Video: CNN investigates ACORN fraud, links to Obama

A CNN special investigations unit look into ACORN’s voter registration drives around the country and examination of the group’s connections to the Obama campaign. This video does a good job of illustrating the way ACORN operates with the voter registrations and the fact that their “headquarters” in certain areas are abandoned and empty.

The video raises a good point which is with ACORN’s past of fraudulent activity, why would the Obama campaign have given them money or continue to work with them?

You can answer that one, sound off below.

  • Babs

    Good report by CNN!! I think they laid the case out against ACORN and tied Obama to it better than Fox News has!

    “I’ve been fighting alongside ACORN on issues you care about my entire career. Even before I was an elected official, when I ran Project Vote voter registration drive in Illinois, ACORN was smack dab in the middle of it, and we appreciate your work.”

    — Barack Obama, Speech to ACORN, November 2007

  • EricF

    Babs what is wrong with you? dont you know this is just the republicans trying to make the dems look bad? vote for Obama and i will give you a dollar 🙂 cigarette instead? come on Babs just register 70+ times for me!!!! Babs!!!!!!!! do it!!!!! 😛

  • Babs
  • bdjnk

    I have said before Obama is a crook. Now I am learning that it’s far worse. He was a lawyer for crooks.

  • Look at that Nate, you didn’t even have to say anything, CNN did the work for you. CNN did a good job this time around, there’s no disputing that.

    The info here is just plain scary, I really hope that the authorities can catch up with these people at ACORN and prosecute fully. This crap has continued for way to long. If I were Obama I would be ashamed that I legally represented this organization. No good can come of this.

  • Sherry U.

    It’s sad to have all these young voters so excited about Obama. When I was first able to vote I was excited too. However I did a lot of research before I cast my vote, and I waited to see if the nominee was honest. Sadly this didn’t happen in the case of Obama. A lot of democrats were, and are afraid that things would come out about Obama, and they have, and still are. I know the economy, and the war needs to be changed, and stopped. But Obama is not the man to do it. I can’t beleive that a commentator stated Obama wasn’t ahead more because he is black. That’s stupid, there might be a few that feel that way, but the majority of democrats know he’s just a good speaker, but a unknown,lying, cheater. There’s also the fact that they don’t know anything about him. Now we have this story about false registrations. Add that to Obama being a racist against jews,”Reverend Wright” and his wife, and Obama not being proud to be Americans, So you would think that young, and new voters would know there’s problems with Obama. Write in Hillary, or like me for the first time I’m voting for McCain. I’ve been a democrat for over 30 years, and I’m married to a African American, so it has nothing to do with being a racist, it’s just a poor choice in picking this idiot as the democratic nominee. Open your eyes collage students, and everyother person that has, or plans to vote for Obama, and don’t let it go any further.

  • What a surprise the far right nutjobs are out.

    McCain’s going to lose, accept it and move on.

  • Sherry U

    We don’t know who you are or who you are married to.
    You could be married to the Grand Dragon of the Klan and I could be Sean Hannity ghost writting on here. Just speak your opinion. You don’t have to tell people anything to try to validate your opinion.

    But you know almost everything you posted about Obama is identical to McCain as well. Or the same case can be raised. Especially the far reach that he is racist against Jews omg how far did you have to connect the dots to come up with that conclusion.

  • If you was Sean Hannity Dreadsen then you’d have mentioned Bill Ayers at least 3 times already, Rev. Wright about twice, Rezko a couple of times and stringing them altogether with other gibberish nonsense in an incoherent fashion.

  • ROFL!!!!!!!

    I Thought i was the only one who watched him enough to notice that.
    That is what made me elevate him worse than olberman.
    Olberman’s material at least changes all the time. Hannity been stuck on those three associations for 7 months.
    No matter who is on his show and not matter what the topic he has to throw those 3 out there.
    I someone wanted to learn anything negative that is NEW about Obama don’t go to Hannity. You’ll think those are the only 3 things LOL! When you repeat the same thing over and over and over and over again you know that’s called Propaganda.

  • I’ve basically stopped watching Hannity & Colmes now, I can’t cope with Hannity’s nonsense, why Colmes hasn’t bitch-slapped him all around the studio by now is a minor miracle.

    I don’t really watch Olberman only clips on youtube when he pays out to a charity for everytime Palin is caught in a lie. He’s payed out quite a bit now I believe.

  • Rayven

    Hey Babs,Fox did not get the story check this out;

    I’m sure you don’t care anyway.So go ahead and believe the gossip off corporate network media.And there is no proof that Obama is a crook or is a lawyer to one.

  • Rayven

    Hey Babs, They got the stories check this out;

    They left something out.

  • McCain/Palin ’08-’12 ! !

  • Sherry U.

    I don’t have to prove anything about who I am. I also agree that McCain has problems also. However if you’ve watched the news, read the papers it was all over about Obama’s church, and the comments that was made against the Jewish, the white people, and the words that was said God Damn America.Those were the words from his good friend Reverend Wright “until the Reverend told the truth about what they teach in that church” Then he’s not a friend to Obama anymore, just so he could fool the people into beleiving he didn’t feel that way just to be elected. So instead of spewing idiotic remarks to me, research it yourself. If you have done so already, then you’re in denial about who Obama really is. I am also proud to be with my husband and proud that he also knows Obama’s a racist. As far as you being a ghost writer “Sean Hannity” you’re not because he’s even smarter than you, and that’s pretty sad.

  • Babs

    They’re holding hearings on ACORN in Ohio this morning. You can sling all the insults you want and call out “right wing nuts” all you want. Right wing nuts didn’t pay ACORN $830,000 to buy some fraudulent votes. Stay tuned.

  • KC

    Let’s stick to the facts…

    “McCain’s campaign manager, Rick Davis, said an $830,000 payment by the Obama campaign to Citizens Services Inc., a separate nonprofit whose Chicago offices are in the same building as ACORN’s, was evidence of a “cozy” relationship with Obama.”

    read for yourself

  • Jasmine

    I don’t see him as racist in this video. All of the worst things said were quotes from other people not him. What it does show is his process of trying to understand a difference between cultures, not a hatred toward one. And racism is real and something he had to deal with. So is classism, sexism, and ageism. He was just trying to understand. Not blame or hate. by the way i am white.