Video: Vice Presidential Debate from St. Louis (10/2/08)

Here is the entire, unedited Vice Presidential debate between Gov. Sarah Palin and Sen Joe Biden from Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri on October 2nd, 2008. The debate moderator was Gwen Ifill from PBS news. The debate lasted 90 minutes and this is the where you can watch it in full, unedited.

Here is the entire 90 minute, unedited Palin / Biden VP debate video:


Here is the entire debate split in 10 parts from YouTube:

More analysis to come tomorrow..

  • keith

    thank you for your input and views that is exactly what i was trying to say. well put.
    yeah Palin was very simplistic in her approach, and i see how that caters to simplistic minds. but politics are a lot more complex, and she doesn’t seem to get the big picture.

  • Ironman

    Your makin my sides hurt,

    The people chose Obama?,.. I thought they chose Hilary,.. then there was some funny buisness and bango Obamas the democratic nominee.

    But hey what do I know,.. I have one of those “simplistic minds”,.. unlike the complex ones that eguate trying to establish talks with an insane crimminal who wants to commit genocide on the same par as talking about your favorite color. OMG.

    Heres another analogy that might be a little closer to the point.

    Lets say someone doesnt like keith,. in fact they hate keith,.. they want to kill his entire family, they want to burn his house to the ground with them in it.

    They go around publicly anouncing this,.. they tell the police they are going to do it and defy them to do anything about it. They start packing gas cans over to the side walk in front of keiths house. Now keiths neighbors dont exactly care for him either, so they arnt going to do anything to stop it. All wacko needs is another can of gas, and a book of matches. So there are two courses of action.

    1.The police try and setup a meeting with this insane little fellow who is hell bent on exterminating keith and his family. The police want to tell the wacko, their points of view, and how they dont think arson and murder are a good idea. they also want the wacko to know if he still insist on killing keith, they are going to have his employer cut his wages so it takes longer to buy more gas and matches. Further more they want the wacko to know if he ever feels like talking about it the door is open.
    How warm and fuzzy.

    Of course there is another option that seems to be the way things work in the real world.

    2. The police get a swat team and go after wacko, they dont really seem to be interested in negotiations and wacko takes a ride, vertical or not.

    Simple solution,… Most things work better that way,.. including “politics”. Alot of people like to make things more complicated than they need to be, for a lot of reasons,.. most are self serving.

    Not everyone can grasp the concept. Some come by it naturaly, as they lteraly are simplistic in nature,.. others must obtain “wisdom” to clearly see its benifit.

  • Ironman

    man that was a real knee slapper.

    if it was that simple then Colin Powell, Kissinger, Eisenhower,Ronald Regan, and i think 10 former secretary of states are fools. Especially Colin Powell. Chuck Hagel even said that McCain is smarter than this and he knows it. Remember you have to take the advise of other wise people on this issue.

    How about Kruchef when he stomped his foot and pointed at us saying he would bury all of us.

    What did we do?

    We invited him over for tea at our presidents house and he came. guess what. with no preconditions.

    World Politics is not as simple as a policeman answering a domestic call.

    And in case you haven’t noticed the Bush Administration has sent officials to talk with the Iranian president who doesn’t hold the power. Ahmadinejad can not authorize war, he can’t end war, he can’t stop the nuclear program or start it. If he isn’t low level i don’t know what is. Even if he was to agree to something he has to ASK people above him to grant it then from there i believe it goes to the AYATOLLAH. I know they probably don’t want to talk to that guy after what the united states did to them in the 50’s when they commited all those terrorist acts to put the Shah in power. But he is who runs it.

  • I work in politics professionally, and i’ve talked to 2,000+ Obama supporters and NOT ONE, NOT ONE can provide a convincing reason to vote for him beyond the empty rhetoric of his campaign – and i live in his base – the SF Bay Area.

    I understand everyone’s hatred of bush and the republican party, but, take it from someone who has been working 10 hours a day in politics ever since 911, the Democratic Party is full of MASSIVE MASSIVE LIES. Their entire platform is based on lies. Obama supported and voted with Bush on ALL of the important things that everyone hats about bush: No Child Left Behind, FISA, Patriot Act, Funding the Iraq War, and now, the biggest fraud of all time, the $700 bailout bill. No one has yet to explain how Obama is going to be better than bush. Higher taxes on business and capital? Even Obama admitted with George Stephanopolis that his own tax proposal would harm the economy. Don’t like the war, Obama isn’t going to stop it, he’s just going to move it to a different region.

    I’m writing a book, and making a movie about this, i’ve been researching this 12 hours a day the last 3 months, i suggest all of you who think Obama is going to save you wise up a bit and do your homework. Things are not nearly as simple as the appear. by the way, for some quick videos of Obama lying directly to the American People, Visit my website United States

    In short, i reject Obama entirely. Im smarter, younger, taller, better looking, got better grades, understand the economy far better, im only 32, but if i was older, i could run for president and kick this guys ass. One day i will.

    The biggest crooks often have the biggest smiles.

  • For everyone This is not meant to say one opinion is better than the other but just to show you what some Israeli Defense officials have said about talking with adversaries.

    They discuss our election over here. These are opinions from the people IN ISRAEL who are responsible for protecting Israel. So it holds some value.

  • Will

    “This is where the “breath of fresh air” comes in with Palin, and she uses it well. Much has been said in the past about Obama’s “accent” depending on where he is and who he’s talking to. So I consider applying this as a negative to Palin as a double standard.”

    What accent?? I’m not talking about accents, I’m talking about silly phrases and expressions she uses. If you’re going to sit there and say that it’s natural then don’t bother, we will have to agree to disagree. In essence, it makes her appear ditzy at best rather than carrying herself as a VP.

    And to ever lower the bar for any VP candidate is a sign that you don’t have faith in your own candidate, and it saddening if it suffices the American people

  • Ironman


    I’m glad I was able to humor you.
    I’ve been entertained along the way myself.

    There is usualy more than one way to deal with things,..Although some matters are very complex,.. the simpler the solution the better.
    Often I use the analogy of clearing your property of thorns,.. they will never be gone until you take the root. You can dance around the real problem, spend time and money trying to contain it, but ultimately, you will have to take the root.

    Obama himself said, “He would do everything in his power,.. and he stressed the word ‘everything’ to stop Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons”.

    Strong language,.. the intent clear. I advocate the same.

    Perhaps the context of my statements you responded to was overlooked or misunderstood.

    I’m glad you brought up Regan,.. He refused to have negotiations, he stuck to his “guns” so to speak, and ended the cold war. Could you please direct me to the tea party with Kruchef, and how it influenced the cold war.

    I’m having difficulty finding anything substantial on that.

    The middle east crisis has been going on for thousands of years, Obama is not the first person with the aproach he suggest.
    History is a great teacher.

    “There is nothing new under the sun”.

    But of course thats “old school” and does’nt apply anymore,.. its probably too simplistic as well. 😉

    I did appreciate the video clip,.. It has inspired me to see how the current Israel Military views this issue,.. Retired generals may speak more openly, so I will most likely have to read between the lines a little, but we shall see.

  • Ironman


    I believe the word accent is being used as a metaphore.

    You mention sad.

    The epitomy of which, is when we as Americans establish a standard to judge competance on appearance rather than performance.

    It pains me to think a scociety would embrace such concepts,..
    as they are the root of discrimination.
    Focus on character has great merit as well,.. but should not be confused with personality.

  • jesse

    All of you democrats out there slamming palin, can go hug your trees. Palin is indeed a breath of fresh air in the election. We should be grateful that McCain chose her as his running vice president. She will bring in the new and out with the old

  • keith

    very mature. you guys seem to be into that fresh air, why dont you and your maverick buddies go hug some trees and thank them for it?

  • Ironman


    Mavericks and Change, I’m tired of them both,.. John didnt use his catch phrase tonight, and Barrak only used the change angle a couple of times.

  • Andrew

    I am 21, live in WI, own a home, have no college degree, and work 40 hours a week as a night billing clerk at a mid range paper company(If you have seen “The Office” I can tell you its close to being that ridiculous and funny in real life).

    I must say as far as this debate is concerned i understand peoples desire for the Palin fresh air. She comes across a little strong with the you betcha and wink business and i see how that bothers people. Overall, she did a fine job holding her own against an older more experienced opponent. However, I still feel its big jump from Gov. of Alaska to VP(possibly President) of the US. In 2012 if she is still around I will certainly enjoy seeing her run. As for right now is seems like a Disney Channel original movie(sorry Palin enthusiasts).

    As for Biden, he reminds me of most other politicians. He speaks fairly calm and clear and in my opinion did a good job in this debate.

    I have watched most speeches from both sides and seen all the debates so far. The one clear thing that emerges is that i hate political blather and banter and wish the candidates would answer the damn questions properly!

    O’brien/Weinberg 08

  • I noticed one big shift in Obama’s foreign policy which is quite interesting in view of his opposition to the Iraq War. One of the ongoing problems in Iraq was the continuing genocide against the Kurds. By Obama’s new doctrine as enunciated in this debate, he would be required to send American forces in to stop the genocide (since things like bombing and no-fly zones did’t seem to work well in preventing “collateral damage”, as Iraq showed.

    If we tie his actions to his words, genocide is ok in Iraq but not ok anywhere else. If the shift in his policy covers the entire world, then his opposition to Iraq is hollow pandering.

  • Ironman


    I appreciate your “unbiased” lead in so you could make a Palin jab. It kinda reminds me of the SNL portrayal of Bidens take on McCain. he he he

    As far as Biden goes, I cant agree with you,.. He’s definately beyond average. He does share some of the same qualities attributed to the average politician, such as changing the subject and never answering the question. He does however possess another attribute that makes him “stand out” amongst the rank and file.

    Not willing to be out “kitchen tabled”, he played an emotional trump card.
    Although his display had nothing to do with the issue, (middle class Americans financial situation) It effectively clouded the issue, and shifted the focus from someone who really does understand middle class America,… to having empathy for someone who felt pain.
    Worked pretty good to take a realistic identification with a realistic problem, and make it an emotional issue that had nothing to do with the subject matter.

    I wasnt going to say anything about this, but perhaps its the only language some understand.

    Mr. Bidens tactic of using such tragic experience for political gain is disgusting. I lost all respect for the man at that point.

    “A disney movie” maybe so,.. is there a part in it for a snake, I see a perfect canidate.

    It amazes me that when faced with what may well be one of the most critical elections we will vote in our lifetime,. the thing that should be looked at the most,.. is looked at the least,.. the track record of the people we are voting on.

    Instead, it seems many of us like to watch the talking heads, and judge the canidates based on their personality,.. and who can effectively blow a better smoke screen.

    Several post ago, someone mentioned the “bar being lowered”,..
    Once you set the bar on “presentation” rather than “performance” the Arena now goes to the best “showman”.

    Sound like a place for lawyers?
    They’re allways honest, right?

  • Ironman

    I had to throw this in,

    Its just a fact about lawyers,. they will fight til the end usinging whatever tactic they can devise to win their case, often times ignoring the truth. And thats what we want them to do,.. thats what we pay them for.

    What sould be remembered is their loyalty is to the guy writting the check.

  • Andrew

    Dont worry! I dont base my decision on these debates but i greatly enjoy seeing how the “dogs” are trained to look and act on stage. Its like picking out a seeing eye dog for a blind person. Doesnt matter how good they look as long as they stop us before we walk into a busy intersection and keep us on the right path. Just my look on it haha

  • Lauren

    Palin, owned.

    Sorry Biden, you dug yourself into a hole.

  • Independent

    I am truly sorry if someone has already mentioned this, but Palin’s English language skills (or lack thereof) completely irritated me. “I’m gonna…”, “the economy is hurtin'”, “nuculer”, etc. Now, I will admit that Biden slipped up a couple of times, but no where near the slip-ups of Palin. A professional debate is no place for such uneducated-sounding language; I have had enough of it from George W. And for the last time, people, it is nuCLEAR, not nuCULER!

  • Ironman


    lol. jus cuz ya got noe edjucayshun, dont mean yer stoopit!

    Maybe they’re just hookt on foniks.

  • so over all of this….

    i’m tired of both major party candidates. mccain is a sellout and obama has backtracked one too many times. nothing is going to be different no matter who’s put in office, as the debates so far has made very clear. when are we going to have a real-deal, gloves-off, no-holds-barred debate where moderators do their jobs by following up w/ tough questions and not letting any of the candidates off easily? when will the candidates stop saying what they think what their constituents want to hear, and just speak what they think is the plain, hard truth of things? i could just as well write-in “donald & daisy duck” on my ballot as any of the other major tickets for pres and vp…aagh! sorry, just venting, just fed up :o)

  • mischievous dame

    mccain did ok but i think it could have been better. but if you want another 4 years of bull policies n lies stay at home because that’s some of what you’ll find n mccain. if your looking for a “real” change and your waiting for something to actually be done about all our problems–economy, gas, health care–then vote for someone we can all believe in. vote for a real economic change. vote for obama. BECAUSE WE CANT AFFORD ANOTHER 4 YEARS OF THE SAME.

  • I say debates are boring like no other… I only watch it for doing my stupid papers. But I like the Saturday Night Live version of this debate. It makes me laugh… =D WATCH IT! If you are a Palin/McCain fan, you might get offended because they totally BASH her the most!!! It’s SOOO FUNNY THOUGH!!!

  • I think Palin is not what America needs. The last thing we need is a woman who can’t lead a country. If you’re going to be the president you have to be a good strong leader. Sarah is not going to be able to do that, because she’s too friendly. You can be friends with the enemy!! Biden is more eldgible for the job as vice pres. because he’s a better leader.

  • Rooobz

    Watch This. We want her to take over when McCain dies?

  • matthew

    hey mccai n is fake he never will be a good president boohoo=] =]=]
    happy halloweem:p

  • naser

    hey not an american and you may think that this election has nothing to do with me or my country..however, i strongly believe that mccain might be fake but he is the right man to be president at this time..why?
    i think its because america is a super power and is a leading country in the United Nations,so America is the worlds police..The WORLD needs a strong leader as president..this is because the world has been having more wars recently and whos better in war situations?? obama or mccain? Mccain is 72 years old he has been fighting for his country from the age of 17..he has the correct strategies for the war in Iraq and the future war in Iran..If Americans vote for obama (who i think should be president IF there were no wars america was in) then he wouldnt be able to lead america out of the war as a victor..for the situations going on in the world today mccain should be president..

  • Jenna

    I can’t even believe what I’m reading!

    I would like to bring this comment up once again, so that not a single person posting something should have the nerve to say something as stupid as this again.

    “She is not going to be president, John Sidney McCain will be and so he especially would lead in a 9/11 moment.”

    What if McCain can no longer be president???

    …and he’s old the chances are great.