Video: Clips from the Presidential Town Hall Debate

The debate is wrapping up and the clips are rolling in from the Presidential Town Hall debate at Belmont University in Nashville, TN. A wide range of topics discussed and both candidates performed well.

Watch the full debate video here.

Bunch of clips from MSNBC:

Full video is coming soon!


Here is the entire, unedited Town Hall debate video:

Video: Presidential Town Hall Debate from Belmont University (10/7/08)

  • over all, I think the candidates avoided the questions. I cannot think of any question that was answered clearly and definitively, so it looks like i will be dissecting the replays for several days to come. See you on the 15th.

  • U.S.A.

    Obama easily won although McCain did well. Obama made his issues clear and answered the questions that McCain attacks him on. It is clear that the attacks about “friends” is no issue on this election as it should not. Good debate.

  • Julie

    “That one”???

  • EricF

    i dont think either candidate won this debate. im gonna go ahead and say Brokaw was a poor choice as a moderator. lets hope the last debate is much better.

  • McCain gained no ground at all.

    For the first 45 minutes neither one answered a question. I felt like Simon from American Idol when a gawd awful singer comes up and he just turns his head. I even caught myself dozing off. All of us knew those answers already and they had nothing to do with with the questions.

    It’s like both of them had that magic 8 ball that you shake up and get random pre written answers.

    But on Health Care i think Obama gave an answer which stuck on people which redirected unregulated policies of corporations which would stick with some people. So that stood out.

    He got him again with that bomb bomb Iran when talking about walking softly and carrying a big stick. That may stick.

    I gave the last debate to McCain i give this one to Obama.
    I think a lot of us were let down because McCain said that he was going to take the gloves off on Tuesday. HE had gloves on with mittens on top.

    But if someone felt that McCain won, it wouldn’t be too far fetched. But it wasn’t enough for him to break Obama’s momentum. It’s like a fight in the ring. If it is too close it’s a tie and person with the Title keeps the belt. And if you barely win usually the judges still give the fight to the other guy because you have to do more than that to beat the current title holder.

  • brenda

    McCain was clear and had good honest answers. He should have asked Obama about ACORN, the communist that was his mentor for many years and the terrorists that has been his friends for many years.!!!!!!

  • voodoofire

    Obama ruled as always MCsame is too grumpy !

  • Nancy Martz

    Obama was very presidential, cool and calm as always with specific answers to the questions. He won hands down. I liked that he and Michelle remained to shake hands and speak with everyone in the room long after McCain and spouse had left.

  • EricF

    Dreadsen i will lift my ban on you because you are right that this debate was boring as anything i have ever seen. did Brokaw select the questions or was it someone else?

    i disagree on the healthcare issue. i think the American people will side with McCain on this because we have all seen how open competition benefits the people. opening up state lines and allowing for competition would be a major breakthrough for that industry.

    i was for McCain before this debate and i still am but i dont think either candidate won over any voters immediately. the one thing that we will have to wait and hear more about is the new McCain plan to buy up the bad mortgages. i reserve judgement until details come out but this a potential game changer. he should have gone into greater detail but again, Brokaw did a poor job at moderating so lets see where this goes.

  • Nancy Martz

    Obama won hands down. He answered each question with specific details and clarity, and he corrected McCain’s attacks with his consistently calm dignity. I liked that he and Michelle stayed around afterwards to talk with everyone in the room, long after McCain had left.

  • Kyle B.

    Why did McCain intentionally misquote Teddy Roosevelt? He knew the quote, as was evident by the fact that he started to say “walk” instead of “talk”, but then he used talk to try and prove the point. Completely unnecessary. Small point, I know, but it bugged me. If you’re about straight talk, then be about straight talk. The point was a valid one even without “his hero’s” opinion.

  • Daniel B

    I want to see McCain win this election, and fealt very comfortable hearingn from him tonight, because of the last question. McCains answer rocked, and showed a lot of passion for his country. Obama screwed that up at the end, which left a bitter taste. People will have to side with McCain on the medicare issue, if they know whats good for them. Personal responsibility is pretty awesome, and allows good americans to sleep well at night knowing they are making it for themselves. Why tax the business’ that give people jobs? Why take away motivation to expand a business which would create MORE jobs?

    Our society is crazy. We need to hear some patriotism. WE are not our government. WE are our country. Lets hear some more positive thoughts from americans. It seems to be a theme today to hate our country because we hate our government.


    If that was supposed to be a town hall debate, the debate commission and Tom Brokaw must think We the people are retarded. Town hall debates are supposed to be composed not only of questions about policy but also questions about judgement, faith, associations and so on. Brokaw selected the gimme questions that would not question Obama once. I was disgusted with the questioning, especially at the amount of questioning on Healthcare that was so purposely for Obama because he feels its a so called “privilage” for people who dont even work or get of their lazy ass to be rewarded by the government. I AM DISGUSTED BY THIS!

    McCain won on the economy HANDS DOWN I REPEAT HANDS DOWN! and he won on foreign policy no doubt.

    The next debate better get some tough questions on Obama or this is the year journalism and news died. How a candidate can avoid the most radical associations and most radical views like he has is absurb and shows down right that this country is only afraid to question him one because of the bias and two because it would be seen as “racism.”

    Last thing. Guess what Obama did again like he does in every single debate. HE BROKE THE RULES! and guess what HE GOT AWAY WITH IT! The man who is above all politics the one who would unite both parties again breaks the rules. D I S G U S T I N G !

  • Manish Kankani

    I don’t think either candidate won. They seem to just avoid the questions altogether. Hope that the last debate is much better.

  • Michele B

    McCain may be Honorable but I believe he is also arrogant, especially when he says ” That One” referring to Obama during the debate like he was a piece of trash…. How can you work across party lines and get anything done for the people as President if you constantly remind the public that ” I have fought and disagreed with people even within my own party “. and now the public again has witnessed(McCain) degrade and insult another candidate on National Tv….Its disgusting and childest…Come on People !!!

    Mccain is running against Obama to become President and he cannot even act decent to a fellow human being…. what makes anyone think That Mccain would all of sudden be decent to us if he were now working for all of America?…Arizona should also wake up and quit voting him in…… Just bugs me how arrogant and rude he is….

  • Barack’s tax the rich scheme is going to be devastating to an already limping economy. Simple econimics- Tax business’s more and they leave the country, do not expand or go bankrupt. Anyone ever get a job from a poor person?

  • JD

    Insta-Poll information…

    From CBS News, among uncommitted voters:

    Obama 39, McCain 27
    35 percent saw the debate as a draw

    – Put me down as one of the people who saw this as a draw.

    From CNN:

    Obama 54, McCain 30


    I felt this debate was a draw. The only reason I feel Obama will come out ahead is because he is and has been coming across as presidential. This is important since McCain’s new campaign strategy is to paint a question mark on Obama which can not be done if Obama keeps looking like a candidate that can go, at least, toe to toe let alone land punches.

    So, I felt this was an “Ok” performance by both and for people like me who have been wrapped up in this political season (My reality TV show) I was hoping for more.

    I was completely suprise to see Obama draw first blood. Was anyone else? Usually, it is McCain that jumps out there first. I think that was the big unexpected occurrence for me.

    Walking away from tonight, I feel that McCain was unable to unseat Obama as the candidate of choice when it comes to the economy which means the polls and Independent voters are still going to be trickling in for Obama. I think that was what McCain had to do and failed. (My Opinion)

  • EricF

    Michele B how can we expect a candidate to fight terorism if he is associating with known and admitted domestic terrorist?

    Ken, i agree completely.

  • Ethel

    I think Sen. McCain was, is and will be the winner again in November. America needs to know the truth about Barak Husein O’Bama. Who is he really? I read comments from his own books in his own words and they were not ones you would want to hear from your President.

    Here is the main one I am talking about from one of his own books. There are others quotes from his other books, but this one shows one of the good reasons I would not vote for him and pray all know the truth of who he is back to his roots before it is too late. That quote is given below.

    From Audacity of Hope: ‘I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.’

  • Senator Obama won (hands down) with his powerful reason, level headed and calm demeanor as well as his very professional and Presidential stance.
    I cannot possibly imagine one more year of McSame following the Idiocracy of Bush – he is the same camp and made of the same lame, cheating. lying, flunky parts. The candidates have asked us to review their credentials and I can tell you that I have – The old guy has a bad track record and the young guy has a great start of a long career.

  • Kevin

    Are you kidding me? The “domestic terrorist” was rehabilitated long ago in our own system. The same system that McCain has been a part of governing over the last 30 years. Let’s may be look at McCain’s part in the Wall Street dive that happened back in 88′ or how McCain’s “trophy” running mate, who with her husband, supported Alaska’s severance from the USA not that long ago.

  • Philip G

    The candidates once again dodged questions and didn’t engage in real political dialouge. It is sad that so many people waste so much time critisizing and analyzing what they say(or actually don’t). Republicans and Democrats are the same. They even agreed on war with Iran. Jeez. When are people going to stop voting for these lame-brains?

  • Bruce

    EricF, Please stop the retoric about associations that have ALREADY been Highly Discussed During the Primaries. You obviously are Ill informed and have a hateful undertone. No place for that in this day and age.


    McCain was very distempered and condemning, He did nothing but Call Blame to Obama and not really explaining how he would actually change anything. Obama was clearly in touch with what is going on with this Disastrous Economy. What Does McCain want? He wants to just keep the entire bush administration in his staff. Whats going to change? NOTHING

    Obama WILL be the next President Of this country so DEAL WITH YOUR INSECURITES PEOPLE ITS 2008!

    “That One”


  • “Michele B how can we expect a candidate to fight terorism if he is associating with known and admitted domestic terrorist?”

    How can you expect a candidate who turns a blind eye to anotehr U.S. Congressman who is supposed to be a threat until just 3 weeks before election. He put the Whole Country at risk.He should have been on the podium yelling this as soon as he heard about him. And if he didn’t know then he should have said something as soon as it came up in the Hilary debate.
    If Obama is possibly a Terrorist with a lex luger scheme to kill everyone here and let all the bad people just run over here freely and kill us. Then why did the great and grand protector McCain not say anything until he was behind in the polls? How can you trust a guy like that?

  • EricF

    “Are you kidding me? The “domestic terrorist” was rehabilitated long ago in our own system.”

    great job on that rehabilitation. the guy came out around 911 and said he didnt do enough and would consider doing the same things again. pffffft.

    “EricF, Please stop the retoric about associations that have ALREADY been Highly Discussed During the Primaries. You obviously are Ill informed and have a hateful undertone. No place for that in this day and age.”

    discussed by who? certainly not the msm. certainly not by the American people. i have a hateful undertone? pffft. more like the majority of Obamas friends have hateful undertones, hate for America. you ARE judged by the company you keep.

    i think you lib dems will have many other things to worry about real soon. like producing a certain birth certificate. good luck with that. how about massive voter fraud being uncovered? good luck with that one to. lol. these dummy ACORN people were bold enough to use names of actual Dallas Cowboy player names. haha! how about all that illegal campaign money Obama is going to have to return. lol. like i said, good luck. you guys will need it.

    in fact, if i was Hillary i think i would start the campaign machine back up right now.

  • me

    MUST SEE >>> *McCain Bush shrugs at 2:00 in 1st video (American Fiscal Recovery) after he says “Obama its good to be with you at a town hall meeting”*

    Lets not raise anyone’s taxes…….. Today..
    – McCain

  • Correct he was not rehabilitated because he was never sent to jail. Unlike Charles Keating and Gordon Libby who did go to jail. Dude this guilt by association stuff is dumb. MSM did cover ayers. It was so petty during the primaries and he was asked about it infront of the entire country and he gave an answer. McCain had to rehash old associations. They won’t point out the radical REPUBLICAN who Obama is associated with who is a member of the Senate who said that all people who commit abortions should be drug out and killed themselves. I guess Obama shares that view as well. Ooops we can’t point that out because then we would also be attacking a REPUBLICAN.

    Still no one can tell me why McCain can be trusted not acting on this until his poll numbers went down. If Obama is a threat or a scary threat why did he put the country at risk? For political purposes? Because he thought he was going to win the presidency then he will let this guy who May be a Terrorist remain in the U.S. Congress? So McCain doesn’t mind potential terrorists in the Senate just as long as they aren’t in the white house????!!!!

  • Bruce

    EricF, Im being the radical? lol

    Obama WILL be the next President Of this country so DEAL WITH YOUR INSECURITES PEOPLE ITS 2008!

    Thats all the Q&A Ill respond to From you Tonight sir,

    Obama/Biden 08!

  • Cindy

    John McCain WON! Why do I say this? I say this because, he unlike his opponent actually showed leadership last night. If you watch the debate again, you will notice that McCain kept Obama on the defensive for the largest part of the debate. McCain challenged Obama time and time again to give concrete answers, yet when it was Obama’s turn to respond, he smoothly went into other directions. Thus avoiding giving any reassuring answers. Yes, Obama has many ‘ideas’ that sound very appealing to people like me who are barely getting by. That doesn’t change the fact that if something sounds to good to be true, it usually is. These ‘changes’ that Obama wants to make will remove some of our freedoms. Especially on the issue of health care. Yes, we need reform, but we don’t need a government telling us which doctor we can or can’t see. Taking healthcare out of the hands of the people is a very bad idea!
    Obama never denied that he was going to fine small business for not providing health insurance! His definition of wealthy is making over $250,000 a year, yet, depending on where you are in the country, this is either a little or a lot. In Mississippi, the poorest state, if you made $250,000/year than you would be considered very wealthy according to the ‘cost of living’ here. A person in California making $250,000 a year would be the equivalent of someone in MS only making 40,000/year. The cost of housing, fuel, etc. in California are some of the highest in the country. I say this only to CHALLENGE Obama’s statement, that this would be the ‘only fair’ way to deal with taxes.
    Don’t get me wrong, I found myself wanting Obama to make sense last night. Though, I have supported McCain from early on, I am not immune to the hope of the fantastic future he promises, however, we must remind ourselves that these are campaign promises. Therefore, McCain won, he said what he was going to do and how he was going to do it. He didn’t make any outrageous promises and I am certainly more comfortable voting for a man that doesn’t make promises he can’t keep, than I would be voting for one that will say anything to get elected.

  • JD


    EricF, still has not answered your question, has he? I am also curious on why McCain is not contacting the FBI and publicly anouncing that Obama’s Birth Certificate is fake.

    If McCain thought those accusations were real, why isn’t he saving the american people? In truth, he is only throwing them out there to see if they will stick.

    Answer the question EricF. Don’t keep hiding from it.

  • Babs

    Someone answer a question for me this morning. JD, you’re posting poll results earlier. Here’s a post from Greta Wire this morning. All you Obama supporters tell the truth – did you get the call as well? It would seem by the poll right here on this site, this commenter is probably telling the truth.

    “Comment by AprilClover
    October 8th, 2008 at 10:41 am
    After last night’s debate, I received an automated call urging that I immediately log onto every website conducting a poll and every blog discussing the debate to voice my opinion that Obama won by a landslide. Now I assume this call came to our house because PRIOR TO this election I have been a registered DEMOCRAT. Obviously, someone failed to correct their records that my status is now INDEPENDENT.

    Tactics like this and the rounding up of homeless drunks to register and vote are several reasons for the change, and I assure you that I did not appreciate the call. It only bolstered my belief my decision was the right one.

    Do not be disheartened. The online polls were “locked and loaded” by Obama supporters. They were definitely rigged and the Obamalamas were jumping from thread to thread all night declaring a great victory using a fair amount of cut and paste. What a crock! He was his usual arrogant pretentious self — a bit more boring than usual and he told so many lies, I stopped counting.”

  • Babs

    And a followup post from someone else on the subject:

    “The other day the Daily KOS sent out an e-mail to their ‘people’ explaining how to spam the polls after the debates, even wanting them to send in info on local ones so they could alert people in order to overwhelm them with pro-Obama votes. MOST polls track their own constituency, that’s why I pay little attention to CNN’s or CBS or other such polls (even FOX’s) as they don’t give a true spectrum. However there are generic polls out there. Take a look at DRUDGE’s poll. It’s a fairly across the board site. There are others.”

  • JD

    I did not recieve a call nor did I take part in any polls. I threw this information out here as it was announced. You have every right to say what you want about the poll #s.

    Everyone does.

    Maybe Obama’s people are more organized and can persuade Poll Numbers. Who knows. The endless ways to debate Polls will go on forever but these were the poll numbers reported.

    You can go to the sites and they will break down the poll information… I.E. number of people, registered or not…

    Feel free to post your poll numbers from the dredge report or where ever it was from.

  • Babs

    JD, I’m not saying anything, I’m quoting, and asking a question.

    The numbers here on poll doesn’t usually garner more than a few hundred votes a day. Look at it this morning. I would seem these posts have a legitimate argument to be made. And that’s my only point.

  • Dan Ryan

    Manhattan Project: Anyone know how they answered that?

    Re: Friends

    Yes it does matter, especially when they become allies and money goes their way!!


    The Obama campaign did exactly what the Ron Paul campaign did throughout the Republican debate. They spammed the polls dramatically. Each person txting in 10 times from about 5 different numbers insured a big victory.

    JD, when you show us the CBS and the CNN polls why did you not show that fox had McCain winning 86% to Obama 12% and 1% undecided? I dont know why you say those other two and dont say this one, is it because you want all to think that the whole country thinks Obama won.

    Last thing, Babs, the comment you present us with shows that Barack Obama is more like the politics as usual in Washington. In just 2 short years the man had become a Washington elite. Taking money from lobbyist and special interest and requestings billions in pork projects. The change he talks of is really “MORE OF THE SAME”

    All should know, Obama started the guilt by association crap from the beginning by linking John Sidney McCain to George W Bush and saying McCain is 4 more years of the same policies of Bush. Obama always says he is above politics and is the new age of politics and is the politician who would unite all America. One thing is for sure, This man is a complete FRAUD!