Alaska panel finds against Palin in “Troopergate” probe

An Alaskan legislative panel found against Gov. Sarah Palin today releasing their findings of the investigation into the attempted firing of her brother-in-law, an Alaskan state trooper. Democrats have been waiting for this come out, hoping there would be something against Palin, however, the finding isn’t that strong once you read the language.

There are two stories running here, side-by-side. The man who WAS fired was Public Safety Commissioner Walter Monegan, not Palin’s brother-in-law who is still an active Alaska state trooper. Monegan was fired, according to Palin, because he was insubordinate and would not consider trimming his department’s budget when requested.

Her brother-in-law, Mike Wooten, is the trooper in question who had allegedly tasered his son, had a DWI, and had made death threats against the Palin family. There were allegations that Palin had used her power as Governor to lean on Monegan for Wooten’s firing, though he never was.

I explained this all because I had to sort it out for myself since there are parallel storylines here and they have gotten convoluted.

The report from Yahoo News:

ANCHORAGE, Alaska – Sarah Palin unlawfully abused her power as governor by trying to have her former brother-in-law fired as a state trooper, the chief investigator of an Alaska legislative panel concluded Friday. The politically charged inquiry imperiled her reputation as a reformer on John McCain’s Republican ticket.

Investigator Stephen Branchflower, in a report by a bipartisan panel that investigated the matter, found Palin in violation of a state ethics law that prohibits public officials from using their office for personal gain.

The inquiry looked into her dismissal of Public Safety Commissioner Walter Monegan, who said he lost his job because he resisted pressure to fire a state trooper involved in a bitter divorce with the governor’s sister. Palin says Monegan was fired as part of a legitimate budget dispute.

The report found that Palin let the family grudge influence her decision-making even if it was not the sole reason Monegan was dismissed. “I feel vindicated,” Monegan said. “It sounds like they’ve validated my belief and opinions. And that tells me I’m not totally out in left field.”

Branchflower said Palin violated a statute of the Alaska Executive Branch Ethics Act.

“I disagree,” said Palin attorney Thomas Van Flein. “In order to violate the ethics law, there has to be some personal gain, usually financial. Mr. Branchflower has failed to identify any financial gain.”

The statute says “any effort to benefit a personal or financial interest through official action is a violation of that (public) trust.”

Palin and McCain’s supporters had hoped the inquiry’s finding would be delayed until after the presidential election to spare her any embarrassment and to put aside an enduring distraction as she campaigns as McCain’s running mate in an uphill contest against Democrat Barack Obama.

But the panel of lawmakers voted to release the report, although not without dissension. There was no immediate vote on whether to endorse its findings.

“I think there are some problems in this report,” said Republican state Sen. Gary Stevens, a member of the panel. “I would encourage people to be very cautious, to look at this with a jaundiced eye.”

The nearly 300-page report does not recommend sanctions or a criminal investigation.

So the bottom line on this release is that it recommends no sanctions or criminal investigations, which means this story probably isn’t going much further.

This tidbit, however, seems buried in the AP story:

Wooten had been in hot water before Palin became governor over allegations that he illegally shot a moose, drank beer in a patrol car and used a Taser on his stepson.

Though, for the record, he was never fired and is still an Alaskan state trooper.

Voters will decide how much this matters as the news plays out and how the McCain campaign handles it. I foresee Obama and Biden probably bringing this on the trail, making mention of the findings and calling her integrity into question as a reformer.

Among McCain/Palin supporters, I don’t think this is going to even register as anything important since she has explained it many times. However, some undecideds may be swayed in these remaining days.

We shall see.. isn’t it exciting?


McCain campaign responds, via Fox News:

ARLINGTON, VA — McCain-Palin 2008 spokeswoman Meg Stapleton issued the following statement on today’s release of Stephen Branchflower’s report:

“Today’s report shows that the Governor acted within her proper and lawful authority in the reassignment of Walt Monegan. The report also illustrates what we’ve known all along: this was a partisan led inquiry run by Obama supporters and the Palins were completely justified in their concern regarding Trooper Wooten given his violent and rogue behavior. Lacking evidence to support the original Monegan allegation, the Legislative Council seriously overreached, making a tortured argument to find fault without basis in law or fact. The Governor is looking forward to cooperating with the Personnel Board and continuing her conversation with the American people regarding the important issues facing the country.”

If you’re interested, the entire PDF of the report can be found here.

Actual statements from the report:

Finding Number One

For the reasons explained in section IV of this report, I find that Governor Sarah Palin abused her power by violating Alaska Statute 39.52.110(a) of the Alaska Executive Branch Ethics Act. Alaska Statute 39.52.110(a) provides

The legislature reaffirms that each public officer holds office as a public trust, and any effort to benefit a personal or financial interest through official action is a violation of that trust.

Finding Number Two

I find that, although Walt Monegan’s refusal to fire Trooper Michael Wooten was not the sole reason he was fired by Governor Sarah Palin, it was likely a contributing factor to his termination as Commissioner of Public Safety. In spite of that, Governor Palin’s firing of Commissioner Monegan was a proper and lawful exercise of her constitutional and statutory authority to hire and fire executive branch department heads.

Seems like a contradiction in the findings. The panel found she abused her power, however, they also found she was within her right to fire Monegan, the Public Safety Commissioner, under the Alaska constitution based on his insubordination.

You make the call..

  • I think Palin abusing her powers is going to sway the undecideds more than the ACORN story, especially since the media are in the bag for Obama. Hopefully SNL will do a skit on it…LOL

  • No it just took the wind out of a lot of their argument about who you can trust. That’s all. McCain’s numbers have gotten worse due to his angry mobs they inciting. He is polling at 41% on the gallup poll and i read that no major party nominee has ever gotten lower than 41%. So this is as low as he can go. He can’t get hurt anymore.

    I agree that this won’t hurt her among McCain supporters. Maybe a handful of independents but nothing major. Just like the angry mobs only incited people who were already going to vote that way anyway.

    But politically if this gets a lot of media coverage for too damn long it will help suppress McCain’s effort to pull from the low end of the polls for even longer.

    Nice Jab by adding Acorn in here to derail the topic before anyone even posts! LOL!!

  • Good point Dreadsen, ACORN’s reference has been removed.

  • I’m hoping next weeks debate is a bit more lively due to all these recent stories, because if it’s like the last one, I’ll be in a coma after half an hour.

  • “I’m hoping next weeks debate is a bit more lively due to all these recent stories, because if it’s like the last one, I’ll be in a coma after half an hour.”

    I agree.

  • I third that.
    I almost turned that debate off after the first 40 minutes of repeated talking points.

    Due to these events I think next weeks debate will not be about
    any of these recent events. McCain may revert back to how his economic housing saving plan is better and how it would help.

  • McCain said at a meeting that he’s promised to bring up Ayers and Rezko. It’s a make or break for McCain at the debate and Obama needs to be prepared for everything AND the kitchen sink being thrown at him.

  • IndiMinded

    You can take the maverick out of the west, but you can’t take the west out of the maverick. Honestly, who nominates a VP under a corruption investigation anyway?

    Legal or not, we know Palin’s style now: obey unquestioningly or leave.

    It’s sort of similar to her dealings with the Alaska Creamery Board, where they made a decision she didn’t agree with. She solved their disagreement by replacing the entire board with people who agreed with her.

    Problem solved.

    ‘My way or the highway’ leadership has led this country in exactly the wrong direction these last 8 years. Ethics aside, this style of leadership is damaging to our country.

  • Bill Hedges

    Her terrible methods gave her the highest approval rating with the Alaska’s people. To bad our Congress has the losest, even lower than the President.

  • Bill Hedges

    Windfall profits tax on the oil companies which she implemented and got nice checks sent to her citizens got her that high approval rating. You know? windfall profit taxes that a lot of people are against?
    She no longer has that high approval rating.

    Palins approval ratings tumble in Alaska

    It has been down every since she got on the national scene and her state got a chance to see all the fraudulent activities and her stalling on trooper gate.

    Palin Protesters upset with her stall of troopergate

    That wasn’t happening before she was selected as V.P. They didn’t know about her getting paid to be at home, charging for date rape kits. Out sourcing her office to McCain’s campaign. Her going back on her public word that she would cooperate with the investigation. Her numbers dropped like a brick.
    So you can let that old RNC explanation alone.

  • Bill Hedges

    Dreadsen. you telling me to let that old RNC explaination alone, would be like me telling you to shut up. Does not fly

  • “charging for date rape kits”

    Dreadsen, try a few minutes of research first before you repeat blatant lies and distortions which can be proven false.

    The rape kit charge has been debunked for weeks, why do you think the media never repeats it? It’s nonsense and was never Palin’s policy.

    At least since September 8 the extreme left has been pushing a lie that Governor, then Mayor, Sarah Palin “charged rape victims for rape kits” performed upon them in the Alaskan town of Wasilla.

    The charge stems from a May 22, 2000 article in the local Wasilla paper The Frontiersman and has been spun from a comment made by the Wasilla Police Chief. This comment was somehow made into a Sarah Palin policy.

    Evidence of the incident, though, shows no involvement by Palin at all. Still, many Old Media outlets continue to keep illegitimately linking this rape kit billing claim to Sarah Palin, even though the truth is easily discovered.

    As mentioned, first up was The Frontiersman story from 2000.

    In that story Police Chief Fannon was quoted as standing against legislation that would force local municipalities to pick up the costs of rape kits being performed. In the interview Fannon said that, upon conviction, he favored the criminals being charged for the costs.

    The story mentions that Fannon claimed that at the time Wasilla did have a policy that rape victims’ insurance would be charged for the kits being performed but there was no mention that victims themselves were charged and no claim that any ever were.

    It should be pointed out that The Frontiersman is the local Wasilla paper, so, consequently, the story did not mention what the policy was in any other Alaskan city outside the area the paper covers other than to say that “most municipal police agencies have covered the cost of exams.” This last phrase has been focused on by Palin’s detractors and spun from “some municipalities” into “all” (except Wasilla) and presented as some sort of proof that she hates rape victims.

    On top of all of that, there are no stories prior to Sarah Palin being offered the billet as VP by John McCain that makes the claim that Palin was informed of or involved in this policy of charging rape victims for rape kits. And, since there was only one rape reported in the city between 1996 and 2000 when the story first came to the papers, it’s no wonder she wasn’t aware of the policy. When would it ever have come up? Does anyone think that any given mayor of any American town is fully cognizant of every single policy or law in their city, especially if it is a law not in use because of a lack of situations to bring it to light?

    For her part, Palin spokeswoman Maria Comella has said that the governor “does not believe, nor has she ever believed, that rape victims should have to pay for an evidence-gathering test.”

    In the end, it seems that this story is a wild exaggeration about Palin’s role in this policy. There is no proof that she ever knew about the policy until long after the situation hit the news, it is untrue that her town was “unique” in blocking the measure, no evidence that she, herself, was notorious for the policy, and no proof that any victims were ever charged for rape kits. In fact, according to the Uniform Crime Report there were only 5 rapes reported in the 6 years she was mayor of Wasilla and four of those happened after the state law in question was passed.

    In fact, this whole thing looks like another case where the media has been programmed by the nutroots and Democratic operatives.

    Took me less than two minutes to debunk that claim. Stop repeating lies and do your own research for once, it really isn’t that hard. even checked into it and could not link the policy to Palin, only that they coulnd’t determine if she had any role in it, because she didn’t, end of story.

    You people will stop at nothing, even when the story has been proven untrue.

    Don’t rebut me saying stories about Obama aren’t true either, everyone with a pulse knows he was palling around with that terrorist Ayres in Chicago, it’s documenented and Obama’s campaign manager said they had a “friendly” relationship.

  • Bill Hedges

    Dreadsen– Prehaps you do not have a 401 or retirement plan at work. I did. In general they buy stocks. Stock devidens go to paying my retirement checks. And possible yours some day.. Or your family members. The profits of oil companies goes to these people. As well as buying back stock, which will be re-sold when money is needed for land buying, new equiptment, exploation, and paying the governemt for leasing land for drilling rights, intratruction for pipelines, rigs, etc..etc.. etc. Maybe wind fall profits term in your view is bad. It is not in mine…….I watced the turn out against Saarah. I listened to it. I also istened to people talking about how they wanted the trouper discussed fired. I only wish he had taszered a 10 year old in my family. My family would be very rich now.. As far as polls you cited, I give it no validity.

  • Bill Hedges

    Conservative Gal–Thanks for responding to Dreadsen remark on RAPE. I was gathering my thoughts to do that. You did a much better job than I would have

  • C.G.

    I didn’t say it was her policy.I was only making the case for why her numbers are not at that 80% anymore.
    Actually I don’t rebut with Obama stuff. Usually other people do that with McCain or Palin. You know you point at something which is wrong and they attack the other guy instead. The story about women getting charged for date rape kits wasn’t linked to her but the exposure of it probably helped drive the numbers down. You know how things come out about a politician which aren’t true and their numbers seem to drop. That story got blown up all over Alaska. That along with all the other media attention of ALLEGATIONS. Some were true some were not true. But you know even if stories are not true and your news is CLOGGED with untrue stories, even if the news reporters make it clear it is an allegation and not true it has a negative effect. Something which just was not happening to her at all before she got nominated. Now look troopergate was supposed to be an Allegation and not true. But since it was investigated and she was found guilty now people are going to think about other allegations. This is how people play with people psychologically and it has been working very well lately in the media if you haven’t noticed.

  • Bill Hedges

    The same polls you give no validity are the same polls which gave her the 80% approval rating in the first place if i’m not mistaken. So if you give it no validity then you can’t give her 80% approval rating any validity either.

    I didn’t want to say his name but remember Obama is the one who proposed the windfall profit tax and all the republicans have a lot of theories against it. You know they show all the profits of microsoft and a bunch of other companies and they ask why aren’t we putting a windfall profit tax on them as well. So that is a liberal Obama policy which you actually agree with.


    oh on the Ayers thing you all are stuck on. I’m friendly with my bus driver. So i guess that makes me guilty of what ever he did 30 years ago. And Palin is friendly with successionist who used Iran to give an address to the U.N. about hating america and wanting to seperate from the union.
    But she has a (R) in front of her name so i guess this is okay. This isn’t 40 years ago either. she addressed them a few months ago. So lets stop with Ayers stuff of?

  • Dreadsen,

    Well I was just taking the time to point it out that the rape kit thing had been debunked. I’m disgusted with the media distorting things, it’s pathetic.

    I think her approval ratings dropped simply because she became a national polarizing figure. Before she was VP Palin, she was just Governor Palin who did good things for Alaska and was highly approved of. Once she became VP, she was now an opponent of Obama on a national level. Of course her approval rating will drop because she couldn’t have an 80% approval rating before without including a ton of Democrats as well. Now those Democrats “disapprove” of her because she’s running against Obama. She hasn’t don’t anything in Alaska for them to disapprove of other than become a national figure opposing the Democratic ticket. So the Democrats peel off and now “disapprove” of her, that’s all.

    The whole thing stinks and it’s why good people like Palin don’t get into politices, because you get trashed and destroyed with lies before you even get a chance. She’s a fighter though, and I support her all the way as do millions of others. She has thumbed her nose at the media who are trying to promote Obama, good for her. As long as she knows she is running a good campaign and is content in her life, that’s all that matters, the rest be damned.

    Palin addressed the AIP convention because it was in her town. Obama worked with Ayers for years as close friends and buddies. Obama’s political career was launched in Ayers’ home. No comparison, none, nothing. Obama palled around with the terrorist Ayers while Palin addressed a political convention in her town to a party she was never a member of one time.

    Obama’s terrible judgment of working with Ayers for years is awful. But then again, I don’t care, since even if Obama was an upstanding citizen, I wouldn’t vote for him for dog catcher since I don’t agree with anything he says or stands for, it’s that simple. In fact, the Ayers and ACORN associations could be proven false tomorrow and that wouldn’t change my opinion since he is opposed to my beliefs, that is what truly matters. Obama is a socialist, I’m not, case closed.

    Nice try though, Dreadsen.

  • C.G.

    Well you know Palin did a TON of good things for Alaska which she can not take credit for. If you look at all of the Pork Barrel money she got she used it all for very good and noble purposes. Well i’m going off of memory but everything she did in Wasila with Pork Barrel were things that people needed anyway. I know she had the public transportation infrastructure remapped and upgraded to encourage people to ride instead of drive which is something that a lot of liberals push. Windfall profits tax and the good she did with Pork Barrel would sell her over really good with independents but she can’t push it because it’s against the current Republican platform.
    I also don’t think she is running a good campaign. McCain and the campaign is just using her. You look in her past and she didn’t get low down and dirty like she did lately. She was respectful of her opponents eventhough they had extreme dirty she could have thrown in their face. I also don’t buy that she is ignoring the media because they are bias towards obama. She is doing it because she isn’t prepared enough for the huge national scene. Alaska is a very different place. The politics are totally different. She didn’t have enough time to cram everything in so she won’t do well in front of a press conference. That much is only expected from any human put in her situation. It’s not a reflection on her at all like a lot of people put it. But it’s a reflection on those who decided to pluck her from a pond and throw her into the ocean of sharks.

  • C.G.

    Palin has been to three AIP conventions on record and she spoke at one and addressed another one while she was the Governor. Her husband was a card carrying member for 7 years. This issue deserves to be vetted.
    We do not know if Palin was good buddies with all of them since 1994 or not. Look at what they stand for and what they represent. Why would you even go to a place like that? Was she friendly with a secessionist? No she was married to one. These people still hold the same views now. If you think it is okay for her to do anything nice or friendly to these people what so ever then there should be no concern with Obama being in the same political circles as a man who got citizen of the year in 1997 and is on a board with other people who were also friendly with him as well who were Republicans working on education reform. Come on man.

    Now if you are willing to say Palin is a piece of crap and dangerous for being involved with secessionist and Obama is a piece of crap and dangerous for Ayers. That would make more logical sense. But you can’t have it both ways. Palin is squeaky clean with a more direct connection and Obama is still a menace?? lol!

    Nice try 😉

  • Bill Hedges

    A teeroris perform illegal acts. Sarah has been proven never to have been a member. What has been proven she appeared as a city welcoming person. Is this organization saying they are for the violent over-throw of the government. NO.. I understand it to be a legal organization. Terrorist are not a legal organization. But you wish to put the two groups into the same boat. Sorry, they are not. Conservative Gal has pointed out, you need to stop using information proven wrong.

  • Bill Hedges

    C.G.’s argument and yours are not the same. Her argument is that Palin’s connection is not valid and Obama’s is.

    No i am not putting both in the same boat i never said secessionist and terrorists were exactly the same. but guess what. Iran had did terrorist acts to us. Not too long from when they held our citizens hostage Joe Vogler was in communications with Iran so he could use them as a platform to speak at the U.N.!!
    This is guilty by association

    Obama is not a terrorist but he is being questioned about “palling” around with terrorists. (terrorists plural)

    Sarah Palin has not been questioned at all about this association. But she is not a part of the group. BUT she has been palling around with the group due to being married to one of the members ok?

    I did not say she was a terrorist.
    The comparison I give is GUILT BY ASSOCIATION.
    And the guilt by association which is trying to be pinned on obama as possibly being a terrorist.

    Same logic can be applied to Sarah Palin with this Guilt By association leading to her possibly being a secessionist.
    Now if she is possibly a secessionist lets look at the group which we suspect she belongs to, their history and their current intentions.

    Look at AAALL the other guilt by associations which have been tagged on Obama in the past. Ayers is NOT the only one. We even have 3rd and 4th party guilt by association. Hannity who you like to watch has Obama as associated with Louis Farakahn because Wright was associated with Louis Farakahn. Now as stupid as that is if we apply the same 4th party logic to Sarah Palin…….

    Again let me repeat. This is about applying the Guilt by association Logic to make the claim that a person possibly holds the same views.

    Which would Make Sarah Palin guilty of being a secessionist. And wanting to break up the Union which is viewed by some as treason.

  • Bill Hedges

    Dreadsen- C.G views are his. Mine are mine. I understand you do not like guilt by association. And more power to you. Many do, and more power to them. Obama may become President, but he will never work for the F.B.I.. This group Sarah is pailing around with (your words) is a legal group ! What need for answers ? Saying Ayers is just a neighbot is kind of hard to swallow when Obama is handing out the grant from a private individual by OBAMA that Ayers got..

  • Bill Hedges

    Deadsen- the group you try to associate with Sarah is a legal organization. Unless you know an illegal act that they wish to perform, then issue is a non-issue with me..

  • Bill Hedges you are still trying to compare the two groups.
    Rememer Rev Wright? You must not have any problem with him either then! He didn’t talk about doing any type of illegal activity. But he said some damaging things. Just like this Joe Vogler guy and other members of this group.

    Legal Groups eh?

    Legal Groups include

    White nights
    World Church of the Creator They have a new episode every week.

    Is it okay to Pally around with those legal groups?

    So being legal doesn’t debunk anything as you see.

    Could you imagine David Duke saying ” hey there is nothing wrong with me being a member of the klan! We are a legal group that pays taxes!” LOL

    No i don’t care about this guilt by association stuff that much BUT if we are going to talk about it then we must point out this group who Palin pallyed around with.

  • Bill Hedges

    Dreadsen–Your last comment went all over the place. Getting back to the issue,, What illegal act has the group you associated with Sarah done or plans to do.

  • Bill Hedges

    No it was not all over the place i want you to answer the questions in my last post.

    This is your stance.

    Palin being fully affiliated with this group is fine because they are a legal group and they have not planned an illegal act correct?

    I gave you a list of legal groups which do not plan anything illegal. Matt Hale of world church of the creator has made it clear that they do not advocate doing anything illegal.
    The white nights do not advocate doing anything illegal. go to the website it’s outlined there.

    So is your argument that it is okay to be affiliated with any type of group as long as it is legal and does not advocate doing anything illegal?

    So do you defend Obama’s affiliation with Rev Wright?

  • Bill Hedges

    Deadsen- Palin is not fully affiliated with this group..Obviously you can not name one illegal act of theirs, because you have failed to do it so far………………. I have no desire to broaden this discussion into the kkk. If you are not aware of their previous illegal acts, why would I point thenm out to you. What would be the use.

  • Bill Hedges

    You don’t get it. You keep trying to change the argument into if the group did something illegal or not. I am not comparing them to william ayers.

    You avoid all of my questions and come back with a new question of your own to get out of my points i’m raising.

    AIP have not done an illegal act.
    You feel that it is okay to be affiliated with a group as long as they are legal and they have not done any illegal acts.

    You have failed to clarify your stance on this.
    Because you know if you do that means any group i can come up with which is legal, have not planned on doing an illegal act in the past or present you feel is okay. And therefore you would be giving the rubber stamp on Obama’s affiliation with Jeremiah Wright.

    World Church of the Creator and The Nation Of Islam (Louis Farakhan)

    both legal organizations which have never did anything illegal in the past present or plan on doing it in the future.

    So you would not have a problem with someone being affiliated with World Church of the Creator,, or the Nation of Islam? All because they have not done anything illegal? LOL!!!

    It’s the logic Bill that is flawed.

  • Craig

    Bill do you feel that it is okay to be affiliated or married to a guy who is affiliated with a group which hates america and says damn their flag all because they haven’t done anhything illegal and they are a legal group?

  • Bill Hedges

    Dreadsen= Sarah is not fully affiliated with this group as you said. I have explained that already.Been checked, been cleared and seen as no problem.I am not going to expand into the direction you want to go. I am not going to get into Wight, Farahcon, as legal groups .. You see no problem with Obama being invovled in the ones he is, then good luck. You brought up kkk as a legal group. Not me.

  • Bill Hedges

    Obama is just as much as affiliated with the Weathermen as Sarah Palin is associated with AIP.
    Bottom line.

    Using this logic Obama is a terrorist.

    remember?? “he doesn’t see this country like you and I”

    Sarah Palin is an AIP secessionist.

    Well sarah palin doesn’t see this country like you and I since she is pallying around with a group that wants to break away from the union.

    Same logic.

    Guilt by association.

    You lose.

  • Bill Hedges

    Dreadsen– Don’t check you facts.. It will ruin your logic. Like your logic that Rape victums are paying for their test. C.G. showed the truth of that. But I am glad you finally got to purge your soul of these comments.

  • Bill Hedges

    Deadsen- You called Obama a terrorist.. Not McCain. Not me.

  • Dude stay on topic. you are not addressing things. You are pointing in any direction now. The rape kits have nothing to do with anything you and i have been going back and forth on.
    I explained the rapekit i was not in error. I did not say that rape victims were paying for their tests. Stop reaching back. And trying to redirect the argument.

    If you want to fact check lets point out how you keep saying that the bill McCain co sponsored failed because it was a democratic controlled congress when it was in january of 2005
    republican congress. i spelled it out for you once it comes out of moderation. But in case you can’t wait why don’t you fact check that.

    And you still avoid everything.

    Yes using the logic that Obama is hanging with a terrorist only implies one thing. That he is one. Okay lets not play games. Saying his full name which McCain condemned by disowning the shock jock who in the primaries kept saying “Barack Hussein Obama”. He threw him under the bus because he knew what the guy was implying.
    Now McCain has two different people in the matter of a week say his full name which they haven’t been doing EVER( from a teleprompter so it was prepared) in conjunction with “he doesn’t see the country the same way as you and I” and he is palling around with Terrorists. “Who is Barack Obama?”. Okay so you can pretend and play games all you want. We know what is implied.

    And my point is if this logic of guilt by association appies to obama then guilt by association logic should be applied to Sarah Palin And if it is that means she doesn’t see the country the same way we do because she is palling around with secessionist and is married to someone who was a card carrying member for 7 years.

  • “Vogler disappeared under suspicious circumstances in May 1993[4], just weeks before he was scheduled to give a speech to the United Nations on Alaskan independence, sponsored by the government of Iran.[5][6] Convicted thief Manfried West confessed to having murdered Vogler the following year in what he described as a plastic explosives sale gone bad”

    There is something illegal. Selling of plastic explosives in 1993. What was he doing with plastic explosives?

  • Bill Hedges

    Dreadsen- since I came back after my illness. I know for a fact I have never used Obama Complete Real name. Sorry, aS far as rape kit, Conservative Gal proved you wrong.. So her husband is a member, no big deal. Read all you want into it. Others will be glad to discuss it with you. F/F WAS DISCUSSED IN 06. yOU SHOULD NOT IMPLY WHAT I AM SAYING. I never said Obama was a terrorist. You have no idea of what or how I think. Sorry. So don’t ..imply.. for me. You want to associate Sarah to this group and say it is same as Obamas, associate, then feel free to discuss that with anyone you want, except me. I am sure Babs and Consevative Gal will help you out there.

  • AH

    I don’t like the heading of this article: The investigation has found that Sarah Palin abused her power as governor. The title of the article should have read something along the lines of “Sarah Palin found to have abused her power as governor in the troopergate investigation”

  • Bill Hedges

    Ah- I wonder what powers were used to keep a trouper in his job after he tazzered a 10 year old boy. And that same officer is known to drink on the job.. He still holds his job. The person who did not fire him worked at the pleasure of the Govenor. As such, could be fired without cause. The investigation carries very little weight. No vote by their Congress. There is only the findings of this small group.

  • Dreadsen,

    Again, a little research tears down much of your argument concerning the Palins and the AIP.

    Taken directly from the Alaskan Independence Party website, this is exactly what they stand for. I will explain and discuss each and every single point to prove that you are linking Palin to a third-party political organization, not some treasonous group of pirates as you keep making them out to me. In Alaska, the AIP is just another third-party like the Greens or the Libertarians, they’re just for putting Alaska first, big surprise for a state-run party, I’m sure there are dozens of similar state-level parties around the country.

    Here’s the Alaskan Independence Party platform, all 20 parts of it with my explanation, from their website:

    We pledge to exert our best efforts to accomplish the following:

    1. To effect full compliance with the constitutions of the United States of America and the State of Alaska.

    First and foremost, they comply with the constitution of the United States of America, what a bunch of whackos! Sounds like treason to me! 🙂

    2. To support and defend States’ Rights, Individual Rights, Property Rights, and the Equal Footing Doctrine as guaranteed by the constitutions of the United States of America and the state of Alaska.

    They believe in states’ rights, individual rights, and property rights, what treasonous people! They support our rights as individuals as guaranteed under the US constitution! How dare they?

    3. To advocate the convening of a State Constitutional Convention at the constitutionally designated 10 year interval.

    They want the state of Alaska to have a state constitutional convention every 10 years, every state should have that!!!!! Maybe people would learn more about how they’re governed!

    4. To reinforce the unalienable rights endowed by our Creator to Alaska law, by eliminating the use of the word “privilege” in the Alaska statutes.

    They believe in God as a creator, which is probably why you don’t like them. Good for them!

    5. To amend the Constitution of the State of Alaska so as to re-establish the rights of all Alaskan residents to entry upon all public lands within the state, and to acquire private property interest there in, under fair and reasonable conditions. Such property interest shall include surface and sub-surface patent.

    They want the public to be able to use state-owned public land, big deal. They believe in individual rights with “fair and reasonable” restrictions! Again, more states should take that attitude.

    6. To foster a constitutional amendment abolishing and prohibiting all property taxes.

    They want to do away with property taxes! How treasonous! 🙂 Probably like 90% of America agrees, or at least wants their property taxes lowered.

    7. To seek the complete repatriation of the public lands, held by the federal government, to the state and people of Alaska in conformance with Article 1, Section 8, Clause 17, of the federal constitution.

    The want the US government to give federal land back to the state of Alaska because they believe in states’ rights, big shock there, Dreadsen!

    8. To prohibit all bureaucratic regulations and judicial rulings purporting to have the effect of law, except that which shall be approved by the elected legislature.

    They want to stop judges from legislating from the bench! Who doesn’t agree with that? I totally agree with them, judges are judges, not legislators!

    9. To preserve and protect the Alaska Permanent Fund, Permanent fund earnings, earnings reserve fund and individual Permanent Fund Dividends.

    They want to keep public money in Alaska, though I’m not familiar with the “Alaska Permanent Fund,” but I’m sure it’s a states’ right and individual rights issue.

    10. To provide for the direct popular election of the attorney general, all judges, and magistrates.

    They want the attorney general elected by, and accountable to, the people. I completely agree! I hate unelected, un accountable politicians!

    11. To provide for the development of unrestricted, statewide, surface transportation and utility corridors as needed by the public or any individual.

    They want development of transportation and utility corridors for public use, wow, how treasonous! 🙂

    12. To affirm and assert every possible right-of-way established under R.S. 2477 of July 26, 1866, before its repeal by the Federal Land Management Policy Act of October 21, 1976.

    They want the state of Alaska to control state and public land, not the federal government, I don’t blame them! States should control their own land, not foolish politicians in Washington!

    13. To support the right of the individual to keep and bear arms.

    They believe in the 2nd amendment of the US constitution on keeping and bearing arms, God bless them, couldn’t agree more!

    14. To support the complete abolition of the concept of sovereign or governmental immunity, so as to restore accountability for public servants.

    They want public servants accountable and not immune to scrutiny or lawsuits, we need more accountability in public service!! The AIP is on the right track, no more immunity for public officeholders!

    15. To support the rights of parents to privately or home school their children.

    They want parents to have the right to home school children, as parents should have the right! What is wrong with that? Again, God bless the AIP!

    16. To support the privatization of government services.

    They want to privatize poorly run government agencies and services, who doesn’t? The AIP is a free market, capitalist party, not a big government party, no surprise here.

    17. To oppose the borrowing of money by government for any purposes other than for capital improvements.

    They believe government should be mostly debt free! Every politician should believe government should be debt FREE! More political need to adopt this stance! Ever heard people complain about the deficit! I wish McCain and Obama believe in debt-free government.

    18. To strengthen the traditional family and support individual accountability without government interference or regulation.

    They want to strengthen families and moral values, again, God bless them! We need stronger traditional families and strong individual accountability.

    19. To support the right of jurors to judge the law as well as the facts, according to their conscience.

    Jurors should judge the law and the facts, according to conscience, not a big deal here either.

    20. To support “Jobs for Alaskans…First!”

    They support expanding jobs for Alaskans, good for them!!

    Dreadsen, please, did I mss the one where they are treasonous and want to secede from the United States? Give me a break!

    The Alaskan Independence Party is nothing more than a conservative Alaskan state party. They are not treasonous, they are patriots! They do not advocate succession, do your homework for once before you regurgitate the Daily Kos or the Huffington Post.

    Big shock, Todd Palin was a member, if I was an Alaskan, I’d probably be a member too because I agree with their entire platform, what conservative wouldn’t? The Palin’s are very conservative and believe in states’ rights so it’s no wonder Todd was a member and she addressed their convention. They are not treasonous, they do not advocate secession, that is a complete and total lie, just research it yourself!

    The AIP stands for smaller government, states’ rights, and accountability in government. Such treasonous positions! 🙂

    I used to think you knew what you were talking about Dreadsen until I did your research for you, now I know to check everything you say against the facts to find the truth.

  • C.G.

    Nice Try

    Your entire post was selective. You have no rebuttal for the evidence presented in the article.

    Okay do let me ask you. Do you not blame Rev Wright for feeling the way he felt since you support the Joe Vogler guy? What has Rev Wright gone through in the 40’s , 50’s, and 60’s.And what did he see his people go through. You all down play what he and his people have gone through and still say he is evil. You were outraged right? I do not have a double standard i feel that you all hate Obama and don’t want to hold your own people to the same standard. Now i can pick all the nice eye candy things form Rev. Wright’s church website and you will still say he is evil right?

    I am not Sean Hannity. I should not be still outraged about Rev Wright up to this very minute. Okay? My point is Republicans support these kind of people and didn’t have a problem until one was associated with Obama.

    The goal if you read my article was not to say that Wright is okay and Palin isn’t. The point is the double standard the Republicans hold. Your argument is almost identical to Rev Wright defenders.

    But you now have done the same thing with the AIP. You ignore all the rhetoric on their website, their history and the fact they still hail Joe Vogler right now. They should move away from him and his rhetoric instead of selling it.

    How about this platform? You see you can pick and choose things from an organization to present them as good while ignoring the wickedness in order to present a false picture which you just did.

    Now this platform below seems fine doesn’t it?

    “Repeal the NAFTA and GATT treaties.

    These “laws” given to us by the Democrats and Republicans is damaging to the American worker and will eventually put millions upon millions into desperate poverty.

    Put America FIRST in all foreign matters

    The first and only concern of our government should be for the citizens of the United States.

    Stop all Foreign Aid Immediately

    Hundreds of billions of dollars are sent overseas every year while our people remain in need, our schools need funding, our infrastructure needs rebuilding and our citizens fight to keep their bills paid. This money should be used to support the decaying Social Security and Medicare programs, to help send kids to college, and to rebuild our infrastructure. Keep American Taxes in America!

    Cut off trade with countries that refuse to establish strict environmental laws.

    We should promote a fair system that allows for a clean environment in our own country and does not interfere with the free enterprise system. We also promote an aggressive search for and use of non-polluting and clean energy sources such as solar energy.

    Abolish ALL discriminatory affirmative action programs

    The federal government has enacted programs and laws designed for the exclusive discrimination against those of White European ancestry. Promotions, hiring and scholarships should be based on ability and not upon a person’s race

    Put American troops on our border to STOP the flood of illegal aliens

    America is being over run by illegal immigrants mostly from nonwhite countries who do not share the Christian European values of our nation’s founders. Immigration should remain open to all White Christians throughout the world . There is not one single country that does not persecute it’s White Christian citizens such as in South Africa where the violent crime against Whites is at an all time high. The entire reasoning behind the forming of America was to allow one place in the world where White Christians could live together in harmony without any outside interference from those of other religions or races.

    Abolish all anti-gun laws and encourage every adult to own a weapon

    The cure for crime in America is not take guns off the streets but to put more guns ON the streets. Violent criminals should be punished, but law abiding citizens should be allowed to defend their homes, business and families with out fear of the federal government treating them as the criminal.

    Outlaw the purchase of American property and industry by foreign corporations and investors.

    The land belongs to Americans and their posterity and should not be up for sale.

    Drug testing for welfare recipients

    We recognize that not everyone receiving assistance is on drugs, but those who are should not be receiving your tax money. Welfare should be for those who need it – not those who abuse it.

    Repeal the Federal Reserve Act.

    This illegally passed law gives control of our money to a private corporation. We must return to debt free money – interest free currency issued by Congress as prescribed in the U.S. Constitution.

    Balance the budget

    Just as any family must balance their budget so must the federal government. Accordingly all present federal debt owed to the criminal private Federal Reserve corporation should be canceled.

    Rehabilitate our public school system.

    We must remove the humanist influence in our schools and teach fact based curriculum to further the students knowledge not someone’s opinion. Parents should have the option of private or home schooling if they prefer and students should be free to practice their Christian faith in the classroom.

    A flat income tax should be introduced to allow for the funding of community, state and federal projects.

    This should be the one and only tax allowed. It is the only fair way to collect revenue and does not discriminate against any economic class.

    Abortion should be outlawed except to save the mother’s life or in case of rape or incest.

    While we stress the need for a moral and Christian lifestyle, we applaud those women who choose to give life when faced with an unplanned pregnancy. Furthermore, we recognize a woman’s right to self-defense. While occurances are rare, a woman should not be forced to carry a rapist’s seed to fruition.

    We support the death penalty for those convicted of molestation and rape

    The only way to put an end to this cycle of abuse is to stop the sexual abuser once and for all.

    Everyone who can work should work

    A workfare program should be established to assist those who need help for a limited time. Furthermore we recognize that with an end to the insane economic policies which are currently engaged in this country, many families would not be forced into the welfare system in the first place.

    We support a return to parental authority without government interference in the raising of our children

    We want to see the National Education Association and the Child protective agencies put out of business. Child abusers should receive corporal punishment – if they abuse their children then they should fear the law. However, today too many freedoms are being taken away from parents in the so called name of ” child protection”. Child destruction is their real goal!

    We support state sovereignty resolutions

    Each state should be able to officially declare that any power of law not directly given to the federal government by the constitution can be nullified by the state congress. We furthermore recognize that the 10th Amendment means that the federal government was created by the states to be an agent of the states instead of the states being an agent of the federal government.

    We advocate a strong defense department to safeguard American citizens

    We believe that the defense dept. should consist of volunteers of both men and women with women being excluded from combat positions. Furthermore we believe that the defense departments sole mission should be to defend our borders and not those of any other country or nation including the interference into their private affairs.

    We support all U.S. veterans

    We should find those that are missing and take care of those who have come home.”

    Hey that above platform seems okay doesn’t it?
    I plucked it from one section of a website while totally disregarding and ignoring the other entries on their website and the organizations history.

    If you think this platform is okay and associating with this group who created this platform is okay since you agree with the things above or the majority of them then guess what?

    I got that from the

    The Klu Klux Klan.

    There was nothing harmful in what i posted from their site.
    But i disregarded the videos they produce on

    I disregarded all the other links on their site which if you take it ALL INTO CONTEXT you will get a feel of what type of group this is.

    I also disregarded their history and language in the past.

    I basically did just what you did C.G. Which isn’t fair and sure as hell doesn’t debunk the KKK’s true intentions.

    Just like your selective validation, picking and choosing doesn’t disprove all the other FACTS I presented in my article.

    Again I repeat as i stated in my article. My problem is the double standard. How I personally feel about Joe Vogler is irrelevant. How I personally feel about Rev. Wright is irrelevant.

    I also stated that this issue needs to be vetted. She should be questioned. Right now McCain campaign has done all the answers and not one interview asked her any questions about this group. And dont pretend like no questions are deserved because there is no harm. We need to know for a fact from her mouth that she doesn’t share those same views. Right now we dont know if she does or doesn’t.

    But how i feel about how both are treated in the media is the point.

  • Bill Hedges

    Dreadsen- Rev. Wright, NAFTA, South Africa, etc…..anything to distract away from AIP…

  • Kwaayesnama

    Of course she is not guilty! Have you ever heard of a Republican that is responsible for anything?

    Dam the members of the partisan investigation committee they are picking on the bulldog with lipstick!

    Ops! Ten republicans and four democrats, blame them anyway it is McCain’s style of politics.

    Oh! I know it was the Moslems on the committee, what no Moslems?

    Ok! Lets blame the Blacks, what!!! No blacks?

    Gee! Do you think it was witchcraft, hurry up call the exorcist!

    That leaves us with the fact that the members were sexist, lets get the Hillary Clinton supporters to protest the sexist Alaska legislature.

    If all else fails just blame the liberal media for reporting this.

    Palin/Chaney what’s the difference – NOTHING!

    You go girl, wink, wink. 😉

  • Dreadsen,

    The problem with your stuff from the KKK is that you omit the obvious platform they state about white supremacy and all that garbage, they don’t hide the fact that they’re racist. I checked out the link, it’s blatant racism.

    I elaborated more on the AIP in this commentary:

    I took more from the AIP site and discussed it all, even their goals section which discusses their weirdo founder’s idea about secession and how they no longer advocate it as part of their platform. Either way, there’s no conspiracy about Palin and the AIP, nothing is hidden. She was never a member, even debunked that claim. Plus, it doesn’t matter anyway since the modern-day AIP does not support secession, as I discovered.

    Plus, the AIP has endorsed Chuck Baldwin for President, they don’t think highly of Republicans or Democrats. Sarah Palin is probably not on their list of favorite politicians since she took the offer to work with McCain.

    My point is that there’s nothing hidden. Todd Palin was a member for 7 years, big deal, the AIP is nothing more than a conservative third-party in Alaska. Plus, the GOP in Alaska was so corrupt, I don’t blame Todd for looking elsewhere, I’d follow him to a third-party but in Virginia you don’t register with party affiliation.

  • “Palin/Chaney what’s the difference – NOTHING!”

    Wow, the dream ticket, you said it! Sign me up already. Thank you for putting a little smile on my face.

    Palin/Cheney 2012!

  • Babs

    Dreadsen, before you compare Alaska’s “windfall profits tax” to Jimmy Carter’s revived one by Obama, you should research the tax structure of Alaska. Much different. Your argument is just a tad ignorant without all the facts.