Video: Barack Obama on the O’Reilly Factor (Part 3)

Tonight the third installment of the long drawn out interview between Bill O’Reilly and Senator Barack Obama. Tonight the discussion focused on Obama’s connections with Rev. Jeremiah Wright and other characters like Weather Underground leader William Ayres.

Here is the full video of part 3 which aired on 9/10/08:

Somewhat confrontational although I think Obama handled himself well enough considering the circumstances.

  • Christopher Schwinger

    Nate, what do you think about revamping this site after the election so we can keep discussing current events? I think that would be a great thing to do, because I had a very hard time finding a respectful forum where people from all political vantage points could discuss the news (which has been mainly election-oriented for a while).

  • I consider myself conservative, I vote republican, and I am ashamed at the way Bill O’Reilley does this interview. He is a shameful man and he brings shame to politics and journalism. My toddler is braver than this man.

  • How many more of these interview installments are there?

  • marzzbar

    I think it said there was one more.

  • I think there’s one more, pudding, I don’t remember what it’s about. I’ve already become bored with it. This one held no surprises, same old rhetoric from both of them. Except the surprise announcement that Obama has right wing friends. That was a shocker, too bad he wouldn’t name one that could verify that. *LOL*

    I read an EXELLENT blog this morning on the Washinton Post about Trig Palin – nothing really political, but awesome nonetheless. Everyone should read this, it puts things in a good perspective:

    “Trig’s Breakthrough”

  • I failed trig in High School. But yea, that’s off topic. 😉

    I like the way Obama has the jewels to come on Oriely’s show and recognize him as an American who disagrees with him. I gotta admit, he is very even tempered with Bill.


    Obama contradicts himself on many answers from his previous statements. I still dont even believe this man about his relationships at all. He knew everything about all these people and he knew this crap before he went to them but he did just so he could get into politics,in the most corrupt city for politics in the country.

  • That’s an intelligent way of looking at things… 😐

  • Dreadsen


    Yeah and McCain the same man who says he’ll be Hamas worse night mare made an knowing and calculated effort to recruit a man who wants the genocide by means of military violence of all muslims and another guy who has made comments of bringing slavery back to his church. But didn’t decide to dump them until the press decided to run clips about it 24 hours a day.

    Ayers is a respectful politician in Chicago. Mayor Daley even came out in his defense on television after the debate. There are REPUBLICANS who are on the board with him as well because he is for reforming education.
    McCain made his association to get votes from other hate mongers. Obama made his to actual do something helpful for the community.

    There was no contradictions here Obama says the exact same things he has been saying.

  • Kate

    Obama is rediculous. He is showing a pattern of radicals and I think ultimatly he is muslim. Did you see the video of him on ABC news.. he said “Mccain has no questioned me on my muslim faith….” oh wait i mean Christian faith. I have a bad feeling about him……..

  • JD

    Man, I can not stand Bill. So I am torn everytime he does an interview like this. “Fox news doesn’t hate” lol. What a statement.

  • “Ayers is a respectful politician in Chicago. Mayor Daley even came out in his defense on television after the debate.”

    Ayers is a college professor, and he says that’s all. Respectful? No way. He should be in Guantonimo with the rest of the terrorists. When I think of Ayers, I think of him on a magazine cover stomping on the American flag. Come on, Dreadsen, even you cannot “just like to argue” that much.

  • Tom


    Even if Obama were Muslim, who cares? What is the problem with him being Muslim? Can you please defend this for me?It’s comments like these that turn the world against Americans. The statement clumps all Muslim’s into one group (I assume you are concerned with Muslims from the Middle East), when in fact, most Muslims actually come from Asia and present no threat whatsoever. But, assuming he were Muslim, if you can defend it as problematic, in an intellegent way, I am absolutely open to hearing it.

  • Pats

    Thank you Tom. I also want to know why Kate is so particular about Obama being a Muslim. Is anything wrong with that? If so, why? On a personal note, I hate terrorists and extremists but all religons are fine. One is quite free to worship with any religon he deems right.