Presidential debate tonight at 9PM ET from Ole Miss

As of 11:30am eastern on Friday, Sen. McCain has confirmed he WILL be attending the debate tonight at 9pm ET with Sen. Obama. The debate will be aired on every major broadcast network and all cable news channels. You can also find online streams at any major news network website. The debate is being broadcast from the University of Mississippi located in Oxford, MI.

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The story broke minutes ago that Sen. McCain will indeed be traveling to Mississippi this afternoon to participate in the debate, Politico reports:

Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) announces: “The McCain campaign is resuming all activities and the senator will travel to the debate this afternoon. Following the debate, he will return to Washington to ensure that all voices and interests are represented in the final agreement, especially those of taxpayers and homeowners.

Word is that debate moderator Jim Lehrer will open with question on the economic bail out plan and current issues before proceeding to foreign policy issues.

Update 1:48PM ET

Video report from the Associates Press on McCain’s decision from the debate location:

Video report from Fox News on McCain’s shift:

A dramatic shift from 24 hours ago when the debate was in question. The next issue will be whether McCain was helped or hurt by this entire process. We shall see tonight how things transpire at the debate if his questions on the bail out plan are solid and whether Obama can turn the tables on that issue.

Tonight’s format:

1. First Presidential Debate:
Date: September 26 – Site: University of Mississippi – Topic: Foreign Policy & National Security – Moderator: Jim Lehrer – Staging: Podium debate – Answer Format: The debate will be broken into nine, 9-minute segments. The moderator will introduce a topic and allow each candidate 2 minutes to comment. After these initial answers, the moderator will facilitate an open discussion of the topic for the remaining 5 minutes, ensuring that both candidates receive an equal amount of time to comment

Update 3:40PM ET:

Video from Fox News with some nostalgic debate videos and predictions for tonight:

The historical “Do’s and Don’ts” of past presidential debates via the CBS Early Show:

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Here is the entire debate video in case you missed it:

Video: Obama/McCain debate from Mississippi 9/26

  • Stuntman

    I’m really glad that McCain is showing up to this deal tonight. Not only because it proves that his Republi-Bush led stunt failed miserably, but also so that the world can see Barrack Obama destroy the awful circus act that is Republican rhetoric.

  • JD

    Son of a B%$^%… I was this close to getting Stalin to agree to the bet.

    Thanks, Nate. lol.

    This should be no suprise to anyone. McCain’s hands were tied on this. I don’t think he expected the out cry that occured over the debate when he first made the suggestion of postponing it.

    I would not be suprised to hear McCain say in the debate that he would rather be back in washington working on the bill.

    Obama needs to respond and say, “Well, lets talk about the bill right here and right now to the american people. We don’t have to be in washington to do that… after all it is thier money we are going to use.” Or something to that effect.

    This would eliminate McCain’s edge with the notion of country first. What about the people first?

  • Jake

    Oh yea it is on!

    Can’t wait to watch the “Campaign to Nowhere” collapse and crumble!

  • Stalin


    I don’t even know what the bet would have been about? I have said throughout that I thought he would show. As to polls, no way in heck am I going to bet on that. To subjective. I’ll stick to betting on the NFL.

    I can’t wait for this debate tonight. I just hope that the questions are fair.

  • IndiMinded

    I’d be happy to bet anyone here that plenty of people will say they weren’t 😉

    Heck, it might even be people from both sides.

  • Babs

    I want the bailout discussed tonight, too. I want to know why a large portion of the initial payback that should have been coming back to taxpayers was being diverted and earmarked for ACORN. Anyone who doesn’t know what ACORN is, look it up quick. Can you say “no way Barack”?

    No, Stalin, McCain’s hands were not tied, and word is a lot was accomplished by him, you just won’t hear that from Reid, but it will come out. For example, the issue above. I was shocked that Pelosi and her cronies would even try to get away with this being in the package. Sen. Shelby from Alabama dropped the details on it this morning in an interview. Roll Tide. 😉

  • Stalin

    Babs…I didn’t say his hands were tied…that was JD. Please Please don’t get us confused. 😉

  • JD

    Stalin – “that was JD. Please Please don’t get us confused.”

    Lol. Yes Babs, I agree. Do not get us confused.

    Babs – “a lot was accomplished by him, you just won’t hear that from Reid, but it will come out.”

    You will only hear it from the Republicans which proves this whole stunt is going to come down to “he said, she said” which means it was a waist of time.

    Here are some things I think we will see from McCain and Obama.

    1. Obama will be using the economy often during the debate.
    2. McCain is going to lose a bit of his temper.
    3. McCain is going to try and justify why he did what he did.
    4. The debate will be a draw with it only securing each candidates base of supporters and creating more of a wedge between the parties.

  • JD

    Here is a MEMO from the OBAMA CAMP on what they are expecting at the debate.

  • JD

    I would like to see Obama address McCain on the Vietnam war. Most Americans agree that the Vietnam war was a war the US should not have been involved in. Obama has the Stance that the Iraq war is a war that the US should nt have been involved in.

    Obama needs to connect the two wars and honor McCain for his Heroic experience as a POW in the Vietnam war.

    Then he needs to tell Americans that he (Obama) is the kind of president who would not wage those kind of wars so heroes like McCain and other Combat troops won’t have to spend time as POWs from any war that should have never been waged.

    A great way to take McCain’s POW platform away from him while honoring his experience.

  • For all you loyal commenters, I’ll be doing live blogging on this post with Cover It Live and taking your comments in the Cover It Live applet above.

    So join me tonight around 8:45pm eastern for it.

  • Dreadsen

    When they all sat at the table with Bush. for the whole 43 minutes what did Obama say versus what McCain said?

  • Dreadsen


    You are a madman. I hope you never running anyone’s campaign. lol!
    The POW card has too much potent power. They have gotten everyone on the same page that if you criticize anything about any aspect of his war record you are unpatriotic. I disagree with this. I felt what Wesley Clark said wasn’t attacking his patriotism but they spun it that way and it worked easily. But it doesn’t matter what we think is right or wrong. What matters is acknowledging how dangerous that is.

  • JD

    It could be done. Especially with where McCain’s Campaign is. If he were ahead in the polls and\or in good standing with the nation than maybe he would have enough to spin it.

    Still I don’t see how you can spin telling McCain that Obama is the kind of president that would have not put soldiers in a war that should not have been faught and therefor in a war where onyone is needlessly shot down and taken as prisoner or killed.

    But you are right it would be a bold arguement but one that would stick.

  • ed read

    Being a POW doesn´t doesn´t imply by itself to qualify for president nor it does to spend many years in politics.

    It requires a lot more qualifications, like good education, intelligence, care for all the people not only serving the rich, humanitarian sensibility, diplomacy, good vision, etc.

    I hope this can be detected (or the lack of it) during the debates, from both candidates.

  • Stalin


    Oh how I wish you were right. Obama can end his campaign after the debate tonight if he goes after the POW experience. Unfortunately, Obama is not that dumb. I have to agree with Dreadsen in that you should never run a campaign…don’t worry, neither should I. I have too much of a temper.

  • Dreadsen


    Maybe that’s why you like McCain Stalin i heard he has spent many years apologizing for his temper and a few times he jumped up and grabbed someone by the collar! LOL!!

    So i take it you are voting in your best interest in hopes that he makes and exemption for assault and battery charges as long as they are politically inclined.
    Like South Korea debates. Where they rip their garments and dive on the opponent in order to make their poll numbers go up!

  • Stalin


    Having a temper just means that you’re passionate…you JERK. I’m kidding, don’t censor me MIKE…again. If grabbing someone by the collar is the worst he’s done, I don’t think we have much to worry about. It really bothers me when people don’t show any emotion. It is a fine line though.

  • Babs, I am sorry, but McCain suffered a few points in the political playbook with this. You have to call a spade a spade when you see it. He suspended his campaign, claimed he wasn’t going to show, and is now showing.

    He is also in deeper water than Obama in respects to the bail out, as he has been nearly 100% for deregulation.

  • This week’s Presidential Address (?) and McCain’s fence-sitting on the debate, have probablly done more to undermine consumer confidence since Oct. ’29.

  • …and JD, Obama is dead in the water if he talks about the “Vietnam War.” There WAS no “Vietnam War.” No U.S. President ever declared war. It was a “conflict.” (I guess it takes more than 56,000 dead Americans to call it a “war” but then we’d have to knock out Korea.

    Nonetheless, if Obama puts the words “Vietnam” together with “War,” he will look ignorant. Only McCain can call it a “war” since he was a “Prisoner of War” in a “non-War.”

    Ah, American politics!

  • OOOOOObama O8

    Man, he’s such a stud

  • Trish

    My heart is in my throat…I am SO excited about this debate. Hoping McCain will really step in it….Palin-style.

  • Trish4Obama

    How dare he bring up Kennedy like they are best buddies…And he still hasn’t answered the question!

  • Matt

    I, a lifelony Dem, am really scared what will happen if Obama wins. Harvard & Prinston will be represented but “We the people” won’t. It’s “Chicago Style” politics as usual, eliminate your opponent(s) before the people have a choice to decide. Please lets look @ Obamas’ choice in VP. A career, 25 yrs, inside man. I would have had more respect for Obama if he would have chose Rev. Write, at least the rev. dosen’t lie. RON PAUL 2012

  • Matt

    I think we should get this 700billion. The economy would turn around. Warren Buffet is correct we don’t need this. They are asking for a BRIBE,some have even said if they don’t get at least 200 billion they will make us sorry. Let’s send the FBI after those responsible. Take away their offshore accounts legaly. I support de-regulation which ever candidate will say “Hell no, we won’t pay!”

  • Can’t Stomach Republican Slime

    McCain has the ability and the knowledge to lead this country, but can’t remember how many homes he owns?

  • Misty H.

    Is there a link online for the whole debate replay? My jackass boyfriend told me the wrong time and I missed it.

  • Ben Dover

    If anyone is complaining about McCain trying to cancel the debate, guess what? He showed up, and out preformed Obama. He didn’t need a horribly planned stuttered speech to win.

    McCain ’08