Video: Sarah Palin’s full hour with ABC’s Charlie Gibson

Tonight ABC aired the entire hour long special on Gov. Sarah Palin’s interview with Charlie Gibson over the past two days. The hour includes the full interviews and other background information about the governor. This is pertinent since it is the first national interview Palin has granted since becoming McCain’s VP.

The time with Palin on the broadcast was somewhere between 20 and 30 minutes out of the hour. Here is the entire portion with Palin in 4 parts from YouTube:

Not the relaxed, overly confident Sarah that people were introduced to over a week ago. She seemed a bit too rehearsed, perhaps. Overall I believe her first national interview played out well for her and the McCain campaign.

There are points, such as differences with Bush on the economy, where the Obama campaign will take the opportunity to produce some ads I’m sure. We’ll report more on Saturday as it filters out. It was quite something to hear her say that she thinks Obama might regret not choosing Hillary as his VP.

Sound off below.. did she help or hurt McCain? Did she help or hurt Obama?


Read the unedited, uncut transcript here. After reading it, many of her answers were cut short by ABC and the most pertinent information in them seems to have been chopped. Give it a read if you’re interested..

  • I’ll repost my comment in this thread.

    I thought the interview was kinda dull and ordinary. I think Charlie Gibson wanted to go hard at her but held off because he doesn’t want to seem mean or a bully. And Sarah Palin’s answers were from the John McCain’s advisors book of things to say.

    Can’t wait for when Hannity interviews her WHOOOO-OOOOOO! how unbiased will that be? I’ll book myself in for an allover body wax when it’s on, the pain will be more tolerable.

  • Dreadsen

    They had to go to Hannity to hopefully clean up any negativity she got from this interview.

  • Babs

    Dreadsen, I haven’t heard any negativity from the interview for Palin, I’ve heard quite a bit Gibson, though, on not just his gotchas, but on the network’s editing out of context. If there is any negativity for Palin, at least its on the issues now hopefully, and not on the blatant lies floating all over the internet.

    Why do you think Obama consented to an interview from Bill O’Reilly? Honestly?

  • alex

    “I think NCLB is/was/will be a totaly failure.” Are you one of the home schooled kids? Maybe you should look at McCain a little closer. He support No Child Left Behind”. Everyone know this is a failed Bush program, but apparently McCain thinks it would be different if we stay the course and see it through. Maybe that is because he knows that if graduates are under-educated that they will see the military as a way out. “I struggled in school, so maybe if I join the military, I can go to college. If not, its ok, I will always have job in Iraq. McCain we would be there for 100 years”

    I know home schooled kids. They are the ones that have very limited social skills. They are ones that when you are at a business meeting or event that say when you bring up your past, that say “Oh I didn’t go to prom, I didn’t get to go to dances, etc, I was home schooled” I am not saying these things make you a better person, but when you are in the business world, part of your success is your ability to build a rapport with people. In my experience they are just not armed with the tools and this is even more so if they do not go to college.

    If you take a close look at the McCain plans, you will find that McCains platform is nearly identical to the Bush/Republican platform from 2004. This is where you have to realize that the republicans have been in control of the house and Senate for the past 12 years until 2007 and for the past 8 years have had the white house also. If you want to distance yourself from failed Washington policies, vote Democrat. How does a person such as John McCain seriously expect that he can relate to the middle class. He grew up with the ability to have pretty much what he wants. His Military career has been storied and is truely inspirational, but how can you sell that story when your wife comes to the RNC in dress valued at $300,000.00. The Average American would not make that much money in 10 years.

    I find it really disturbing that Palin was selected as a VP based soley on her being a woman. There are 100’s women and men that are far more qualified and certainly not as extreme. You kind hide from your past and retract statements that can not be misinterpreted and just pretend you didn’t mean what you said.

  • “You kind hide from your past and retract statements that can not be misinterpreted and just pretend you didn’t mean what you said.”

    Does that apply to Barack Obama as well?

  • In what way Nate?

  • Concerning the numerous statements Obama has made and subsequently retracted, amended, or claimed were taken out of context. For example the Pakistan invasion comment, the pledge to accept public financing, meeting with enemy leaders without preconditions, his promise to repeal the Patriot Act and then voting for it, his changing position of driver’s licenses for illegal aliens, and so on.

    Obama now claims his positions and statements were misstated and/or taken out of context. He is now “pretending he didn’t mean what he said,” as alex accused Palin of doing apparantly.

    I was just wondering if the same standard should be applied to all candidates, regardless of party.

    There isn’t one candidate in this race who is not guilty of changing their position on some issue, at some point, for political reasons. I just like to apply the “flip-flop” rule evenly, that’s all.

  • jens

    I think the fact of the matter is that facts don’t matter,especially when American politics is built around lies.

    Iraq war is a classic example,Bush lied about WMD’s but before it can be proven that it was a lie,Iraq is invaded and Saddam Hussein removed.

    The same can be said for this election,it doesn’t matter what kind of lies the Republican party throws out the public will believe it because the information hasn’t been proven to be false,by the time the media dissects the web of lies the truth is irrelevant because the public will only remember what they heard the first time around.

    Sad truth of American politics.

  • Dreadsen


    On senate bills there is a difference. Many times the original bills morphs so many times that by the time someone votes for it the thing has changed drastically. In those cases it’s not necessarily a flip flop.

    Both candidates have their share of flip flops but some are much more major than other ones. And misrepresentation of opponents policies. If we look at factcheck you can make your own decision of which candidate is really going way overboard by a long shot and in many cases is just out right lying.
    I think all politicians in the nature of being a politican are allowed a little bit of flexibility on those things but it’s the ones who over exceed their bullcrap account who get hit the hardest.

  • Dreadsen


    Well i didn’t mean negativity as in reviews. But in some instances Gibson did make her look like she didn’t know what she was talking about. Now there have been counter arguments but what about the people who don’t get a chance to see the counter argument? Or they do see the counter arguments from people who are not PALIN so they disregard it. Hannity can help those people because it will be Palin herself debunking what every negative notion they carried away from the interview.

    I believe Obama did the O’reily interview to attempt to reverse the massive media tidal wave on Palin. We all knew that RNC was going to bump their numbers. But what they didn’t calculate was the V.P. pick having such a tremendous positive effect. Palin + RNC could have equaled a lead which could have been too hard to battle. So I suspect he decided to get on O’reily in an attempt to try to get a hold of the momentum before they got too far out of his control. That was the first time the media wasn’t focused on him so he threw a hail mary. They thought the desire to see him fail would overcome McCain speech or his success with O’Reily could swing things. I don’t think it worked. Unless maybe McCain would have been up 6+ points if he didn’t do the interview but that is the unknown.

  • Babs

    Fair assessment, Dreadsen, and I agree with it (on the Obama interview).

    I also agree Gibson made Palin look like she didn’t know what she was talking about in some instances – until I read the transcript and saw what was edited out. That’s another point I tried to make in my commentary. On the internet elite gets the “real deal” on that interview, even ABC admitted that while they edited the interview it was OK because they posted the whole thing on the internet. That’s not right, what about the millions of voters without internet access?

  • Babs

    Well, isn’t this ironic? Was just sent this over email. 😉

    Who Am I?

    â–ª I am 45 years old
    â–ª I love the outdoors
    â–ª I hunt
    â–ª I am a Republican reformer
    â–ª I have taken on the Republican Party establishment
    â–ª I have many children
    â–ª I have a spot on the National Ticket with less than two years as Governor of my state.

    Did you guess who I am?

    I’m Teddy Roosevelt in 1900 ….

  • Dreadsen

    That is interesting.

    I saw a huge email that had a list of all the presidents who had less experience than Obama. I’m sure we could apply some of the same guys in defense of Palin.

    Wow Babs that is kinda dirty.
    I’ve seen it the other way around where you get the whole interview when it is live but you get a edited version on the website. Fox did that when Hannity interviewed McCain. When McCain said he didn’t love the country until he was held captive they edited that part out on their website.
    We all knew what he meant but the way they were railing against Michele Obama i guess they didn’t want anyone to have equal ammunition to take out of context.

  • Babs

    Dreadsen, did they edit that out? I’ve heard him say it more than once on the stump. I don’t think I read that transcript, either. Maybe I’m thinking of some other time he said it.

    I think that email was about more than experience, but you’re right about the experience part. I thought it was ironic about the hunting, fishing, lots of kids, etc. I’ll bet no one ever questioned Teddie about whether he had time to be President with all those kids. Of course, in 1900, Planned Parenthood wasn’t around, either. 😉

  • JES

    I’m glad to have a forum to write my opinion.
    I just watched Charles Gibson “interviewing” Sarah Palin at her home in Alaska, again on your website.
    I felt that Charlie was “not clear”, seemed to twist facts with his voice inflection, was very bias, as the liberal media usually is, and was sarcastic.
    Also what is it with his glasses? Either they didn’t fit very well, or he had greased his nose!
    Sarah Palin is not just “talked about for Vice President”, as Charlie said in the beginning, but she IS McCain’s pick as a running mate as his Vice President! Charlie and the bias democratic media “just don’t get it”!
    Whereas Sarah Palin WAS consistently relaxed, confident and her natural self, unlike your website comment below the video window!
    I believe that as “mavericks” John McCain and Sarah Palin will take this country in the direction it needs to go – more power back to the states! Less Federal Government bureaucracy. We don’t need more taxes or bigger Federal Programs! They will “clean house” of Federal waste! They understand the regular people have “tightened their belts”. Now it is time for the Federal Government to do so also!
    Thanks for the opportunity to state my opinion.

  • Babs

    JES, did you by any chance see Sarah’s interview with Hannity last night? She was very relaxed and in her element. There’s a big difference when the interviewer allows the interviewee to actually get a word in edgewise on their positions. I’m looking forward to the conclusion of the interview tonight.

    I like the way you use Obama’s line about McCain against the media – “they just don’t get it”! Maybe that will be my next design for an RNC tshirt. I love it!

    Welcome to this forum, voice your opinions anytime. They’re welcome here. 😉

  • This woman is in over her head. Her knowledge base is shockingly low and perhaps even more disturbing is the fact that she tries to make things up when she doesn’t know something. She really takes away from John McCain’s platform. She needs to be hidden from the public until the election – or – she should quit.