(Video) Obama kids “Sing for Change”

In a creepy, and somewhat odd YouTube video surfacing today, a group of elementary aged kids were assembled to sing some kind of Obama “Singe for Change” tune. Apparently the video had backing of some major media big shots like Jeff Zucker, President of NBC Universal.

Without further ado, here is the mentioned video:

The paragraph and lyrics below are from Obama’s official campaign website. The video was produced by NBC Universal CEO Jeff Zucker, Holly Schiffer, Peter Rosenfeld, Darin Moran, Jean Martin, Andy Blumenthal, and Nick Phoenix.

“Sing for Change chronicles a recent Sunday afternoon in Venice, when 22 children, ages 5-12, gathered to sing original songs in the belief that their singing would lift up our communities for the coming election.”

Music and lyrics by Lily Campbell

We’re gonna spread happiness
We’re gonna spread freedom
Obama’s gonna change it
Obama’s gonna lead ’em

We’re gonna change it
And rearrange it
We’re gonna change the world.

Music and lyrics by Kathy Sawada

Now’s the moment, lift each voice to sing
Sing with all your heart!
For our children, for our families,
Nations all joined as one.
Sing for joy and sing abundant peace,
Courage, justice, hope!
Sing together, hold each precious hand,
Lifting each other up;
Sing for vision, sing for unity,
Lifting our hearts to Sing!

Music and lyrics by Kathy Sawada

Yes we can
Lift each other up
In peace, in love, in hope
Change! Change!

I find this somewhat disturbing since I tend to frown upon children being used as political pawns, by any candidate for any purpose. That being said, this was not done as part of the Obama campaign, they had nothing to do with it.

Still, these kids can’t vote, they’re repeating what has been fed to them.

Sound off, is it creepy or just something so gosh darn peachy cute you can’t stand watching it without getting misty eyed? I’m going with the former.

  • JD

    It is like a cult!!!

    …. and I’m one of its members.

  • Babs

    No kidding. But you’re right, it’s very cultish. What will they sing about Nov. 5th when Obama is still just a junior senator from Illinois.

    Nate, I agree, it’s a little creepy – and I agree with JD – a little cultish. But not surprised to see it coming from Obama headquarters – NBC.

    You didn’t see the songs written for McCain spread all over NBC, did you?

    Oh, now I know what this reminds me of. The coke commercial years ago with all the kids on the cliff singing “I’d like to teach the world to sing”. Did Zucker do that one too? 😉

  • Michael

    I’m with Nate, keep kids out of it. Whether its jokes like Swift Boat Kids, or this, they need to remain apart from the political fodder and fray.

  • mike

    This video is twenty kinds of creepy.

    Don’t forget that Hollywood’s A-List was involved in its production, starting with Jeff Zucker, CEO of NBC.

    Obama is turning out to be The Big Let-Down of ’08.
    Obama kept insinuating that He is The Second Coming but every time we’ve held our breaths waiting for him to change water into wine, we’ve been disappointed. Obama kept telling us to ‘tune in next week!’ and he never delivers, the miracle never comes. There is nothing there.
    Obama’s has a problem with clarity. I have systematically studied both his autobiographies and I still don’t know what kind of man I’m dealing with. When he was first showcased on TV, my interest was aroused. I used to find Obama enigmatic, but now he just comes off as vacuous, empty.
    Obama’s two books address the questions of “Journey of Discovery to Where?” and “Who Am I?” We can all relate to such pondering. But Obama does not give us an answer. If he has found the answer since publishing those two books two years ago then he hasn’t told us yet.
    McCain has been on a longer and harder personal journey. There can be nothing more extreme than surviving daily torture for five years. Can you imagine that? To be beaten day-in and day-out, starved, your hands and legs bound by chains? McCain already knows what he can take, and humbly knows where he breaks. Every man and woman has a breaking point. It is very human. McCain already knows his, even though he held out as long as he could.
    What trials or stories of human devastation has Obama endured? I can’t imagine being Black in America is an easy thing. But Obama was raised in Polynesia by white grandparents and then went on to Harvard, community service, the Senate, and now the presidency. Obama’s journey seems to have been very easy. His skin color opened all the right doors for him instead of slamming them shut. Obama didn’t march against segregation. Obama didn’t fight for affirmative action. He planted no tree. He carried no water for that tree. Obama has just come along and picked the fruits. That is easy street. This is not a great American story. This is not a triumph of will over adversity. This is a story of baby-boomer entitlement. This is the story of the yuppy next door. These stories are a dime a dozen on aisle 3 at Whole Foods.
    You may agree or disagree with McCain but at least you know where he stands. He has a long track record to judge him by. McCain has a long list of hits and misses. He has made mistakes (like us all) but that is because he had been trying to do things and change things all his life. Obama markets himself as the candidate with an unblemished record, but that is only because he doesn’t have a record. We have nothing to judge Obama by. All he gives us is his word and we are supposed to put all our trust in his future promises. But these promises keep changing: Obama has produced two contradictory promises on Iraq, two contradictory promises on NAFTA, and two contradictory promises on taxes. Are we supposed to judge him by the original promise he made, or by his most recent one? The candidate who flows with the changing winds of polls is the lightweight. That much we know.
    I feel very embarrassed for buying into the Obama phenomena. Maybe now that the weather is changing I see things in a new light. I feel sheepish for falling for the marketing pitch. Where do I go to get a refund?
    I think that many voters like me are looking for clarity in our next president. I feel I know what kind of man McCain is, and that I can trust him. McCain gets my vote.


    This is disgusting and horrible. These are young children who are already being brainwashed by the far left into young loons themselves.

    This isnt the worst of it. Everyone should research what liberals are trying to teach and are teaching in schools these days to our children. Also on a sidenote. Obama and William Ayers tried getting radical stuff taught in schools and I hope you watch the video I will link because it is exactly the type of stuff they wanted taught.

    Part 2

    This is just some of the type of stuff they wanted to be taught.

  • Jarrett

    I’ve supported Obama since about late February of ’08, and I still support him to this day, but that scares me.

  • Ketan Hein

    This is really creepy. I am an Obama supporter, but I’m also a 23 year-old male who is informed (about both sides) and can rationally make a decision. These are just kids… they shouldn’t have to be participating in this messy thing called politics. Leave the kids out of it please!

  • Gabrielle

    I am not exaggerating when I say this video has disturbed me more than any I have seen all year. I also don’t believe I am being melodramatic or over the top when I say images of Hitler Youth or the children singing for Kim Jong Il or Saddam come to mind.

    This completely creeps me out.

  • Made Up Name

    Just a home in Venice, California, on one sunny afternoon … yeah, right. Venice is a very pricey place. These kids, well, I wonder how many of them have agents? The head of NBC helped get hi-definition cameras for this ordinary afternoon among ordinary people. Nothing ordinary at all about this video.

    And who is that creepy, smiley lady prancing in front of them? She looks like the symbolic alter-ego of Michelle Obama the Bitter Half.

    I read somewhere that the signing is so badly done that it comes out meaning that Obama is in favor of “cat hugs” and “cat thoughts.” Wait a minute, if Obama is for cat hugs and thoughts, maybe I’ll think about supporting him! At least then I would have a reason more sensible than singing children and vague yearnings for nirvana.

  • too similar

    One question, How is this an “Ordinary Sunday Afternoon”?

    If this is ordinary, I guess I am completely out of touch because I watch football every sunday and do not sing to lord “Obama”! LOL

  • Say “No” to Obama Youth

    After watching this, I will vote. For McCain. Okay so that’s not the only reason I would vote for him. But Obama Youth?…scary thought…

  • Joe Public

    This really disturbs me. I was in 3rd grade, 1982-1983, I was 10 years old, living here in South Florida. I had a music class that year where the teachers were Miami Dolphin fans and this was Super Bowl XVII Dolphins vs Redskins. They taught us the song, “Miami Dolphins”, which goes, “Miami Dolphins, Miami Dolphins, Miami Dolphins number one.” etc etc.. Now, I was Washington Redskins fan, yet they FORCED me to become brainwashed into being a Dolphin supporter (they tried). I rebelled, having freedom of thought and speech (I thought) on my side. I replaced the words Miami Dolphins with Washington Redskins in the song. This wasn’t some school concert or anything, just music class. Needless to say, they gave me an F!! I was a straight A student!! Since that day I KNOW what kind of people that are having these kids be manipulated and pawns to their own ends and it is VERY disturbing. SICK!

  • Gabrielle, I hear you, the very first thing that came to mind was “the children singing for Kim Jong Il”. I have to say if we start indoctrinating our youth we will end up with a bunch of zombies. That chanting near the end was just creepy.

  • Don’t know if this already posted.
    Does anyone remember the children in Germany during Hitlers reign. Forced to chant, march, etc. Very scary

  • What’s funny is that in like 10 years, maybe half of these kids will grow up and be disgusted that their parents exploited them like this.

  • Babz

    Babs, **NUKED BY ADMIN**

  • Talk about goofy, definitely cultish.

    I think this video and it’s weirdness is probably the only thing most of us have agreed on.

    What’s really sad about it is that people will think Obama’s campaign had something to do with it, when in truth they probably didn’t know a thing about it until it surfaced on the net.

    It’s weird what some people do for their candidate, their heart being in the right place but their mind is somewhere completely different.

  • Bee

    What has happened to the video? It’s been “pulled.”

    Does B. Hussein Obama have that much power, that he can pull a video clip from the entire internet?

    THAT concept is even scarier than the video itself.

  • Stalin

    If this was a song about McCain, the libs would be calling them Hitler Youth.

    Why the hell is this happening at a school?

  • Aaron

    This reminds me of the propaganda used by Hitler that came from the “Hitler Youth”. This is just down right scary that the Hollywood left organizes via a “grassroots” effort. This constant fawning and near worship of Obama reminds me of the Nicolai character in the Left Behind Series. The treatment of Obama and Nicolai is just too much resemblance. I am not calling Obama an Anti-Christ, I’m simply comparing the fawning of the way Obama is treated to the way Nicolai was treated by his followers. Journalism is truly dead.

  • Pats

    Oh yes children should be left out of politics. How were these children assembled and taught to sing that song? Who are the perpetrators of this deed? Are the parents of those kids aware of this? Can someone help me with answers to these questions?
    Comparing the stands of Obama and McCain is interesting. Yes McCain has a track record of heroic army achievements while Obama marched from childhood to Harverd, to senate and to presidency. Yes his color gave him bread and butter in a silver plate but no one can dispute that McCain received his in a golden plate because of his color. Everybody knows what went on, and still going on in America. Please let’s bury those prejudices and vote the competent candidate to the White House.

  • Sickened
  • tlzknows

    This is unbelievable and should frighten every American. Smacks of Nazism and Communism. Brainwash the children and have them sing about a leader. This is some scary stuff – what is happening to our country?

  • JD

    Stalin – “If this was a song about McCain, the libs would be calling them Hitler Youth.”

    Lol. I know I would be.

    In all seriousness, if McCain were to have a song made it would not be from kids… It would be from the geriatrics center which would be just as disturbing.

    Come to think of it… there are a few of them in here who “sing” his praises. 😉

  • Bill

    Looks like they took down the video before it spread too much.

  • Babs

    I don’t think John Rich (Big & Rich) would appreciate your theory on the geriatrics center, JD. Cowboy Troy probably wouldn’t appreciate it, either.


    Neither would Lloyd Marcus, he sings about Sarah. 😉


  • JD

    What has happened to country music!!! Big and Rich? Cowboy Troy??

    I just threw up in my mouth…


  • Odonata28

    That’s funny everyone saying it is cultish or creepy. It actually reminded me of the childrens songs sung on those Christian channels that I see as I am skimming past them. I actually watched one for a minute the other day and it was a group of children singing about Christ and signing the words as they sang. Identical to this. Funny, isn’t it. Everyone here comparing it to Hitler Youth, but not making the connection to their own brain-washing religions.

    I do agree leaving children out of politics. However, I have often seen the right wing using this tactic as well, so don’t just go blaming the left for using these tactics. The whole Terry Schiavo thing, not to mention waving horrible signs outside of Planned Parenthoods. At least the above people aren’t forcing them to hold up discusting signs that may give the children nightmares.

    Mike – I feel sorry for you. Is it depressing to be that cynical all the time? By the way, bringing up the POW thing? We’ve heard that. Could you possibly squeeze anymore worn out talking points into one reply??? (By the way, I feel embarassed for buying into Bush after 9/11. What a fraud he turned out to be).

  • CD

    This is no more alarming that the “pro life” activists who force their kinds to hold large glossy photos of aborted fetuses.

  • MM

    What next? “Der Obama Jugend” all in black shorts, brown shirts amd slicked-down hair singing to their “Dear Leader” while they march for “Change”….!

    Scarier than any halloween costume I’ve ever seen.

  • James


    Let kids be children and have the opportunity to enjoy their childhood and have time to be KIDS. This propaganda crap is done for Kim Jong-il, Hezbollah, and islamic radicals. Shame on the fools who are indoctrinating KIDS with this crap.

  • Babs, I love John Rich and love the Music Mafia! I’m sure JD will have to Wiki the “Music Mafia” just to see who and what it is. Anyways, John Rich used to campaign for Fred Thompson, personally I think he’s trying to align himself politically. He himself has said that when he turns 40 he will run for Governor of his home state South Dakota, then it’s on to the presidency.

  • Jim819

    It is my understanding that Obama`s people teach this stuff at his Obama youth camps. This is a special course where 5-12 yr.-olds sign up to learn how they can grow up and win elections exactly like Barack does!

    Activities include things like these chants/songs!

    Sick and Creepy!!!

  • Jim819

    They may`ve put an early end to these camps because of the overwhelmingly neg. responses they`ve had to this!

  • Sammy O

    Happiness, love, freedom, and unity. I am totally baffled why anyone is upset by this. Are these not American values they sing about, a desire for an even more wonderful American. Where the heck’s the harm in that? *scrathes head8

    Oh yeah, some Democrats thought of it first!

  • Pauline Barnett

    I find using children to promote a candidate very offensive.

    What are they thinking? Not the children, the adults…

  • NOF

    Its the new socialist, indoctrination, pledge of allegence our kids will be made to sing once Obama wins. Nice pick dems!

  • There’s a few morons in this thread.

    Seems we’ve now gone from a general disagreement of the video to idiots making out Obama as the next Hitler.

  • danang1

    I am surprised. I did not think that dems believed in God. Turns out that they worship the one true obama.

  • Mary

    I’m still sitting here with my mouth open! I guess some folks will do anything to get elected.

  • A lot of Republicans sit with their mouths open, unfortunately nothing intelligent comes out of it.

  • bdjnk

    When you couple this very creepy indoctrination of children with the Obama “truth squad” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3GIMhRGFfpI I am becoming extremely wary of the type of change that Obama will actually bring.


    LOL pudding your really funny. One intelligent thing I will say is that I have faith in a true God not a false liberal prophet named Barack Hussein Obama.

  • Kate

    It reminds people of countries like China, N Korea, or former USSR. These people, who made the video, and didn’t see what’s wrong with it, are really dangerous. With both Senate and House control by Dem, MSM in bed with Obama, if he wins next month, there will be no check and balance in this country. Really dangerous!

  • Pimientita

    This is a little disturbing, but only because I don’t think kids should be pawns for politicians or anyone else. I agree with the overall message, just not the odes to one person. But, for all of you people calling it “cultish,” how is this any different from forcing kids to sing hymns in church or be indoctrinated into religious thinking at all? Doesn’t seem so different to me…

  • Rich

    Is this a Liberal site? They didn’t post my comment. It didn’t have any curse words in it so I guess I my point was a little too much for liberals to bear.

  • Rich

    Well if you can’t abort them you might as well brain wash them.

  • Dreadsen

    After reading these comments i am too scared to watch that video.
    But….. on the topic on creepy brainwashing of kids forward to 7:17 of this video.
    You will see in Sarah Palin’s Church when they pulled out that George Bush cut out, the lady starting speaking in tongues and the children slowly starting crawling up to the cardboard cut out reaching out to touch it?

    Fast forward to 7:17

  • Dreadsen

    After reading these comments i am too scared to watch that video.
    But….. on the topic on creepy brainwashing of kids forward to 7:17 of this video.
    You will see in Sarah Palin’s Church when they pulled out that George Bush cut out, the lady starting speaking in tongues and the children slowly starting crawling up to the cardboard cut out reaching out to touch it?

    Fast forward to 7:17


  • Dreadsen


    “LOL pudding your really funny. One intelligent thing I will say is that I have faith in a true God not a false liberal prophet named Barack Hussein Obama.”

    Why don’t you use John McCain’s middle name? And you do have a faith in a false god. It is the GOP. When you worship something relentlessly and think being a Republican means defending anything they do and attacking all Liberals with out accepting any opinion of theirs or realizing your party has either adopted their old principles or are just as bad. I would say that is a false god. I bet you go to one of the churches in this video.

    According to these pastors if you vote for Obama you are going to hell


  • Rich

    Time to create a new party!!!

  • Babs

    Dreadsen, the same can be said about you. You worship at the alter of Obama. It’s in every post in every thread. No matter what the subject you feel obliged to attack someone on behalf of Obama.

    Why can’t we just stay on the issues? Personal attacks are useless, and just serve to make people attack you back.

  • Babs

    Well i guess you also worship the alter of McCain and Palin.
    But i was only talking about him. Look at his post. And look at most of the posts i respond to. My posts are not of the same nature as his unless they are aimed at him. I don’t call people names, and i don’t attack people on behalf of Obama. Attacking means i initiate it. You are getting defending confused with attacking. Look at all the threads i haven’t posted in. I saw you defend him before when he was being extremely nasty with some very low name calling. My eyes popped out.

    So you disapprove of my defense but you approve of his post?
    I’ve seen you get nasty with people and even have some of your posts removed. I never said anything because usually the person you attacked had it coming because they were getting out of hand with other members. But if i’m not going to say anything to the other guy i’m not going to say anything to you either.

  • “Why can’t we just stay on the issues? Personal attacks are useless, and just serve to make people attack you back.”


  • b

    Well this video is kind of wierd. It reminds me a bit of the scene in Wag The Dog, when Willie Nelson is directing the choir in Nashville in the singing of the theme song for thier production of the fake war.

  • Solyd

    The Peoples Temple in Jonestown-Jim Jones
    The Hitler Youth Choir-Adolf Hitler
    Young North Korean singers when Ann Curry was allowed to bring cameras into North Korea-Kim Jong Il II
    The list goes on and on…….the young and easily influenced made to sing devotionals in worship of their beloved leader who has come to save them.
    “They worshiped the beast… there was given unto him a mouth speaking great things and blasphemies… and he causes all, both great and small, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: And no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark” (Rev.13:4-5, 16-17)
    We can change what has not happened yet…….we can stop the madness.

  • Jim819

    I say we counter this with videos of kids singing anti-Obama songs!

    It would star the Rev. Wright`s greatest hits including,


    It could also star BO`s closet/cabinet if he wins – Tony Rezko, Larry Sinclair, Father Phlegar, Lewis Ayers, Louis Farrakhan, the Black Panthers, Sen. Meeks, Robert Malley, Auchi, Rashshid Khalidi, McPeaks, Michelle Obama, etc., etc., etc!

  • Jim819

    Oh, That`s right. Any such songs would have to be rated R!

    Sorry, kids.

  • I found a new link to the video


  • again – here is a link that works for the kids video


  • Drew

    Two words: Hitler Youth

  • DAPoad

    This is a documentary video… of ObamaZombies indoctrinating their kids. I believe I can see the pitchers of Kool Aid off camera to the right. If you think this is creepy, check out Obama’s kid’s activities page on his website. It includes fun activities like wearing Obama T-shirts to school (grades K-12?), taking an adult (of voting age) to the polls and encouraging them to vote for “The One,” and drawing pictures of the Senator at work in the White House. I want to go watch The Matrix again… to get a dose of relative reality.

  • tea_time

    You have to ask the question – where did this video really come from? Not from the Obama camp. Who decided to pull out all stops this week because they’re headed toward losing? McCain/Palin. So really, did the video come out on behalf of Barack Obama, or was it the RNC who had the Hitler footage and wanted to play you all for fools (again)?

  • tea_time

    Did this come from the Obama campaign? No.

    More realistically, it came from the McCain camp in their “all attack mode” desperation.

    Think about it.

  • As mentioned above, this video was NOT put out by the Obama campaign, or the McCain campaign as others have alleged.

    This video was put out by a group of Obama supporters.

  • jerry

    It’s terrible that people get that desperate to use kids. Obama is a disgrace to this country. I pray that he will not take the seat. He has been nothing but full of lies. Only the ignorant can’t see past it. If he does win, all will see. The biggest difference between the two is, John wants to let us run everything, and Obama wants government to run us. He is a social terrorist. Here, spread this around Obama! What happened to real Americans in office. Instead we might get Barrack Hussein Obama. Hope all you Obama supporters have enough intellect to realize what you have done. IDIOTS!

  • Smergy

    I was not surprised by the tactics of his supporters to get the youth involved. It just further supported my perceptions of his campaign. If you go to the url below it has my recommeded theme song for the Obama lemmings. Go here and sing along to “The Candy Man” melody with the new lyrics. It’s called “The Candydate Song”. The lyrics fit, be creative.


  • j sauriol

    Stupid sheep that are asleep follow stupid sheep…..baaa SLEEP