(Video) Bill Clinton: Hillary didn’t want to be Obama’s VP

Appearing on The View this morning, Bill Clinton dropped the little tidbit that Hillary Clinton did not want to be Obama’s vice presidential choice and former President Clinton himself had no opinion on the matter.

Let’s go to the video tape:

Can’t say I’m that surprised, Hillary wanted the top spot, not the chance to take a supporting role to a younger politician.

Update by Michael, September 24, 2008:

Bill Clinton’s appearance on The View was divided into three parts: (1) on his view of Hillary Clinton’s race and the VP possibility, (2) Bill Clinton’s Global Initiative and the economy, and (3) his predictions about the presidential race and thoughts on the candidates. Here is the third segment of the View, in which Bill Clinton speaks more on McCain and Obama:

  • I believe Bill when he says Hill didn’t want the VP spot. To much bad blood between her and Obama.

  • JD

    I can believe this. If Obama looses this puts her on the ticket for the 2012 election.

  • Tracie Johannessen

    I think she would be more valuable in a post in an Obama cabinet. How about Secretary of State or Health and Human Services? If McCain wins, nothing.

  • Babs

    I believe him too, although he also says if asked she would’ve said yes. So that lays it back on Obama that he didn’t ask. Not that it matters to me, but it seems to matter to a lot of PUMAs.

    I like his honesty on McCain. And Palin for that matter. But I like that he gave a lot of credit to McCain for help during his administration. That’s straight up, and I respect him for it. I notice that he didn’t really have a lot to say about Obama in general, and I ran through other parts of the interview that showed in the slide after this clip.

    I honestly believe that Clinton is not so muching campaigning for Obama than he is endorsing a democratic ticket in general and doing no harm to Obama. A fine line, but he walks it well.

  • KG

    Well I agree with this. She would make a better President then VP. Obama never asked. Yes if Obama loses 2012 is in site. He is not backing Obama! He is not backing McCain. I love the way he put this. I was a Hillary supporter and I probably will vote for McCain. I don’t agree with all of his views nor Palin’s but I think experience weighs out here!

  • Todd

    The more I hear from Bill the more I long for the days of yonder, I think I would vote for him if he could find a way to get on the ballot.

    The “He did ask” statement is politics at it’s best. The Clinton’s are able to deny Obama their loyal voters while at the same time appearing to support him.


  • He is more lucid and straightforward here, than at any point during his campaigning for Hillary. A couple issues with this: if he is truly campaigning for Obama, why revert to the independent stance now? It is fine not to campaign for Obama, but he needs to do what he says (or vice versa).

    What else is he supposed to say when asked if Hillary wanted to vp? Yes? That would simply incite her supporters. That was a one-answer question.

    The previous clip we had up was a collections of different blurbs that painted Clinton in a certain light. He did campaign for Obama on The View. I have replaced the doctored clip with the first segment of The View (which right away addresses the vice president question), and added the third segment in which Bill Clinton talks about both candidates and puts his stake in for Obama.

    If you still want to view the condensed clip, you can see it here:

  • Bill’s kinda between a rock and a hard place, he’s trying to play the dutiful husband (don’t laugh) and play the dutiful Democrat. I still believe that if he kept his mouth shut at certain times of the primaries Hillary would be the top of the ticket now.

  • Babs

    I thought it was interesting yesterday that Clinton said if the democrats wanted someone to dump on McCain he wasn’t the guy. I just caught McCain’s speech at Clinton Global this morning, just the last few minutes of it, but I could see the friendship and mutual respect between him and McCain at the end. Clinton took the podium back and recognized and thanked Cindy McCain for her work in Rowando. This kind of mutual respect during this election leaves respect in tact for both of these men, and I wish that clean, transparent campaign we were promised last year had happened.