Obama looks to regain ground, go back on the offense

After a couple weeks of something resembling a “Palin-mania,” the Obama campaign has been faltering a little with getting back on message and successfully taking the fight back to John McCain.

A video report from CBS News:

Another report from Yahoo News:

DOVER, N.H. – Belittling John McCain as a relic of the disco age, Democrat Barack Obama pushed his campaign Friday to a new level of counter-punching “on the issues that matter” and directed his running mate to be tougher on their Republican opponents.

The changes come as national polls find McCain and his running mate, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, pulling ahead of Obama and Joe Biden, prompting some jittery Democrats to implore them to fight back harder, and Obama’s camp to pledge “speed and ferocity” in that effort.

“You know, I’m not going to be making up lies about John McCain,” Obama told undecided voters in Dover. But he dipped into history, citing the oft-repeated phrase: “If you don’t stop lying about me, I’m going to have to start telling the truth about you.”

“That’s what we’re going to do,” Obama said.

Dover resident Glenn Grasso asked Obama, “when and how are you going to start fighting back against attack ads and the smear campaigns?”

“Our ads have been pretty tough,” Obama replied. “I’m going to respond with the truth.”

Obama has called Palin a “phenomenon” and acknowledged she’s given her ticket a boost. But his aides say McCain is vulnerable to new criticisms because he has stretched the truth in recent comments and ads, and because Palin was shaky on foreign policy in an ABC News interview.

“Today is the first day of the rest of the campaign,” Obama campaign manager David Plouffe said in a statement Friday. “We will respond with speed and ferocity to John McCain’s attacks and we will take the fight to him, but we will do it on the big issues that matter to the American people.”

In truth, I’m guessing this campaign will settle back down in the coming weeks and become more issue-oriented. In fact, the first debate coming up on the 26th will most certainly turn the campaign back into McCain vs. Obama instead of Palin vs. the media.

I think what happened here was a public which may have been rather tired of this campaign which has lasted since January of 2007. Obama was, and still is, a major source of energy for the campaign, however, everything was jolted when Palin was tossed into the mix. There is time remaining which will determine the result, not the past two weeks.

That being said, McCain must be pleased with where things presently sit. Of course, the debates will probably be what swings this campaign one way or another.

  • I think the Palin-honeymoon period is coming to a close and now the voters want to hear what she’s actually about. Obama could use this to his advantage if she doesn’t come through.

    I’d place a safe bet that over the next few weeks we’re going to start to see some gaffe’s coming from Palin. She’s going to get campaign weary, be tired of travelling, be missing her family and no doubt her family be missing her. And her concentration is going to falter. That’s when Obama will pounce or should do if he had any sense.

  • frapp

    I think so. Obama have to take the seriously and do best act to take ahead. He have to say the truth and don’t change he philosophy.

    I don’ think that the americans want not a healthcare system, a best economy and education, more jobs and a foreign politic more effective.

    And, Barack is the candidate who propose that.
    Do your choise.

  • Christopher Schwinger

    I wonder whether the glamorous Palin image will disappear like the Obama-mania.

  • Dreadsen

    Too Late now. Now he begging for the nasty dirty 527’s to come to his rescue. He had them curbed all of this time thinking McCain was going to have a clean campaign OR he thought he could get by with the high road like many other democrats of the past thought they could do against the dirty low road politics of the Republican campaigns. Kerry tried firing back at the last minute you see where that got him.

    What a lot of people didn’t understand about the Obama media coverage in the beginning is that McCain is very old and boring. Plus he’s been running for president for a long time. Obama was new and was making history in many ways. You couldn’t possibly expect the media to look over him for non news worth stuff McCain was doing.
    Now it’s the opposite. The same thing which drove the media towards Obama is the same thing which drives them towards Palin. As statistics showed Obama got more coverage in the past but the majority of it was negative. Now Palin is completely dominating all the Media. But I haven’t been watching regular media for a while but i’m willing to bet that it’s the same thing. Hers is more negative. But most likely someone will say hers is negative because the media is liberal while ignoring that Obama’s was also negative.

    I believe Palin’s dominant media coverage may run all the way into Nov. being that there isn’t much time left.

  • Kerry tried to take the high road and got swift boated for his efforts. The same fate will happen to Obama unless he grows a set of big cohones and goes on the offence.

    On the night of Oct 2nd when Biden and Palin face-off in their debate I’m expecting Biden to shove the proverbial lipstick where the sun don’t shine and make Palin not look very competent as a VP choice. If he doesn’t then the Democrats are pretty screwed.

  • Babs

    Biden doesn’t even have the confidence that he was the right choice for VP. He won’t be shoving anything anywhere. Odds are getting higher he’s going to drop out of the race.

  • I am very interested in seeing her on her own against another political opponent. I thought she did crap w/Charlie Gibson. If someone says, “Hey your talking too much”

    I hate to say it but Biden was a disappointing choice. I have to admit. Hindsight is 20/20. Very unprogressive and typical ‘old world’ Democrat play book. Sad thing is, I don’t see the conservatives as progressive on issues at all. I agree with hardly any of the policy. Why shouldn’t a child have access to health care if his parents are not that well off? Less government? Yea, Like Ron Paul? Look at his freakin’ district… It is completely underwater and he is doing a shining job of ‘less govt.’ he is no where to be seen!! There is nothing on his website!

    The people need to wake up.

    Odds are Obama will lose the election and we will have more deficits, more loud conservatives, more filthy rich 1%ers getting money, more wars, enraged and empowered ladies in pant suits…

    I have grown tired of all of this.

  • Babs

    “Why shouldn’t a child have access to health care if his parents are not that well off? ” Eric, they do. There are many federal programs for children of poorer families, google “Peach Care” for one.

    Did you take any offense to Obama’s use of the Ike tragedy as an analogy for his programs in his speech yesterday? I’ve heard a lot of comments, most from people like you who were hit. Just wondering.

  • No. FEMA and the feds are also not even giving a death toll or death toll estimate which everyone down here knows is at least over 100 people. Something is not right about the way the Federal govt. is swarming in and patting themselves on the back.

  • oh and yes, Peach Care is a great example of a local govt. Health Care for children although it is mired in financial difficulties.

    I like Bush’s speech better than any of them surprisingly. But I still think they should release the death tolls and update the number of missing/unaccounted for people.

    I don’t like the guy who Bush appointed head of FEMA. He was the one that told people to duct tape their houses back after 911/Anthrax scare. (hes a Dem btw)

  • Had Obama picked Hillary as VP then Palin wouldn’t be on the ticket, Lieberman or Romney would, maybe even Huckabee. IF Biden drops out and I’m thinking now that might not be such a bad thing, the sooner the better, then Hillary would definitely be the top choice and she’d eat Palin up in a debate.

  • Annette

    Obama’s arrogance continues to amaze. If you can’t outsmart someone with youir own record and experience, then you belittle them. This is what teenagers do when they don’t know what else to do to to make themselves look smarter than their peers.
    He wouldn’t know the truth if it bit him in the hind quarters. He sways with the political wind to get the votes and the support that he wants. In the Illinois Senate he voted ‘present’ instead of taking a stand and showing that he had a ‘truth’ that he stood for. He spoke out of both sides of his mouth and did the bidding of the Democratic machine that runs the state. He is part of the old democratic machine; things aren’t going to change. Again I ask why would anyone vote for a candidate that is handled by the democratic machine from Chicago? He didn’t do the job the Illinois taxpayers sent him to do. Instead he is out campaigning for a job he isn’t qualified to do.