Obama, McCain helped House pass bailout bill today

Instrumental in today’s passage of the $700 billion ($850 billion with pork) bailout bill for Wall Street banks were Sen. John McCain and Sen. Barack Obama who, apparantly, helped round up votes in the house. Not to say it wouldn’t have passed without them, however, each is now trying to get in on some credit, be it good or bad.

Report from Yahoo News:

WASHINGTON – Presidential contenders Barack Obama and John McCain helped House leaders round up votes for Friday’s passage of a $700 billion financial rescue plan, and Obama’s role seemed particularly energetic, Democrats said.

Several lawmakers described receiving calls from Obama, who told them that, if elected, he would help hard-pressed homeowners keep their houses.

For nearly two weeks, Obama had kept more distance from the costly and contentious plan than had McCain, the Republican nominee. But when House leaders began their all-out push to convert members who had voted “no” on Monday, Obama called several wavering Democrats who ended up voting “yes” on Friday.

Obama “made numerous calls” and “helped us gather the votes on the Democratic side to pass this legislation,” said Rep. Rahm Emanuel, D-Ill., chairman of his party’s House caucus.

McCain had played a more visible role in negotiations last week. He temporarily suspended his campaign to return to Washington and asked for a White House summit meeting, which turned into near chaos.

On Friday, the McCain campaign and House GOP leaders said McCain called several Republican lawmakers this week, urging them to back the legislative package after the Senate reworked it. But few House members publicly described such calls, and at least one said hers never came.

“They told me he was going to call me,” said Rep. Sue Myrick, R-N.C. “He didn’t.”

“I may lose this race over this vote, but that’s OK with me,” Myrick said of her re-election bid. But voting yes “is the right vote for the country,” she said.

Rep. John Shadegg, R-Ariz., who also switched from “no” to “yes,” said he spoke with McCain earlier in the week. McCain’s campaign declined to name others he had called.

Numerous lawmakers said it’s far from clear that the bailout plan will work, and politicians who support it may have a lot of explaining to do if it falls flat. But Obama and McCain have thrown in their lot, and Democrats seemed especially eager to describe Obama’s role.

“He called me at my home Tuesday night,” freshman Rep. Bruce Braley, D-Iowa, told reporters. “He didn’t try to convince me that I had to change my vote.”

Instead, Braley said, Obama asked about his concerns. “He wanted to talk about his vision for moving forward with Congress” on economic and housing issues, he said.

Video of McCain giving a statement on today’s passage:

Report from Fox News on Obama’s efforts in the House:

So if you supported the bailout plan, be of good cheer since both Presidential candidates helped to pass it through. If you’re on the other side of this discussion, then you might as well be looking at a third-party if this issue is make or break since both major candidates are on the same page.

  • Stalin

    An entertaining look at how we got to today:


  • EricF

    wow! that video explains it all far better than i ever could. i have taken alot of heat on this website for my comments on this issue and by some have even been made out as a villian or semiracist. it amazes me that in this day and age with all the technology we have that people are still so ignorant on the issues.

    another subject people should be made aware of is Obamas ties to the group ACORN that has had members already convicted numerous times for voter registration fraud.

    make no mistake about it black america, the ultra liberal democrats are not on your side whatsoever, that 100% includes Obama. these arrogant politicians only look to exploit, not uplift. this is why i have said do your own research and dont take what Obama says at face value.

    take a look at california, the most left leaning state in america, now in danger of going bankrupt. i wont even attempt to explain why because it will no doubt get me labeled as something or another. is that the future you want as an american? is that the future you want for your children and their children?

    anyone reading this, dont look at this as a cheap shot. i say what i say out of genuine concern. concern for the well being of america and all of her people.

    now to the subject of the bailout being passed. it is my understanding and correct me if im wrong that a portion of this money will go directly to foreign countries. if true alot of people have alot of explaining to do to the american people.

  • EricF

    “make no mistake about it black america,”

    What do you have such a hard on for Black people? What about all the white people who are life long democrats? Or why do you keep ignoring the numbers that Black have been voting Democratic since Kennedy? The civil rights movement changed them from Republican to Democract. Before that they were loyal to Republicans due to Lincoln. It wouldnt’ matter who was there. They still would have been voting that way. Eventhought tons of Democratic leaders have been racist they still had to choose between two white guys. In some cases both white guys were racist.

    OR what about all the war crimes of Bush, Cheney, stripping of liberties,etc of this current administration yet people are still loyal?
    Like you said it’s hard to believe people are this way with all the current technology. But it depends on how you USE this technology. If you only iisten to Mike Savage, Sean Hannity or Keith Olberman and Rachael maddow you are indeed using technology but you are only getting a one sided story.
    So everyone is stupid. Stop with your crusade of trying to push the “nobody stupid but the black people” in this campaign crap.

    Both of you devoted republicans and democrats are looney.
    And the idiots or true fools are the ones who make the case that the other people are blind while they are blind themselves.

  • EricF

    Dreadsen i say what i say because blacks are dispropotionately affected by these issues. who do you think are holding most of these bad mortgages? this was a cut and dry case of exploitation. i also say what i say because blacks are being mislead again by the very people that put them in this mess to begin with. you may choose to ignore the fact that blacks were targeted for exploitation but i for one am outraged over this and i am outraged over the fact that all americans will now have to pay while the very people that created this crisis seem not only to be covered by a blanket of immunity but are benefitting from this whole situation and then have the audacity to turn around and attempt to pass the blame on to the very people that warned this would happen and actually pushed for reform.

    i dont have a hard on for black people as you assert rather i have a heart for the black community and anger towards those that take advantage with absolutely no negative consequense.
    i have a heart for any people getting taken advantage of on such a massive scale.

    wake up Dreadsen before its too late.

  • EricF

    Well for one thing i am not affected by what is happening in the black community.

    And your love for the Black community is as genuine as Sean Hannity when he had the Public Debate with Al Sharpton. You wanna see the debate? I can get it for you if you want.

    Give me some numbers from some independent sources verifying your claims. Then i will comment.
    Right now i think you got your numbers from Mike Savage and Rush Limbaugh. I listen to them too ya know.

    Even if what you say is right if these blacks run to the right THEY would still be screwed. Because both VOTED FOR THE PACKAGE. THE GOVERNMENT SCREWS US THEM , EVERYBODY.

    If you change your argument to the Government instead of being determined to twist things with no factual evidence into a partisan attack on Race. Then you and i will agree. What about the White people who got screwed over. There were a lot of them who got scewed over too. you don’t feel sorry for them? What did white people deserve this while blacks were the victims?
    Where is your proof that all democrats were responsible for the subprime lending? You provide that then we are getting some where. That would be one way of making your madness into something logical.

    Any way i will await your non bias, independent evidence which backs up your post.

  • Ok EricF


    Some excerpts from this article. Your language is all through this article.


    “George Bush Helped Liberals Push Minority Subprime Loans”

    “Similarly, the liberals introduced the idea that there should be more minority home-owners. Did the Republicans stand in the way of these lunatic liberal programs to give high-risk loans to Blacks and Latinos? A few Republicans did, but George W. Bush hopped on the liberal bandwagon and vowed to greatly increase the number of minority home-owners.”

    “In a 2002 speech, George W. Bush announced “I set an ambitious goal. It’s one that I believe we can achieve. It’s a clear goal, that by the end of this decade we’ll increase the number of minority homeowners by at least 5.5 million families.”

    “Despite this blatant pandering to minorities, over 90 percent of Blacks voted against Bush. This is like some sort of mental illness that afflicts Republicans at the top level of our government. Despite the fact that Blacks overwhelmingly support the Democrats and despite the fact that a majority of Latino voters also support the Democrats, Republicans like George Bush, John McCain and Trent Lott are notorious liberals, who seek to give an endless amount of taxpayer dollars to these minorities and who support the idea of an Amnesty for the 20 million illegal alien Latinos, who are in the US today.”

    you see according to these racist it was Bush and McCain who they link as being responsible for this. One is the current president the other may be the next one. You see how you can twist things? We could easily change this article around to appear like it is geared towards “caring” and feeling sorry for blacks. But you can tell by the url and the david duke advertisments that this would be a lie.

  • EricF

    Dreadsen please stop acting like you know me or can speak for my motives. of course no agency government or otherwise is going to put out numbers on who is holding the bad mortgages because to do so wouldnt be politically correct.

    also if you are going to comment on what i post please do just that and stop adding to my posts and then responding as if i had said those things myself. i never said all democrats and nor do i think all democrats are evil in some way. i never said white people didnt get screwed from the mortgage mess, i said blacks are dispropotionately affected.

    also i dont feel obligated to prove anything to you. i have said numerous times to do your own research. if you are unwilling to put your own time in to research properly then you really shouldnt even be commenting here now should you?

  • EricF

    Dreadsen this is the last post i am directing towards you. i am doing this because of your last post. all you are doing is trying to make me look like a racist in an attempt to discredit me. truely pathetic.

    “Some excerpts from this article. Your language is all through this article.”

    nice slander job trying to compare me to David Duke. im sure you have nothing but good things to say however of Obama and his racist america hating pastor or his good buddy the terrorist. way to hold true to the double standard. maybe you should watch Hannity this sunday, he is having a special on Obama and his shady buddies. oh wait thats right you would never watch Hannity because you think he is a white devil, im sure you hold that opinon of all whites that dont support Obama. im sure you think affirmative action and racial quotas are good for the black community.

    im not sure what is more sad, your blatant stupidity or your loyalty to a man that obviously wants to destroy the american way.

  • EricF

    My purpose showing you the ad is that you can spin the blame any kind of way. They chose to spin it on McCain and Bush. But provided just as much evidence as you did. NONE

    I’m not black. IN case you noticed there are many white people who do not like racist or people with racist undertones. The last Klan Rally i saw i didn’t see one black protester. When Matthew Hale had his last rally before he got arrested there were nothing but angry white people protesting.

    Nice try after getting defeated in your argument you want to derail it in a direction which has nothing to do with your the argument you raised. Maybe associations is an easier argument for you to fight.
    This topic is not about Obama’s associations There is a thread which babs very eloquently wrote. You may talk about that there. Or you can talk about associations in the thread i wrote about Palin and her anti american hating associations. But we are talking about subprime mortgage.

    So re direct your posts.
    I watch Hannity quite often. Nice to see you watch it as well.

    It is your burden of proof. You are obligated to prove your case if you are the one raising the initial argument.

    “Dreadsen please stop acting like you know me or can speak for my motives. of course no agency government or otherwise is going to put out numbers on who is holding the bad mortgages because to do so wouldnt be politically correct.”

    But you just posted as if you knew me or know my motives.

    Okay. This means you have created your argument which attacks blacks out of thin air. With no supporting evidence. So now what does this say about you? The article i quoted created and argument out of thin air as well. with no supporting evidence.

  • Babs

    Oh yeah, Obama helped alright. While “phoning in” to his democratic friends, he managed to get a 20% payback in the bailout for his former employer, ACORN. It was tossed out by the House Republicans, but he sure made a good try for it. Way to go Obama, we see where you’re “change” lies.

    The video Stalin posted, along with the ACORN insertion into the first bill will be the focus of the investigation as to how we got to where we are. And it ain’t good news for Obama and the Democrats, and it’s going to be all over the news and internet from now until Nov. 4th.

  • Jim819

    Here you go if you just want to see part of the case against BO. This is from the HillaryClintonForum.net from the Just Say No Deal Coalition of over 5 million Dems and Inds. who, like the Repubs, see BO as an Unqualified Fraud!

    The Hillary Clinton Forum of PUMAS, etc., from the JSND Coalition have put several videos and links together all in 1 thread. The videos expose much of BO`s corruption, associations, etc., as well as showing how BO and the Dems in Congress were mostly responsible for causing this economic mess. There`s also a video showing how McCain was really the one who tried to prevent it! There`s even 1 video showing how/why Palin is better than BO!

    And you can find it all right here,


  • Deb

    “George Bush Helped Liberals Push Minority Subprime Loans”

    How about Obama along with Madeline Talbott and ACORN?
    Talbott & Co. generally wanted the banks to ease down-payment requirements and ignore weak credit histories. And their intimidating tactics often necessitated police action, as at a ’97 protest at Pulaski Bank & Trust in Arkansas, where activists blocked drive-through lanes.” (“The Meltdown’s ACORN,” New York Post, 9/29/08)

    Today’s subprime mortgage meltdown began with a lofty, deliberate, fuzzy-headed effort by the Clinton administration to turn more latinos and blacks into homeowners, or so it appears from 1999 news reports — buttressed by hard data from a 2007 study of subprime reports.

  • Kwaayesnama

    I have a problem with GOP lies. They look us in the eye and tell us something without blinking, they wave the American flag and we the people fall in line.

    We have to send our sons and daughters to die looking for weapons of mass destruction, hurry up pull out the flag and wave like hell!

    Sedam Hussein was responsible for 9-11, hurry up pull out the flag and wave like hell!

    Iraqi oil will pay for the war, hurry up pull out the flag and wave like hell!

    Mission accomplished, hurry up pull out the flag and wave like hell!

    Our economy is basically strong, hurry up pull out the flag and wave like hell!

    We are fundamentally better off during the Bush administration, hurry up pull out the flag and wave like hell!

    John McCain campaign statement that he is not able to use a computer because of his suffering as a prisoner of war. Now here is my problem with that scenario. On July 13, 2008 in a New York Times interview john McCain said: “I am learning to get online myself, and I will have that down fairly soon, getting on myself. I don’t expect to be a great communicator, I don’t expect to set up my own blog, but I am becoming computer literate to the point where I can get the information that I need.”


    On Rachel Ray John McCain whipped up a batch of ribs. I would like a medical opinion on what different muscles are used to barbecue ribs that you would have to use on a keyboard.

    It is time to look in their eyes – not blink – and say “I love my Country, I love my flag, and I want you to stop lying to us?”