see this deal on a 180 but I do my homework. I am right! Can you tell that I like to argue? You are still an idiot. Did I type that out loud?????

    Obama/Biden ’08
    Obama/Biden ’12

  • Bill, STOP listening to Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh, they’ll scramble your brain and prevent you from making any sense whatsoever.

    You earn less than $50,000 yet you’ve been told you’ll get taxed more AND YOU BELIEVE IT – prove it!

  • unfair

    i concede. i don’t agree with your views. and as you have said – we agree to disagree. the only thing i ask is that you stop implying that the 95% of americans that would be getting ‘class welfare’ don’t earn it. many work just hard as you and many more simply aren’t given the same opportunities. period. to say that you can just put your nose to the grindstone and live the ‘american dream’ is utter nonsense. it is political marketing. and to be honest – if you put that dream above those whom are hurting around you – you are being selfish. i’m tired of hearing this. racism and discrimination exist. there will always be the poor, the elderly, and the orphaned to take care us. there will always be those who simply aren’t given the same opportunities. there will also always be those who rise above their surrounding and succeed. they are rare – and possess a certain strength of character that few of us debating here have. the real ‘losers’ of this whole debate are the ones who will not be affected by either policy (very much) – the poor.

    you can debate that you should be able distribute you wealth as you see fit all you want – i agree – by the way, as long as you actually do it. but what will happen (and what is happening) is that far too many people choose to distribute their wealth to the circuit cities – the new car dealerships – the furniture stores – to the ‘second life’ game – you name it. anything and everything but where it is needed. sure – the people buying at these places are supporting places that provide jobs. but not everyone can get jobs – and those that manage to land jobs – the rate at which they are paid can sometimes be too little. the problem is that far too many people are wrapped up in trying to obtain their own ‘american dream’ that they lose sight of their neighbor and his need. many place their own standard of living above those around them and call the ones that are lower than them ‘lazy’ or ‘unfocused’ or ‘unwilling to take risks’. a lot of the people who succeed are just lucky – in the right place at the right time with the right tools available to them. or – they just have powerful parents. or they have powerful friends. Or – they are simply attractive.

    babs – you said that i talk in “generalities and philosophies” and you are “talking hard core facts of life and practicality” two things. one. you were the one who first implied that there are two people – those who ‘earn’ what they make and those who don’t. that is a ‘generality’ if there ever was one. there are a whole lot of people who have a lot and haven’t ‘earned’ it. ‘earn’ is a bad choice here, I believe. some people make more than others. some people work harder than others. those two groups of people are sometimes (and often) notthe same even though you like to use the two interchangeably. two. “there are three kinds of lies: lies, d*mn lies, and statistics.” – samuel clemens. with the economy – there are few ‘hard core facts’. it is all theory and speculation (and stats). if there was any real quantifiable science behind it – would we be in the mess we are in – as smart as we are?

    i’m done. like i said, i concede. i debated with myself for a long time whether i should speak up on this site. in a way i am glad. in another way – i view it as silly.

  • Bill Hedges

    U.S.A. I appreciate you saying you are sorry to Conservative Gal. I do not feel you should be scared of anyone. No need for that. Listening to your opionion is welcomed by me. There are those,, not talking about you, that name call and make fun of news media that conservatives listen to. Like liberal news media is superior. I ignore those few. I respect your well stated , logical comments. All but a handful will be respectful towards your views.

  • Bill Hedges

    Unfair–It is your choice on if you speak up or night. i RATHER MY ACTUAL WORDS BE TAKEN AT FACE VALUE. Not based on your conclusions.

  • unfair

    how can you take your words based on my conclusions? i can’t make any conclusions about what you’ve said if you don’t say anything. i guess i don’t know what you mean.

    i don’t know if you are single (you said you were looking for a conservative gal – forgive my assumption if i am mistaken) but if you are and make under 50K (are we talking just under 50K like 48K or under 50K like 25K) how will you have to pay more in taxes? you are forgetting about competition. businesses that make over 250K a year can’t just inflate their goods and services – they still have to remain competitive. can we assume that 95% of small business make under 250K a year? if so – 5% of any market cannot direct inflation. if 95% of the market is still selling goods/services at a price – the top 5% can’t just raise prices. they can, however, tolerate more taxes than the smaller businesses. if you are a consumer – paying sales tax – even if 5% of the goods and services passed their entire 3% tax increase by raising their prices by 3% – where i am – you are only paying 6% (sales tax) on that 3% increase and that on only 5% of what you buy. what is 5% of 6% of 3%…? yeah… that is .009% i think i can handle that 😉

    it boils down to this – if i make my decision on the candidate that is going to have me pay less money in taxes – i am missing the point. we all want roads – but we complain about the gas tax to pay for them. we all want better schools/colleges but we don’t want to pass the increase millages. we all want things from our government but we don’t want to pay for it. we want to be as safe as possible, working in the best economy, with all of our ‘rights’ to live however we want – with no regard to our nieghbors – all without having to pay for it. you mentioned sub-prime mortgages. they, in theory, weren’t bad. they went bad because banks realized they had the potential to make a ton of money. so – the upped the marketing of the ‘american dream’ and sold mortgages. it wasn’t bill clintons fault for wanting the poor to be able to own their homes. it was the mortgage writers who took advantage of their new found ‘market share’. you want smaller government as the population grows…? democracies are the most inefficient forms of government. we knew this when we started it. democracy is not cheap. we have to pay taxes. my point is that if we have to pay taxes – i would rather they go to addressing our social issues, regionally, nationally (and globally) add try to equalize the economic gap rather than to the rich so we can ‘test’ the trickle-down theory of economics. i, for one, have no problem paying a little more so that those who are less fortunate get the ‘leg up’ they need when they need it. sure – a good portion of that will be used poorly. but like i said – i would rather pay more to help little than pay nothing and help less.

    i’m not a fan on the bailout. i am not a fan of ‘big government’ i’m not a fan of the ‘american dream’ it is all marketing. that is what drives our economy. marketing = lies. it is sad that our economy is dependent on lies. enough said. i doubt i’ve said anything you agree with.

  • U.S.A no worries, there was no harm done by your comments, I have tough skin, do you think I would be a conservative if I didn’t-LOL I really took your comment as a joke, as a matter of fact Nate and I got a good chuckle out of it. Some may think things got out of hand, but then they wouldn’t understand that we have had this type of rapport for months. Truth be told, I look forward to sparing over politics on a daily bases. I think tensions are running high and everyone is on edge, 3 more weeks to the elections, God help us all!

    Bill, I’ll get back to you on the conservative friend thing.

    McCain/Palin ’08
    Palin/ ? ’12

  • Bill Hedges

    Conservative Gal– Tell her I am pleasantly plumb. But have a great peronality..

  • CG I agree, tensions are running high and we’re on the final stretch of ‘silly season’.

    Are you assuming by the way you’ve finished your post that McCain will be dead by 2012? Maybe a dodgey moose burger might finish him off. Apparently December 21st we’re all going to be dead anyway according to the Mayan calendar and the I-Ching that’s when the world ends. Personally I predict January 20th 2009 if McCain/Palin win….LOL

  • Bill Hedges

    Joe did something all non-Omama believers should never do again. Get Obama to tell the Truth.,…Spread the wealth….Joe has been attacked. His labor union is against him. Labor backs Obama ? Another Joe asking Obama a question, not likely ! His tax problems is brought out. His divorce is brought out. His voting choice is brought out. You would think he was running for President, instead of just asking a question. If he was able to ask other questions, what could they had been. What have you done in Congress, not counting your PORK BELLY SPENDING. Why in the bail out did Wall Stree did it gve money to Movie companies that own news medias that back Democrat party money? And try to give $ Billions to ACORN. What was it reported that someone yelled at Sarah’s ralley “KILL HIM”, referring to Obama. Was found to be a lie.. Joe has not been shut up. Fox news is having him on their shows. Many of Fox news shows have conservative and liberal co-anhors, so Joe will be put down for Omaba’s shake. And guess what news media is against. Complaining about ? Do I need to say it? Fox news. Suprise. !!!!!

  • Bill Hedges

    Yes, Obama has come out against Fox news media

  • Odonata28

    Palin/ ? ‘12

    A cold chill just went down my spine.

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