Presidential Town Hall debate tonight at 9PM ET

The Presidential Town Hall Debate between Obama and McCain will air live tonight, Tuesday October 7th at 9pm eastern, 6pm pacific time on every major broadcast network and every major cable news network. We’ll have the full, unedited video available after it airs right here.

Watch the entire debate video here.

Time: 9PM ET / 6PM PT
Channel: CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX, CNN, MSNBC, Fox News, PBS, C-SPAN
Web Stream: CNN, Fox News, or MSNBC among others
Location: Belmont University, Nashville, TN
Length: 90 minutes
Format: Town Hall – Domestic/Foreign Policy
Moderator: Tom Brokaw from NBC

Report from WSMV in Nashville on the debate’s format and how the questions will be delivered:

Video of Tom Brokaw discussing the campaign and the debate format with a local news channel:

More on the debate tonight as it develops..


Report from Yahoo News:

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — Leading in the polls, Barack Obama hopes to cement his standing while John McCain is trying to turn his fortunes around in their second presidential debate — with economic turmoil bordering on chaos suddenly serving as the backdrop.

Exchanges between the candidates have grown ever more acerbic with just four weeks to go until Election Day. Tuesday night’s debate gives Republican McCain one of his last chances before a nationwide TV audience to halt the Democrat’s momentum and convince voters he is capable of addressing the crisis in the credit, housing and stock markets.

The town hall format at Belmont University will allow voters to ask questions while NBC’s Tom Brokaw moderates. The candidates’ third and last debate will be Oct. 15 at Hofstra University in Hempsted, N.Y.

If Tuesday night’s confrontation echoes the most recent campaign exchanges, it could be far more personal and pointed than the two men’s Sept. 26 encounter. McCain’s running mate, Sarah Palin, has raised Obama’s ties to 1960s-era radical William Ayers and to the Democrat’s former pastor, the incendiary Rev. Jeremiah Wright. On Monday, McCain accused Obama of lying about the Republican senator’s record, and asked, “Who is the real Sen. Obama?”

Obama’s campaign rolled out a video recounting McCain’s involvement in the 1980s Keating Five savings and loan scandal, while Obama himself accused McCain of engaging in “smear tactics” to distract from economic issues.

Both nominees have condemned character attacks in the past, and some supporters are urging them to cool the rhetoric.

McCain’s opportunity will be to give strong answers on the economy and provide greater detail than Obama. Undoubtedly Obama may blame the Bush administration’s failed policies, however, McCain will have to go broader than that.

Preview from Bloomberg:

As always, we’ll have complete coverage and the entire video of the debate available once it airs.


Here is the entire, unedited Town Hall debate video:

Video: Presidential Town Hall Debate from Belmont University (10/7/08)

  • EricF

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    Note: Please don’t post a comment of content copy/pasted from another site unless you actually comment on it, thank you!

  • EricF

    “We’ll be holding a more subdued live chat tonight during the debate, so join us here at 8:45pm eastern time.”

    Nate, will this be a real live chat or are you going to let the Obama supporters spam the chat to death like they did with the VP debate? would be nice to know.

  • Nate, will this be a real live chat or are you going to let the Obama supporters spam the chat to death like they did with the VP debate? would be nice to know.

    It was Obama supporters, McCain supporters, and third-party supporters being obnoxious, nobody is immune from it as there are rude people of every persuasion. I am working on something better for tonight since anonymous open chatting was too much to handle and not productive, obviously.

    Look for a registration system later for the chat.

  • EricF

    ok thanks man and i wasnt trying to be harsh but its really annoying when the chat page is moving too fast to read due to spam. i will agree both sides were spamming but you have to admit it was mostly the pro-obama people or at least thats what they were claiming to be. no matter though and good job on recognizing there was a problem.

  • Linda, Omaha

    Will someone kindly ask Mr McCain if he intends to honor any of the promises he made to the public, to have respectful, honorable and honest campagaining??? If so does that mean he will reel in his “lip service” lady also? This is about YOU, Mr McCAIN and YOUR PROMISES, ANSWER FOR YOURSELF ONLY! Would you be proud of your campaign behaviour, if your Dad were alive to see you??

  • marcus

    This may be a tangent, but this is what I believe:
    We’re voting for McCain! Palin would be great too. I’m thinking of the future more than ever casting my vote for McCain/Palin. Nobody liked having a Republican president and a Republican controlled congress, and if you think that a Democrat president and a Democrat controlled congress would be any different is naive and, dare I say, quite frankly irresponsible.
    I know a president that ran on a platform of change and a referendum on the previous administration. His name is HUGO CHAVEZ. “How dare you compare the two. Obama is Harvard educated!”. BFD! The president of Ecuador has a PhD in Economics from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (USA to be clear) in 2001. What’s the connection? His a communist! How does that matter? Obama can be Harvard educated, but if you have the wrong views and associations, and the congress is in your favor you are setting this country up for failure.

  • EricF

    i know this is off topic but they’re saying on Fox that the fed is going to start lending money directly to companies. market will sky rocket on this news. by the time the debate takes place tonight the converstaion could change in a dramatic way. i would love to hear Obama try and take credit for this. lol.

    Obama = Monday morning QB

  • JD

    I have never heard so many Republican Conspiricy theories floating around.

    Lets start with the birth certificate. Let me get this straight. He doesn’t have a legal birth certificate. Yet he has managed to become a member of the illinios Senate and the US Senate? Man, we must have some relaxed rules to allow for that to happen, not to mention, I have already provided links to show his official birth certificate.

    Here it is again in the hands of –

    Seriously, is that all you have to get him on? You guys really are in trouble if that is all you have. Good luck at the debate because the ONLY way a republican is getting into office is if Obama F*s up big time which is very, very, very unlikely.

    I would not be suprised if we witness an erratic, angry, fustrated old man (McCain) tonight. Some one needs to keep a crash cart around incase the looming heart attack happens during this high blood pressure debate.

    McCain is done for.

    EricF – “i would love to hear Obama try and take credit for this.”

    If you recall right, Barack, Biden, and McCain voted for the bill. **scratching head** So wouldn’t both McCain and Obama take credit? Or are you saying it was McCain that did it?

    EricF, do you keep a patch of McCain’s hair because I noticed he is missing a bit lately. At first I thought it was a symptom of his old age but now I am beginning to wonder if you are collecting it.

  • McKale

    Obama just looks and sounds like a President. McCain struggles for words and is staggered with “ums”, “buts”, and “wells”. I think other leaders will respect Obama much more than yet another old white guy from the states. Not that almost anyone will grasp more respect than our not-so-beloved Bush Jr will. Henry Rollins would make a great presidential debate candidate, just to keep a ball rolling…

  • Brian

    Democrats left the White House in 2000 with a 3 trillion dollar surplus. In 3 Years, GW and a republican controlled house and senate turned that into the largest deficit in history.

    You tell me who is better for the economy…

  • Jennifer

    ALl I want to know is this, John McCain is claiming how important it is to have experience. Not to mention, this is the very same platform he uses in his debates to try and show power over Obama. Now if this is all that important to him then what does it shows about him picking Sarah Palin as a running mate. We the people, he and she knows that she is not experienced enough for this position. Seriously, I think he was trying to gain the women vote and to try and make history by having the first women VP. I don’t think it for the right reasons he picked her, I thinks he still only thinking about himself! I mean, if that was the case, Condaleeza Rice (however you spell her name), would have been a hell of a better choice. At least she has experience in the White House!

  • Babs

    I wonder at these reports, some are calling it a town hall format and some are calling it a formal debate format. Wonder which Brokaw will decide it should be. Should be interesting to see which questions Brokaw chooses to air and which ones he chooses not to.

  • Carol

    Barack Obama has provided proof that he was in fact born in Hawaii. His birth certificate has been certified as genuine. The person who said that he was born in Kenya is a liar. If you disagree with his viewpoints, by all means talk about that. But don’t lie.

  • This about McCain. I have one question for all of America. In the past McCain has had issues with his health (cancer). GOD forbid that his health becomes worse than it is but I am struggling with the thought of supporting him, when you made bad decision by picking Palin as your running mate. Do we want her as a possible President if McCain’s health fails? I would be scared to even vote for you knowing she could be in office with you or possibly running this country.

  • Dr. Pamela Diiulio

    I would like to know if McCain really believes that in this very important critical economic time that he should be digging up lies and dirt about Obama that we all know is so far fetched that we have become sickened by his low level campaigning. When will McCain finally discuss the issues that count to us voters?

  • Karolyn

    McCain grow up and stop acting like you are a grade school kid. Starting lies and rumors because you are the center of attention. Your actions have caused me to vote for Obama. Because if this is how you act now, what will you do when the American people are not looking or listening?

  • Babs

    Carol, I’m not into the false birth certificate saga, but it does strike me as odd that the judge in Penn. didn’t throw the case out of court. I wonder if we have any attorneys lurking around that could explain why.

    I would rather see him defeated on merit as I’ve said before, not the geography of his existance.

  • Birth Certificate i give more weight even though i don’t believe it. This same tactic was tried on McCain when he first started running. Someone filed a court claiming he was born in Panama and not a u.s. citizen.

  • Lori

    How will Obama help me to afford to build a home powered by windmills or solar panels? Due to exterely high electric bills in a home that is old and falling apart, I want to know who Obama will help us as a family of less than $60,000 a year help us afford solar or wind power in a new smaller home once we can get a loan again?

  • WWJD

    I read/hear all the things you bloggers are referring to, but a couple of items concern me:

    1. Official birth certificate – good heavens, you can’t even apply for social security or get a passport without one.
    2. Reverend Wright – isn’t it strange that Obama’s association with Wright’s church wasn’t an issue until it became a hindrance to his political career? Not to mention Wright’s black supremacist ideas.
    3. Ayers – Obama says he just had a passing acquaintance with him – umm…didn’t Ayers have a coming out party at his home to launch Obama’s political career?
    4. George Bush – President Bush is NOT running for president! Let’s hear about your attributes/qualifications Obama.

    God I hope my grandchildren won’t have to live the next four years with Obama. I am truly frightened at the aspect of this man being elected president of the United States.

  • “Lets start with the birth certificate. Let me get this straight. He doesn’t have a legal birth certificate. Yet he has managed to become a member of the illinios Senate and the US Senate?”

    JD, you honestly didn’t think I would let you highjack this thread with your false facts, did you? You know what I hate, I hate when someone tries to make a point with false information. Stop telling people to go to “” and open up your Constitution. You’re completely wrong in telling people that you would have needed to be a native citizen to the U.S.A before you could run for Senate, but did you actually do your homework, NO. You see I don’t take your word or “facts” at face value, I look in the proper places to find the correct information. Lets review shall we:

    Article I, section 3 states:”No person shall be a Senator who shall not have attained to the age of thirty years, and been nine Years a Citizens of the United States”…..

    You see, your wrong. There would have been no issue with his citizenship when he ran for Senator or Congressmen either. Now rub that smirk off your face b/c you just were slammed by a Conservative Woman! Ooooo that must sting.

  • I have submitted this question with no answer however I would seriously like some thoughts on it. What does either candidate going to do about the homeless situation in this country. We as Americans continue to rebuild other countries and help third world nations while we have children living on our streets going to bed hungry. I have talked to many individuals whom work in the education field telling me that many times the only meals kids eat are those served by schools. There is something really wrong with this and with the unemployment rate going up and the fact that most American families are two paydays away from being homeless, this should concern every one. Therefore how are you going to help those who have no home?

    Thank you for responding
    Tina M Ketcher

  • Babs

    Slam dunk for CG. 😉

  • JD

    The big deal is the claim that Barack’s Birth Certificate is Forged.

    But you are right, I see that you wouldn’t need to use your birth certificate to meet the requirements for congress.

    But your entire post still doesn’t disprove that Obama’s Birth Certificate is fake.

    Conservative Gal – “Now rub that smirk off your face b/c you just were slammed by a Conservative Woman! Ooooo that must sting.”

    Not as much as … ** Edited ** – Keep it clean, thanks!

    But that was a good one!!! Man, God is quick!

  • The point wasn’t to prove that his birth certificate was or wasn’t false, it was to prove that YOU were wrong and thought you could get away with it. Someone needs to patrol your butt, and I know Babs gets tired of constantly being on “JD Patrol”.

  • EricF

    look, first of all i dont know a damn thing that any of you dont know. im not saying i do. i merely have seen the claims like everyone else. my point is why not just produce the proper documents if you have nothing to hide. people here say he already has produced them. if thats the case and he is getting sued to produce the documents then why put up a fight about it?

    could it all be bs? could be. i dont know. you dont either. i mean shouldnt this be about honesty and transparency? it has been pointed out that this issue doesnt even matter and to a point i agree. i mean i dont really care where he was born but it does matter to me if he is lying about it. doesnt that go a whole hell of alot to character? i think so.

    flame on…

  • Thank you Babs, it’s a full time job keeping JD in line. Liberals expect a pass, but we can’t let that happen, now can we.

  • Babs

    Yes, I do, CG. *LOL* And anyone that would just keep saying it’s on the internet, look, it’s real, is pretty naive.

    TinaK, this does concern everyone, and I would love to discuss it. The problem is there are many reasons that people become homeless, and many solutions depending on those reasons. It could be the result of a deadbeat father who’s abandoned his family, it could be an out of work father who’s on the street with his family, it could be a prostitute, a teenage runaway, a junkie or a drunk. It’s hard to discuss something so broad without a narrowing down of the issue. Homelessness is a problem that’s not new, it’s decades old. What would you LIKE to see done – specifically? Let’s discuss that.

  • Laura

    Conservative Gal – you need to get a grip. There’s no need for such nastiness. Not very Christian if you ask me. All you’re doing is making Conservatives look bad (as if they needed any help in the first place).

    By the way… Wasn’t McCain born in Panama? Where is that in the Constitution? Sure, there was a federal law citing that he is a natural-born citizen (passed on year after he was born), but I don’t believe that was in the Constitution anywhere…

    But seriously, isn’t there anything else to discuss? It’s obvious that they will both be on the ballot come November, so how about getting into the real issues like energy, the economy, and foreign policy?

  • EricF

    my 2cents on the homeless…

    and housing in general…

    i think this country needs better low/no income housing. i mean of course your direct environment is going to shape who you become as a person, 9 times out of 10. some people are just really strong willed and can overcome. this should be a priveldge though not a right. people that cant act right should get no or very minimum government help. you have to give these people a chance to own though, that would help build strong communities. the point is though you cant just throw people in crappy housing and expect them to be happy and on the flipside there has to be accountability for ones own actions and people have to help themselves along the way. it has to be a two way cooperative street. to sum it all up i would say this country needs to raise the minimum quality of life, by alot.

    we also need public school reform and schools should play a much larger role in children – young adults development. the whole damn country has lost its morals. i suggest a law should be passed requiring all public schools have a mandatory ethics and morals program. just thought i would throw that in cause its something thats on my mind. 😛

    as i said before, im not even voting but im a troll lol and love to give my opinion. imho i think McCain would be the better president. i think he has the better plan. you can disagree and argue with me about that and thats ok. we are allowed to disagree. thats what makes this country so great afterall.

    i think Obama is tainted and he shows me nothing to think otherwise. my mind could be changed but it would take alot. JD and his lib buddy seem to think i “bleed red” but thats not even the case. of course to them it has to be because we disagree. oh well thats life.

    rant over. 🙂

  • Moe

    Please someone ask Obama this question about controlling the cost of healthcare tonight at the debate.

    You plan to increase tax on the wealthy. The wealthy also include doctors, dentists and many other healthcare providers. They will have to raise their rates to stay in business. This will significantly raise healthcare costs. Won’t your plan raise the cost of healthcare for ALL of us? We can’t afford that kind of a help.

  • Babs

    I agree, Laura, that we should be talking about energy, the economy, and foreign policy. But I notice you didn’t.

    I don’t think CG makes conservatives look bad at all, but of course the rest of your statement tells us you’re definitely not a conservative, since you were a bit snide, if not nasty, yourself.

    CG, I didn’t see your last post when I commented on your first. No, we can’t let the liberals just run rough shod here, they do little else but personal insults. It wears me out to hear their rudeness most days.

  • JD

    Conservative Gal – “Thank you Babs, it’s a full time job keeping JD in line.”

    I feel special to be on 24/7 Babs and Conservative Gal watch.

    So I’ll see you ladies during the debate? I have a long list of lies and distortions I am looking to spread. I want to corrupt your children and impregnate your women!!! **insert Evil Laugh**

    EricF – “JD and his lib buddy seem to think i “bleed red” but thats not even the case. of course to them it has to be because we disagree.”

    It could be because you have repeated every Republican attack, point, and point of view available during this election. Like I said… you are th pig with lipstick. Call yourself what you like but your still a republican.

    Babs – “It wears me out to hear their rudeness most days”

    Well when you get older people wear out easier. Take more naps daily and it should help with this 🙂 oh, and call me over in the morning!

    I still heart you babs!

  • freespirit

    I would like to thank Nate for his relentless and outstanding work on this website on the presidential race…he really (eventhough he is Republican at heart) tries to take an objective stance in his comments and reports. Thx, and keep up the good work!

  • Babs

    See, JD, a post that long without saying a single thing of substance. You have Obama’s strategy down pat. *ROFL*

  • feldspar

    Wake up America..Why are we not looking for character, honesty, detication, knowledge, experience and moral character and ethics? Obama is like cotton candy; spun sugar, and when you take it bite it is empty.

    It took until WW/II for the great depression to end, so the financial delima is lgoing to be around for a long time. Protection to your homeland is paramount. If you protect it, you can heal the internal problems that 12 years of a rotten congress gave us.

    McCain/Palin is your answer.

  • Allison

    Can’t vote for Obama….socialism gives me heartburn.

  • JD


    I didn’t realize any of the responses on this thread have anything of substance to them. Maybe I missed it?

    To be honest, I am in debate watching mode, which puts me in a holding pattern. I keep running through the endless possibilities that could play out.

    Still, what would you like to talk about?

    Forged Birth Certificates?

    Bill Ayers?

    Rev. Wright?

    How Black people vote for Obama?

    Obama’s Middle Name?

    That he is a Muslim in hiding?

    That is all i have been hearing from the other side as of late. But take your pick and we can go over it again.

    If not lets talk about




    Foriegn Policy

  • EricF

    ACORN raided. this group needs to be disbanded and names need to be taken and put on a watch list. anyone involved needs to lose their voting priviledges and prosecuted to the fullest extent.

  • Alex

    Why does birth certificate matter? We all know well that this requirement will be amended in the constitution as it is just silly. What if you were born in England and 2 months later family moved to the US and you lived here all your life. Does that make you any less of a citizen or less qualified? 🙂 Technically speaking, we don’t remember anything of our first 3 years of life anyway due to physical nature of new neuron connections replacing old ones (think milk teeth, but for memory). Or what if you were born in the US, but spent first 25 years of your life abroad, then came back for 20 years. How does that qualify you more than the person who was born in England and 1 year later moved to the US and spent entire life here? It’s silly. I’m pretty sure that the person who spent their childhood and teenage years in the US will be far more devoted to it than the person who moved back here after they’ve become an adult!

    So please, stop talking about birth certificate. It’s irrelevant to person’s qualification to be a president. It’s only (still) required for person to be eligible for presidency. Eligibility and qualification are 2 very different things. Plus, I’m sure Democratic Party checked for the certificate before nominating him – no one is that stupid 🙂

  • EricF

    Alex as i have already said, the important thing here is if he is lying about it. that goes to poor judgement and poor character. sorry but there is just too much shady stuff going on with his campaign and lack of transparency. McCain doesnt seem to have a problem disclosing information or producing documents. what gives?

  • feldspar

    Accountability, credibility and honesty should take a candidate down. Why doesn’t it? Obama is Teflon coated? Just another example of the old Chicago political machine in action.

  • Alex

    Eric, character and judgment are very important, completely agree. I have to say, though, McCain is not shade-free either, by far (Keating?) It seems that most of this controversy is media-made or just people panicking. Say, Ayers connection – common, Obama was 8 years old when the bombings happened AND Ayers was acquitted (i.e., court found him innocent!). Keating, on the other hand, went to prison for 12.5 years. And McCain was 38 years old, used Keating’s private jets (9 times), his vacation homes, etc.

    But either one was a long time ago. It’s important to remember that of course! But let’s look at now as well. I am an Obama supporter, and I respectfully ask of you and others – let’s look at the issues on hand and today as well and not just look into the past. So many posts above about birth certificate and such and almost none about real issues we’re facing today. Iraq? Healthcare? Economy? Immigration? Energy? etc.

    DOW just closed with 508-point loss today.

  • I see I didn’t get the html thing right. The entire article can be read at:

    Sorry about that.

  • EricF

    yeah the sky is falling on the DOW. i was rooting all day for a big rally.

    you cant just dismiss (although i know you would like for everyone to) the Ayers or Wright association. 20 years in a church but you dont really know the pastor and what he preaches? be real here. also, everyone in Chicago knows about Ayers but Obama didnt? i find that very hard to believe. Ayers may have been cleared due to a technicality from what i understand but he has also said he didnt do enough and would possibly do it again. he is an admitted terrorist so…

    also i have talked on here about the issues under previous articles. this is just the topic of now, as much as you dont like that.

  • Moe

    JD wanted to talk about Energy –

    Instead of the $1,000 or whatever bribe Obama is offering for a vote these days for high energy costs, how about putting it into the development of compressed natural gas (CNG) that will help us all for years to tome. It’s a great solution for these reasons:
    – We have access to it and lots all over this country.
    – Very little processing required. It’s almost ready out of the ground.
    – Produces almost NO pollution.
    – Send our billions to US CNG companies not overseas.
    – Cars with converted engines can run on it or gasoline.
    – Help Detroit by offering incentives to make CNG cars.
    – Europe already has CNG cars – we should also!
    – Encourage and spend money at home on local companies for distribution and engine conversion. Keep our money here!
    – With your own fueling system in your garage you can fill up your CNG car overnight from the natural gas already coming to your home. The fueling system is expensive at the moment.

    It has some distribution problems and conversion is expensive. That could change if the government got on board.

    Don’t talk to me about electric cars. They just put the pollution into the desert for coal fired generation plants to make electricity for those “clean” cars. We could also talk about the problems of disposing of batteries. Electric cars – not a good idea and neither is corn based fuel unless you like high food prices, more pollution and higher prices.

  • RepublicanChic

    I already know who I am going to vote for and its not O’Biden *sorry saw a bumper sticker the other day and combined the two when I looked at it* But what I worry about is how am I going to afford things either way…. I’m a single parent and having a hard time making ends meet yet, staying off the system welfare wise…. My gut feeling tells me McCain will be better, but I cant help but worry if it went the other way…

  • 1- both candidates:Do the negative attacks are the best way to solve the economic, health care and the war’s problems or to satisfy your personnal ambition

    2-Both canditates: From your lifetime into the congress, what occasions you have been missing are today part of this economic’s problems.

    3-Senator McCain:eyes the audience: is Sarah palin is ready tonight to lead the country if there is imediate needs.What about joe Biden?

    4- i think that Obama is African American and McCain is Antillan.

  • Just a touch on the homeless issue.

    I Have more than once been on the verge of homelessness. Many people in America have the support of their families to remain above water, but the fact is that not everyone has that support. Without a college education it is hard to make ends meet, especially when you have children. Now I understand that people should NOT have children before they are financially capable of handling that situation but lets face it, people will continue to have children whether or not they have adequate money or not.

    What hurts more is that while in college it is very hard to work at the same time, which makes it even more tough when you do not have financial backing or your parents or other family. So who is to help us college students who dont have family to support us? I am sure all US citizens are all for us young people seeking college degrees to be better contributors to our country and to be stable enough to not make bad financial moves and drive down the economy. I do think that Government should strive harder to support us college students. Now I dont mean giving money out to every people who wants it, because I know there are tons of people who apply at Small and Community colleges simply for the government financial aid and use it for things other than education.

    My problem is for those of who have 3.5 GPA’s and high, who are seeking post graduate degrees, but as still in their undergraduate work who are having a tough time affording tuition, a tough time paying their rent/utilities, and gas to get to work/school, who legitimately are going to succeed in college and give back to their country. This has been my question since the primaries started, and nobody has really given any time to this issue, WHY?

    I have been homeless twice in the back 4 years in college. Why? Well if you lose a job and you don’t make enough to save because you are paying your way through college and have a kid. you are one paycheck away from homelessness. Granted my kid has never had to sleep outside, but its been very close to this.

    I have recently gotten an Associate degree in nursing, working as a Registered Nurse, and going to school for my Bachelors, and moving on towards a Doctorate in Osteopathic Medicine.

    As an RN I am still living paycheck to paycheck, sometimes running out of money to be healthy food and resorting to eating Ramen noodles. It is hard to work overtime and maintain the grades needed to move on to graduate school. Why does the government not want to help me and my family financially? Certainly I do volunteer work as a RN in free clinics and when I am a Physician I will give free medical care to those who need it. I am not ruining the economy by buying houses when I know I can not afford the mortgage.

    Is it so bad to help me through school when I will certainly help my fellow US citizen, well I already am.

    It’s not simply those who are deadbeat fathers, prostitutes, drunks, drug addicts, mentally ill that are to blame for the homeless issue, though even if it were, it is still the job of our country to assist this people both before they get to that point and after they do.

    Do we not help the sick when they are sick? Do we not want to practice preventative measures to prevent homelessness? When we have a problem we should fix them, not play the blame game to give reasons for the problem, and say FCUK (sp on purpose) them, its their own fault. If that is how we face our countries problems then we are doomed to be a failed society.

    Also someone brought up the fact that we help countries in need. What is the cause of their problems? We could just as easily say, “Well they are the ones that screwed up, why help people who will just screw themselves up again anyway?” But we do not do that, we continue to shell out billions of dollars for them, and not for ourselves.

    How about we talk about this? 🙂


  • Holy cow, i spent like 10-15 minutes typing up something about homelessness, clicked submit, got an error page, click back and all my typing disappeared 🙁

  • Wow, do not click enter after typing security code, it will give u an error and u will lose everything u typed in this box, i spent 10-15 minutes typing up something about homelessness and it all got lost 🙁 (Using FireFox)

  • FrankV

    Why is it that the current Republican presidential ticket seems to avoid answering questions directly in debates and interviews, and instead changes the subject to tell stories designed to pull on voter heartstrings. I can’t believe that conservative voters could really be that blind and/or uneducated that they can’t recognize the tactic? If you ask me, that’s more of the manipulation of the Bush Administration.

    And what’s with Palin’s “winking” at us? Are we in on some kind of a secret? Is she trying to influence my vote with a cheap gesture? Do I really want a ditz like her whose views come from the 20th Century a heartbeat away from the presidency? You’ve gotta wonder about Alaska, having voted her into their top office… You can’t go back, Sarah (to the 20th century). It was a pretty interesting one, but it’s over. Please don’t drag us back there with you to live in another “cold war” world. Let’s move forward with real, truthful solutions to important issues, not more of the same “folksy” double-talk we got from GW.


  • Joel S. Slotnick

    Will we be able to email in questions or will questions only be from Mr. Brokaw and the town hall group?

  • Babs

    Kendall, you bring up valid points. (By the way, I wasn’t condemming anyone in the situation because I gave a partial list of some of the reasons for homelessness, you just can’t list them all at one time).

    Most of us have been 30 days away from bankruptcy at some point in our lives. With the way the stock market is going, I may be there again soon. 😉

    The main thing to remember, though, is that there IS a small portion of homeless people who apparently prefer to live that way, because they reject any “hand up” while they are very open to “hands out”. That’s where you will find your junkies, winos, and prostitutes. And most of the time you’ll find these in the larger cities. I used to volunteer regularly with the Salvation Army in their day to day routine of feeding and clothing transients, and helping misplaced families “make a new nest” for themselves. The work was very rewarding, and I recommend it for every young person in the Universe. The people and families you are able to help give you a great amount of pride and fulfillment. The ones who reject the “hand up” in favor of the “hand out” will always break your heart and make you angry at the same time.

    Working your way through college is difficult. I did it with no assistance from grants, etc. I worked one fulltime job, and 2 part time jobs while I took a full class load until I got my degree. I didn’t have a clue what sleep was. But I had no children or husband then, either. It was just me. No responsibility, but no help either. Unless you’re born to wealthy parents, I think we can all say we struggled for our higher educations.

    I’ve always felt that while it’s a wonderful thing to feed the masses overseas, that we should first feed our own at home. I don’t understand why these elite hollywood folks don’t get that. Like Oprah, how wonderful to open a school in Africa and dress the students in such cute uniforms and put them on TV. How awful the school conditions in her own town of Chicago. Where’s the love for them?

  • Laura, I’m not here to please you nor the rest of Conservatives. I certainly don’t have to tow the conservative line, and if you don’t like my commenting then I guess that’s simply too bad. You must be new to the site or you would know that I have taken on issues from every political gamete in my commentaries as well as in threads like this one. Oh and you have as much of a right to comment on my conduct but NOT my Christian behavior, that is off topic and off limits! Hey I thought that only one should judge and that is God, but that wasn’t in the Constitution so I must be wrong, I digress.

  • Moe

    For Kendale

    As one having been through a similar struggle years ago supporting a wife and child while working full time and going to school part time for an advanced degree – I understand. It was hard to stomach the hot dogs and macaroni and tomatoes but we survived and we made it.

    I have a son-in-law getting an advanced degree in nursing. He has four kids and a wife. Once he’s accepted to a medical school it’s going to be very hard on them. However, he tells me there are grants and work opportunities out there if you look and ask for them.

    With your grades and tenacity you should go far – you’ve already proven to be a survivor and winner – don’t give up – start looking for another medical school that will help you -there are opportunities out there but are hard to find.

    Good Luck – I wish I could help you myself but I’m struggling to keep a home business above water in this hard economic time. Keep the faith and work – something will break for you.

  • “Obama just looks and sounds like a President. McCain struggles for words and is staggered with “ums”, “buts”, and “wells”.”

    You are watching prepared speeches, tele-prompters, and rehearsed actions instead of character and decision making?

    Would your companies salesman or spokesman be a good leader of the company? Some, but normally NO!

    We cannot let this leftist be president. See what a democratic congress has done to the economy in just 2 years. The worst part is that it may have been intentional to win a presidential election.

    NOBAMA 2008!

  • joe dirt

    go obama!

  • Richard Covel

    As an Air Force veteran it makes me sick to imagine Obama as Commander-in-Chief. He would never be able to get a top-secret clearance based on his admitted drug abuse and connections to know terrorists.

  • Todd

    I was watching the news the other night and I saw a clip of both Sen McCain and Gov Palin at two different rallies. At both of these rallies supporters shouted “Killem” and “Terrorist” respectively. What I want to know do both of these people condone this kind of action? It looked like to me that both Mccain and Palin heard these outbursts but yet did nothing about it. These little clips were not played on Fox nor were they brought up on Rushs show or with Hannity.

  • Fraz

    Gorestradamus, I’m with you. Obama sounds to me like a 3 year old kid playing trucks with his delivery – bossy. I don’t think he sounds presidential. I think he sounds like a BS bag trying to convince himself of his garbage. If he pontificates enough, maybe he will believe some of the trash escaping from his mouth. He disses Bush. Ok that is his job. However, he compares McCain to Bush. But don’t forget the democrats are guilty as charged, too. They voted for war, and Barney Frank was at the top of the list with his heading the committee incharge of this mortgage mess, and it’s Pelosi’s ‘bail out’ that is an ineffectual riot with its Payoffs to Obama campaign contributors. Gees, let’s blame Bush again for that. How about the Germans comparing Obama to Hitler over and over and over trying to warn us. Are we deaf??

  • Michael

    Obama View of being a Christian is Scary

  • TDurden

    When it all boils down to it the facts and actions speak for themselves. Republicans are for the rich and Democrats are for everyone else. It would be down-right ignorant for anyone on this site to vote for McCain as I’m guessing no one on this site is loaded. End of Discussion

  • Ann

    I feel the everyone needs to listen at what both canidiates are discussing the views and platforms on crucial issues and not looking at the outward appearannce !!!!!! WE DONT NEED 8 YEARS OF THE SAME OLE!!! BARACK OBAMA 2008!!!! LETS GO DEMOCRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hope we hear something new tonight.I build biodiesel processors which turn waste vegetable oil into biodiesel.We need someone to help implement change. As the other poster said, we just need to keep moving in the right direction.

  • Go Obama!!!

  • Ed Cintron

    Im gonna voice my opinion and if know one likes it tab down to the next blog I’ve been hearing all this stuff about Mccain is a maverick and Palin being a maverick its starting to sound like an old record Ive been researching there promises and what Mccain said about holding those accountable for this economical chrisis and he himself over 20 years ago was under investigation for being a key member of the Keating 5. “politicians being sold and bought” Keating. So you want him to be a president who can be bought for the right price. But though he wants those held accountable for this economic chrisis and Mccain says “if you talk the talk you better walk the walk” maybe he should take his own advice. Obama is someone different someone new and the CHANGE we need in our government. GO OBAMA

  • Joel

    A 700 billion plus bail out was signed for large companies.

    My 401(k) has lost some $20,000 in the last year and a half. THat is my hard earned money going away dollar by dollar, day by day.

    What are Obama and McCain going to do to ensure my hard earned funds are kept growing in stead of going down the drain?

    What bail out are they going to provide for the average struggling American NOW, like they have the large corporations?

    Tell me straight up. No lip service.

  • Laura

    Babs said:

    I agree, Laura, that we should be talking about energy, the economy, and foreign policy. But I notice you didn’t.

    And would you listen if I did or would you complain about the “left-wing liberal media” when I cite my sources? (No need for an answer; that was rhetorical.) I’ve done my talking on other sites – nothing I say is going to change your mind, and nothing you say is going to change mine. Why get into a flame war on this website? My only point was that CG’s “I told you so!” rub-your-face-in-the-dirt attitude only repulses people from her point (at least it did me, a random first-time visitor looking for the debate schedule). Sugar catches more flies than vinegar, you know.

    Babs said:

    I don’t think CG makes conservatives look bad at all, but of course the rest of your statement tells us you’re definitely not a conservative, since you were a bit snide, if not nasty, yourself.

    You have no idea what I am and what I’m not. For all you know, I was on the fence until I came upon this site, read yours and CG’s comments, and based my opinion on that. I was in no way snide or nasty – I simply proposed a counter point to the “Obama’s not a citizen” topic. Save your blame game for someone else.

    Conservative Gal said:

    Laura, I’m not here to please you nor the rest of Conservatives. I certainly don’t have to tow the conservative line, and if you don’t like my commenting then I guess that’s simply too bad. You must be new to the site or you would know that I have taken on issues from every political gamete in my commentaries as well as in threads like this one. Oh and you have as much of a right to comment on my conduct but NOT my Christian behavior, that is off topic and off limits! Hey I thought that only one should judge and that is God, but that wasn’t in the Constitution so I must be wrong, I regress.

    I really don’t care why you’re here or what your purpose is on this site or in life. With a username like “Conservative Gal” you are representing the Conservative view of things, right? And as a Christian (I make this assumption because of the “Conservative” in your username) you are representing other Christians. So, all I’m saying is act like it.

    “I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.” ~ Mohandas Gandhi

    Flame on, harpies. I’m done.

  • Theresa Hernandez

    Obama will be the next president!

  • Brandi

    how do you send questions to the candidates?

  • This is boring. neither one of them are answering any questions. They are attacking each other on the same attacks they leveled at the last debate. Geezus man.

    McCain = 1
    Obama = 1

    The American People = 0

  • Georgia Sopoci

    I lost my husband 5 years ago. I feel in love with someone who I really don’t tbink he deserves my medical bill. I have a spot on my lung and he should not have to pay for the testing for the next 2 years that the doctor say I need. Please tell me what you will do to prevent this from happening.

  • buckeye

    Do either one of these candidates:
    – Know how to answer a question directly?
    – Know how to promote their own positions without cutting down the other?
    – Know how they are going to pay for their agendas/proposals?

    I find very little benefit in these debates. They are canned speeches interrupted by questions…which neither is really answering!

  • Fred Parker

    For both of the president on the DTV convert boxes , health care, social securtiy, and job markets. Why there so many temp services that use American citizens for a couple of months and then lay them off because USA companies does not want to let them get health care or unemployed checks. 2 Make USA companies lower there price on products being sold in USA that comes from China factories that make Tv’s for 80.00 and then sell to USA for 800.00 all of them are subcontract factories! Social Security how are you going to deal with this because there are so many factories in USA or production factories that are keeping the elder folks on there jobs for years with out even trying to hire younger generation for jobs. There is a big market in wleding that must be a task on but yet you have more than 500,000 heading for retirement and temps service and USA companies let it go bye like they do not care.

  • Ricci Woerner

    Please oh please someone tell them to answer the questions. It’s not hard. Most of the questions can be answered in 10 words or less.

  • JKroy

    WHy do they not talk about the medical industry ripping the public off when they talk about the cost of medical?

    I think if they do anything to regulate and help us out on “medicare” then they need to help stop the abuse of the big medical industry.

    …..obama almost answered this as I was writing….ugghh..nope nope….he left the track and went back to bashing McCain….

    …woah! He back to the subject again but now he’s blaming the insurance companies. They are a part of the problem too.

  • Ricci Woerner

    Please! Someone send them a note to answer the questions. Most questions can be answered in 10 words or less.


  • Lila Litter

    Can congress go one year without giving themself a $10,000 raise.

  • Godwin

    Argue back and forth all you want. The “Undecided Voters” in a few states will decide the election. So let me sum this up. A few people who can’t decide in a few states that make up a small percentage of the overall population will elect the President. Why is that? Because the two party system sucks. Instead of getting 2 or even 3 good candidates, we get the most extreme from both parties. Most people with some intelligence realize that they will not be happy all of the time. Most smart people understand that a certain amount of give and take is required. How do we fix this? Go to the polls and vote in the primaries. Don’t vote for a candidate that is a hardcore whatever. The hardcore party line types always vote in the primaries thats why we get the 50/50 Democrat Republican split. We (The American Voters) caused this mess by making decisions based on emotion. Pick the candidate from your party that the other party would vote for and you have a winner.

  • Amy

    I gave up both of them are proposing more spending not sure where we find money for all the projects. Definitely Obama is a good Debater and is poised .

    Hopefully after 4 years we can find some one who is not a politician like Ross Perot to drive America in the right path.

  • donnamay

    Mc Cain reminds me of a good actor who can play the part but in reality what he says is what he was given to say. Where is the heart to lead? will leadership be based on a smear campaign?????? and attempting to be funny??? America deserves more!!!!!!!! distractions

  • John Leone

    These are unprecendented times, if these candidates are the best we have to offer…Let them team up on the same side. Let them be President and VP together.

    If they have the plans and the parties support, let’s put aside the differences and challenge them to put aside the rhetoric and demand action!

  • Mark

    When will we the people force our representatives to represent US! Not everyone that has a large checkbook. This includes corporations as well as foreign powers.

    Along those lines, why doesn’t Obama publish his list of contributers? Elections are a public process, and we should know who a politician is really serving, which generally means “follow the money”.

  • Jennifer Alcock

    What about the farmers? My husband and I farm what will you do for us?

  • EricF

    debate was pretty weak.

  • Jackie

    Some one wanna tell me what obama & mACcain talked about during the debate.?

    About Education(what vieows on edicuation)
    THe envirment
    Health CAre
    Foreign Policy
    & The war in Iraq.?

  • gpslady

    I have watched the debates of the vp candidates and pres. candidates with more concern for our country and families than I ever have in my life time. Seeing this debate tonight has been like reliving the debates that Bush Sr and Jr every time they attempted and captured the White House. The best part is that Obama is more defined on what “we” need and are dealing with…McCain is offering lip service and struggling to remain steady on his feet (I guess he is missing his ‘prop’…the bulldog with lipstick). Our country is obviously is trouble, Obama understands, is clearly physically, mentally, and team prepared to guide and work with us, over time to recover and rediscover success…moving out of stress and fear with no hope in sight. I agree…………OBAMA IN 2008. He and his team are our only hope to move forward OUT of recession and avoiding DEPRESSION…unless Bush seals that deal for us before he is out of our way.

    Sorry for the long post. I just found this site and have so much bottled up relating to the position of our country on the Main Street level (as it is now known).

  • Laura said: “Flame on, harpies. I’m done.”
    Real classy lady we have here, and dripping with intellect.

  • Andrea Jones

    Obama definitely won tonight’s debate. He answered all questions with outstanding clarity and detail. He showed his usual realism and idealism. He was respectful and powerful. He won on all points. McCain’s tired repetition that he is the only one who understands foreign affairs has been totally exposed as utter nonsense.

    Obama is a great statesman. If any leader can bring us out of this crisis and back to our former status, he is the one to do it.
    I will be thrilled to have Obama as president.

  • Laura

    Oh, and it’s DIgress, not REgress. Although in your case…

  • Jordy

    When will the full debate video be posted please?

  • Bianca – Obama Supporter

    Okay, so this may be considered a rant, but just so i stay sane…here’s my opinion on all of this.

    Although I really do like Obama and will vote for him, I personally believe that John Mccain had a better performance during the second presidential debate. I say this as an honest observer only because he fully answered most of the questions. Not only did he completely answer the questions, but he did the least amount of “bashing” towards his opponent. Yeah, Mccain does scramble around his words, but he does get eventually explain his point. We all have to keep in mind that Mccain is 72 years old (Imagine how scary and awful that would be if he becomes president and his health goes out the window-i couldn’t live with listening to Sarah Palin). On the other hand, Obama is 47 years old yet when he answered the questions today he was beating around the bush, actually seeming a bit nervous.

    I also think that Obama slightly changed some of his facts around during the second presidential debate. The reason of this may have dealt with his feeling of inadequacy to Mccain because Mccain was answering questions a little more clearly. If I can remember correctly, he switched up his wordings on the topic of nuclear power plants and fueling. Other than that, the candidates were so firm on their views and opinions that it looked like they ticked off host Tom Brokaw a little bit as they went on and on explaining these views.

    And Obama started talking trash within the first 4 minutes of the debate. 4 minutes!

    No one likes to hear two highly esteemed presidential candidates talking trash about each other. I hate that. It’s just not classy. Mccain did less of this therefore giving a more friendly and relaxed impression with not as much as a threatening attitude that Obama portrayed.From watching that debate, I realized how agressive Obama can be. I really want Obama to win, but I just wish he would sound a little nicer in the way he talks.

    -there’s more where that came from, but i dont want to bore you all. lol

    Oh btw, my younger brother told me while watching the debate that John Mccain was intensely tortured for 3 months during the Vietnam War-
    Just something interesting I didn’t know..

  • D. Davis

    When Barack gives details he is accused of being long-winded and too intellectual for many people to understand what he is saying. When he gives a short answer he is accused of not providing any details. The man can’t win with some people! He DOES answer the questions. Are you listening to him speak or are you talking while he is talking? John McCain is rude, arrogant, dismissive and unfunny. It was quite inappropriate for him to disrespect Tom Brokaw at the beginning of the debate and he certainly disrespected Obama by calling him “that one”. I truly believe McCain is intimidated by Obama, that is why he couldn’t look him in the eye during the first debate. Judge Judy will tell you that if a person can’t look at you he/she is probably not telling the truth. Sarah Palin is pretty, but as a woman I am disappointed by her lack of intelligence. John McCain should be ashamed of himself for putting this nice lady in such an embarrassing situation.

  • mary

    I don’t what everyone’s problem is with Palin, but I think she is great. It would be nice to have a real person in office. Palin I can relate too, shes a person and not a celebrity. I’d vote for her, she tells it like it is

  • D. Davis

    Bianca I suggest you watch the debate again. You didn’t notice that McCain started talking trash about Obama first? McCain was clearly trying to distract the audience from the issues and focus on lies about Obama. Every time Obama talked about McCain he was defending himself, I was happy to see him do that this time.

  • Hey Nate. Do you have an ETA on the debate video? I’m overseas and didn’t wake up at 3am to watch the debate live. 🙁 So I count on your awesome site to keep me up to date! 🙂

    Thanks in advance!

  • oops… accidental double post of comment. See above.