McCain being forced to put the gloves back on?

In recent days, reports of McCain deciding to go all out and unload on Obama seem to be tempering a bit with recent news in the past 24 hours or so. McCain has been forced to try and tone down some campaign events and word is that he wants to attack Obama, however, does not want to make it personal.

Report from Yahoo News:

DAVENPORT, Iowa – Republican John McCain, the clock ticking down on a chance to narrow Democrat Barack Obama’s lead in polls, turned away Saturday from visceral attacks on his rival to pivot back toward policy differences.

McCain kept his speech in this Iowa river town focused on the economy and other policies, a striking change from just days ago when his campaign redoubled its challenge to Obama over his association with a former ’60s radical. McCain also claimed that American voters didn’t really know Obama and his own “radical” views.

But the tone at McCain’s and running mate Sarah Palin’s events during the past week had been turning toward the sour. Supporters had shouted “terrorist” and “off with his head” at the mention of Obama’s connections to former Weather Underground member William Ayers, whose group bombed federal buildings in protest of the Vietnam War when Obama was a child. The two had worked together on community projects in Chicago, and Obama has denounced Ayers’ violent past.

On Friday during a town hall-style meeting in Lakeville, Minn., a supporter told McCain that he feared what would happen if Obama were elected. McCain drew boos when he defended his rival as a “decent person and a person that you do not have to be scared of as president of the United States.”

In another exchange, a woman told McCain that she didn’t trust Obama because “he’s an Arab.” Shaking his head and taking the microphone from her, McCain replied: “No, ma’am. He’s a decent, family man, citizen, that I just happen to have disagreements with on fundamental issues and that’s what this campaign is all about.”

McCain returned to that note of civility on Saturday as his quandary became clearer: He needed to excite his party’s base without inciting them, challenge Obama while being an honorable opponent, and find a game-changing strategy for his faltering campaign without crossing the line.

Video of McCain delicately tapping this dance:

The crux of the matter:

McCain’s most serious criticism of Obama on Saturday was over health care, not character. His advisers say that they will aggressively challenge Obama’s record but will not to make it personal. The two are to meet for a third and final debate on Wednesday.

What does that mean? Does McCain consider discussing William Ayers and/or ACORN connections to be “personal” in nature? Earlier in the week his campaign seemed to indicate that McCain too would be bringing up these matters, perhaps in the debate on Wednesday.

Everyone, including myself, will be turning in on Wednesday, October 15th, to see just how far McCain is willing to go, and just how Obama handles it if he does.

  • GreenFuzzyFern

    While I can say I’m already decided in who I’m voting for, I have to give credit to where it’s due.

    I applaud McCain for wanting to keep things civil. If anything civility speaks a lot about a person.

    Out of all of the comments I’ve read on here, I’ve noticed a lot of sniping, and pissing contests. Not to mention all of the conspiracy theories. Heh. It also amazes me how narrow minded some (not all) people can be.

    So here’s my two cents.

    All politicians lie, make mistakes, and I don’t think any of them are completely clean. We know this, even if we’re staunchly devoted to one party or another. And really in this case, both candidates are about equal in this election. So the real point is to take a good look at the issues. Especially the ones you feel strongest about, and look at what the candidates say about them, and how they want to handle it. And then choose what you feel more closely fits with your views.

    Common sense, really, instead of yelling and screaming about things.

    There’s also the fact that presidents aren’t fully to blame for all the problems out there. There are other branches of the government other than just executive. Remember the legislative and judicial ones? They still exist. Legislative being the one that’s supposed to support the people, and their needs and views.

    The real problem is that the majority of the public has gotten so freaking complacent, that they’ve let congress, presidents, and well everyone else just run amok. So we’ve got ourselves to blame too, for not taking stands when we should have.

    Think on that before you start pointing fingers.

  • IndiMinded

    At another point in this election this really might have earned a lot of my respect back to him. But going from the message that his rival has been ‘palling around with terrorists’ to the message that he’s ‘a decent family man’… well those two simply can’t go hand in hand.

    If he doesn’t withdraw one of them, then he’s just sending mixed messages to America.

  • Mike A

    I agree with IndiMinded. While I am grateful that Mccain had enough integrity to stop these boiling misconceptions at these recent rallies, it’s too little too late. Desperate times call for desperate measures, but his brush fire has blown across started a raging forest fire. When you scare people they defend themselves. Everyone has that right. But when the fear is based on lies, then you’ve truly harmed the minds of decent, curious people. The footage coming from these rallies is shocking. “Bomb Obama!” “Obama is a terrorist!” “He’s a Muslim!”(which, by the way, if were true, so what?) “I don’t trust him, he’s an Arab.” Again, not true. Actually probably the most stupid moment yet, since you have to be American to run for President. That’s what stopping Arnold Swartzenegger. I don’t begrudge these folks for having questions. But Mccain should be answering them truthfully, or raising his concerns to Obama’s face if he really believes them. The campaign is losing on issues, the very issues which would improve the lives of these “haters” he’s spawned. They are the ones that lose on two fronts. 1st they vote for someone based on lies about the other, and 2nd they elect a President who will not solve their problems at home.

  • Stalin

    Mike A:

    Is the footage of people calling Obama terrorist any different than calling Bush a terrorist? There are extremist on both sides and we should not rely on the actions of a few to define a candidate….on either side.

  • Stalin

    the difference is when the Candidate themselves are inciting them.
    You’ll never hear Obama or Biden come out and make any kind of statment which would lead you to thinking Bush is a terrorist. They always kept the high moral ground and you don’t hear people at their rallies yelling things like this either.

    Obama couldn’t control supporters and their attacks on Palin’s family but he came out condemning it immediately.

    But McCain and definitely Palin did not. And no matter how angry and violent the statements were they kept going.

    People on the internet saying Obama is palling around with terrorists holds no weight compared to Palin and McCain saying it.

    There have been people on the right who have always thought this but they were given the green light to express themselves
    once the actual candidates made the case for them and didn’t condemn the comments as they came out. They wanted us to believe this and think this because after all the wicked feed back they were getting from their speeches they kept the exact same rhetoric for many more speeches.

  • Bill Hedges

    Dreadsen- You call it inciting, I call it pinned-up anger in people that they had, up to their necks, when they came to the ralley. It angers me that Bush is blamed for F/F. When Bush and McCained warned of their financial troubles in earler times when this market collapse could have been overted.. And we would have not lost all this money. It angers me that Democrats wanted F/F to increase bad sub-prime loans to gain votes. It angers me that Dodd, Frank, and Obama recieved all this donation money from F/F. It angers me that Bill Clinton pushed for more home loans to unqualified home buyers. All the big financial companies that went under or needs bail out money is a direct result of this Democrat leadership vote getting sub-prime home buying. Democrats even had the gail to add $ billions to the bail out to pay to acorn in order for that orginigaztion to sign up democrat voters…… I don’t see your outrage in this ! Or does this outrage you ? ….. McCain and Sarah’s audiance is getting outraged. Not from them. But because McCain and Sarah are not speaking out on this. Naming names. I want to know who added all that POEK to the diffent bail-out plans. I saw people saying “get tough.”. We expected McCain to get tough in the last debate and he did not. What I hear come from Obama lips is that Republicans are against regulations, and that caused the mess we are in… That’s a lie. In truth, Bush and McCain wanted more regulation. Dodd, Frank, and Obama did not. That is exactly why I and people in McCain’s audence are angry.

  • Bill Hedges

    Okay i’m sick of this spin.

    That is NOT what those peoples claims for out rage was. You can spin this and talk about what YOU are angry about with your partisan attacks. Did you hear people saying “he was responsible for subprime”? NO! Did you hear people saying They all were making references to him being a terrorist, the people outside were claiming he’s a muslim. did you not read this article? Did you see the filming of the people going into the different rallies? I can get you video. Not ONE PERSON SAID any of the things you mentioned. Everything they said were linked in with this new “he is palling around with terrorist”.

    So let me guess. They were secretly angry because of the things you mentioned but they just channel it by claiming they don’t like him because he’s a terrorist, muslim, arab?

    Or maybe they were angry about the things you mentioned so it incited them to chant “Off with his head”, “kill him”, or when McCain said who is Barack Obama and someone yelled “Terrorist”. Why did they say this? Because that was the topic of discussion that’s why. So stop with the bull ok?

  • Bill Hedges

    Dreadsen–yous said that you are sick of this spin. I have pointed out in other commeents of yours where you have mis=quoted me. AND SHOWED HAD YOU TWISTED.So your attacks are simple truths. No slate. Just neutral. O.K. Sure

  • Bill Hedges

    Your comment has nothing to do with my comment.

    Neither one of your comments have anything to do with what incited these people.

    I did not misquote you i didn’t quote you at all.

    now i am

    “McCain and Sarah’s audiance is getting outraged. Not from them. But because McCain and Sarah are not speaking out on this. Naming names.”

    This= f/f and all the other things which not one single Republican is at fault according to you. Even the rational republicans and dems don’t subscribe to this thought.

    You are making the claim that their audience is angry due to the things you out lined in your post. And they are mad because they aren’t talking about it.


    Well that is not the anger they presented. Like i said read above. This is not what they were angry about. Did you see the questioning of the different people walking into two different rallies? None of them expressed their hate due to them not talking about those things you outlined. they all said “he’s a muslim”, “he’s a terrorist”,etc.

    The charge of being a muslim or a terrorist has nothing to do with the things you outlined and are in no way related.

  • Bill Hedges

    Dreadsen– You may like my answer, that is your right…But that is my answer

  • Maureen

    What’s frightening in this day and age is people such as that “lady” who called Obama an Arab!!!
    There are many more ill informed bigots such as her across the country.To not like someone based on their views is one thing,but misguided hate is quite another.
    I appreciate McCain correcting her.

  • Bill Hedges

    Deadsen- I never said a Republican was not invlved. I said Dodd, Frank and Obama. In 06 McCain spoke out on the crises we now have. Bush and McCain had warned before that as well. But Franks said all is well. While It was proven the books at F/ was falsified. That C.E.O. now works for Obama. Not sitting in jail. But from Obama lips comes Republican do not want regulation. That means his lips moved and lied.

  • Bill Hedges

    McCain spoke out in 05 not 06 and it was Chuck Hagel’s bill Which Chuck Hagel presented in Congress by speaking on it not McCain. which McCain didn’t become a co sponsor til much later. This same bill was presented multiple times during a Republican Congress with no help. Out of everything i have seen i see ties with this stuff in both Obama and McCain’s camp. Your comment is purely aimed at attacking democrats for being soley responsible. It’s laced with all Democrat responsibility When it has been proven that bi partisan. I can present one sided information on this as well and a lot of it. But i wouldn’t be honest. Unless i only listen to Hannity then i wouldnt be aware of the other info.
    i corrected you before on this. you keep moving it up because you know that in 05 it was republican congress.

    But to get back on topic.

    If downplaying what really happened and twisting it into something other than what it is helps you sleep at night then i guess that is good for you.

    I just disagree with trying to present this as something other than what it is.

  • Bill Hedges

    Dreadsen– I did not say it was McCain bill. Where, you got that idea, I do not know.. McCain signed on to it. Obama did not. If fact no proof has been shown that Obama saw this problem coming. So what is your point. I have seen the videos of McCain back then speaking to this issue. None of Obama. Democrats controled Congress. Bill failed. I have never heard Obama speak for more tightening on regulations until after the crises. Please don’t say how I aim my comments. Let the words speak for themselves. Or aim my comments. I find it hard to believe you are holding back on you points of view. C.G. might to. The rape bill C.G. clearly showed you were wrong. McCain tried to stop this crises we are now in. No proof of Obama doing the same. If fact, the CEO’s of F/F working work for him. Even the one who cooked the books to get a bigger bonus.

  • Frank

    Again, although i dont agree on anything with John McCain,
    the man is decent, genuine and respectfull person.

    Kudos the McCain for taking the mic of those ignorant supporters!

  • Bill Hedges

    “None of Obama. Democrats controled Congress. Bill failed.”

    YOU keep saying that the Democrats controlled congress which is false.

    The debate about Fannie And freddie were going on long before McCain joined in on the debate. Unless you count this

    McCain voted against the Federal Housing Regulatory Reform Act which created an independent regulatory agency within the Department of Housing and Urban Development to oversee the activities of Federal National Mortgage Association and Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation. [1992 Senate Vote #137, 7/1/1992]

    Now here is a Bill similar which McCain Co Sponsored

    They tried to get that bill passed in 2003 Well before there was a Democratic Majority to blame it on. Chuck Hagel Wrote the bill and all the co sponsors were Republicans, all of this was during the time Republicans were running congress. The last time it was introduced was in January 2005. I’m not saying this is Republicans fault but just pointing out how you can play with stats and dates. So stop with this Democratic partisan hacking stuff. The bill was killed in committee chaired by Republican Alabama Senator Richard Shelby under the Republican Senate. The Senate Committee on Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs was composed of 11 Republicans and 9 Democrats. So will you please stop ramming this misrepresenting distorted story?
    Giving McCain some credit for co sponsoring it is debatable because if you look into the bill there is no way of knowing if the sub prime mortgage problem could have been averted and this committee which would not have been put together in no where near enough time to stop anything even if the bill did pass. 1992 when he voted against it was probably well in enough time to POSSIBLY stop something. But not in 2005 during the republican “non regulation” senate.

    don’t remember that post?

    I called you out before on this “democrats controlled congress” in this thread. you never replied and you went away. now you are back peddling the same thing that the bill failed in a democratic controlled congress. Do you see how desperate you are to make this an all democratic problem?

    No warning from Obama?

    “Two years ago…I wrote to Secretary Paulson, I wrote to Federal Reserve Chairman Bernanke, and told them [subprime lending] is something we have to deal with.”

    This is true read all about it there.

    Obama wrote a personal letter himself to Paulson.

    Both parties are the blame and neither Obama or McCain can claim to be saviors. Because both of them didn’t stay persistent.

  • Bill I posted in response to you but it is awaiting moderation.

  • Bill Hedges

    Dreadsen- Reguarding you pervious comment, I did answer

  • No bill there is one on this thread awaiting moderation which only i can see for right now.

  • Bill Hedges

    Dreadsen- On my scene it is above Frank comment. 458 a.m.

  • Bill Hedges

    Dreadsen- are you saying you are the clearer of comments.? Or did I mis- understand you.

  • Bill

    Yes i responded to your comment which is above Franks comment. But you can not see it because it is waiting for a moderator to release it. When you put too many links in a post even if you are logged in it will get blocked in the spam checker.

  • Bill Hedges

    Dreadsen- Ok. As long as you realized I responded to the comments that I was able to. Soon I will sign out, so you may not get a sresponse to it

  • Bill Hedges

    Dreadsen–I have waited a long time. Your comment still is not posted. Maybe it was blocked.? I don’t know, but I am signing off real soon

  • It is posted now Bill.

  • Bill Hedges

    Dreadsen– For second time this week-end, C.G has debunked your statements. She sure knows her way around research. I have never heard you admit to errors. I found that to be a fatal personal flaw. You’re standing up for what Obama says he will . He said he would lower taxes to get elected Senator. Not done. He says he will not raise taxes on what 90 % of Americans. Just a empty promise. If you lok at his record. He only stopped his $ million a day try at PORK when he decided to run for President. McCain in all his years in Congress has $ 000.00 PORK.I am getting off track here. But frankly I have answered your questions before, but you keep asking in different ways. Or twist my words. C.G. DID such a fine job destroling your rape kit points and that group that you like to link to Sarah total wrong ideas.. You never admit you are wrong, that I have ever heard, and don’t expect you to do it now. So since I have answered you on this, that will have to do.

  • Bill Hedges

    You avoided my rebuttal

    stop trying to ignore my post by trying to lure me into a seperate argument.

    I debunked your claims.

    Please address the facts i put in my post which you have avoided for the second time.

    This is what you posted

    “I have seen the videos of McCain back then speaking to this issue. None of Obama. Democrats controled Congress. Bill failed. I”

    I rebutted it with facts from the house records.

    you said Democrats controlled congress Bill failed.

    I proved you wrong.

    Instead of admitting this you want to point at something that has nothing to do with it in an attempt to hide.
    You want to point at C.G. reply to me on the charging for rape kits as a discredit for anything i say.

    So if i rebut you with facts and prove you wrong you thing you can point at something with C.G. as a validation of your false claims.
    That was in another thread anyway.

    Stand up for yourself.

    You lose

  • Bill Hedges

    Dreadsen–Ok.. I will repeat and add a little information.. Maybe you can finally give it a rest. Bush pushed for F/F REFORM. McCain numerous times pushed for same reform. McCain also pushed for it in 06 in a video. Bills you refer to is not the only times videos are made. They are made at commitee hearings. They are made on record comments. I have never seen proof of Obama’s warning on F/F, until election issue. He says he wrote letter to Secretary. I never heard confirmation of that. Yet the Senator never followed Senator’s regular way of warning about F/F. You have been proven wrong twice this week-end by C.G. I ponted out your misquoting me. Which you ever responded to yet. Saw no response yet from you for G.S. answer to your Sarah garbage. You don’t wish to take it in a grascely way(being wrong), so be it.. I have held jobs of athority, and seen a few people who come up with a million reasons why they were right while I was wrong. So enjoy. You are just hurting yourself.

  • Bill Hedges

    Show us proof of your claims. Give us evidence like i did.

    C.G. provided evidence i just rebutted her in the other thread too with evidence something you never do by the way go look.

    C.G. posted the same thing in another thread

    so i responded there. But since you insisted i copy and pasted the same rebuttal. I did reply i just didn’t think i needed to reply in both of the threads she posted them in.

    Provide me the proof and evidence so i can examine it.
    That’s what i provided you right?
    I did not misquote you. I copied and pasted you.
    Geeze you are a riot man a real knee slapper! LOL!

    Let me make an emphasis on something while you are trying to ride on C.G. coat tails to in an effort to validate your words.

    I provided evidence, C.G. provided evidence.
    You did not.

    Okay?? You do see the difference between the three of us right?
    I can’t keep replying to you with evidence while you are rebutting with rhetoric.

  • Bill Hedges

    Dreadsen- I read you reply to C.G….South Africa, NAFTA, etc. You answer covered little on A.I.P…..

  • Bill Hedges

    Dreadsen–You seem to be getting a little sore with me. I can’t much blame you. You have had a bad week-end. You still have not said you were wrong for mis-quoteing me on Keating 5 thread. You skipped that tread. You have had to eat a lot of crow lately, so no hard feeling on my part.. I will set back a frw days and enjoy. Maybe just a few comments……

  • Will

    Bill – “I have never heard you admit to errors. I found that to be a fatal personal flaw”

    Bill, if anything, you’re confusing the above with yourself. Not only do you NOT admit to being wrong, but you love blaming others for not staying on topic. I’ve followed several “debates” you’ve had, and they all come to the same conclusion – you get stumped and then say you’re done debating because of this, this, and that. Stop giving excuses, just concede to defeat, people might actually respect you more that way.

  • Bill Hedges

    Will- In past I have attempted to answer all DREADSEN comments. What I have said, as in Keating thread, gets turned around by him. Example check where my cmments begain where I mentioned Ayers in the Keating thread. In Dreadsen first comment to me he mis-quotes. Turning it around……..He brings in outside facts. I have seem him bring in KKK. I don’t want to talk about that. Give me a break.. When I ried to follow him into all these ares, hours passed by. I don’t want to spend hours every time. Will, you want to say I am stumped, wrong, whatever, then this site has served it purpose. A forum to express one’s thought.

  • Babs

    That’s what Dreadsen does, Bill. Argues for the sake of argument. He/She – whatever – has already admitted to that. “I just love to argue” I believe were the exact words.

  • Bill Hedges

    Babs — I don’t comment on everthing now adays. I admire you and Conservative Gal. Well thought out concepts, ease of staying focused, and ability to bring in relavent factual information. Some add articles to their comments that is non-sense. You two ladies do this site proud.

  • Babs

    Thanks, Bill, but sometimes I wonder why we try. Hopefully, there are enough lurkers to the site that really want information and are open to the facts that we aren’t wasting our time. Hopefully there’s a few that still think for themselves. Most days it doesn’t seem like it. There’s a big difference in debating an issue and just arguing for the sake of arguing. The latter is very tiring, and gets very boring as well. And there’s too much of that going on as the election draws nearer. Even when a valid issue is brought up, it’s denounced as trivial by some and poor attempts are made to derail the conversation to mindless word play. It’s a shame, really. There are some really good minds here.

  • Bill Hedges

    Babs- Points get ignored. If I was a friend of David Duke, People should give me the once over. I watched documentary on Obama last night, people that knew him would not talk. He has no accomplished legislatio . His claim to fame is nearly a $ million a day PORK try. And voting for TAX INCREASES.And don’y even metion guilt by association. And something that bring tears to my eyes is Trouper gate. Standing up for a trouper who uses a stun gun on a small child ! So what if the child asked for it. So what. Where is the rage in this act by liberals. You kill a bird and they prutest. Something is wrong. Something is very wrong in American politics

  • Will


    Bill Hedges is a partisan hack. All liberals are bad and everything is their fault. Bottom line.
    if you stump him he will just bring up other liberal things to attack on which have nothing to do with the original argument. If you quote him by copy and paste he’ll still claim you mis quoted him.

    The KKK was brought up for another reason in another thread which has nothing to do with this.

    His argument was that a particular organization isn’t fair game because they are a legal organization. I just pointed out that the KKK is a legal organization in an attempt to defeat this “legal organization” argument. That is all.
    He avoided logic i was trying to apply and accused me of trying to drag the KKK into this.
    My point is if a particular logic can be applied to one instance it must apply to other identical instances. Not just when it fits our argument.

    While he is admiring Babs he should look out how she phrases her arguments and learn from her.

  • James

    Senator’s Obama’s Heritage is 50% white/caucasian from his mother and about 42-43% Arab and 7-8% African from his father.

    The man is mostly white and Arab. He’s barely African at all, but claims to be a black man.

    Calling Sen. Obama an Arab is more factual than calling him a black man. However, calling him a man of mixed race of which is mostly caucasian is the most factual.

    The media and most American’s have made it a point that a “black man” may be the next President of the United States. This in my opinion is exploiting a man heritage and picking the part that serves them best. This is racism.

  • Bill Hedges

    Dreadsen- Any one is welcome to go to Keating 5 thread and read how you mis-quoted me. No need to believe me or you. You check C.G. respone to you on AIP Her long reponse discusses only AIP. yOU RESPOND DISCUSSING EVERTHING UNDER THE sUN. tHAT is why I will not debate you for hours. It just keeps going on with expanding topics. As Babs said, you have admitted you like to argue

  • Bill Hedges

    Dreadsen- I cuuld not agree more than I can learn alot from Babs and Conservvative Gal. I would throw Nate into the mix as well. There may be many others as well. When you are level headed I can learn from you. But not you of this week-end and today. Would you join me in sticking to one subject in a comment. Leaving out other issues that distract from the suject matter ? Can we take that pledge ? Can we agree to refame from using inflaming lanuage such as KKK, moron, etc..

  • Bill Hedges

    Bill Hedges is a partisan hack. All liberals are bad and everything is their fault. Bottom line Dreadsen- This is your quote..Please point out where/when I said such a thing !…Since I do not feel that way.