Hillary Clinton launches new campaign supporting Obama

Hillary Clinton is still working strongly it seems to swing her primary supporters over to Obama’s side. Her new campaign is aimed are awakening some of he strong supporters during the primary season and getting them to sign on in a similar role with the Obama campaign, it’s called “Hillary Sent Me.”

Report from Fox News:

MINNEAPOLIS — Hillary Rodham Clinton is stepping up efforts to swing her supporters behind Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama, her former rival for the nomination.

In an outreach dubbed “Hillary Sent Me,” the New York senator was inviting her primary-season partisans Friday to get involved directly in Obama’s campaign and donate to it. As part of that, she was urging them to travel to a specific battleground state each weekend, beginning with New Hampshire on Sept. 27, when she will be campaigning for Obama in Michigan.

“Today I am asking all of you to stand up, hit the road and spread the word that we must elect Barack Obama president and we must send a filibuster-proof majority to Congress,” Clinton was telling supporters in a conference call Friday, according to remarks provided to The Associated Press in advance. “This is a call to action. This is a must-do. We all have a role. And there is not a moment to lose.”

As many as 2,000 supporters from all 50 states were expected to participate in the conference call, scheduled for 4 p.m. EDT. Former New Hampshire Gov. Jeanne Shaheen, who is challenging Republican John Sununu for his Senate seat in that state, was also expected to take part.

The effort was organized with the Obama campaign and state Democratic parties nationwide. Its goal: to engage the former first lady’s donors and voters — many of whom are still sore over her loss to Obama in the epic primary contest — to put that firmly behind them and help in battleground states.

The New York senator has already campaigned for Obama in Ohio, Florida, Nevada and New Mexico and raised about $5 million for his campaign. “Hillary Sent Me” is her first explicit pitch to her grass roots supporters to get involved, Clinton aides said.

Many people initially questioned how fervent Hillary’s support for Obama would be once she was passed over for the VP spot. Seems to me that she appears to be coming through on promises of support and working her own angle to drive women and former Hillary supporters over to Obama instead of McCain.

  • JD

    Hillary sent me….

    To slap Palin.

    On the butt. I would never slap a woman anywhere else.

    It will be interesting to see how this will turn out. I would say the hillary organization is what died when she was not picked as the VP. This is a good move to re-unit everyone through grassroots organization.

  • Babs

    *LOL* How ironic you should post this, Nate. I was just reading an email request from one of the PUMA branches – they were asking for a t-shirt that reads “Hillary sent me – to McCain/Palin”. I didn’t have a clue what they were talking about, but now I get it.

    Oh yeah, I’ll give them that one for sure. 😉

  • JD

    Can I get a shirt made that says…

    “I vote republican because thinking hurts my brain”

  • Annette

    Or, how about Vote Democrat…it’s easier than getting a job.

  • U.S.A.

    How about “I vote for McCain/Palin because I like it in the a$$.

  • I want one that says “Sarah puts the L in PAIN”

  • Bill Hedges

    Basic Goverment is to provide for the People. Example would be Armed forces. Today We have two basic ideas on how to do that. 1. let people do it. 2. let the govenment do it. Take Social Security.Great idea. Sharted off very basic. Expanded to the point it is at today. Somewhere along the way, Congress opens the floods gate of robbery. Using social security money to pay for other projects. Since this money is being used for something other than social security, lets call thiS spending… PORK BELLY SPENDING.. Today, social secuirty is broke. Say GOOD-BYE REAL SOON. OR ADD MONEY. How can they take care of this 1. raise taxes- big time. 2. reduce benefits 3 add people to system- illegal alians. Make them citizens., and 4 Pork robbery….Let’s talk about robbery………..Americans wants better health insurance. One way gives you money to buy your choice. Hard to rob this way. Second plan government will provide. If government provides you will have to pay for it. All Americans. A big chunk of money. Now, considering the past history of government, it is clear what is going to happen if governent gets more money. They will spend it. And a lot of pork… Health care money will be used to cover Social security short falls and spent on special projects to help Congressman get re-elect. And whatever else…My conclusion..Repblucan believes in small government, provide resource for American to get ther health insurce. Demoncrat believe in big government, raise taxes and government will provde for health insurance ..Why not simple rause Social Security tax to get system solvent. It would require direct tax. Everybody and their mother can see it clearly. Questions will be raised. Peple un-happy. Indirecty i is less apparent. more hiden..Just my thoughts

  • Immigrant

    I wish Hillary Clinton would come out and tell the country the true face of Senator Obama. I hope she puts away her political motive and help the country through the crisis.

  • Babs

    I see this morning that Hillary is positive Obama will win this election. Of course, she was positive she was going to win, too. Guess I won’t put much stock in that one. *LOL*

    Annette, I like your idea, I’ll go for that. 😉

    USA, your sexual preference is your own business.

    JD, I wouldn’t want you to wear a lie.

    Come on pudd, you can be more creative than that.

  • Lisa

    you guys need to sell “hillary sent me” shirts in the youdecide2008 store! many are looking to buy them including myself. i was very upset when she lost and had even contemplated staying home, but this idea of “hillary sent me” makes me feel a bit better about my former misgivings for obama.

  • Babs

    *LOL* Lisa, I have a “Hillary sent me….to John and Sarah” t-shirt. I don’t think Hillary’s movement went very far.