Obama responds on Ayers, McCain releases attack ad

The discussion raised by the McCain campaign in recent days over Obama’s alleged connections to former Weather Underground domestic terrorist William Ayers has reach somewhat of a boiling point. Speaking with Charlie Gibson, Obama was questioned about McCain’s attacks and responded saying that McCain didn’t have the courage to say it to his face and that this is simply distracting from the real issues.

Report from ABC News:

Sen. Barack Obama says the personal attacks levied against him by the campaign of his presidential rival, Sen. John McCain, particularly references to his association with 1960s anti-war radical Bill Ayers, are an attempt to “score cheap political points.”

“Why don’t we just clear it up right now,” Obama told ABC News’ Charlie Gibson in an exclusive interview for World News. “I’ll repeat again what I’ve said many times. This is a guy who engaged in some despicable acts 40 years ago when I was eight years old. By the time I met him, 10 or 15 years ago, he was a college professor of education at the University of Illinois . . . And the notion that somehow he has been involved in my campaign, that he is an adviser of mine, that . . . I’ve ‘palled around with a terrorist’, all these statements are made simply to try to score cheap political points.”

Obama said that the McCain campaign is making personal attacks “the centerpiece of the discussion in the closing weeks of a campaign where we are facing the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression and we’re in the middle of two wars.”

“I think that makes very little sense, not just to me but to the American people,” Obama said.

Obama said he believes the personal attacks are an attempt to “change the subject” and draw attention away from the issue at the front of most voters’ minds: the struggling economy.

“I mean, you’ve had their spokespeople over the last couple of days say if we talk about the economic crisis, we lose. I mean, you can’t be much more blatant than that,” he said.

Obama also said he was surprised some of those attacks weren’t brought up by his opponent at the debate Tuesday night at Belmont University in Nashville, Tenn.

“I am surprised that, you know, we’ve been seeing some pretty over-the-top attacks coming out of the McCain campaign over the last several days, that he wasn’t willing to say it to my face. But I guess we’ve got one last debate. So presumably, if he ends up feeling that he needs to, he will raise it during the debate.”

Video of Obama discussing this with Charlie Gibson:

Meanwhile, the McCain campaign has released an even stronger ad, going all out on this issue:

Report from the Politico:

John McCain’s campaign released a new 90-second Web ad Thursday on Barack Obama’s relationship with 1960s radical William Ayers.

Ayers is referred to as a terrorist throughout the ad, which highlights his “friendship” with Obama.

“Barack Obama and domestic terrorist Bill Ayers. Friends. They’ve worked together for years. But Obama tries to hide it. Why?” the narrator says, before running off a litany of Obama’s links to Ayers and the actions of the former Weather Underground member.

“Obama’s friendship with terrorist Ayers isn’t the issue,” the narrator then claims.

“The issue is Barack Obama’s judgment and candor. When Obama just says, ‘This is a guy who lives in my neighborhood,’ Americans say, ‘Where’s the truth, Barack?’ Barack Obama. Too risky for America.”

McCain surrogates have been linking Obama to Ayers in recent interviews, as has Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, who on Saturday accused Obama of “palling around with terrorists.” Ayers had been a consistent part of Palin’s stump speech, though she did not make mention of him Wednesday.

Obama’s running mate, Sen. Joe Biden (D-Del.), called the attacks leveled by the McCain campaign “mildly dangerous” and dismissed them as “malarkey” on Wednesday.

“You know, the idea here that somehow these guys are, once again, injecting fear and loathing into this campaign, I think, is mildly dangerous,” Biden said. “Look, this really is a case where, when you don’t have anything to talk about, attack. And it gets really over the edge.”

Obama’s video above basically gave a challenge to McCain to bring up the Ayers issue at the next debate. Obama, however, does have a point in that McCain’s attacks are distracting from issues such as the economy, which isn’t helping McCain. The next question, what will voters respond to more?

  • Obama’s so shady, he has more shade than a tree. And all of his shady associations are the leaves on that great tree called “OBAMA”.

  • EricF

    people get convicted in a court of law all the time due to a overwhelming amount of circumstantial evidence. thats the case against Obama and the amount of circumstantial evidence is overwhelming to say the least. one bad connection and its a coincidence, two and you start to question character and motives, 3,4,5,6… it becomes obvious whats going on. anyone that honestly thinks Obama had no clue about these people is, as Obama likes to put it “green behind the ears”. any person in any political position or any position of power has a responsibility to research the people they are dealing with. its that simple.

    and guess what? if Obama didnt take responsibility to research these people what makes anyone think he has the ability to lead a country? at the very least, the bare minimum Obama is guilty of not having what it takes to lead.

  • Obama is without moral compass.

    But so is McCain.

    How would Palin be able to preserve our nation, when the person she’s running with said he’s always aspired to be a dictator? What does it say about Palin when she continues praising a candidate who believes our Constitution is nothing more than a piece of paper?

  • EricF

    Christopher Schwinger

    “when the person she’s running with said he’s always aspired to be a dictator”

    link? or just another smear?

  • U.S.A.

    Eric F

    Why do you talk about who his socalled firends are? How is it that you think that in all our nation has going on that his damn friends even matter. This is such a stupid attack. If anyone had anything on him it would be ok. His associations will not have anything to do with the future of our nation and we have serious issues that will. What kind of damn idiot does it take to realize what we face?

    Conservative Gal

    Plant another tree in your yard, it will make you feel better.

  • EricF

    ok U.S.A.lets talk about what this country is facing. before we go there however i think we should take a look at how we got there and who brought us to this point. who were the ones saying nothing was wrong with Fannie and Freddie? oh thats right it was the dems and its all on tape. who benefitted monetarily? oh. who is now trying to benefit politically by passing the blame? oh. sure you want to go there? whos the only one with a plan that will benefit the people by trying to save people from losing their house? oh.

  • U.S.A.

    Eric F

    You never went into what the country is facing. You make up a bull crap story to blame someone for what BUSH has done to the country. Bush should go to prison for the rest of his life! The “Dems” will save us including your goofy ass so be thankful.

  • EricF

    yep sure its all Bushs fault right? even though he was pushing for reform its still Bushs fault. Bush the boogey man right? sure i guess its also Bush’s fault we were attacked on 911 right? how are dems gonna save us when they are the ones that got us into this mess? i am talking about what we are facing. an economic crisis. hey guess what happened right before the great depression? taxes were raised just like Obama wants to raise taxes if elected. dont worry though, government will take care of everyone. good luck with that.

  • U.S.A.

    Eric F

    Go get an Obama shirt because he got it in the bag. You know it as do I. Get over it.

  • I’ve got a link, Eric. Sep 30 – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ByssJjuNND8

    Larger portions of the speech are on other YouTubes.

  • ed read

    How confused is some people.

    Let´s keep it simple:

    Bush (republican) engages in a nonsense war, supported by, among others, “that one” (and I mean “McShame”), spends Billions of dollars and still some people is looking for someone else to blame for the damn bailout.

    He and his surrogates (including “McShame”) deserve a NATIONAL POLITICAL TRIAL for being the REAL TRAITORS to the United States people.

  • EricF

    wow! Christopher Schwinger you ******* ***** he wasnt being serious it was a joke. wow, got any other damning evidence? pffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff
    ffffffffffffffffffffffffffft! get over yourself.

    when i snap my fingers you will awake and no longer be obamatized.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JYFm5kK4f1k

    Here’s other damning evidence. Not that it would convince people who have it in their head that McCain is a great American, but you did ask to see it.

  • EricF


    news about to come in from ohio on the voter fraud, stay tuned.

  • Dreadsen


    Don’t listen to Urban Legend EricF
    even when is evidence is debunked and not even touted by the people who are opposed to Obama he still holds on to it.

    These people here have nothing to gain in blaming the housing crisis on Bush and McCain


    They are also wrong. But it goes to show you can spin anything in any direction. They are also going by bits and pieces. And being that those people from the site are RACIST i don’t see why they aren’t accusing Obama of this. But instead they are blaming Bush and McCain.
    The people who just hate democrats at all costs they don’t look for real evidence they search for bits and pieces and soundbite things together. When you ask for things in their entirety they just ignore you and keep on the same crap.

  • EricF

    Dreadsen what has been debunked? what is your definition of debunked? does having an open case to produce proper documents your definition of debunked? does hiding behind legal motions to dismiss mean to you “debunked”?

    mark my words, write this down and take it to the bank. before Nov 4th Obama will be exposed.

  • EricF

    this just in

    judge rules Ohio sec of state Jennifer Brunner is breaking election law. haha. amazingly she has no comment. the house of cards is coming down baby!

    temp restraining order issued.

  • Dreadsen


    The issue has been debated for almost 20 years.
    There has been endless hours of debates on it in the house.
    You can’t grab one and splice it up only showing a few statements of a handful of people in a room.
    McCain would have used THAT evidence long time ago.
    Like i saw the people at that site provide evidence that McCAin and Bush pushed for those types of loans for minorities. You can’t ignore that. That is IF you want to play selective blame game.

    You claim it was the dems
    The site claims it was mccain and bush.

    Newsweek says it was both repubs and dems


    I know you would never accept a fair explanation of it being both. you only want to point the finger at the opposition. I’ve seen Democrats who have presented some one sided evidence which suggests it was the Republicans fault. Lucky for me i am smarter and did research to know that it wasn’t the Republicans fault alone it was both of them.

  • EricF

    did i mention Jennifer Brunner is a democrat? haha! you will not steal this election. also anyone that puts validity into the polls is a moron. its pretty obvious most if not all of these likely undecided voters are democrat and pro obama.

  • Dreadsen

    Well that means both candidates are morons. Why did McCain pull out of Michigan. THE POLLS.

    Maybe he should have stayed there since there is no VALIDITY IN THEM.

    The policy of the country will not change much regardless of with one actually gets in there.

    If you want to get depressed listen to Chuck ,Baldwin or Ralph Nader. Ralph Nader even worse. You’ll see how close their policies are under the surface that you’ll think that both of them call each other on the phone at the end of the day laughing.

  • Will

    #1. Palin and McCain are both pupets of the republican party. Bush is the same thing. Lately, it has been tradition for the republican to pick people who they have full controll over. McCain has agreed with bush 95% of the time in the last 8 years, the fact that he calls himself a Maverick is a disgrace to the Maverick family. Infact, the Maverick family complained about McCain using their title. We are going to have the same economic problems for the next 4 years if McCain gets voted in.

    #2. McCain wants to use the same foriegn policy strategies as the Demoncrates during the Vietnom war. There are many reasons that we lost that war (even though our troops where kicking ass), and it is because our economy cannot sustain the pressure the strategy puts on us. And he wants us to attack Afganistan at the same time. We are looking at an instant rush into the great depression.

    #3. The economy is under republican control, and if it remains under republican control, it won’t get better.

    #4. McCain health care plan sux, because he is adding a tax equal to his tax refund of $5000. He is also going to make it impossible for states to help people with health care. In other words, if you cannot pay for health care now, you won’t be able to buy it later. And if you have health care from your state, it won’t be there later. McCain says he won’t raise taxes, and he won’t. Instead he will add taxes. JUST LIKE BUSH DID. Overall, our economy will lose MORE money under the McCain campain than a bush one.

    #5. Dishonesty is all of McCain character. His attacks are all lies and twisted situations. I would not do business with a dishonest person, and I will not vote for one either.

    #6. Quote “sure i guess its also Bush’s fault we were attacked on 911 right? how are dems gonna save us when they are the ones that got us into this mess? “– Eric

    omg dude, the fact of the matter is we didn’t know the power that alqaeda had. BUT GUESS WHAT! Bush had his chance to catch Osama many times, but he made a stupid move with his Iraq strategy. NOW ALQAEDA IS MORE DANGERIOUS, and it is going to be most costly to stop them. Pakistan already has nuclear weapons, and yet Bush and McCain worry about Iran. The bush administration has kept good domestic policy with protecting against terrorism, but he has had a bad foriegn and economic policy. We need a president to fix those, and McCain is not it.

    BTW: notice that McCain has been flip floping a lot lately, I haven’t heard the word deregulation from him since the stock market dropped. Lets vote for the one of the poeple that predicted this economic crises, hmm…like Obama.

    #7. Quote “we go there however i think we should take a look at how we got there and who brought us to this point. who were the ones saying nothing was wrong with Fannie and Freddie?”

    Fannie and Freddie are not the biggest catalists, and cannot be blamed for the economy. It is just another fact that McCain is wrong about. They did make bad loans and where appart of the problem, but there are bigger companies doing worse. The fact is, Obama stated the problems with DEREGULATION of these companies during his first year as senator, while McCain SUPPORTED them. You are ignorant if you think McCain would have any control of the Fannie and Freddie deals.



    BTW: There still isn’t enough regulation to stop CEO’s from cashing in with the Bailout money. If someone doesn’t get in offic and regulate the bailout, then it will be a waste of time. Now, is McCain, the man who has LOVED DEREGULATION all his life, ready do regulate something. His RECORD shows that he will not regulate it.

    Now, I would love to talk about McCain some more, but i have work to do. So Eric can live in his own little dream world. Where Palin may make smart comments that someone didn’t tell her to say and McCain won’t be another disaster. The republican party is showing way to much weakness right now, and it will be a few years before they can compete with the facts. Currently,they will ALWAYS avoid talking about the economic policies if they have the chance.

  • EricF

    well folks, it just keeps getting better. i submit to you a new low.


    it seems ACORN was trying to use work release prisoners to do their dirty work. what i get from the article is ACORN is alledging that the prison approached them. amazing. i hope with everything i have that these people are prosecuted to the fulled extent. this is an outrage.

  • JD

    Message Received loud and clear…

    Well, ladies and Gentlemen, it is time that I bid this site a fond adue. I have enjoyed my stay here but like all good things there is always an end and often times it comes with mixed emotions.

    Good luck in the up coming election process and mind your P’s and Q’s on this site. Stick to the issues but also remember to keep a sense of humor.

    For some of us the choice is clear but for others it is all colors of grey.

    I hope we all find it in our hearts to focus on rebuilding America no matter who wins this Novemeber and realize that we are all good Americans no matter which side we stand on.

    Special Thanks to USA, Dreadsen, Babs, Conservative Gal, Stalin and so many others.

    She’s a good site, Nate.

    “Good Night and Good Luck”

  • EricF

    “Fannie and Freddie are not the biggest catalists, and cannot be blamed for the economy.”

    yep you are 100% correct. in fact one group played a much larger role in the undoing of our economy, that group is ACORN. the same group that is now committing vote registration fraud at a level never before attempted. once again all paths lead back to none other than your messiah obama the chosen one.

    here is some good reading if you are interested in the truth, which i highly doubt…


  • EricF

    who is better for the economy? lets see what those who create American jobs think…


    wow seems like the same things i was saying weeks ago. oh but i was called names and ridiculed by JD and others. vindicated!

  • EricF

    Nate dude if you are reading this i think you should make a new topic about this as it is very important information that people need to be made aware of.


    Debate Over

    Job Creators Prefer McCain Four to One Over Obama. It’s McCain! If it were up to CEOs, the election would be a foregone conclusion. Most job creating business leaders fear an Obama presidency.

    i mean arent the lib dems on here always saying lets talk about the economy?

  • maribel

    seee that is obama he satnds up for what he belives
    he is not like McCain.McCain always attacks obama for wat obamas stands for but if mccain will do that mcCain will lose people and obama will win so i think McCain should just stop tlking about obama cuz all he does itleaving a question in everyones mind if that is the kind of guy they want for pres ……………..

  • EricF

    no maribel someone who stands up for what he believes in wouldnt be attempting to hide his associations from the American people. dont be naive and buy the lies that Obama didnt know anything about anyone he was dealing with. thats just outrageous.

  • Will, all of that is completely true. And you don’t have to go with McCain or Obama. There is only one candidate who promises to stop illegal immigration, and that is Chuck Baldwin!

  • Bill Hedges

    Will- Democrats have contoled both sides of Congress for two years now. Democrats controls the finances of Government McCain joined others in asking for more regulations for Fanny and Freddy in 06..But Democrat Frank was against it. Bill was not passed

  • EricF


    and it just keeps coming. this could be a possible case of treason. October surprise? im sure theres more to come.

  • Frank

    “yep sure its all Bushs fault right? even though he was pushing for reform its still Bushs fault. Bush the boogey man right? sure i guess its also Bush’s fault we were attacked on 911 right? how are dems gonna save us when they are the ones that got us into this mess? ”

    Always blaming dems or republicans for everyting. Blame the voters. There was an article today in my dutch newspaper about american congress.
    In stead of making sure the current administration does a good job the only thing congress does is either defend their incubent president beceause hes from their party, while the other party spents its time fillibustering bills and making sure the incumbent president doesnt get anything done.

    Both Democrats and Republicans are responsible for the current situation.
    In my opinion beceause they always debate details and never fundamental policy decisions.
    In stead of talking about the Iraq war was right, or the surge is working, pork barrel spending and gay marriage they should be talking about fundamental policy!

    – Is the concept of war okay?
    – The US has invaded 2 countrys, spent billions and thousands of inccocent people have died. For what? beceause of the hunt for one guy?
    – Is it okay to preach Iran and Russia about human rights and democracy when people get tortured and elections get stolen in the US?
    – How come Bill Clinton almost gets impeached for a BJ, but lying a country into a war is okay?
    – Why is wanting to fight, sorry talk about poverty, communist?
    – What is wrong with being a liberal? Just calling an idea liberal isnt an argument.

  • EricF

    Frank, there is nothing wrong with being a tradtional liberal. the problem is with these ultra liberals that want to turn America into a socialist nation, something America was never intended to be. America is about working hard and making it, not sitting around expecting government to do everything for you. it is these principles that have made America the greatest nation to ever exist in the history of the universe.

    i have mixed views, im not totally conservative. i dont believe there should be a death penalty. i think the highest penalty should be life in supermax with no possibility of parole.

  • EricF

    Economist choose Obama


    You see if you search around you can’t find support anywhere.

    So we have your Chiefexecutive and now we have The Economist.

    Debate not over.

    By the way there is a new photo of Obama with the Abominable Snow man.
    McCain has sent a team of investigators to vett this association.
    When asking Obama about the photo he has denied it’s existence.
    But proof has come out that his wife was skiing in the same area where the Abominable snow man’s foot print was first found.
    Now with this new connection which is no coincidence Michele Obama must have had a connection with the Abominable snow man.

    More on this later…….

  • EricF

    Dreadsen there is a huge difference. your link provides the opinions and surveys of academic economists.

    my link provides opinions and surveys of actual CEOs, the people that create jobs. who do you think knows better? people who study the economy or people that actually run companies? the people that actually run companies are saying the Obamas plan will lead to economic collapse within three years. i personally think it could happen much faster than that. what these academic economists seem to leave out of the equation is the human element. people in general dont like other people taking their hard earned money and giving it to other people that have done nothing to earn it. eventually these people that run companies will pack up and leave town for greener fields. it is purely arrogant to assume that big business will just bend over and take it with no vaseline. what happens when the well runs dry Dreadsen?

  • Babs

    On the Ohio Sec. of State, she was interviewed on Greta last night, and then immediately complained about the interview. Here’s the story and the complaint, interesting, it garnered over 2000 comments.


  • EricF

    They are CEO’s the others are people who study the Economy for a living. Even two nobel peace prize winners for Economy.
    CEO of Sarah Lee or a CEO of Betty Crocker vs people who have studied the Economy for years???? The requirement of a CEO is not being an economist major. How about the CEO who McCAin had on his staff who said that McCain and Palin couldn’t run a company? I think that should debunk your CEO theory right there.

    They know that a Republican is a guarantee that what every they are doing they can keep up. They know that with a Democrat most likely nothing will change either but it’s just more of a sure thing with the Republican. That is just my opinion there.

    I’m sure these same CEO’s wouldn’t want Ralph Nader in either because Ralph nader talks about the prosecution of corporate crimes. Would that mean McCain would be better on the economy than Nader? Or would it be that they would favor McCain over Nader because McCain would be in their best interest regardless of the Economy

  • Pats

    EricF and Dreadsen, I’ve read both links you referred to. The CEOs fear Obama because his tax will reduce their profit margin. All they care for is to maximise profit and nothing else.
    The Economists look objectively to the factors that will boost the economy and who is knowlegdeable in using those factors. As you saw in Dreadsen’s link, the Economists looked at who can appoint a more competent Economic Advisers and again they favoured Obama.

  • EricF

    Pats you are wrong. obama will not reduce their profit margin. the cost will be passed along to the consumer. thats just how it works. when prices rise less product will be sold and when they can no longer do good business they will leave. jobs will be lost

    also, the survey from the economist consisted of mostly democrats. big surprise they favor obama.

    of course the ceos survyed from cheif executive favor lower taxes duh! they know its better for business and expansion.

    im sure you guys are the same people that think the Bush admin. is responsible for our current economic crisis. lol. yeah the dems are just so much smarter. really they are in the sense they are smart enough to be long gone by the time the consequences of their actions are realized. leave the mess for someone else to clean up.

  • EricF


    link is at bottom of page

    interview with Phillip J Berg the attorney that filed suit against obama. im listening to it now and this guy seems legit. if obama has nothing to hide why are he and the DNC fighting this? why not just produce the document. it would be just that easy to clear this matter up.

  • Babs

    The argument over the opinion of economic experts is useless. Both sides have equally qualified experts that agree with both of them. The truth is it’s a crapshoot as to what will actually work or not, and there’s a large domino effect to the first thing they attempt, whatever that may be.

  • nyth

    “Pats you are wrong. obama will not reduce their profit margin. the cost will be passed along to the consumer.”

    One of the few intelligent things I have heard you say, EricF. Conversely, if McCain lowers the taxes, that doesn’t mean that consumers will get better prices.

    Businesses will resist the change in prices, either up or down. If the taxes increase, the prices will rise, but slowly to not scare off customers. If the taxes decrease, prices will go down slowly to milk more money from the consumers.

    But EricF, I have a problem with the Washington Times article you linked, and claiming that Obama was a traitor because of it. The President _should_ wait for approval from Congress on these issues. That is the law. Outside of that, there wasn’t much in the article that was verified and pointed to Obama being a traitor.

    In other news, I have been curious if Congress will try to impeach Bush after the election season is over. The Democrats are supposedly not bringing up charges currently, as it may hurt their chances to get someone in the oval office, but after November Bush is still Pres. and the next Pres. has already been chosen.

    Probably not, as too many of them are just as guilty as the Bush administration.

  • EricF

    nyth, i never claimed obama was a traitor. i said its a possible case. i never claim to have any knowledge on the matter. i was merely providing a link to the article and commenting on it.

    i have listened to much of the Berg interview now and i am convinced he is on to something. thats just my opinion though.

  • EricF

    Babs is right. And that was the point i was trying to raise in my original post when i said “debate not over”. I didn’t try to downplay your source.(well only after you tried to downplay mine) I was only trying to show you that the issue is split.
    We can all look for one group which supports us and do away or ignore another group which is against us on the same issue.

    I was only trying to show you that you can’t just keep picking bias websites with one sided info.

    And as far as your Obama crimes website.

    I could show you therealmccain or veteransagainstmccain and point at those yelling “see look McCain is a criminal”.
    And if i did that it would show what type of info i subscribe to. Usually the people who only look at those types of sources are discredited.
    I’ve looked at sights like that. We had someone post a hilarious one on Obama claiming that he was going to have the black panther party as his administration, Jesse Jackson, Al sharpton as v.p. and secretary of state lol!
    All you have to do is do a search on some of those things outside of the site where you get the info from and if you only get hits from the site itself, other sites like it or a blogger then the info is garbage.

  • Babs

    “Probably not, as too many of them are just as guilty as the Bush administration.”

    Well, nyth, if you recall they impeached Clinton, and they were all pretty much guilty of the same in that case, too. 😉

  • EricF

    Dreadsen just listen to the interview. the lawyer says himself if im wrong then prove me wrong. dont tell me you are scared to listen to an interview are you? lol.

    hey i am an open minded person dedicated to truth and i will look at and give an honest look at any info available to me and make my own mind up. seems to me you are the one that already has his mind made up without even looking at any evidence. thats not very wise.

  • Bruce

    If this is Where the McCain Camp wants to go This IS what it is breeding.


    Please Get back on the REAL ISSUES and Dont have Smoke Blown up your Arse about Guilt by association. Stop the Hate mongering McCain

    Bruce Stipanovich

  • EricF

    hate mongering? sorry but thats what obama supporters are into. not only that but they use all kinds of lies and deception. i have not heard McCain or Palin say one thing racist but everyone wants to smear them as racist. the problem is you ultra libs have no morals to speak of and you will be defeated. then what? you gonna riot? go head have fun.

  • As I am reading everyone’s comments I am sitting here thinking, the economy is bad, so do any of you all have jobs? Seriously, most people who posted made good points, but you have to realize no matter what party you are voting for, do you really think that you really know about McCain or Obama? A lot of the information that Americans think they know is only delivered by the media. As far as the media goes, a lot of the information that is given to the American people are not always accurate and who knows the real truth behind our economy, the banks, and Wall Street?

  • EricF

    yeah well the economy is about to collapse so i hope they got all those ameros ready to roll out. lol. ok i admit im a conspiracy theorist nut. so what! its fun. you should try it some time.

    ps: sleep deprevation is not a good thing 😛

  • EricF

    Since you are a conspiracy theory nut have you seen the theory that McCain is part of the new world order and obama was only used to derail the clintons because they would have opposed it?


    Look at the newspaper articles they cite in the video. And take into consideration that the Rothchilds have given McCain money and have met with him.

    I mean hell! if we are going to start throwing out kooky conspiracies to support an argument lets not just look at the Obama conspiracies lets look at the McCain ones as well!
    If they are right then you should be happy. Because that means it is destined for McCain to win. So no need for you to debate on here anymore. it has been engraven in stone.

    McCain on O’Reily what do you think of this?


  • Bill Hedges

    Don’t worry about it—Markets go up and down. We have gone through one of the longest BULL MARKETS. Loaning money to people who could not afford homes was a sorry mistakes. Not following old fashion home buying rules caused this mess. Known as sub-prime. ACORN, Bill Clinton, and Paul had a hand in this.

  • bdjnk

    The individual who has appropriated the name U.S.A. said near the top of this thread:

    “Why do you talk about who his socalled firends are? How is it that you think that in all our nation has going on that his damn friends even matter. This is such a stupid attack. If anyone had anything on him it would be ok. His associations will not have anything to do with the future of our nation and we have serious issues that will.”

    This is just about the silliest statement I have ever encountered.

    How do we know who a person is? Where an individual actually stands? We look into what he has done, and who his influences are.

    Obama’s actions speak for themselves. ACORN lawyer. Alinsky follower. Community organizer (aka political agitator). Trinity church member.

    Being friends and political allies with an unrepentant terrorist is the least of his issues.

  • Will

    My biggest beef with all the guilt by association smearing is that the American people fall for it. A bit of common sense will allow you to filter out which “guilt by association” smear campaigns matters and which doesn’t. For example, do you really think Obama will commit any type of domestic terrorist act? Will McCain turn America into a Hitler regime because of his (rumored) association with white supremacists? We as citizens of America need to start learning how to prioritize what we look for in a candidate running for President. If you think you know something about these candidates that the NSA doesn’t already know you’re not fooling anybody but yourself. To think that the US government would even remotely allow any of the character traits, drawn out by the opposing camps, as acceptable traits to govern our nation is ridiculous.

    We need to carefully listen to their policies. They both have policies that will fall in line with our interests. Surely, the interest of one person will differ from the next person. Small/big business owners appears to favor McCain’s economic policies while Obama’s policies appeal to those of middle class income. It’s relative, and we have two school’s of thoughts – more and less government involvement. The fact that both camps have you riled up over these ludicrous issues means they own you goons. They’ve brainwashed you to believe these exaggerated smears.

  • Bill Hedges

    Will– Facts are not smears. Rumors are smears……

  • Frank- “Always blaming dems or republicans for everything. Blame the voters.”

    I absolutely agree 150% that it’s the voters. Everyone loves to complain but then they keep electing these idiots over and over. It’s ridiculous to say the least. Look at congress’ approval rating, what a joke. I remember the promises that they made for the first 100 days of their term, please, it was all a line of crap. It leaves me to wonder just how gullible are Americans? I’m not only blaming it on the dems but the republicans as well. Look at these morons running Washington. My own republican party is usually too involved in sex scandals and literally being caught with their pants down that they let the dems run a muck on capital hill. I have an answer though, FIRE THEM ALL. We elected them and we need to kick there sorry butts to the curb.

    I’m starting to think there’s something to Sarah Palin being new to the game. She’s hasn’t been corrupted by these Washington politicians. Oh Obama says he’s not a Washington insider but he’s so corrupt with all of his associations that if I were that man I would be afraid there weren’t enough days left in my life to repent for all the wrongdoing. McCain’s not getting a pass from me either, he’s screams “Washington insider”. He’s too comfortable in his position and it’s time for him to go. Bring in the fresh, untainted meat and let’s propose term limits on congress.

  • Conservative Gal, what was your take on the stories about Palin having vendettas as governor? I figure I know the answer already, but I thought I’d ask anyway. 🙂
    I think guilt DOES come by association. I don’t know why anybody is still considering either McCain or Obama. I can see why people might be considering Palin, but I could never vote for her because Henry Kissinger has endorsed her, and because she’s been saying that John McCain is a man of integrity. In fact, I was a big supporter of Fred Thompson until he started picking on Obama for NAFTA while carefully saying nothing about McCain’s support for NAFTA and La Raza. Have Americans lost all sense? We’re in the greatest economic crisis of our lifetimes, and McCain and Obama both say government should do more instead of less. It’s utterly insane that people are ignoring Chuck Baldwin and Darrell Castle, who believe that shutting down the Federal Reserve is part of the solution.

  • Christopher Schwinger

    You are correct. That’s the point i have been trying to make. All this pot calling kettle black. Almost anything you can find on Obama the same is on McCain or even worse. Its like having evil associations is only okay for McCain. But if it’s Obama he then becomes disqualified.

    You know what i learned from Chuck Baldwin?
    That Obama and McCain are both bad for the gun owner.

    I keep seeing attacks on Obama but if it wasn’t for Chuck i wouldn’t have known that the gun owners association gave McCain a “F” grade. When i saw his history of Anti Gun voting my mouth fell. No wonder the other candidates don’t want a 3rd party debate. They would get slaughtered.

  • Dreadsen, I can’t stand it when people say I’ve fallen for the Obama “Kool-aid” when I merely point out that everything about Obama is also true about McCain. Even both Obama’s and McCain’s pastors are equally un-orthodox!

    And of course, McCain and Obama–and FOX and MSNBC–refuse to even MENTION the third party candidates.

    I, too, was surprised that McCain had an F regarding the 2nd Amendment, because “conservatives” say he’s been superb on that issue! The NRA just endorsed McCain–sense has gone by the wayside!

  • Bill Hedges wrote:

    Facts are not smears. Rumors are smears……

    Bill, that’s got to be the most intelligent thing you’ve ever posted, keep up the good work.

    Inside every Republican there’s a Democrat (or Independant) trying to get out.

  • C.S-“Conservative Gal, what was your take on the stories about Palin having vendettas as governor?”

    Well it goes like this, the commission said that she abused her power, but then they also said that it was well within her right to fire the public safety commissioner. So there you have it, a election year double standard!

    In my humble opinion, I would have “abused” this power also. You wouldn’t? The man in question, the commissioner was asked to fire one of his state troopers and failed to do so. The state trooper abused Sarah’s sister, tasered her nephew, and threatened on many occasions to kill her father, oh and he also drank while on duty. Ooops there goes his head, I hope the chopping block didn’t come down to hard, here’s a towel to wipe off the blood.

    Also, CS, you and I had this discussion long before Fred Thompson dropped out, that we were both supporters of his. Now with the path this country is on, if Thompson were the Republican candidate, don’t you think that you and I could overlook the fact that there’s a bit of a double standard between Obama and McCain when speaking of NAFTA? Come on, CS! You know you’d overlook it in the day and age we’re living in, any day of the week I’d take Thompson over McCain, my support is strictly behind McCain because of his age, and Palin is his number 2, so I can live with that. Like I said before, she’ not your typical Washington insider.

    C.S.-“Even both Obama’s and McCain’s pastors are equally un-orthodox!”

    You say “pastors” as if John Hagee, who I assume you’re speaking of in relation to McCain, is actually McCain’s pastor, which he’s not. Hagee endorsed McCain yet McCain never attended the church and was not a member. Plus, considering I was raised Catholic, nothing Hagee said has been remotely offensive to me. Furthermore, Obama was a member of Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s church for 20 years, plus Wright was the direct credited inspiration for Obama’s book “The Audacity of Hope,” plus Wright baptized the Obama children and presided over his and Michelle’s wedding. There’s no way to equate McCain being endorsed by a pastor to Obama’s 20-year membership in Wright’s church. None.

  • “Inside every Republican there’s a Democrat (or Independant) trying to get out.”-NZpudding

    We’re all a little liberal when we’re younger, then we grow up!

  • C.G.

    Making a knowing willing and Conscious decision to associate with Rod Parsley who incites violence and advocates the genocide of an entire group of people is bad. Wright never advocated violence. And out of 20 years there are only maybe 3 sound bites from 3 sermons. Rod Parsley is very easy to come up with some bad stuff on him.

    Same with Hagee. He made a knowing willing and conscious decision to associate with someone who’s views he knew in advance.

    I mean i guess you can say the other is worse because it was 20 years. BUT McCains desire to be friends with those two guys after he read their resumes tells you just as much about his character as Obama’s.

    End result. Two candidates blow ass.

  • Bill Hedges

    nzpudding- I was raised in a Democrat family. I am a convervative in most respects. I earned a retirement income alone with my savings play the market. My income is modest and self earned. I believe One gets out of life what one puts in. I am a Republican through and through.. But I will vote a split ticket at times.

  • C. G., I would still vote for Fred Thompson if he were in the race. But I was shocked when he said at the convention, “Let us salute him” referring to John McCain. I thought Americans were supposed to salute their flag and only their flag.

  • Bill Hedges

    C.S.–Words sometimes have more than one definition. Term salute has more meanings than actually saluting. As in.. saluting the flag…… It can also be a term meaning.. showing respect. Such as.. I respect that person. We do not actually salute a individual.

  • Bill, do you know of an instance in earlier American history (as in, the 1800s up to the year 2000) in which a presidential candidate’s supporters say people should salute the candidate?

  • Bill Hedges

    C.S. did not know that. I enjoy learning those kinds of facts. Did they actually salute them. In my life-time it has been used as a sign of respect, with no actual salute. example I salute you for doing that. There might at times give a little salute.

  • Bill Hedges

    C.S. Sorry, I mis-read what you wrote. I hope my examples answered your question

  • Actually, I wasn’t saying that I DO know of such an instance, just asking if YOU know . . .

  • So, from what you say, to say “I salute you” isn’t really a new thing as far as political campaigns. I think it also depends on the context. If you say a candidate is the incarnation of America and should be equated with the American flag, that’s going too far to say “let us salute him, for our country calls us”. In other contexts, I would probably not have picked any bones about using the word “salute”.

  • Bill Hedges

    C.S.– I am very sorry I mis-read what you wrote. I do not know of any..

  • Bill Hedges

    C.S. Example. I SALUTE THE HERORS IN NYC on 911 fatal day