Video: Obama/McCain debate from Mississippi Sept. 26th

Here is the entire, unedited video of the John McCain / Barack Obama Presidential debate from the University of Mississippi which aired on Friday, September 26th, 2008. It is about 90 minutes long. The initial topic was supposed to be foreign policy, however, this week’s events transpired to create a good 45 minutes of talk on the economy prior to international issues.

Watch the entire debate video via MSNBC:


Here’s the entire 90 minute debate from YouTube if the above MSNBC video isn’t working for you:

Sound off below, what did you think of the very first Obama/McCain Presidential debate?

  • Richard Grose

    Hello YouDecide2008,

    Why is it impossible to watch the Mississippi debate on your website? It is impossible to get beyond the screen asking for an Adobe download. I downloaded the Adobe update but the screen still does not show the debate. I was counting on you, and now I have no way to watch the debate. Can you fix this please. Until this evening I have been very impressed with your website.

    Thank you.

    Richard B. Grose, Ph.D.

  • Thanks for the video!! It’s much appreciated by those of us overseas and too sleepy to wake up ta 4am (Tel Aviv time) to watch! 🙂

  • Simon

    I find the debating psychology of both nominees fascinating. Senator McCain intentionally not using eye contact with Senator Obama. Senator Obama referring to Senator McCain by his first name. Both candidates attempting to gain an edge more by what they are not saying than what they are saying.

  • Richard,

    The video is working but it sounds like you might have to re-install Adobe and restart the web browser.

    I’ll have a YouTube version of the debate up soon, that might work for you if this MSNBC video doesn’t.

  • Thanks for getting this up so fast :). I find it pretty funny that Obama got John’s name wrong several times.

  • Tyler

    Obama just breezed though this debate – McCain leaves so many points unanswered, avoiding them in favor of fluffy responses that don’t say anything. I just hope voters are smart enough to see beyond it.

  • Paul Lawson

    Hello Richard –

    Maybe you are using Firefox? If so, try using Internet Explorer instead. Hope that helps!

  • What’s going on between minute 17:15 and 17:30? There’s a cut there…right when Mccain began to heat up. Was it like that live too?


  • David Schenck

    Clearly, debates will show the differences in the two candidates ideas on how to approach the difficult situations that we are facing as a nation. Based on tonights debate, It appears that if Obama were elected, our economy will go into a depression, and the United States would be over-run by our ememies within his first term. I pray That our nation is wise enough to elect our only choice for real leadership, John McCain.

  • Young Cha

    I thought the screen was a little small.
    You can watch the original video below, thanks to MSNBC.

  • xenophile

    We can look at how many times someone says “uh”, what they call their opponent, or how their body language is, but what really matters are their points. I really hope these little distractions are not taking too much from the attention of the viewers and that everyone is, more importantly, paying attention to the information each candidate has to offer.

  • Chuck

    McCain comes off as mean and small, he never even looked at Obama. We need a leader that is level headed and thoughtful. McCain had no answers, he talked in circles and sometimes made no sense. Often he just retold old stories we have all already heard. We get it, you have been around a long time and have a lot of stories to tell. We need a leader who thinks about the world as a whole and looks beyond constant conflict. McCain can only see enemies, he is haunted by his own experience. We need a new perspective. McCain is dangerous.

    Also, Obama was right, Kissinger backs direct talks with Iran ‘WITHOUT CONDITIONS’. 2008/09/kissinger-backs.html

    Although I’m sure Kissinger will play semantics tomorrow.

  • Charles

    I will have to give McCain credit for not going after Obama’s non exesting past more. After herating the debate it is obvious that Obama has no military experience and very little political experience. I have yet to figure out hoe Obama after 2 years in Washington was able to raise the political knowledge to run for president. I also think that it is funny how Obama atacks lobbyist and big business when they are the ones paying his bills.

  • Jason

    McCain just doesn’t get that making “doesn’t get it” offensive
    statement makes it difficult for American people to understand
    what he is getting at with major issues.

  • Bruce


    “I also think that it is funny how Obama attacks lobbyist and big business when they are the ones paying his bills”

    Have you honestly and objectively looked into a large portion of McCain’s Advisers and his own contributors? I think you would find that McCain is Ten times deeper in the pockets of those directly or indirectly involved in the mess we are currently in.

    I would also Highly Disagree with your point of Obama not having the political knowledge to run for president. He stood on that stage tonight technically in McCain’s back yard of a foreign policy debate and according the vast majority of polling etc. WON

    McCain came off as a condescending person and some one that would fly off the deep end with out any true thought of the consequences. McCain couldn’t even look his opponent in the eye. “McCain called for a freeze on all U.S. government spending, except for defense, veterans programs and certain guaranteed benefits such as Medicare. Obama said such a move would be like using a hatchet on an ailing patient, the stumbling American economy, when the surgeon needed to be using a scalpel”


    And lastly, As a Vet who wore the uniform of the US Army for 5 years. And to for my wife who is in the Navy who will be deploying on Nov 21 to Iraq. My Brother who was called in from the IRR after his years in the army to get dragged back to Iraq for a year. I currently live on a Marine Corps base. I am the IT for the base keeping these soldiers’ online and in communication with their families back home. To suggest that because Obama never wore this countries uniform there fore he has no qualifications is naive
    All the Facts prove McCain’s has voted AGAINST many crucial issues for Vet’s, including the recent GI Bill that was crucially needed.

    Thanks for reading the long post 

  • Christopher Schwinger

    Of course no third party candidates are represented. That would be too fair!

  • Sam S.


    The site works fine, has done a fine job hosting the video quickly. For a guy who flaunts his Ph.D. I am surprised you did not read any of the comments from others and realize that it can’t be youdecide2008’s fault. Please make sure that you invest time in realizing the situation before coming to rash decisions when you go to vote. We are all counting on you!


  • ETC(SS) Foster

    Good grief people, forget politics, you better freakin appreciate the fact that you can walk to McDonalds without missles flyin over your heads. You all have an easy life. Trust me, I fight to protect it and am willing to give my life for it, because this is the only place on Earth where you dont have to worry about food, clothing, or property. You better make damn well sure your vote is unbiased. Obama is very good on camera all flashy and everything, but McCain has been there and done that and has the values of the people who first established this country. I would give my life for McCain or Obama, and be happy giving it to both as the President, but I would much rather give it to McCain.

  • Dreadsen

    Bob Barr made a good point. The debate wasn’t about bigger government and smaller government. But about Big Government and Bigger government! Which means in that respect either way you go you get screwed just one guy actually goes balls deep.

    Was there anyone upset with the idea of us sending a billion dollars to Georgia?

    Hey Nate can you post the poll results from each network? Fox,Cnn,Msnbc,abc, cbs,etc.

    I would like people to discuss the results of the polls and why they came out the way that they did.

  • Hazygoose

    I love how people can state ridiculously stupid and unreasonable things such as David Schenck just did…”if Obama were elected, our economy will go into a depression” with no reasoning. McCain knows nothing about what will benefit the Americans in the lower 98 income percentile, and his 7 houses costing over $100k each, while saying that other people can’t accomplish it because they aren’t working two jobs reflects that. I hope people stop quoting lies they heard on Faux News, and start taking a look at the realities in the debates themselves like this, where one candidate (McCain) can consistantly lie and saunter around an issue, while the other candidate (Obama) can not only lay out steps on how he would solve the issue as president, but proves he has a greater understanding of how national, foreign, and global institutions/companies/forces work. If the American people can’t see past that then they don’t deserve a great president like Obama would be. Nation over party, please.

  • Denny

    People say McCain has the temper.Obama looks more flared to me.Obama should have more respect for people and quit cutting them off. Kinda childish if you ask me.

  • closet librarian

    Actually, Obama did not get McCain’s name wrong. He was addressing the moderator, whose name is Jim Lehrer.

  • Sean

    Thanks for putting this on web for those who are residing overseas (Istanbul, Turkey)

  • Ciara

    I’m Irish, and I have been following this presidential race with excitement. I think Obama shone in last night’s debate. He was confident, clear in policies and actions that need to be taken for the future of America both nationally and internationally.
    America, and the world, needs a leader that can inspire and use their influence for greatness. Obama for president!

  • Alex

    Is there a way to download this video??? Please… thank you!

  • Joe R

    I agree with Dreadsen–I was a little disturbed by the fact that we sent a billion dollars to Georgia; a nation who last year spent 70% of its budget on military. Does it happen to be a coincidence that there is an oil pipeline in Georgia that we have interest in? That billion dollars could have been used in so many other beneficial ways here, domestically. Voting in this election is going to be a choice between the lesser of two evils! I can’t believe that both candidates almost completely support the corporate bailout package that screws every honest taxpayer in this country! Let’s print hundreds of billions of dollars and flood the market with money and easy credit–that will surely solve the problems that were started by giving easy credit and flooding the market with money…

  • HomoPerfectus

    Obama nailed McCain several times pretty good.

  • juli_ah

    After tonight’s debate I’m tempted to vote for McCain just to see how bad things could really get for “main street” America. Would “we the people” finally have the courage, as Thomas Jefferson recommended, to rise up against our corrupt governing body and re-establish a democratic government truly by and for the people rather than for the greedy? I believe that the time for revolution would come much faster under the leadership of McCain, than Obama.

  • Bob

    Overall, it helped me gain more insight into the candidates. I’m left with more questions as this forum does not lend itself to much detail. That being said, I found that Obama provided more detail to his economic and military plans than McCain. I think Obama also put more thought into his replies than did McCain (my opinion).

    If this were my only exposure to the candidates, and I had to vote based on this debate today, I would vote for Obama.

    And like a previous poster mentioned, it would be nice to have debates with more than just the Republican and Democratic candidates.

  • Matt

    How convenient that the current administration has fabricated such a tangled web of ‘occupation’ and economic turmoil that -no matter who the next president is- will only go on to perpetuate and spoil in the eyes of the world. Because of IRAQ alone – the US is doomed to maybe never fully recover from a catastrophic failure in judgment.

  • David

    McCain comes off as mean and small, he never even looked at Obama. We need a leader that is level headed and thoughtful. From Chuck: “McCain had no answers, he talked in circles and sometimes made no sense. Often he just retold old stories we have all already heard. We get it, you have been around a long time and have a lot of stories to tell. We need a leader who thinks about the world as a whole and looks beyond constant conflict. McCain can only see enemies, he is haunted by his own experience. We need a new perspective. McCain is dangerous.”

    i dont think you know what you are saying. you are talking about McCain but is describing Obama. No matter he looks at Obama should not be an issue. If you can even be objective about this issue and bring this as a point in your arguement, i think u are the one with clouded judgement here.

  • Price

    Sen Mccanin in this debate can be seen that he has been using alot of negative ads on Sen. Obama. Though I am a supporter of The Republicans, I cannot imagine having Sen Mccain as the next president for my country. The plans that has been laid out for Sen Mccain will only make companies that are already rich, richer. As a citizen of this country, how disappointing can that be? The best part would be, the jobs created will be given to other people in this world. E.g. China, India.

    I am very disappointed by the fact that he would “betray” us in that sense. On the other hand, though I am not a supporter for democrats, but the plans laid out by Sen Obama, matches what we want as citizens and these are echoed by my friends, colleagues and even family members. One thing for sure is that Sen Obama may not be a Republican, but the ideas proposed make sense and can you imagine a leader that leads and listen our voices.

    Sen Mccain, can be seen in this debate through his body language that he is afraid to look at Sen Obama. What a shame….

  • I’m not sure which disturbs me more: that he said it, or that I’m the only one on the face of the Earth that seems to have caught it. Either I’m just that much more astute than the mainstream media, or something very wrong is happening here. Why am I the only one disturbed by the following statement? “We’re borrowing money from overseas to fund the basic processes of government.” According to Senator Obama, the government is hours away from total collapse. There is no money to fund it, at least not in the US, and apparently, the US Government is unable to borrow money from anywhere. We have the same credit rating on the global market as an impoverished country like Somalia.

    It appears we are in serious debt. What have they done?


  • Stevie

    Charles: ‘I will have to give McCain credit for not going after Obama’s non exesting past more. After herating the debate it is obvious that Obama has no military experience and very little political experience. I have yet to figure out hoe Obama after 2 years in Washington was able to raise the political knowledge to run for president. I also think that it is funny how Obama atacks lobbyist and big business when they are the ones paying his bills.’

    Everyone has a past and most people are private about it. Obama’s personal details are utterly inconsequential. He is a righteous American citizen who loves and appreciates his country ardently and that is what matters to those who do not have prejudices. Furthermore, I strongly believe that by electing Obama, Americans can shake the embarrassing perception that foreigners have of them.

    Military experience is not an essential requirement for the role of president. Presidents do not fight wars, they declare them from the comfort of their offices. Obama may have never fought a war but he has a glittering educational history which, you can be assured, means he has more than enough military and political knowledge. A very stern teacher of mine once said that education is not learning what to think, it is learning how to think and the learned ability to think or comprehend is invaluable.

    McCain, on the other hand, has little other than affluence, military experience and classic age-related rigidity. In a dire time like the present, when change is critically necessary for America, it would be extremely unwise to have a leader who is inflexible, who cannot bend to correctly meet the current needs of America and who may be resistant to change.

    Lastly, the democrats have always been in favor of utilitarian economic policies which help the majority, not the elite and have always been concerned for the average American.

  • Caleb

    Why does Mccain keep saying Obama doesnt understand when a foreign issue is brought up? Mccain is trying to appear wise and all-knowing….its not working

  • AA

    I think these comments have been interesting so far. It’s interesting to see how polarized the views are. David and Charles, for example, have primarily voiced opinions based on weak assumptions and “prayers” (even with their poor grammatical skills). Whereas Bruce, for example, replied with a very good post that is a little more founded. Maybe this is playing on a stereotype, or maybe this is the reality of the situation in the US.

  • Lisa Piper

    Why did Mccain state that more nuclear power would cause less oil imports? (not his statement but as close as I can remember what he ment) Nuclear power will not run my car, heat my home( i use propane), or burn in my oven (again I use propane). nulcear power creates enegry ie. electric. Oil does not provide electric in this country. So what was he talking about???

  • arnaud

    i think Mccain doesn`t get it.his too focus on ennemies and his economy will let rich people become richer and poor people become the way, Obama has all the points on this debate.he shows his influence.he`s very direct.and this is the man we need.please lets help raise our economy.

  • dani

    I think McCain needs a new word besides “fundamental”

  • Lisa Piper

    Obama was the only one to interupt? Mccain came out of the gate interupting Lehrer. Trying to talk over Lehrer over and over. Mccain even laughed at Obama when Obama made a point Mccain could not counter and did not counter. He never mentioned many of Obama’s points that were true or even say Obama was right. However Obama was open to say Mccain was right about some of his points. Mccain just ignored the truths that Obama hit on. To me to say someone is right is a big thing and to ignore when the other hits the truth is is not. I say Obama was the bigger man to do so.

  • Stephen

    Mcain got caught lieng a few tymes… 30 Minuets in, he repeaded the cut spending 3 times. He is full of useless facts. There is one part about a man sending 2 different letters. Honestly, who cares about what the man said in his letters? He also tells the same stories over and over. I think i have heard the story of 3million dollars being spent on bear DNA about four or five times from him.

    Mcain didnt talk to Obama when he shook hands, and he only glanced at Obama ONCE DURING THE ENTIRE 1 AND A HALF HOUR DEBATE! Macain only argued that Obama was wrong and never agreed anythign that Obama said. He also said Obama doesnt get it a few times… I think we get tit Mcain.


  • macklin

    As I was reading through the comments I kept thinking basically what AA stated. I am curious as to how different these comments would be if opinion were replaced by thoughtful, unbiased decision making. It is easy to tell that supporters of Obama and McCain are both very supportive and emotionally charged about their views. And that’s good, to a point. Emotions usually lead to bad decision making though. I still don’t know who I am voting for in November, but it will be a decision made, as best I can, free of party ties of any bias. Hopefully everyone can let go of ties and opinions and make a careful, informed decision. If everyone in America did that, I 100% believe that whoever America elected would be the best option.

  • macklin

    And in response to Lisa Piper. More Nuclear power would create more electricity, lots more if I had my way. This could then free up a a lot of Natural gas which. That natural gas could then be turned to the automotive industry to fuel cars. Natural gas is used to generate 22% of our nations electricity right now. If we could replace that with something else (nuclear/wind), then we could reduce the amount of money spent on foreign oil. We currently spend approximately $700 billion annually on foreign oil. That’s the same amount that everyone is making a fuss about with the bail out plan, but every year. If we can use all that natural gas that’s ging to energy for cars we could reduce that number to $300 billion annually. It’s still a lot, but it’s more than half as much. If you’d like to hear about it a little better go to and watch the video on the main page. I thought it was very informative.

  • Lisa Piper

    I believe Obama’s point on finishing one war before we start another was a good one. where will we get the troops for the adventures Mccain wants to have in other countries. We don’t have enough troops to fight the 2 wars we are in now.I believe that could have been Obama’s point. Does this mean that the draft will have to come back to create the troops we will need to fight more wars.

  • tansy

    mccain got pwned.

  • Nate (other)

    Obama really has no clue.
    1. Universal health care, look to the neighbors up north who have it. 40% of there income taxes are used for health care and Canada has a very small defense budget.
    2. Our national defense supports most of the manufacturing in the states.
    3. He needs to get with his current events. We can not send troops into Pakistan. That would be an act of war!

  • I would say McCain was shining tonight, smoking Obama on almost every point.. His experience came through loud and clear and he is the one I would want to trust our country to. If its not president McCain in Jan., it should be.
    Obama finished the night with a statement worried about how other countries see us. It is really sad that he thinks we have to apologize for our greatness. If he can’t see that, I say it disqualifies him as being president.

  • IndiMinded

    ‘Jim, let me just make a point. I’ve got a bracelet, too.’

    Yeah everyone’s gotta have their bracelet. I really should have watched a show aimed at older audiences. Like, I don’t know, teletubbies.

  • Bruce

    McCain didnt wear a Flag pin! Ummmm

  • Drew

    I think they both made good points and it was very informative on them. And to the comment about politics in the US, yes it is like this. You can pretty much say anthing on the televison and say it enough and it becomes fact. I think McCain would have been the perfect president for us instead of Bush, but that was 2000, this is now. Obama may have less expierence, but expierence isn’t everything. Sometimes that expierence actually keeps you in a rigid form of thought and discison making. We need an open president, open to new ideas and new ways of going about things. It’s the 21st Century, lets join it.

  • I would say McCain was shining tonight, smoking Obama on almost every point.. His experience came through loud and clear and he is the one I would want to trust our country to. If its not president McCain in Jan., it should be.
    Obama finished the night with a statement worried about how other countries see us. It is really sad that he thinks we have to apologize for our greatness. If he can’t see that, I say it disqualifies him as being president.

  • Anita

    Wayne Dawes…

    It’s not that Obama is worried about what other countries think about us, its a given fact today. We used to be thought of as a great country to all, however, the last 8 years has diminished our reputation around the world. He see’s it, that is what concern’s him; it’s not an apology. I love this country and think it is great. But I do know that most of the world has a low opinion of the US.

    This was a good debate in seeing both candidates on the stage together. Now, in my opinion if someone cannot look you in the eye and discuss a subject there should be concern, they are hiding something and are deceiptful. One major thing that really turned my mind away for McCain is his comments of “Horseshit” (said twice) during Obama’s turn to talk. Do you really want someone leading our country that makes comments about other’s opinions using such language? His consistent interuption was unacceptable to me, another factor that turned me away from him. Before now, I was not sure, I was opened to both candidates. Not now. I cannot waste my vote on someone that reminded me so much of President Bush’s thoughts and attitudes.

  • Nathan H.

    First I would like to address Senator Obama here:

    “We have to send a message to the world that we are going to invest in issues like education…”

    What funds are we going to use to invest in these issues? Let us not forget the $700 billion bailout that just took place. Our economy has to be the main focus and Obama is all for more and more spending. His inexperience is horrifically exemplified in this debate.

    Second, what about Israel? If Obama continues to ignore what Ahmadinejad is doing, we will see a nuclear war in the middle east which will end the world…

    Is McCain the best? No. We need a new candidate there as well.

    Let’s just remember that Hitler promised change too…

  • Kimberly

    Stephen R Covey enlightens us in his book, “7 Habits of Highly Effective People”, that to find whether or not a person will be good for the job it is important to look at their motivation for wanting the job. We know that John McCain’s motivations have always been to make a positive difference in government. This has been seen by his many government accomplishments as well as his sincerity in advocating for Americans. Obama may sound good to many but what motivation is really behind this smooth talking lawyer? And how many of you take the time to read all you can about each candidate?

  • LaLa

    JUST IN – the REAL Truth!

    Check out Obama:

    Yeah, check out who Biden REALLY is:

  • Sarah

    Dear Ronald Reagan,

    It sounds like you are the one that lacks intelligence. By stating that:

    “It looks like Obama needs to take notes while Professor McCain is giving lecture. Nobody expected Obama to be so ignorant…Obama must have cheated in Harvard, he behaved like educated in Africa.”

    …you’re the one that’s clearly unethical and lacking in intelligence. Your remarks were unwarranted, ignorant, and clearly racist. Proud McCain supporter eh?

  • nat dillard

    This debate is a good start, but we need more interaction between the Senators. John McCain did not make eye contact and he did not want us to see how old and short he is compaired to Mr. Obama. McCain is for deregulation, well, “deregulation” is what got us in the mess that we are in now with our Finacial Issues. How can one be for regulation and deregulation at the same time. It sound like McCain is double talking and flip-flopping.

  • PeoplePower

    Some of you people seem to have not measure of reason or logic, or listening skills. Granted, almost all of them are “newbies”, so they’ll pr’ly not see these remarks:

    Nate (other), general points with no real facts to back them up –
    Obama really has no clue. (False – take an anti-partisan pill, please)

    1. Universal health care, look to the neighbors up north who have it. 40% of there income taxes are used for health care and Canada has a very small defense budget.
    – There is some truth to this. But compare the *overall* cost of their healthcare – how much do the citizens pony up (including premiums). If you add it up, per capita, we pay a h*lluva lot more! A big reason for this is not just the Insurance Companies gouging us, but that a lot of people can’t afford insurance, so they put off preventative medical treatment and end up having extraordinary bills from the emergency room, oftentimes with the final bill falling on the taxpayers (and insured people).

    2. Our national defense supports most of the manufacturing in the states.

    What?!? Certainly, we spend an inordinate amount on defense, but I would hardly say that the military accounts for most of the manufacturing. Although, with the way we’ve been shipping manufacturing overseas, this may have more truth nowadays. I’d like to know where you get this “fact” from.

    3. He needs to get with his current events. We can not send troops into Pakistan. That would be an act of war!
    – Ha, this is ridiculous! And invading Afghanistan & Iraq weren’t acts of war? If the President truly determines, using *facts* and *true* NIE’s and Intelligence Reports, that we must invade Pakistan to protect our country, wouldn’t you want them to do so? You surely supported Bush’s war of choice against Iraq!
    – Also, if you’d pay even closer attention to current events, you would see that President Bush has authorized Special Forces missions into Pakistan. So, clearly, Obama must be on track OR you need to turn on President Bush.

    As for the debate – I think, at worst, Obama did as well as McCain, but honestly, I think he gave thoughtful, intelligent answers showing his policy differences with McCain (some of which are very small differences). As *everyone* expected McCain to mop the floor with him, I would say this is a *win* in Obama’s column!

    One thing I wish Obama would have brought up more, though he may not have had the time to given the overruns by both candidates and the interruptions by McCain (though Obama *did* interrupt a couple of times, McCain did so several more times).

    Obama on Iraq – we need a timeline for withdrawal, he’d do it in roughly 16 months (shortly thereafter, the Bush Administration announces an agreement on a “time horizon” for withdrawal – nice newspeak, typical of this Administration)

    Obama on Iran – it’s important to talk with our enemies, not just our friends (I personally submit we need to stop referring to anyone as our enemies, except those we are *actually* fighting – Al Qaeda, etc., but that’s just me) (shortly thereafter, the Bush Administration sends high-level members of the State Department to talk with Iran)

    Obama on Afghanistan – we need more troops there to seek out and destroy Al Qaeda and the Taliban Fighters. They are resurging (shortly thereafter, Bush began speaking of a “surge in Afghanistan”)

    While I’m not a big fan of this Administration, I do like that they’ve been taking wiser courses of action of late (in *some* things). And, it seems, that Obama has provided some impetus for those course changes…

    How can anyone say he’s wrong on foreign policy?? Three big issues addressed, three very solid answers given!

  • Chels

    Thanks from an American overseas! (Italy)

    This was a very interesting debate. I came out of it thinking both did well on some points and both faltered at times. Technically I could vote tomorrow and mail my ballot back to the States; but I need to see an additional forum focusing on several more important issues facing our country.

    This will be a very important decision for every citizen to make…

  • PeoplePower

    One other thing – while speaking on the bailout on CNN, Anderson Cooper was comparing their two plans side-by-side to see whether they’d likely have to cut back some of their promises. Neither one (during the debate) really came out and directly said what they’d cut, but McCain ducked the question entirely, whereas Obama addressed it as “we’ll have to see where the economy stands…”, etc. Nice answer!

    The thing I noticed is that McCain’s promises amount to 1.5 Trillion (with a ‘T’) dollars more being added to the Federal debt than Obama’s promises.

    I’m not pleased that *either* of them plan on growing the debt, but the debt growing more under McCain is contrary to people’s (esp. Republicans’) expectations of the two parties’ approaches to the economy!

    I am less upset with growing the debt *if* the money is being spent to improve the infrastructure and create jobs and I believe Obama’s plans & promises all revolve around strengthening jobs in *this* country!

    I look forward to the next debates!

  • THere is no doubt that McCain is relying on the fact that he is a veteran and that he is white. He is only repeating the rhetoric that is popular in polls.
    He keeps saying things over and over again to different questions.

    McCain has no plan for americans making under 250,000 a year.
    no health care plan. I pay twice what I paid for less coverage 5 years ago.

    there are far more americans than soldiers and veterans.

  • Hey lets forget about the american people as a whole. lets just think about dead soldiers and veterans.
    lets WIN in iraq at any cost.
    at the cost of the US economy.
    at the cost of gas prices.
    at the cost of health care.

  • Kaiser Soze

    Before watching the debate, I was undecided. I feel Senator Obama swept though the debate — He has the broad vision and strategy for the economy, foreign policy and national security that resonates with me.

    I think of Iraq and Afghanistan as battles in a larger war. President Bush (and Senator McCain) has been so short-sighted about these battles that they forgot about the war. I feel if we continue the current course, we’ll win the battle and lose the war. We need to uproot the Talibanism and Al Qaeeda by winning the idealogical war in the minds of hundreds of Muslims that are totally disenfranchaised with America and becoming “them” rather than aligning with “us”.

    Senator McCain sounded so much like Senator Clinton — He kept ranting about his experience and misrepreseting positions of Senator Obama (age brings about memory loss after all).

    In the rubbles of our economy and national security I see the shadows of the old and aging politicians. They actively contributed to the demise of my America. I refuse to participate in this madness anymore! I would take chance with Senator Obama to help me help my country.

  • Mandy

    I missed this debate on television, and was very pleased to have found it here. Thank you.
    Sen. Obama is certainly concise. He is quick-witted and accountable while staying on course. He is good under pressure and under fire and is by far the more charismatic of the two. Unfortunately for him, McCain’s ex-POW status makes him very attractive to a large group of target voters. I believe it’ll be a snug race.
    While Sen. McCain made several points, he also had the tendency to deflect the attention to what he has stood for or stood against in the past. Also, he spends a lot of time blowing his own horn and relying on epithets that were worn out long ago. It should be said that, while she is far more thoughtful of her responses, Palin shadows McCain’s style at almost every turn. Of course that comment has nothing to do with the debate… Also, my take on McCain’s lack of eye-contact with Obama is that (in this) they are enemies. Watch closely, because win or lose, I’ll bet McCain will look him in the eye after the election. To say this man is “scared” is ridiculous. I honestly think both men are close to fearless.
    I am undecided on who I will vote for. I believe that both of these men are capable of running our country. I just hope that we choose the one who is best in the long run to finish what we have started in the Middle East and get the US out of debt.

  • Mark
  • Jack Foobar

    It’s times like this when having a two party only system is going to get us all killed. Thanks for posting the video’s without an incoherent liberal tirade.

    I so want a Libertarian to be President. Maybe a Constitution party guy. I really don’t care, as long as they are actual Americans that I won’t have to overthrow by force. Please, anyone but these old socialist/statist freaks that would have been the enemy during the American Revolution. But, thanks again for posting the video. I don’t mean to be impolite.

  • Michelle

    Obama has to stop calling Mccain, “John”!!! That is so disrespectful!

  • Dreadsen

    Am I the only person upset with both candidates being okay with giving Georiga 1 BILLION dollars?
    Obama brings it up that he proposes it to raise the point that he is thinking in Georgia’s interest and McCain didn’t say A WORD. You want to know why? Because he can not. He has a Georgian Lobbyist working for him and He has such interest in that country that Georgian president even called him out by the name.
    Horrible spending policy supported by both candidates. I mean is Georgia poor? They don’t have the money to rebuild their own country? We are in dire straights over here and were going to send a billion over there? This is the equivalent of being flat broke but taking out a loan to give to someone else who just had a burglary! McCain brought up a point which Ron Paul actually brought to him in a debate that we are sending 800 billion dollars to countries that don’t even like us. But he didn’t tell us who he plans on cutting out from that if any at all!

  • Nathan H.

    People power:

    It’s nice to see a democrat in the forum. I would like to point out that Obama talks of all this change, yet he does not outline his plans to change squat. Lets look at Illinois for a second…the state is in the worst shape it has been in for years. If he cannot handle a state, how can he handle a country? His immaculate use of circular logic is more than enough to confuse and coerce even the more intelligent people in the listening crowd. Too bad he proposes more and more pork barrel spending in a country that cannot afford any more irresponsibility in it’s budget.

  • My dear Charles,
    God forbid, Mr. McCain is not able to complete a term as pres. Then Americans are left with Mrs. Palin who has no military experience neither Washington experience. Senator Obama has the respect of the international community. Can you say the same for McCain or Palin? Do you seriously believe Palin will be prepared to handle the office of president (even within four years)? I think not. RIDDLE ME THIS, WHY IS THERE A SET RETIREMENT AGE IN AMERICA? Is it because our mental, physical abilities are mostly deteriorated by that age as determined and accepted by the American Government. Be honest just for the moment and answer this question for all Americans.

  • Ben Dover

    This is to those undecided voters:

    McCain should be elected into the White House for important and logical reasons.

    1. Healthcare- Obama has stated that you WILL lose your healthcare plan. You will NOT be able to choose your doctor, dentist, etc. This will be chosen for you, you will not have a say.

    2. Experience- Yes McCain has been in the war, but that is not what I am addressing. Obama in the senate for two years is what I am adressing. He is what the above topics are calling “Newbish,” and ill experienced. We need to face the fact that we don’t know everything about Obama. His views have changed throughout, and how he has criticized McCain is immoral. Obama has a bad past of his own, and although he is putting down Palin and McCain he forgets that your family does not affect you!

    3. This brings me to my final point: Relationships- Yes Palin’s daughter is pregnant, but does this mean that Palin is now a bad parent, and from that a bad politician. Personal life from other people does not affect you. Palin’s daughter, likewise Obama’s father does not affect them. It should NOT be brung up in topics.

    McCain ’08.
    –Ben Dover

  • Sam

    I have to hand it to McCain for the way he articulated measurable concrete steps in dealing with the war, the threat of terrorism, and our current economic diress. Obama tended to repeat himself and generalize his answers. I personally voted for Mike Huckabee in the primary and regret he couldn’t be the one speaking tonight. Hopefully the american people from both parties listening to the debates will pay more attention to subtance and not surface political jargon. I look forward to the next debate.

  • Michelle

    I think that Obama needs to stop sticking his nose in the air and be a bit less arrogant, needs to have a little lesson on “respect”. One thing that is clear to me now from this debate is that Obama can’t be trusted. He’s a smoothe talker and charasmatic, I see how people could be drawn to him. However, he’s a big talker. He will clearly say ANYTHING to get votes and to be the next president, but as the president what will he actually DO? What is he just saying, and what does he really mean? Can we trust a man like this? I’m not comparing- but just to give an example, Hitler – was charasmatic and a smoothe talker too, and if he was to stand up against Mccain, it could be people might be drawn more to hitler because of his “way with words” or his overall presence- but could he be trusted? Obviously , no way.. We can’t have a president that he can’t trust. We can’t have a president who is disrespectful. Obama was clearly disrespectful on many accounts during the debate, and was obviously spewing things for the soul purpose of getting as many votes as possible. Mccain isn’t the ideal candidate either, but at least I can trust him as president, at least he has experience, and I feel he is much more fit for the job.

  • Dreadsen

    Ben Dover

    “1. Healthcare- Obama has stated that you WILL lose your healthcare plan. You will NOT be able to choose your doctor, dentist, etc. This will be chosen for you, you will not have a say.”

    Stop with the misinformation. Go on if you have to. They even debunked McCain’s misrepresentation of Obama’s plan which still doesn’t hold a candle to what YOU claim you want to tell the undecided voter.

    From Fact Check

    “McCain misrepresented Obama’s plan by claiming he’d be “handing the health care system over to the federal government.” Obama would expand some government programs but would allow people to keep their current plans or chose from private ones, as well.”

    Obama’s plan PROPOSES to make what ever health care you have more affordable. That’s it. Who ever you have you will still have you will just pay less for it.

    your number 2 applies to both candidates. Experience is official off the table and competence is on. We don’t know everything about Obama is part of the urban legend boogieman clan out there. Go on Veterans against McCAin website you will see there are issues about McCAin that we also do not know about. But the vetting of those issues are irrelevant to the man at this stage. If anything even the toe jam on obama’s feet has been run through some type of media outlet. So if YOU dont know enough about him then you are speaking for yourself. Unless you believe the emails snopes keeps debunking.

    Your number 3 has died long time ago and has never had anything to do with Obama’s campaign.

    My advice to anyone who doesn’t want him in there is to focus on facts. There are plenty of facts on him which you can use. But if someone who is undecided decides to check into claims from his opposition like this they may come to the conclusion that he’s a good candidate and the only thing wrong with him are things people make up.

  • PeoplePower

    Ben Dover – where are you getting your so-called “facts” from?

    1. Switching your healthcare plan from a high-cost, high-control insurance company (I used to work for one, I well-know the rules!) to a government-ran plan will reduce the cost-per-claim of administration by about 80%. I don’t have *full* control of which doctor to see – oh, sure, I *could* see *anyone* but then an out-of-network bill will come and I’ll be selling pieces of my home just to cover the cost. So, moving to a government-controlled healthcare system would simply change *who* tells me which doctors I can see…no loss of choice there at all.

    What’s McCain’s plan? Give a family $5000 credit when costs have gone up for a typical family of four to $2000+ per month! Oh yeah, and that credit will be eaten up by his tax on the premiums…nice.

    2. Experience? Experience points to a long list things done, right *and* wrong. McCain has been a *HUGE* de-regulator and is now adopting “pro” regulation rhetoric to try and sound pallatable (sp?) to the undecided folks. The truth is, his experience shows a very long line of poor decisions and a few very good decisions. Which one are we going to get if he wins? Will he overreact at the wrong time or underreact at the wrong time?

    Obama has a rich history of hard work and devotion to his community and his family and has a strong track record of reform within the Illinois Senate. His nearly *four* years (yes, do the math, he joined the U.S. Senate in January of 2005 – that’s much closer to four years, than two, stop stating false facts) have not given him enough opportunities to have a solid record. He has a *strong* record of compassion and measured decisions – a stable, charismatic leader…perfect choice!

    Still, none of us *know* exactly what a President will do when elected. Events often shape a Presidency and so we can only hope we pick the person who is most likely to approach a problem in a sane, stable and thoughtful manner. McCain has shown a great deal of instability over these last 3 years that simply makes it impossible to know which McCain will be on top of the next crisis…the rational Maverick or the irrational, angry McCain?

    3. Family doesn’t matter? I’m sorry, but there can’t be a double-standard here. If you say that Bristol’s pregnancy is a family matter and a personal matter, I would agree. However, you need to be consistent. Some other teenager is pregnant out there (many others) and *many* of them have been scape-goated as “the problem with our society” and the parents have been called bad parents. Either you think it’s a personal matter and we shouldn’t berate them or *all* of them should be berated and *all* of the parents blamed.

    Unlike McCain, Obama is *still* married to his first wife. Whereas McCain traded up. His first wife dutifully awaited his return from his horrid POW ordeal. Shortly after his return, he dumped her for a shot at Cindy and her money and connections…ooh. Family Values at their highest.

    I don’t hold Bristol’s pregnancy against Sarah Palin. Mrs. Palin has many other qualities that raise my ire. I’m glad Bristol was able to *choose* her course. Choice is the goal I have for all women. She should be fine (hopefully so) with a supportive, and moneyed, family.

    However, I *do* strongly believe family *does* matter. How parents raise their children greatly impacts their children’s views on the world and how they respond to positive and negative events. How parents raise their children also speaks volumes about what they consider important messages to pass along to their children and the values their children have speak strongly towards the parents’ successes at imparting that message.

    I do not fault the Palins for Bristol’s pregnancy. But then again, I have that strange liberal mindset that teenagers *will* have sex. It’s so weird that they would be called so strongly to do so…it’s only hard-wired into our biology. They’re gonna do it, therefore, they should be warned of the dire consequences of their actions – teach them how to avoid danger and they’ll tend to avoid danger, brow-beat them that they should never do something and they will *very* likely do it simply as a point of rebellion…

    But virtually *none* of this has anything to do with the actual debate and how well Obama held himself against the supposed superior on Foreign Relations…kudos go to Obama

  • Dreadsen


    I wish you people would stop with the Hitler comparisons.
    McCain is like hitler because he is all for this war despite the facts which have come out he said he would still go in, sings about bombing Iran has promised us we will be in more wars but he is no Hitler.
    I heard from Bill O’Reily that the ACLU is like Hitler, Rod Parsley equated Planned parent hood with Hitler, George Bush was equated with hitler by too many way out there left people.

    How about Barney the Dinosaur? Notice how charming he is with children? hmmmmm cant trust that barney. And how many childrens parents like him? hmmm remember Hitler was a convincing talker too and had children and parents a like talking to him. Therefore barney is a defacto Hitler.

    I can give you a list of very charming and convincing leaders. Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, John F. Kennedy, Jesus Christ. Look what happened to all of them.


  • Annie

    Does any one but me remember under whom the Freedy Mac and Fannie Mae begun? Why doesn’t McCain bring that up, when Obama continues to hammer McCain on “his presidents” failure in our present economic situation…


    this is not a real debate. a genuine presidential debate would include All presidential candidates, or at least one independent. in 1988 the national Republican and Democratic parties seized control of the debates by establishing the bi-partisan, corporate-sponsored Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD). Posing as a nonpartisan institution committed to voter education, the CPD has continually and deceptively run the debates in the interest of the national Republican and Democratic parties, not the American people. an independent candidate would challenge the majors on issues that they themselves are unwilling to discuss in a public forum. the democratic and republican parties are offering very similar plans and if this is a race between obama and mccain, then there really are no options for voters. please see this site for more info on open debates and the history of open debates in the usa:

  • PeoplePower

    Michelle – if you don’t know what Obama is offering for his plans, you clearly have not been listening! Check out his website, ask his campaign workers, go to independent sites who have vetted his plans.

    Are you sure you’re talking about Obama saying & doing *anything* to get elected? It really sounds like your describing McCain.

    He was opposed to torture, but then softened his stance to win points with the righties and now has returned to his old stance to try desparately to win over the undecideds.

    He was opposed to the Religious Right crowd until he found he simply couldn’t win the nomination unless he was in their camp, so he turned on his own statements and shamelessly embraced the crowd. And to add further to his status as a sell-out for votes, he picked Palin – a minimally-qualified person with (seemingly) a great deal of respect in the social conservative crowd. Again, a choice based on his craven desire to win an election.

    He opposed making Bush’s tax cuts permanent, but now making them permanent is a central theme in his candidacy.

    And people called Kerry a flip-flopper…

    Finally, if *you* don’t trust Obama, that is *your* prerogative, but do not say “we can’t trust him”, as you are then speaking for everyone else and that is wholly irresponsible.

    Your comparison of him to Hitler is an old and tired tactic that would count as an argument (based on *your* logic) against any candidate who was charismatic and (seemingly) lacking substance. It has been used in the past and it simply makes any of your, even remotely, rational arguments toothless…

  • Alucard

    There was someone on this thread that said it best. They’re ‘tired of a president who just does what \HE/ thinks is best without taking into consideration what the PEOPLE want. It’s no wonder so many people don’t care to vote. For 8 years we took dagger after dagger by the current administration. It didn’t matter what our opinions were, the big machine ran all on it’s own.
    No more, I want people to get educated, I want people to care and that’s not going to happen as long as we have representatives who don’t give a crap what we think, what we want, or are too disconnected and affiliated.
    McCain was not concerned with the ecomony until someone spelled it out that there was a legitimate problem. His economic adviser said we were a nation of “whiners”. Then all of a sudden he over reacts and shuts down his campaign. If he is not savvy on the issues going on here that affect US, how well does he really know what’s going on with relations over seas. Is he acting on the pulse of reality or is he just acting according to what he is being told?
    I don’t think we ought to be willing to take the chance. Considering his voting record, his stance on several issues in the past and his new found stance over the last 3 months.
    By the way, I heard Letterman’s suggestion of putting Sarah Palin in charge of the campaign, appropriate if you ask me, does anyone know why that didn’t happen…?
    She under federal investigation in Alaska!!! These are the dynamic duo that are going to clean up Gotham City!!! HAHAHA, Man I’m moving to mars if these two get elected.
    I hope the middle class get more money I’m tired of all these stuffy, plastic people at all the venues I go to.

  • Ben Dover

    This is to the war conspiring folks: If McCain is McBush, Obama appears to be O’Bush.
    Obama wants to send more and more troops into Iraq/Iran/Pakistan to end the war quicker.. isn’t that what we have been doing?

    Also, in early October, Obama told a TV reporter in Iowa that he had made a conscious decision to stop wearing a flag pin on his lapel, a standard fashion accessory for American politicians since 9/11.
    Real Patriotic.

    Democrats have larger pre-voting turnouts than Republicans, why? Democrats sit around wanting more money, and have time. Republicans work, and make a living. Republicans arn’t home all day waiting for at-home surveys.

    McCain ’08
    Good day, good evening, good try.

  • PeoplePower

    Ben Dover – Your ridiculously insulting generalizations make it clear that you simply haven’t a clue about reality or reality-based facts.

    You want to have a fact-based discussion and demonstrate that McCain is the better candidate? Try actually using facts, I know it’s against your better judgement and you don’t have many to stand on, but at least you’d have a chance at a valid point…

  • Ben Dover

    Face the facts my ill-experienced friend, Obama is nothing. Nothing, no experience, no backup, no true views, no solid standards. Obama makes crude jokes to insult the Republicans while McCain would never do anything of the sort. He even said himself, he will not wear the american pin, is that unpatriotic or am I missing something

    And just because you spit lies attacking me does not make me a lier. This is what is going on, open your eyes and realize Obama is not the man people think he is.

    McCain ’08
    Obama is nothing.
    McCain is something-better.

  • Mike Hunt

    PeoplePower you are wrong, Ben Dover, kudos =)

    Generalizing and not clear on facts? I don’t know where your coming from.
    Stop pretending Obama is better and live with the fact that he is sketchy.

    Obama Supported, and contributed money to a group of people that wanted to seperate white christians from african american christians based on belief. How is that explained?

    I too, am McCain08.

  • Dreadsen

    Ben Dover

    What lies are being spit at you? We want you to come with facts. Facts that matter. You would rather talk about Flag pins made from China? Notice last night the super patriot McCAin didn’t have a flag pin on. Big friggin deal. This is the type of stuff you want to talk about? No policies?

    Oh this is great

    “Face the facts my ill-experienced friend, Obama is nothing. Nothing, no experience, no backup, no true views, no solid standards. Obama makes crude jokes to insult the Republicans while McCain would never do anything of the sort.”

    lets re write these FACTS as you call them.

    Face the facts my ill-experienced friend, McCain is nothing. Nothing, no relevant experience, no backup, no true views, no solid standards. McCain makes crude jokes to insult the Democrats ( and Iranians “bomb, bomb, Iran) while Obama would never do anything of the sort.

    Do you see how meaningless this type of debate is? That message had no back up and no standards for an independent educated voter. Now the your message is good if you hang out with Hannity worshipers and my version is only good for way out their left wing folks but i at least tried to put SOME substance in it by adding the one insulting joke.

  • cudmaster

    I think the most sickening part is when Obama corrected McCain’s pronunciation of Achmadinijad…

    I mean he really seemed proud of being able to pronounce the name of a fascist thug enemy type…

    Seemed pretty petty and childish the way it came off.

    I wonder how long he practiced it for…

    I think he still pronounced it wrong too, but well I’m not Persian so I don’t really know. but then I’m still confused as to when why and how exactly the name of Qatar started being pronounced as “Cutter” or “Gutter” or however it is they say it on the news now vs how they did during Gulf War I. so maybe I’m the idiot?

    … and then he messed up on “John” LOL

    he does realize he is running for the presidency of “America” right?! Maybe a little more practice on American names would be good? Though if he is such a Christian you would think he would know the names of the Disciples pretty well… 🙂

    and by the by, anyone posting here is probably a wonk, so there really isn’t any point talking / debating substance, if that worked there wouldn’t be any Democrats. Only way to convince them of anything is to appeal to their sense of shame.

  • Ben Dover

    Haha, your so wrong. Obama will do nothing to contribute to anything, his morals are wrong. And good job turning my truth paragraph into a field of lies. Way to go, thats a good representation of your political views, your almost as bad as the cultist leader himself.

    McCain knows whats going on, Obama will stutter, yes stutter, lies. Haha.

  • PeoplePower

    Patriotism is not so simple as wearing an American flag pin.

    McCain didn’t wear one during the debate nor during the RNC. By your argument, McCain isn’t patriotic. Whereas, anyone not wrapped up in jingoism and nationalism can’t see beyond their bloodshot eyes to recognize the difference.

    Would I call McCain unpatriotic? Nope, not a chance. I don’t need to see a flag pin to recognize a love of country. But you can’t see past symbolism to recognize truth.

    And why did Obama add a flag pin? For the very best reason there can be, not for some superficial display, but because a soldier asked him to. And he has done so ever since. Now that’s patriotism.

    What jokes did Obama use to insult Republicans? Do you have any examples, or are you simply foaming at the mouth with no substance to back up your remarks?

    And what did McCain say? “Why is Chelsea Clinton so ugly? Because Janet Reno is her father.” I’ve never once heard Obama utter anything even remotely as reprehensible and what McCain said wasn’t even joking about President Clinton. He attacked a child! And this is the man you like?

    You’re statements are entirely opinion. Opinions aren’t facts. Tell me some facts (if you know any), as many thoughtful people (right & left & in between) do on this site.

  • Bruce

    If you are gullible enough to have the wool pulled over your eyes by an extremely failed Bush/McCain political reign. This country would suffer horribly at the hands of a blatantly over reactive old man. Then on top of everything else he would entrust this entire country to an extreme JOKE of a representative of this country PALIN. If you all think for one damn second a foreign adversary wouldn’t literally sit across the table from her and laugh you are mistaken. That ALONE shows McCain is DESPERATE to be the pres, he failed many times before for the position even losing to a SUCKER of a president Bush. But you people seem quick to stick to your guns and defend McBush on every little thing he says. I bet your news channel is set to Fox and listen to nothing But Rush. So to think any Republican could have anything nice to say about Obama would be stretching it. Unlike McCain Obama could at LEAST look who he talking to in the eye.

  • Alexa

    In response to “Obama has to stop calling Mccain, “John”!!! That is so disrespectful!” – Michelle

    McCain needs to look Obama in the eye when speaking to him,
    that is so disrespectful!

  • David

    whats the use of talking about giving tax cut and better healthcare without caring about where the money comes from? i mean lets be realistic. the organisations giving healthcare needs to have money to be able to give out such packages. there isn’t any BIG WEALTHY greedy cooperates in kenya and guess what? they dun have healthcare packages countries like mione and US have.

    McCain have it the right way in my opinion. The only way companies is going to employ people and be in talking terms or be more agreeable to the gov for implementing healthcare packages is to woo these companies into the country.

    In case u didnt notice, many companies are pulling out of US. By not wooing these rich companies back into US, the general people are going to end up unemployed. Its one think to sound good to the general public, its another to really think of the larger picture and make the unpopular choices.

    yes a society is from the bottom up but jobs are offered from top down. it is easy to lose sight of the picture but it is most crucial for u guys for someone who can make the most useful choices for USA, not the most popular.

    and do you people really want to end the war in defeat after putting in so much money and have so many of ur countrymen die fighting for you and to defeat the groups who WILL NOT STOP BOMBING UR COUNTRY? Iraq is more then just a warfront. It proves to the locals in that region that those extremist groups CAN be defeated and that they can embrace democracy and push out terrorist groups. For ur knowledge most of the people carrying out bombing missions for the groups have their families kidnapped to be forced into doing it. Winning the war have far more meaning and uses then any layman can imagine. And if anyone of you have enough knowledge, clean power soucres like wind and water power damaged the environment alot in order to have these generators in place. The cleanest power now is nuclear and imagine a little terrorist comes along with a bomb and ur country is uninhabitable for next few hundred years. u guys need to win this war. u cant imagine how many countries are dying to go communist on their people should US loses their influence with democracy.

  • Alexa

    In response to

    … and then he messed up on “John” LOL” – cudmaster

    You obviously did not realize that he was addressing the moderator, whose name is Jim Lehrer, as “Closet Librarian” already stated.

  • Alexa

    David, I do not feel you fully understand Obama’s idea. If you would listen a little more carefully, you would understand Obama’s main point…

    You stated-

    “The only way companies is going to employ people and be in talking terms or be more agreeable to the gov for implementing healthcare packages is to woo these companies into the country.

    In case u didnt notice, many companies are pulling out of US. By not wooing these rich companies back into US, the general people are going to end up unemployed. Its one think to sound good to the general public, its another to really think of the larger picture and make the unpopular choices.”

    WOAH! slow down there buddy, Obama see’s the big picture! I think we both agree, companies are pulling out of the country because they see a better oppourtunity for their business outside the USA. Obama simply wants to reward those companies within the country with tax breaks.

    “The Bush tax cuts give those who earn over $1 million dollars a tax cut nearly 160 times greater than that received by middle-income Americans. At the same time, this administration has refused to tackle health care, education and housing in a manner that benefits the middle class.

    Barack Obama and Joe Biden believe that companies should not get billions of dollars in tax deductions for moving their operations overseas. Obama and Biden will also fight to ensure that public contracts are awarded to companies that are committed to American workers.

    Barack Obama introduced the Patriot Employer Act of 2007 with Senators Richard Durbin (D-IL) and Sherrod Brown (D-OH) to reward companies that create good jobs with good benefits for American workers. The legislation would provide a tax credit to companies that maintain or increase the number of full-time workers in America relative to those outside the US; maintain their corporate headquarters in America if it has ever been in America; pay decent wages; prepare workers for retirement; provide health insurance; and support employees who serve in the military.”

    John McCain’s tax plan, however, gives Top Five Oil Companies $3.8 Billion A Year In Tax Breaks! According to a study conducted by the Center for American Progress, “The McCain plan would deliver approximately $170 billion a year in tax cuts to corporations, including some corporations that are very large and profitable. Just one of the proposals—cutting the corporate rate from 35 percent to 25 percent—would cut taxes for five largest U.S. oil companies by $3.8 billion a year.”


  • David

    and that too doesnt explain about obama’s view on zero casualties in a war. and the fact he wants to end the war without a win after using all those funds and after sacrificing several lives. the family who said make sure no other parents feel what i am going through? i would say the same. but the thing i wouldn’t want if my son died in a war is that to make his death be for nothing.

    if ur gonna vote for obama, at least make sure the war ends with a win. the safety of the world and the region in the middle east depends on whether the icon for democracy can achieve a victory. whther my friends online who were recalled for duty in iraq and never came back ever since is gonna lose their lives for something or just die making this war seem like a silly game depends on it.

    the thing is yes, i failed to understand obama’s point of view. he constantly made a point, then go back again and say “no i didn’t say that” then explain himself in a way that goes a opposite way from his earlier statement.
    i wouldn’t think it would be safe if i were to vote for such a person. and as can be seen anywhere, it is from my own opinion that quite alot of people voted for Obama simply because they do not like McCain.

    and then again, u were saying that companies who dont receive any tax cuts will NOT do business abroad? but i do agree with you on 1 issue after seeing ur point – that those rich bast**d doesnt deserve a tax cut after what they done to the economy and still enjoys wealth after the rest of the world suffers.

  • David

    But i do support Obama and give him credit for voicing the fact that America needs to have a makeover to earn its lost respect. Democracy’s continued existence depends on it. The stability of regions thats directly or indirectly influenced by USA, depends on it. whether or not this influence strengthens the stability of the region and improves trade or wane out n make world economy & secruity more bleak, depends on it.

    i also agree on his view that osama should be captured and executed (and in my own opinion, executed and broadcast to the world). this is an iconic win against terrorism and will kill alot of terrorist’s morale and will raise defiance against the civillians in middle east who were since decades ago, bullied and forced by the real extremists to carry out the human bombings on their behalf.

    i just feel that his view of the economy and his way of fixing it is too optimistic it sound that it just lacks a plan B. he lacks too much experience. tell me, after the US has spent so many billions of dollars fixing the credit crunch and its after effects, where is he gonna get the money for all the plans he propose? and looking at the current economic climate, how is it possible to woo companies to come back to USA instead of going abroad WHERE IT IS CHEAPER with no tax cuts given in USA. do u even know why companies are going abroad? cos it cost too much.

    the gov do what they can to woo these rich bast***s back, just one of these giants back home again can provide tens of thousands of jobs alone. im not saying ur wrong. ur not. im trying to say what i see. but i also do agree with u that there has got to be a better way then giving tax cuts to them, which i still do not see or hear from both Obama or McCain.

  • Pats

    Sarah, can you explain what you meant ” He behaved like educated in Africa” please? You and your so called professor McCain need to get some African primary school education. I guess you don’t actually know what it means to be educated. Please ask Kofi Annan or Nelson Mandella or even Robert Mugabe to teach you what it means to be educated in Africa.

  • Sandy Freudensprung

    I cannot believe that I have not yet heard a comment on what I feel is Obama’s biggist mistake of the debate. He theatened to strike Pakistan!!!! O.k. so he wants to take us out of Iraq and put us in Pakistan.

  • bdjnk

    Obama is in fantasy land! McCain’s every answer is solidly grounded in reality and an understanding of current situations, while Obama just spouts ambitious platitudes. Listening to him is painful.

  • tim burke

    Whilst Mr Obama would appear to possess many of the atributes necessary for a president,MrMcCain has already proved himself in service to his country unlike our previous slick draft dodgers.He deserves the highest office in the land,Mr Obama will have his day I am sure.

  • Aaron

    Wow. Quick statement. I hope a lot of you people leaving these close-minded comments aren’t registered voters. I hope you are 14-year-olds that had to do this for an assignment in school. I really honestly wouldn’t have thought that anyone could produce such mindless comments. Body language? Are you serious? Who cares about body language. Why don’t you listen to what these people(candidates) say they’ll do for our country, and make a decision based upon that. Forget what you’re parents told you, forget about what your friends say. We as American citizens are individuals. It makes me sick to my stomach to hear these people make comments like, “his economy will let rich people become richer and poor people become poorer.” That’s a comment that has been passed down the “telephone”. Some of you people are so set on who you want to vote for that you won’t see flaws in YOUR candidate. This is pretty much ridiculous. I just earned the right to vote, and I’m fired up about it. Some people could care less, or they go out and cast a vote without knowing what they are voting for. That’s not America. This country is better off without bandwagoners.

  • Dreadsen


    Neither one of them were so grounded in reality. McCain was constantly making the point of how bad Ahmadinejad is and how you can’t talk to him. Then he supported talking to him at lower levels. Obama pointed out that Ahmadinejad doesn’t even hold power in Iran. It you all remember the Ayatollahs who over thew the Sha in Iran is who is still in control. So who has the understanding? And after he pointed this out McCain STILL went back on his Ahmadinejad rant. pointed verified Obama to be correct on Kissinger supporting talking to Ahmadinejad at the high level of Secretary of state with no pre conditions. After all Ahmadinejad’s power is probably the equivalent of a secretary of state over here.

    Obama must not have learned anything in the past week or so because we are hurting for cash over here and he’s offering a country which is NOT POOR by any stretch of the imagination a billion dollars. McCain had no objection to this proposal. I think all the countries we keep sending aid and money to would understand if we decided to close our damn abysmal spending pocket book for a while. If Georgia has any manners they would turn down this offer after looking at our situation. I mean if your friend got cleaned out of all of his or her money but was going to try to still give you their last, would you take it?

  • sue

    I was supposed to tape this on my vcr for my dad and it didnt work. Is there a way to download the video?

  • samantha rameriz

    no offensive but this debate is very long & borinq !!! i mean; i care about our country and what the candidates have to say but come on. it could have been at least shorter! dudes , i fell asleep watchinq this. for the next debate; please dnt talk so much because i cant take it, ur lucky i had to watch this for homework of i would have never watched this borinq debate

  • bdjnk


    I can’t believe I am saying this, but I agree with both your points.

    I will just give two little additions.

    The first being that, McCain has made mention on many occasion that we are given billions of dollars in foreign aid to countries that don’t like us very much and that this needs to stop, and he says it in this debate as well.

    The second pointing out the fact that all McCain’s talk about preconditions really means nothing, both because Ahmadinejad, may his name be obliterated, is not the real power in Iran, and because even if he was there is absolutely no guarantee he will honor any agreements he makes.

    Of course, this doesn’t mean I agree with Obama about meeting without preconditions. I just think talking to a psycho with an acknowledged agenda of murder is going to be unproductive under any circumstances.

  • Ben Dover

    Obama wants to attack Pakistan, He has bad healthcare programs, he wants to provide money to those who don’t deserve it, overall- a bad person

    McCain is the right choice!
    McCain ’08!
    And to those of you calling the race card, Obama has JOINED, GIVEN MONEY, and SUPPORTED a group of people that want the black christians to seperate from the white ones.

  • AS

    As I sit here, munching my delicious fullkorns cereal from a cozy room, listening to the depressing anger of these tedious bipartisan debates, I cannot help thinking that both of these people, smooth-tongued but stumbling Barack O-Business and angry-turtle John McCain, are liars. The presidential campaign is biased, it’s performance, theater. I suggest that both just strip naked and wrestle each other, doused in oil. Or perhaps a scrabble game would be a more fair way to settle the issue. We could also test presidential suitability by seeing how long each can bear to hold an ice-cube in their palm. Alternatively, competitive ikebana. Or they could stand in a room attempting to avoid relevant answers to pointed questions, prostituting the emotional struggles of numerous American families for the sake up bolstering their own, alleged “values,” repeating carefully memorized negative facts about each other, thinking more about winning a campaign than saving a country.
    Oh, wait. Oh. They do that, already.
    Well, I feel terribly sheepish.
    We have to demand accountability and honesty from both the candidates that we support and those that we are against. We need to start thinking with clearer judgment and not giving way to competitive emotion.

  • AS

    As I sit here, munching my delicious fullkorns cereal from a cozy room in a European country, listening to the depressing anger of these tedious bipartisan debates, I cannot help thinking that both of these people, smooth-tongued but stumbling Barack O-Business and angry-turtle John McCain, are liars. The presidential campaign is biased, it’s performance, theater. I suggest that both just strip naked and wrestle each other, doused in oil. Or perhaps a scrabble game would be a more fair way to settle the issue. Alternatively, competitive ikebana. Or they could stand in a room attempting to avoid relevant answers to pointed questions, prostituting the emotional struggles of numerous American families for the sake up bolstering their own, alleged “values,” repeating carefully memorized negative facts about each other, thinking more about winning a campaign than saving a country.
    Oh, wait. Oh. They do that, already.
    Well, I feel terribly sheepish.
    What we need to demand is accountability and honesty from both the candidate that we support and the one we are against. We need to think with clearer judgment rather than give way to competitive emotion.

  • Ben Dover

    Barack NObama is disrespectfull and a blatant liar.
    He calls Sen. McCain ‘John’
    His foreign policy views are constantly changing

    If your going to lie to a nation, stick with one thing moron.

    McCain ’08!
    –Democratic brains are worth so much because there almost impossible to come by =

  • Ben Dover

    Obama cant keep the facts straight, and AS that was a good read =P

    McCain ’08!
    –Democratic brains are worth so much because there almost impossible to come by =

  • Mary Ellen

    I don’t understand how McCain can take care of the Veterans that he loves so much if he plans to (1)”use this pen” to veto any spending that comes across his desk, or (2)possibly “freeze spending” and (3)have only tax cuts. Those comments are naive with as many vets as we need to care of and with as big of a deficit as we will have, especially after this bailout.
    Also,I wonder what strategy or tactic he was using that he chose to have no eye contact with his opponent- a bad strategy- disrespectful and cowardly.

  • Ben Dover

    How could he look into Obama’s decepting eyes. Obama’s I’ll experienced, Lying, Unpatroitic, and corrupt eyes?

    McCain ’08
    –Obama ‘is noob’

  • bdjnk

    Mr. Dover

    While it is entirely true that Obama would be somewhat worse for this country then Cthulhu. Your methods of communication are far from appropriate. You need to stop ***NUKED BY ADMIN** before you post again.

  • Ben Dover

    Mr. badjinx

    You need to have a proper debate **NUKED BY ADMIN– PLEASE KEEP CONVERSATION TO ISSUES**

  • Lee Harvey Oswald

    Whoa, guys, are you really gonna start calling each other children? (If you aren’t already)

  • Chris

    Obama wants to use the office of president of U.S. to advance his career, McCain wants to use his career to advance the U.S. in the office of president.
    If one listens to this debate with the mind set of who is best for this country and not a narrow mind set of “I’ve already made my choice and am not changing”, then you will hear clearly Sen. McCain is the clear choice for who really cares about this country.
    ” I did not leave the democratic party, the democratic party left me.”-Ronald Reagan when asked why he changed from democrat to republican.(maybe you did’nt know he started out a democrat, but felt that he must change parties)

  • Alexa

    ** Nuked by Admin **

    Watch your language please, thanks! Profanity isn’t appreciated. Repost your comments and lose the swearing, it diminishes the argument and not everyone appreciates reading it.

  • Alexandra

    Senator Obama is such a socialist! I mean seriously, every liberal thinks that the world will be so much better if the government got involved in every part of the economy. Do your research Obama! Trying “new” plans to help put “constraints” on the economy only makes things worse! One more thing about the economy, Fannie Mea and Freddie Mac should not have been bailed out! Sure it was a short term fix but it will fail long term. Letting businesses fail is an incentive to manage your business better! So we don’t have a fickle economy! That’s why the federal reserve should 1. be fully examined to see how messed up it is 2. and then abolished! And his whole idea of “change” isn’t new at all, every candidate claims “change”! And another thing, how come no one talks about how obama went over to iraq ILLEGALLY to negotiate the war to make him look good. And senator obama keeps saying that we are losing in iraq! WHAT? You know everyone says that the viatnom war was a mistake because it failed. Do you know why it failed because we pulled out we didn’t finish the job, if Obama is going to pull out of iraq then of course it will fail. And another thing who cares if Sarah Palins daughter is pregnant! Everyone says that will work against her but I think it should work for her, she is going through something hard that will strenghthen her. The media is so corrupt! It is so biased I don’t see how anyone listens to those idiot’s comentary!

    Obama needs an education in economy!
    McCain 08′

  • Laz

    This debate was great, though I have to say I really enjoyed the ones with George W in them. Those were just a comedy.

    My suggestion to any watchers of this video, is watch carefully and decide which candidate has the character you would most like to see from a presidential candidate.

    There is defiantly a great deal of slippery, devious, mind games being played here. It would almost entertaining, if he didn’t have a chance to be president.

  • Nina

    I feel sorry for this country. We have more than a few closed minded, extremely illiterate individuals on this post. If it is any reflection of who will choose our next president I can only pray for a miracle. This debate opened my eyes to alot of things of the most important is that the blame game is not going to solve our issues. There was a lot of blame going on by both sides. Vote for a “real” change people. Palin killed the republican ticket if you ask me and it has nothing to do with her 17 year old getting pregnant. But maybe if she’d had sex education at home she wouldn’t be since her mom wants to keep it out of schools. With the $700 billion dilema who is really on your side??????

  • disillusioned

    The debate over the debate is what interests me more. Because the are the opinions which are formed from the propaganda, ads and chain mails (not to mention party predjudices) rather than real, true information is what will drive the vote and win the presidency in November.

    Neither candidate “does it” for me. Freedom does not reign, only a faint shadow of an old ideal casts itself across the landscape of this nation. Meanwhile, everyone bickers over how pwned whom. And we all are so slowly sucked down the drain of the failure of the American Dream.

    A vet and born into a long line of vets, I understand that reality is many shades of grey. While you all bicker over black and white, I watch the reality around me changing shape and I find that nothing I previously believed to be true (about the fundamentals of this “great” country) really are.

    So- go on… continue to neglect your intelligence, continue to forget history- what has worked in the past, and what has not, continue to argue over these petty things while the fate of our country rests in our hands.

    BTW- who is voting for Palin because she’s pretty?

  • no tap

    Who am I ?

    I started my career baking cookies and making bag lunches
    I added to my resume my P.T.A membership
    The city loved my cookies and elected me to the city council
    I was the only one running for mayor…. so I won

    you guessed it “I am the vice president candidate for the desperate Republican party”

    “I really bring experience to the table”

  • Alex


  • Kyler

    First off mccain didnt need to look at obama because he is talking to the people more than he is saying what is wrong with obama. And obama is only telling us what he thinks we want to hear. He isnt telling us how he is going to do things except that he is going to tax the rich and business’s. Which will raise prices for all the business’s items, which means more money poorer cutsomers have to pay, so nothing will change except people will have to pay more money. And everyone is attacking palin for her daughter being pregnant, well joe biden cant even remember his history about the great deppression. He says quote, “president Roosevelt came on the t.v and was trying to reasure the people that everything will get better.”
    Well first off F.D.R wasnt president and they didnt have t.v’s back then, so no one could of gotten on the t.v and reasured the people.
    Mccain is ready to be president. Obama is not, he is not qualified.
    If you were smart you would vote for JOHN MCCAIN who will be the next president of the United States.
    Mccain 08′

  • Ironman

    Greetings everyone,

    I’ve read down through some of these postings, and found pretty much what I expected.

    I have a view as well, and I tend to endorse one canidate over the other.

    As for the Debate its self, I felt both canidates had some good points, unfortunately since they are both politicians, they both throw mud on each other while trying to make themselves look good.

    I disagree with the notion that the mens character or experience is less important than what their plans are.

    As long as I can remember, no canidate for president ever did everything they said they would. That would be an incredible feat. A few did some remarkable things, but most were lucky to complete 1/10 of what they promised.

    The fact that one canidate, has fewer promises suggest he knows how difficult it is to get anything done on the hill.

    In my opinion McCain Will have no trouble decreasing goverment spending,.. I believe he would be quick to face off with another nation,.. but I also believe his military background would enable him to make wise decisions based on imput from his military advisors. His personality is that of a brawler,.. he will need a good cabinet. If he doesnt make wise choices in that department, his brawler nature will hamper his ability to be effective. Should the later materialize, I would still feel secure with his simplistic foriegn and domestic policies.

    Complicated solutions are just that.
    In laymens terms, if you need to rid your property of thorns and blackberry vines you go to the root of the problem,.. You can hire out to have them cut down and cleard away,.. but the fix is only temporary. If you wish to keep the property clear with that method, maintenance will be nessasary. However if you dig out the root the problem is solved.

    I believe Obamma could bring about some nearly imeadiate change to our financial situation. I believe he has the ability to be creative in that area.
    I also believe his solutions miss the root of the problem. That will lead to a maintanence,.. should the maintanence program be removed to decrease spending, we will see the thorns come back thicker than before, much like the current crissis.
    I think some of his views on foriegn policy are credible, and in fact SHOULD be implemented in a different global climate. He is a cool level speaker,.. and he has the ability to pursuede.
    He promotes building bridges, and lord knows we need some.
    The biggest problem he faces on that front is his lack of experience to sufficiently understand matters of security in the current situation.

    We beat each of them up,… But I’m willing to bet either one is far more capable than most of us posting here.

    There are many problems the next president will face,.. regardless of who takes the position,.. he really doesnt have to have all the answers,.. He need only acomplish 3 things,…. Rid Washington of the coruption, force accountability,.. and restore a goverment that works for the people.
    Once that takes place, thousands of brilliant minds will be working together to improve the system rather than being part of the problem,.. and positive change will be inevitable.

    I’d also like to add something about McCains running mate.
    She does not have the experience to be VP of the United States. I would venture to say that within two years in office she would be capable of the task, but still lacking enough foriegn affairs experience to be effective. If McCain died at that point I would be nervous,.. but her character is such I truley believe she may suprise us all.

    Just thought I’d kick in my two cents,..

    BTW, I tend towards the right,.. but I voted both Carter and Clinton.

  • Chris wrote :”Obama wants to use the office of president of U.S. to advance his career,”

    Call me a moron if you wish as I’ve been called worse, but how could you further you career AFTER becoming President, is there another higher office after that?

  • kay

    at first i felt the war on iraq was needed to get hold of sadam Hussein, but now he is dead what next. America just wants to rule the world. President Bush and Senator McCain pumped good money in that war at the expense of the economy. whoever the next president is going to be would have a rough time sorting out issues of wall street. Hopefully who ever becomes president would do a great job.

  • Frank

    Every opinion voiced are kind of relative. The experience mentioned several times worries me………,

    Experience lied about Iraq and wrecked the whole country., its so called experience that called for $700 bilion bailout, etc.

    Human beings shivers because of change, Obama the right choice.

  • mikhail

    What ever happened to equal air time for all candidates (Didnt there used to be a rule that all parties get equal air time i could be wrong)? With the way things are going nowadays its even harder for a 3rd party to be elected (Not that its ever happened before) If i didnt know any better (Not to say i dont) I’d say we are a oligarcy/plutacracy which for the lesser educated would mean rule by the few (OLIGARCHY) and rich (PLUTACRACY) with the illusion of demacracy (RULE BY THE PEOPLE) (When really are illusion is really modeled after the roman republic,,,,and look what happened to them may i add.) _ I guess what im getting at is i dont like either candidate/Party but forced to pick the lesser of to evils (Just in case you were wondering it’s the democrats) because no other party stands a chance because of are biased and should be unconstituitional debate system. Why cant the american people wake up and realize how dangerous giving all the power to 2 parties and effectively shutting others out. its a dangerou

  • mikhail

    sorry got cut of and accidently posted it twice. anyway

    its a dangerous system that in the long term does little more then assure those who have power keep it(ANd we accuse other countries of fixing elections..) we should demand that the presidential debates should atleast include other parties and doing away with the now obsolete electoral college (Which was originally implemented because we were still using the pony exspress not to mention to prolong slavery and it has a effect of keeping 3rd parties out of the running)

  • Arieana

    Thank You very much for having such a website up. I am currently in the eighth grade and we are talking about the debates that have acurred. I thank you because my friends and I are able to come to your website and watch the debates to finsh work and talk about our opinoion. Once again we all thank you>

  • Mic Alo Sha

    The most striking perception I received from the presidential debate was how often McCain referenced his record (on policy or position) as part of his response.

    This would not have seemed significant had there not been such a window shattering silence by Obama to point out ANY record from past accomplishments.

    Not only did Obama flee from any forced statements about his senatorial record (voting and policy), but ALL references made by McCain and Dreadsen were immediately denied.

    I have never in my 42 years of voting seen one man so willing to point to his political record, and another man so determined to run from his political record.

    If congress put a ban on all media (newspaper, tv, radio, etc..) involving candidates or politics, forcing Americans to “personally” review each candidates public records (ie. voting records, bills signed and promoted), I believe that the public at large would cease to become fooled by the blatant lies produced by politicians like Obama.

    The sad truth is that we live in a lazy society, and people would rather sit down and watch CNN spoon feed them a pack of lies than to stir their lazy butts and discover the truth for themselves.

    I don’t blame the media for producing a bunch of mindless robots, God knows they’re only exploiting the poor spineless idiots.

  • Ironman

    Greetings again,..

    It is easy to make statements based upon our own perception,.. we can also make statemnet based on the best intelligence we have,.. and those too may only be perception. I’d like to respond to a couple statements I read in a post above.

    quote,.. “Experience lied about Iraq and wrecked the whole country., its so called experience that called for $700 bilion bailout, etc.”

    I’d like to understand the meaning the author inteneded.

    The shambles this country is currently in, is a financial matter, the root of which has nothing to do with Iraq, and everything to do with flawed domestic policies, corruption, and lack of accountability from goverment.

    As for myself,.. I dont people are afraid of change,.. I believe most would gladly welcome it.

    Regardless of who gets into office there will be change,.. the question is what kind?

    I am not prepared to accept scocialistic principles. nor am I prepared to accept current solutions of that camp for the existing security issues.

    A point that should really be made here,..”there is nothing new under the sun” There is a natural order to things. If one strays to far from it, failure is the result.

    There will allways be those that believe its possible to circumvent that order with some “creative” legislation,.. and from time to time they manage to implement such ideas on a large scale.

    A perfect example would be “low income families should be able to buy ahouse”,..It was a great huimanitarian effort, but its painfully obvious it doesnt work.

    There is some “experience” for the American public,.. do we learn from mistakes? Do we really want to see the backlash of “creative” foriegn policy? The results would be unimaginable to many.

    I have a son, I will do what I can to prevent that.

    Mr. Obamma has some ideas that absolutey should be implemented in US foriegn policy,.. but not now,.. his plan to stabilize cannot succeed in the climate of the current global community,.
    After a stabilization, I think it would be prudent to implement policies to build up infrastructure of impoverished countries such as Africa. I would fully support many of his ideas to “lift up” other human beings.

    I wish we could take the best of both canidates and put them together,..Since we cant, I have to set priorities on the most critical issues.
    If our country isnt secure,.. nothing else matters.
    If I’m secure, but my corrupt goverment steals from me, I am safe, but in financial ruin.

  • Ironman

    And by the way,.

    Good post Mic Alo Sha

  • tie_died61

    Doesn’t America READ anymore?! I have read the 60 page report from the Tax Policy Center (which is a neutral, not-for-profit organization). Obama’s tax plan essentially takes from the top 20% and gives it to the bottom 80%. The McCain tax plan takes from the top 5% and gives it to the top 80-95%, with nothing for the bottom 20% and VERY little for the middle 60%. Under McCain the very rich give to the rich and the rest of us stay the same. Under Obama, the rich are giving to the poor.

    Consider what Obama’s plan also implies: more than 100 million tax-payers will have more money to spend on everyday goods … which makes small businesses grow … which creates more jobs and/or increases in workers’ pay … which gives people more money to spend … which makes small business grow … etc., etc.

    McCain’s plan just evens out the playing field across the wealthiest 20% (super rich pay the very rich). This does NOT increase spending … unless you count that 5th car Richie Rich buys … not a lot of money compared to the 10s of billions the little guy could spend under Obama’s plan.

    Note to self: If McCain gets elected, make more than $5 million a year!

  • tie_died61

    Also, the “trickle-down” A.K.A. “supply-side” economics has been tried 4 times since the 1890s and has failed horribly all 4 times. The Great Panic of 1896, the 1929 Crash, the 1987 Crash, and our current debacle. Why? Because the rich just keep the money … they never let it “trickle down.” As any business owner knows: “A system is only as good as its follow-through.” But once the rich get richer, they NEVER follow through!

  • missy

    Thanks…I was able to see the whole debate with You Tube.
    Obama definitely took this debate…very level headed. McCain is good at attacking his opponent and making snide remarks without using facts, like Obama did. Obama put McCain in his place…
    Obama is really focused on the American, not Washington!
    I just don’t have any faith in the old man…and I especially don’t have confidence Sarah Palin as President-realistically she may very well be one with McCain as President!

  • hailey


  • jerica

    first i would like 2 say is mccain kelp repeating the same thing and keep readying off his notes lol!

    and I VOTE OBAMA for pres. b/cus he actually cares. i bet if obama was the president when katrina got hit them people wouldnt have been sittin in there dYIN b/cus it was no food for 3 days LITTLE BABY HUNGRY AND DEAD LIKW NUTTIN HAPPENEND!!



    TO ME MCCAIN dosent speak with power like a man should obama does!!!!

    Obama is the best speaker i heard sence kenndy!


  • The main thing I saw from this debate was that Mccain constantly belittled Obama. I find this kind of a desperate tactic -is this how low he needs to go to win?

    The 9/11 question is not an easy one. Sure they have secured the aiports a lot better than before, but who’s to say – let’s say 10 terrorists entered a building with bombs attacked and boom! I believe terrorism will only get worse. These people have such a hatred for America it will never go away. I don’t think the governemt can say America is safe – this goes for both contenders.

    Obama came accross as calm and collected, mccain came across as a little desperate. His attacks on Obama and once again he pointed out to us he has been in jail (how many more times do we need to be reminded of this?).

    I also am worried he has chosen Palin, a woman who obviously knows jack about jack. That was made clear when she tried to answer questions on issues, Mccain had to step in. She has been told to call herself a hockey mom so people think she is just like you and me. It worked for Clinton when she shed a tear and this will probably work for her too – for now.

    I am not an expert on American domestic issues, but I do know America has the most debt out of anyone in this world. Tax cuts always get a cheer, but there are two reasons why companies go bust 1) greed 2) overspending. Sadly the governemnt are the worst for the latter. I wait to see th enext few debates as to what they have to say.

    Curerntly Obama looks the better guy.

  • Ironman

    I was just sent a link to an interesting video,..
    I followed up on the statements made, and they are accurate.
    I was actualy giving credit to Obama that wasnt due.

    I urge anyone who doesnt fully understand the current economic crisis to watch the video and follow up on the information contained within.

  • Joy2xs

    My fellow Americans:

    There’s so much to say, & less time to type it accordingly to cover all that’s as commonly interesting to me & to all other Americans.

    The bullying contortions by J.M. against Obama should be deeply considered and scrutinized. People repeatedly and commonly speak of being tired of lying politicians being in our governments, since I was a child that reached understanding.

    We have 2 “in-the-know” Senators team who are better emboldened of the governmental situation, rather than one very old Senator that never ever cared to run for the office of Presidency before now, and may stroke out or quickly die of natural causes, even before he might be sworn in as President, IF the possibility occurred that J.M WERE ever elected, which I hope to doubt occurring, are we, then, suddenly become governed by the newly elected Vice-President Sarah Palin magically as the new President, who tonight, clearly exhibited inexperience and lack of knowledge and information, especially where Joe Biden made crystal-clear earlier tonight, without even saying it, just proved she absolutely lacks true leadership on well-established infrastructure in international policies?

    Sarah Palin shuddered. She stammered. She smirked. She smile during serious issues she did not understand. She stuttered. She attempted to somehow mesmerized innocently intending to mentally prostitute the people with her country-imaged nature of silky jargon, as if Palin herself existed as some average run-of-the-mill person of silky charms.

    Beauty pageant charms and theatrics are not what are required to be used in a debate for the office of any vice-president which may need be the President very shortly after election and oath being administered. Short-sightedness improperly used will exasperate our people as a nation.

    Sarah delusions herself as amply ready to run the country as a vice-president. What a high-polished spin to lip-gloss over in her compact mirror! What IF J.M. strokes out?

    Is Palin truly QUALIFIED for the level of politics when our country is at its all-time worst?

    This is J.M.’s well-thought strategy to just keep the Republican Party in the Executive Branch???

    Palin was coached to simply refuse to answer direct questions, just like a beauty pageant, as if they were insignificant psycho-babble? She role-played this happy persona as if all is good she was chosen as a vice president running mate and then continually mean-mouth Obama and then she down-sized significance of issues queried on, and continued the J.M strategy to speak condescending attacks about Obama. Oh, and steadily smiling like she was the best snitch at a gangster party?

    Give Sarah Palin YOUR Emmy, Jerry Springer!!!

    Why would any reasonable normal person vote for any known political liar and support more condescending lies? Or simply, who would dare vote for an unknown lip-glossing comic-relief political entertainer?

    Commonly, typical ordinary people normally shun a liar immediately from their own normal everyday life.

    I possess the very real answer to the oil crisis at many levels, which has been used as strategies of political propaganda creating a common fear for the unlearned and ignorant people of our country.

    Obama states we could find a solution within 10 years to correct the power issues of oil dependency.

    I could give him all the numerous answers that would instantly correct the ailments of our country and especially in politics, if only, he simply asked me today to hear me out for 2 hours, and save the wait of another day upon being elected to the Presidency. No Joke!

    Why all the billion-dollar piece-meal patches to the economy?

    Why would anyone not even think that Bush has not already organized leaders of the world against Obama, using J.M as the Republican catalyst?

    IF J.M. won, will those same leaders still profit from Bush’s set-up’s of their independent financial prosperities? Especially when threats were made against the U.S. if we did not keep a short war?

    Talks were kept private. Threats never carried out. Bush sells out our country and our Constitution. It is what it is. Yet, nobody, no, not one individual notices, much less, slings out a single syllable to question these matters.

    Why has perpetual electricity been ignored?
    Because. It would devastate both the oilfield and electricity economies. It would rid electric bills for everyone in the world, if it were to be allowed.

    The notion of electricity being free, causing no pollution, making no noise, being transportable ruins the greed of governmental waging crafts to win politically using scare tactics, ruins the opportunity to skim money and privileges unseen and unaccounted for…

    That notion makes oil dependency drop in value, like dirt falling out of one’s hand. Turning a combustion engine into a simple starter scares politicians.

    Politician hurt the world, not the ordinary people. Such an invention stamps out starvation in the impoverished nation globally.

    Vision is what we need in leadership.

    Not rose-colored glasses, glib double-talk, smoke-and-mirrors, dog-and-pony-show politics, smiles, kisses, handshakes, all simply hinging upon warped psycho-babble b.s. pretzel-logic spoofs and yarns to give off sticky nuances of something warm, fuzzy or touchy-feeling to melt like cotton candy and simply do nothing good, once all the fluff melts!

    2 Senators are better than one. We need real change in Politics, not change in our pockets.

    Be glad I did not begin on what our Constitution already protects, like not being able to create men above the law because they work the government, that the U.S. Supreme Court unconstitutionally made illegal law in 1896.

    The 2 title of nobility prohibition clauses were the original 14th Amendment.

    See Federalist # 39.We are termed a republic, with no form of aristocracy monarchy ever allowed to be used in our governments.

    (Yet is was allowed into our government in 1896 Spalding vs. Vilas, as a rule of the courts in Britain, that form of privilege being finally destroyed along with those courts equally following Henry VIII’s death, and abolish in 1890 in England, that our Supreme Court “kings” resurrected and now have maintained to legislate law from the Judiciary. This wellspring runs deep.)

    See Marbury vs. Madison (1803)(no man is above the law; if a public servant violate his duty, he is liable to indictment, if a judge violate his oath has committed a crime, we are a country of laws and not of men[nobility is the understanding of that day meaning a noble privileged class or individual cannot rule the government])

    See United States vs. Lee (1872)(no man no matter how high an office he acquires in our government is above the law)

    See Sir William Blackstone’s COMMENTARIES ON THE LAWS OF ENGLAND (1765-69) vol I-IV

    I am Joy 2 XS and I approve this comment. Two damn hours.

  • Joy2xs

    Ditto on Ironman’s comment: “Good post Mic Alo Sha.”

    Just recall Obama lawyer’s skills would also dictate NOT being or appearing to be like his opponent breaking his arm to pat himself on his own back.

    A good lawyer knows a significant damaging statement needs rebuttals, not weak moments of personal bolstering of office as a bad prosecutor does to get an illegal conviction, so why waste precious breaths giving credence or impact notions?

    Fascinating video Ironman. Thanks for sharing. I have some also I need to post. A really wild election. Yes, there will be change, just not in our pockets. I have 9 kids and 6 grand babies

  • thanks for making the debate available to everybody on the globe. since transmission time in europe was in the middle of the night i missed it.
    let us just hope that the president elected will realy keep in mind that he is servant to the american people and not to the american bank an capitalist society.
    about the image america has in the world. it is true that in the last 20 years the image has deteriorated enormeously. i think that this is due to the capitalist politics and the “world plolice” behaviour held in the interest only for money and power.
    americans need to rethink their life issues and stop thinking that life is only great if you HAVE something (the more the better), a to materialist viewpoint.
    if the u.s. politics had not been sponsored by oil cartels we would all be driving electric or air driven vehicles since 10 years.
    think about it.

  • Sean

    I am 22 year old young voter. New to everything and getting my feet wet in trying to acquire enough knowledge to make a decision that I can stand by and not regret. I don’t have a whole lot of political knowledge, but I am citizen of the US struggling to make it on my own without any help from my parents and still sort of in that survival mode like most at my age. I am the new generation and I am ready to move forward. I believe in one world one people. We have to share this earth and work together to make it better. Not just God Bless America, but god bless everyone on this planet. Especially those who are suffering. There’s so much talk about how powerful we are, but it just seems like no one can agree on where to channel all of this power. I look at things on a simpler level, but i think we all should. What are core values? Is it really helping you to curse your neighbor and put up this defense and not even give them a second thought or chance? There is so much diversity in this country that is still getting ignored or at least portrayed in this pretty little unrealistic picture. I have this fantasy that both parties could work together to help make things better. Its such an awesome thing to love your country, but you have to be willing to listen to your neighbour and reach an understanding. All this power talk will never get us any closer to world peace, unless we start to channel that power to do good and make peace and stop pollution and set a better example for the rest of the world. Technology is so awesome today, we should be using it to work WITH nature and NOT against it. Global Warming is real and it WILL affect my generation and those after. I am young and able and want to go to other parts of the world and help build schools for children and other sorts of humanitarian activites, and I know many who are studying environmental sciences because they want to help save the planet. Not just help them survive and go home, but bring them up to our level and treat them as equal. A beautiful human being. We already have so much power as human beings, with emotions, prayer, opinion, soul, heart, love, knowledge. These are ESSENTIAL for life. The task at hand is we have to come together to learn to love eachother. Its the only way to move forward to save this earth and our country from destruction and of that I am certain. As I said I have little political knowledge and experience. And yes this is my first time voting. But I can assure that i love and respect this country and will make a conscious effort to educate myself and vote responsibly.

  • JC

    Instead of throwing barbs at each other in this forum, why don’t some of you spend time looking up the facts?

    Neither McCain nor Obama were completely correct in this debate. Some of their issues were misstated, as found here:



    Also, I am tired of reading about people opposed to the $700 Billion rescue bill. It is necessary!! I think Warren Buffetts explains why it is necessary very well in an interview with Charlie Rose on 10/01/08 found here:

    Lastly, there is no single issue/person responsible for the economic crisis. The Economist magazine recently noted that the economic crisis resulted from irresponsibility “with hard-working homeowners and billionaire villains each playing a role.”

    Noted here:

    I am registered as an independent and I do not favor any one party. However, I am leaning towards Obama/Biden in this campaign because I do not believe Palin has the credibility to be VP. I think I would be favoring McCain if Palin was not chosen VP. It is not enough for a presidential candidate to be excellent, but the advisers must also display competence as well.

    Just my two cents…

  • Ktulu

    Coming from someone who is voting (for REAL needed change – 3rd party), not liking either of the candidates- after reading many of the comments its easy to say that what many people see is so convenient to their preconceptions and preconditioned preferences.
    I saw a mountain of character flaws with Obama, who seems to not be used to being questioned whether he was wrong. Almost every statement he took personal, and would attack McCain’s position personally. His arrogance was shown clear and rampant and would continue to try to interject every few seconds. Albeit great with words and very charismatic, I cant help but feel that his experiences are more of those of a lawyer or otherwise pronounced lier far outweigh what seems to be his care for the people.
    As for McCain, I thought less of him than Obama before watching this debate. While being under constant interjection to Obama’s rudeness, He was able to make his statements clear and concise. He does seem to focus more on past positions & his Party than does his plans. His not being able to look Obama in the eye does employ his own lack of the level of charisma that Obama has. Throughout many of his speeches I’ve listened to its shown that he has a more or less ‘us or them’ outlook, where clearly when dealing with foreign countries is not a wise outlook to take. (as all we would likely see is tension, aggression and war)
    It is my personal wish that we could handle our Politics in the American Spirit with more real ‘fairness’ and actually bring up some third party candidates as well. I’ve been appalled with the entire Political season and how the public has seemingly Neglected to even show awareness to a choice- that there are other candidates with other sets of solutions, which would get us out of this tremendously ugly set of predicaments we’re currently in. I pray to God that more Americans will wake up to conscious awareness and research and vote with the remainder of this election and for those to come.

  • who would like mcain hope adults dont vote for mcain

  • M3

    Obama for PRESIDENT!

    McCain for Fluffy Cotton Candy Remarks!

  • Kelly LEE

    I want to get the transcript of this debate,and how?

  • I do not know who to vote for. I am going from one to another and I am so confused. I think either way we are screwed!

  • Jesus


  • sehb

    @ i love jesus:

    Vote third party. There are are more candidates in this election besides McCain and Obama; namely, Chuck Baldwin, Ralph Nader, Cynthia McKinney and Bob Barr. If you think that we’re screwed with either McCain or Obama (and I totally agree, although we might be MORE screwed with Obama), why vote for either of two candidates you don’t like?

    For what it’s worth, I’m all for Baldwin because he’s pro-Constitution and Constitutional wars ONLY, pro-states’ rights, anti-federal encroachment on issues within the states’ jurisdiction, pro-border security, pro-second amendment, pro-life, anti-high taxes, and anti-Federal Reserve (the Fed being a totally unconstitutional and illegal PRIVATE central bank which does a TON to contribute to inflation and the boom-bust cycle which produces economic downturns like we’re in now).

    But if those things don’t line up with your beliefs, check out Cynthia McKinney (Green Party), Bob Barr (Constitution Party), or Ralph Nader (Independent, I think). At least one of them probably comes closer to your beliefs than McCain or Obama, if you think either of them would “screw” us.

    I think if people who voted for either McCain or Obama because they think one or the other to be “the lesser of two evils” voted for a third-party candidate they actually agreed more with, third-party wouldn’t be nearly as marginal as it’s considered to be, and would present a formidable challenge to establishment candidates like McCain and Obama.

  • sehb

    @ i love jesus:

    Vote third party. There’s more than just two candidates in this election: namely, Chuck Baldwin (Constitution Party), Cynthia McKinney (Green Party), Ralph Nader (Independent, I think) and Bob Barr (Libertarian). If you think we’re screwed with either McCain or Obama, why vote for either of two candidates you don’t like?

    For what it’s worth, I’m all for Baldwin because he’s pro-Constitution and Constitutional wars ONLY, pro-states’ rights and against federal encroachment on those rights, pro-life, pro-second amendment, pro-national sovereignty (i.e., doesn’t like NAFTA, GATT, the UN etc.). He’s against high taxes, and would eliminate the income tax and the 16th amendment which made the income tax possible, and get rid of the Federal Reserve (which is an unconstitutional and illegal PRIVATE bank doing something Congress should be doing [coining money] and contributing a TON to inflation and the boom-bust cycle that leads to economic downturns like the one we’re in now).

    But if all that doesn’t line up with your beliefs, check out one of the other candidates. I bet at least one of them will come much closer to agreeing with you than either of the two mainstream candidates.

    I think if everyone who would vote for McCain or Obama because they think one or the other is “the lesser of two evils” instead voted for someone that they actually AGREED with more, third-party could not be considered nearly so marginal–and could even be a challenge to establishment candidates like McCain and Obama.

    Seriously, consider it.

  • zheng

    i am a Chinese,i really like obama who is young and energitic
    The debate will also be very useful for me to learn English

  • Politically Correct

    Ben Dover, your statement,

    “Obama wants to attack Pakistan, He has bad healthcare programs, he wants to provide money to those who don’t deserve it, overall- a bad person

    And to those of you calling the race card, Obama has JOINED, GIVEN MONEY, and SUPPORTED a group of people that want the black christians to seperate from the white ones” is politically and racially incorrect.

    If you view McCain as the “proper president” we need, then your false facts against Obama are viewed as racist remarks. Before these debates I was completely neutral on the ideals which both parties had to present, yet Obama’s offers of excessive money spending have disappointed me. Sen McCain, however, has shown complete disrespect toward Mr. Obama whereas he continually interupted and criticized him of being “less experienced” in everyday policies of the United States. If less experienced means less “war-time” activity, that would be correct, however, a candidate does not need internal experience in order to view that OUR COUNTRY NEEDS CHANGE!!! Please review your incorrect arguement on how Mr. Obama is unjust to follow in this position.

    On one last note, to show that our country truly is the UNITED states of america, I believe that whomever our country chooses as president, which is overwhelmingly in Mr. Obama’s favor at the present moment, we should make the decision TOGETHER. This way, other countries can view the USA of finally being unified after 8 years of ruin and decay. Take this comment into consideration as you go to the poles and remember “with great power comes great responsibility.”