Video: Joe Biden reacts to last night’s debate

Biden hasn’t made too much news lately but he has been on the trail stumping today and was with Harry Smith this morning on the Early Show discussing the debate. I don’t want to give away his analysis, but I’ll let you guess where he stands.

Here’s the video:

Shocker, he says Obama did well and McCain performed poorly. No video of Palin to match him at the moment.

  • Babs

    Well, there ya go, I’m only as stupid as Joe Biden. He apparently thought the same thing I did about the mortgage buy up McCain talked about. *LOL*

    I do like the way Biden keeps saying that he’ll be the one Obama gets his advice from. A couple of weeks ago Biden was saying that he would be sitting right there next to Obama when he made all his decisions giving him advice. I guess it’s Biden we’re voting for for President, really. Didn’t we already vote him out of the race once already?

  • Bruce

    Hi Babs 🙂

    McCain doesn’t even know the details of his own new bold plan. Which Paulson even vaguely said that that’s what part of the Bail out was already meant to fix. Trying to be as nice as Possible about McCain But he is clearly showing that he is flustered. And Babs, Please tell your Candidate to Show a little more Respect all around. By condemning the outbursts in his crowds, sticking to issues in a time of True crisis would be nice for a change don’t you agree?

    And I just am starting to almost feel bad for Palin (Welllll maybe not that much) She is getting beat up from both Sides Left and Right. McCain doesn’t even let her in on Strategy sessions. Reporter to Palin “what do you think about McCain pulling out of Michigan?’ Palin- “He did What?!”

    Gotta Love this Election Year! Only In America!

    Have a good One

  • Dreadsen


    We are voting for Palin and she was never in the primaries!! LOL!


    I’ve been feeling really bad for her too. Because i don’t think this is in her character at all.
    i do wonder about both of their characters for not condemning people shouting “kill him”, “terrorist”, “off with his head”.
    It looks like these are the reactions they intended to incite. The secret service even looked into the “kill him” remark. Staring to look like a witch hunt. ooh wait…..