Obama and ACORN, is there a problem? (Update)

This is a story I’ve been largely ignoring for days now until there was meaningful evidence and background. Well, the time has come that it appears there are too many news stories to ignore.

There have been numerous reports of fraudulent voter registrations linked to the community organizing group called ACORN, a.k.a the Association of Community Organizers for Reform Now. This is also the group Sen. Obama worked for as a community organizer in Chicago, however, that aspect is irrelevant to this story.

A report on this all from CNN:

Next, take all these reports, for example, of ACORN-related voter registration fraud around the country. Note, these are hard news pieces from local news agencies around the country and one from the Associated Press, not opinion pieces.

Missouri, via Yahoo News:

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Officials in Missouri, a hard-fought jewel in the presidential race, are sifting through possibly hundreds of questionable or duplicate voter-registration forms submitted by an advocacy group that has been accused of election fraud in other states.

Charlene Davis, co-director of the election board in Jackson County, where Kansas City is, said the fraudulent registration forms came from the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, or ACORN. She said they were bogging down work Wednesday, the final day Missourians could register to vote.

“I don’t even know the entire scope of it because registrations are coming in so heavy,” Davis said. “We have identified about 100 duplicates, and probably 280 addresses that don’t exist, people who have driver’s license numbers that won’t verify or Social Security numbers that won’t verify. Some have no address at all.”

The nonpartisan group works to recruit low-income voters, who tend to lean Democratic. Most polls show Republican presidential candidate John McCain with an edge in bellwether Missouri, but Democrat Barack Obama continues to put up a strong fight.

Jess Ordower, Midwest director of ACORN, said his group hasn’t done any registrations in Kansas City since late August. He said he was told three weeks ago by election officials that there were only about 135 questionable cards — 85 of them duplicates.

“They keep telling different people different things,” he said. “They gave us a list of 130, then told someone else it was 1,000.”

FBI spokeswoman Bridget Patton said the agency has been in contact with elections officials about potential voter fraud and plans to investigate.

Connecticut, via ConnPost.com:

HARTFORD — The State Elections Enforcement Commission has opened an investigation into allegations that a community activist organization submitted at least 10 false voter-registration cards in Bridgeport.

One of the phony registrations was for a 7-year-old girl in the Marina Village housing complex, whose age was listed as 27 on the voter card.

Another registration came from a man who later said he couldn’t have completed the voter card purported to be his because he was in jail on the date of the document.

Joseph J. Borges, the city’s Republican registrar of voters, filed the complaint with state officials after months of local complaints on the tactics that ACORN, the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, was regularly filing applications that were ruled ineligible.

In response, a Bridgeport leader of ACORN on Tuesday night called the charges “part of a concerted and coordinated campaign by conservatives and the GOP to attack and discredit ACORN.” The charges date back to the summer, when the Connecticut Post reported that ACORN applications were flooding the registrar’s office and resulting in excessive extra hours of research to check their authenticity.

“We have many more complaints,” Borges said Tuesday, adding that the 10 are just highlights. He said he went to Marina Village personally and interviewed the 7-year-old.

Wisconsin, via the Journal Sentinel:

Last week, the district attorney’s office charged Endalyn Adams, 21, with submitting registration cards with dozens of fake names to meet what amounted to a quota from the Community Voters Project. Some of the false names were flagged by voters project leaders before the cards were turned over to the Milwaukee Election Commission; those names were never added to the voter rolls, and the rest have been removed.

In another five cases, investigators found insufficient evidence of fraud. The rest remain under review, said Assistant District Attorney Bruce Landgraf, who filed the charges against Mucklin and Adams.

Virtually all the workers under scrutiny were employed by either the voters project or by the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now. Those groups were among several politically liberal organizations that launched massive voter registration drives in Milwaukee in advance of the Nov. 4 election.

As with Adams, leaders of the voters project and ACORN say they caught much of the fraud and alerted authorities before handing in the registration cards. The groups also say the cases represent a small percentage of the dozens of workers and tens of thousands of voters signed up.

Ohio, via Cleveland.com:

A national voter-registration group admitted to Cuyahoga County election officials Tuesday that it cannot eliminate fraud from its operation.

The group blamed inefficiency and lack of resources for problems such as being unable to spot duplicate voter-registration cards or cards that may have been filled out by workers to make quotas.

The Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, or ACORN, has turned in at least 65,000 cards to the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections in the last year. The board has investigated potentially fraudulent cards since August.

The group has faced similar inquiries in other large Ohio counties. And Nevada state authorities recently raided ACORN’s Las Vegas headquarters searching for evidence of fraud, according to the Associated Press.

Local representatives of the organization told Cuyahoga board members that they don’t have the resources to identify fraudulent cards turned in by paid canvassers who are told to register low- and moderate-income voters.

Cuyahoga election workers flagged about 50 names on suspicious cards. The cards were to register the same names, raising the possibility that canvassers shared information when trying to make quotas.

“This is not something you can catch with your internal controls, apparently,” said board member Sandy McNair at the meeting.

“Not perfectly, no,” replied Mari Engelhardt, ACORN political director for Ohio.

Indiana, via nwi.com:

CROWN POINT | New voter registrations closed Monday in Lake County with possible record-breaking numbers and simmering allegations of fraud and racial discrimination.

Elections board Director Sally LaSota said more than 12,000 voter registration forms are waiting to be processed from recent days before the county knows how many potential voters are ready to cast ballots in the Nov. 4 general election.

“It may be a record,” she said.

Porter County has processed at least 3,500 voter applications since the spring primary in May, officials there said.

However, the large influx has brought new controversies.

LaSota said Monday representatives of the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, or ACORN, a grassroots activist group conducting registration drives, dropped off 2,000 new voter applications last week in Lake County.

“About 1,100 are no good,” she said.

LaSota said the flawed forms are incomplete or contain unreadable handwriting — similar to hundreds of other forms ACORN produced prior to this week. She said some ACORN vote canvassers apparently pulled names and addresses from telephone books and forged signatures.

The above are some exmples of the news from ACORN-related voter registration activities all around the country. ACORN claims they do not approve of the fraudulent registrations but cannot stop their volunteers from turning in bad names and false voter registration applications. That may well be true, however, this is starting to seem systemic all around the country with ACORN voter registrations. One has to wonder if they are doing enough to try and prevent such fraudulent registrations.

The questions surrounding ACORN and the Obama campaign have to do with the over $800,000 paid to an offshoot of ACORN for voter registration drives.

The Pittsburgh-Tribune Review reports on the Obama/ACORN connection:

U.S. Sen. Barack Obama’s presidential campaign paid more than $800,000 to an offshoot of the liberal Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now for services the Democrat’s campaign says it mistakenly misrepresented in federal reports.

An Obama spokesman said Federal Election Commission reports would be amended to show Citizens Services Inc. — a subsidiary of ACORN — worked in “get-out-the-vote” projects, instead of activities such as polling, advance work and staging major events as stated in FEC finance reports filed during the primary.

FEC spokeswoman Mary Brandenberger said it is not unusual for campaigns to amend reports, even regarding large sums of money.

But, said Blair Latoff, spokeswoman for the Republican National Committee: “Barack Obama’s failure to accurately report his campaign’s financial records is an incredibly suspicious situation that appears to be an attempt to hide his campaign’s interaction with a left-wing organization previously convicted of voter fraud. For a candidate who claims to be practicing ‘new’ politics, his FEC reports look an awful lot like the ‘old-style’ Chicago politics of yesterday.”

In response to the RNC’s position, Obama campaign spokesman Ben LaBolt said in an e-mail: “The RNC can concoct all of the outlandish conspiracy theories they want, but when we saw that our FEC report didn’t accurately reflect the field work CSI was hired to perform we corrected it. It’s pretty bold for the RNC to attack us for a clerical error after John McCain’s campaign was just forced to return $50,000 raised by a foreign national through a number of contributors who weren’t even supporting McCain.”

Melanie Sloan, executive director of the liberal-leaning Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, said the campaign’s error on FEC documents doesn’t seem extraordinary, especially considering the huge amounts of money being spent.

“It’s rare that people don’t file any amended reports. If he has a pattern of lots and lots of amended reports, that would be more noteworthy than an occasional one,” Sloan said.

Now, down to the bottom line. Considering the systemic voter registration fraud resulting from ACORN’s registration drives, is it right for the Obama campaign to have paid $800,000 to the organization? Should Obama repudiate the organization and demand their money back?

My point in posting this story is that voter fraud effects us all, of all parties and beliefs. I am not suggesting the Obama campaign was involved with the fraud as I do not believe it was, there is no evidence to that effect whatsoever. ACORN was presiding over the fraudulent registrations in all these cases.

Voter registration fraud scares me as an American, and it should scare you to. It is not important which candidate wins the election, but that they do so fairly and justly to preserve American democracy.

Any form of voter registration fraud should be harshly denounced, and I call on the Obama campaign to do so in this case. If there is similar news from groups associated with the McCain campaign, I also call on McCain to denounce it and will do my best to expose it.

If you have more on this story, or evidence the McCain campaign is linked to similar groups, email me at nate@youdecide2008.com and I’ll report on it.


More on the investigations into ACORN, from the New York Post:

CLEVELAND – Two Ohio voters, including Domino’s pizza worker Christopher Barkley , claimed yesterday that they were hounded by the community-activist group ACORN to register to vote several times, even though they made it clear they’d already signed up.

Barkley estimated he’d registered to vote “10 to 15” times after canvassers for ACORN, whose political wing has endorsed Barack Obama, relentlessly pursued him and others.

Claims such as his have sparked election officials to probe ACORN.

“I kept getting approached by folks who asked me to register,” Barkley said. “They’d ask me if I was registered. I’d say yes, and they’d ask me to do it again.

“Some of them were getting paid to collect names. That was their sob story, and I bought it,” he said.

Barkley is one of at least three people who have been subpoenaed by the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections as part of a wider inquiry into possible voter fraud by ACORN. The group seeks to register low-income voters, who skew overwhelmingly Democratic.

“You can tell them you’re registered as many times as you want – they do not care,” said Lateala Goins, 21, who was subpoenaed.

“They will follow you to the buses, they will follow you home, it does not matter,” she told The Post.

She added that she never put down an address on any of the registration forms, just her name.

A third subpoenaed voter, Freddie Johnson, 19, filled out registration cards 72 times over 18 months, officials said.

Here’s a story submitted to me via email by a reader about ACORN in Wisconsin, from WCCO:

MADISON, Wis. (AP) ? At least seven felons convicted of crimes including cocaine possession and robbery were recruited by a liberal group to register voters in Milwaukee.

The Republican Party says using convicted felons for that work increases the chances of voter fraud.

All seven were designated as special registration deputies in Milwaukee, which allows them to solicit and keep voter registration applications.

The Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, or ACORN, hired all seven.

State law says anyone who is able to vote can be a special registration deputy. Felons can vote as long as they are no longer on probation or parole.

But the attorney for the state board that runs elections issued an opinion in April saying felons may not serve as special registration deputies.

Once again, I will question whether ACORN is doing enough, as they claim, to stop voter registration fraud and potential vote fraud at the ballot box. These reports are rampant from all around the country. This is not an isolated incident and cannot be ignored any longer by voters or the media.

This story is ongoing as it is still developing. Any news or developments will be updated.

  • EricF

    the house of cards is falling down. dems would be very wise to distance themselves from Obama while that is still an option. to not do so would be political suicide. people will have more respect if you come out now and admit you didnt do the proper research before endorsing this man.

  • One word: Busted!

    Obama has been shelling out cash to this group for months now, completely disregarding the reports of fraudulent activity. Then again, Obama should know better, he worked for ACORN and probably turned in slews of fraudulent registrations himself. Maybe that’s why they paid the group money, they knew ACORN could deliver the big numbers and help sway some swing states.

    If you can’t win legally, don’t play.

  • IndiMinded

    Has anyone been polling the 7-year old demographic to see which way they might swing this election?

  • EricF


    big news coming in the morning?

    McCain camp making news in the morning

    On what, they won’t say.

    “We’ll have something to talk about,” is all a campaign aide would allow.

    Check back again in this space or over on our front-page in the morning.

    man i hope its something earth shaking.

  • EricF

    man it feels like a bombshell is coming. the announcement is a half hour away. Fox and friends are saying the McCain campaign is saying its big news. this better not be something dumb. i will be pissed. they keep pushing the ACORN fraud story nonstop so it could have something to do with that. also they said they will have reaction from the Obama camp right afterwards. man i am anticipating this so much. seriously, this better not be some dumb crap.

  • EricF

    waste of time. im pissed.

  • Jim

    “This is also the group Sen. Obama worked for as a community organizer in Chicago, however, that aspect is irrelevant to this story.”

    If it’s really ‘irrelevant to the story’ they why post a picture of Obama on the front page, along with the headline ‘Obama and ACORN – is there a problem’?

    I counted less than 100 assumed ‘fraudulent registrations’ from all those stories combined. Of the 100M+ eligible voters, that represents less that 0.0001% of the population – is this really a story?

    This site has lost focus and objectivity, and seemingly cannot overcome the consistent need for the media to place questions in the voters minds that have no relevance or substance.

  • AK

    I hope Hillary realizes that this fraud also may have affected her losing the primary. I hope she raises a stink and I hope the republicans don’t let this huge issue go unresolved. So much for the highest democrat registration in years- how many of those are REAL people?

  • EricF

    Jim i just saw on the news how a man in ohio is going to testify that he was harrased by ACORN workers nonstop and ended up registering over 70 times so, throw in the dallas cowboys starting lineup lol and im sure the number is much higher than 100.

  • Babs

    Wrong, Jim. If you do a little research there are THOUSANDS of fraudulent voter registrations that have already been verified as fraudulent. Learn to count. They are estimating over a million before they’re finished counting. That’s an election swinger, and that’s NEWS.

    If you want to see an article that’s lost objectivity on the subject, stay tuned. I’m working on an in depth commentary on the subject now.

    Indi, according to news reports from these different states, the registrations are 99.9% democrat. And there are videos of some of these people saying they were instructed to vote for Obama, and they did.

  • EricF

    they need to pass a law that anyone caught commiting voter fraud loses their right to vote in any election. ACORN needs to be dismantled as they have already admitted they cant stop the massive fraud.

  • Babs

    There are laws against, anyone commiting voter fraud can go to jail, and they have a few. One man admitted he registered 72 times with ACORN’s encouragement, another college student 10 times.

    Yes, ACORN needs to be charged and dismantled. And our democratic congress needs to stop giving them money to operate on.

    Indi and Jim, here’s one count for you that’s more accurate than my words:

    “There are at least 11 investigations across the country involving thousands of potentially fraudulent ACORN forms.

    According to its national Web site, the group has registered 1.3 million people nationwide for the Nov. 4 election. It also has encountered complaints of fraud stemming from registration efforts in Wisconsin, New Mexico, Nevada and battleground states like Michigan, Ohio and North Carolina, where new voter registrations have favored Democrats nearly 4 to 1 since the beginning of this year.”

  • JD

    Jim – “This site has lost focus and objectivity”

    I was thinking the same thing when I read the following statements from Nate’s Article.

    Nate – “Sen. Obama worked for as a community organizer in Chicago, however, that aspect is irrelevant to this story”


    Nate – “I am not suggesting the Obama campaign was involved with the fraud as I do not believe it was, there is no evidence to that effect whatsoever.”


    Nate – “voter registration fraud should be harshly denounced, and I call on the Obama campaign to do so in this case.”

    Now lets get down to asking and answering some questions.

    1. Nate – “is it right for the Obama campaign to have paid $800,000 to the organization?”

    Didn’t Obama give the money to Citizens Services Inc. which is a subsidiary but has no cases of fraud to report? Last time I checked they have two reports of not having the proper permits in two states but since when is it the job of the Obama Campaign to make sure a company has all their permits.

    In fact, the only thing that was done wrong by the Obama Campaign was that it was filed incorrectly but was fixed by the Obama Campaign on their own and, as mentioned in your article, there is nothing uncommon about that. Both Campaigns do this due to the large amounts of money they are pulling in.

    Finally the majority of ACORN is done on a volunteer basis and as nate said in his article, “ACORN claims they do not approve of the fraudulent registrations but cannot stop their volunteers from turning in bad names and false voter registration applications.”

    2. Nate – “Should Obama repudiate the organization and demand their money back?”

    Are you suggesting that because Citizens Services Inc. is a subsidiary of ACORN that he should ask for his money back from Citizens Services Inc.

    It is like me paying for advertising on ESPN (Subsidiary) and then asking for my money back when I find out that Disney Company (Parent Company) was accused of fraudulent actions.

    We shall see what happens with this story but if you ask me, it has the smell of some serious Conservative BIAS. I am sure, I will get burned for saying that.

  • EricF

    105% of indianapolis is now registered to vote. damn ACORN is doing an amazing job with that voter turnout. wonder what percentage is registered dem? lol. why are these people given quotas in the first place? yet people have the nerve to try and defend this group? simply amazing.

  • IndiMinded

    Are you seriously proposing that they sought the help of 7 year olds to go to the polls on election day and cast a vote?

    Get out of my house… if they are attempting election fraud, they’re really really bad at it. It sounds to me like when they go on registration drives they just want as many names down on that paper as they can get.

  • Babs

    You got it, Indi. Take a look at this:


    Real people testifying here under oath. Then check out their own website at the number of registrations they’re claiming, they have a map by state:


    And there are also concerns of identity theft from those who legitimately registered under ACORN because many of them have criminal records for just such things, and one repeat child molester was also working for ACORN. This is really pitiful.

  • EricF

    ACORN hired 59 convicted felons to work voter registration drives. that says it all right there. ACORN needs to go.

  • Babs

    And here’s your tie between ACORN, PROJECT VOTE, and OBAMA:


    As you recall, Obama worked for Project Vote training these people.

  • Ruby2sday

    Guilt by association? You betcha, when there are myriad connections. How many baseball players does it take to make a team? Rezko, Wright, Ayers, Dohrn, Pfleger, Odinga, Auchi, Khalidi, Emil Jones, Jr., ACORN, ACORN Housing and the Democratic Socialist Party: seems Obama’s got a full team and a few backup players to boot. I wonder who else is hiding in the dugout…

  • nyth

    Sadly, this level of fraud would be a non-issue if the US actually had a respectable level of voter turn-out.

  • Responding to JD: “We shall see what happens with this story but if you ask me, it has the smell of some serious Conservative BIAS. I am sure, I will get burned for saying that.

    I knew you’d complain that this story was posted, however, these are all news sources. It seems you would like news which is bad for Obama hidden and news which is bad for McCain emphasized.

    Well, I prefer to emphasize it all and expose it all.

    JD, as I requested, if McCain is tied to anything similar, let me know as I am searching as well.

    My concern is this, that a national campaign, regardless of party, has paid and is paying money to a group turning in fraudulent registrations, doesn’t that bother you? Or is it fine since you support Obama? Would you care if this was the McCain campaign?

    There is no bias here, this story is all news reports. I would be making the same story had this involved McCain, and you know it.

  • Pete

    I definitely suspect the conservatives are trying to make them look bad. And just how do they tie these submissions to ACORN? Anybody can fill out a voter registration card and submit it, through ACORN or any other organization. Groups like acorn run on very small budgets and staff, and try to get whatever they can. I doubt they check or screen registration submissions.

    And this has nothing to do with Obama. Just because he’s giving them money doesn’t mean he’s running the operation.

    Obama and McCain both lie, but McCain has a weaker character, is a worse speaker, and has unsound policies. I’ll take Obama over that.

  • EricF

    this is a crazy mess. ACORN needs to be disbanded and people need to be prosecuted. ACORN is in the bag for Obama and everyone knows it. i cant believe this crap got this far. do these people have no shame? none at all? if they are allowed to get away with this i suggest we organize a national protest. we the people can not allow this to happen, not in America. if elections can be stolen via fraud there is no point in living here anymore. i am so disgusted.

  • EricF

    yeah sure pete no need for oversight right? hell lets just make it a competition on what party can fill out the most registration cards right?

    “And this has nothing to do with Obama. Just because he’s giving them money”

    do libs even think before they write this nonsense or do they just think the people are naive morons that will buy anything? oh it just so happens all these people real or made up are gonna vote or already have voted obama right? give me a freakin break. you really think the American people are gonna stand for this? think again.

  • Deb

    Obama hasn’t just given ACORN money. He has done much more.

    Inside Obama’s Acorn
    By their fruits ye shall know them.

    By Stanley Kurtz

    What if Barack Obama’s most important radical connection has been hiding in plain sight all along? Obama has had an intimate and long-term association with the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (Acorn), the largest radical group in America. If I told you Obama had close ties with MoveOn.org or Code Pink, you’d know what I was talking about. Acorn is at least as radical as these better-known groups, arguably more so. Yet because Acorn works locally, in carefully selected urban areas, its national profile is lower. Acorn likes it that way. And so, I’d wager, does Barack Obama.

    to read more check out Madeline Talbott and ACORN

  • Babs

    Thanks for the reference, Deb, it’s more research for my commentary on ACORN and Obama.

    If you visit the ACORN website itself and read their self proclaimed history, some of it will frighten you to death. It directly ties the Democratic Party to ACORN, which would explain the attempt to funnel billions in earmarks to ACORN through the recent bailout bill.

    This is from their website and particularly telling:

    “In November, 1994, the resurgence of the Republican Party in Congress dramatically changed the political picture for ACORN. It posed new threats to long-standing ACORN campaigns and meant a loss of support for ACORN initiatives.”

    And this from their website is another nail in the democrats coffin directly concerning Freddie and Fannie:

    “The ACORN convention in New York in 1992, the “ACORN-Bank Summit,” was organized to hammer out deals with giant banks like Continental, First Fidelity, Mellon, PriMerit, and Chemical. Representatives signed agreements to establish programs for low- and moderate-income people to qualify for mortgages in their communities. Citibank, the nation’s largest bank, did not participate. In response, the conventioneers held a lively action at Citibank’s downtown Manhattan headquarters, and won a meeting to negotiate for similar programs. The meeting also led to increased Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac funding from the secondary mortgage market to ACORN neighborhoods. These efforts led to billions of dollars of primary and secondary mortgage money flowing into ACORN communities over a period of several years.”

  • Deb

    Guess that explains why Obama got the money from Fannie Mae that he received. I can’t believe that so many people still think this country would be so much better off with a radical like Obama.


  • Babs

    Oh, you haven’t seen anything yet – ACORN and the Democrats – aka Obama – are totally in bed together. Here’s how it began in 1988, and grew from there. There’s tons of this stuff in their own words:

    “Electoral politics also became a powerful weapon in the ACORN arsenal. While they were not new to ACORN’s work – they were first tried in 1972 – they were refined and institutionalized within ACORN. The work with the Rainbow Lobby was clear proof of ACORN’s electoral abilities. APAC work in local and national electoral politics paid off, not just in campaigns won but in influence wielded within parties or among voters. ACORN groups discovered the possibilities of getting candidates to see things their way before an election, push for turnout and support, and continue to influence officeholders. They were even successful in electing members to offices in city councils, boards of education and, in Connecticut, the state legislature.

    ACORN also developed the capacity to influence office holders it had not been involved with in elections. The creation of the national office in Washington, DC made it possible to push ACORN issues at the federal level. Their work in pushing for funding of innovative community programs to prevent rape was one example of the possible connections to local and community ACORN efforts.”

  • RH

    I cant believe any thinking person would endorse or vote for Barack Obama for president with his very questionable background on many levels, with many individuals as well as organizations. We are talking about the most powerful political position in the world here people! Are you really willing to gamble with a man of obviously questionable character? Please open up your honest eyes and search the facts, in this case we really should look beyond party, and look at this man honestly and not give him a pass just because he is a democrat or wonderful speaker! Please lets look beyond our own thoughts of this man being all that when in truth he is not.

  • JD

    Nate – “these are all news sources.”

    All of the quotes I supplied were not from the news sources… they were from you.

    Nate – “This is also the group Sen. Obama worked for as a community organizer in Chicago, however, that aspect is irrelevant to this story.”

    This was not from a news source was it? So let’s examine the statement. You bring up that Sen. Obama worked for them but then turn around and say it is irrelevant to the story.

    How irrelevant? Must be relevant to you or you would not have mentioned it. Kind of looks like you meant the first part but threw in the irrelevant part in to attempt to make it look unbais?

    Kind of like me saying that babs claims you will give her my IP address but you would never do that right? So it is irrelevant. So why would I bring it up unless I was looking to make a point.

    Babs quote – “or I’ll ask Nate for your IP” Again, it is irrelevant, of course.

    You could have wrote the same article called ACORN : Voter Fraud investigation.

    Did you notice that only 1 out of 8 “News sources” you posted actually mentioned Obama and even then the one that you linked was The Pittsburgh-Tribune Review which simply talked about Obama changing reports to the commission to rightfully mention the Citizen Services Inc. and goes on to mention that this is not uncommon for either campaign to do.

    No Nate, this article should have been labeled ACORN and Voter Fraud if you wanted to be unbiased.

    I am not upset but take it as my opinion and realize I should have the right to criticize you if there has been some Bias, just like you criticized me for my BIAS

    Nate – “It seems you would like news which is bad for Obama hidden and news which is bad for McCain emphasized.”

    Have I asked you to post anything about McCain or Obama? Well, not at least that I can remember so where do you get your information when you say that I want to hide bad Obama and for you to post bad stuff on McCain?

    Keep the article Nate, I just think you should have focused on ACORN but, none the less, you name dropped Obama in title and in the article. Even you even say, “not suggesting the Obama campaign was involved with the fraud as I do not believe it was, there is no evidence to that effect whatsoever” — again those are your words not from the news source.

  • Babs

    Wow, JD, you really are bipolar, aren’t you? You’re ranting, unfortunately for you, will not kill the article or the discussion thread.

    ACORN’S ALLIANCES per their website, note Project Vote is a major alliance to ACORN. Odd, it’s one of Obama’s, too. 😉


  • JD


    Since when did you like to name call? I thought you were above that? or was it all talk…

    Once again, you prove how two faced you are. Still, you keep holding on to your Birth Certificate, ACORN, and all your other conspiracies. Hold onto them for dear life because you are going to need a “Hail Mary” to win this election.

    I said it before that I am interested to see how this plays out and I stand by it but you will not convince me that this is some large scale conspiracy. But you have a friend in Eric for that.

    It is sad to listen to your desperation. Maybe you’ll be one of those people that move to Canada when Obama is president.

  • JD,

    The Obama campaign has paid an ACORN group $800,000 for their efforts. ACORN is being investigated for fraud all over the country. Is there not a problem with paying a group which is now under 11 separate investigations concerning voter registration fraud? You still haven’t answered that question, you’re just accusing me of bias.

    Please, get off your high horse and take this for what it is, stop accusing me of bias. There is evidence in the post to support the title. I am asking if Obama’s campaign paying $800,000 to a group under investigation for voter registration fraud is a problem. If I thought anyone had presented evidence to the contrary, I would be the first to revise the title and the story, but it stands because it is the truth in this case. The title asks if there is a problem, and then presents evidence, you do the math.

    That being said, I don’t appreciate being accused of bias when everything stated above is factually referenced.

    I am not here to please everyone, I am here to report on the election, which is exactly what this is. You may not like it because it isn’t good news for Obama, too bad. Read one of the dozen other recent stories on the site which is good news for Obama and ignore this one, doesn’t bother me.

    If I make an error, I am the first to correct myself and apologize as I believe in factual, truth-based reporting of stories. I am always looking to extend, revise, update, etc… Nobody has provided more information on this story except more links to stories about ACORN’s corruption, which I posted.

    The facts:

    -ACORN under 11 investigations for voter registration fraud
    -Obama campaign has paid an ACORN group $800,000 for voter registration efforts and “get-out-to-vote drives”

    See the connection? Or are you blind because of your partisanship? I see clearly because I approach both sides with a grain of salt. I don’t trust McCain and I don’t trust Obama, so I have no problem reporting the facts on either side.

    I am asking if this will be a problem for the campaign. Can you not see the objective, unbiased reporting here? Any journalism 101 major would make this connection.

    I even went so far as to make a clear statement that the Obama campaign has NOT been linked to the fraud directly, only that they have paid the group money. Yet, when I made that statement, you attacked me on it. Make up your mind.

    JD, please just admit that you didn’t like the content and facts being presented so you felt the need to attack me as bias. I can’t find another explanation for your outrage.

    I dot not criticize anyone’s bias, I criticize misreporting of facts, such as your comment about the Palin’s tax returns which I did the math and corrected. I am interested in evidential truth, not conjecture and opinion. Have I ever told you to change your opinion? No, and never will. So don’t claim I attack you on bias or should attack you on bias, you’re allowed to have it, I’m not.

    Everyone needs to lighten up and be more open to the truth and facts as they’re presented, regardless of the candidate.

    Anyways, I’m done defending myself to you because I know this story is legitimate and that’s what matters. If contrary evidence is presented, I will gladly, wholeheartedly update and revise as I am not above admitting if I’m wrong.

  • Babs

    Shoot no, JD, if Obama wins President we’re going to quit our jobs and sign up for his welfare programs. 😉

    Again, a whole post with no substance. You’re so sad.

  • Odonata28

    EricF – just to let you know in many states convicted felons are allowed to vote, so I don’t see anything wrong with people who have paid their debt to society being hired to help register voters and be a part of the political process of the country they live in.

    Babs – If I had a choice between a candidate who is aligned with a group that registers voters, even if in some cases the registrations are fraudulant (and if they have registered 1.3 million voters, and “thousands” are fraudulant, assuming it’s not more than a hundrend thousand because then they would have said “hundreds of thousands” that could be anywhere from 0.1-10%, which I still feel are pretty small numbers), and a candidate who was part of the Keating 5 which is one of the main reasons for our current econonmic crisis, umm…..yeah, I’ll choose voter registration fraud. Especially considering that Obama probably didn’t actually fraudlantly register voters himself, but McCain WAS one of the Keating 5. Sorry guys, you are going to have to find something a little more substantial.


  • Leeze

    True Obama did not personally register them but I bet he had alot to do with it. You people cannot keep hiding all the affliations Obama has in his closet..Ok, then what about his so called Raila Odinga, or Khalid Al-Mansour, and so many more. Obama is the racist in this deal, not true Americans. He and his wife hate America.

    Then there is Bill Ayers, and his loony wife, Reverend Wright who hates, Tony Rezco and Priest Pledger.

    All of you people who think you are gonna get a big piece of the pie with Obama are in for a big surprise.

    Hey Babs.

  • JD

    Nate – “Is there not a problem with paying a group which is now under 11 separate investigations concerning voter registration fraud?”

    It depends if you are suggesting that the Obama campaign is some how condoning or apart of ACORN fraud. If Obama’s campaign is then yes it should be brought up. Still lets consult what you had to say about that.

    Nate says, “I am not suggesting the Obama campaign was involved with the fraud as I do not believe it was, there is no evidence to that effect whatsoever”

    Did Obama Pay for thier services? Yes

    Did he or does he condone Voter Fraud? No

    You and I both agree on that and so to answer your question, No, I don’t think there is a problem with Obama Paying ACORN for thier help in the get out the vote program. And even you, Nate, say that Obama is not apart of this possible fraud.

    Still, LIKE I SAID BEFORE. I am interested to see what the investigations turn up because I too am against voter fraud.

    Let me be clear about what I am trying to tell you.


    -ACORN under 11 investigations for voter registration fraud
    -Obama campaign has paid an ACORN group $800,000 for voter registration efforts and “get-out-to-vote drives”

    They are not connected and even you say they are not connected. Again, I will quote you… “I am not suggesting the Obama campaign was involved with the fraud as I do not believe it was, there is no evidence to that effect whatsoever.”

    Sigh, What the hell does it matter? Believe what you (Nate) want, that is what people do. I guess there is NO possible way that you show or showed any BIAS. I’ll not mention anything about you or the possibility of BIAS again.

    I concede to this windmill.

  • Babs

    Oh I think not, Odonata28. You see, McCain was exhonerated from the Keating 5, although he said himself it was the “worse mistake he’s ever made” to attend that meeting. Of course, you already know that, you’re just pasting Obama talking points, right?

    Obama, on the other hand, has paid organizations connected to ACORN to steal our votes. I guess you think that as long as the theft only adds up to “0.1 – 10%” it’s ok, which doesn’t say a lot for you. We don’t deserve to have any of our votes stolen – if Obama wins, then he should win on his on merit, not from stealing, or writing a check to the people that steal. If that’s ok with you, then I suppose that’s why it’s ok with you, also, that he thinks being associates with a domestic terrorist is ok as long as he was active when Obama was 8. That would rule Hitler out as well, I suppose.

    You’re argument to EricF also doesn’t hold water, and you must never watch the news, or you would know that. They may be allowed to vote, but they are not allowed to commit voter fraud and they have. I also question why you think it would be ok for 59 convicted felons to be on ACORNS payroll registering voters, when they have been convicted of crimes like identity theft.

  • Bruce

    If you want a short history of the republicans Very Own Voter registration Fraud Take a HARD look at the Florida 200 recount, MY Adopted FATHER John “Mac the Knife” Stipanovich Played a key role in Disavowing 20,000 votes in the state thru the mouth of Sec of state Katherine Harris! Want Proof? Watch the HBO movie RECOUNT and Look for Mac Stipanovich and the KEY role he played. Or even just Google it. These are the kind of slime that the republicans use to “force” their agenda:

    (“Now, back to Big Sugar. Who represented U.S. Sugar in the Everglades deal? Why, two of Charlie Crist’s biggest fundraisers, of course – Brian Ballard and Mac Stipanovich, AKA Mac the Knife. “I’ve been to three world’s fairs and a goat roping contest, and I’ve never been a part of anything quite like this,” Stipanovich said of the deal. Stipanovich is perhaps best known for this gem when he was overheard telling then Gov. Jeb Bush after the legislative session: “I don’t know what the poor people got. But the rich people are happy.” That’s Mac the Knife for ya, old pal of the “people’s” governor, Charlie Crist.”)

    These are the Exact same kind of people running McCain’s Campaigns across the country! I lived in that house thru MANY MANY campaign strategy meetings and Met All the Governors, President Reagan, I spoke to G.W Bush Sr. On the Phone at my House. These People Do NOT care about your well being they want the Rich to get rich and the poor can deal with it. Morals like these need to Fundamentally change in our Govenment and Minds like My Fathers should be Condemned for the Extreme Lack of Morality. Pocket book and Party before Country and Morals.

    People may think I’m just lashing out in distain. But I truly know this person and the company he keeps.

    So In short it is to be expected the republicans are scratching at the wood on the Lid of the coffin trying to Do ANYTHING they can to get there way People be damned.

    Bruce Stipanovich

  • Deb

    It is amazing that if the democrats had their way ACORN would have gotten money from the pork barrelling that was added to the bailout.
    The democrats always want to bring up Keating 5 but first of all not one of them including the 4 democrats bombed anything in the US. McCain and John Glenn where the only 2 who didn’t end up losing their careers. McCain has paid back money and has moved forward to stop government waste because of his involvement with Keating 5. Now John Glenn is backing Obama.

  • JD

    Bruce – “republicans are scratching at the wood on the Lid of the coffin trying to Do ANYTHING they can to get there way”

    Isn’t that the truth they are really getting desperate around here.

  • nyth

    I am curious on how people can think Obama, or any other politician for that matter, can hate America. If they hated America, why would they be running for an office it it?

    Is it not possible that they see flaws in what has happened in the past, and run for office because they want to change that? Even more, is it not possible they run for office so they can get kick-backs from special interests, as well as notoriety and fame?

    But running for office because they hate America? Please. They may be corrupt to their bones. They may not give a damn about the country, and are just in it for the money. Maybe they are in it for the power. Maybe (and I know it is a stretch) they are in it because they want to make a difference. I just can’t imagine anyone being a politician because they hate the country they are serving, surely there are better careers to follow if you hate America.

    Why is it, if someone disagrees with the current situation they are said to ‘hate America’? The ones that truly hate America are those who are blind from their “Patriotism”. The ones who think that every action we take must be right, or we would not have taken it.

    Face it, America has made some mistakes. Seeing those mistakes and wishing to correct them is an act of love, not of hate.

    I guess that was way off topic…

  • Babs

    “Bruce – “republicans are scratching at the wood on the Lid of the coffin trying to Do ANYTHING they can to get there way”

    Isn’t that the truth they are really getting desperate around here. ”

    Hmmm, I don’t believe it’s the Republicans being charged with voter fraud. 😉

    Deb, as it turns out, I heard this morning that the final bill also had some pork in it – via the democrats – that went to organizations TIED to ACORN. There is a movement on the Hill to cut off any more endowments for ACORN or anyone having anything to do with ACORN. I hope they can get it done.

  • Bruce

    Republicans Economics 101:
    “I’ve been to three world’s fairs and a goat roping contest, and I’ve never been a part of anything quite like this,” Stipanovich said of the deal. Stipanovich is perhaps best known for this gem when he was overheard telling then Gov. Jeb Bush after the legislative session: “I don’t know what the poor people got. But the rich people are happy.” That’s Mac the Knife for ya, old pal of the “people’s” governor, Charlie Crist.”

    Thats My dad for ya. same person who Hid my True Biological Family from me for 31 years! Thank god the Law allows for me to Change My name back to to My Biological Name. Which is in the works.

  • JD

    Your Dad’s wife doesn’t happen to be Babs, possibly? Cause he and she sound a lot alike.

  • Bruce

    Lol No. I wouldn’t subject Babs to that kind of cruelty. She may be a Republican but no bodies perfect 🙂

  • Babs

    Thanks, Bruce. 😉 Sorry about your experience, you may be democrat, but no one deserves that.

  • james


    Wow Bruce, I can copy and paste also.

    I doubt you are who you say you are, but everyone is entitled to their own reality right?

  • Odonata28

    “I guess you think that as long as the theft only adds up to “0.1 – 10%” it’s ok, which doesn’t say a lot for you.”

    Babs – I don’t think any kind of theft is okay. What I think is, for something that involves millions of people, a small margin of error is expected. There are also going to be a number of people that either willingly or unknowingly break the rules. I don’t think that someone who registered 72 times is going to be able to vote 72 times. I don’t think a 7 year old would be allowed to vote. These may be cases of fraud, but they won’t end up as actual counted votes.

    A lot of voters registrations that are LEGITAMATE are being thrown out and I think that is more serious than a few cases of fraud that won’t count anyway. There are registrations being thrown out because a name is misspelled, because of handwriting, because of data entry on the computer was a type-o, because something doesn’t quite match up (like a hyphen in a name). People are being disenfranchised from voting. I think Oregon has a great system of mail-in ballots, not sure why more states haven’t adopted that. People are making this more difficult instead of easy and uncomplicated. Why is that, I wonder?

    They made it more difficult in Florida and we all know what happened there. What ever it was, it wasn’t fair. We can talk about stolen votes. I bet there are a lot of people in Florida in 2000 who would like to talk about stolen votes. I can see all those Republicans rolling their eyes now. Will this year be Recount all over again? I hope not.

    By the way, Nate, you are not directly pointing a finger. You are pretending to be innocent and unbiased, but your not. You have heard of loaded questions? This is a loaded article. If you are biased just admit it. Geez, I’ll admit I am biased. I’ll admit I listen to biased radio programs and TV shows. So what? It’s like O’Reilly saying “Fair and balanced” all the time! It’s like he is trying to convince himself. He has an opinion and so do you. Share it without the cloak of dishonosty to yourself.

  • IndiMinded

    Yeah, the 7 year old keeps coming back to me. If this were some massive intentional attempt to fraud the election, can someone tell me the benefits of registering a 7 year old to vote?

    Because to me that doesn’t sound sinister, it just sounds silly.

    And massive voter fraud does worry me. Some of the odd inconsistancies that happened with electronic voting machines last election, combined with their uncomfortable vulnerabilities had me foaming at the mouth for a while. I mean forget ACORN, those machines are where the good fraud is at. If someone has the right access to those machines, they can change huge quantities of votes in virtually no time, and without leaving much evidence behind.

    Or at least that was true last election. I haven’t heard anything about changes for this one, but after that web video where Barbara Boxer and Howard Dean personally demonstrate how easy it is for the right person to hack into those things, I’m hoping some sort of security was added.

  • Bruce


    Thats the great thing about this country you are free to believe what you wish. I am Bruce Stipanovich And my Story is true. All I have in this world is my Word and it is Truth. By the way THANK YOU for Posting the link of My Response to the FLA Blogs in your post. You just proved that I am who I say I am

  • james


    I’m curious as to how the link to Know Charlie by the company he keeps by Damien Filer on July 23rd, 2008 proves that you are truly associated. What it does show is your ability to copy and paste.

    On top of that, you in no way added any fact to your post to tie it in to John McCain. I dislike both candidates equally, but an sick and tired of people like you generalizing both republican and democrats with half-truths. Post something of substance and when you use part of an article from someone give them the credit they deserve.

  • Bruce

    From Family Sources, I know for a Fact that Mac has been tapped by the Florida Republican Campaign powers that be to get involved in Florida during this election. No I did NOT say that John McCain called him. And If your Morals match that Of Mac’s greed and Abuse of Power. Then You Like My Adopted Father Need to Look in the real world mirrors and think of others than the rich Elite and Political Fear mongers.

    So to say I am generalizing is truly your opinion. Why would I Actually want to associate my name with some one like Mac if there wasn’t cause for TRUTH? Its a free Country Gotta Love it.

    Obama/Biden 08 Real Change!

    Bruce Stipanovich

  • Dreadsen

    lets not forget the voter caging.

    Democracy now on suppressing foreclosed home owners from voting in Michigan


    Ketih Olberman covers voter suppression of African Americans. Obama followed up with a law suit. He interviews a Republican voter fraud artist who did time for it.


    What about this story which was posted above?


    So i know everyone is trying to prepare this to be the reason why Obama wins if he wins.

  • Bill Hedges

    Dreadsen- I am pleased to hear that a Republican voter fraud artist did time. That is what should happen to law breakers. I have heard there are ACORN members in jail now. I heard Federal government is investgating many of the ACORN cases. Feds jail time is much longer than through States. Thank goodness the original bail-out plan was modified. Under it, ACORN could have received $ billions. I wonder who added that PORK ?

  • Babs

    “Babs – I don’t think any kind of theft is okay. What I think is, for something that involves millions of people, a small margin of error is expected.”

    O – margin of human error is one thing. Voter fraud is another – that’s a margin of humans breaking the law to affect the outcome of a campaign. And remember – JFK won the 1960 election by LESS THAN 100,000 votes. So even a small percentage of voter fraud is NOT ok, and is a really big red flag.

  • Odonata28

    This is about voter REGISTRATION fraud, not voter fraud. There IS a difference. These mistakes, on purpose or not, will not end up being actual votes.

    Dresden is listing examples of actual voter fraud. I also think this is all a set up for the right to yell fraud after Obama wins this election. If he wins by more than 100,000 votes, you all should have nothing to say about it, but I am sure you will.

  • Babs

    This is all set up for the right? You think Obama paid nearly a million dollars to ACORN for “Get out the vote” just to set something up for the right? You think ACORN – which was formed decades ago and brag that they have the power to keep democrats in office – are just doing all this in 13 states to “set up for the right to yell fraud”? That makes no sense, but think what you wish.

    No, it’s not just about REGISTRATION fraud. Take a look at the news in Ohio, where a judge has had to step in against the sec. of state who will not allow these fraudulent registrations to be thrown out. Take a look at the states where these people have been allowed to register and VOTE on the same day.

    Really, are you people so desparate for Obama to win that you would defend ACORN and its tactics? Do you know how much money it’s going to cost these 13 states just to UNDO what ACORN has done – partly with Obama’s $800,000???

  • Babs

    “I’ve been fighting alongside ACORN on issues you care about my entire career. Even before I was an elected official, when I ran Project Vote voter registration drive in Illinois, ACORN was smack dab in the middle of it, and we appreciate your work.”

    — Barack Obama, Speech to ACORN, November 2007

  • Howard

    I, like many Americans believe that character, honesty, and integrity really do go to the foundation of who the next president should be.Obama is ahead in the polls because Obama is dramatically outspending McCain with television advertising … he has a biased media in the tank, who provides him with more and better exposure, and editorial endorsement … Obama has 96% of the black vote … he enjoys the relentless support of a completely biased entertainment industry, plus the left wing educational community, plus massive illegal, or unethical fund raising, and voter registration drives, by groups like Acorn … not to mention the fact that thanks to democratic propaganda, McCain has to carry Bush’s weight. At this point in time, many Americans are also beginning to question the validity of the POLLS. Are they skewed, like the biased media? Do they truly reflect reality? Are the sample groups mostly black voters? If the Democrats are so sure they’ve already won, how come they keep trying so hard to make the rest of us believe it? Just like they did against Hillary! There is a good chance that if we can keep voter fraud out of this election, that on November 4th, the actual voters, in the privacy of their booths, will elect McCain/Palin, by a comfortable margin. If you vote for Obama, you are also voting for voter fraud and a crooked media.
    On November 4th cast your vote for McCain/Palin !!!

  • Babs

    That’s a good question, Howard. The new Fox Polls came out today showing Obama with a 7% lead. But when I looked at the raw data they posted, guess what. And this is what I wrote them:

    “Please explain to me the bias in the Fox polls released today. I looked at the raw data and the last question reveals that 41% of those polled were Democrats, while 34% were Republican. Oddly enough, that’s a 7% difference, exactly the amount Obama is favored.

    Why can’t any of these polls be from an equal amount of participants on both sides? This is why no one can believe them! I implore you to look at ANY of them – Gallup, etc. – they are always democratic leaning in numbers polled for each party!”

    So no, we can’t believe the polls.

  • You believed the polls enough when McCain was ahead in them Babs.

    Obama should be jailed for this ACORN scandal. OK so he had nothing to do with the voter registration fraud thingy personally, but that shouldn’t stop us getting our pound of flesh from him.

  • Bill Hedges

    odonata 28 If someone illegally registers, there is intent to vote illegally. In any case the law is broken. All citizens should demand a lawful vote. And how do you know they won’t turn out to be actual votes. To take the risk of jail time and not vote makes no sense. Voter employees have showed these are not all honest mistakes. One example, register 27 times is not a honest mistake. Another example, the Dallas Cowboys registered in Navada is not a honest mistake.

  • Odonata28

    Yes, and if someone walks into the voting booth 27 times you don’t think someone would notice? They wouldn’t be able to vote 27 times. Or what? You expect someone to use Halloween costumes to dress up like the Dallas Cowboys and walk into the booth? Or what about the 7 year old? She going to go in on stilts with a fake driver’s license?

    It goes both ways. There are many cases of people who have the right to vote not being allowed to vote, but I never hear the Republicans yelling about that. That to me is more unpatriotic and illegal than a 7-yr old registering. Give me a break.

    If they did something wrong, there should be justice. But again, it goes both ways. When voters are disenfrachised, there should be justice there too (like home-owners who lost their houses not being allowed to vote, or felons being told they can’t vote in states they can). I am angry at ACORN. Don’t think I’m not. These far-left liberal groups PISS ME OFF because they make the word liberal dirty.

  • Stalin


    You’re forgetting absentee voting? Not every fraudulent vote has to be in person…

  • Bill Hedges

    Odonate 28. Voting fraud occurs. Poeple do vote more than once. You try to say the method they use is useless, but it isn’t. They do commit fruade. If you watched Hannity and other such shows they will explain how it is done much better than I. If you watched on T.V., as stalin pointed out, there is absentee voting. In some States, you cand register and vote the same day. No where in my arguments on any site have I said that legal voters should be denided the right to vote. Same holds true for person right to be a liberal. I do not make fun of a person just because they are liberal..

  • Yes but you can’t send an absentee ballot on a fraudulent registration because Acorn has to turn it in to the election board and they MUST BY LAW verify all of those submissions. All the fraudulent ones do NOT MAKE IT TO THE REGISTRATION ROLLS. Acorn has rooted out the fraudulent ones and they can not discard them. They STILL HAVE TO TURN them in letting them know that they are fraudulent. The only way you can send an absentee ballot is after your registration has been authenticated. Even where you can register and vote the same day you have to have a legal I.D. to do so.

  • Bill Hedges

    Dreadsen– Voter employees are required to check. And in the checks many of ACORN registrations have bad phone numbers, bad addresses, names of dead people, etc. Yes, Acorn must turn in ALL their registrations BY LAW. Acorn has, on occaion, pointed out a few as questionable. For years ACORN has been investigated. Some have been put in jail. Accorn has not rooted out the bad ones and pointed them all out. If they had, we would not be having this discusion. And the news media would not be investagating ACORN. You fail to realize that in certain States the registration and vote ballot come in at the same time. Is it Ohio where this is posible.? And the Democrat Secreary in not co-operating in getting the registration confirmed . And Judge is ordering her to co-operate. Your last sentance is incorrect, the registration, and vote ballot is turned in by ACORN. What is questionable under these circumstance, who filled out the ballot. However, no possibility of fraude should exist. Surely you will agree with that. Hannity show has pointed out the practice of Acorn to turn in hugh number of registration at the last moment. Taxing the system to do their job. All libraries in my cit will register you. Obama and McCaindo provide some buses to take people to register. It is my belief tha organization , such as ACORN, should not be used when the ballot and registration can be joined together. In those few States, fraud is possible to too high a degree.

  • Joe C

    Kinda makes one wonder how deeply involved Senator Obama is in all these swirling controversies . . . Ayers, Rezko, ACORN, Odinga, Wright, and his own birth certificate. Do we know enough about him? It is time to come clean, Sen Obama. Tell us who you are.

  • Bill Hedges

    Joe C.– You hit the key issue McCain is bringing out. Obama should tell his story. Allow the release of his University records as well..

  • Deb

    If the democrats were smart they would tell ACORN that until this matter is straightened out there will be no more funding from the government. ACORN is supposed to be non-baised and because of that is considered a not for profit organization. If the democrats came out and laid it on the line it would look much better for them. Instead they are just sitting and waiting.
    As for someone saying why is Obama running for president if he hates the country, think about it. He wants to take from the wealthy and give to the poor. He wants $845B of our money to go to the UN so they can give it to 3rd world countries. I think he wants to destroy what the Americans have and create another 3rd world country. I don’t think though that it is the country he hates. It is the white people.

  • Babs

    Deb, I believe there is a mission afoot on the floor of the House and Senate to deny ACORN any further funds. How far it will get against the Democrats that got them for them is anyone’s guess.

    pudding, look again. From the day I appeared on this site, I’ve always said the polls were inaccurate and misleading. I don’t pay attention to them in either direction. But, nice try. 😉