The Obama Welfare Nation – Belly up to the Bar

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So here we are, three weeks out from electing the next President, and it’s still all about the economy. Barack Obama is still leading in the polls – for whatever that’s worth – and the mainstream media is by and large writing John McCain off. Again. And declaring Obama the new President.

So if it really is the economy, and Obama’s really won, let’s take a look at our new economy. Obama says he’ll rebuild the economy from the bottom up – he’ll need to, because the middle just fell down – there’s a lot of us down here now. Take a look at the AP report out over the weekend. Queen Pelosi has announced that she’s contemplating calling Congress – House Democrats to be specific – back into session to begin to implement Obama’s economic “stimulus” plans. They’ll let the Bush tax cuts expire, which will raise 100% of taxes for all of us. Then they’ll give a tax cut back to 40% of Americans who don’t pay any taxes to begin with.

According to the AP on Sunday, the package will likely contain an additional 13 weeks of jobless benefits in states with the highest unemployment, at a cost of $6 billion dollars. (If you don’t live in one of those states, you’d better move there if you want this benefit – otherwise, you are about to be discriminated against on the basis of geography.)

Another $14.7 billion will go to help states cover Medicaid costs, which generally rises with unemployment. Medicaid is the low income welfare program that provides blanket health care benefits. And then there’s money for more food stamps, another welfare program.

Nothing in these plans will benefit the middle class. Let’s not mince words here. They’re all for the welfare class. Obama dresses up his welfare plan and calls it the answer to the middle class woes. He dresses up income redistribution and calls it the “patriotic” thing to do. What Obama’s economic plan really is is a government run “Welfare Nation”, and there is a large sector of this country that would love nothing better.

Obama’s new “stimulus” plan includes billions in loans to small businesses, he says. We, as small business owners, would certainly need a loan because a large black hole is about to open up and swallow us. Obama will fine us if we are not able to furnish our employees and their families with health insurance, it doesn’t matter that we can’t even afford our own anymore. We will pay more employer taxes for the employees we are able to keep, and we will pay more income taxes if we dare have a good year of sales, which we won’t, because the retail economy is in the tank. Some small businesses will perhaps accept Obama’s loans, and sink further into the black abyss; many of us will close our doors.

We’re tired of struggling. We’re tired of trying to make something of ourselves and we’re tired of contributing to an government intent on punishing us for our efforts. So we close our doors. But not to worry. For those employees that we will no longer employ, you will qualify for extended unemployment, welfare checks, Medicaid, and food stamps – not to mention you’ll get a nice rebate check in April. You’ll get all this because there will be no new jobs available, but hey, kick back and enjoy it. Why work when you can let the government pay your way.

Our landlord of 25 years depends on that nice chunk of income from us every month to live on, and he depends on us to cover the high property tax on his commercial property, along with all insurance. The property will now sit, running down, until the government seizes it for nonpayment of the taxes, because he won’t be able to lease the property. He’ll be rid of the burden, though, and he can get in line with the rest of us. He’ll be better off, too.

Our vendors will certainly be hurt, but again, who cares. We’ll save them a place in line at the Welfare office. We’ll have a party while we’re waiting to sign up for all the new goodies we’ll get under an Obama administration. And we certainly will get them – because we lost half our life savings last week in the stock market, and we’ll probably see the rest of it go this week. Once we’re on the welfare rolls, I’ll be relieved of the burden of rebuilding a retirement fund with not enough years left to recoup what we’ve lost. And how much stress with that relieve!

Never mind that John McCain would have done what is truly best for the middle class and small businesses – which drives this nation’s economy. He wouldn’t allow us to live in a Welfare Nation, but isn’t that where we all want to be? We must, we’re putting Obama in the White House, aren’t we?

So welcome to the New America, The Welfare Nation – come one, come all. Oh yes, we ARE the ones you’ve been waiting for, America. We are the tired, hard working, and disgusted sector of this country that has broken our backs for decades to carry the rest of the country who only wanted a hand out – we are the ones that, up until now, would rather be in Hell with our backs broke than to give up on our country. But here we are – near to being broken and defeated by Barack Obama and his cronies – Pelosi, Franks, ACORN, all of them. Including you – the people who have bought into the hope and change mantra of a party who wants to punish us simply because we’ve had the audacity to succeed. Congratulations, you’ve used us up. You can’t rebuild the economy from the bottom up when everyone’s on the bottom. Too bad no one cared enough to keep the middle in the middle so that we could keep holding up the bottom.

Oh. Wait. McCain did.

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  • Babs

    UPDATE: And in his economic speech today, Barack Obama wants to give small businesses a $3000 tax break for hiring a new full-time employee, expiring in 2010. Woo Hoo.

    I didn’t hear anything new. What I did hear is a desperate politician with too many economic advisors who can’t agree on a single thing. Guess that’s why the plan keeps changing. What the plan will be by November is anyone’s guess – and where the truth lies inside those changes is another issue altogether.

    I think it’s like McCain said. Obama’s had 5 or 6 different plans for the economy. If you don’t like any of them, just wait. There’ll be a new one out soon.

  • P

    You’re wrong on the unemployment thing. That’s middle-class. You know, you can’t get unemployment if you up and quit, or get fired. A person has to be out of work “through no fault of their own”. Take it from someone who’s not been out of work for this extended period of time for 30 years! And is right in middle class (if not slightly above the middle of middle class). Now I can ‘t even afford to go to rummage sales, need to find free clothes for my son. And since the unemployment rate is going UP, that just means more people out of work competing for less jobs. And it just goes on and on every day.


  • Awesome Commentary Babs!!!

    Did you know that this squirrel voted twice to increase taxes on Seniors making $42,000 a year? This man is nothing but a tax raising, money spending, welfare whore.

    Can you imagine what this girly man is going to do to our military? Of course he will not share the wealth with our soldiers. No, to the real men who keep us safe here in America it must be emasculating to think that this metrosexual will be commander in chief.

    Obama want’s to give handouts to the welfare bums, but is there anything in this squirrel’s economic plan that will build up our military? More money for Soldier widows? how about increases for reenlistment bonuses? No, instead this punk want’s women to play a selective role in the draft. Hey here’s a thought Mr. Obama, until you pick up a gun and defend this country you wimp, don’t be dolling out people’s daughters in a time of war. Here’s another thought, would he change his tune and drop his “selective draft on women” if his daughters were old enough to serve? Wonder what Michelle thinks about that. Does she really think of this “man” as a protector of her and her family? So NOT a turn on.

    God Bless the men and women who well be serving, if elected, under B. Hussein Obama, hey wasn’t there a terrorist with the same name?

    Story on Obama’s call for women to register in selective service:

  • jmmx


    You voted in a guy who wrecked an oil company – now he has wrecked the world economy. IT’S THE DEFICIT STUPID! And an administration that refused to regulate the derivatives markets. The war in Iraq is the most abysmal failure of foreign policy in all of U.S. history.

    Repubs had congress for 12 of the last 14 years, and the presidency for almost 8. YOU GUYS WRECKED IT. Quit trying to make excuses. Take responsibility.

  • This may shock you jmmx, but not all republicans are on board with Bush, as a matter of fact I really don’t know of any that think too highly of him at this moment.

    It sure would be nice of you to actually post some examples of this so called responsibility you want us to take. Oh is it like the responsibility the Dems in congress and the senate took two weeks ago? I’m sure you heard that the our country’s one trillion dollars more in debt and your party did nothing to stop it. As a matter of fact, they were more than willing to pull out the nation’s checkbook and write a check for $700 billion in bailout garbage and another $150 billion pure, unadulterated pork.

    True Republicans who believe in capitalism were staunchly opposed to the bailout plan and putting taxpayers on the hook. Bush calls himself a conservative free market capitalist. That’s a joke as I think he replaced his drinking problem with a spending problem the past 8 years.

    Here, watch this and enlighten yourself for 10 minutes:

    When will the Democrats take responsibility for directly creating the sub-prime crisis and the current economic situation through Fannie and Freddie?

  • Michael

    CG, jmmx does raise a fair question of accountability. You have said in the past, with pride, how you were one of the Babes for Bush, handing out flyers during the 2004 election. While I believe everyone in the U.S bears some responsibility for the current administration’s actions– since we are a democracy– I feel the 51% who did vote for Bush should accept a larger part of the blame for promoting and supporting this administration.

    You seem to gravitate back and forth between neo-conservativism and traditional conservativism. True, Republicanism (prior to the Bush administration) was not an advocate for the big-government, big-spending practices of the Bush administration. But the neo-cons have, and they have been protected and are rather vocal in Republican politics, even today.

    Democrats and Republicans are to blame for the sub-prime crisis– and most importantly, the poor government oversight coupled with deregulation.

  • EricF

    lol people still blaming Bush for the economy. has nothing to do with obamas ACORN thugs pressuring for subprime loans. oh no has nothing to do with the Clinton administration either. has nothing to do with the dems taking control of congress 2 years ago. now obama wants a trillion dollars in new spending? makes sense to me. i guess everyone is going to now be a small business owner. too funny.

  • Babs

    jmmx, it’s not the past that’s relevant here, it’s the future. An Obama future. And if you are one that is putting Obama in the White House, then YOU take responsibility!

    Yes, CG, I did know he voted to raise taxes on individuals earning $42,000 or less. His entire economic policy comes from a hoard of economists who have no idea what his actual voting record is, they’re just making it up as they go along. Why people can’t see the 95% tax cut is the biggest lie of all is beyond me. Once the Bush tax cuts expire – and he intends to let them – we’ll all see higher taxes. And his cuts for the 40% who already don’t pay taxes amount to millions of people getting tax grants in the form of checks, digging deeper into the deficit (by his own admission). But that’s necessary to get votes for him, so he doesn’t care.

    Personally, I’d like to see Michelle do a tour or to in Iraq. It might make her a little prouder to be home in America.

  • Michael: “While I believe everyone in the U.S bears some responsibility for the current administration’s actions– since we are a democracy– I feel the 51% who did vote for Bush should accept a larger part of the blame for promoting and supporting this administration.”

    So then anyone who voted for Carter should accept the blame for his abysmal failure? Anyone who voted for Hoover needs to accept blame for his failures? In fact, anyone who for vote for any president ever should now come forward and accept blame.

    You’re making it sound like when we vote for someone, we automatically endorse 100% of what they stand for and what they do after we vote for them, which is a load of crap. Did you support everything Clinton did? I’m sure you didn’t. I have never been an advocate for everything Bush does, especially with spending. You’re using your crystal ball to pretend Kerry would have been a better choice, but it doesn’t work that way and you can’t sit there and act like it does.

    You have seen me time and time again condemn the weakness of the Bush administration on spending and many issues, it’s well-documented on this site. Let me ask you, have you ever disagreed with a politician you voted for? Will you now take responsibility for that? Give me a break, we aren’t held accountable for a politician making dumb decisions. If we are, god help the Carter and Hoover voters as they’d still be confessing their wrongdoing. What a joke.

    What kind of “responsibility” do you want me to take? Did you want me to vote for John Kerry? Sorry, I don’t vote for people who believe in killing babies. Plus, you’re pretending like Kerry would have been better on spending, that’s another joke, right? Kerry would have spent the country into the hole the same way Bush has done, we’d be in the same situation. However, at least Bush gave us some conservative Supreme Court justices as part of the deal.

    Here is my responsibility: I condemn Bush for his excessive spending and passing the $700 billion bailout bill, the same way I would be condemning John Kerry right now. I condemn the Democrats such as Barney Frank, Chuck Schumer, Chris Dodd, and countless others who used Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to cause this housing crisis and the current economic situation we’re in.

    I will take more responsibility when any of the named Democratic politicians resign from their job for putting the country into great economic distress. After all, Frank and Dodd both said Fannie and Freddie were fine for the past 5 years while Republicans tried to regulate them more, something the Democrats usually want to do. Bush isn’t without culpability, but this is one issue which can’t really be blamed on him, except for the fact that he and the Republicans in congress should have fought harder and exposed this more, they were too weak at the time.

    That self-righteous tone about anyone voting for Bush should take responsibility is the most elitist thing I’ve ever heard you say. The inherent flaw in that argument is that you’re assuming Kerry would have been a messiah, which is laughable at best, Michael. Plus, you just whitewashed congress’ role.

    Michael, if you’re a registered Democrat, will you take responsibility for some politicians in your party abusing Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac sending the country into economic turmoil? After all, they’re your party, which means you are more responsible than I am if we follow your logic.

  • CG– Carter wasn’t re-elected (and neither was Hoover). My point was that you actively promoted a president who was already committing abysmal things. It’s one thing to be taken by a politician before s/he is elected. It’s another support them after they have held office.

    I’m an Independent and I have severe problems with both Parties, as I have repeatedly said on here. What I have a problem with is the millions of people who actively promoted Bush for his second term, and are now towing the neo-con line once more, while actively distancing themselves from the current administration. To me, this is paradoxical.

    I am not in any way calling Kerry a messiah– not even close. Do I think he was “Swiftboated” — yes. Do I think Rove did a number on him so badly that even today people cannot recall Senator Kerry’s work and legacy without confusing these things with the smear campaign, yes.

    You had said before that if McCain was going to the be the GOP nominee, you would vote for someone else. I know that Palin’s addition has changed your view significantly and I respect that, but the point here is that you obviously have the gumption to refuse the Party line if need be and all the while not vote Democrat.

    Is it elitist for me to ask you to assume a modicum more responsibility for our current administration than someone who did support Bush’s re-election? The problem, I fear, is that we do not take our voting serious enough in this country. Our choices, who we choice, should matter, and what we support should be held accountable later. At the heart of this is a lack of self-reflection, or at least, a lack of displaying that.

    Since people like to convert presidential politics into business 101, let’s play it this way. Say you vote in a CEO who begins to run the company into the ground, and when you have a chance to replace him, you vote to keep him. Should this matter? Is it elitist to consider that it does?

  • Oscardench

    “Oh yes, we ARE the ones you’ve been waiting for, America. We are the tired, hard working, and disgusted sector of this country that has broken our backs for decades to carry the rest of the country who only wanted a hand out…”

    As small business owners, we can relate to this insightful piece. We continue our plan for closing our doors, reaching debt free status and strategizing on what little work we will continue to do on a cash only basis.

    Weary of paying for other’s irresponsibility and laziness, we will find something to do to fill our normal 14 hour workday. The sadness of closing our doors does not compare to the sadness we will feel in watching our country circle the drain.

    Obama – America’s New Credit Fairy and Welfare Saint…sheesh.

  • Babs

    Oscardench, thanks so much for your comments. It’s almost as if we small business owners need a support group these days, isn’t it? I feel we are drowning in the “me, me, me” mentally of this country, and only do we come into play when consumers or the government wants something from us. People don’t realize that it’s small business owners like us that move this country and carry this country on our backs. And they are going to allow Barack Obama to spit on us.

    When we’re gone, they’ll only miss us when they want something else. And it will be too late then.

    Michael, your argument with CG reeks of the Obama mentality that we’re either voting for Obama or Bush in 3 weeks. Bush is not on the ballot. McCain is. We’re voting for McCain. It’s the only chance we have.

  • Sheila

    McCain is the man on domestic and foriegn policies. I want government to shrink, not grow. I want to give my money to the charities of my choice, not those that are chosen by government. McCain is right on when he talks about tax cuts, Obama will do away with the child and marriage income tax that we get back. WTF?? is that all about? I think abortion is horrid, especially partial birth. Adoption is the option. I support school vouchers. Ayers, Rezko, Alinsky, Wright, etc.. are they important to a campaign? Yes. It says a lot about a person by the company they keep. Acorn and affiliates..hmmm $800,000 to that bunch of democracy killers?! McCain is much wiser and he is ready to lead.

  • Babs

    Sheila, I don’t know if you’ve felt that way all along or you’re just coming to that conclusion, but kudos to you for an informed reason to support McCain.

    After the debate last night, hopefully people will start to realize what they’ll get in an Obama Administration. If you own a business, and you’re not WalMart, you’re screwed. If you ARE WalMart, you’re subject to fines from Obama.

  • Babs, if you’ve not already, you really should read Atlas Shrugged… it scares me that more people can’t see right through Obama’s “spread the wealth”.

  • Babs

    I’ve not, Nick, but I will. Thanks for the info. 😉

    I think there is a large sector that undertands it, Nick, that’s what scares me. It’s the “me, me, me” sector that wants that hand out from the rest of us. As I said in another thread this morning, if the shoe fits, go ahead and wear it, that’s why I paid for it.

  • DJS

    So Obama is going to cut spending and taxes for the middle class. Don’t you think that he should show this spending cut in his campaign? How much do you think he needs? It’s time to give the people a break. Barney Frank has already said they are going to have to raise taxes. So much for that cut.
    I am not a racist and I think everyone deserves a equal opportunity but have any of you really paid attention to the people working for ACORN. They seem to be mostly poor or at least below what would be considered middleclass. And I hate to say it but a good percentage of them are black. Are they convinced that Obama will be helping them out by giving them tax dollars he got from the rich. I hope they aren’t pushing for him just because they think he is one of them because he isn’t. I feel kind of bad because they don’t have any idea what they are doing to this country.



  • Erin, it’s rediculous. I hate it too. I live in a poor black neighborhood. I am a Registered Nurse. Middle Class, and I work my ass off to afford what little I have and I see all the jobless lazy people around me living in 5 bedroom homes for free because they pop out new babies every year. I really disgusts me that they get a free ride and I work so f-ing hard to make it by, and I have a freaking college education.

    My girlfriend sister was told by a government agency that she would be better off quitting her job and getting assistance rather than working which she did. She gets a house, care (via tax deduction for 5 kids), foodstamps, ect…. And are living easy while I am living check to check and falling behind on bills due to a decrease in needs of agency nurses.