Palin opens new criticism of Obama over abortion

Gov. Sarah Palin opened a new line of attack on Sen. Obama this week on the topic of abortion, perhaps shying away from the issues of Ayers and Wright. The topic of abortion hasn’t been raised during any of the presidential or vice presidential debates recently though it was discussed heavily in the primary season, mostly by Republicans. Clearly abortion is always a read meat issue for the conservative base, especially religious conservatives.

Report from Fox News:

JOHNSTOWN, PA – Continuing her role as attack dog for the GOP ticket, Sarah Palin went after Barack Obama hard saying the Democratic nominee, “defended his unconditional support for unlimited abortions.”

She told the crowd she was quoting Obama when she said, “That a woman shouldn’t have to be quote punished with a baby. Ladies and gentlemen he said that right here in Johnstown– punished with a baby. It’s about time we called him on it.”

What Obama was actually talking about was access to quality sex education and personalized it talking about his two young daughters, “But, if they make a mistake, I don’t want them punished with a baby. I don’t want them punished with an STD at the age of 16.”

As she has been saying on the stump she said her criticism should not be misinterpreted, “Americans need to see his record for what it is and please it is not negative, it is not mean spirited to talk about his record.”

She continued her attacks whacking the Illinois Senator saying he “voted against bills to end partial birth abortion” while he was in the state Senate

“It was thankfully a bipartisan majority that passed legislation against that practice. Senator Obama opposed that bill. He voted against it in committee and then voted present on the Senate floor and in that legislature just so you know present is how you vote when you are against something, but you don’t want to be held to account.” Palin said, ” Obama thinks it is a constitutional right, but he is wrong.”

Video from CNN via YouTube:

Obama campaign adviser responded:

Obama Senior Adviser Anita Dunn responded to Palin’s remarks on abortion and her criticism of the Democratic nominee, “Gov. Palin’s comments today show that with this election, the right to choose hangs in the balance. On this issue, the choice is clear: While Sen. McCain and Gov. Palin will make the right to choose illegal, Sen. Obama will protect that right, while working to reduce the need for abortions and find common ground on this issue.”

The social issues such as abortion and gay marriage seem to have been largely overrun by the economy which has taken center stage at this point. During the primaries, these issues were discussed many times, along with immigration which also hasn’t been mentioned during the presidential or vice presidential debates. Remember Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama sparring over the “driver’s licenses for illegal aliens” issue back in the primary debates.

Question, where have these issues gone and why are they ignored now while they were big deals during the primary season?

  • VoteBaldwin

    In my opinion because peoples’ abilities to pay their bills are closer to home and matter more.

  • Peter

    This is about as childish a reason to vote for somebody as voting for the childish war we’re in right now. Nobody wants abortion but some people need it. It’s a tough reality. It’s been settled for a long time and it’s pathetic that they’re trying to make this an issue right now.

  • bdjnk

    It’s silly to say this is “a new line of attack.” It is just a policy disagreement which she makes a short statement about. Nothing worth an entire article.

    If you need something to write about, try Odinga.
    From the Washington Times (I am shocked they published it, but very glad).

  • Republican

    I love all the lame excuses that the Demacrats are using to defend their almight leader, Obama. Wake up people. The future is McCain. How can we have a man running this country who has ties to domestic terrorists? He doesn’t even salute the flag half the time. NOBOMA!

    McCain / Palin 2008!

  • bdjnk

    Disregard that “I’m shocked” part of my statement above. I was confused and thought I was looking at a different newspaper.

  • Christopher Schwinger

    Palin is a hypocrite when she picks on Obama for things she praises McCain about. She’s running with McCain, who approves of abortion when it’s for “embryonic stem cell research”, but she makes it sound like Obama’s worse. Obama and McCain are equally bad on just about everything.

    Vote for Chuck Baldwin; don’t waste your vote on people who believe American sovereignty is outdated (McCain and Obama).

  • Christopher Schwinger

    You are probably the smartest most logical guy who is involved with this entire website.

    Too much throwing stones in a glass house on both sides.

    It just boggles my mind how some people are so passionate on attacking the other side for the very things they are guilty of. The logical thing would be accept that both candidates are bad on the same issue and move on.
    Instead they just H A V E to prove that only the other side is wrong and not theirs. When they both have almost the same stance on the same issue.

    You notice neither candidate fights about immigration don’t you? Because the both support the same failed policy which no one in America likes and no one challenges either one of them on it.

  • nyth


    This is an interesting riddle isn’t it? Lets say there is this game, where you are shown two options, and told to pick from one of the two. Option 1 has some benefits, and some penalties associated with it. Option 2 has some different pluses and minus, and some similar ones. Neither option is particularly palatable to you. How do you win?

    The answer, choose option 3.

    “The only way to win is to not play the game” Or their game, as the case is.

  • EricF

    this issue goes way further than abortion. find out the truth by watching this video.


    this video may cause extreme sadness and feelings of anger. do not watch if you are unable to control your emotions.

  • Yes, EricF, Obama supports infanticide and is the only senator who’s openly done so. And it makes my heart heavy. I only wish people would look just as hard about how many unnecessary deaths have been caused by the Iraq War that McCain supports so vigorously. And I know McCain knows the Iraq War is unnecessary . . .

    Thanks for the compliment, Dreadsen 🙂 . I feel like you are one of the rare ones who actually has some sense about all of this! It’s unbelievable how the illegal immigration issue has gone by the wayside, and even most of the 3rd party candidates don’t intend to stop it. Well, at least Chuck Baldwin does 🙂 , and he’s got Ron Paul’s endorsement, which will carry a lot of weight.

  • Rob

    If there was no such thing as abortion what would the Republican party do? This has been their point of division among the people since Regan. The interesting note of history is that although the Republician party uses the issue of abortion to cause derision they have not really supported that cause when in power. Read up on some history about Regan and you will see how he actually snubbed the Religious right once elected. Not only did they fall for the trick but were again fooled in the Regan second term, Bush 1, and Bush 2 x2. From where I sit it seems that this issue is only valid for them every 4 years. Why does the Religious right only care about the unborn? why do they not support every possiable option for the prevention of pregnancy as a means to an end? Are they lined up to care for these children should they be born? Wake up! It is not and never will be about abortion it is about power and playing to some very Base emotions to gain said power.

  • EricF

    Chris, we will never know the truth about iraq. the fact is that for significant amounts of time inspectors were not allowed to do their jobs. who knows what was covered up in that time period? yes it sucks big time that soldiers die but they died in honor and to pull out now would open the door for everything those soldiers sacraficed for to just fall apart. the fact is that we now have an ally in the heart of the middle east and a stake in their success. the world is a safer place for what was done in iraq. you have to admit that even if you dont agree with the war.

  • Rob

    If I leave a post at 10:30am and it is awaiting “moderation” why is there a post up at 11:16 by someone else? What gives?

  • Chris in Cincy

    ive said it before, and now ill say it again.
    abortion and gay marriage are not the federal governments place to legislate on. they never have been. they never will be. they are not issues that either candidate should be speaking about. everyone should make up their own mind about it – but not elected officials!
    however, i do caution on which choice you make. i know a lot of republicans use the bible as their weapon of choice in both of these “issues” and it makes me sick. as a christian for the majority of my life, and a non-repulican (and a non-democrat for that matter) ive never found anything in the bible to back up these claims. jesus loved everyone. period. he didnt always like the things they did, but he certainly didnt condemn anyone for them. certainly the bible doesnt approve of homosexuality, but i have no doubt in my mind that god loves every homosexual just as much as every heterosexual and would want us to do the same. anyone who says otherwise is just plain wrong. theres no debate about it. we’re called to serve each other and called to love each other. why cant we all just do that?? i can only imagine a world in which everyone did.

  • Eve

    I believe that there are some errors in this article. Are you suggesting that the entirety of the 2nd grey box is a response from Obama’s advisor? The format makes the content confusing.

  • Eve,

    Thanks for pointing that out, there was more than just the Obama campaign’s response quoted there. It has been corrected.

  • EricF, have you read about how the Bush administration fabricated stuff to say that Saddam was a major threat to the world and was connected to 9/11, when none of that was true? What I’ve heard is that the powerful people who control the Council on Foreign Relations–which shapes our policies–had wanted to wage war against Iraq because Saddam would not adopt the US dollar or cooperate with Henry Kissinger on the OPEC matter. If the primary motivation for entering Iraq was, as Pres. Bush said, to defend the credibility of the United Nations, then Americans are doing the bidding of global bodies, which the Constitution never licenses us to do . . .

    But I agree with you, Eric, that a great deal of our soldiers are very noble, and I agree that Saddam was a ruthless dictator who needed to be ousted. It’s just that America’s budget cannot account for so much spending on long-term wars against countries that never declared war on us. Plus, the Iraqis didn’t even ask us to help them oust Saddam, so the policy has been very presumptuous and overbearing from the start.

  • Babs

    CS and Dreadsen, did you know that AIP has endorsed Chuck Baldwin, not Sarah Palin? You know, Dreadsen, that AIP organization you’ve been trying to hurt Palin with? It’s Chuck Baldwin they love.

    Chris in Cincy, you are correct. Neither subject is one that the Federal government should have any say in. That’s why McCain supports over turning Roe V Wade, to take the issue out of the hands of the Federal government and turn it back to the states.

    Anita Dunn’s statement is an extremely ignorant one – and a blatant lie. But because it comes from the Obama camp we’re not allowed to call them liars, are we? Any woman who believes that McCain will “make the right to choose illegal” is as ignorant as Dunn is. And that’s pretty ignorant.

  • Christopher Schwinger

    AIP is libertarian, and even if it takes libertarianism to an excess, extreme libertarianism is 100X better than socialism or other forms of Marxism. McCain and Obama want as much power as the American people will let them have.

  • Babs

    “CS and Dreadsen, did you know that AIP has endorsed Chuck Baldwin, not Sarah Palin? You know, Dreadsen, that AIP organization you’ve been trying to hurt Palin with? It’s Chuck Baldwin they love.”

    Babs it’s not about hurting Palin. Its about hurting the Guilt by association argument. There is a doublestandard which is not applied evenly with the candidates. The purpose of pointing this out is to expose the throwing stones in a glass house. Expose the outrage the Republicans had and still have about the media not treating everything about Obama like Rev. Wright and run it 24/7.
    I will say again like i’ve said before. If someone will say that both of these people are bad or both of them are good that makes more logical sense than to be outraged about the exact same thing which your candidate isn’t clean of.
    When if you look at the other choices they aren’t even associated with a 1/100th of the bull Obama and McCain are both connected with. But their supporters are too busy trying to make the case their garabage is the other guys garbage but their is better because it’s bio degradable. Ignoring the fact that both are doing illegal dumping.

    All the White Supremecist Groups are Republican and watch you will see they are for the Republican party.

    The Black Panthers and probably every black hate group is for Obama. But most of them weren’t for anyone until this election because they don’t trust the government.

    Endorsements don’t mean anything. But you do see how people have tried to smear Obama on the people who endorse him. could you imagine if the same was done on McCain and those groups?

  • Babs

    Interesting fact (and on topic) here. MSNBC news article today about the candidates and abortion…….”Every year in the United States, about 1.2 million abortions are performed.”

    1.2 million. And how many of our soldiers has been killed in Iraq? I mean, isn’t that the standard argument for pro-choicers? I mean, really. 1.2 million abortions every year. How many years is included in “every year”? Three, four? I mean, how many dead babies are we talking about here, 4 million, 5 million? 1.2 million babies dead every year. And these women think they’re intelligent and enlightened.

    Mind boggling.

  • Babs

    I am against abortion and I am against capital punishment. Innocent people also get executed. IN Illinois a lot of that was exposed. That should horrify anyone just as much if not worse than an abortion of a 1st term child. Even in cases of rape or incest it is still an innocent child right? Imagine an innocent person in jail for 15 years knowing he is going to die then he dies? So shouldn’t the same be applied for Capital Punishment? Both sides have a flawed argument because of their stances on both of those issues.
    That’s one thing I don’t mind McCain doing something about if he gets elected and that is abortion by appointing some Conservative Justices. If Obama gets in he can only appoint Justices to replace the already old liberal justices so it would still remain status quo. I also don’t mind a woman having the option to choose. Just choose to not go to hell by not participating in abortion. I mean that can also be viewed as bigger government. The government banning abortion is the government making the heaven and hell decision for you.
    Im You all had better do like me and start looking at what good the other candidates can possibly do for you if they get in so you won’t be miserable as hell for 4 years. I have a list of things I know McCain might do which i would hope for and a list for Obama. I think in the end both will do the same thing LOL! but what can ya do?

    They also do not talk about the Iraqis who are getting killed in Iraq.

  • Right, Dreadsen–more Iraqis have died than Americans in the Iraq War. And for what? Well, for the World Bank and International Monetary Fund to take over Iraq’s natural resources.

  • *** Nuked by Admin ***

    Note: Keep it clean, this was terribly vulgar.

  • Babs

    Pudding, your post without a doubt is the result of brain damage. I’ve never seen you write anything as crass, vulgar, or ignorant as you just have.

    Call your mother up and thank her for having you. I’m sure she’s regretting it.

    Dreadsen, I’m all for a woman’s right to choose as well. I don’t push my own beliefs on anyone. But that figure is staggering, who is having 1.2 million abortions EACH YEAR? Think about it. Pregnancy from rape and incest could surely not equal even 1% of this number. The percentage can’t be much more than that for women terminating less than perfect babies, either. Who are these women? Are they teenagers, prostitutes, what? Are they having 4 or 5 abortions each as some people assert? And if so, are they so fertile birth control doesn’t work for them or what?? It’s not the fact that women have abortions, it’s the staggering number of abortions each year that just boggles my mind!

  • Babs, the issue on abortion speaks to a myriad of problems related to economic conditions, misinformation, ill-equipped adoption agencies, drug abuse, and more. I do not know if the MSNBC article’s statistics include abortions due to endangerment of the mother, rape victims, or fetus defects. All of these would certainly skew the statistics.

    That said, I believe our country’s habits– even as pro-choice supporter– is a bit out of whack.

    Now e are talking about going into someone else’s country and causing a war that according to John Hopkins University in 2006, had led to addition 500,000 unnecessary Iraqi deaths. That was two years ago– I am sure the numbers are higher, and there is no excuse for this– nor the economies this war is generating (more money for weapon production, mercenary corporations– hello blackwater), etc.

    Christopher is right to bring up the IMF and World Bank, since much of the mess we are facing in this world is a direct result of these agencies wreaking havoc in other countries.

  • Babs

    You know, it’s funny. You can identify an avid pro-abortionist without them ever saying a word, although terms like “fetus defects” are a big tip off. You bring up one issue – 1.2 million abortions each year – and you get arguments about Iraqi deaths, IMF and the fricking World Bank.

    My comment wasn’t about Iraqi deaths, IMF and the fricking World Bank, it was about a staggering 1.2 million abortions each year in this country – a major issue unto itself.

    Why are pro-abortionists so afraid to look at this figure and ask what’s wrong in our society? Are you afraid to discuss the lack of personal responsibility of over a million women a year? Are all you men who step up to sway the conversation afraid to acknowledge that it takes a man to get a woman pregnant, thus there are over a million men in this country who bear equal responsibility for this staggering number?

    And exactly what percentage of taxpayer money is being spent for the irresponsible acts of over 2 million men and women each year? Or is this one of the causes of our inflated health care costs?

    No wonder we seem to be supporting a man who doesn’t believe Americans should have to take responsibility for their own financial future. They don’t even believe they should take personal responsibility for themselves.

  • Babs, you are name calling again. I am not a pro-abortionist– there is a big difference between pro-choice and pro-abortion (just like pro-gun and pro-choice of having guns).

    The use of words such as fetus brings up the philosophical differences over when live is conceived, it does not directly imply someone is gung-ho about abortions. I could never ask my partner to do this– but I believe others should have the choice. I also said I feel the habits of having abortions in this country are out of control.

    Now, personal attacks aside, I again would like to bring up the statistical blunder here. 1.2 million– again, how many of these have to do with the “big three” (rape, incest, endangerment of the mother), as well as fetuses that biologically unable to live after birth. You claim I am too afraid to look at this number– hell, Babs, I am trying to assess what this number actually reflects.

    Christopher Swinger made a strong connection about the War in Iraq– and, if taken in this way, there are no debates about the humanness of the the possibly 1 million additional deaths caused by this war.

  • Chela

    Again the debate is not really about abortion, but the right to privacy. If the woman conceives in incest or by rape does she still have the right of privacy to choose to carry or end her pregnancy? Sarah wants all pregnancies carried out, ok now that she is in control of every pregnant uterus what next? Keep whittleing down who is fit to carry? keep invading personal privacies and soon watch out we have her governing reproductive procedures? Sarah might decide IVF’s give the personal uterus too much choice, better to govern those embryo’s too dontcha know.

    Personally I would scale back the baby treadmill, aborting thousands on the one end, while elaborate test tube / sexless reproduction industry keeps churning out the embryos on the other.

    meanwhile Haiti starves!

  • Babs

    Well, Michael, I had a nice long post here with figures on our discussion I had researched, but now it seems to have disappeared.

  • Babs my mother died of cancer 5 months ago, but thanks for showing your true colours. If she was alive today though I’m sure she’d be thankful for having me, just like millions of people are thankful for having their babies and just like millions of people are thankful that they had the choice not to have one without being made to feel guilty.

    It’s not about being pro-abortion, that’s just right-wing clap-trap spouted by those filled with hate. It’s about choice and there’s more more pro-choice who choose to have babies than those that don’t.

  • SmartMonkey

    I am a single mother who was facing the option of abortion. While I myself would never get an abortion, and glad I didn’t… I have had the determination to put myself through school, work and still raise an adorable daughter. So here’s an oppinion from someone who’s been there… Palin needs to get off her butt and teach teens about birth control methods. Her anti-abortion bullcrap doesnt work for everyone, and although I chose not to get one, I struggled through some rough times and I do have to pay and even suffer for my decisions. It is true that several abortions can damage a womans chances of having successful births later in life, but women aren’t a piece of property that someone can say yes we have to have a child. Her daughter is pregnant… what happened to all the crap eveyone was giving Jamie Spears for being pregnant? Why is it all golly gee, oh I didnt know… You didnt know your daughter was having sex, where was she as a parent!?! Think about it people… she’s pushing this issue because she has to or shes a hypocrit to what she demands of her daughter.

  • Women like yourself SmartMonkey are what I’m talking about. Just because you have the right to have an abortion doesn’t mean you will have one and the majority of pro-choice women don’t.

    If Palin was as pro-contraception and talking safe sex to children as she is pro-life then she might have a worthwhile point to make.

    What I find most disturbing though is, that if her daughter had been raped by a family member, Palin would not consider an abortion but choose life and for her daughter to go through life tormented each and every day and god knows what deformities and illnesses on the child.

  • Stalin

    This whole rape and incest argument is ridiculous. Less than one percent of abortions are perfomed because of these reasons. Do not use this 1% to justify the killing of the other 99%. Consider the following:

    1)Rape is never the fault of the
    child. The guilty party, not the innocent
    party, should be punished.
    2)The violence of abortion parallels
    the violence of rape.
    3)Abortion does not bring healing
    to a rape victim.
    4)A child is a child regardless of
    the circumstances of its conception.

  • 1) Rape isn’t the fault of the Mother either.
    2) That’s utter bull.
    3) That’s utter bull too.
    4) A sack of cells isn’t a child.

    There’s a time limit on when you can or can’t have an abortion, I think it’s about 20 weeks?, personally I think it should be reduced to about 8-12 weeks. If a woman can’t figure out whether or not she wants to keep a child within that time, then she needs psychiatric help.

    On a side note, how many pro-lifers are vegetarians? Surely if they advocate life is life, then why not advocate the life of the animals they eat?

  • IndiMinded

    You know NZ, a baby isn’t really like a person either. It can’t talk, or walk, it certainly can’t hold a good conversation, or use the internet, let alone keep a steady job. Hell, that tiny thing crap’s itself about every day. Let’s face it, a baby is cute, but pretty much worthless when you think about it. A guard dog would be more useful to have around the house.

    Unless you consider what that baby might become, if you let him grow. But that’s just silly, eh? Right now it’s just a pretty stupid, illiterate, tiny, needy person who never pays rent. Why do people put up with them anyway?

  • You have a good point there IndiMinded, I’m off to the pet shop this weekend 😉

  • Babs

    Nnzpudding, my sympathies on the passing of your mother, but that doesn’t excuse your crassness on the board lately.

    Smartmonkey, while I applaud you for the direction you took, I have to take issue with your argument against Palin and her daughter. Let me ask you a question, when you were having that sex that created your child, you DID know pregnancy was a possiblility, no? Was it your mother’s fault you ignored that risk and did it anyway? Do you blame your mother for your pregnancy?



  • It amazes me that we’re more willing to discuss 500,000 people in Iraq dying as a result of war, which is tragic if that number is correct. However, where the hell are you compassionate liberals when we’re fighting our own war within our own country over the 40 million murdered babies since Roe v Wade was decided? Do you care? Of course not, because you don’t value life unless it suits your political agenda, which is despicable.

    Who’s fighting for these unborn, innocent children? Instead we’re worried about children in other countries starving, which is a huge issue, but we don’t care about our own children.

    The liberals want to elect a president who openly and wholeheartedly supports infanticide. For anyone who’s uninformed on this issue. Barack Obama supports babies who survive botched abortions being denied medical care and left to die on their own in some utility closet somewhere. Barack Obama believes in a culture of death and does not value human life. Yet he opposes waterboarding of known al-Qaeda terrorists because they might be uncomfortable. What about the baby being left to die because it miraculously survived someone’s attempt to kill it? No compassion there? Is there a double-standard? Without a doubt.

    It’s so nice you’re all so concerned about the woman’s right to choose death, however, you don’t care that the baby gets no choice at all. You’re all hypocrites on this issue, the very definition of the word.

    We’ve got some real sickos in this world, about half a dozen on this site. Barack Obama and the rest of you liberals should be utterly ashamed, ashamed of the things you preach and the culture of death you support. Who will wash your sins away? Tragic.

  • Pudding many said this disturbing thing “A sack of cells isn’t a child.”

    Awful pudding man here’s your “sack of cells” at 12 short weeks in this 3D ultrasound-

    I see arms, a head, legs, spinal chord, and what appears to be a small human being inside a mother’s womb. Remember, you too were once a “sack of cells” just like the child in this video. It’s so easy for all of us, who were born, to deny that right to the unborn. If we can’t guarantee the most basic, most primitive human right of the ability to live outside the womb, what good are we? We have failed.

    Think about that next time you write about abortion. It’s a human life you want to flush down the toilet after you get done burning it to death with some kind of acidic solution.

    Don’t you all care about the health of the mother following an abortion? Haven’t you ever read about the women who have tremendous psychological problems and depression later in life when they realize they murdered their own child? It’s called Post-Abortion Syndrome, and it’s being studied. Of course not, the media and abortionists always seem to forget that.

    Everyone lies about how they care about the health and well being of the mother. If they truly cared, they would advise her not to have an abortion so she can live a happy, healthy life.

  • Babs

    And advise multiple abortion recipients to close their legs.

  • SusieQ you’re trying to preach to the wrong person. The sack of cells comment was aimed at Stalins notion that it’s a child at the moment of conception, it isn’t, it’s a sack of cells. Obviously as more weeks go by it develops more into a recognisable human being. I have 3 children, I’m not a total Nazi about the subject.

    I get the impression your view is that women should have a child, whether it be through rape, incest, under-age or whether it be so mentally or physically disabled it would suffer each and every day of its natural life. Am I right that’s your view?

    Whereas I think a woman should be able to choose what’s best for her and more often than they choose life. Especially since most pregnancies, about 80% of them, are through an accident anyway.

    Babs I totally agree. No one likes abortions, especially the mother, so it isn’t a decision any woman would or should take lightly. But if a woman repeatedly has an abortion and refuses to take the necessary precautions then she must have a refrigerator full of koolaid.

  • Absolutely Babs. I recently had a discussion with my Aunt who is a flaming liberal, she’s one of those pro-choice, burning the bra feminists who was extremely disappointed that I did NOT follow in her shoes and grow up to be a feminist, but instead a Conservative. She was “explaining” her views on pro-choice, so I asked her why she seems to have a problem with woman “choosing” life for their unborn babies over abortion?

    I recently was talking with a good friend of mine who found herself two years ago pregnant but not knowing who the father was. Being of African-American descent, her doctor told her that she had a 50% chance of having a down syndrome baby, he wanted to know when to schedule the abortion. My friend found a new doctor immediately. I should add that she had a perfectly healthy, beautiful baby girl!

    You would think she would have learned a few lessons from this whole experience, but sadly no, recently she thought she was pregnant again. Because she’s one of my oldest and dearest friends, I told her to close her freakin’ legs and keep them shut! I really don’t see why it’s such a big deal to get yourself on birth control or hey, here’s a thought, respect yourself enough to wait to have sex with a man who you can see yourself having a future with and who’s willing to make a commitment to you as well.

  • Pudding man the problem is that Stalin didn’t say babies were just sacks of cells. So Pudding Man, explain to me how children are born without being conceived, I guess I missed that part. Oh wait, children aren’t born without the moment of conception so I guess conception is the moment a child is created. You’re wrong pudding man, and out of your league.

    Please produce a source for your fictitious 80% number. Even if the 80% is true, which who knows, how many of those accidents are to happy married couples? You just act like women walk down the street, turn the corner, and get pregnant. I have news for you, it takes two to tango to make those accidents you talk about. So is it an accident when two people have intercourse? I guess it must be but I can tell you I’ve never accidentally had sex, that would be amazing and my spouse can vouch.

    “I get the impression your view is that women should have a child, whether it be through rape, incest, under-age or whether it be so mentally or physically disabled it would suffer each and every day of its natural life. Am I right that’s your view?”

    Yes pudding man, unlike you I believe in human rights for all humans, including the unborn child who is just weeks old in the womb. I also care for the mother’s mental health which is why I’d recommend against abortion so she isn’t chronically depressed later in life. I care most for the mother and the unborn child.

    Men and women need to take responsibility for their actions. Killing a baby isn’t responsibility, it’s a murderous act pudding man, you should understand that since you have two sacks of cells, I mean children.

    Answer me this pudding, where are the rights of the unborn child? If you can’t answer, that’s pretty bad.