YD2008 at the McCain-Palin rally in Fairfax (Update)

Since I just so happen to now live in Virginia, a state which matters this year, it appears as though my area will be graced by visits from the presidential candidates. Coming up on Wednesday there is a McCain/Palin rally at the Fairfax High School in Fairfax, VA. First and foremost, let me just state, if/when Obama and Biden visit the area, we will be on the ground there as well since this is purely for reasons of reporting.


What: Road to Victory Rally: Fairfax, VA on September 10th

When: September 10, 2008 8:00 AM

Where: Van Dyck Park, Fairfax, VA

The rally will begin at 11am on Wednesday, we’ll have some pictures, video, and a little report to follow.

I’m mainly interested in gauging the mood of attendees as to whether they’re there for John McCain or Sarah Palin. Based on what I’ve seen, the huge crowds are there for Palin, not because they love Mccain. Inquired about press credentials but I won’t hold my breath.

I’ll have a report on Wednesday afternoon with some thoughts on the message and the mood.

Once again, if Obama/Biden is in the area, we’ll attend a rally for a report as well.


We attended today and there will be a report to follow later with some observations, photos, and video. Once again, if an Obama/Biden rally is in the area, I will be attending for the same kind of reporting.

Some you haven’t even seen my reporting and yet I see some naysayers which is absurd. The reporting on this site is down the middle with the exception of the commentary section which provides points of view from both sides of the political spectrum.

Give me a chance, people! I think you’ll enjoy my write-up.


Check out my report here:

Nate’s report on the McCain/Palin rally in Fairfax, VA

  • Do you think Palin will do any rally’s at all on this campaign?

  • She’s doing this one, pudding. Do you mean alone without McCain?

  • By the way, have a great time today, Nate.

    For those of us who can’t attend, McCain now streams his rallies on his website:


    The schedule says this morning’s stream begins at 10:00 am ET.

  • Virginia Veteran

    It is against Fairfax County policy for schools to host campaign events during school hours. Obama had a campaign at a different Fairfax County school over the summer (when school was not in session). The school board is breaking a rule for McCain’s advantage. I am against using schools for any political activities, other than as voting centers.

  • Virginia Veteran, I wasn’t aware of that. Seems odd then that it would be at the high school then. I’m assuming though they would now break the same rule for Obama. This whole presidential thing only comes around every 4 years so it is historic when the candidates visit.

  • Was the event “hosted” by the school, or was it just on school grounds? Maybe that’s where they draw the difference. I believe the previous issue was about holding it in the gym, wasn’t it? From the feed, this appeared to be at an outside location somewhere. Did they dismiss school today for this, or disrupt classes for this?

  • Sandy

    The school board didn’t make the decision to have the rally during school hours. It was Superintendant Dade that did. As reported by the Washington Post, he is allowing senior govenment students at the school to attend the rally as a “learning experience”. Well, a lot of these senior students are 18 years old, of voting age and could be influenced by attending this rally to vote for the McCain/Palin ticket. Obama’s rally in July (summer break for students) at Robinson Secondary High school was not afforded the same opportunity to have senior government students in attendance! This is certainly unfair to the Obama campaign and Dr. Dade should have ruled against having this rally during school hours. I wonder if he will now invite the Obama campaign to hold another rally at Fairfax HS so they can reach out to the potential 18 year old voting seniors during school hours. I personally think Dr. Dade is giving an advantage to the McCain/Palin campaign by breaking the FCPC school policy – NO POLITICAL RALLIES DURING SCHOOL HOURS.

  • IndiMinded

    Either way, the event is being moved to another location, officially because the school anticipates a higher turnout than they can handle. So it’s a nonissue, at least for now

  • Babs your scaring me here, I think the rally is not until tomorrow morning Wednesday September 10th.
    IndiMinded, I now have to go and look up the new location, its a good think you told us or I would have missed seeing Sarah!

  • Sorry, CG, they stream live events everyday, I just meant you could see it there BUT today’s streaming started at 10am. There’s another stream scheduled for 3:30 pm, I think it is. I didn’t mean to lump the two. Sorry!


    Sandy if Obama held his during summer and the students from the class or whatever didnt go that was their choice because it was in summer and no child wants to be around school. It is not unfair that McCain may be holding his at a better time.

  • Sandy

    Lets face reality here! No high school student on summer vacation is going to attend a political rally unless he’s a devoted supporter of a particular candidate. However, a student will certainly attend a political rally during school hours if they are given a choice and can get out of class for a few hours! A political rally should not be held at any school during school hours. The McCain/Palin rally should have been scheduled in the evening or on the weekend at the school to avoid any conflict of interest. Students should NOT be subjected or influenced by any politcal party rally during school hours.

  • U.S.A.

    Great! You Decide (if favor of McCain) 2008 is attending the rally. Everything will be excellent and fair because thats how an “unbiased” group such as this reports, right?


    They do a great job here, I must say even Michael does for the most part. U.S.A. they are not biased.

  • Yes Babs, alone without McCain holding her hand.

  • Stalin


    Next time Obama holds an event in Chicago, I will attend the event on behalf of You Decide 2008. My fees for pain and suffering will only be a couple million.

  • Jennifer Brooks

    My sister and I (along with our children aged 7 mths, 6, 9, and 11) attended the McCain/Palin Freedom Rally in Fairfax today and we had an amazing time! The support of everyday regular people is wonderful to see. Everyone we spoke with was kind, respectful, and happy to be supporting an amazing man running for President. I heard from the people surrounding us talking and saying that they resent people saying they are only voting for McCain because he chose a female running mate. Most of us are voting for the McCain/Palin ticket because we trust them to run our country FOR THE PEOPLE, and not government interests (or their own). We are proud of McCain for choosing a resourceful, hard-working running mate for VP in Sarah Palin-not the fact that she is female, but for the accomplishments she has made-which she did FOR THE PEOPLE OF ALASKA. If we have any hope for change in politics-that change lays with McCain/Palin! Who wouldn’t like to have our taxpayer’s money actually go to the good of this Country, instead of special interests, where we as taxpayers are never told where it is heading. Palin put the state of Alaska’s budget online-wouldn’t you like to know where our money goes?

  • Annette

    Sandy, I don’t know if you are a teacher or a parent of a high school senior, but in Illinois since students have to be 5 by August 31 of the year in which they begin school, there are very few seniors at this point in the school year that would be 18 unless their parents held them back for some reason. (Students should NOT be subjected or influenced by any politcal party rally during school hours.) The American Federation of Teachers has (as far as I know) always endorsed the Democrat for president. Many of these teachers are more than happy to talk about their political viewpoints in the classroom (at least they are in the communities where I have lived). They have a captive audience and use their position to influence the minds of our youth. The students don’t have the option of not attending class do they? But, they do have the option of not attending the rally.

  • We did attend today and if an Obama rally is in the area, I will be attending as well for reporting. It just happens McCain/Palin was in the area and I figured I could give a good report. Hopefully Obama/Biden will be close enough and I will do the same.

    I will be writing up a report with photos and videos later this evening with some observations on the event.

  • U.S.A, my husband was way too nice to you, thankfully I’m not as nice and I have no problem telling that if you have a problem with the reporting on the site stay the hell off. This site will not miss you, as a matter of fact don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out!!!

    F.Y.I anyone who wants to attend a rally for any party and report back to You Decide 2008 is more than welcome to do so, it would be greatly appreciated. I know U.S.A that would mean you as a liberal would have to get up and take responsibility and we all know how liberals are with responsibility, you let the government handle it for you!

  • Dreadsen

    “we all know how liberals are with responsibility, you let the government handle it for you!”

    Yep and if you are Israel, Georgia, fannie mae or a major automotive company you let the conservatives/neo cons handle things for you!

  • That’s a bunch of crap and you know it. Do not lump “conservatives” with the goings on of the Bush administration and this Fannie/Freddie bail out. I personally can’t wait to see the man hit the road. He has given conservatism a bad name by calling himself one when in actuality he spends his days pandering to the left. The man spends money like a drunken sailor. Look, if it were up to me I would let Fannie and Freddie fall straight on their face with NO bail out. Let the markets come in and clean up the mess. Just one more reason why government should never have this much control of money, they’re fiscally irresponsible and corrupt.
    As for Israel, you’re speaking to the wrong conservative, this household just finished sending $100 dollars a month for a year to support ministry in Israel, its not the government’s responsibility, I’d much rather take the credit for writing a check. And speaking of the auto-industry, it was hijacked by the union loons and the industry as a whole didn’t have enough guts to stand up to the union mob bosses and put their employees first, who’s fault is that?

    “you let the conservatives/neo cons handle things for you”, spoken like a true liberal, you must be so proud.

  • Dreadsen


    Well for one I am not a Liberal. I try to be a 3rd party realist which the cheerleaders of both parties usually are not.The hatred of one or the other is ignoring the problems and benefits of both. McCain will continue the same legacy of Bush’s neo con foreign policy ideology which was a Liberal agenda of Harry Truman. And of all the things that you outlined that you don’t agree with do you think McCain is going to be against that? Both of these jokers are the same with the slight exception of foreign policy. But once you look past the surface even their foreign policy agenda in the long haul is similar. Both of them are going to send tons of money to Israel and threaten to start wars with other countries who we also send billions to defend them.

    Look even Obama acknowledged the problem in Pakistan but on Bill O’Reily he is still talking about sending more money there when we are already sending billions! McCain also has not talked about this problem in dept so i am sure he’s going to keep on sending billions to Pakistan. Both of these guys are for some sort of amnesty for Illegals. The only conservatives and liberals are the people who are not running in office. I remember when you were looking towards the Constitution Party because you knew both choices were bad. They are over 10% in some states. But it shocked me when YOU of all people were excited once Sarah Palin joined the ticket. To vote for McCain because of Palin would be to go to a New Kids on the Block concert because Ritchie Black Moore is on the Guitar. It doesn’t matter how good Ritche is he is going to suck because he’ll be forced to play to New kids on the block’s wacked tunes.

    Oh quick question. Has there been one bill drafted for women’s rights by even ONE Republican in the history of the united states?

  • Babs

    Wow, Dreadsen, you really do like to argue. First you’re so defensive for Obama it’s sickening, and obviously totally in the tank for him, and now you’re screaming 3rd party realist. What are you on?

  • Dreadsen


    i replied in the thread where you were laughing at me. The one on the pork barrel. haha.
    Notice I have been defensive. But I don’t partisan hack. I don’t like it when someone calls people right wing religious nuts or all liberals stupid. It just bothers me to see people making this about who doesn’t suck as bad at something they both suck at argument. Or the completely singling out of one person on something that the other person is so blatantly or quietly involved in. People ignored it and thought it was fine because it wasn’t of their party but any decent human would not approve of one person being singled out for things that all of his or (her) predecessors and opponents are guilty of.

  • IndiMinded

    I think you might be mistaking defense for dedication. I defend Obama pretty regularly myself, but that doesn’t mean I see him as the ideal candidate, or even a member of the ideal party. Right now the two parties have more in common than they have differences.

    Republicans may be unpopular right now, but they still have a shot at winning because most people see the democrats as a pretty unappetizing alternative (I’d be one of them!). I’m guessing most people in America would jump to another party if there were more viable parties in the game.

    Have you ever been asked to choose between two foods that you didn’t really want to eat? You might have had a strong preference, but that doesn’t mean you were happy with your meal! Personally, that’s how I’ve felt this election.

    I remain upbeat though, because both food items look better to me than anything on my menu last election, or the election before that. A lot better, actually. So I probably seem excited, and people who know me think I’m expecting tasty food.

    The fact is, when the main course comes I know it’s going to be bland and lukewarm at best. You just gotta keep in mind, I’ve been eating gruel for 8 years, and I’m expecting a step up!

  • Annette

    In response to your question . “Has there been one bill drafted for women’s rights by even ONE Republican in the history of the united states?”
    The first states to give women the right to vote were in the west and the first was Wyoming which has historically been a republican state.

    The Republicans were the first major party to favor women’s suffrage. 26 of the 36 states that voted to ratify the 19th amendment were under Republican control and the first woman elected to Congress was a Republican from Montana in 1917.

    I would say that even though that is not technically a ‘bill’ it says something for women’s rights and the republican party. 🙂


  • Babs

    Dreadsen and Indi, since apparently all three of us are not party loyalists, we can agree. Here’s my theory:

    I think we should all be “any party” realists. There’s two main differences in what will happen when either candidate hits the oval office as I see it.

    We all know that a President can’t get anything accomplished without the help of Congress. We all know what shape the Congress is in – it’s broken. At this moment it’s in the hands of incompetent Democrats. They won control from incompetent Republicans. That’s why their approval rating is what McCain says – down to blood relatives and paid staffers. Congress is ruining our country, and Bush has not stopped them from doing it. And he hasn’t been a leader to Congress, and that has to happen.

    If Obama takes office, he’s vowed (I heard him) to support a continuing Democratic Congress and fill even more seats with Democrats than we have now. So, he will not be able to change anything because he’s going to go along with his party, as he always has. Nothing will change, we won’t drill, we won’t reform Washington, it will be more of the same, no matter his commericals say. His tax proposals are old theories he’s dusted off and, yes, put lipstick on.

    If McCain takes office, he’s going in with the same Democratic congress Obama would, but he’s going to do the same thing he’s done there for 26 years – buck the system. Not every time, but when it counts. He’s the one with the record of going against his own party and shaking things up. I don’t have to take his word for it, he’s already proven it. He sees the good and the bad on both sides, and has a long standing working relationship with leaders on both sides of the fence. In my opinion, that makes him the best bet to be the agent of change. And change is what we need. He can reach both sides, HAS reached both sides for years, and that has to happen in order to affect positive compromise and progress (the opposite of congress).

    Joe Biden, in my opinion, has been sleeping in the same chair for 35 years, and I don’t see anything outstanding in his record. He’s a company man, democrat through and through. He’s typical Washington, more of the same. We don’t hear much about whether or not he’d make a good President, but maybe we should be concerned. After all, according to Michelle Obama, “Barack – as a black man – could be killed going to the gas station”. I doubt Biden has the confidence to be President, he doesn’t seem to have the confidence that he was the best choice for VP. And from a practical standpoint, if we are to be concerned for McCain’s age of 72, Biden is right behind him.

    Sarah Palin, in my opinion, is young, head strong and full of ideals, proud to be taught by McCain in the ways of bi-partisanship, and eager to learn the job of VP. She has just enough experience to match Obama’s at least, and she wants to make us energy independent to the point of drilling in ANWR in her own state of Alaska. I think by her very energy, she could hold her own in Congress, and I do believe that she thinks our officials should give the PEOPLE the respect of knowing what’s good for us.

    So here we have the dilemma. Which candidate can spank Congress the fastest and get us on the right road? It won’t happen in 2009, no matter how fast reform is affected in Washington. It may not happen in 4 years, it only has to begin. Every solution to every problem begins with the same thing – a beginning.

    As Independents, these are the things we look at. These are the things that we should all look at, as realists. 😉

  • Annette

    Well said, thanks for saying it in such an honest, open, fair-minded way.


  • Dreadsen, no won was more shocked than me that I would be voting for McCain. I will put this right out there, #1 reason I am voting for McCain is simply b/c of Sarah Palin. Her core beliefs fall completely in line with my own. That said, she is only one heart beat away from being President! At the rally there was strong support for Sarah, overwhelmingly strong. She clearly received a better response from the audience than did McCain. There are certain things that a President cannot waiver on in order for me to vote for them, for instance they must be pro-life, which will lead to who they nominate for the Supreme Court. McCain has a strong record in the senate when voting for a supreme court justice. To me this the number one issue I look at when deciding on a candidate. The other at this point in time that I feel is crucial is security. I look at McCain and I have to say that I would want him dealing with Russia, Iran, North Korea and radical Islam over Barack Obama any day of the week and twice on Sunday. Obama has NO experience with foreign policy, do we really trust him to be commander and chief? Or better yet do we know how will he respond to other terrorist attacks on U.S soil? He can’t fall back on his “community organizing” when a thousands of people are dead and wounded and the rest of the country is in panic mode.

    To respond to your question: “Has there been one bill drafted for women’s rights by even ONE Republican in the history of the united states?” well dear that would be “The Unborn Victims of Violence Act of 2004” more commonly known as the Laci Conner Law. The Law was first introduced by Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, a REPUBLICAN, but wasn’t signed into law. In 2003 U.S Congresswoman Melissa Hart of Pennsylvania, also a REPUBLICAN reintroduced the bill and it was signed into law April 1st 2004. This was a ground breaking law that gave rights to women and their unborn children. In Lacy Peterson’s case the jury was able to charge Scott Peterson with TWO murders instead of just one, finally a law that stands up for the unborn.

    Annette, thank you for making great points!

  • Dreadsen


    Okay didn’t know about the one bill. Took them long enough. So it’s safe to say the bulk of the other bills came from the other side.

    I know the new talking point is community organizing being his strong point. Whats wrong with mocking him being as Constitution Law professor? Don’t think that is relevant. But looking at the argument that McCain is the only thing that stands between us and the boogieman and if he is gone we are doomed. But if something is going to happen to him an Obama clone can handle it. If you think McCain is fine now that Palin is there is what suprised me. Because the same argument you present for why you like him are the same qualities which existed with him before Palin came on the scene.

    Now I want to know what are they going to do about these gun bans. There have been times we had the republican in control of 3 branches of government yet they still allowed the unconstitutional D.C. and Chicago Gun Ban go on. I am happy that the D.C. ban has been over turned but what about Chicago?

  • When is the next ralley?