Virginia GOP warns McCain of potential loss

The Virginia Republican Party is warning McCain that Virginia, a state which has voted Republican since 1964, could potentially slip into the blue column this year based on polls which are well within the margin of error.

Report from Politico:

Virginia Republicans are warning that John McCain’s prospects for winning a state that has been in the GOP column in every presidential election since 1964 could be in jeopardy. With Barack Obama treating the Old Dominion like a battleground state and reliable polls showing a margin-of-error race there, some are cautioning that McCain is making a critical mistake by allowing the Democratic nominee to outpace him in terms of visits and resources committed.

The two best indicators of which states the campaigns are serious about – time and money – tell the story.

Since wrapping up the Democratic nomination in June, Obama, his wife, Michelle, and his running mate Joe Biden have visited the commonwealth a combined 12 times. The candidate himself was in the Tidewater city of Newport News Saturday.

Obama is also plowing millions into Virginia, blanketing the airwaves with TV and radio ads, filling up mailboxes with leaflets and, along with the state party, operating 49 campaign offices.

Together, McCain and his running mate, Sarah Palin, have held just one campaign event in Virginia. And the campaign has taken its ads off the pricey Washington, D.C. network affiliates that reach into the entire swath of the Northern Virginia, the commonwealth’s most populous region.

“I think (McCain) needs to get here,” said Rep. Tom Davis, a longtime member of Congress who represents a Northern Virginia district. “I think they’ve got to pay more attention.”

Davis predicted McCain would ultimately take Virginia because he has appeal to the center-right independents that usually swing statewide races and because Obama is less moderate than such successful Democratic figures as former Gov. Mark Warner and Sen. James Webb.

“Obama is not a Virginia Democrat,” Davis said.

Relying on the “Obama is not a Virginia Democrat” strategy may not be enough considering the RealClearPolitics average of Virginia polls show Obama leading by 2.9%, still within the margin of error but too far on the blue side to make the McCain campaign comfortable. McCain has led most of the time in Virginia, however, it’s been a give and take back and forth.

If Virginia were to swing blue, McCain would have a difficult time. That being said, the state is traditionally red and has been since 1964 so we’ll see what happens as I’m betting it will still break red, if only a percent or two. Still though, to have the state party warning McCain about the issue is meaningful and newsworthy.

  • JD

    McCains brother calles N. Virginia Communist country.

    That can’t help either.

  • Dreadsen

    Uh oh another association! (insert sarcasm)

  • Doomestic

    There is a reason why it is so close there.

    Former GOP governor Linwood Holton endorsed a Democrat for president for the first time and is going to stump critical areas of the state for him. Linwood Holton is the hero of moderate Republicans in Virginia. Holton is widely regarded as the father of the Republican party in Virginia.

    He is the guy the literally kept Virginia red all these years.

  • Babs

    Didn’t seem to hurt, JD. It was a poor attempt at a joke. If Obama’s clinging remark didn’t leave a lasting impression I doubt a bad joke will.

    I don’t think Obama will take Virginia, but this raises another point in favor of the McCain camp’s steering toward Obama’s character. Again, the point of these character attacks are to paint Obama outside mainstream america and out of touch with middle minded america. Virginia is still part of the south, remember. We don’t cotton to no radicals. 😉

  • “Virginia is still part of the south, remember. We don’t cotton to no radicals. ;)”


  • Babs

    I thought you’d appreciate that one, Dreadsen. 😉

  • Actually you all trying to tie radicals to him is winning him over in those red states.
    They see some crazy folks for your friends and they feel you are “one of them”.

    you know how Obama pandered to Ohio by talking about Nafta?

    Well he should pander to the red states by touting a fondness of an association with madmen.

    If he pushes this tactic it will be a landslide

  • JD

    New Poll For Virginia

    From Suffolk University:

    Obama 51, McCain 39

    Conducted Oct. 3-Oct. 5. Error margin: 4 points

    ***Polls are not always correct on how a state is going to vote but it does show trends. In this cause it seems the trend is still in favor of Obama.

  • Kwaayesnama

    This is something you need to think about if you are planning to vote for the McCain/Palin ticket. Do you think McCain cares about the average American? – Think again! In 26 years John McCain voted against increasing the minimum wage 18 times. In the same 26 years he voted for tax breaks for the wealthiest 2% of America 27 times. Why should that matter to you? McCain believes in a trickle down economy. You know if the wealthy get wealthier they will share with you. Obama believes in a trickle up economy, higher salaries for workingmen and women. When they earn more money they are able buy or keep homes, resulting in more employment in building trades. They buy clothes for their children, resulting in more Wal-Mart and GAP jobs. They will purchase new trucks and cars that will keep auto workers employed. Now what is better for this nation a trickle down economy or a trickle up economy? This republican is voting for Obama because we have tried a trickle down economy for eight years and look where this nation is now! Could it get any worse with Obama/Biden?

  • Christopher Schwinger

    Kwaayesnama, why don’t you check out ?

  • Babs

    Kwaayesnama, oh yes, it can and will get a lot worse if Obama is elected.

    Small businesses are what is keeping this country going right now. While we’ve lost jobs overall, jobs in the small business sector has risen. Start putting Obama’s tax increases and health care demands on us and watch us start laying off employees, and closing our doors. Trickle that.

  • Christopher Schwinger

    There is no difference between Obama and McCain. That may sound like an extreme statement, but whenever people try to point out differences, they never know what to say to my rebuttals. Neither of them have the United States’ best interests at heart.

  • JG

    Babs, question for you:

    Do you own a small business? How much does your business make per year?

  • I think the fact that both McCain and Obama support the bailout is an obvious sign that they are NO DIFFERENT.

  • Babs

    JG, my husband and I own 2 small businesses, one smaller than the other.

    CS, did you read McCain’s new plan he touched on last night? I put the link in the thread. Believe it or not, I’m asking your opinion. 😉

  • And Babs, despite my disagreements with you, I still enjoy discussion here with you and everybody else. 😉

    I read about the plan, to use money from the bailout to regulate the housing industry, if I understand correctly. It’s like the New Deal all over again.