Video: O’Reilly rips McCain’s and Obama’s spanish ads

Love him or hate him, Bill is correct on this issue and I’ve been thinking this way for days. Obama and McCain have both put out Spanish-language ads attacking each other on immigration and amnesty legislation, however, the ads have some inherently dishonest statements coming from both campaigns.

I agree with the sentiment here, why the need for dishonesty in an era when the dishonesty will be exposed? It reflects poorly on both campaigns to resort to distortion in ads, and they’re both guilty on other occasions as well.

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An Obama TV ad tells Spanish-speaking viewers that McCain is “friends” with Rush Limbaugh, and quotes the radio host as calling Mexicans “stupid and unqualified” and telling them to “shut up or get out.” The ad is doubly misleading. Limbaugh has until recently disparaged McCain repeatedly to his audience. And Limbaugh says his words are ripped out of context and twisted in the ad. In any case they don’t represent McCain’s position.

A McCain ad, in turn, blames “Obama and his Congressional allies” for blocking an immigration bill that McCain co-sponsored. But it was a Republican-led filibuster that sunk the bill in the Senate, and McCain said afterward that “A lot of the Republican base was passionate about the issue, and they made their influence felt.”

Sound off, what do you think on this issue?

  • Dreadsen


    “O’Reily says that Americans want a President who will not put out misleading ads.”

    Yeah right. I’ve seen polls move all summer long against Obama while McCain kick out more and more. It didn’t matter how much an internet fact checking group called it out. The champions of McCain welcomed the lies and bragged about them. Obama gets low and their is an out cry. I didn’t even know that McCain was lying in spanish as well. I knew he was lying in english. But you would think that the people who were complaining about the Obama ad would keep their mouth shut knowing that their guy is lying as well. I think this is great. Two guys who both said they would be honest in their campaign now both of them are wallowing in the mud!
    This is greater than sitcom tv! LOL And as far as misleading it was about time Limbaugh got a taste of his own medicine.

  • Actually, if you look at McCain’s convention bounce, it seems to have neutralized when he went negative with the “lipstick on a pig ad” among others. I think McCain was doing well after the convention until he got into the mud.

  • Stalin

    Where is the MSM on this one? If you are a conservative, where do you have to go to listen to non-liberal bias??? Where? I’m sick of this garbage.

  • Dreadsen


    You are right i didn’t really notice at first. he dropped from being up 5% to about 2%. Then the economy wiped it out.


    Just listen to any talk radio station but Air America. And they are only available in a handful of states.Conservative Radio dominates all the stations in the whole country. And those guys make O’Reily sound like Keith Olberman special comment. Even Liberal media didn’t cover McCain’s negative ad. And of all the negative ads he was running they didn’t buck back until he came up with his pervert sex ad and when Palin continued with the bridge to no where story regardless of it being debunked.
    MSM isn’t as media as you think. The Senate intelligence committee came with a report which very bluntly said bush administration lied about the war. There was no coverage. Then there was the house judiciary committee which went over abuse of executive powers and the evidence which came out in there would have made any decent American blow steam. MSM didn’t cover that either.

  • Dreadsen

    I am registered and I don’t know where this edit option is you all keep talking about.

  • Checking into and working on the comment edit option…

  • I don’t have an edit option either Dreadsen. It seems only McCain supporters have one ;)….LOL 🙂

  • pdiddy


    first monday night football, now the potential presidents of the United States of AMERICA. Im more concerned with the fact that both canidates were willing to sell out traditional america for latino votes. if you live in this country you should either learn how to speak some english, or become comfortable with always being confused. america was built on immigrants true, but lets not forget that the majority of those immigrints adapted to become productive members of socicety. the local hardware stores, unlike lowes, didnt have signs up for the italian,spainish, korean etc… if they wanted drywall that had to learn the langauge. why is it differnt now? where do we draw the line ?

  • Dreadsen


    I don’t know if you heard O’Reily when he said “They want to destory our white christian power structure which you and I are apart of” when he was talking to McCain.

    Come to Chicago and go to China town. All the signs there are in Chinese and English.

    They are not a threat to the structure if they can not learn the language. Business revenue goes up when they have the Spanish option on the phones. So Businesses cater to this. Those angry about this should attack the businesses. The more signs they put up and catering to their language the lesser the chance they can rise politically. If they only speak spanish they can not compete in the higher income workforce. Look at apartheid in South Africa and Look at early black history when they had to educate themselves because reading a book was illegal. Keep them ingnorant and they can’t threaten the structure. So i honestly don’t think anyone is in any hurry to force them to speak english.

  • Ed Read


    You are very clear and right about your points.

    It is taking some time for some americans to get rid of white supremacy (whether they are white or clones).

    The faster this supremacy feelings are over the safest the U.S, will be. Think about it (not you Dreadsen, you are over that).

    The next president of the U.S. should be free of that crap.

  • floresTM


    I have heard many arguements on immigration, but your point is one of the most defining. Well said, and you really brought something out that I have never really thought of…

  • Observer

    My hispanic friends explained to me that they were told not to use English when they arrived in the Unites States. Then the government and businesses have to hire bilingual Hispanics to cater to the non-English speaking Hispanics. It is job security or job creation.

  • pdiddy


    your right, it is the major corporations fault as well as our two canidates. they are selling out this country to make a few dollars(hope they accept pesos). i think it has less to do with people wanting them to stay ignorant, and more to do with the fact that many latino immigrants refuse to learn the language, the pretend to be ignorant. why would they learn it? they get more benefits by playing dumb. and who is paying for these benefits? it doesnt take a rocket scientist to realize that the social programs will curmble once a large group of people begin to take out of these programs in which they have not contributed. i feel sorry for my newborn, who will have to learn there langauge, but wont be able to rape there social programs. what happend to this great country?