Friday’s debate scheduled, Obama says “he’s there”

With McCain’s decision to suspend his campaign and head back to Washington, Friday’s Presidential Debate in Mississippi seems to be going forward, with or without him. The Obama campaign has pledged that Sen. Obama will be there for the debate, regardless of what McCain chooses to do. Originally McCain had asked that the foreign policy debate be postponed so that himself and Sen. Obama could head to Washington and deal with the proposed $700 billion bail out plan for Wall Street banks.

A report on the debate status from CNN:

Another report from local ABC 24 in Memphis on the logistics and financial burden of delaying the debate:

The Obama campaign has stated that Sen. Obama will be heading to Mississippi, report from Politico:

Barack Obama said Thursday that he’ll be heading to Oxford, Mississippi, for Friday’s presidential despite John McCain’s call to push it back.

“Later today, I’ll be travelling to Washington to offer my help in getting this deal done. Then, I’ll travel to Oxford on Friday for the first of our presidential debates,” Obama said in remarks to the Clinton Global Initiative.

“Our election is in 40 days. Our economy is in crisis, and our nation is fighting two wars abroad. The American people deserve to hear directly from myself and Senator McCain about how we intend to lead our country. The times are too serious to put our campaign on hold, or to ignore the full range of issues that the next president will face.”

Despite McCain’s claim that the proposed $700 billion bailout will not pass “as it currently stands,” Obama expressed optimism about progress on Capitol Hill.

Bill Clinton basically defends McCain’s decision on suspending the campaign and postponing the debate, from Politico:

Former President Bill Clinton believes John McCain’s move to suspend his campaign and push back Friday’s scheduled debate was made in “good faith” and not “because he’s afraid” to debate Barack Obama.

“I presume he did that in good faith,” Clinton said on Good Morning America, recalling that McCain had “asked for more debates to go all around the country.”

“I don’t think we ought to overly parse that. Just let’s deal with this issue,” the former president said. “We know he didn’t do it because he’s afraid, because Senator McCain wanted more debates.”

Just for kicks, here’s a piece put together by the Associated Press of Obama and McCain debating during the primary season:

The ball is in McCain’s court on this one, I think his initial decision to suspend campaigning for a couple days would be met with acceptance since people are worried about the economy. However, that being said, I think people want to see this debate and probably do agree that both these candidates have nice planes with their logos on the side which can get them back and forth quickly.

We’ll keep you posted this afternoon and evening if we get more definitive information.


An official statement from the Commission on Presidential Debates:

Oxford, Miss., September 24, 2008 – “The Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD) is moving forward with its plan for the first presidential debate at the University of Mississippi in Oxford, Miss. this Friday, September 26. The plans for this forum have been underway for more than a year and a half. The CPD’s mission is to provide a forum in which the American public has an opportunity to hear the leading candidates for the president of the United States debate the critical issues facing the nation. We believe the public will be well served by having all of the debates go forward as scheduled.”

Doesn’t look like McCain’s request is going to be honored which means he’ll either be there or he wont. Something tells me he’ll indeed be there as it looks like some kind of deal on the $700 billion bailout package is close to being reached as of around 4pm ET today.

More as it develops….


McCain still isn’t committing to the debate but says he hopes to be there, report from Breitbart:

WASHINGTON (AP) – John McCain’s campaign expressed cautious optimism Thursday as congressional Republicans and Democrats agreed in principle on a $700 billion bailout of the financial industry hours before the two presidential candidates were to meet with President Bush on the crisis.

Even so, the action didn’t appear to be strong enough to convince McCain to attend Friday’s scheduled presidential debate. His campaign has said he wouldn’t participate unless there was consensus between Congress and the administration, and a spokesman said the afternoon developments had not changed his plans.

“There’s no deal until there’s a deal. We’re optimistic but we want to get this thing done,” McCain spokesman Brian Rogers said.

Obama still wants the face-off to go on, and is slated to travel to the debate site in Mississippi on Friday.

The debate over the debate is the latest campaign twist as McCain and Obama try to navigate the uncharted politics of the financial meltdown and show leadership at a time of national angst.

“With so much on the line, for America and the world, the debate that matters most right now is taking place in the United States Capitol—and I intend to join it,” McCain said after addressing former President Clinton’s Global Initiative in New York on Thursday before heading to Washington.

Obama argued the debate should proceed because a president needs to be able to handle more than one issue at a time.

Still looks tentative, however, I’m presuming that something will come through tomorrow which will make way for McCain heading to the debate. Still developing, will update as information warrants.


Interview with Frank J. Fahrenkopf of the Commission on Presidential Debates as to whether this thing is going to happen tonight:

Will update later this afternoon with full details and a preview if things thing is going down tonight or not.

Stay tuned for more…


Statement from McCain’s campaign that he will be heading to Mississippi to participate in the debate tonight, the debate will go on as planned for 9pm eastern time on every major network.


Follow the latest debate details here:

Presidential debate tonight at 9PM ET from Ole Miss

  • Pat Chastain

    Here’s a compromise — have the VP candidates debate instead. Same place, time, rules, but change the topic to the economy.

    The role of the Veep is to step in for the Prez at a moment’s notice. This is an opportunity for Biden and Palin to show they’re ready to do so.

  • Clinton

    I think that McCain is doing this for less-than-genuine reasons. I really think he is trying to come off as some sort of hero in the situation. here’s my opinion on that. Leave presidential politics out of it. sure, he is suspending his campaign, but he will be sure to site the whole incident in a week or two. its all for show…

  • Stalin

    I would love to see Obama at his podium twiddling his thumbs while McCain his busting is butt to rewrite a solution for the “bailout”.

  • Aleks

    That’s an awesome idea, Pat! Good thinkin’!

    I have been looking forward to this scheduled debate. With 40 days left to go, I think it’s only fair we get all opportunities to compare the two tickets.

    Opinion: the President must be available for all pressing matters of The State, not just the ones he chooses. The debates are not entertainment TV and are not American Idol. They are for the voting public to determine the next 48 months of leadership based on discussion, not popular images or posturing.

  • Babs

    Yeah, me, too. Can you say “priorities”? *L*

    Nate, I like the AP video. Now we know where they stand, no need for the wrestling matches. 😉

  • PeoplePower

    One thing I did not say, or did not clearly say, in the thread on McCain suspending his campaign is this:

    A lot of people were claiming McCain was afraid to debate Obama. That’s preposterous! I would not make that claim – he’s a skilled politician who managed through some issues of his own to stay in office.

    That being said, I completely agree with the goal of still holding this debate. The *job* of a Presidential candidate is to get your message out to the people and to show them why you are a better candidate than your opponenent(s).

    I think McCain would suffer horribly in the polls if he did not show up to the debate, so despite the “twiddling thumbs” remark, Obama would get a bigger edge with the electorate.

    Hmm, the stars are aligning oddly – I agree with Babs! 😉 Thanks for the AP video Nate. It provided some good contrasts…though, I already knew the differences and am very confident in an Obama Presidency!

  • Stalin

    Well it looks likes the socialist bailout bill will pass, so the debates will go on as scheduled. I hope that McCain schools Obama so bad that all you Obamaheads will regret insisting on this debate so vehemently

  • ed read

    Obama shouldn´t play the republicans game. If McCain´s word isn´t worth a devaluated penny, let him get caught in his own net.

    OBAMA, be there (at the debate meeting)!!!.

    Everybody within reason expect you to do so.

    Bush & mates made this economic mess, let them fix it.

    What about Bush & the oil companies paying the bill?

  • K Michael

    What has McCain be doing while Obama was talking with Secretary Paulson and the congressional leadership every day? Tanking in the polls due to lies, misstatements, daily changes in his positions and a record that shows his policies led us into this financial crisis. Obama has the clear plan and leadership to move us beyond the crisis. Obama is taking action now. McCain is grandstanding and lying to Letterman about going to Washington while he does another interview with Katie Couric. It is time that Americans learn the truth and hear it directly from the candidates. Yes we will have the debate. And yes, congress will overcome any interference from McCain a pass the bailout package with the type of changes that Obama has proposed.

  • Stalin

    ed read,

    Maybe if we weren’t paying for many of your citizens health care, education, incarceration, law enforcement, deportation costs, we would have plenty of money to cover this. Keep you mates in your country.

  • PeoplePower

    Hmm. Stalin – what do you find socialist about the bill?

    Is it the corporate welfare, originally proposed by Bush? Or is it the insistance on oversight and protection of the taxpayers, largely agreed upon by the two candidates?

    I’m not in favor of a bailout, but it appears to be needed. I’m not an expert on the crisis or the impact no bailout would have, but it seems there’s agreement that doing nothing would be disastrous and cost us much more than the bailout.

    If there’s *definitely* going to be a bailout there *must* be oversight! That’s not socialist, that’s the nature of Federal Aid…

  • ed read


    Your nickname fits you well but wouldn´t it be better HITLER ?

  • Babs

    Hold up, Stalin. Even though the word came down that the deal was done, there have been a couple more statements out since that it’s NOT done. It’s a catfight, looks like. We’ll see what it is after the meeting at the White House today.

    ed read, since you can’t vote in our country, are you interested in this election because of the illegal immigration issue? Do you wish to enter our country legally? Or are you just here to call names?

  • Senator McCain had earlier invited Senator Obama to participate in joint townhall meetings, an invitation Obama declined.

    Whether or not refusing to attend the debate was a good idea, McCain can no longer credibly criticize Obama for refusing the townhall meetings.

  • IndiMinded

    Wow, everyone picking on the mexican… not for anything he’s said, but because he’s in mexico. Bravo guys. Did you used to shove people into lockers when you were in high school?

  • Stalin


    It is socialist because the government has stepped into an arena that is typically run by free markets. I do not like this bill at all. I am in agreement with Gingrich on this one:,2933,427804,00.html

    However, because of how little time we “appear” to have to act, I don’t see another way to go. It’s a bitter pill to swallow, but I don’t know if we can risk a total financial shutdown in order to take the time to find a better solution.

    Of course there must be oversight…It’s our money! McCain wanted to have more oversight of Freddy and Fannie in 2005, but he was shut down by the Dems and some Reps.

  • JD

    Lets save the talk about the Economy and discuss it in the appropriate thread.

    I want to sound off on who all thinks McCain is going to show up for the debate and who thinks he will not.

    A simple “Show” or “No Show”.

    Lets hear it people.

  • Stalin


    Stalin kicked the crap out of Hitler…so I prefer the former.


    If ed can shovel it out, he should be able to take it. I made a good point as well. How much money is this country spending on illegal immigration? Is that not a valid point? Furthermore, I am tired of foreigners inserting themselves into this election. The are all Obama supporters an I’m sick of listening to the same rhetoric.

  • Stalin


  • JD


    I think there will be too much preasure and backlash if he doesn’t show so the invisable hand is going to force his hand to show up for the debate.

  • PeoplePower

    Stalin – I do agree with some things that Gingrich said. He’s had some less hardcore partisan ideas and remarks since leaving office…

    And I agree with you that we’re being given the “appearance” that we “must act now.” I don’t know that it’s entirely true.

    If I had a longer and deeper understanding of what is going on, I could recommend some very solid ideas about what to do and not do. Perhaps we should just let the bottom drop out, but that’ll devestate the populace and make for a huge change in our ability to do anything across the world and at home, IMHO.

    As for his comments on investigating Congress, I’m all in favor of it! I think all of our Representatives and Senators (and the President) are so bought up by big money interests that we simply don’t have a strong enough voice any longer. I don’t expect to be able to knock on the White House door and say, “Is George in? I’d like to talk with him.” 😉 But, I should be able to knock on my Representative’s door w/o having to wade through a sea of lobbyists.

    As for McCain vs. Freddy/Fannie – that was a good move on his part. But there’s a couple of things about that which need addressing:

    Many on this board have said that “The Dems shut it down.” In 2005 that would only be possible if some, to many, of the Republicans joined in (as you mentioned – congrats on being the first McCain supporter who did!). So, it cannot be pinned wholly on the Dems for it being stopped…

    Second, please point out other situations where McCain has been a big proponent of regulation and strict monitoring of financial (or other) institutions.

    My understanding is that he become more in tune with regulations after the Keating 5 incident and has changed his ways (a bit), however, I don’t see any major items in his record that prove he’s really a reformist/regulator he’s claiming to be (and some here are parroting).

    I think it’s important to spend our money wisely and I don’t think many of our politicians have. I do think that if they are going to spend our money, that there needs to be regulatory authority over whomever receives it to assure that corruption (graft) can be minimized or eliminated…

  • PeoplePower

    Show – he must, or he’ll get destroyed in the polls

  • Babs

    Come on, JD, he’s always said he would show if the bailout got on track.

    Like Clinton said, there’s no reason to think he would be afraid to debate Obama. He’s made a commitment in good faith, if all goes well, he’ll be there.

    Let’s take a survey on whether or not the bailout will happen in time for the debate. 😉

  • Wendy

    I say let the debates begin! We can use an SNL stand-in for McClown.

  • Stalin


    That is the big problem, we are flying blind so we are clearing out every possible obstacle so we don’t hit anything, rather than taking the time to find a strategic solution. It’s like cutting off your arm after getting bitten by a snake.

    Regarding McCain and regulations, I don’t really have an answer for that. I think we need to make a distinction between oversight and regulations. Both increase the size and power of the government, but I think that oversight is less intrusive and more conducive to a free market economy

  • JD

    So far we have 3 (to show) to 0 (no show) and 1 (Don’t know).

    McCain will Show = 3


    McCain will No Show = 0

    Don’t know or won’t commit to a straight answer = 1


  • Put me down for “show.” McCain isn’t scared– I agree with Bill Clinton there. Since Obama is showing that he can multi-task, McCain cannot afford not to show.

  • ed read

    Dear Hitler (I mean Stalin),

    Are you a Highschool student? Why are you so mentally limited. (I didn´t mean to hurt highschool students, many are really smart. What level is your education, if any.

    The fact that I am writting from another country doesn´t imply that I am a national of that country. But that is not important anyway, what matters are the arguments.

    Now, since the US pretends to lead the “World”, it is a matter of all the “world” to, at least, give their opinion.

    The Bush administration made that economic mess, (good excuse to charge the bill to taxpayers for the Irak war)
    and the people that voted for Bush as well. Is this so hard to understand and accept?, I mean, objectivelly speaking.

  • Dreadsen

    While you all are being xenophobic to the Mexican please note that George Bush and McCain are good friends when it comes to anyone who wants to come over illegally. McCain is all for a borderline Amnesty bill horror so the Ad Hominem on the foreigner isn’t called for.
    The guy didn’t say anything about illegal immigration in his post. For all you know it could be a white guy visiting in Mexico.
    When people have ill feelings towards a certain group due to stereotype and they exert their frustrations on an individual who they think represent this they are usually called…….


    Stalin, Back to what Newt said on Hannity last night. I am for exactly what Newt said also and as I have researched McCain has been pushing for exactly what Newt had said.


    More government is not the solution, it is the problem.

  • Bruce

    McCain will show because he will look to the American people like a chicken. There will be no big final conclusion on the details of the bail out plan by tomorrow morning it seems. According to several reports I’ve watched on this big meeting they have had today. McCain may have just done nothing more than cause the plan to backwards not forward. Why is it that the House Republicans will not come to any decisions, while the house democrats are very close to the 100 votes they would need? Sure seems like presidential politics to me.

  • Hey Stalin… I thought you ruled a country through an intricate system of socialist agendas? Why the turnaround now?

    That said, it was not socialism that did the U.S.S.R wrong, but rather the system of governance (dictatorship/communism). We have quite a bit of socialist systems in our government and they work quite well. Democracy allows for this and flourishes under it.

    I do not like the bail out, but right now we cannot afford to let anything else take place. I agree with Obama, we need to deliver the money, but figure out where it is going to go– and impose measures so this will not happen again (and make sure the people responsible are not getting away with benefits, which has been happening quite a bit on Wall Street).

  • T’mok

    Hmmm….I’m starting to think that the hostages will be freed from Iran soon…I’m with Letterman — something smells.

  • JD

    So far we have 5 (to show) to 0 (no show) and 1 (Don’t know).

    McCain will Show = 5


    McCain will No Show = 0

    Don’t know or won’t commit to a straight answer = 1


  • Grey

    Hmm… I think I’m gonna look more into the mortgage crisis. It seems like an interesting topic to explore.

    For the people who are emphatic to label this as socialism- I don’t think that’s quite correct. You can argue that the actions of the government in buying up the mortgage companies is somewhat of a socialist act, but at the end of the day, socialism is more a set of beliefs than anything else. Based on that, I would only call an action socialist if it were done with a socialist intent.

    Can you really call the government doing whatever it takes to keep the economy from crashing down a socialist act? To me, this is no more socialist than the government expending resources to fight against terrorism, and if you’re willing to brand that as socialism, get ready to wait another for years and gamble on the speck of a chance that Ron Paul gets elected, because I doubt anyone else will agree with you.

    As to the motivations of McCain or Obama with regards to the debate, I’m unopinionated. I just want it to happen.

  • Bruce

    Now that it is getting later and later it looks like for sure no deal will be met by tomorrow morning. Now If McCain shows up doesn’t he essentially go back on his word? And if he doesn’t show wouldn’t that show him to be cowering away from the issues. Sure seems like this has backfired on him from both angles.


    McCain will not show. Tomorrows debate is on foreign policy, something McCain easily has the advantage on. McCain is not cowering from the issues BRUCE. McCain is actually substantially better than Obama on this issue so dont give me that B.s. about cowering from the issues.

    Why dont we talk about cowering from the problems that our country face. While McCain goes back to washington to help and serve the people Obama is out there campaigning talking aout how this is the worst its been since the great depression. WELL MY QUESTION IS WHY IS HE NOT IN WASHINGTON IF IT IS SO BAD NOW AND IF HE WANTS TO BE PRESIDENT WHY DID IT TAKE HIM SO FRICKEN LONG TO GET TO WASHINGTON!?!

  • Bruce

    LOL O_s you obviously have 0 objectivity in any statements you make. “WELL MY QUESTION IS WHY IS HE NOT IN WASHINGTON IF IT IS SO BAD NOW AND IF HE WANTS TO BE PRESIDENT WHY DID IT TAKE HIM SO FRICKEN LONG TO GET TO WASHINGTON!?!” Unless you haven’t watched the news today Obama is in Washington and actually got there not to long after McCain. McCain shows up to the meeting to day to smile and take pictures deferring any questions on the issue to his staff and other key republicans. WHERE IS THE “LEADERSHIP”??!!! When the house speaker ws asked her opinion they defered to Barak for the answers that he like a President better be able to do and he did just that. Obama stood his ground at the meeting and actually laid out plans and guidelines while McCain just sat there. McCain spoke for no longer than 5 mins at the meeting. So how dare you imply that McCain didn’t cower? He threw a Hail Mary political STUNT. Name 1 just 1 thing McCain actually did that helped the situation not hurt it?! Have fun with that one. By the way only Teen agers and immature people would try to state their views with a screen name like yours. It’s obvious where you stand.

  • Todd

    What exactly did Harry need from McCain ? Input or photo ops ?

    he dosen’t seem to know

    I appreciate his desire not to include politics in the bail out debate but he shot that down by explaining what Obama wanted and pointing out what he suggested

    The truth ? It was Dems and Republican’s who screwed this up so stop saying it was Bush.

    Want to see the real culprit read this

    I find it interesting that Barney Frank is qouted as being critical of the Bush administration for trying to protect Freddie and Fannie.

    Representative Barney Frank (D-MA) claimed of the thrifts “These two entities — Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac — are not facing any kind of financial crisis, the more people exaggerate these problems, the more pressure there is on these companies, the less we will see in terms of affordable housing.” Representative Mel Watt (D-NC) added “I don’t see much other than a shell game going on here, moving something from one agency to another and in the process weakening the bargaining power of poorer families and their ability to get affordable housing.”

    I just put this stuff in here b/c some of you still suffer from the it’s all Bush and the Republican’s fault syndrome

  • Dreadsen

    McCain no show. Reschedules it when Palin was supposed to have hers.

    McCain camp changes the rules again and tell Obama’s camp that Palin’s debate will be on a telephone conference call.

  • Bruce


    While yes Dems and republicans had a hand in causing this whole mess. I think you stand alone in here if you are in favor of Bush on any level.

  • Pete

    I think that Mccain is playing the expectations game, he knows that debating isnt his strongest suit and that he can come over gruff. Bear in mind a large block of voters in your country are undecided, if he comes across worse that Obama this could affect him ala Nixon v Kennedy.

    Mccain has more to lose from the debates than Obama so if we lets it get out that he is a last minute participant the expectiations are lower

  • freespirit

    LOL…this is just another tactical stunt of McCain to come across as if he is THE ONE, with everything hinging on his efforts, to come up with a genius economic bail-out plan….

    McCain IS going to turn up, expectations are too high, and he is just not believable enough to come across as inexpenseable econcomic superbrain…

    And just for the short-sighted, the Dollar is fuc*ed! eitherway…this is an unprecedented time – they US is going to have so much debt, will have to have the $ printing presses running day & night that there is only one possible move for the $$…DOWN! be sure to switch your $$ assets into gold, silver, YEN or Swiss francs…good luck to you all, I have done that ages ago…

  • Hey Babs (and CG), a little follow up on earlier conversations? Babs, you were defending McCain before for his statement that the economy was strong…. CG, you and I were going head to head over the issue of if the economy was in poor shape. I never said the word recession, but I said we had the conditions fomenting to create such a thing.

    How is it that the two of you are suddenly pushing for McCain to deal with an economic crisis when neither one of you felt there was one before, and McCain clearly never thought there was. For a refresher:

  • Stalin

    ed read,

    I have been on this board a lot longer than you and there are plenty of people who will speak to my intelligence without me having to list my resume. I don’t want to embarrass you. I would like to note, that if you are going to get into an intelligence debate, you might want to spell Iraq correctly. Good Day.

  • Stalin


    You just love to use the word xenophobic. How is it xenophobic to want to stop illegal immigration? Please explain. How is xenophobic to want the US election to be decided by Americans? Please explain.

  • True Debates

    The 1992 Presidential Debates with Ross Perot were not dull. His warnings have now come true. Replace John McCain with Ron Paul. Add Ralph Nader and Cynthia McKinney. Barack Obama must earn his victory, not win by default.

  • Stalin


    You are incorrect to say that nobody else is with Todd in his support of Bush on any level. I agree with Bush on several issues, mostly centering around national security. Don’t be one of those people at the dinner party who assumes that everyone at the table shares your views.

  • Stalin


    I would temper your glee. If the US economy goes down, it will cause a world wide depression. Have fun buying bread with your gold coins.

  • Dreadsen


    “You just love to use the word xenophobic. How is it xenophobic to want to stop illegal immigration? Please explain. How is xenophobic to want the US election to be decided by Americans? Please explain. ”

    Those were not my arguments at all.

    Ed Read posted this

    “Obama shouldn´t play the republicans game. If McCain´s word isn´t worth a devaluated penny, let him get caught in his own net.

    OBAMA, be there (at the debate meeting)!!!.

    Everybody within reason expect you to do so.

    Bush & mates made this economic mess, let them fix it.

    What about Bush & the oil companies paying the bill? ”

    You responded like this

    “Maybe if we weren’t paying for many of your citizens health care, education, incarceration, law enforcement, deportation costs, we would have plenty of money to cover this. Keep you mates in your country.”

    Why did he deserve this type of response when his post had nothing to do with that?
    He could be an American on vacation in Cancun.
    Or if he IS a mexican native maybe he is against all the things you stated.
    I am against a lot of bad policies of our country but i don’t want someone attacking me for being a usa citizen over it.
    Imagine attacking a black guy for the atrocities of the main stream gangster rap music telling him that he needs to tell his friends to stop making bad music which degrades women and or promotes violence. Only to find out that this black guys hates gangster rap music and only listens to Heavy Metal and punk.
    Imagine how this person would feel because they were attacked based on their appearance being similar to a group which the attacker does not like.
    Or in this case the assumption based on the flag next to their name.

  • Stalin


    I’m tired of the political correctness debates with you. I am not politically correct, never have been, never will. I call it as I see it. I saw a foreigner attacking our country and our president and I responded. Deal with it.

  • Will

    “I would like to note, that if you are going to get into an intelligence debate, you might want to spell Iraq correctly. Good Day.”

    Stalin, what is an “intelligence debate”? Before you tell somebody off, you might want to look at your own poor grammar.

  • Bruce

    “You are incorrect to say that nobody else is with Todd in his support of Bush on any level. I agree with Bush on several issues, mostly centering around national security. Don’t be one of those people at the dinner party who assumes that everyone at the table shares your views.”

    My mistake you are one of the only 25 % (if that) of Americans that like Bush. Thanks for voting that buffoon into office again to squander the American Dream. Thanks A lot. Now you want to keep him in office by electing McBush.

  • Stalin


    An intelligence debate is something that you are not capable of participating in. What did you do, run my paragraph through MS Word Grammar check? Grow up and join the adults.

    Your only post on the entire thread was to try and correct my grammar…thanks for participating in the debate! You get a gold star from my daughters sticker book.

  • Stalin


    Thank you for answering my question. You ARE one of the elistist ***** that assumes everyone at the dinner table agrees with you.

    I mearly said that I agree with some of his policies. Read the whole post next time.

  • freespirit


    I can’t disagree with you.If the US economy goes into recession (and it will!)it will have a global impact and others will struggle too. Its not like I am wishing for it to happen…guys I’m not kidding here e.g. try to order a significant amount of silver coins in the US…you have weeks of waiting lists and less than 0,1% have started switching…Anyway, the future will show who is right. And I’ll have a better chance getting bread with gold/silver coins then you with the USD…If you would be travelling abroad more, you would know that in certain countries they don’t even want to change USD into local currency anynmore…thats only the beginning… and even if I would be wrong, whats the downside in switching 10% into safe heavens – just in case this freespirit nutter is lucky and happens to be right? your call…

  • Stalin


    I don’t disagree with you at all. I have been buying survival silver for some time now. I am painfully aware of the dollars weakness in recent times. I spent more on a trip to Italy last year than I have ever spent on a vacation in my life. I imagine that tourism in Europe is really stuggling with Americans staying at home.

  • Bruce

    LOL Stalin why don’t you try reading my post as well. I didn’t say you agree with everything he does. I said you voted for him. Big difference. As for the Name calling …… I mean really. Must have a copy of the Carl Rove playbook.

  • Dreadsen


    You asked me for an explanation and i gave it to you.
    I could have just said when i used the word xenophobe that i was just calling it as i saw it.

    I asked you for one as well and i guess i kinda got one.

    The guy gave broad generalization statements. I wouldn’t call that an attack. Some of his statements are the same statements i see coming from Liberals right here. Blame it on Bush and point at him being an oil man. I’ve seen those movies already.

    But you have to understand the entire planet is looking at what goes on here. Usa has a lot of ties on the global economy. This is why you see so many people from other countries involved. I bet you if you went on all the respective political boards of some of our foreign guests here of their countries you won’t see any Americans arguing over their politics. Because in most cases their political decisions don’t have an impact on us because they aren’t intervening in our business and have no impact on our economy so we could care less. Our country’s economy has an influence on a lot of other countries in the world. We should be proud of this to an extent.
    If we fail then it will be a global domino effect. All the factories in Mexico, India, China which were once here which are now over there will tank causing huge problems.( hate to mean but that might be a good thing in the long run then they will come back home and give us our jobs back) In the middle east there is fear of more war some are silly fears. But people over in those areas hope that the next president won’t be at war with their country. Or our lack of war hurting their security.
    Look at Israel. They for the most part are not fans of Obama. ‘s an American and part of our Congress. So shouldn’t we had the same outrage that outsiders like Israel are involved in our politics? Or when they put out false news stories attacking our American Congressman who might be the next president? They can’t vote for our president either.

    If we didn’t have an intervention foreign policy maybe other people wouldn’t care who our president is.
    So the foreigner isn’t the person to get angry with. But the leaders. Regan’s border failure, George Bush’s, McCain signing on to it and Obama as well. They are the ones doing this. Obama at least is a liberal that is expected. But so called conservatives like Bush and McCain should be taken out and slapped for subscribing to such policies. <—- Bush’s southern border baby. Call that as you see it.

  • Will

    “An intelligence debate is something that you are not capable of participating in. What did you do, run my paragraph through MS Word Grammar check? Grow up and join the adults.”

    No Stalin, fortunately I’m able to eye ball those things which you fail miserably on every level