Hillary Clinton back in the spotlight on GMA

Sen. Hillary Clinton sat down with ABC’s Diane Sawyer on Good Morning America to discuss the campaign and, of course, her thoughts on Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin as John McCain’s running mate.

Here is the first and second part of the interview:

Report on her appearance from ABC News:

Sen. Hillary Clinton, who came close to making history as the first female presidential nominee, concedes that Gov. Sarah Palin has created a lot of excitement as a possible history-making first female vice president.

Palin’s presence on the Republican ticket has drawn Sen. John McCain into a dead heat with the Democratic ticket of Sens. Barack Obama and Joe Biden, fueled largely by a surge in support among white women.

“A lot of people are missing the boat here,” Clinton told ABC News’ Diane Sawyer, aboard the “Good Morning America” Whistle-Stop Express.

Palin has generated a great deal of interest, Clinton acknowledged, but added, “That’s not a good enough reason to vote for that ticket. There’s a lot of talk in the country about who are you for in this election, but that’s not the right question. The right question is, who is for you.”

Clinton suggested that the McCain-Palin team doesn’t understand “the struggles you face.”

“So I don’t think it’s inconsistent for a lot of people to say well hey, that’s exciting, what an exciting pick, and still say, but that’s not the ticket for me and my family,” she said.

Hillary was certainly respectful, perhaps almost too respectful in that she really didn’t attack Palin all that much. In fact, she seemed to praise her in many ways but say she’s not the candidate for her. It seems to me that I saw Hillary much more riled up during the primary season against Obama, where she didn’t pull many punches. On Palin she seems subdued, almost as if deep down she is proud of her as a woman on the Republican ticket, however, she’s just reminding Democratic voters that despite the fact they might want a woman in office, Palin doesn’t share all of their views.

  • PaulV

    TO much Media bias, I have voted for hillary she need to distance her self, from Obama, BUt dean & Pelosi are forcing Hillary clinton to campaign for Obama, if obama won fairly why are they forcing Hillary to campaign for obama that you never seen in any other election, if Obama won fairly why doesn’t he win over the other voters him self,, and there is your answer,
    Now Obama is forcing biden out of the picture, so he can pick another vp pick, Guess who,,
    Hillary should just not do anything to do with Obama and just RUn again in 2012,

    Vote against Obama now, Democrats

  • PaulV

    Open up your eyes American
    Barack Obama & Biden bring more of the same, They are flat out lying, on a Daily Basis to the American poeple,
    Every single thing we have heard about Biden is true,, he is not ready Hillary was a better pick,

    I voted for Hillary because a woman should be in office for a change, Not Obama,
    Palin has more experience than Obama Biden, McCain all put together, yet Obama has zero experience, no matter what anyone says, it just the fact, check Politcal facts sheet,
    But Obama is counting on the bubba Vote ,, he does want the dumbest voter he can find, You know the ones the one who cant think for them self, The reality TV crowd, who has to be told what to do,
    YOu know YOU GUYS<
    He wants you to vote for him because he black ,, that is the only thing he has been riding on,
    I guess long live the simple minded bubba voters,

  • I think Hillary made it quite clear. The race should not be about identity politics, but issues. To vote for a platform simply because they have a woman on it, is a mistake. That was her position. I do not think her position right now is to attack Palin or McCain, but rather to support Obama and Biden (and if she adheres to the current Obama/Biden guidelines, it is to not officially denigrate Palin).

  • Babs

    Michael, maybe in that particular interview it’s not her position to attack Palin or McCain, but she has expanded her “no way, no how, no McCain” line on the campaign stump to include “no way, no how, no McCain, no Palin” line. It’s interesting that you say the current Obama/Biden guidelines is not to offically denigrate Palin. When did it change?

  • JD

    “current Obama/Biden guidelines is not to officially denigrate Palin. When did it change?”

    The official stance of the Obama\Biden platform is to focus on McCain (I.E. Run against the top of the ticket) and in the areas of Palin to focus on the issues.

    There are two meanings associated with the word “denigrate”

    1. to attack the reputation of – Which is what Michael was referring to. Which Obama\Biden said they would not do and were going to stick to the issues with Palin.

    2. to deny the importance or validity of – Which is what Babs is referring to. Obama and Biden are looking to deny the validity of Palin as a Vice presidential Nominee much like McCain and all other presidential candidates do to their competition.

    So I think there is one of those tricky definitions that kind of have two meaning and we have to look at the context clues to figure out which one it is referring to.

    But I have always like the phrase…”we see what we want to see and hear what we want to hear.”

  • Babs

    JD, I understand quite clearly what Michael was referring to, and still asked the question of him, but thanks for your oratory. You’re correct, we indeed do see what we want and hear what we want, on both sides.

  • Is it just me or are those videos CRAZY corrupted? The audio’s way out of sync and keeps skipping every other second, making it impossible to understand anything.

  • JD


    “JD, I understand quite clearly what Michael was referring to, and still asked the question of him”

    I am confused with your tone. I thought a question was asked and did not realize it was delivered directly at Michael and for Michael only. For this I apologize, I treaded on Michael’s opportunity to respond. However, because this is a kind of forum for anyone to read and reply I wanted to clarify the statement and question since your question was both.

    Your question (with lead-in statement) was “It’s interesting that you say the current Obama/Biden guidelines is not to officially denigrate Palin. When did it change?”

    This question states that Obama/Biden and their original stance was to denigrate Palin or rather the question is made to be more of a statement with the question mark at the end to leave it open for response.

    I thought there needed to be clarification because I did not want you (or anyone else) to think Obama\Biden were for denigrating Palin in the sense of her reputation but rather to do so with her validity with the issues.

    With this clarified we can now answer your question on “when did it change?” because we have the clarity of the question we can now have clarity in an answer. The answer is that it has not or has not changed. They have always officially been in argument on her with the issues and not on her personal reputation.

    It also points out that Michael should have chosen his word more carefully because denigrate can be taken in two different ways.

  • Bill Hedges

    Hillary says excitement of Sarah being a woman is not a reason to vote for her.. That is interesting to me. Same back to Obama !?!

  • Babs

    JD, a war of words and their meanings began mine and Michael’s relationship on this board months ago, and it normally continues to be the base of most every debate we’ve had since then. We enjoy it. As a relative newcomer to the board, my response to you was not meant to shut you out of any conversation here, simply to explain to you that I knew what Michael meant and I was challenging him anyway. That’s pretty much what we do with each other, challenge each other on words like “denigrate”. Sometimes I win, sometimes Michael wins, and sometimes we call it a push. But we always enjoy the banter. You’re welcome to join in.

  • JD


    Thanks, I hope I can hang with the big dogs!

    Bill Dedges,

    “Hillary says excitement of Sarah being a woman is not a reason to vote for her.. That is interesting to me. Same back to Obama !?!”

    I always find this kind of remark interesting not because I disagree with what Hillary said or that you want to apply it to Obama but rather because it is applicable to all the candidates.

    I live in Houston and Texas is a staunchly Republican state. When I tell you that my father votes straight ticket republican, it should come to no surprise. However, let me be clear… you could put a duck on the republican ticket and he would vote for it even though he would say he was not happy with the duck being the candidate.

    The point being is that my dad is voting for McCain because he is a republican which is just as bad as voting for Hillary because she is a woman or Palin for the same reason… and for your point, voting for Obama because he is black.

    The truth is many people vote because they feel they are connected to their candidate of choice or rather they have the most connection to them than any of the other choices. This could be for countless reasons. Some are bad like voting because it is a woman (sexism), voting because of any color (racism), or because of party elegance only…

    Don’t get me wrong, I wish we had an election where it was about the issues and not about being a woman or being black, or about political parties.

    But you know the saying you can wish in one hand and SH*t in the other… see which one fills up first.

  • Michael

    my apologies on the delayed response. Dealing with some quality HFM at home with my kid. As to JD– regardless of which definition you which to attribute to ‘denigrate,’ it clearly is duragatory. I have not seen Obama or Biden officially (1) defame, (2) belittle, or (3) blacken Biden.

    Babs, Palin is a vice-presidential candidate and I have not seen Obama or Biden officially addressing her in any of the above manners (avoiding her in a negative way, slandering her, etc.).

  • Bill Hedges

    JD– You read my meaning wrong…I thought my meaning was clear, although I was trying to be cute…I was agreeing with Hillary for maybe the first time in my life. Don’t vote for Obama because he is 1/2 white. Don’t vote for Sarah because she is a woman. Vote for the person because of their political position………Many got excited with Obama. Many got excited for Sarah. Both are first in our history. Study the issues and make your choice at the polls.

  • JD


    Denigrate is derogatory but to say that Obama or Biden are not derogatory toward Palin is a mistake. Are they bringing up Palin’s earmark spending while governor because they like her? Or associating her to Bush because they love our current president?

    Obama and Biden have said that they will go after McCain\Palin but only on the issues. In other words they want to fight fair but fighting fair is still fighting.

    I do agree that they have kept to the issue with her and have not denigrate in the perspective of defaming her (Def. of defame is to harm the reputation of by libel or slander) but they are denigrating in the way of belittling (Definition of Belittle is to cause (a person or thing) to seem little or less). I don’t think they want us to think “more” of Palin and hence they are belittling but they belittling her on the issues.

    This is an election not a walk through the park.

  • Bill Hedges

    A ad came out about McCain and Computer. Totally out of line. McCain knows about computer, but needs wife help. Because of War torture

  • Babs

    Yeah, Bill, but that was about McCain, not Palin.

    Michael, I think their initial response to her was belittling her in that they completely disregarded her status as a governor and referred to her a small town mayor. That’s belittling, and you could possibly also call it defaming. Would you agree with that, JD, or would that be more “demoting”? *L* Granted, most of the “denigrating” is coming from surrogates, but the buck stops with Obama even in that case. He IS responsible for Axlerod, Burton, and the rest of his talking heads. And they have had a field day with Sarah. Obama is very intelligent, he’s not going to say what he can pay someone else to say, agree?

  • Bill Hedges

    Babs- At that monent, I could not thinnk of one on SARAH. I thought one I mentioned was a big one

  • Babs

    It was a big one, Bill, and Obama and Biden both are constantly “denigrading” McCain. But they have left the denigration of Sarah to surrogates so far. I’m sure they’ll put her on the list as well. As a matter of fact, I do believe one or both of them have already taken to calling her Palin/Bush at least once. *L*

  • Bill Hedges

    Babs– How can Biden do that. He is a honest man ?? There are videos of Biden saying–McCain is not a 3rd term Bush

  • Bill Hedges

    Babs==Got me..He never said Palin was not a 3rd term BUSH..

  • JD


    “Would you agree with that, JD, or would that be more “demoting”?”

    I would agree that they are not slandering her. Lets be honest here… The worse we have heard on Palin is coming from the media and internet which has already been said.

    Obama and Biden’s hands are fairly clean when it comes to their tact toward Palin.

    To be clear, I am not a Palin fan. I think more is going to come out of the closet on her as time progresses. Not to mention I do not like that she has closed the door to the press for any reason.

    All candidates have to deal with the press and I don’t see why she should be any different.

  • Bill Hedges

    bABS–someone has broken into Sarah e-mail. Posted family telephone #, pictures, etc…The site is advertising this..

  • Bill Hedges

    Babs–I hope you watched Hannity & Colmes tonight. They interviewed Sarah. Then a spokeswoman spoke for Obama. They tore Obama spokes woman apart. Obama has two people from Fanny and Freddy on Obama team. Obama spokes woman said McCain took money from Fanny. Proved wrong. But Obama took money from Fanny. They tore Obama spoke woman apart on saying McCain did nothing on Fanny. Foer times McCain tried to get reform. Sarah did well, but The show tore Obama spokes woman apart. I sure hope you saw the show.

  • Bill Hedges

    Babs–Top fund raiser for Hillary backs McCain

  • JD– no, they were talking about her policies– i.e., earmarks, not her as a person. Babs is right, most of this is coming from surrogates.

    While you can tag a candidate for his surrogates, Obama has come out twice and publicly denounced defamatory rhetoric regarding Palin. I think that is as much as McCain has said about his surrogates who had made bad remarks toward Obama.

    Once a candidate chastises his surrogates or potentials, I think the criticism is there, but negligible.

  • Is this the Bill & Babs show?