(Video) Sarah Palin’s interview with Katie Couric

Gov. Sarah Palin granted an interview to Katie Couric on the CBS Evening news which aired tonight in full. The discussion focused on the current economic issues and a discussion of the upcoming debates.

Here is the entire video via CBS:

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Update by Michael

Here’s are a few additional parts. The first of these contains a few repetitions. The second clip is on Palin’s foreign policy experience in respects to Russia.

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  • JD

    She is good at sticking to the talking points. I am truley afraid if something were to happen to McCain.

  • U.S.A.

    Wow, she don’t even know how to help the old man. She is making a fool of herself every time she lets her mouth loose. If anyone watching this thinks she has any business even visiting the White House, you are gone. She should not even be allowed to be dog catcher. Fools……

  • “She is making a fool of herself every time she lets her mouth loose.”

    Funny.. I think you could say the same thing about Joe Biden, anyone going to argue? 🙂

  • Dreadsen

    Good point. Hey i posted a video of all of Biden’s goofs.

    I do think these are different. McCain has been a champion of deregulation and she tried to present the case that McCain was for regulation. Deregulation is a Republican philosophy. Because it means bigger government and more government in your business. It is hurting really bad that regulation could have prevented this from happening. Katie Couric better not hold her breath waiting on her to come back with instances where he was for Regulation of groups like these.

  • U.S.A.

    Only a fool would compare Palin and Biden come on. She is about as up to speed on political issues as a school girl from China. If you watch this video and defend her then you have a problem. Sure Biden let his mouth loose as well but atleast I can admit it. The Palin group seems to be in a daze. Maybe you have been brain washed…….

    Nate, why can’t any republican just admit any bad about her or McCain? Republicans always answer questions about her by attacking Obama, never actually giving an answer.


    U.S.A. i would shut up because you liberals have one of the worst VP picks ever. He is single handily running the democratic ticket in to the ground.

  • U.S.A.

    Am I not allowed to use Biden’s name in jest without accusations of brainwashing?

    You seem unnecessarily defensive over a joke, try deep breaths and counting backwards from 100.

  • Bill Hedges

    Did I miss something. Didn’t Katie and Sarah hint at mcCain attempt to regulate f/f because of troubling signs. In 2006. Yes McCain wants limited regulations. Not total fredom..

  • Dreadsen

    “Nate, why can’t any republican just admit any bad about her or McCain? Republicans always answer questions about her by attacking Obama, never actually giving an answer. ”

    You would have to lead by the example you present by at least admitting that Biden has made some bad statements. I didn’t see Nate claim that Palin wasn’t saying dumb stuff. He only pointed out that a case can be made on Biden too.


    outside of the Gaffes i would have to argue that Palin has got Biden beat in the contest of ruining a ticket. Biden gave a very good speech slamming McCain today with tons of knowledgeable things on Foreign policy. Really taking some of the fear tactics head on. So for every goof he makes he does balance it out with a lot of substance and tons of press conferences and town halls, interviews,etc. So he at least tried to put the fires out he starts.

  • Bill Hedges

    And to really ruin your mood, Bush asked for regulations for troubles he saw coming. Democrats did not follow though. Congress passes bills. No legislation came from Congress with warnings coming from McCain and Bush these past two years. Who started this mess is disputable. But not the last two years. Democrat controled Congress failed us. Bail out could have be averted.

  • Grey

    Palin didn’t give any wrong answers. I won’t assume anything about her just yet- her shaky interview skills might be a result of her nervousness on the bigger stage of politics, not necessarily some lack of knowledge or understanding. I really don’t like this media blackout on her- I want to hear more from her before voting time comes and I have to make my decision.

    However, I can’t help but feel at this point that Biden will come out on top in the debates. I’ve seen a few of his interviews and am actually quite impressed with his aptitude and knowledge of affairs.

    In truth, I have yet to see Biden really gaffe yet- or at least what I consider a gaffe. To me, a gaffe is a statement that is made contrary to fact. Fox New’s compilation of Biden’s “gaffes” include an issue on which Biden and Obama disagree, a few silly mistakes (telling the wheelchair guy to stand), and the stock market crash remark, on which critics are either too dumb to understand or just excessively finicky about wording. None of these reflect a lack of knowledge and understanding of the issues- I came away from that compilation with even less respect for Fox as a news channel.

  • chris

    When you look at this video, can you really see her as President of the United States? If something happens to Mccain, God help us all!!

  • Lee

    Are you kidding me? No wrong answers?

    Couric: “I’m just gonna ask you one more time, not to belabor the point, specific examples in his 26 yeqars of pushing for more regulation.”

    Palin: “I’ll try to find some and I’ll bring em to ya”

    She should never make broad sweepting, definitive statements without being prepared to substantiate them with the facts.

    I am a conservative and really wish I could support the McCain campaign, but she scares the crap out of me.

  • Katie Couric talking to Sarah Palin…WOW!!!! what a meeting of the minds that was.

    I don’t really know what Alaskans are supposed to sound like, but Sarah Palin sounds like she’s stoned out of her tree.

  • michael

    Hey guys – defenders of Sarah Palin in particular – please note the second part of the interview available on CBS’s website. Gov. Palin gives an unintelligible rambling answer to a question about bailing out banks versus homeowners directly that (sadly as I am normally a conservative) shows her to be a neophyte not ready to govern on the international stage. And show McCain and the campaign to not be putting the country first.

    It is disqualifying in my mind.


  • Babs

    I agree with Grey. I don’t think she gave any wrong answers either. I think her goal was obviously to “do no harm” to McCain, and she accomplished that. I thought it was interesting to note, too, that she prefaced her answer about Rick Davis with “it’s my understanding”, I think that was a fair way to state it, and I respect that. It told me that she wasn’t going to jump on a bandwagon defending Davis for the sake of defending him. One would have expected that, I think, and she didn’t do, just simply said that was her understanding, and she hoped that was the case. Points to her on that one.

    On Biden, what’s up with all the internet rumors about him dropping out after the debates? Surely this isn’t the case, why isn’t the Obama camp coming out with a statement on this? Or are they? Anyone have a link for it? Here’s the rumor:


  • Hanna Ramilo

    Katie Couric,

    I appreciate that you interviewed her but you were very condescending not really allowing her to freely elaborate her answers. All you did was try to intimidate her and I felt it here as I watched. Yes I’m female and you have proven yourself yet another democrat only wanting to debase her. Under the circumstances, I still see a genuine Palin just being attacked by another media democrat spokesperson jealous of how Palin has been catapulted into stardom bypassing all of your selfish ambitions dead dreams. Put our country first. Less of yourselves and more of the general good for all and you’ll see things in a different light.

  • Tom

    The reason her two “major” interviews have come off so badly is because of her inability, so it seems, to offer anything of substance to her interlocuters. A perfect example would be Kouric’s question concerning McCain’s devotion to law-of-the-jungle capitalism. Palin simply evades the question and invokes the “maverick” catch phrase.

    When it comes down to it a simple question must be asked: Is the country fundamentally better or worse since the Republicans have been in office? A vote for McCain/Palin would mean a continuation of present policy while a vote for Obama/Biden would instigate a change in the nation’s direction.

  • Dreadsen

    Bill Hedges

    Why would this ruin my mood? Remember I’m not a partisan hack. The debate about Fannie And freddie were going on long before McCain joined in on the debate. Unless you count this

    McCain voted against the Federal Housing Regulatory Reform Act which created an independent regulatory agency within the Department of Housing and Urban Development to oversee the activities of Federal National Mortgage Association and Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation. [1992 Senate Vote #137, 7/1/1992]

    Now here is a Bill similar which McCain Co Sponsored


    They tried to get that bill passed in 2003 Well before there was a Democratic Majority to blame it on. Chuck Hagel Wrote the bill and all the co sponsors were Republicans, all of this was during the time Republicans were running congress. The last time it was introduced was in January 2005. I’m not saying this is Republicans fault but just pointing out how you can play with stats and dates. So stop with this Democratic partisan hacking stuff. The bill was killed in committee chaired by Republican Alabama Senator Richard Shelby under the Republican Senate. The Senate Committee on Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs was composed of 11 Republicans and 9 Democrats. So will you please stop ramming this misrepresenting distorted story?
    Giving McCain some credit for co sponsoring it is debatable because if you look into the bill there is no way of knowing if the sub prime mortgage problem could have been averted and this committee which would not have been put together in no where near enough time to stop anything even if the bill did pass. 1992 when he voted against it was probably well in enough time to POSSIBLY stop something. But not in 2005 during the republican “non regulation” senate.

  • Dreadsen

    OH man i fell for it again. I should have posted this in the appropriate thread and not the 4 threads Bill Keeps posting this in.

  • Babs

    Dreadsen, I left you and JD a post on the gain on republican thread.

    I think whichever thread you post to about who did what to who when on this bailout issue is beating a dead horse. We’re in this crisis now, however we got there. Let’s see if Congress can lead us out.

  • SwingVote2008

    Ok.. To the people who believe that this was “Edited to make her look bad” Please point out the “Edits” to prove she was made too look like and idiot. I have Edited for Broadcast Television and there is no B-roll to hide the statements that came out of her own mouth. This is simple pitch and hit interview. no debate on points just simple questions and answers or if you have an answer in the real world you support them with facts. Does Anybody remember Foot Notes for essay writing? If you have B-roll you can chop up anybody’s statement but this is simple 2 cam straight on interview.

  • Shaun R

    From the very first line, where Katie asked for an opinion on Rick Davis, it was obvious she’d been coached to answer certain questions in a certain way. When Couric asked for more detail, Palin stumbled and repeated the exact same answer, almost verbatem.

    Later, when asked for examples of McCain voting for regulation, Palin said she’d have to “get back to ya”.

    The kind of people who are sold on this woman are those that do not have a deep understanding of politics and the economy. They love quick, easy-t0-digest soundbytes rather than substantial arguments. They feel a sense of familiarity with Palin, probably because the lady that reads the church bulletin before the sermon at their evangelical church talks and acts the exact same way.

    It’s obvious to anyone who isn’t deceiving themselves that Obama has more intellectual curiosity and idea-rich speeches than Palin. I trained my dog to bark on command… doesn’t mean he can speak.

  • Babs

    Hmmm, these last two comments are interesting. You seem to be arguing that it’s a bad thing that Palin’s answers are “coached”.

    Let’s examine what Obama’s been doing for the last three days. In Florida for – sunshine? No, to be “coached” on foreign policy and PRACTICE WHAT HE WILL SAY IN THE DEBATES.


  • Thinker

    It is always disappointing when someone who is supposed to be bringing us unbiased news operates from a slant. Katie needs to go to work for the Democratic Party since she seems incapable of reporting in a fair and unbiased way. Her tone and body language were insulting at best. What amazes me is that leaders of other countries think more of Gov. Palin and show her more respect than our meida. Katie’s attitude didn’t suprise me, but Charles Gibson’s did. Please loose the arrogant and condescending attitudes, look past your own politics and see what others see – a very intelligent, honest and hard working woman who has gotten things done in the areas in which she’s served. I think a woman with common sense is just what the doctor ordered. Where are we to go in the country for fair and unbiased reporting?

  • JD

    I thought this was interesting. Even the First Lady knows Palin has ZERO foreign policy experience. (No that it isn’t noticable when Palin opens her mouth)

    At least the current administration admits it.

    “First lady Laura Bush said Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin lacks sufficient foreign policy experience but is a very quick study.

    In an interview Wednesday with CNN, the first lady remarked that it’s fortunate that Republican presidential nominee John McCain has foreign policy experience himself.”

    Video of her comment here.


    Not sure if it was braught up on this thread yet. This came out yesterday, I think…

  • Will

    “I agree with Grey. I don’t think she gave any wrong answers either. I think her goal was obviously to “do no harm” to McCain, and she accomplished that”

    Babs—Seriously?? I really really wish I could read your posts because you obviously follow politics very closely and you’re well versed when it comes to it, but with such bias in your posts it makes it really difficult stay tuned to them.

    “On Biden, what’s up with all the internet rumors about him dropping out after the debates? Surely this isn’t the case, why isn’t the Obama camp coming out with a statement on this? Or are they? Anyone have a link for it? Here’s the rumor:

    http://elections.foxnews……-internet/ ”

    Why am I NOT surprised that it comes for fox? I guess we’ll see.

  • JD

    “Couric: But can you give me any other concrete examples? Because I know you’ve said Barack Obama is a lot of talk and no action. Can you give me any other examples in his 26 years of John McCain truly taking a stand on this?

    Palin: I can give you examples of things that John McCain has done, that has shown his foresight, his pragmatism, and his leadership abilities. And that is what America needs today.

    Couric: I’m just going to ask you one more time – not to belabor the point. Specific examples in his 26 years of pushing for more regulation.

    Palin: I’ll try to find you some and I’ll bring them to you.”

    I just can’t get enough of that. It is like she sets her self to look like an idiot. It is clear that she has no understanding of her presidential runningmate or of National politics.

    Again, God save us if she becomes president or V.P. for that matter.

  • NDCC

    I’ve just moved to this great nation from England, and though I cannot vote yet and have to remain neutral in this debate, I have to say that this woman really bloody scares me!!! Sarah Palin is only a 72 year old heartbeat away from becoming the leader of the free world! Does that scare you?! The closest thing to foreign policy she has is that Russia, albeit for the Bering Strait and Canada border Alaska, I doubt she could even point out Iran or Israel on the world map! At least she has one thing in common with both countries through her dislike of homosexuals! – Please, please, please America, do the decent thing and vote Democrat this November! I just wish the great Martin Luther King Jnr could be alive to see this great day.
    “I look to a day when people will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character” -Martin Luther King, Jr.

  • Dreadsen

    Kim Jong-IL has stroke after news of Palin

    Amid swirling rumors that North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Il suffered a recent stroke, sources close to the diminutive madman revealed that his collapse occurred shortly after he learned of GOP presidential nominee John McCain’s selection of a running mate.

    “McCain chose WHO?” Kim reportedly said just before the onset of the stroke, sources confirmed.

    According to one member of Kim’s inner circle, “He was totally blindsided by the choice – he really thought McCain was going to go with Pawlenty.”

    The North Korean dictator, known for his secretiveness and insanity, was staggered by the selection of Alaska governor Sarah Palin, the source said: “This was more secretive and insane than anything he’s ever done.”

    While the source did not indicate the prognosis for Kim’s recovery, he said that if the mercurial dictator does regain consciousness his aides would be careful not to say anything that could cause a relapse.

    “We’re definitely not telling him about Levi,” he said.

  • JD


    Katie Couric – Thank you for being here, Governor Palin.

    Sarah Palin – I’m all about being here.

    Katie Couric – Are you and John McCain in favor of this $700 billion bailout?

    Sarah Palin – I’m totally in favor of supporting the troops. My son is a troop.

    Katie Couric – Right. But I’m asking about the bailout proposal for Wall Street.

    Sarah Palin – You sure are. You betcha.

    Katie Couric – So are you in favor of it?

    Sarah Palin – Reform needs to be in the Wall Street. Not just sittin’ on the curb of Wall Street. We need it in the middle of the street. Like a dead squirrel.

    Katie Couric – Can we afford to give tax breaks to the wealthiest Americans right now?

    Sarah Palin – Well, what do you mean by tax breaks? Like on a car? Those kinds of breaks?

    Katie Couric – Less taxes.

    Sarah Palin – You know, I’m really into the Bush doctrine. I’m like, supporting it.

    Katie Couric – In the event that something were to happen to John McCain, are you ready to step in and be president?

    Sarah Palin – I have the steadiness to be steady. I’m getting in there and really doing it. Not just not doing it. I’m not going to be like ‘hey, presidency, talk to the hand.’

    Katie Couric – But are you ready to become the leader of the free world?

    Sarah Palin – Totally. I will totally lead the world. Any world. I will lead Mars or whatever too if those guys need a world president. Or just a Mars president. I took on the ole’ boys club in Alaska and I can take it on in Mars.

    Katie Couric – But I’m not asking about being president of Mars.

    Sarah Palin – But I am answering about being president of Mars because a president person needs to be prepared for anything. I like to reform.

    Katie Couric – I understand you only just got a passport last year.

    Sarah Palin – You know, I was in Idaho for my friend Amber’s wedding a ways back. Lemme tell you, Katie. We American taxpayers have a lot more in common with other countries than we think. There were Budweiser beers cans at that Idaho wedding. And Hot Pockets too. Those pizza flavored ones. Yummy.

    Katie Couric – Wait, are you saying that Idaho is another country?

    Sarah Palin – I’m saying they have Hot Pockets just like us. Pizza ones even. It’s called ‘the globalization.’

    Katie Couric – But let me get this straight because I think it’s important. Is Idaho another country?

    Sarah Palin – You know, I’m not going to get into that right now. I think American men and women and men are focused on solutions. Not what’s a country or what’s not a country. Some places aren’t countries. They’re just things. And that’s ok. Do you know the difference between a country and a thing?

    Katie Couric – I’m not sure I do.

    Sarah Palin – Hot Pockets.

    Katie Couric – And finally, where will you and John McCain take this country?

    Sarah Palin – We are going to take it somewhere really nice. A nice place where all American taxpayer people will totally be like ‘hey, hello, this is really nice.'” And then we’ll take it from that really nice place and over to a nicer place, a super duper nice one. More super duper nice than my cousin Marge even. And the American taxpayer people will be like ‘hey, this is a super duper nice place. More than Marge even.'” Reform.

    Katie Couric – Thank you, Governor.

    LINK -> http://open.salon.com/content.php?cid=22276

    I was laughing through the whole thing. God bless the internet and the little joys people put on it. For those of you who think this is the real interview… It is not but I hope you enjoyed it for what it is worth.

  • Frank

    Okay guys,

    McCain is a intelligent respectable man. I just dont agree with his foreign policy stand.

    But this Sarah Palin,
    Oh my god!!
    She is an insult to every hardworking republican (female) senator or political figure that didnt get picked. Can anyone be more unqualified?

  • Katie Couric was obviously trying to expose Palin’s weaknesses and ignorance on many subjects. Palin did a decent job of not revealing too much– keeping to the scripted responses (such as when she was asked about Rick Davis or a moratorium).

    That said, I really do not think it is fitting for someone to ask Palin about Rick Davis or McCain’s track record. Christ, they should be going after Rick Davis and drilling him, not Palin— and if they want to nail someone on McCain’s track record for deregulation, they should approach him, not Palin. I realize McCain is currently MIA, but nonetheless…c’mon.

    It was sad to see Katie Couric looking more grim, knowledegable, and confident than a possible vice presidential nominee. I think Palin has some decent qualities, but she is clearly over her head.

  • Just saw the update with the second clip– but these are not two different parts, they seem to be repeating different parts of the interview (like the question about the moratorium and another great depression). However, after seeing this clip: ouch.

    As a scholar of globalization, I can clearly say she has no idea what she was talking about there. She was right about referring to the ‘global effects,’ but could not say more. And the statement: “Inaction is not an option” about the current crisis is a real no-brainer. VPs and Presidents need to have decisive, strong ideas and intelligent ideas. That was not one of them.

    I also thought it was really hypocritical of her to say that now was the time for bi-partisan efforts, to push politics aside, and address this crisis, when she was just minutes ago pushing the partisan line of “everyone is looking to John McCain,” and trying to garner a few political points about that. So much for pushing politics to the side.

    Did she bomb? No. Did she present herself as very knowledgeable person and prove to me that she could handle something like this herself…absolutely not. I am not getting into her values her– i am talking competency. This was the problem with our current president. People got caught up in the value-game and stopped looking at capabilities…

  • Dreadsen


    “Hmmm, these last two comments are interesting. You seem to be arguing that it’s a bad thing that Palin’s answers are “coached”.

    Let’s examine what Obama’s been doing for the last three days. In Florida for – sunshine? No, to be “coached” on foreign policy and PRACTICE WHAT HE WILL SAY IN THE DEBATES.

    Next………. ”

    These are two different comparisons. He has someone throwing things at him which he thinks the opposition may throw. But i doubt he has one answer which he will use for 5 questions. We’ve seen him in interviews and debates before. Maybe if he used her technique you wouldn’t catch him stuttering and stammering at times. But then again if he used this technique it wouldn’t look like one comedian said that she is using one of those magic 8 balls that you shake up and get answers from.

  • Bob Edwards

    Palin, she just does not get it. Palin is not dumb; she just does not understand the issues. She lacks intellectual curiosity and appears to be cliff-noting her way through this campaign. Her answers remind me of a student who has not paid attention in class and is try to bullshit their way through an essay on the industrial revolution;
    “The industrial revolution was
    revolutionary in its approach
    to industrial things…”

    She never answers a question with a direct answer. I don’t believe its out of evasion, but that she just does not have the slightest idea of what she is doing. I find it hard to believe that out of the 40,000,000 plus republicans’ in the country that John McCain could not have found someone better qualified who could have also excited his base.

    It’s a sad reflection of the party and if they win it will be a symbol of the dying idea that was America.

  • Dawn

    I am a republican who is switching to vote for Obama. Before all of you jump all over me, let me explain why. As a republican I do put country first. That means doing what I think is best for this country. McCain has been sporadic and schizophrenic over the last few days and this country is in crisis. I have been dissappointed by Bush and was hoping that there would be a difference in McCain. There isnt and am concerned that he may not be well. What that would mean is Sarah Palin would be too close to the presidency.

    I am not one of the republicans that cant see any thing wrong in our candidates. I can, and what I see is not good for either him or Gov. Palin.

  • JD

    Dawn – “I am a republican who is switching to vote for Obama.”

    We welcome you to the right side… lol. Just playin’

    See Babs, women aren’t just buying the garbage Palin is selling nor are they just going to fall for McCain’s stunt to try get women to vote just because Palin is a woman.

    Seriously though, dawn, I hope you interact on this site. We could use the perspective of some one who voted republican and is changing over for this election.

    Babs was a Demacrat who switched over to McCain.

  • Dreadsen

    What made me Angry is i picture a bunch of bullies trying to make Palin into something she is not. She is trying to pad her foreign policy experience record right in all of our faces which can’t be her idea or doing. But since the foreign policy trumpet was blown so hard for months they felt backed into a corner.
    They would have been a lot better letting her run on executive experience. What foreign policy experience did Regan and Clinton have? And show the people how someone with exec exp. is a competent and fast learner. All someone with that positioin needs to do is surround themselves with very intelligent/experienced people to advise her and then she uses her judgement,logic and reason as a GOV to make the right decision.
    I mean geeze she is still trying to sell us on that Russia Foreign policy deal. Do you all honestly think this is her idea? The most honest she was is before they grabbed her. When she said “What exactly does a V.P. do?” that was honesty. But they took that person and are trying to turn her into a spin-maestro. You can tell that it is not in her character to be that stuck on failed talking points.
    All you have to do is look at her past interviews before she was V.P. and some of her old debates. Totally different person than what we are seeing now.

  • Dreadsen

    “Babs was a Demacrat who switched over to McCain.”

    And she was a Republican spy when she was a Democrat.
    Her job was to report on the evil doings and the diabolical schemes of the democratic think tanks.

    So she and Dawn are two different fruits.

    Dawn were you an independent who was leaning to the republican side and recently changed your mind?
    Or were you a republican for a long while?
    If so what took you so long to make the change?
    I can’t see anyone really this late in the game jumping ship to either side unless they are one of those undecided independents.
    I would think this far down the line you would think both of these guys are jacked.

  • U.S.A.


    Can I remind you of your statement when Biden becomes VP? You know he will.


    my question is not about Biden. In general I am saying. I just thought you might be able to do what no Republican has and give me an answer. If you don’t have an answer it is fine. No one has yet.

  • Kel

    There is nothing partisan about the way Katie conducted this interview. She asked pointed questions that called for pointed answers. But all Palin did was regurgitate her campaign’s talking points. She has no clue! “He’s also known as The Maverick” is not a valid response to a request for specific examples of John McCain’s leading the charge for more Wall Street oversight. No one expects her to be a rocket scientist — but she should at least have a pretty good idea what the heck her running mate has been doing for the past 26 years.

  • Jon’michael

    I am a democrat, and I am shocked at this interview. The thing about the entire Palin saga is this. If the republicans thought she could handle herself on a national stage,they would not hide her from the media. I can not respect anyone’s intelligence who believes that Biden is not more qualified than Palin. McCain, if he was a Maverick would have picked Liberman. Who, though he says is a democrat has indeed cros the isle. That would’ve weakened the republican base…maybe but really how many true conservative would vote democrat anyway? Why is it every time someone questions Palin’s credentials, they are attacking her? Would you let a doctor examine you without being sure he went to med school. I’m surprised she didn’t say, “thanks but no thanks to that bridge to nowhere!” to any of the questions. What has she brought to the table? Most of the thing she says inher speaches aren’t even true. I mean really are you guys who are supporting McCain racist? Who can with a clear conscience tell me why McCain should be president.

  • spinningsevens

    Talk about spewing party lines; are people really fooled by a pretty face? Does the woman have an original thought at all?

  • Francine Marsh, Bend, OR

    Sarah Palin is really out of her league here and I really don’t think she even realizes it. Furthermore, I don’t think she cares that she is lacking in knowledge, experience and expertise in any of the areas needed to be VP, and possibly, President of these United States! I believe she is so thrilled just to be where she is at this moment, that that’s all she cares about. She has always relished being in the limelight, and to her this is just a continuation of holding the spotlight…it amazes me that she got this far with her lack of skills and obvious ego. She believes she can pull this off…and if she doesn’t have anymore personal interviews to deal with, then my fear is that she just might, and how scary is that!!!!!

  • Simon E, Menlo Park, CA

    By the way, when Mr Putin flies from Moscow to DC (or even to the West Coast), he flies over Greenland, not even coming close to Alaska. As anyone who has ever made an intercontinental flight from the US to Europe would know.

  • george

    yea let’s have another republican president again! the republicans have done such a great job running the country haven’t they!

  • Michelle

    I feel a sense of responsibility to have made the decision to vote for the first time in my life, and a sense of guilt that I am 45 years old and it has taken the complete and utter assumption of the “dumbing down of America” to get me to realize that my vote matters and I have to believe that getting involved can make a difference. You don’t have to be a genius to recognize that change is necessary. Holding on to something because of its familiarity is what’s gotten us into this unimaginable condition. We are at that scary place we all know too well, even though many of us won’t admit it. You can choose to be addicted the familiar even though it’s problematic or you or you can really pay attention and make the best choice for our future. I’m sure that all the candidates want to be a part of the winning team that brings this country back to a stature we can be be proud to maintain both here and abroad. Please remember that this election is about paying attention, not paying our respects to… Be strong, be bold, be intelligent. We are Americans in a fight for humanities future. Hope lives in all of us but if we fail to explore it we will never know its possibilities. Please vote. Make a change. No fear

  • Skeptic

    Many of the reviews I’ve read about this interview paint Katie Couric as a bully. I just think we’ve seen so little of Sarah Palin that any chance we get to talk with her, we have to get to the root of things, and QUICK. This interview is the only opportunity people have had to see how Sarah would react in a tough situation prior to the VP debate.

    Someone commented on a media blackout of Sarah Palin, I assure you, last night after the first Presidential debate, everyone was begging to get Sarah Palin’s reaction, but she was nowhere to be seen. This has been the story all along the way. Her meetings with foreign leaders were conversations about their children’s names! We don’t need a nice, gosh dern dally VP, we need a competent VP.

    I need to point out the remarks made by David Letterman when McCain canceled his interview on the Late Show and canceled his campaign to go save the US Economy. Letterman said (and I paraphrase), go take care of business in Washington and let your running mate continue your campaign while you save the country. WHY couldn’t that happen, rather than canceling the campaign? If McCain and Palin get elected, what happens when McCain is pulled into an important meeting and another important issue arises? Can you cancel the Administration until McCain finishes his first meeting?

    I feel that at the end of the day, people have not seen enough of Palin to make a good judgment. Is it normal to keep your VP out of the media with only 40 days left before the election? I’m guessing that if their campaign doesn’t want to give her exposure, we shouldn’t give her exposure as 2nd in command.

  • Alicia

    She is so slow…
    Republicans/Democrats, We must ALL Pray that McCain stays alive if he is elected to office.

  • Scott

    Typical major media,

    Biased, mean spirited, questions with presuppositions and no real chance to respond to the presuppositions, edited to make certain people look bad.

    This does not make Ms Couric look good as a journalist. It only showed Governor Palin’s poise, loyalty, and good sense and the journalist’s bias, ill will, and agenda.

  • Jim819

    Palin`s achievements make a very impressive list!

    Now, here`s BO`s nat. achievements before spending the vast majority of his time in office running for Pres. BO has had ONLY 2 bills passed into law which he can call all his own! They are 1. to name a post office and 2. to promote democracy in the African Congo.


    PATHETIC!!! Just like running for Pres. IS PATHETIC after Only 143 days as a US Sen! I have left-overs older than that! And BO followers don`t see that they were lured right into McCain`s trap. That is – he knew BO`s followers would attack Palin on her experience, which is exactly what he wants because it puts even more attention on BO`s vast inexperience! That`s why the BO campaign immediately stopped attacking her on her experience, unlike his followers!

    And if it ever becomes necessary, Palin will simply pick an experienced VP like BO did. She`ll also have military advisors and Generals on the ground who she`ll listen to, while BO keeps changing his mind on this! She`s also a fast-learner, tough as nails, and is every bit the fighter and non-quitter Hillary Clinton is. Biden may be one of the 1st to find this out – the hard way!

    She`s also never called Iran a tiny country who poses little threat to the US! Obama did, only to correct himself once his campaign pointed out to him his major blunder due to his vast inexperience! Palin also never IGNORANTLY said that she`d meet with irrational, terrorist leaders, etc., WITHOUT PRECONDITIONS! Palin also never suggested a solution for the Russia-Georgia crisis which can simply be VETOED by the Russians!

    BOTTOM LINE: The inexperienced Obama is at the top of the D ticket and, therefore, is the heartbeat trying to get elected! Palin is at the bottom of the R ticket! America votes for the top of the ticket!

  • Jim819

    Repubs/Dems…we must all pray that McCain wins to keep the male version of Palin from finishing the destruction of this country started by another inexperienced Idiot!

    That`s right! Take BO`s teleprompter, prepared speeches, etc., away and you have an uuuuuuummmmmmmm, uuuuuuuuuhhhhhh, uuuummmmmmm incoherent idiot!

  • Bush is an incoherent idiot even with prepared speeches, so at least Obama is one up on him.

    As Alicia pointed out, if McCain does win then lets hope he stays alive, because Palin is a moron, albeit a good looking one.

  • Daniel

    Ok ok ok.. I have two points to bring up.. Number 1: Palin has as much experience as Barney on the “Andy Griffith Show” so give up the attacks on Obama for not having experience.. And number 2: think about it can you honestly picture the president of America not even being able to say the word “America” right? listen to what he says, his way of saying it is “merca” come on guys.. pick somebody who at least pronounces words correctly..

  • susan

    Is there anyone out there? I know thousands of girls who want to apply for the Veep job,Where do we sign up? Is it limited to Oil Country only? If Sarah doesn`t get the job then perhaps she can spend her time studying or go back to School.Surely she must be good at something? Moose Hunting! No shame in that,

  • Hope

    I agree 100% with daniel.. and would like to add that no one as pathetic as Palin should be picked but there again the person she was picked by isnt any better..

  • Dreadsen

    Karl Rove and Sean Hannity spin their a$$es off on Pain’s interview nightmare.


    I mean these guys have taken spin to an all time new low.
    Rove even disagreed that the McCain campaign is hiding her from the media. Their spin has no bounds!


    Do you think maybe she could have convinced 18 million voters over a period of 20 months and 24 debates? Compare her first month on the scene to Obama’s first month. Do you think she could have pulled it?

  • Dreadsen

    Tina Fey on SNL making fun of Sarah Palin’s interview with Katie Couric.


    The bad thing is half of those answers were her actual answers. No parody needed. Especially the question about the AIG bail out LOL!!

  • Kim

    I have been waiting on the Vice President elects to speak before making a solid decision on my vote. I have to say that Sarah Palin is scary to me. She speaks and I am unsure exactly what she is thinking as she does open her mouth.

  • The Ace

    hope, i despise ignorant people like you that fail to make a valid arguement and support their arrogant claims. Do us all a favor an educate yourself before making comments about things you do not understand, and people who vastly surpass your intelect.

  • The Ace

    oh, and for daniel the other brilliant fellow, your even worse than hope. Once again, please restrain from illustrating your feeble-minded opinions that have absolutely no value. Its because of people like you that i believe there should be basic intelligence requirements before being allowed to vote. How a presidential canidate pronounces a word is irrelevant, try to spend more time focusing on the fact that barrack obama makes claims on how he will “change America”, but has no physical plan or legitimate strategy. So please, educate yourself and grow up.

  • ace, you will help your argument more if you focus on the issues instead of personal attacks. this is a warning, as we do not generally tolerate this on this website.

  • Babs

    Dreadsen, I’d be interested to know who you hate worse – me or Sarah Palin? Your slams to be equally divided between the two.

    Will, I don’t know how you can expect me to be unbaised? I’m not reporting the news in my comments, I’m supporting my candidate like everyone else here. Yes, I am fairly well versed on the subject, and use that to support my arguments. Isn’t that what we all so here?

  • No Babs, at least, that is not my intention and hopefully not for most others. The goal is to discuss the issues, policies, in order to get a better grasp of the candidates and their positions. If you are simply here as a PR advocate for a candidate, this works against the nature of a bi-partisan and open discussion about issues.

  • Babs

    Well, Michael, I don’t think after all these months I’ll sit here and defend myself. If you haven’t seen your goals met with me on site, then we have a problem. As I recall, the first time you emailed me and asked me to do commentary, you said that you had a habit of leaving out John McCain, and I brought that to the table. If that’s being a PR advocate, I can stop.

  • GINA

    I am in awe that an intelligent counrty such as ours see nothing wrong with Sarah Palin as our possible Vice President or heaven forbid our President. I am not in the mode of insulting or attacking her personally. She may be a perfectly lovely person who fits in her particular venue. But that interview tells me she is not politically savvy enough to run this country. “I’ll try to find some later and bring them to ya.” Oh heck no. Let’s be realistic. We need someone who can a the least intelligible discus some of the issues, and someone with the brains to pick a more suitable running mate, NOT A CHEERLEADER.

  • Charles Smith

    I think I just made up my mind. Dan Quail was more appealing.

  • katie

    Wow, I really feel sorry for Mccain and palin. They are making a of fool of themselves. Is this really happening, or am I dreaming.

  • Bernie Goldberg was discussing Palins interview with Katie Couric on the O’Reilly Factor and Bernie made the observation that Palin makes Dan Quail look like Socrates. So there’s an endorsement if ever there was one.

  • Babs, my request (still present) is for McCain to be represented adequately in the Commentary Section. At the time, we had CG writing on conservative issues during the primaries — and not supporting McCain– and I was left of center. Hence, I wanted balance on the commentary section. Comments are quite different than Op/Ed entries– and even then, as Op/Ed entries, I would expect anyone to enter into it with an eye for observation and facts, rather than oil and grease to make their argument work.

    You do not do this (the oil and grease) with your commentaries. I am just trying to clarify my position.

  • Babs

    Then, Michael, I don’t see your position. Commentaries and comments are two separate things, as you’ve pointed out. My commentaries are no more right than yours are left of center, as you’ve also pointed out. Comments are free flowing ideas and opinions from both sides. So I still don’t see an issue. I am no more biased in my comments than are 95% of the other commenters here.

    Could it be that as the election draws nearer, the support for the right is becoming a little more disquieting for you? I don’t see you chastising anyone else as “biased”.

  • Babs

    PS Michael, if you’d like to take issue with the “greasiness” of commentaries and comments, you might want to apply them to another, as well.

    Asking a McCain supporter to limit their commentary to 900 words, and allowing three times as many to an anti-Palin rant is a bit obvious, isn’t it?

  • Michael

    Babs, I am happy to publish a long McCain bit as well. Right now I am bit busy, so I do not have the luxury of editing and shortening articles.

  • Babs

    I see you’re a bit busy, this morning China, this afternoon Thailand. Enjoy. 😉