Early voting begins in Ohio, 33 days out

Ohio voters are getting the opportunity to vote early in this year’s Presidential Election. We’re still 36 days out yet some people are casting their votes today, right now, as we type.

The report from MyWay:

CLEVELAND (AP) – In the state that may again determine the presidency, voters started casting ballots Tuesday as Barack Obama struggles to thwart a John McCain victory in Ohio four years after it tipped the election to President Bush.

Both candidates visit often while spending millions of dollars flooding TV and radio with advertisements, mailboxes with literature and even voicemail with automated phone calls to get supporters to the polls, particularly during the one-week window in which people can register and vote in one swoop.

Early participation appeared light; officials in the state’s largest counties that are home to Cleveland, Cincinnati, Toledo and Dayton each reported several hundred ballots cast by afternoon. Many of those who voted cited convenience.

“I wanted to avoid the traffic and the people,” said Charlene Glass, 49, of Cleveland Heights. A first-time voter, she backed Obama and expressed her enthusiasm for a black candidate. In Dayton, Terri Bell, 49, chose McCain because of his experience and his military service. “I have a lot on my plate. I wanted to do this early,” she said.

At stake: 20 electoral votes – perhaps, the presidency itself.

Most recent state polls show a dead heat; others give McCain an edge. National surveys show Obama slightly ahead if not more. The disparity underscores the difficulty Obama is having in closing the deal in this pivotal state. He’s a first-term senator from Chicago with a liberal voting record and would be the country’s first black president.

In all, 270 electoral votes are needed for victory.

Ohio is crucial to McCain’s electoral strategy. Bush narrowly won the state, and a loss for McCain here would be very difficult to make up with victories elsewhere given that the political landscape favors Democrats and several other key states are tilting toward Obama.

A video report from the Associated Press:

Not sure how I feel on this one. A lot can happen between now and election day, however, that doesn’t mean all these people were going to change their vote. The only thing I do worry about in any situation is, of course, voter fraud.

We’ll see though since unless Ohio is very close, this early voting won’t be an issue.

  • Early voting should only be allowed for those that are oversea’s or in the military.

    As you say, a lot can happen between now and election day and once you’ve cast your vote you can’t take it back.

  • Babs

    The situation in Ohio is going to be an explosive one Nov. 5th. Reports out this morning from the voting locations are that it’s not just students that are being registered and voting instantly before voting applications can be verified. It seems the homeless are being bussed in as well, some of them not understanding what is really going on. To quote one homeless man on TV this morning. “This is America, just do what they tell you to do”. Another report said one of the “homeless” people who was registered and voted was just waiting for a bus to take him back to Chicago.

    What will happen here is that
    1) McCain will win and Obama will protest the process.
    2) Obama will win and McCain will protest the process.

    I think Ohio needs to step up here and at least – as proposed – separate the newly registered voter ballets from the others until such time as the newly registered voters have been verified. Otherwise, Ohio will be a hotbed of controversy come election day.

  • Dreadsen

    It seems no one cares about this. Have you heard of the Voter Caging? Conyers in the senate judiciary committee URGED the McCain campaign to stop this practice. They said it was a mistake.

    “(CNN) — Barack Obama’s presidential campaign and the Democratic National Committee went to court on Tuesday to block what they said were efforts by Republicans in the battleground state of Michigan to use foreclosure lists to challenge voters at the polls in November.”

    maybe they pulled this stunt in rebuttal to what they were doing in Michigan.
    Read the rest here


  • Dreadsen

    double post

  • Babs

    Dreadsen, this is the first I’ve heard of this, but according to the article you linked to it’s an accusation and denial of a quote. It sounds like Obama jumped the gun on this a bit, actually, basing his claims on a quote that was denied.

    The denial was reported in the article, it’s pretty strong:

    “Carabelli, the Republican official credited with the original comment, said the story was fabricated and had “irrevocably harmed” his reputation.

    “It’s not true, and I want a full and complete retraction of the quote, and I am taking legal action to get it,” he said in a statement released by the Michigan Republican Party Tuesday. “Let me state, again and unequivocally, there is no such plan to use foreclosure lists to challenger voters, and I never said there was. This is a story line being pushed by one liberal blog, the Obama campaign, and their friends and operatives on the Left.”

    A spokesman for the state party told CNN late Tuesday that they planned to send the Web site that published the story a cease and desist letter Wednesday morning. If the story was not retracted immediately, he said, the party was already planning a lawsuit against “anyone who’s perpetuated this fabricated story” with a list of defendants “as broad as possible” – including the Obama campaign and the Democratic National Committee.”

    I don’t know what the state law is regarding someone voting using a invalid address, but it seems to me if it’s illegal, why don’t they just use their current address? What’s the problem with that?

  • Babs

    It actually makes you ineligible to vote. Where ever you move to you have to re-register. If they can prove that the address on your registration is not your current address then you are ineligible to vote. There are 150,000+ foreclosures in that state. Most of them were in dominate Obama districts. So there is a good chance that 150K of people are ineligible to vote due to them not re registering with a current address. I believe I heard that there were some people who were on the foreclosure list but were still in the house. So when they got this absentee ballot they were like wtf? lol

    I believe Obama actually pulled this himself when running for State senate. He got his opponent bumped off of the ticket because most of the people who voted for him were out of the district and therefore ineligible. But i think the method of discovery is what makes voter caging illegal.

  • Babs

    Well, you said it yourself, Dreadsen. They can re-register. Much ado about nothing.

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