Anger boiling over at Mcain-Palin rallys

It seems that either McCain supporters are energized against Obama, or perhaps the current economic climate of too much government intervention has struck a nerve with many of them. Either way, the media has started noticing and I’ve seen several stories popping up and videos of the temperament.

Is this good for McCain’s image in the media? I’m not really sure since it will either turn undecideds off or, perhaps, turn them on if they feel similarly.

Here’s a report from the WaPo:

WAUKESHA, Wis., Oct. 9 — There were shouts of “Nobama” and “Socialist” at the mention of the Democratic presidential nominee. There were boos, middle fingers turned up and thumbs turned down as a media caravan moved through the crowd Thursday for a midday town hall gathering featuring John McCain and Sarah Palin.

“It is absolutely vital that you take it to Obama, that you hit him where it hits, there’s a soft spot,” said James T. Harris, a local radio talk show host, who urged the Republican nominee to use Barack Obama’s controversial former pastor, the Rev. Jeremiah A. Wright Jr., and others against him.

“We have the good Reverend Wright. We have Pfleger. We have all of these shady characters that have surrounded him,” Harris bellowed. “We have corruption here in Wisconsin and voting across the nation. I am begging you, sir. I am begging you. Take it to him.”

The crowd of thousands roared its approval.

In recent days, a campaign that embraced the mantra of “Country First” but is flagging in the polls and scrambling for a way to close the gap as the nation’s economy slides into shambles has found itself at the center of an outpouring of raw emotion rare in a presidential race.

“There’s 26 days and people are looking at the very serious possibility that there’s a chance that Obama might get in, and they don’t like that,” said Ian Eltrich, 28, as he filed out of the crowded sports complex.

“I’m mad! I’m really mad!” another man said, taking the microphone and refusing to surrender it easily, even when McCain tried to agree with him.

“I’m not done. Lemme finish, please,” he said after a standing ovation. “When you have Obama, Pelosi and the rest of the hooligans up there going to run the country, we have to have our head examined.

“It’s time that you two represent the rest of us. So go get ’em.”

The crowd burst into loud chants of “U-S-A! U-S-A!”

Standing at the center of the crowd, McCain and Palin drew on the crowd’s energy as they repeatedly trained their fire on Obama.

“Senator Obama has a clear radical, far-left, pro-abortion record,” McCain said after being asked about the issue.

The answer prompted a shower of boos from the crowd members. They booed again when he mentioned William Ayers, who bombed U.S. facilities to protest the Vietnam War as part of the domestic terrorist group the Weather Underground. They booed again at the mention of Rep. Barney Frank, a liberal from Massachusetts.

McCain spends most of his time at his rallies and town hall meetings lambasting his rival, often calling him a “co-conspirator” with congressional Democrats in what he argues are the seeds of the financial crisis at mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

“Will you assure us,” one woman asked, “that, as president, you will take immediate action to investigate, prosecute and name the names of the people actually responsible?”

“I will,” McCain answered.

Here’s a video of one of the exchanges, it’s quite amusing:

Another report from AOL News:

(Oct. 10) – The unmistakable momentum behind Barack Obama’s campaign, combined with worry that John McCain is not doing enough to stop it, is ratcheting up fears and frustrations among conservatives.

And nowhere is this emotion on plainer display than at Republican rallies, where voters this week have shouted out insults at the mention of Obama, pleaded with McCain to get more aggressive with the Democrat and generally demonstrated the sort of visceral anger and unease that reflects a party on the precipice of panic.

The calendar is closing and the polls, at least right now, are not.

With McCain passing up the opportunity to level any tough personal shots in his first two debates and the very real prospect of an Obama presidency setting in, the sort of hard-core partisan activists who turn out for campaign events are venting in unusually personal terms.

“Terrorist!” one man screamed Monday at a New Mexico rally after McCain voiced the campaign’s new rhetorical staple aimed at raising doubts about the Illinois senator: “Who is the real Barack Obama?”

“He’s a damn liar!” yelled a woman Wednesday in Pennsylvania. “Get him. He’s bad for our country.”

At both stops, there were cries of, “Nobama,” picking up on a phrase that has appeared on yard signs, t-shirts and bumper stickers.

So what does this mean? McCain seemed to take the guy in the video and direct his anger to the fact that McCain says he wants to “work with anyone” to solve this problem. I seemed to take it to mean that these supporters see Obama’s policies and the current bailout plan as some kind of socialism and they are rejecting it, vehemently.

The other possible explanation is McCain’s current spot in the polls, which have him down 6 points on average, according to RealClearPolitics. Republican voters are no doubt feeling more desperate every waning day that McCain isn’t doing enough.

  • EricF

    its simple. this is America. you want socialism then move somewhere else. i mean im not rich, far from it, i dont have much and that is ok with me. im a simple man. i dont need bling bling 😛

    i mean if you want nice things and all then go work hard for it and save up. material things mean nothing to me. all i really need is a forum to troll on and im happy. people are pissed off and rightfully so because they dont feel they should have to pay for other peoples mistakes and greed. holy crap, most people dont even mind helping others out, most people are generous. its when you try to tell people you will pay for others thats when the tempers rise.

    whats so hard to understand? i really dont get it. the voter fraud crap and accusations of racism are just feeding the fire.

  • Jen

    ““Senator Obama has a clear radical, far-left, pro-abortion record,” McCain said after being asked about the issue.”

    That is why Im voting for him. Thanks for summing it up McCain!

  • EricF

    Jen, im pro-choice.

    choose not to get pregnant if you dont want a baby! holy crap people are screwed up so bad these days.

    ultra liberals = people that never grew up mentally

  • Odonata28

    Yeah, and people who sit in an audience yelling “kill him, kill him” or “off with his head” are real mature.

    Ultra right = people that never grew up and are sore losers.

    Any ultra radical has issues. I just don’t understand why liberal has turned into a dirty word, but conservative has a golden halo around it. What’s up with that? Even you, EricF, in another thread admitted you were not crazy right, you have other values that could be considered leaning to the left. We’ll most of us are not crazy left either. But I am seeing crazies from BOTH sides out there right now, and it just worries me what lenghts some of them will go to.

    Don’t confuse ultra liberals with REAL liberals.

  • Babs

    I’ve been looking for the Harris video, I’ve seen it on Fox a couple of times, but they don’t have it posted yet. I’ll post it when I find it.

    In looking though, here’s a new report out. Considering NY and Yahoo are both in the tank for Obama, I don’t think the Republicans can get blamed for this one. *L*;_ylt=Ahb6hmwEmBx7U5YBzj4E3FTCw5R4

  • Babs

    Of course, had I been at Obama’s rally today, I would have been tempted to yell something at him when he said this:

    “Obama, noting the problems that small businesses face when credit is unavailable, said his administration would provide “affordable, fixed-rate loans to small businesses,” much as the government did shortly after the 2001 terrorist attacks.”

    We’ll NEED those loans when he gets through taxing us and fining us!!! Do you think he’s ever heard of the SBA? You know, that small business loan association that was established when he was probably EIGHT YEARS OLD?!?

  • Ultra conservatives = same thing EricF said about the liberals lol

    You could not have paid me to stand outside with an Obama sign outside of this McCain/Palin rally. I got a cold chill watching this.

    A matter of fact you couldn’t have paid me to have tried to interview any of these people. This is like the footage of the blair witch project. lol! I bet you the interviewer’s camera was found and that’s how we got this video.

    And dig this..

    GRAND RAPIDS — He endorsed John McCain in the presidential primary, but now former Republican Gov. William Milliken is expressing doubts about his party’s nominee.

    “He is not the McCain I endorsed,” said Milliken, reached at his Traverse City home Thursday. “He keeps saying, ‘Who is Barack Obama?’ I would ask the question, ‘Who is John McCain?’ because his campaign has become rather disappointing to me.

    “I’m disappointed in the tenor and the personal attacks on the part of the McCain campaign, when he ought to be talking about the issues.”

    Milliken, a lifelong Republican, is among some past leaders from the party’s moderate wing voicing reservations and, in some cases, opposition to McCain’s candidacy.

    read the rest here

    Obama said that this would happen back in July

  • EricF

    Odonata28 liberal is turning into a dirty word because of what the dems are trying to do in this election. yes its true i lean both ways. i try to look at any subject and form an opinion based “whats the right thing to do.”

    dems are behaving very poorly right now and i know its not all of them but its giving libs a bad name. sec of state not willing to review registrations? thousand of false and fraudulant registrations? Obama dodging and weaving like hes a boxer? its all just pathetic. completely pathetic. not only that its an insult to all true Americans.

    oh yeah and the worst of all. the way the libs are playing the race card like its going out of style. oh wait it is. that crap has been old for years. the race card should be made illegal. too many people abuse it. even white people are pulling out the race card now. lol. pathetic beyond words.

  • Babs

    By the way, I didn’t answer your question, Nate. I think it’s good that the anger is coming out. For too long we have been silent about our anger, and MSM has ignored us. Now look at what’s happening. A couple of men stand up, show their butts, and we’re all over every network today. That’s a good thing.

    The media is touting that people are frightened over the economy. Well, no we’re not. We’re mad as hell. And it’s time they hear it.

  • brad v

    So then republicans, the way forward is through anger? Not anger guided by (or at) the economy, but anger guided by lies made up about your opponent. Lies that equate a US Senator (who will soon be president) to a terrorist. If people were yelling things at Obama rallies similar to those that people have been saying at McPalin rallies, the repubs would be losing their minds. Calling everyone socialist for suggesting that McCain is a terrorist. But McCain’s associations with Roberto Martin Perez and G. Gordan Liddy are far more truly dangerous than any tie Obama has to something that happened when he was eight – associations with a guy who in 1997 was named Chicago Citizen of the Year.

    This is just another failed non-story generated by a campaign that is going down in flames.

  • EricF

    you don’t lean both ways lol! nice try!
    There are plenty of pro choice republicans just like there are pro life democrats. There were some pro life democrats who weren’t allowed to speak at the DNC.

  • My feeling is that the politicians have it wrong, as usual.

    People are no longer afraid of economic news, they’re mad as hell that the fools in Washington, on both sides of the aisle, are taking the wrong approach on the issue.

    I think many Obama supporters would feel the same way, that is, they’re angry about Washington’s incompetence.

  • Vote 4 Real

    There comes a point when being civil accounts for everything. I don’t like when a politian gets people riled up. That can make for a very dangerous situation. I wouldn’t vote for McCain just for the simple fact that he is stoking the fires. Look at history. Anger and politics is a VERY dangerous mix.

  • Ed Read

    People are easy to manipulate with lies and fear.

    Is foreign policy only about wars?

    The European Union has several examples of cooperation and integration between countries.
    For example, the Large Hadron Collider (LHC). You have all the European countries involved in this project, Germany (20%), England (17%), France (14%),… and even Bulgary (1%) and others like Mexico (0.5%).
    While in the other hand, the U.S. tried to build the Super-Collider in an isolated way and it went down to catastrophe.

    Neither of the two candidates has proposed a real Northamerican Union, better than NAFTA, with Canada and Mexico. Lots of prejuidices and no constructive action. No wonder Europe and Asia are ahead of us like in the LHC and other matters.

    Let’s cuestion real constructive issues and leave behind the gossiping.

  • Valerie Warren

    Of course you are jen! cant take responsibilty for your actions so you justify MURDER. Thats sick dont you think that the baby that you got knocked up with has some say if he/she lives or not! Oh wait your all selfish no goods to socity and cant keep your legs closed! Your the “FEEL GOOD” party. Well i have news for ya ITS MURDER AND YOU WILL BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE FOR IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Glad im not in your shoes

  • EricF

    Vote 4 Real

    is it ok that obama supporters are hinting at riots if he doesnt get elected? please say im making it up because i can pull the articles in like 5 seconds.

  • Stalin

    Ed Read:

    Nice try buddy. The US is into the the LHC for over $500 million. You conveniently left that out. My job is done here.

    “The Large Hadron Collider is nearly 30 years in the making – and costs the member countries of CERN and other participating countries an estimated €4.6 billion (about US$ 6.4 billion). Like those late night infomercials, however, we can say “but that’s not all!” Extra things like detectors, computing capacity, and extra warranty (just kidding!) cost an extra €1.43 billion.

    The United Kingdom, for example, contributes £34 million per year, less than the cost of a pint of beer per adult in the country per year (Source).

    The United States contributed approximately $531 million to the development and construction of components for the LHC (with the US Department of Energy shelling out $450 million and the National Science Foundation kicking in the remaining $81 million).”

  • Desperate times call for desperate measures and McCain supporters are as desperate as they come at the moment. McCain is a grumpy old man with no clear vision, Palin doesn’t know shit and has just been found guilty of abusing her powers as Governor of Alaska and they’re tanking in the polls.

    If I was a McCain supporter I’d jump ship to Obama cos no one likes to back a loser.

  • Babs we all know that those mobs were not angry over the economy. They were angry because they think a Muslim, Arab,Terrorist may get elected to the Presidency. The video outside of the rallies and inside the rallies verify this.


    A minority of supporters claiming they are going to riot is one thing.

    The actual candidate inciting them is another thing. And not condemning remarks like “Traitor”, “kill him”, “off with his head”. A lot of Republicans who do not like Obama have come out in defense of this. Some of these rallies reminded some people of a Frankenstein mob. Or something from the 1950’s.

    I’m glad McCain has stepped away from this. He saw violence coming. He defended Obama today. He did the right thing.
    I’m glad he had the guts to see this was wrong. I am ashamed of anyone who supported this and this is an embarrasment to our country. Unfortunately too many of his own supporters liked the way it was escalating and was defending it. I was just shocked that no one here who supports him even stepped up and admitted it was wrong.

    McCain booed for defending Obama against the mob which he created. A supporter claims she read about him and he’s an Arab.

    Read here

    Watch here

    All of this and the troopergate report which was just released has got to be extremely damaging.

  • Some of these far right looney supporters are really hurting McCain, just like the far left code pink type nutjobs didn’t do Obama any favours.

  • EricF

    people should be very careful what they wish for. you may just get it.

  • EricF

    October Surprise!

    Nate if this is truely an unbiased and nonpartisan website as you say i think you should do a story/topic on this. the people have a right to know. McCain turned over his bc with no problem so why cant Obama do the same? Nate when you made this website you obligated yourself to keeping the people informed on the issues of this election. the msm refuses to cover this topic. they i guess dont care about our constitution, do you? i know i do. the people have a right to know.

  • Frank

    1. Since when do republicans care about fair elections?

    2. If i where McCain, i would be ashamed of those ignorant supporters.
    I mean, the guy is afraid that socialist (he doesnt even know what it means) Pelosi and Obama wil screw things up for the USA.
    Unless that idiot has been living under a rock the last 8 years, he could have seen that the republicans f*cked everything up.

    3. The US has never had a liberal OR a socialist president (liberal and socialist are two very different things). What are they afraid of?

    4. Democrats arent liberal or socialist. They are also conservative right guys.
    Obama for example is pro war, pro guns, religious as f*ck, against gay marriage, doesnt talk about poverty and wants to expand the military.
    Whats liberal about that?

  • EricF

    Nate, look man im not trying to be harsh on you but people come to this site thinking they can learn about the issues and the candidates. i know thats why i first sought out this website. you are missing alot of information that needs to be on this site. for instance Obamas support for Odinga in Kenya. im not saying smear Obama or anything but it seems as the owner of this website you are leaving out alot of info and it seems the storys you are leaving out are the ones the msm dont/wont report on. im not even saying be one sided about it either, if there is stuff on McCain that is fact then you should have that here also. or if McCain refused to answer on something you should also post about that. these are important issues we are talking about. dont shy away from the truth just because it may be controversial.

  • Frank


    Its really a dumb video.
    Since when is someone guilty untill proven innocent?

  • EricF

    Frank nobody is saying he is guilty of anything. all anyone is saying is that there are clear requiremens about who can run as a USA president. these rules are in place for a reason and unless changed are the law. to me personally it doesnt matter his status as a citizen but if he is willing to lie and coverup aspects of his life for political gain i think that shows his character and the people have a right to know.

    Americans have to produce a bc for basic things like getting a drivers liscence but thisguy shouldnt have to produce one to become the president? that makes sense.

  • EricF

    Stop complaining about the site. You got a lot of nerve to accuse the site of not being non partisan because Nate isn’t chasing every lunatic conspiracy on the internet. There has to be multiple legitimate news sources covering a story in order for him to post it here. right now the bulk of the stories for a brief moment weren’t in Obama’s favor. But that was just how the news was coming out and had nothing to do with partisan. Now the tide is changing slightly and you want to start adding stuff from ILLUMINATI TV!!
    Do you know how much is out there on both candidates which people have strung together? You must want the site to lose it’s integrity. There are plenty of kooky sites out there with loads of rubbish information for both Obama and McCain supporters. And usually that information is limited only to those sites for a reason. Or you do a search on the info and the bulk of hits you get are from more spooky sites with erie back grounds and scary music lol!
    If more news sources find that this is legit and grab at it then it will make it here. Until then it will be just like the Big Foot hoax.

  • EricF

    Dreadsen what are you talking about? do you even know? obviously you dont.

    “Nate isn’t chasing every lunatic conspiracy on the internet”

    what lunatic conspiracy is that? a well respected democratic lawyer has a suit against obama for him to produce documents proving his eligibilty to run as president. thats a lunatic conspiracy? the DNC filed suit along with Obama to dismiss and thats not relevant? what possible reason would they have to oppose this? i would really like to hear your explanation on that one.

    McCain was asked for his bc and he supplied it. there was no issue.

    you say i have alot of nerve? i say you have alot of nerve for trying to deprive the people information that is very important.

    “There has to be multiple legitimate news sources covering a story in order for him to post it here.”

    thats the whole problem. the liberal controlled msm will not cover this story at all or for that matter any story that is negative towards obama.

    you dont think its important that a man running for the highest office in America will not produce documentation that he is eligible for the position? amazing.

  • EricF

    oh well doesnt matter now anyway. looks like this is going to be AP news by next week.

    In fact, just such a telephone interview will run on the local Fox News station in Toledo, Ohio on Monday at 4:00 and 10:00 p.m. newscasts. With any luck, Berg said, this will be among other local programming picked up by Fox News Channel in New York. While the local station in Toledo may not be doing a satellite interview now, he said, “if I win, it’s going to be just about every satellite truck in the nation parked outside my office.”

    “And if I lose,” Berg said, “I’ll appeal and there will likely be satellite trucks out there anyway.”

    Word is indeed getting out, Berg said. He has received phone calls from the Associated Press, the Washington Post and more, all conveying that they’ll likely do a story after Judge Surrick comes down with an order. Furthermore, Thursday brought five radio interviews, and yesterday six more. His Web site, Berg claims, has had more than 27.5 million hits — including 1.6 million on Wednesday alone.

    so much for the internet lunatic conspiracy theory.

  • “thats the whole problem. the liberal controlled msm will not cover this story at all or for that matter any story that is negative towards obama.”

    Man i can point out a whole slab of bad things they haven’t covered on McCain.
    Your desire is for any thing about Obama to get yelled across the roof tops day and night.

    You don’t realize it but you sound just like the Obama supporters who bring up all kinds of stories and evidence on McCain but claim the media is bias towards him and will not cover it. Both of you on both sides of the fence think the same thing.

    The only things that will satisfy you and the people on the other side like you is if the msm becomes super market tabloid paper. With stories about aliens and loch ness monster.

    You know the Msm won’t cover the truth about Roswell and area 51 either. There is a group of guys who have filed a suit for ufo exposure. I guess because there is a law suit that means it is true. One of these men used to work at Area 51

    That’s part 1 there are 15 parts.

    The mainstream media has a conspiracy to keep us from the truth of Obama birth certificate and since someone filed a law suit that means it is legit. Well the main stream media has a conspiracy to keep us from the truth on UFO disclosure and there is a law suit so that means it must be legit as well.

  • EricF

    Dreadsen, tell me that next week when this story is on every national media outlet. k?

    get the facts on your fake messiah.

  • EricF

    not my messiah.

    It’s yours. You think about him more than anyone on this site.
    I bet you go to sleep and wake up thinking about him.

    Since you want to post sites I have some for you.

    If what you posted are facts then i guess these are facts too.
    So get the facts on YOUR fake………

    tons of info for you there since you claim you lean both ways.

    The War Secrets John McCain Hides

    “But there was one subject that was off-limits, a subject the Arizona senator almost never brings up and has never been open about — his long-time opposition to releasing documents and information about American prisoners of war in Vietnam and the missing in action who have still not been accounted for. Since McCain himself, a downed Navy pilot, was a prisoner in Hanoi for 5 1/2 years, his staunch resistance to laying open the POW/MIA records has baffled colleagues and others who have followed his career. Critics say his anti-disclosure campaign, in close cooperation with the Pentagon and the intelligence community, has been successful. Literally thousands of documents that would otherwise have been declassified long ago have been legislated into secrecy. ”

    OH but guess what they created the “Truth bill” in an attempt to get these documents released.

    “In 1989, 11 members of the House of Representatives introduced a measure they called “The Truth Bill.” A brief and simple document, it said: “[The] head of each department or agency which holds or receives any records and information, including live-sighting reports, which have been correlated or possibly correlated to United States personnel listed as prisoner of war or missing in action from World War II, the Korean conflict and the Vietnam conflict shall make available to the public all such records and information held or received by that department or agency. In addition, the Department of Defense shall make available to the public with its records and information a complete listing of United States personnel classified as prisoner of war, missing in action, or killed in action (body not returned) from World War II, the Korean conflict, and the Vietnam conflict.”

    (insert spooky music)

    Bitterly opposed by the Pentagon, “The Truth Bill” got nowhere. It was reintroduced in the next Congress in 1991 — and again disappeared. Then, suddenly, out of the Senate, birthed by the Arizona senator, a new piece of legislation emerged. It was called “The McCain Bill.” This measure turned “The Truth Bill” on its head.

    Just letting you know how silly this stuff is.
    Maybe i should use my conspiracy talk

    (intensify spooky music)

    Why isn’t the Mainstream media covering this?
    After his run for president this should have been exposed all over the media.

    So maybe i should complain to Nate like you did requesting that he run a story on this as well?

    For every conspiracy you can come up with on Obama there is one on McCain. Doesn’t take long to search for them either.
    But I don’t waste my time with this stuff. Except to show you that you are only claiming Obama is so bad and disqualified based off of a few kooks filing law suits and other conspiracy based sites. But you aren’t looking at McCain’s conspiracy sites. Both would be disqualified or fake by your standard. Which if you say that i’m willing to go along with that.

    But if you expect Nate to report this stuff and lose the legitimacy of the site then you are just like those UFO guys.

  • ed read


    The amount that the US has contributed to the LHC represents less than 5% of the overall cost of the project and still the Super collider was a complete disaster, it is now abandoned as ruins. Just read “Newsweek” on that issue.

    You still didn´t get the point, the US is more and more isolated. Ask any historian what kind of symptom is that about.

  • Stalin

    Ed Read

    I don’t read Newsweek, it’s lefty garbage. In case you didn’t already know we have had our own super collider here in Illinois for some time. My personal opinion, and I’m an engineer by education, is that it’s a waste of money.

  • stephanie

    I’m one of those people that usually don’t post but I’m tired of the liberal media attacks on McCain & Palin. I’m one of those voters who were undecided until recently. I have issues with the way things have been handled with our economy like everyone else. Of course, there’s no one person to blame including Bush. I think Obama has some good ideas and I like the fact that he doesn’t take money from lobbyists. However, I feel as well as many of my friends and family that we have to vote with our morals. I am a conservative Christian. And that means I don’t believe in discrimination or violence against anyone including gays. However, I don’t believe they should have marital/legal rights especially with any taxpayer money. I believe one’s sexual orientation should be private and not everyone wants or needs to know. I am Pro-life. I believe that everyone must face the consequences of their actions and that an innocent, precious baby should not be sucked out of their mother’s womb and discarded. Anyone that supports that, I just can’t comprehend.
    So, my vote will be for McCain. And as far as Palin, she may not have much experience but neither does Obama compared with McCain. She has good values, but is not perfect and neither are you. Who cares IF she pressured someone to fire her sister’s x. I mean the guy tasered his son. Is that child abuse or what?? I don’t understand where some people’s common sense and dignity have gone. Oh…I know they’re more worried about their pocketbook.

  • Babs

    “Babs we all know that those mobs were not angry over the economy. They were angry because they think a Muslim, Arab,Terrorist may get elected to the Presidency.”

    No, Dreadsen, I’m mad over the economy. I’m mad over a lot of things. But the possibility of Obama being a Muslim, Arab, Terrorist, or dog catcher isn’t one of them. He who angers you, controls you. Obama will never control one minute of my time. Although he’s really, really going to try.

  • paula

    Anyone that believes, or buys into Palin/McCain socialism line is showing and prepectuating the American ignorance of US taxation! The purpose, the history, and the need to support governmental programs.
    Maybe education is more important than some believe….

  • Babs

    US taxation is progressive, not socialistic. Obama’s plan accelerates progressive taxation to the level of socialism.

    You’re right, education is important. Voters should educate themselves to the facts, not the TV ratings of the Messiah.