McCain, Obama release statements on job numbers

The monthly job numbers were released today and both Obama and McCain were quick to jump on it each releasing statements spinning the news in their respective directions, as expected.

The report from Yahoo News:

John McCain –

Today’s report of another 159,000 lost jobs confirms what America’s working men and women have understood for months: Our nation’s economy is on the wrong track. It is imperative that Congress act to address the financial crisis while protecting taxpayers and being good stewards of their dollars. But we must do more.

America’s middle class needs help from a government that is truly standing on their side and not in their way. I am committed to getting to the roots of this crisis — reforming Washington and cleaning up the mess created by the greed and crony capitalism of government-backed mortgage giants — Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. I will reverse out-of-control spending, end the wasteful and corrupting practice of earmarks, and get the government budget back to balance. I will reform health care to control costs and better serve American families, open markets around the globe for our products, cut taxes, and expand domestic production of energy to eliminate the ability of international oil markets to hold our economy hostage. I will create jobs and get the economy on the right track.

Unlike Sen. Obama, I do not believe we will create one single American job by increasing taxes, going on a massive spending binge, and closing off markets. Our nation cannot afford Sen. Obama’s higher taxes.

Barack Obama –

Today, Americans woke up to the sad news that 159,000 jobs were lost last month alone, making September the ninth straight month of job loss. With three-quarters of a million jobs lost this year, and millions of families struggling to pay the bills and stay in their homes, this country can’t afford Sen. McCain’s plan to give America four more years of the same policies that have devastated our middle-class and our economy for the last eight.

Instead of Sen. McCain’s plan to give tax breaks to CEOs and companies that ship jobs overseas, I will rebuild the middle-class and create millions of new jobs by investing in infrastructure and renewable energy that will reduce our dependence on oil from the Middle East. I also call on Congress to pass an immediate rescue plan for our middle-class that will provide tax relief, save 1 million jobs, and save our local communities from harmful budget cuts and painful tax increases.

More on this story as it develops..

  • lol

  • JD

    k, I just got out of a meeting and they are looking to phase out half of our department over to China and Tiwain.

    Fortunately my name is not on that list.

    However, There have been a couple of people on here who were a talking about how corperate tax is driving jobs out of business and pushing them overseas.

    I wanted to let you all in on the reason they said they were going to phase out our departments jobs.

    Labor Costs. They found that they could save X amount of money by pushing it over to china. No joke, that was the reason relayed to the people who are going to have to pass out the bad news. Obviously we can not tell the people who are going to be layed off.

    But my company is going to do thier part to keep the Job loss numbers rolling for october.

    You people need to realize that capital tax is not the reason why we are bleeding jobs. It is loose trade agreements that make the american workforce wages uncompetative even though the majority of profit my company makes is from the US.

  • Babs

    What industry are you in, JD?

  • JD

    Computer industry. Lets say I work for a large corporation. And I’ll narrow it down to three companies for you Dell, IBM, Hewlett-Pakard.

    I have scheduled a meeting with my boss to discuss the options and to feel out how flexible they are with this plan.

    The ball is rolling but maybe I can save a few people while it crushes others.

    How appropriate that this topic came up.

    NATE you must be god. lol.

  • Christopher Schwinger
    Pass this YouTube video on!

    Also visit and demand representation for Bob Barr, Chuck Baldwin, Ralph Nader, and Cynthia McKinney in debates!!

  • Babs

    So much of the technology industry is already overseas it’s sickening. I suspect any of the three you named learned long ago that overseas labor is cheaper.

    But the devil is again in the details – not enough people are trained to do the jobs here in the States. And in employment, it’s also a matter of supply and demand. The more your skills are in demand, the higher the pay scale goes. If a quarter million or so of the unemployed were trained for jobs like you’re talking about there might be more competition in the field, but the wages would also be lower, and more of the jobs would remain here.

    Just my opinion.

    Go save some jobs.

  • Babs

    Cynthia McKinny??!? OMG, that woman is insane. Her latest yesterday was that 5000 prison inmates were shot in the head by policemen and thrown in the ocean during Katrina. She’s not fit to walk on a stage. It was proud day when we got rid of her in Georgia.

  • JD


    (Shaking head)… you are only speaking in half truths.

    I had an economic teacher that said “the reason why the US doesn’t make its own shirts is because we can not afford the work force required to do it. For every person working as a shirt maker is a person not working in the IT field or the another field.”

    He was refering to opportunity cost between the sectors in a economy.

    You just reminded me of him.

    What if you want to be a shirt maker? What if you are good at being a shirt maker but because walmart gets a village halfway around the world to make a shirt at half the price you find out you can’t compete.

    Lets say that you want to play Walmarts game but realize that you have to have significant capital and there is no way for you to raise it so you find out that you can’t compete.

    The problem is not that the jobs are not “in demand” but that they can not compete when you are trading labor with countries who work for 50 cents an hour.

    Now why is 50 cents important. 50 cents is important because our grandparents and thier grandparens have worked hard at making 50 U.S. Cents worth something. They didn’t do this by shipping jobs overseas.

    If anything they imported work. Irish, Dutch, China, Italy… Because when you import labor they live and contribute in the US economy.

    They buy houses in the US.
    They pay taxes in the US,
    They grocery shop in the US,
    they buy electricity in the US,
    They buy cars in the US,
    and you see where I am going.

    All this puts back in the economy which leads to a strong dollar.

    When you export the labor than they don’t do all the things I just mentioned which is called an economic leak.

    The US was built by exporting (selling) our services and products around the world.

    The united states was not built by exporting labor but we think we can do it now with a population in China and India that each have more honor students than we have students.

    Let them build their own economy and then compete with us.

  • Stalin

    I am so tired of Obama and Biden saying that we are going to give a tax break to CEO’s/ExxonMobile/Oil Companies. McCain is proposing an accross the board corporate tax rate cut for ALL corporations. A corporation can be as few as 2 people in some cases. STOP THIS RIDICULOUS DECEPTION.

  • JD


    Sarah and Todd Palin release their tax returns for 2006 and 2007.

    The two paid about $37,000 in taxes on some $294,000 in gross income over the two years. They donated $8,200 to charity.

    “For 2006, the Palins paid $11,944 (LINE 63) in total taxes on gross income of $127,869 (LINE 37), which is a 9.3% tax rate.

    For 2007, the Palins paid $24,738 (LINE 63) in total taxes on gross income of $166,080 (LINE 37), which is a 14.9% tax rate.”

    2006 return link-

    2007 Return Link –

    2007 – 2008 Public Financial Disclosure


    2006 = 9.3 % income tax rate

    2007 = 14.9 % income tax rate

    The good news is that they make under 250,000 so thier taxes will not go up under an Obama administration.

  • You just ignored the fact that their gross income was $166k, however, their taxable income was only $124k in 2007. (line 43) That includes mortgage interest deductions, personal exemptions, plus they reported a profit loss on the Schedule C for “Snow Machine Racing” in 2007.

    $24,783 of $124k is over 19% in 2007, not 14.9% as you stated above. You have to look at taxable income, not gross income. Looks like you quoted that information from somewhere without checking it out yourself.

    Once again, the same with the 2006 return. Their taxable income was only $85,907 and they paid $11,944 in taxes, a rate over 14%, not the 9% you mentioned. Similar to 2007, business expenses, exemptions, and deductions.

    These returns are so textbook for operating your own business they look similar to returns I file, not near their income, but the same kind of deductions along with profit and loss statements. Nothing newsworthy here other than Sarah Palin is the least-wealthy candidate running paying normal small business taxes with her husband’s businesses.

    Check your numbers though, JD, examine the returns for yourself and you’ll see the distortion in the numbers you posted. As with all Americans, we pay on our taxable income after deductions and exemptions, not our gross income.

  • Christopher Schwinger

    Babs, every candidate who is on a ballot should be represented in debates; I’m not for Cynthia McKinney, but she still deserves to be represented in debates. Obama and McCain unceasingly make it clear that they despise the United States Constitution, and McCain just said he’s always wanted to be a dictator. That should disqualify THEM from debates, if the media giants actually cared about the Constitution.

  • JD


    I see what you are saying. I wish I had time to rebuttle.

    I’ll let it stand for now.

  • Stalin


    You are not an accountant. They paid $19,951 in 2006 (line 72) They paid $22,721 in 2007 (line 72) You can also look at the vouchers that are sent in with their checks to confirm.

    2006 Effective tax rate = $19,951/$85,907= 23.22%
    2007 Effective tax rate = $22,721/$124,921= 18.18%

  • Babs

    CS, that’s twice you’ve said McCain wants to be a dictator. Get off it.

  • Christopher Schwinger
  • Christopher Schwinger

    It was part of the above speaking engagement.

  • Stalin


    First you say that McKinney should be allowed in the debate and then you say McCain and Obama should be disqualified. I’m confused.


    Stop trying to use deception and false numbers to help make a already foolish point.

  • Christopher Schwinger

    I’m sorry I worded it as I did, Stalin. While I think McKinney is an improvement over McCain or Obama, I disagree with most of her policies, as with Ralph Nader. My intended point was that if you’re going to have Obama and McCain represented, both of which couldn’t care in the least about the Constitution, you ought to also have people who have more respect for it than they have. And all of the third party candidates arguably DO have more respect for the law of the land than McCain or Obama, because all of them believe the government should be held accountable for its foreign policy and surveillance programs.

    Again, sorry I made that confusing, Stalin.

  • JD: “I see what you are saying. I wish I had time to rebuttle.

    It’s just the facts from the numbers on their tax returns, nothing really to rebut.

  • JD

    Nate – “It’s just the facts from the numbers on their tax returns, nothing really to rebut.”

    true dat! Thanks Nate.

  • chris

    I still dont see how mccain is proposing to create jobs! What is his plan besides tax breaks? Tax breaks alone wont do a damn thing for job creation! At leaste Obama mentioned infrastructure and renewable energy sectors!

  • chris

    Besides tax cuts, how in the hell is Mccain proposing to create jobs? I have yet to hear a detailed plan regarding this!

  • Christopher Schwinger

    chris, McCain HAS no plan to create jobs! He WANTS Mexicans and Chinese to get American jobs, because he hates the idea of economic independence for America!

  • Rob

    Instead of Sen. McCain’s plan to give tax breaks to CEOs and companies that ship jobs overseas, I will rebuild the middle-class and create millions of new jobs by investing in infrastructure and renewable energy that will reduce our dependence on oil from the Middle East.