(Video) McCain suspends campaign to deal with economy

In a gutsy move by John McCain just minutes ago, his campaign will be suspended on Thursday to head back to Washington and deal, as a Senator, with the current economic and financial crisis on Wall Street. McCain is calling on the Obama campaign to do the same. Furthermore, the McCain camp has requested to the Commission on Presidential Debates that Friday’s debate be postponed to deal with the current economic issues.

Prelimnary report from Fox News:

John McCain asked the Presidential Debate Commission on Wednesday to postpone Friday’s scheduled debate with Barack Obama so that he can work on the financial crisis bailout plan now on Capitol Hill.

The Arizona Republican senator said he will suspend his presidential campaign on Thursday to return to Washington to help with bailout negotiations. He urged Obama to do the same.

Longer report from CNN:

NEW YORK (CNN) — Republican presidential candidate John McCain announced Wednesday that he is suspending his campaign to return to Washington and focus on the “historic” crisis facing the U.S. economy.

The Arizona senator called on his Democratic rival, Barack Obama, to do the same. He also urged organizers of Friday’s presidential debate at the University of Mississippi to postpone the event.

“I am calling on the president to convene a meeting with the leadership from both houses of Congress, including Senator Obama and myself,” McCain told reporters in New York. “It is time for both parties to come together to solve this problem.”

There was no immediate response from the Obama campaign.

The Obama campaign responds, via Politico:

At 8:30 this morning, Senator Obama called Senator McCain to ask him if he would join in issuing a joint statement outlining their shared principles and conditions for the Treasury proposal and urging Congress and the White House to act in a bipartisan manner to pass such a proposal. At 2:30 this afternoon, Senator McCain returned Senator Obama’s call and agreed to join him in issuing such a statement. The two campaigns are currently working together on the details.

Video of McCain issuing his statement preceded by the breaking news from Fox News, McCain’s statement begins at the 5 minute mark:

The Obama campaign is not buying the debate postponement, via Political Radar:

However a senior Obama campaign official said Obama “intends to debate.”

“The debate is on,” a senior Obama campaign official told ABC News.

Obama supporter and chief debate negotiator Rep. Rahm Emanuel, D-Ill., told MSNBC that “we can handle both,” when asked about his reaction to McCain’s call to postpone the first debate because of the administration’s bailout plan.

He believes they are making good progress on Capitol Hill on the bailout and his initial reaction is that the work on the Hill should not preclude the debate from taking place.

Waiting on the joint statement and Obama’s official position, will advise if and when we get word of the debate’s rescheduled time. Obama is supposed to release a video statement soon.

Via Politico, McCain ads going dark Thursday:

Aiming to prove how serious he is about addressing the financial crisis, John McCain has instructed his staff to take all his campaign commercials off the air, a spokesman tells Politico.

“As John McCain said, now is the time to put partisanship aside and come together to do the work that the American people expect,” said Tucker Bounds.

McCain aides are now in the process of contacting TV station across the country to get their ads taken down, according to Bounds.

Asked how long they would go dark, Bounds only said: “We’re taking our guidance from Sen. McCain on that.”


Barack Obama’s entire statement on McCain’s campaign suspension and the fate of Friday’s debate:


A report from Yahoo News on the unfolding events:

NEW YORK – The economic crisis and raw politics threatened to derail the first presidential debate as John McCain challenged Barack Obama to delay the Friday forum and join forces to help Washington fix the financial mess. Obama rebuffed his GOP rival, saying the next president needs to “deal with more than one thing at once.”

The White House rivals maneuvered to claim the leadership role in resolving the economic turmoil that has overshadowed their campaign six weeks before Election Day. Obama said he would proceed with his debate preparations while consulting with bailout negotiators and Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson. McCain said he would stop all advertising, fundraising and other campaign events to return to Washington and work for a bipartisan solution.

“It’s my belief that this is exactly the time when the American people need to hear from the person who, in approximately 40 days, will be responsible for dealing with this mess,” Obama said at a news conference in Clearwater, Fla. “It’s going to be part of the president’s job to deal with more than one thing at once.”

But McCain said they must focus on a bipartisan solution to the nation’s financial woes as the Bush administration’s $700 billion bailout proposal seemed headed for defeat. If not, McCain said ominously, credit will dry up, people will no longer be able to buy homes, life savings will be at stake and businesses will not have enough money to pay workers.

“It has become clear that no consensus has developed to support the administration’s proposal,” McCain said. “I do not believe that the plan on the table will pass as it currently stands, and we are running out of time.”

Sen. Lindsey Graham, McCain’s representative in debate negotiations, said McCain will not attend the debate “unless there is an agreement that would provide a solution” to the financial crisis. Graham, R-S.C., told The Associated Press that the agreement would have to be publicly endorsed by Obama, McCain, the White House and congressional leaders, but not necessarily given final passage by the House and Senate.

Asked whether the debate could go forward if McCain doesn’t show, Obama spokesman Robert Gibbs replied, “My sense is there’s going to be a stage, a moderator, an audience and at least one presidential candidate.”

Their competing positions came after the two senators spoke privately, each trying to portray himself as the bipartisan leader in a time of crisis.

So here’s where we are. McCain is still threatening to not attend the debate if there is no consensus reached on some kind of legislation aimed at stemming the current Wall Street banking crisis. Obama has flatly stated that, in his view, the debate will happen on Friday regardless of McCain’s request to postpone it, opting to say that as President, they must be able to handle multiple things at once.

So who benefits from this mess? In my view, McCain started leading the day by putting the ball in Obama’s court and seeing how he would respond. Obama faced the choice of following McCain’s lead, which would make McCain look like the leader, or balking at McCain’s move and continuing to campaign. Obama chose the latter and is now putting the ball in McCain’s court with regard to the debate.

Both candidates took a hard line today and we will see what happens. I’m guessing, from what I’ve heard today, the Commission of Presidential debates is still prepared to move forward on Friday holding the debate. Will they dare to do so without both candidates? Will McCain dare to bypass the debate and risk terrible media coverage?

A lot will be happening in the next 24 to 48 hours with regard to whether the debate will happen and how this goes over with voters. We’ll be on top of it with updates.


    Will you accept the scripted Presidential ‘debate’ again?
    Brought to you by your ‘good friends’ at Wall Street.

    No Paul or Nader Main Street USA,
    nor Cynthia McKinney.

  • Babs

    Was wondering if you were nearby to pick up on this, Nate.

    Once again, McCain proves that “Country First” isn’t just words. This could cost him the election – since I don’t forsee Obama stepping out from in front of the cameras and going back to do his job.

    Let’s see how the liberals chew this one up, I’m sure they will try. Of course, I’ve already seen on the Greta board one saying that Obama doesn’t have to go to Washington – he can call in his “present” vote from Florida. *LOL*

  • Chris

    I think that McCain needs to focus on increasing his knowledge of the economy before the debate on Friday. He is clearly afraid that the debate will be focused on the economy, a subject which he has far inferior knowledge of.

  • McCain’s move is as transparent as they come. Putting country first? Ya Right! This is completely politically motivated since he himself said just yesterday that his vote does not matter on this issue!

    McCain has put country last again and again. John McCain, Politics First, Deregulation Second, Country Last.

  • VJG

    It’s a simple fact, McCain is SCARED of the debate & scared of Obama.This is a ploy to get Obama to stop campaigning.I hope he doesn’t fall for it, we need him.
    “A vote for Obama is a vote for change, not EXchange, exchange Bush for McSame.”

  • dinah lawrence

    As usual McCain is showing what a President should do in a crisis and Obama is showing what an inexperienced self centered person he is. Obama will NOT do this country any good on the economic front.

  • I Quinn

    Chicken!!! Baack! Baack! Baack! C’mon you chicken-hawk, come out and fight like a man!

  • Babs

    See, I told you. *LOL*

    Nate, I’m hearing now that someone in the Obama camp is claiming they thought of it first. What’s up with that? *LOL*

  • edward taylor

    Yes like Mc Cain is really going to do somthing ………..
    please lets get on with this

  • Banana


  • JD

    Obama supporter and chief debate negotiator Rep. Rahm Emanuel, D-Ill., told MSNBC that “we can handle both,” when asked about his reaction to McCain’s call to postpone the first debate because of the administration’s bailout plan.

  • JD

    “At 8:30 this morning, Senator Obama called Senator McCain to ask him if he would join in issuing a joint statement outlining their shared principles and conditions for the Treasury proposal and urging Congress and the White House to act in a bipartisan manner to pass such a proposal. At 2:30 this afternoon, Senator McCain returned Senator Obama’s call and agreed to join him in issuing such a statement. The two campaigns are currently working together on the details.”

  • Amanda

    Wow, Do you know how stupid this is?! McCain isn’t even educated enough on the economy to make any sort of decisions, he has admitted this fact himself. So now, (all obvious strategy) he is trying to look like he cares more about the “economy and our country” than he does about the debate and campaigning. Campaigning is one thing, sitting down and answering the questions that the Americans want to hear is IMPORTANT. He is SCARED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ricky

    Video Conferencing
    Fax Machine
    Cell Phones

    Surely some one in the MCCain campaign knows these things exist. It’s the 21st century!? McCain needs a “..for Dummies” book and learn that you don’t need to be physically anywhere anymore….

    I think it’s a cop out, hopefully Obama says he’ll handle it via these methods and show how out of touch Mccain is and how he can handle more than ONE thing at a time.

  • Stalin

    For all you that think McCain is scared to debate Obama on Foreign Policy need to get a grip. McCain is hardly even practicing for this debate. He’s lived it, so he doesn’t need much practice.

    Saying that McCain doesn’t know anything about the economy is just ridiculous. This problem is so incredibly complex there is no single person on this planet that knows all the details. It’s not knowing everything that matters, it’s having the leadership to assemble and delegate to those that can help.

    I think this was a very smart move by McCain. His campaign has stagnated in the past week and he need to make a bold move. This is bold and if he can take the lead on this it will be a nice bump in the polls and hopefully for America

  • Mark

    What a farce! If this man can’t handle his basic senatorial duties and hold a debate over what he should already know….how is he supposed to run this multifaceted nation? Is he going to put the war on hold while he “handles” the economy? Obviously, if a debate is this overwhelming, the duties of Commander and Chief would make his head explode.

  • MichaelK

    I’m a bit confused… are either McCain or Obama on any committee directly dealing with this crisis? Currently they are senators, not yet presidents… so what influence is McCain going to have NOW, today, tomorrow… when he didn’t immediately fly to DC when the proverbial sh-t hit the fan weeks ago? Let the EXPERTS do their jobs.

    In the mean time, here’s what you do… Have the debate in DC, take a few hours out of your time if being there is necessary, and discuss the economy. Or better yet, how about a town hall meeting??? Obama, McCain, and a couple hundred average Americans in the audience asking real questions that concern everyone these days?

    Postponing it is a ploy. It’s clear the vast amount of Americans know this, liberal or conservative. It’s pretty transparent.

  • Bruce

    McCain will use ANY event that happens to jump thru the republican weasel holes to avoid actually facing the issue and hide behind natural disasters like Ike then now hiding behind this economic disaster to avoid facing Barack face to face and doing EXACTLY what they are doing with Palin hide behind closed doors and tell the American people Hey trust me with out question….. Sounds a lot like Bush to me. They think the American people are nothing more than statistics on pieces of paper and voting demographics. We have questions why do they hide and shut the press out not allowing any “Straight Talk”

  • Stalin


    You need a Politics for Dummies book. You can’t vote by absentia or by proxy.

  • Hannah Stevens

    McCain is afraid to debate with Obama, clear and simple. NO let the debates go on. There is nothing more important than getting these neocons out of office. They are the ones who have cause dall of this. including McCain, Google Keating Five and you will see what I mean. This is a ploy.

  • Julie

    You mean he is suspending his campaign to do what he is being paid to do in the first place – be in the Senate? Be there in the Capital to vote on legislation? Gee what a novel concept!

  • SRD

    I am glad that Obama stated that he is capable of doing both which is focusing on the economic crisis and conducting a debate. People…we have an election that is on the horizon. We, the American people deserve to know how these two candidates operates within a debate to aid in forming a decision about which one is worthy of being president. We have a VP nomination that we have not fully heard from. If they postphoned the presidential debate…that will mean that the VP debate will be postphoned as well. This is not fair to the American people. We need to know who these candidates are and how they can function and communicated free style for if in office…they will not always have a script in front of them. I respect John McCain desire to focus on this crisis…but one has nothing to do with the other. As possible president…both of these men will have to know how to multi-task and there is no reason to cancel the debates unless one feels as if he or she needs more time…and that is not acceptable. DEBATE and let us …The American people have an observation to assimulate within our decision process. If not, I will suspect one camp is not prepared and using this as an excuse…Unacceptable.

  • Melissa Spears

    No, the campaign needs to continue. John McCain is using this crisis for another diversion so he won’t have to talk about the economy, something he knows very little about. I hope the voters can see throught this grandstanding attempt. The campaign and the debate needs to continue as scheduled. They have congress and the treasury department dealing with this crisis, and I think they can spare John McCain’s expertise.

  • Anne

    I think the debates are more important to the American people. We need to see these two candidates side-by-side. This debate will be the first time most of us have seen them in action.

    We can spare these two in the Senate. They haven’t been there for a long time anyway!

    They can keep in touch with the bailout issue while continuing their campaigns. It is called multi-tasking.

    Does anyone know if they can vote in the Senate by proxy? I wonder why McCain thinks it is so important to physically be in Washington.

    How about we move the debate to Washington? I am sure Georgetown would host it.

  • Jack

    You know, I really hate slang, but as some of my students would say, “This is a “PUNK” move on the part of McCain.”

    How many years has he been involved in politics? Why didn’t his Conservative Administration help oversee the economy such that we would not be in this place? Maybe it is because while Wall Street was busy getting rich, SO WAS MCCAIN!! People get real — McCain could care less about the average working American. He cares about himself and his cronies. And so now, he is going to use the near demise of the economy to manipulate ignorant people and make them believe that he cares, as well as get out of debating on Friday because really, he does not have a clue. Please somebody, help him buy a vowel.

  • Why don’t we also have a moment of silence for the economy on Friday also.

    McCain really thinks Americans are the dumbest most gullible electorate in the world.

  • Teo

    A McCain senior adviser said that Obama called McCain early Wednesday morning to asking a joint statement of “shared principles and conditions” for the bailout proposal.
    An Obama campaign source confirmed the call and said that McCain returned his call six hours later, and accepted the concept and suggested the two of them return to Washington to join the negotiations. The source says that Obama told him that he would do that only if negotiators saw it as useful.
    According to the Obama source, soon after they ended the call, McCain announced he was suspending his campaign and returning to Washington.

  • It would have been better for Mr. McCain to just go and do his job and not have to ANNOUNCE it on CNN. That way it wouldn’t look like this was some type of GIMMICK to get support.

  • corey

    McCain is afraid of the forign Policy Debate. He knows that when Obama tells the country on friday that the wars have a direct effect on our economy which they do, McCain campaign will never recover. He is extremely afraid ,” my friends:.

  • Kathleen

    I think both Obama and McCain have already put in their ideas on the Wall Street issues. Their presence will not make it any different than what they have proposed. I think they should both continue compaigning or at the very least have the debates on Friday.

    I firmly think McCain is grandstanding or so he thinks? I don’t think much of him for this move.

  • reed

    Mccain is doing exactly what he needs to, his job! I’d rather see him doing that than scripted preaching on what this country needs and what he intends to do about it. What happens on wall street is key to the future of our country.

  • Billy Davis

    John McCain is suspending his campaign because he doesn’t want to debate the issue of the economy since he’s part of the republican group that’s responsible for this debacle. He wants to brush up his skills because he knows Obama will clean his clock on this issue. CHICKEN!!!

  • andrea

    why can’t he do both? its an hour or so debate.

  • Bruce

    I guess he is trying to buy some time to get more educated about how the economy works and what is really going on now.
    For sure he doesn’t want to look stupid during the debate in front of million Americans and specially his opponent Barack Obama.

  • dibs

    Ummm.. he’s going to vote friday night at SIX?

  • concerned

    You can pretty much count only McCains core will think this is a good idea, the rest well consider it obscene grandstanding at its worst.

  • Hannah Stevens

    If McCain can’t handle his campaign and the “financial crisis”, then how would he do if he were pres and had 3 or 4 big things happening in the country or the world like is the usual. I mean he is not even responsible for handling this, all he has to do is vote. McCain is not ready to be pres.

  • Mary

    If McCain does attend congressional meetings about the economy and finance, I hope all of the meetings are in public and on camera, not behind closed doors. I feel the need to keep an eye on McCain if he plans to mess around with my economy and tax dollars.

  • soldier-cold

    mccain said himself that he is not an expert on the economy SO HOW DOES he think that he will change anything by cancelling the debates and going to washington??? he is so arrogant. does he need more time to cram for the debates for something?

    seriosuly, this is so political of him. he’s trying to make it seem like he is taking the high road by turning things off now.

  • Patrick

    Hysterical. Mr. never retreat, never surrender himself runs like a fairy 2 days before he meets his maker.

    What exactly will McCain accomplish in the next few days that wouldn’t get done without him? Thought so.

  • Ricky

    Stalin (nice),
    Not vote absentia or by proxy, will a vote be held daily? No. When it is voted on, then sure, stop what your doing and vote, but putting it together and getting it ready doesn’t require one to be there.

    Unless the vote is tight and happens during the debates, I see no reason to call it off.

  • Justin

    John McCain has traveled to six different states and taken 5 flights in one day during his campaign. He can be there to vote as well, still make it to the debate. I think he is nervous about debating someone with the intelligence of Obama. Ivy League undergrad top of class… Ivy League Law school top of class… Professor at University of Chicago…. McCain, I was shot down buy a Vietnam pilot, must not have been the best of pilot. Time for a Smart President.

  • Ricky

    Like Obama just said, if they need to be there physically, they have big planes with big slogans that will get them there rather quickly.

  • It is the honorable thing to do, putting the campaign on suspension that is. We elect these politicians for this very reason, to speak for Americans. Not to call in a vote. This is their job, to deal with any kind of a crisis that America is facing. Barack can’t vote present on this one, what would that look like. For goodness sakes this is his job, get to work or lets fire him.

  • Stalin


    You don’t just vote on capital hill, you lead and you debate. McCain is taking the lead here…Obama is just following…again.


    It is amazing that some of you would rather the candidates bicker over the next few days than help solve one of the worst financial crises to ever hit our country. I don’t think taking a few days away from campaining is going to kill anyone. This damn thing has been going on for over 2 years anyway!

  • Stalin


    You **DELETED BY ADMIN** have no respect for the military.

  • Stalin


    It’s Obama you need to be worried about messing around with your tax dollars. 95% of American will get a tax cut! Yeah right, only 60% of American pay taxes!

  • Bruce

    They both have planes and a President better be able to Multitask! You can be in Washington to vote and still be on air later to debate then guess what?! You can get back on a plane and get to Washington that NIGHT! RUN McCain RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Debate Dodger

  • fred

    seriously, what is this guy going to do over there? Fire some experts? come on. No I think the problem is one step deeper then you all think. If this crisis allows mccain to suspend his campain, then what can stop the government for suspending the elections in november indefinitely? This ofcourse only if the problem isn’t solved by then. The chimp has the power. serieously, this might be the beginning of the end. Think about it.

  • Babs

    Man, you’re right, Stalin!! Isn’t it amazing that the Obama trolls are put on red alert whenever McCain rolls those dice! *ROFL* We’ll never see them on this board again.

    Listen up, all you jerks. Being a senator is McCain’s day job, it’s what we pay him for, and he’s going back to work – period. Don’t you listen to the news? Its already been said that without McCain’s support the bill on the floor now will never pass. Reaching across the aisle and bringing the two parties together on major issues is what he’s known for – it’s what he does, and what he’s DONE for over 2 decades. And he’s going to do it again. Same as his attitude with the surge. He held fast and did what was right, even though he knew it could cost him the election.

    Obama’s day job is a senator representing the people of Illinois. He’s decided he’ll phone in his solutions for his paycheck this month. Typical Obama. Not doing his job that he’s getting paid a salary to do. He’s dumbfounded that McCain has had the audacity to ask him to go do the job he’s getting paid to do. He sarcastically quips he’s got a fancy plane with his logo on the side, give him a call if you need me. To hell with that.

    If a solution to this crisis isn’t hammered out, who’ll give a damn about a debate on foreign policy. That’s McCain’s strong suit anyway, he’ll win it hands down, everybody knows that. McCain has no fear of Obama, you liberals live under a rock.

    My inbox is jammed with people who are shocked and amazed and supportive of McCain right now. And I’m damn proud to be a part of his campaign. You want real leadership? Or do you want a few more photo ops from the guy with big ears while the country is facing the biggest crisis since the DEPRESSION?

    Grow up people, this crisis is real, and maybe it WILL cost McCain the election. But if it helps pull our country out of this economic crisis, guess what – he won’t care, he’ll have done the job that he was elected to do. Obama doesn’t seem to know what his job is.

    And now I’m taking a break, because my boss just gave me a few days off. 😉

  • Bruce


    I don’t know if you objectively listened to what Obama said. He can be in Washington to Vote and be at the debate so to say that Mccain is not using this as a political gimmick and nothing more than a photo op to say hey look I’m a statesman. Give me a Break. Learn to multitask!

  • U.S.A.


    Kinda causes a sick feeling down deep when the people start talking and you realize you are out numbered don’t it. Wait until election day. Oh, and slow down and read some of the post better. You might start to understand. LOL

  • VJG

    I’m sure by now you all know that the debate will go on.

    I think the reason McCain came up with this ploy is because he’s tired & wants a rest from campaigning.Today when he spoke he looks terrible.I’d really like to know what they have been shooting him up with to keep him going this long!

  • JD

    “Presidents are going to have to deal with more than one thing at a time. It’s not necessary for us to think that we can only do one thing and suspend everything else.” – Barack Obama

    Babs – “My inbox is jammed with people who are shocked and amazed and supportive of McCain right now.”

    LOL…. hahaha… You are apart of the McCain Campaign! Were you expecting to get emails from Obama!???

    You crack me up Babs.

    Stalin – “You don’t just vote on capital hill, you lead and you debate.”

    Well, in McCain’s case you don’t debate. The lead part is still questionable too.

  • Babs

    Bruce, *omitted by admin* McCain is not going to vote, he’s going to help hammer out a bipartisan bill that will pass congress.
    He’s actually going to do work.

  • I am sorry Babs, but no. McCain has missed dozens upon dozens of votes this year as he campaigned– as had Obama, this is par for the course. They multi-task for the important bills and do not show for the others.

    In addition to this, there are 98 other well qualified Senators present to deal with the bi-partisan venture. It will not make things better to have two presidential candidates showboating about with the national press close at hand.

    Right now McCain and Obama are officially nominated presidential candidates for their respective Parties. As SRD explained, that’s a job too. They need to step it up and multi-task, not step down from one position. They have only a handful of debates to do before November. This country needs to see these two discuss issues like the economy, not see them sitting in the Senate and saying “Nay” or “Yay” for the vote. Dibs said it right when he pointed out the time for the debate. McCain and Obama do not need to be in D.C. at 6pm on Friday. They each can spare a few hours to talk about the issues.

    CG, I do not understand the honor comment here. Serve your country in the dual capacities you have been charged with, there is the honor– you have repeatedly said that you think very little of either candidate’s expertise on economics (especially McCain who has admitted so, as soldier-cold and Amanda reminds us), so why do you suddenly desire them at the Senate?

  • JD

    “Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, told Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., that it would NOT be helpful for him to come back to Washington, D.C., to work on the Wall Street bailout bill.”

    “This is a critical time for our country,” says the Reid statement. “While I appreciate that both candidates have signaled their willingness to help, Congress and the administration have a process in place to reach a solution to this unprecedented financial crisis. I understand that the candidates are putting together a joint statement at Sen. Obama’s suggestion. But it would not be helpful at this time to have them come back during these negotiations and risk injecting presidential politics into this process or distract important talks about the future of our nation’s economy. If that changes, we will call upon them. We need leadership; not a campaign photo op. If there were ever a time for both candidates to hold a debate before the American people about this serious challenge, it is now.”

  • JD

    “Debate commission says they’re going ahead full speed with Friday’s face-off.”

  • When Newt Gringrich can talk to NPR and say he thinks we need to take some time and not rush into an immediate agreement, perhaps we should all slow down and do alot more research instead of pointing fingers and jumping to conclusions and binding legislation. I don’t think either candidate has a grasp of what happenned and what is happenning with our economy, but It is who they have advising them that will make the difference.
    Let them do their jobs as Senators and also have a debate.

  • JD

    Video of Barack’s Response


  • Bruce



    I can tell that you are flustered so no real need for the name calling. Lets get something settled here McCain will be doing nothing more by his appearance than use it as a political stunt. To say “he’s going to help hammer out a bipartisan bill that will pass congress” is to say that he is going to VOTE on it ! Or it wouldn’t be a BILL. And for the sake of this country of which I have served proudly this can’t be “hammered out” It’s not a dent it’s a gaping wound. If you want to show the people that he is ready He can debate Obama and attempt to show the American people that he is a leader. This BETTER take more than a 3 day 3 page fix! Remember if it wasn’t for McCains proven record of being a Anti regulatory fighter which allowed the insanely rich greedy wall street exec’s to get us where we are at today we wouldn’t be in this situation in the first place

  • JD

    I just saw this… It will be long and most people may not read this but here is a list of past events that happened on Presidential debate days.



    1960 DEBATES
    Sep 26, 1960
    Soviets announce ready to put first astronaut into space
    Oct 7, 1960
    Cuba accuses US of links to invasion
    Pentagon curbs spending in light of trade imbalance
    Oct 13, 1960
    Bomb injures 33 in Times Square in 3rd explosion in 11 days
    US embargo on Cuba announced
    Oct 21, 1960
    Gold price problems in world markets

    SOURCE: Front pages of New York Times on debate day

    1976 DEBATES
    Sep 23, 1976
    SEC probing US Steel, including Gerald Ford Congressional activities
    Oct 06, 1976
    Chinese nuke tests fallout on US soil
    Oct 22, 1976
    Swine flu vaccine leads the news
    Oct 15, 1976 (VP)
    Castro says CIA involved in crash of airliner of Barbados, won’t renew anti-hijack agreement with US.
    Watergate: no investigation of Ford blocking probe

    SOURCE: NBC Nightly News evening of each debate via Vanderbilt TV News Archive

    1980 DEBATES
    Sep 21, 1980
    Iran/Iraq war developments, including US role
    Cutoff of rail access for West Germany to West Berlin.
    Follow-up on Titan II Missile explosion earlier in week
    Oct 28, 1980
    Iranian parliament resumes debate on US hostages. Questions of arms to Saudi Arabia from US
    Record loss for car company from Ford

    SOURCE: NBC Nightly News evening of each debate via Vanderbilt TV News Archive

    1984 DEBATES
    Oct 07, 1984
    Space shuttle Challenger difficulties in orbit
    Oct 21, 1984
    El Salvador reports CIA agents killed in plane crash
    Oct 11, 1984 (VP)
    Chief Justice Burger blocking abortion for retarded, dead, blind rape victim
    Threats confirmed of plan to crash plane into US embassy in Middle East

    SOURCE: CBS (10/7, 10/21) and CBS (10/11) Nightly News via Vanderbilt TV News Archive

    1988 DEBATES
    Sep 25, 1988
    Oct 13, 1988
    New stats on growing trade deficit
    Oct 05, 1988 (VP)
    US hostages in Lebanon
    Elections/violence in Chile

    SOURCE: NBC Nightly News evening of each debate via Vanderbilt TV News Archive

    1992 DEBATES
    Oct 11, 1992
    Reemergence of tuberculosis
    Oct 15, 1992
    Oct 19, 1992
    Oct 13, 1992 (VP)

    SOURCE: New York Times, 10/11/92

    1996 DEBATES
    Oct 6, 1996
    Oct 16, 1996
    Oct 9, 1996 (VP)

    2000 DEBATES
    Oct 3, 2000
    Oct 11, 2000
    Middle East violence erupts
    Oct 17, 2000
    Debate goes in the aftermath of the sudden death of Senator Mel Carnahan
    Attack of USS Cole occurred 5 days earlier
    Oct 5, 2000 (VP)
    Middle East peace talks fall apart

    SOURCE: AP, 10/17/00; New York Times, 10/5/00, 10/11/00, 10/14/00

    2004 DEBATES
    Sep 30, 2004
    “North Korea has said it has turned plutonium from 8,000 spent fuel rods into nuclear weapons.” [BBC, 9/28/04]
    Fannie Mae Agreed To ‘Major Changes’ In Its Accounting And Management Practices. [New York Times, 9/28/04]
    Oct 8, 2004
    Oct 13, 2004
    Oct 5, 2004 (VP)

    SOURCE FOR DATES: Commission On Presidential Debates (http://www.debates.org/pages/history.html)
    NOTE: There were no debates in 1964, 1968 or 1972

  • Dreadsen

    Geezus where in the hell did all these people come from! I haven’t even read all of these responses.
    Neither one of these guys can really do anything. Both of them can just take advise from their own experts on the matter. What is postponing a campaign going to do? McCain isn’t scared to debate Obama. I think this idea is kinda far fetched. Looking at some of the shoot from the hip ideas he has made like firing the SEC guy then later the FEC this is probably just another knee jerk ploy. He is competent enough to do both things at the same time. His economic advisers will be working on the ins and outs of this thing and will give him a finally analysis for him to make a decision which will also be in his favor politically. Don’t believe for a second that they are going to put politics aside. Both of them are going to try to use this to attack the other and Obama has the huge upper hand right now. Being that McCain was on the side of the deregulation folks. Maybe a possibility would be that he is stalling so he can redesign his debate angle now that the game has changed.
    Bus suspending the campaign over this? He has an entire staff and he has Palin for back up. Let her handle things while he focuses on this major issue.

  • Bruce

    And thank you JD It couldnt be said any better than that Get on a Plane and Show up to the DEBATE. All he is really trying to do is use this situation to bump the VP debate because they are scared to death to let Palin actually answer questions.

  • Jennifer

    First of all the first debate topic is slated to be foreign policy….a topic which McCain does not have to postpone.
    I think if this federal bailout is going to cost each American including infants and children $3000, then pull yourself out of the spotlight and WORK!!!!

    Obama is sinking himself deeper and deeper…he is transparent…and I believe Americans are about to see his true colors.


    You liberals are to blind to see that this truly is “Country First.”

    McCain will help spur both parties to real bipartisan work something Hussein Obama has never done ONCE!

    Let him campaign and talk about his crap change when he is really as you libs say MORE OF THE SAME.

    Oh yeah and this whole Bill Ayers thing, aint going away. the two werent just neighbors LOL not at all, they spoke frequently and they also had some very radical teachings for school.


    One last thing. Maybe McCain wants to go vote on this not only to help bipartisanship but to actually vote “Yes” or “No” on something. That is somethign so simple that Obama couldnt do 160 times and had to vote present. Maybe McCain is going back because congress knows he is a true leader who has lead before in congress while Obama either didnt show up because he was already campaigning in 2006 or he just coulndt make a decision.

  • Todd

    Boy Dreadsen you right who are these people ?

    I see politics in both sides of the issue.

    Obama is having no problem telling folks that he called Mac first and suggested a joint statement. You folks act as if Mac was therefore mandated to do what Obama said. Had Mac done that Obama would have no problem exploiting the fact he was the one who picked up the phone. Had Mac fell for it Obama would be on TV 2nite telling us that the joint press statement was an effort he determined was needed in order to put politics aside at a time such as this, and you would have lapped it up. He would have said this is proof that he can lead on the major issues and reach out to the other side on important matters. So it was completely political by Obama in the beginning. By the way if you guys really believe that senators have no reason to be in Washington during what the DEMOCRATS have described as the worse economy since Roosevelt then when should they be there? and why would Obama have suggested any release ? After all as JD pointed out Reid asked that they stay out of it in order to avoid injecting politics into it.

    Anyway Mac sought to get the upper hand on the issue and block Obama’s we are the world attempt by saying Ok I will do you one better, lets suspend the politics and both of us can go back and actually participate in the negotiations. Obama didn’t like that B/C he is in the south right now and he would have had to cancel all his scheduled attempts to gain a foothold there, Florida in particular.

    I can see you Obama folks now had you found out that Mac text his vote, used a blackberry (is that allowed in the senate anyway ?) or any other device to solve the “crisis” instead of actually going to the senate and reading the bill and participating in the make up of it. Once again your trying to have it both ways.

    You dummies are also showing your complete lack of knowledge about the debates or either your attempt at lying/slanting is bad.

    The first debate, the one that Mac wants to delay, is on Foreign policy and National Security. Not The economy (that’s in mid October)–so neither candidate has been preparing for an economic debate in the first place. This is yet another fact that shows Obama is trying to keep us on the economy instead of National Security which is the subject everyone believes will be his biggest weakness and is the subject tbey are suppose to talk about Friday. I would imagine Mac would like the economy issue to die down before he debates on National Security so what should be a major plus for him will not be overwhelmed by economic news.

    Here is the debate schedule, if you would like to look at it before you make stupid statements like Obama suggesting the Nation needs to hear form it’s future leader, the one who will have to handle this issue. By the way what is he planning to do scrap the agreed upon format and just talk about the economy or was he saying the people need to hear the man who may have to handle the economic issue talk about Foreign Policy ?, it’s ok go with what your told to think—-dang Dreadsen it’s the blind leading the blind and all are complaining that the lights aren’t on.


  • Annette

    At least he is going to Washington to do what his constituents sent him to Washington to do in the first place. As a resident of Illinois I am personally sick of Obama not doing the job he was sent to do. Of course if all he will do is vote “present” then I guess it won’t matter if he isn’t there. By the way, I voted for him then.
    The debates? I’ll bet Palin at least knows that FDR wasn’t president in 1929 and that there wasn’t television.
    Each side sees what they want. Each side picks apart whatever they want to pick apart.
    It really doesn’t matter who actually wins the debate anyway because the media will put their liberal spin on it and tell America who ‘really’ won the debate. I can’t believe that Obama is going up int he polls when you consider that one of his head financial gurus was the chair of the board for Superior FSB and went under due to major risk taking in mortgage lending and auto loans. Her company payed out millions and it still wasn’t enough to pay back all that was owed to the folks who were screwed. What kind of financial advice is he getting anyway?

  • PeoplePower

    Wow! An explosion of irrationality…I had to filter through a lot of junky, excessively partisan rancor to get to the substantive comments – thanks JD, Dreadsen, Todd & Stalin. At least you had reasonable remarks. Some of the others did as well (Bruce and U.S.A., I think), but they were well-buried.

    This *is* all politics. To say that isn’t insulting either of them, it’s what politics are about. Gain the upperhand somehow over your opponents. Scoring points with the electorate.

    McCain suspending his campaign will win over some undecided people and may lose some people he was holding on to by a thread. It will, clearly, raise the ire of people completely disinterested in him.

    Obama making the suggestion of a joint statement will win over some undecided. I don’t think there’s a downside on this one – smart move.

    The bottom-line, though, is both candidates would do well to stay far away from the House & Senate. As much as they might want (or not, in-truth) to keep it from being a media circus, their presence would simply lend to chaos that wouldn’t be helpful.

    I did like McCain’s idea of the House & Senate leadership meeting w/Bush & his croneys *and* including McCain & Obama in it. But, again, pr’ly too much politricking would get induced and we may delay any resulting solution.

    Politicking aside, the debates should move forward as we need the direct discussions to happen with both candidates on the state.

    THANK YOU JD for the “what events occurred on debate night” list! That was awesome. If they had a debate the night Kruschev banged his shoe on the desk, that *surely* proves the campaigning can continue as usual…that was a *huge* moment in foreign relations madness!

  • JD

    Todd – “By the way what is he planning to do scrap the agreed upon format and just talk about the economy or was he saying the people need to hear the man who may have to handle the economic issue talk about Foreign Policy ?”

    Are you serious??? I want to be clear with my question to you Todd. Are you suggesting that our economy is relatable to foreign policy?

    There are a couple questions that come to mind when looking at this situation.

    Are we in this situation because we had the wrong foreign policy and left our economy unattended?

    Does a 10 trillion dollar deficit and economy on the brink of heading toward a depression mean a US that is more vulnerable to economical pressure from Russia, china, EU…

    This is just two ways (off the cuff) I can see how our economy is connected to foreign policy. Not to mention our nation has been using its economy to effect or pressure the decisions of other nations for years now which means our economy is a tool we use in our foreign policy weaponry.

  • Bill Hedges

    I just watched video from 2006. McCain again wants reform of Fanny and Freddy. Talked of possible dangers. Unfortuneately Democrats stopped it. Now the same Democrats (Speaker of the House & Reed) tell McCain he need not come. There are Republicans not for the rescue, if John can help that is good. It is said Wall Sreet Market will have a major fall if not passed. Some say McCain is doing this for politica resons. I can not read his mind. But historically I guess it is not. I elieve he ould give up the job he seeks, to protect his Country.ime

  • Bruce

    For all of you die hard Republicans…Thanks for driving the country in a ditch then try to clean it up with a political stunt. McCain cant go back on every blunder and serious lack of leadership and judgment by simply showing up to Washington now. Enough said

  • Todd


    What is your deal ?

    are you so blind that you can’t even see the stupid statements you make ?

    Talk about dirty politics you are in the cess pool.

    Take your point up with the Obama/MCain campaigns. When you get through with that talk to the Presidential debate committee. All of them decided to separate Foreign policy from Economics, I didn’t decide it -they did, so apparently Obama agreed at one point that the issues were separate enough to set two separate debates. If Obama believed they were the same issues I doubt he would have agreed to a format that separated them. I doubt that he would have agreed to talk about the ECONOMIC issues in October if he thought it was part of the September Foreign Policy debate. He, like Mac, is just trying to drive the issue he feels strongest on and he will do it in any format.

    Just use your brain a little, I know you hate Republican’s with so much vigor that you cannot see the politics behind senator Obama’s moves and apparently you are so blinded that you believe everything democrats tell you. Being partisan is one thing being blind and stupid is yet another.

    I have readily admitted that I am partisan but I have also tried to take the middle road where I can, I took it on this issue when I said both of them are playing it fop what they can. You have no such ability.

    The stupid list you posted about previous debates proves your lack of ability to reason.
    Not one of the nine presidential campaigns from the 1960’s to 2004 included two Presidential candidates who were senators-Senators who had law making/voting/oversite responsibilities. Plus not one of the “crisis” you list involved a matter that required the two parties to negotiate any differences in order to avoid a catastrophic impact on the personal lives of everyday America. What did you want ? the parties to discuss the Middle East Peace process and put the U.S. election process on hold ? What about The time Sqaure Bombing-did the Republican and Dems need to get together and discuss the fact it was a tragedy ? Rail Access to Germany ? USS Cole ? Hostages ? Space Shuttle ? Did one party want to blow up more shuttles, abandon Germany, take more hostages –what issue needed to be discussed between the parties that would have stopped the election process ? You try to compare a Financial issue/disagreement among parties over an issue which democrats are saying is ruining American’s lives and needs to be addressed thoroughly ASAP and you compare it to railroads in Germany ?

    Let me know one time in the last 9 debate season’s that a senator went up against a senator, you can’t b/c it didn’t happen.

    Oh yeah Obama now says he will attend the White House meeting 2morrow with McCain was that two positions in 5 hours–in truth yes very much so–he didn’t want to cause it to be politicized at 5pm and thought a press release was sufficient, now at 10pm he feels he needs to sit in on the meeting at the White House. I personally believe it’s the correct thing to do but you don’t have the ability to see it conflicts with what he originally said. He is playing politics b/c he cannot let Mac be seen sitting there while
    he is out telling Floridians why they should vote for him.

    Bottom line here is this When I go off on my rants I try very hard to keep it from being personal, I try to make general disparaging remarks. I disagree with PP, Indi & Dreadsen on a lot of issues, hell I even disagree with the conservatives like Babs or Obama Sucks sometimes but you, my friend, have symbolized the very type person that is the problem with this country, you are so filled with hate that you spout your load of crap without even thinking it through and you spout it as absolute fact or either you don’t bother to research your stupidity before you spout it. I really don’t know which it is but you have a problem.
    I take that back with your racist post last night I think I know exactly what your problem is.

    I know you will have something really stupid and personal to respond with but thats Ok now that you know I think your an idiot. Say what you will after you read this but don’t expect a response from me just assume I believe it’s more of your B.S. and that you aren’t worthy of debating.

    To the rest of you I am sorry to be this way but JD has a tone that is impossible to ignore for long. If I have offended some of you I am sorry.

    By the way Bruce I guess you forgot that the Dems were the ones demanding banks make lending to the poor and minorities the issue of the year in 2001. but that’s Ok too Bush must have been the most powerful idiot in the history of the world after all he got the Dems to do everything he wanted them to but you too seem to have selective memory.


    Wow Jd, And Bruce you two are to much.

    Bruce so its republicans fault that congress had an approval rating of 7% and when dems took the majority in 2006 and promised change that nothing happened and thigns turned bad. Ok sure blame everything on the republicans.

  • Dreadsen

    You are right O.S.

    They promised to prosecute Bush and they haven’t done it. They had all the evidence laid out in front of them and they even had hearings on it. But those bad old democrats wouldn’t bring it to the floor. So yes their approval rating needs to be low.

    So we should put the heat on them to move on that process.
    What do you think?

  • Dreadsen

    andy Borowitz reports LOL!!

    Saying that “desperate times call for desperate measures,” GOP presidential nominee John McCain announced today that he would personally bail out of Friday’s scheduled presidential debate.

    “As of today, I am officially bailing out of the debate,” Sen. McCain told reporters in Washington today. “And I invite Sen. Obama to join me in this bailout effort.”

    Sen. McCain said he would be putting together what he called “a comprehensive debate bailout package,” which could include bailing out of the other two scheduled debates as well.

    When asked what motivated his dramatic bailout proposal, Sen. McCain said, “When I woke up this morning and I saw those terrible numbers, I knew that a bailout was necessary to keep those numbers from getting worse.”

    Mr. McCain refused to answer a reporter’s question about whether he was talking about economic numbers or poll numbers, saying, “I am bailing out of any response to that question.”

    GOP vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin said that she would join in her running mate’s bailout effort by bailing out of her debate with Delaware senator Joseph Biden.

    In a campaign stop in Michigan, Gov. Palin detailed a series of bold initiatives, including building a twenty-foot-high fence between her and the press.

  • JD

    Not sure where to start but I would like to begin with my Closing argument and go from there (You can see the Closing Statement again at the end if you decide to read through all this.)

    In Closing…

    Todd… You need a hug. I am talking a good bear hug where you fight it at first then you break down into tears and confess all the hurt you feel inside. I guess I am saying you need a good cry too.

    PLEASE … Join a group “My Friend” (a little McCain phrase to make you feel better.)

    Now on with the Show.

    Todd – “The stupid list you posted about previous debates proves your lack of ability to reason. Not one of the nine presidential campaigns from the 1960’s to 2004 included two Presidential candidates who were senators-Senators who had law making/voting/oversite responsibilities.”

    Does it have to be both candidates? Lets start from the beginning…1960. I mean a senate job is a senate job so John F. Kennedy should have suspended his campaign and headed back to congress even if he wasn’t running against another senater.

    But Wait… who was he running against??? Should Nixon have suspended his and headed back to the White house as the VP. Both had roles at the top of the government did they not? Is a VP not as important as Senater? Or is it the other way around? Set me straight please.

    Not to mention they did not have the technology to be practically at two places at one time. I don’t mean that McCain can’t go to DC and work on the Bill but rather he has the capability to do the Debate easily and still run his campaign. I can’t claim to understand why he pulled this stunt but like letterman said, “It smells”.

    I could continue to run down the list and connect the dots for for you Todd but I am finding out more and more that you are the kind of person who has to learn the hard way. The Bush way and who am I to change that about you.

    Next Todd Quote – “All of them decided to separate Foreign policy from Economics, I didn’t decide it -they did, so apparently Obama agreed at one point that the issues were separate enough to set two separate debates.”

    You are correct but you seem to forget that the US uses its economy as a forgein policy. Would it be impossible to talk about the US economy as a tool in the Foriegn policy hand bag? Do we not protect our assets in other counties? Can that not be a viable topic to cover?

    I can not claim to know what the questions will be but ,YES, I think there can be a question in the debate that talks about how the failure of our economy will effect the way we interact with other counties, our safety, and our pull amongst other nations. McCain of all people should know this with all his years of experience.

    Needless to say, it would still be a Foreign policy debate which is addressing the American Economy as a tool in our foreign affairs.

    Besides, Isn’t McCain claiming that it is so important right now… why wouldn’t he want to talk about how it ties into foreign policy?

    Todd – “He, like Mac, is just trying to drive the issue he feels strongest on and he will do it in any format.”

    I agree with this statement but it is important to at least admit that a strong economy means we have better pull in the world so it would not be a stretch to touch on it in a Foreign Policy debate.

    Again, McCain should understand this or he would not be running off like he is and to that point…does not explain why McCain is running away from the debate.

    Todd – “Oh yeah Obama now says he will attend the White House meeting 2morrow with McCain”

    Very true… He is sticking with what he was saying to begin with. You can work this issue and still hold the debate.

    To my knowledge, he is not the one that said he needed to move the debate and SUSPEND his campaign. He said he can do all three… have a debate, campaign and work in congress.

    Let me fill you in on how this is accomplished because you might not have experience as a manager. It is called


    McCain must have a hard time with this. Coupled with the fact that there is no way he is going to leave Palin in charge while he is gone.

    Todd – “but you, my friend, have symbolized the”

    Lol. Good one. I have heard that “My Friend” before… Hold on it will come to me….

    You must dream about McCain alot.

    Todd – “I take that back with your racist post last night I think I know exactly what your problem is.”

    First off what Racist Post? Secondly, Calling someone’s post racist does not make it so especially when there is no evidence of this.

    Todd – “now that you know I think your an idiot. Say what you will after you read this but don’t expect a response from me just assume I believe it’s more of your B.S. and that you aren’t worthy of debating.”

    Wow! So much hate in you young Jedi! Still, You are sounding failure again… Who else runs away from debates and has to be called out on it.


    Someone recent…


    Todd… You need a hug. I am talking a good bear hug where you fight it at first then you break down into tears and confess all the hurt you feel inside.

    Join a group “My Friend”

  • Jeremy

    Wow, you guys had fun on this one. I am on the side of thinking of this as pure politics and if either candidates go to vote on this after all of the grand standing, I will be pretty dissapointed. Going to vote will only cause a serious national issue to turn into a media circus and possibly cause further confusion on the subject.

    Shame on both candidates for grand standing like this, but double shame on McCain for taking Obama’s bait and trying to one up him at the expense of a serious national issue.

  • Mike

    Wow, I see a lot of regulars here advocating McCain going AWOL on the debates, with comments like “being a senator is McCain’s day job”, “McCain is taking the lead here”, “it’s what we pay him for”.

    If you really believe this, you seem to have sidestepped one inconvenient little fact:

    “As of September 9, 2008 McCain has missed 408 out of Senate 639 votes cast in the current 110th Congress, or 63.8%; the worst Senate attendance record of the current 110th Congress.”

    I wonder what would happen if I showed up at *my* job only 36.2% of the time…

  • I can’t read all the posts, it hurts my eyes and gives me a headache seeing people support McCain’s obvious use of the economic crisis as a political tool to garner more sympathy votes.

    McCain could get Palin to stand in if she was any good, but we know she isn’t, that’s why he has to suspend it because he doesn’t trust her on her own, and I don’t blame him.

    Obama should come back right at him and say “Let the VP’s take our place”

  • patriotview

    McCain wants to postpone the first debate for one very obvious reason: he is frightened. He is scared of debating Obama.

    The debate will only last an hour and a half. McCain can take that much time out from “fixing the financial crises.” Besides that, he is not part of the “fixing” process anyway. He’s not on the Senate committee addressing the issue, so all he can do is stand on the sidelines and act as a cheer leader. He can do that while flying to and from the debate site in Mississippi.

    McCain also wants to postpone the Palin/Bidden debate for the same reason: Palin is scared to death of debating Bidden.

    Stressful events usually show a person’s character or lack of it. The stress of the debates is causing McCain and Palin to want to run and hide – not the character traits I want in a president and vice-president.

    Sorry folks, but that is the long and the short of it. No amount of name calling or disparaging remarks will change this reality.

  • Bruce

    I am really curious to see what every one thinks on this…Mcain has suggested that the debate take place on the day of the VP debates instead and push back the Vp debate to a later date. Is it just me or does anyone else smell something fishy here. Sure seems a lot like McCain is terrified to actually let Palin speak with out cue cards. And will use any event to try and steer the people away from her record or her ability to think for herself. I’m not suggesting that this was his primary reason for his move but it sure seems fishy eh?!

  • Babs


    “Remember if it wasn’t for McCains proven record of being a Anti regulatory fighter which allowed the insanely rich greedy wall street exec’s to get us where we are at today we wouldn’t be in this situation in the first place”

    No, remember if Congress would have listened to McCain’s warning and concern about the practices of Fannie and Freddie in 2006 we wouldn’t be in this situation in the first place.

    I think everyone needs to settle down. McCain and Obama have day jobs – they both need to go do them. McCain is, Obama’s phoning in. Their choice.

  • T’mok

    As I understand it, McCain’s not even on the committee working on putting together the bailout proposal. It’s a closed door meeting only for committee members. He has less influence than the least senior member on the committee. And the Congress has stated they don’t want campaign politics mucking up their efforts. And each of the candidates has a whole team to delegate the maintenance of their campaign to while they’re away for a few hours at the debate doing something that this country also really needs…candidates representing themselves to the American people for a position more significant than Senator. I don’t see why anything has to be put on hold. There are enough people and resources to do it all. This does seem like an excellent test of leadership in multi-tasking and delegation.

  • IndiMinded

    I find it amusing that the man who believes the fundamentals of our economy are strong is suspending his campaign in order to address it’s weaknesses.

    I find it more amusing that some people are gullible enough to think that our politicians have stopped playing politics for the moment. Obama’s bipartisan effort was playing politics, just like McCain’s campaign suspension is.

    Yes McCain and Obama both have a job, but that hasn’t concerned them much before now – and realistically you have to see what a disaster their presence will be in the senate at the moment. The whole process will become unbearably polarized and politicized – real solutions are not likely to emerge from that mess.

    Bringing presidential politics into the senate amidst financial crisis is not responsible. It’s actually migraine-inducingly irresponsible. I’m sure helpful thoughts would be appreciated, but crisis is not a time for diversion and distraction. By returning to the senate they will be visiting active harm on process of our nation’s stabilization.

  • Brenda

    Its time to see how they plan to fix the economy, not time to hear! A debate can always be rescheduled; however, we cannot reschedule the economy. Rescheduling will not affect the effectiveness or integrity of the debate. It is time to prioritize, the economy trumps a debate. I agree with Obama that a president needs to be able to deal with multiple tasks at once; however, not when comparing a debate and an economic crisis. Do not be naïve in believing that preparing for one of the most influential debates in the campaign to presidency will not take away time for devoting to the economy or add stress to the crisis. A debate can and should be rescheduled. We should all put our economy first!

  • Babs

    Why do you think he’s bringing politics in, Indi? Is he not an Arizona State Senator with not only a right to be involved in this, but a duty?

    Helpful thoughts? Who would you like to leave this crisis to, Indi? Pelosi, Paulson, Bush, who? Every elected official in this country should be in Washington doing their job during this crisis. That’s what we pay them to do – represent us and our interests.

    “With all due respect to my friend John McCain, we’re doing just fine,” said Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid Wednesday.

    The McCain campaign responded to Reid on Wednesday night by saying the Nevada Democrat had earlier suggested the candidates return to Washington to help hash out the details.

    “Unfortunately, Senator Reid is putting partisan politics ahead of the business of the American people. But there should be no mistake: 24 hours ago Reid and his Democratic colleagues on the Hill couldn’t have been more desperate for Senator McCain’s help in resolving this crisis. Now they’ve got it,” McCain spokesman Brian Rogers said in a statement.

    “John McCain can, in fact, credibly say I am going to Washington to help solve this problem. And whether you like his politics or not, John McCain has been in the room many, many, many times and has worked on deals and has been able to bring bipartisan consensus, not necessarily everything I always wanted, but he can get the deal done,” said former Sen. Rick Santorum, R-Pa.”

    From McCain this morning:

    “Let me put it this way: I would rather build a bridge to nowhere — and put it square in the middle of Sedona, Arizona — than take money from teachers and farmers and small business owners to line the pockets of the Wall Street crowd that got us here in the first place,

    History must not record that when our nation faced such a moment, its leadership was unable to put aside politics and to focus in a unified way to solve this problem. It’s time for everyone to recall that the political process is not an end in itself, nor is it intended to serve those of us who are in the middle of it. In the Senate of the United States, our duty is to serve the people of this country, and we can serve them best now by putting politics aside and dealing in a focused, straightforward, bipartisan way with the problem at hand,” he said.”

    What’s wrong with this, Indi? Is it so shocking that an elected official is willing to do their job? This is crazy.

  • IndiMinded

    That back and forth bickering amidst a crisis is what’s wrong, Babs. We don’t need it, and it won’t help. What he’s saying makes perfect sense, but what he’s doing will hinder, not help.

  • Babs

    Yes, I agree, back and forth bickering is wrong, it’s going on among partisan politicians, and it needs to stop. Enter McCain. That’s his record, Indi, not what he projects he can do, but his proven record. And it was the Democrats who were on his butt for NOT participating just days ago. This is an exerpt from CNN this morning.

    “Democratic congressional leaders had been demanding for days that McCain take a more forceful position in favor of a bailout and rally his party behind him. What they did not want was either McCain or Obama in the room — a prospect that suddenly seemed to materialize yesterday, only to dissipate in a rapid-fire series of events. Instead, negotiators now appear to have gotten more than they could have hoped for: both presidential candidates meeting with President Bush to deliver a forceful statement in favor of a fast, dramatic market intervention.”

    I would appear that McCain taking the lead and actually doing something here has accomplished something. According to CNN, somewhere along the way Obama has decided to join him in Washington after all, and as long as Obama is along for the ride it’s all good.

    NOW let’s see who is really the bipartisan one here – let’s see who really has influence with both parties, and who really reaches across the aisle. This will tell us more than 100 debates.

    Does it inject politics? Come on, it’s ALL politics, with or without McCain’s presence, that’s why we’re IN this mess. Surely you’ll concede that.

  • Stalin

    What is the big fricking deal? He’s not cancelling the debate, just postponing it. How many townhall debates did Obama refuse to do with McCain? McCain wanted 10 townhall debates. Watch who you criticize. McCain has been through many debates, please drop this ridiculous line of reasoning. Obama says this is the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression but he is more worried about studying up on a crash course in foreign policy. What the hell is the difference if you debate Friday or next week. COUNTRY FIRST. NOT OBAMA FIRST

  • Babs

    Actually, Stalin, Bill Clinton spoke out about that very subject this morning on ABC (I think it was). He flat out said that everyone should know that McCain is not afraid to debate Obama, because he actually fought for more debates. So it makes no sense to say he’s afraid of the debate because, of course he’s not. Kudos to Bill.

  • Stalin


    I noticed that Bill has been saying quite a few decent things about McCain. I think that he and Hillary will do the absolute minimum for Obama so as to look like they are helping, but they really want McCain to win. Hillary can then swoop in for the 2012 elections.

  • Babs

    I agree, actually I think they are doing the absolute minimum for “the party”, not really Obama. Bill is becoming very outspoken, like his statement yesterday that if the Dems wanted somebody to dump on McCain he’s not their guy. I do think they’re looking to 1012, but who knows who she’ll be up against then, 4 years is a long time. She’ll be pushing 65 then, the age issue will probably be a big one again. *L*

  • IndiMinded

    Babs, I don’t think you fully understand what’s bothering me here. Let me paint you a picture. Yesterday we had the senate a wreck with general arguing, objections, proposals, counter proposals and such. Not good times, it’s very difficult to find a good solution to this problem.

    Now you put a presidential candidate, and suddenly the question of WHO gets credit for any positive outcome of this mess is extremely important. We’re roughly a month away from a presidential election – bi-partisan solutions become almost impossible with a presidential candidate in the room.

    If republicans figure out something that’s even moderately popular, they have to find a way to spin it so that it seems like McCain showed Great Leadership and Vision in the process – and as such the democrats are obligated to hate any proposal that could frame things that way.

    Likewise, if Obama is there the opposite is equally true. Republicans aren’t going to support any solution that might help Obama win the election.

    So a messy, complex financial crisis is occurring – solutions being floated include a package costing us $10,000 per american family, and it just became impossible for the senate to stay focused on actually solving the problem.

    Just. Freaking. Great.

  • PeoplePower

    It is all political gamesmanship.

    Stalin, there are only 19 days to cover 4 debates, when can it be re-scheduled to? What if there’s another economic meltdown? Or another minor hurricane (like Gustav) that might “demand” his attention?

    The townhall debates were a nice idea, but didn’t get agreed upon, so there’s no real relevance bringing them up.

    Besides, this is a foreign policy debate. It should be a slam-dunk for McCain, according to his supporters. He can fly out from D.C. a couple hours before the debate and be all set. All while he’s aiding in the solutions to the economic crisis.

    Why suspend the campaign? It’s really a situation where if he thought it was so necessary to take the time to go back to D.C. to “do his job” he has a perfectly sound V.P. candidate who can go on the stump while he’s away (again, according to his supporters). Or does he not trust her to take the ball for a few days?

    Somethings smells, as Letterman put it, and it’s a fair statement to bring it up. What is the ultimate goal here? Squeeze 4 debates in 12 days? Cancel one entire debate, like the V.P. one? Since McCain is such an experienced leader and has Foreign Relations cred., he should be able to knock any such debate out of the park w/o *any* prep.

    I really don’t think McCain or Obama need to be physically present to influence their parties.

    Oh, and for those who say McCain can *really* influence his fellow Senators to work in a bipartisan way. I agree. He *can* and he *has*. Part of the reason for this is his long years in the Senate, a position of natural respect. If Obama had 26 years in the Senate, I’m quite certain he would have similar influence – but I’m sure many of you partisan hacks out there won’t be brave enough to admit that. God forbid you say anything nice about Obama…

    Country First? Nice slogan. If only the supporters acted that way.

    Umm, before blasting me for others’ partisanship, I cannot control them and certainly there are people who won’t accept any positives about their opposing ideologies (from both sides).

    Also, given that McCain & Obama view the solutions very similarly, they could be tasked to talk to the outliers in their parties to bring them in on some deal.

    Most of this influence, if not all of it, can be “phoned in”.

    Their votes are the least important part about this. If the bill put together is a reasonable one, with good bipartisan work and balanced protection combined with the bailout, it should be passed with a vast majority and 2 votes won’t do diddly to impact it.

  • PeoplePower

    Well said IndiMinded! Keep Presidential politics out of this huge issue…

  • Babs


    “Oh, and for those who say McCain can *really* influence his fellow Senators to work in a bipartisan way. I agree. He *can* and he *has*. Part of the reason for this is his long years in the Senate, a position of natural respect. If Obama had 26 years in the Senate, I’m quite certain he would have similar influence – but I’m sure many of you partisan hacks out there won’t be brave enough to admit that. God forbid you say anything nice about Obama…”

    I can admit this openly and without shame. If Obama had 26 years in the Senate, I’m quite certain he would have similar influence. But he doesn’t, does he? When he does, I’ll expect him to use that influence to affect positive change, just like I expect McCain to do now.

    By the way, I answered this even though I’m not a “partisan hack”, whatever that is.

  • Bruce

    Typical republican playbook on this is all it really is. McCain is simply trying to look like the guy that rides in on a white horse to save the day. When in reality until today he hasn’t been there to fix it. So to say that he can make a huge difference on this situation by simply showing up for 2 days is nonsense. Bab’s tell me ONE thing McCain is really doing there. I want specifics not just he’s hammering out the deal to be a bipartisan maverick. And for the sake of our country this plan better not be some thrown together plan just to put band aids on gaping wounds. Another point no news or blogs from what I’ve seen have said anything about is, if all of a sudden this country can afford 1 trillion dollars to bail out big business, Why the hell are our healthcare, education, and workforce systems suffering? Sure seems like they could have used this money for better purposes along time ago. Just a thought

  • exblink

    I cant belive that anyone in the republican base could honstly think this is about the country. This is as political as it could possibly be. I want to point out that McCain didnt note the progress that the bill has made already. He just said that he doesnt believe that it will pass as it stands now. NO SHIT! It is still being worked on by both parties.

    Now how busy is it that you have to return to washington to help this thing along, knowing that you arent even on the committee writing this thing, and are supposed to be at the white house the morning of your arrival. As a matter of fact, you are so busy that you cant even run a television add?


    If a QB gets injured in a game, you throw in the second string, and life goes on.

    PLUS!!!!!!!!!!!!! What was the date the McCain associats decided to postpone the debate to? Oct 2nd? Sound familiar? That is the day that the VP debate was supposed to take place, and what about that debate? He asked for a postponement of that debate. Why? Why? Why? Why wont he let any reporters near her? Why cant she even be seen in anything besides staged events at the UN. Why do the reporters get ushered out of the room whenever they ask her about anything?

    I dont think that McCain isnt ready, i think it is because she isnt ready.

    I hope that anyone who takes a look at this would please open their eyes and see what is in front of you.

  • Bruce

    Exblink, that’s exactly what I thought when he suggested what dates he wanted to move the debate to. Sure seems convenient huh

  • Rayven

    It is nice to know that McCain would suspend the democratic process for political means. Running for President isn’t important enough for him. What would happen if you didn’t show up for an job interview?I don’t think he’s going to make much difference in Washington.Political Theater.More gop mind tricks.And of course his fan just go with.How honorable they say.This is disrespectful of the office . Look at what happened to Ross Perot. Apparently this is what he thinks of the process to be President.Do you think he would suspend the government?I think this is sick.He is without a doubt THE BIGGEST HAM I HAVE EVER SEEN.GEEZZ (the nerve of the guy)

  • Babs

    Bruce, I don’t pretend to be privvy to McCain’s private conversations with the list of lawmakers he named off yesterday – the ones he consulted before making his decision. I’m sure that part of his decision was made based on what his fellow lawmakers on the Hill said to him. Also, I think part of it might have been that the Democrats, Sen. Reid, in particular, threw out demands at him for his input with the Republican Party. Did you catch the above quote?

    “Democratic congressional leaders had been demanding for days that McCain take a more forceful position in favor of a bailout and rally his party behind him.”

    Apparently, McCain doesn’t feel he can just “phone that in”.

    I think he got pressure from both sides to be a part of this. In fact, I’m hearing today that the republicans were saying they wouldn’t support it without McCain’s endorsement, and LIKEWISE Demoracts were saying THEY wouldn’t support it with Obama’s endorsement. I don’t think that McCain or even Obama made this into a partisan cat fight, I think the congressional leaders on the Hill did, and Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid are the two biggees. They threw down a gauntlet to McCain on the matter, and McCain checked his priorities, and went.

    “And for the sake of our country this plan better not be some thrown together plan just to put band aids on gaping wounds.”

    We all feel that way, Bruce. McCain does, too, and I’m sure Obama does too. Unfortunately, as PP has already pointed out, McCain’s 26 years in congress gives him the upperhand on getting an agreement made that will help both Wallstreet and Main Street, and that’s the goal here. While Dems and Repubs are using partisan politics to debate the thing, McCain historically can throw out the partisanship and push for a united plan. I’m sure Obama can do the same once he’s had the years under his belt that McCain has.

    It’s not like McCain didn’t ask Obama to join him in this. If he were grandstanding, he would simply have took off on his white horse. In case you haven’t heard, once Obama shrugged McCain’s request off, it was McCain who requested that Bush call the meeting today with both he and Obama.

    Look Bruce, one of these men are going to inherit the fallout from this bailout package in three short months. They should both be a part of the decision making here. It’s one of THEM who will have to live with the decisions these few biased lawmakers are trying to shove down our throats.

  • Stalin

    Why is it that everything that McCain does is cynical? McCain picks Palin…it’s cynical. McCain suspends campaign…cynical. Perhaps it is the people who are pointing the fingers that are cynical. Do you we really live in a world where people can’t work for good…just for the sake of doing something good or what they think is right?


    McCain gambles in certain ways but they are smart gambles not cynical moves. I admire John McCain for doing whats right and going by his own tune.


    Dreadsen, I stand by my president through the good and the bad times. He has always been a firm steady and dtrong leader. God bless him!

  • JD

    Babss – “one of these men are going to inherit the fallout from this bailout package in three short months. They should both be a part of the decision making here.”

    An even better reason to hold the debate. Even if they only touch on the economy as a tool in the Foreign Policy toolbelt.

    They need to be letting American Citizens know how this bailout and/or lack of Bailout will effect our standing in the world and if it effects our national security.

    Stalin – “Why is it that everything that McCain does is cynical? McCain picks Palin…it’s cynical. McCain suspends campaign…cynical.”

    Would McCain have picked Palin if Hillary had won the election?

    Was it nessisary to suspend his campaign? Couldn’t Palin step in for him? Can’t he do the debate Via Sattalite? Or catch a plane to the debate to return immediately after? Don’t you think it would look a lot better on him if he was doing that than just dropping his campaign?

    Would he have done all this if the debate had been scheduled for next week?

    Things just don’t add up that that is why people call foul. I may not be able to see or feel an earthquack in the ocean but I can see\feel its ripple effect.

    There are missing pieces to the puzzle and for a campaign that wants to offer transparency, they are closing too many press windows.

    You can’t hide your VP and not get called out on it. You can’t drop your campaign, not multitask, and say it is for the good of the country with out questions?

    The last thing I want in the whitehouse is a Maverick who is completely unpredictable and not capable of handling multiple responsabilities (I.E. – Delegate)

  • Bruce


    Let me start by saying its discussions like these that makes this country great. “One of these men are going to inherit the fallout from this bailout package in three short months. They should both be a part of the decision making here. It’s one of THEM who will have to live with the decisions these few biased lawmakers are trying to shove down our throats.”
    Nothing more true than that statement. That’s exactly why this country needs to hear them debate. It now seems that McCain will be showing up to the debate regardless if there is a final plan or not. Would that be considered a cop out move on his part for not sticking to his guns?

    And on the issue of McCain initiating this meeting with Bush, sure I’ll give him that. But keep in mind that Obama initiated the communications to McCain to issue a joint statement to congress and the press to show bipartisanship. Just as Obama said on the press conference he can be any where at any time. And he didn’t want to dive in like McCain and inject more Presidential politics in the thick of the negotiations than already exists.

    And to Obama_sucks just by your name alone I can see you have 0 Objectivity on any issue that doesn’t benefit McCain. While this is a great free country and you may do as you wish, but try picking a screen name that doesn’t make you look like a teenager then people actually might listen to what you have to say.

  • Jeremy


    Don’t try and spin this in favor of Obama. Both parties tried to one up the other in favor of their presidential politics.

    Obama by starting it out trying to look like the leader amidst the two and McCain for stupidly taking the bait and then trying to one up Obama.

    I am more then a little dissapointed with both of the candidates but more dissapointed at McCain because he has/had my support for president. This issue has no place for these types of politics for exactly the reason Indi has communicated in previous posts. It will cause nothing but confusion.

  • Bruce


    I am not trying to make this a spin to Obama’s favor. I’m just stating what happened. But I feel that McCain is reaching for anything he can get to turn the media attn (of whom he now seems to think are the bad guys) to him instead of trying to stay out of the spot light as much as possible on this. And now with this meeting to day he deferred any statements or positions to others on his team. He said nothing at the meeting.

  • Todd

    Obama on debating McCain


    McCain response/request


    Obama response


    and you guys actually have the guts to say McCain is scared to debate

    let’s see what the best dem in 100 years has to say about it :

    Clinton :

    Do democrats really believe the debate process is that important ?


    Read this article, which is pro-Obama by the way, and tell me what you think Obama believes about Town Hall formats in which he can be called upon by the voters, then tell me he didn’t run from McCain when asked to do 10 of them


    Just so nobody would think I needed a hug I used Obama’s words and my effort was to show that he is just as political as Dems claim McCain is, in my view debates are a political convenience for Obama when he wants them he proclaims the public’s need for them when it could hurt him he does what he can to avoid them, ironically this is just what the dems are upset at McCain for.

  • Dreadsen


    First let me point out that i was one of the first to say that McCain isn’t scared to debate but i have a question.

    When Obama agreed to do a few townhall debates what was McCain’s response?

    Remember they gave a response. Number two.

    Did you see Chris Rock talk about how Clinton the entire night on letterman wouldn’t even say Barack Obama’s name? But he mentioned Hilary and her ideas a number of times

  • PeoplePower

    This, as always, is political gamesmanship…

    Still, if McCain were *truly* doing this for the Country First, he would have more firmly said to Obama (when they spoke @ 2:30pm) that he was more than considering suspending his campaign and delaying the debate.

    He would have called him back to say – “Hey, I’m doing this for the good of the country and don’t want to make it a politically crass move, so I’d appreciate you joining me. Let’s step back from the campaign a moment.”

    Let’s look at a history of McCain’s actions these past 10-ish days (I may not have the exact dates correct):
    Mon 9/15 (I believe) – The fundamentals of the Economy are strong…D’oh!
    – “If I were President, I’d fire the SEC Chairman” – an action the President does not have the authority to do…
    Sun 9/21 – McCain receives a copy of the 3-page Bush plan.
    Mon 9/22 – McCain is asked about the plan, but says he hasn’t seen it in writing
    Weds 9/24 – McCain “suspends his campaign” to rush back to Washington for some scolding of his comrades for their partisan bickering
    Weds 9/24 – skips Letterman, but talks to Couric (sp?), also has a fund-raising dinner
    Thur 9/25 – speaks at Clinton’s Global Initiative (with a fairly partisan speech) and eventually heads to Washington

    The plan was becoming a solid plan and gaining acceptance. I’m not entirely certain of the timing, but it appears that it began falling apart around the time McCain showed up. Did he inadvertantly bring Presidential politics and the quest for the glory to the process, as IndiMinded pointed out??

    And why the long delay at rushing back to fix this huge crisis?? Surely, it was much more important than Clinton’s Global Initiative. For the sake of the country, and his word, he should skip fundraising and hop on his own jet back to D.C.

    OR, wait, perhaps it’s only enough of a crisis to call for a delay of the debate and gain some political points…although, it appears *only* Fox is calling this a good move.

    Sorry if I sound angry, but in looking at his actions, they’re speaking louder than his words and he has made many calculated, and bad, errors IMHO.

    Rash leadership is not good leadership…

  • Todd

    Dreasden I didn’t call you out on anything but I will respond. You guys act like I think McCain is God. I have pointed out 7000 times in my last 5 post alone that BOTH of them are using this to get votes.

    Do you really believe that Obama’s initial move to get McCain to agree to do a press release was just a friendly invite designed to help the country ? Obama would have had it in his next commercial saying that he reached across at a time of division and difficulty and invited Mac to unite with him in a joint statement. Ya’ll insist on giving Obama a pass on everything he does, EVERYTHING ! You have no problem with Harry Reid and Schummer calling out McCain for not being involved while noting to the media how Obama has been in constant contact ? All while saying the candidates should keep politics out Of the issue. I am sure that if Reid had kept Obama out of it as he insisted McCain stay out (after complaining that he wasn’t involved) McCain would not have felt the need to insert his politics in the matter so it did not look as if Obama was the only one trying.

    Another thing you guys totally ignore. You wonder will Mac show up ? is he going to stick to his word-some of you have expressed your thoughts against him either way he goes. Yet you have no problem with the fact that Obama did not stand by his word when he said he didn’t want to insert politics into the issue and preferred the press release then within 5 hours
    agreed to meet in the White House b/c McCain was going. Wasn’t that a political move which completely contradicted his previous statement, his word ?
    By the way if he was really staying out of it why is Reid, Shcummer and Franks saying Obama has been in constant contact with them about the issue ?

    Just ignore the contradictions it’s Ok but I don’t know why you even bother talking about this election anymore just say you don’t believe anything a Republican says and that you believe everything Obama says and go vote.

    By the way Dreadsen I watched Ron Paul slam both of them for playing politics with the tax payers money. Why can’t you accept that fact from him ? Matter of fact Paul made the point that the democrats have been on Bush about his deficit spending (and he added rightly so) but now they want to throw good money after bad and add another 95 billion dollar stimulus package in addition to the 700 Billion included in the bailout.
    Why aren’t you dems pissed about that deficit now ?

    My debate point was also lost on you. I never said McCain did not decline debates with Obama. What I pointed out is that it was Obama who declared “Any time any Place” and added I’ll be happy to debate both Bush and McCain or something like that and then he refused to do it. Why do you not see that as what it is ? Obama was called on his bluff and played a 2 week delay tactic until he said he couldn’t do it. He backtracked, he apparently didn’t feel the voters needed to ask what ever they wanted to in the format he himself used 39 times as a state senator, Humm wonder why ? maybe he isn’t good in that environment, maybe he was just running his mouth when he challenged McCain to anytime any place so it would appear he was in it for the change and willing to talk to anybody.

    Fact is you guys had no problem with Obama’s Out right refusal to actually go anywhere any time but you declare Mac’s request to delay, not cancel, but delay the debate as an affront to the electoral process. Humm seems interesting how you can ignore one and slam the other over the same exact tactic.

  • Todd


    If you are getting angry then now we are on the same page.

    I don’t know when McCain got the draft of the 3 page proposal but I do know that Obama was traveling in Florida and preparing for the debate “for the last three days” when it came out. How did he know about the details in it, Humm wonder if his “don’t want to politicize it” buddies on the hill (you know the ones he has been conferring with on the matter) briefed him and not McCain.

    As far as the schedule Mac kept after he suspended the campaign ; The day he announced it he said he wasn’t going back to Washington until after he spoke at the Clinton thing the next day.

    You also find it odd or whatever that he skipped Letterman and went to Couric. Hummm you had nothing to say when it was discovered that Obama “negotiated” with Fox News behind tha scenes over what they were airing, what was that about ?

    I do believe that it was Couric who while believing she was off the air during the 2000 election coverage made the statement that the Republican’s were just trying to steal the election. So are you saying he picked a friendly interview to do ?

    I told you earlier I can respect your vote b/c you support the liberal ideals and I would never expect you to vote for republican ones but tell me do you really see Obama as a candidate who is as pure as the driven snow ?

  • JD

    Todd – “Ya’ll insist on giving Obama a pass on everything he does, EVERYTHING !”

    I think the reason so much imphasis has been put on McCain is because of the size of his reaction. It isn’t like he just went to washington, kept his campaign going, and is going to go on with the debate as scheduled.

    I too agree that Obama is doing political posturing but the good news for him is that McCain has drawn all the scruitiny and the spotlight. When the light is on us all our faults are that much more visable.

    I don’t think people are just giving Obama a free ride but people don’t see him as the reactionary that McCain is showing himself to be.

    Todd – “I do believe that it was Couric who while believing she was off the air during the 2000 election coverage made the statement that the Republican’s were just trying to steal the election. So are you saying he picked a friendly interview to do ?”

    She was just stating the obvious and what happened. That doesn’t make her an unfriendly interviewer and if anything it shows that she was able to keep her views to herself until she was off air. Sounds professional to me.

    Todd – “do you really see Obama as a candidate who is as pure as the driven snow ?”

    Isn’t pure snow, white??? That definitely can’t be Obama. lol. I couldn’t resist. Too bad this election season doesn’t have a good sense of humor.

  • Babs

    Let me ask you all a question. Since going to Washington – both Obama and McCain – how many press conferences have you seen by Obama? I’ve seen 3 myself. How many have you seen by McCain? ZERO. McCain hasn’t stepped in front of a camera and microphone one time. Who’s doing the political posturing here? You can’t call this a political stunt on McCain’s part when the only people stepping up to the microphone is Obama. McCain has kept totally quiet, and in the background doing what he does – negotiating with both sides to come together. You can believe it or not, that’s your choice. But it doesn’t change what is. And eventually I believe everyone will see the truth.

  • PeoplePower

    Todd – I have said a number of times that this is “all politricking”.

    I wouldn’t claim Obama is without faults. I don’t expect my candidates to be perfect. And I don’t believe *anyone* can know how any candidate will truly perform once they win an office. Events and an active (or inactive) populace frequently dictate how a Presidency is shaped, but the quality & character of the man/woman will color their ability to reflect upon events and the populace. I trust Obama to both lead and to listen – the two necessary pieces to our greatest Presidents (Lincoln, TR & FDR, to name a few).

    And, actually, I *would* vote for a Republican, if they could show they wouldn’t cave (entirely) to social conservatives and that they were opposed to the trickle-down theory. Since both are extremely rare, it’s difficult for me to vote for a Republican (despite growing up as one and working on a Republican congressman’s campaign while in High School).

    I actually am tired of the two-party system. I think it engenders a “black & white” mindset that one party is always right and the other wrong, because of *some* key issues.

    There’s a huge spectrum of solid solutions to any given problem, but so long as the two parties can play off the disdain for the other, people end up shrugging their shoulders and voting for the lesser of two evils, or as someone had said, the evil of two lessers.

    That being said, this is the first election, not including an incumbent, where I feel very strongly about one candidate and it’s not simply that he’s the lessor of two evils. I truly believe, despite his imperfections, that Obama is the better candidate and has the better policies.

  • Babs, you haven’t seen McCain do a press conference because he’s clueless about the economy, you can’t talk about what you don’t know.