(Video) Clips from Vice Presidential debate 10/2

The Vice Presidential debate between Gov. Sarah Palin and Sen. Joe Biden is ending soon but here are some clips rolling in via MSNBC. We’ll have the entire debate video uploaded soon so check back for a headline post.

Watch the entire video here.

Clips as they come in:

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More clips:


Report from MyWay:

ST. LOUIS (AP) – Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin accused Barack Obama of voting against funding for U.S. troops in combat Thursday night in their much-anticipated campaign debate and chastised his Democratic running mate, Joe Biden, for defending the move, “especially with your son in the National Guard” and headed for Iraq.

“John McCain voted against funding for the troops,” as well, Biden countered, adding that the Republican presidential candidate had been “dead wrong on the fundamental issues relating to the conduct of the war.”

Biden did not immediately reply to Palin’s mention of his son, Beau, the Delaware attorney general, who is scheduled to fly to Iraq with his National Guard unit on Friday.

Palin has a young son who is in Iraq with the Alaska National Guard, although she did not refer to it.

The exchange over Iraq was easily the most personal, and among the most pointed, as the two running mates debated across 90 minutes on a stage at Washington University.

They also clashed over energy, the economy, global warming and more in their only debate, with little more than one month remaining in the campaign and McCain struggling to regain his footing.

Republican officials disclosed earlier in the day that he was conceding the battleground state of Michigan to Obama. The state voted Democratic four years ago, but McCain had spent millions trying to place it in his column.

Biden was scathing in his criticism of McCain’s position on the Iraq war, calling him the “odd man out” for his refusal to accept a timeline for the withdrawal of U.S. troops.

But Palin countered that a timetable was tantamount to “a white flag of surrender in Iraq,” and at a moment when victory was “within sight.”

More coming soon along with the entire video.


Here is the entire, unedited VP debate video:

Video: Vice Presidential Debate from St. Louis (10/2/08)

  • You McCain supporter got away lucky as hell tonight! YOu all may not have had the guts to express it but there was fear that she was going to assist in the sliding of the polls with this debate.
    She didn’t slip up make any mistakes. Actually got some good blows in. This debate will probably turn things around a little bit.

    But hey i was one of the first to say McCain won the debate with Obama and none of the polls on any of the channels including fox supported my opinion so i guess we’ll have to wait for the results.

  • What have you done with Dreadsen and where did you hide the body? 🙂

    Palin did an excellent job, as did Biden. They were both effective at getting under each other’s skin.

  • EricF

    Biden = pwned

  • i felt she was dodging some of her questions a bit. but i feel mccain is the lesser of two evils so my vote is still with him. tonights debate helped a bit too.

  • Moe

    Palin didn’t fall into any major traps, but she didn’t say much either. She effectively danced around questions and drove her answers as she was coached to do. She works on people because she is a “cheerleader” not a leader.

  • Denise

    Biden clearly won the debate. His answers were intelligent and articulate. Palin kept to the same party line, and didn’t answer the questions in many cases.

  • Eric

    Sarah Palin sounded pretty bad, the only thing she repeated was “For the american people” or “I’m just a regular person like you, vote for me, because that’s a good enough reason.”

  • LuisV

    Actually Mccain did a horrible job at the debate, that is the exact reason why polls are showing Obama’s progress, however this debate might make a change since Palin didnt do as bad as was expected

  • PalinHo

    That was a good debate, Biden made some solid points, and Palin did ok. DId anyone happen to catch Palin mentioning the Taliban in Iraq? LOL

  • michael

    Palin scares the living hell out of me. Aside from barely being competent enough to answer the questions presented to her, the few answers that she did manage to squeeze off made so little sense that they could hardly be called answers.

    I shudder to think of what would happen to the world if she ever did become the president of the USA.

  • modemlooper

    To vote on a debate is ridiculous. Its a platform for people to answer questions that us voters want to here. It should not be a argument back and forth. It should be question and then each person get to answer and thats it.

    This is whats wrong with our country; we vote on the basis of how someone can get pwned. I feel sad that I live here and that others around the world view us as dumb hicks.

    Biden is definitely not as charismatic as Obama but I think he gets his point across.

    Palin is so green you can tell her responses were canned. She knew in advance what was being asked and then had jabbing answers to make her look strong.

    I hope people realize that we are going down a slippery slop of becoming a 3rd world country where nobody will have food and shelter. Disease will be rampant as well as crime.

    Open your eyes people!

  • U.S.A.

    Both candidates did well here. I did say that Palin would do better as she did. Biden did a little better than Palin as most knew he would. Palin avoided some questions but recovered a little. Overall Biden won but Palin improved.

  • EricF

    lol Biden did not win this debate. the only thing Biden did tonight was lie to the American people. think for yourselves people. do not fall for the blatant lies of the Obama camp.

  • U.S.A.

    The one thing that burns my a$$ is the “maverick” title. How many times did we hear Palin use this word? Biden nailed it when he said about McCain “maverick he is not.”

  • LuisV

    Actually Eric if they lie on stage that would be a major hit to the polls so i really think nobody lied, be smart

  • EricF

    LuisV i will try to be smart like you and use double negatives in my posts. lol. Biden has no shame. that man stood on stage and told boldface lie after boldface lie. McCains camp is going to have a field day with this.

  • lokiz

    since when was it so easy to tell that both candidates were lying to my face *sigh*

  • EricF

    LuisV good job editing your post so fast lol.

  • lokiz

    since when was it so easy to tell that both candidates were lying to my face. *sigh*

  • Nate very FUNNY!

    I have a record of saying good things about McCain and i have defended Palin and McCain. I did say McCain won the last debate. I have also said that McCain would not have been a 3rd term of bush and if he won in 2000 we wouldn’t be where we are at. I cheerleaded him in the topic where he went green and i argued with O.S. that it was not just a political stunt. I also said that Palin was slick as grease from what i’ve seen in her past interveiws and debates and that if they let her hit the press head on about her family she would have torn them up.
    And Babs should remember i also said mark my words that Obama would not win in November before Palin was even picked. That statement i am kind of regretting.
    I have also pointed out how both of them are virtually the same and referenced Ron Paul to support that.

    Now the hardcore McCain supporters i have yet to see any of them except Todd who have even came close to any of that when it comes to Obama.

  • LuisV

    lol yea i agree with the “field day” but you can be SURE he didnt lie for lying on a debate is quite dangerous for the party, PLUS…that Palin up there is the one that has actually lied alot in her speeches…it is proven that she said lies every now and then, they even posted about it on websites

  • LuisV

    and LOL how did you notice i edited it…i thought nobody saw :'(

  • U.S.A.


    What were the lies?

  • IndiMinded

    Palin did better than the expectations that were set for her. But I don’t think she looked even remotely presidential. I like every other candidate in this race, and I have respect for all of them, as well as confidence that they could accomplish their jobs reasonably well.

    But if Sarah Palin were to become president, I can only imagine a spreading feeling of panic. She didn’t cause any major gaffes tonight, but I don’t think she put on the inspiring performance her supporters really needed to see. She struck me as if she were a McCain supporter instead of an essential part of the presidential ticket. The fact that she seems to like Cheney’s view of expanded vice presidential powers is just chilling.

    Those checks need balances.

    Call me biased though, I’ve always been impressed by Biden (except when he starts on his middle class pandering speeches).

  • tom

    Palin is unfortunately just a cheerleader, reciting slogans and catch phrases that appeal to uninformed voters but would be a disaster when used in the position of Governing the mightiest country in the world. We’ve had a cheerleader in the White House for 8 years, we don’t need another.

  • ScaredOutOfMyWitts

    Am I the only one who is noticing inconsistency in the Republican stance during this debate? Especially in regards to the discussion on the economic crisis…

    With one breath, Palin says we need to deregulate, and with the next, she says we need to put tighter controls on Wall Street. Excuse me, but aren’t these two views at odds with one another? Moreover, she completely glossed over the fact that deregulation is what caused the crisis in the first place!

    Then she tries to argue that Obama will increase taxes and cause the nation to spiral down further; She says that tax cuts are required. So, who should we give them to? Well, let’s see … how about the wealthiest 2% who don’t need them. Makes good sense to me.


    As much as Obama is an untested entity, Palin is a scary one. Her lack of understanding is appalling. She is clearly scraping by on the basis of her arguable charm, which is the one thing she had going for her in this debate with Biden. America is clearly at a cross-roads, and the decision we all make next month will set the tone for the next century (just like the election of FDR did during the New Deal). If the Republicans are elected into office this term, I fear for the future of this country.

  • Indiminded

    Would you suggest that the bar was set sooooooooooo looooooow that there was little she could do to actually beat expectations?

  • U.S.A.

    Why would we consider supporting a candidate with such low expectations? She should not even be taken serious.

  • LuisV

    Well i finished watching the videos good to hear smart people like U.S.A., I absolutely still support Obama after this debate, and hopefully the percentage keeps rising, and most probably will, HAVE A GOOD NIGHT

    OBAMA ’08

  • JD


    Can’t talk…foot in mouth…

    I have to say that Palin did better than I thought she was going to do. She avoided major gaffes but I disagree with how she did it. Simply ignoring questions and reverting back to “energy”.

    I thought Biden also did well with avoiding major gaffes.

    However, I don’t believe Palin was able to convince Independents but she did revive the republican base.

    I want to give a shout out to CG, Babs, Stalin, O_S. You guys dodged a big bullet. Drinks are on me.

  • IndiMinded

    I think the fact that she was able to hold her own against Biden will impress a lot of people, who really wondered if she could. I don’t want to diminish her performance, I think that she started off pretty shaky and almost completely on scripted monologues, but picked up a great deal of momentum as the debate went on. You could tell she was doing better by how often Biden reacted with that awful “you got me” smile.

    Still, by the end there would be no question in my mind which of the two people on stage I’d want in charge during a national emergency. That’s what she failed to address – I don’t think she’ll have convinced many people that ‘the fierce urgency of now’ is for her.

  • Babs

    Well, well, JD, it’s ok. You can take your foot out of your mouth now. As far as independents went, the only reaction I could garner last night on the tube was the group of undecided independents they put in a room to watch the debate together. They gave them some kind of meters to gauge their responses to answers, and then after the debate they did a show of hands thing. Overwhelmingly, they went for Sarah. Not all, there were a handful that said some of the same things that I’ve seen here this morning. But the raised hands I’d say accounted for about 80% of the group. And I will admit I was surprised by that. The highest peak on the meters was when Sarah said the “never again” line.

    Indi, I think she accomplished what she needed to. I think that she DID convince people that “the fierce urgency of now” is for McCain, not her. Remember, she’s running for VP, not President.

    I think it’s humorous that there are people here that don’t believe a politician will stand on a stage and lie to you “bold faced”. They must be very young. 😉

  • IndiMinded

    Babs, if I’m not mistaken the primary function of the Vice president is the assume the office of the president in the event that he cannot continue serving. So I do think, at least to my mind, it’s important that she convince the voters that she could do that.

    Putting McCain’s age and numerous health problems aside and just looking at history, roughly 20% of VPs have had to assume the office of the presidency. I think electing a VP who you wouldn’t trust to serve would simply be a terrible idea. So it’s important to me to evaluate a VP based on that capability.

  • Babs

    Well, Indi, it’s certainly one of the functions, but not the primary function by any means. The primary function is to perform her duties as Vice President for 4 years, and on that score I believe she did indeed instilled some confidence. I like that she will be spearheading the energy movement for our country especially, since my views match hers.

    When asked about the subject of their duties, in fact, I thought Biden’s answer was pretty telling. Remember what he said? He’d be sitting with Obama advising him on every decision, and I agree he’ll certainly need to do that. That’s why the top of the ticket really scares me on the democratic side.

    The scary thing is not the 20% chance Palin might have to be President, but the 100% chance that Obama will be.

    And PS – if Palin HAD to step up to the Presidency, she would then choose a vice president who could advise her as Biden promises to advise Obama. If one is acceptable to you, they should both be. I’d bet she’d choose Lieberman, myself. *L*

  • Will

    “The scary thing is not the 20% chance Palin might have to be President, but the 100% chance that Obama will be.”

    If you’re more scared of the thought Obama becoming President than Palin becoming President you really really need a wake up call.

  • Babs

    Will, nice quip but you side stepped the point. The chances of Palin having to step in are slim to none. The certainty of Obama is 100% if he’s elected, because he’s the one that’s running, not Palin.

    But since you mention it, I would rather have Palin’s beautician as president over Obama.

  • Jim819

    I agree with you completely, Babs. Obama is the scariest and least experienced person to ever run for Pres. Never has someone gotten such a big pass from the MSM and so much credit for accomplishing so little, with a nearly non-existent record – only 2 bills passed into law, only 143 days in the Sen., etc. PATHETIC!

    As for the Debate:

    IMHO, anyone who`s looked up all Biden`s lies knows Palin won the debate last night!

    As an I leaning, I also liked how Palin wasn`t going to let herself be pushed around. I`m glad that she made it clear that she would answer the questions her way. Case Closed! And then she did a good job expressing herself throughout the entire debate.

    And now we`ve had news stations come out, just like Palin said they would, and show that she was the one telling the truth about BO saying that he`d sit down without preconditions with our terrorist enemies! The fact is that Biden lied to help make his points. And he did this throughout the debate! Therefore, the net result is that Biden didn`t make many valid points.

    Palin also very effectively ripped Biden apart numerous times when he tried to praise BO about something. She did this by pointing out how Biden had said the opposite about BO in the D primaries and after – Biden joining Hillary, Edwards, etc., in saying that Obama isn`t ready to lead as the best ex.!

    Hell, BO even admitted himself that he thought he wasn`t ready to run for Pres. Of course, just like with so many of his flip-flops, he changed his mind a month later to run for Pres.

    Many, including me, at the place we watched the debate felt Palin spoke much more from the heart and directly to them as the Wash. outsider/reformer, opposed to Biden who just came across as the veteran politician – lie, lie, and lie some more! That made her seem much more grounded in reality and like she was connecting with the American people on a level that Biden is incapable of! This was pointed out by some in focus groups in which most undecideds thought Palin won the debate.

    Overall, imho, Palin redeemed herself by showing a good command of the facts, figures, world leaders, etc. And no one made any showstopping mistakes.

    Therefore, in the final analysis, IMHO, I give the Win here to Palin!