Hillary Clinton to stand off on attacking Palin

Just days after the Obama campaign tapped Hillary Clinton for support, now comes word that she will remain above the line of attacking Palin personally. The media had speculated that Hillary would be making the rounds as Obama’s Palin “attack dog” of sorts. However, we now learn that will not be the case.

Story from MyWay:

KISSIMMEE, Fla. (AP) – Anyone wanting a Hillary vs. Sarah smackdown might be in for a letdown. First, Sarah Palin launched her Republican vice presidential campaign with praise for the strides Hillary Rodham Clinton made in her quest for the Democratic presidential nomination. On Monday, Clinton spoke in kind.

“It is a great accomplishment,” Clinton said of Palin’s selection as the GOP’s first female running mate. Clinton told a rally of 500 that the election will be decided on issues, not the historical significance of the candidates, and Democrat Barack Obama and his running mate Joe Biden bring more to the table than the Republican ticket.

“Women as well as men make their decisions after they weigh the evidence,” Clinton said. “As Americans go into that voting booth, what they have to ask themselves is not so much who am I for, as who is for me? And I don’t think it’s an even close question that we have the ticket that is going to do the best job in restoring the American promise.”

About the most she’d say about Palin is that she and Republican presidential candidate John McCain “are not the change that we need.”

Former Clinton adviser Howard Wolfson is dismissing any notion the Obama campaign would dispatch Clinton to take on Palin, as much as he thinks some people would revel in seeing the two strong women butt heads.

“Don’t hold your breath,” he wrote in his New Republic blog. “Clinton-Palin might drive ratings and sell magazines, but it wouldn’t be good for the Democratic Party, or the cause of women’s rights. Some might enjoy the spectacle, but don’t expect Hillary Clinton to play along.”

Clinton said: “I didn’t run because I was a woman but I was very conscious of the fact that my campaign meant a lot to so many, and I appreciate that. But this election is about the two parties, and the two presidential nominees, where they stand, what they would do, what our country needs right now.”

She seems to be down the line talking practically about differences between the Obama and McCain campaigns. Honestly I think this is the best line of attack for her since getting personal would draw negative attention.

Video from MSNBC of Clinton addressing Obama supporters and mentioning Palin:

Another report from Fox News on Hillary’s impact:

Truthfully, I think Hillary Clinton can do some good on the campaign trail for Obama, more so than Joe Biden. In fact, Joe Biden still seems to be lost in the noise these past few days. He did Meet the Press on Sunday but he hasn’t been making much news other than that.

Hillary Clinton, if properly utilized by Obama, can probably convince some moderate to left leaning women why they should continue supporting Obama if they were now considering in Palin.

  • You’re right, Hillary if utilized properly could be good for Obama. The fact that she’s a woman and Palin is a woman, people automatically assume they’re going to have bitch-slappingfest in public, which although would be highly entertaining wouldn’t do either side much good.

  • Jody V


    Look at how Barack Obama goes on Msnbc, the worst News station in the rating,
    To get his Lies across, Kieth Oberman will never give him a bad or hard question, which is clear, But look at Barack Obama on BIll Orielly, bill gave him not even hard question, Obama starts stammering stutters get scared , so Obama ran to the worst Bias News station who would back him,



  • Errrrr…OKaaaaaaaay!

  • Hmmm, this is a good move by Hillary, and I’m wondering if part of the decision was from outside pressure. Whichever, I’m impressed she’s taken the high road.

    This is part of an email I received from a Hillary supporter rather high up in one othose organized groups. I had asked her where PUMA was really standing on Palin/Hillary/Obama/McCain. Here’s part of her answer:

    “I know that PUMA is still working to get McCain elected. They have sent us e-mails requesting that we write Obama a letter telling him to fight his own battles. . . and send Hillary e-mails warning her that to go after Palin would be career suicide…. They also asked us to sign up as poll monitors, and to lie on polls when asked.(Say we are voting for Obama, just to screw them up even more).”

    Just a little more fodder here. (The parts I left out were her personal opinions.)

  • bdjnk

    She speaks as though the economy is entirely in the hands of a president to be fixed or broken. Completely under the power of the leader of the executive branch of government. As though this individual should take sole responsibility for it’s condition.

    This is a good way to bash a particular party or person, but nothing more. Anyone who knows even a bit about the way economies function is not fooled. Not by Hillery, and not by the (sometimes contradictory) economic plans of Obama.

  • Christopher Schwinger

    Nate picked a funny picture of Palin when creating the headline of this thread! 🙂 She looks like angry Hillary.

  • Well bdjnk, if the economy is entirely in the hands of the President then the country is screwed under McCain because he’s admitted he knows bugger all about the economy.

  • Actually, many of the problems in our economy is in the hands of all Americans. I believe CG did a commentary about that very subject a few months ago. The strategy of McCain/Palin is to place MORE power back into the hands of Americans to deal with that, not micro manage americans from the oval office, which is the mantra of Obama/Biden. Obama thinks we’re too stupid to know how to handle our own finances, we’re just bitter, gun toting, religous nuts.

  • Susi

    I am not in favor of a Hate-fest campaign…but i find it somewhat hypocritical and ironic that after months of personally attacking and skewering Obama, Hilary now decides to take the high road on assisting the campaign in responding to Palinmania.

  • nyth

    Government spending plays a large part in a nations economic well being. Current government policy is dumping large quantities of cash into fueling overseas conflicts and our military presence in the middle-east.

    Money, as it turns out, is not free. The value of our currency is based off of the treasury notes. In order to continuously fund our current international presence (as well as our rampant consumption and importing) we are selling treasury notes off to other countries. This will work as long as those countries continue to have faith in the economic strength of the US.

    While the government is not entirely responsible, they do play a large part in the current situation we are in.

  • Dreadsen


    Making statements like this leads me to believe you could not ever have been a democrat in your entire life because that is their platform. Your description of MCain/Palin sounded so nice and sweet but unfortunately that would be Conservative policy of the days of old. Not the neo con ideology of today. And you said that Kerry ran you off? How did you make it past Gore? He is a liberal extremist.

    McCain’s platform is don’t spend any money on people here. That is conservative. But be a post world war 2 liberal and spend all the money on countries over seas and help fund nation building.

    And if Obama wants to micro manage like you claim then i think you should look at all of the executive orders Bush put in place, civil liberties he removed and McCain agreeing with it 100%. Or Palin wanting to Ban books from a Library. I mean is that putting the power in the people? or does she think we are too stupid (like you say Obama thinks) to make our own decisions so she has to make them for us?

  • Christopher Schwinger

    Look who endorsed Sarah Palin–Henry Kissinger!! He is part of all the important international conferences and believes the “useless eaters” (85% of the world’s people) should be eliminated. Someone tell me how Sarah Palin is going to be able to improve America, when that beast Kissinger has endorsed her. Kissinger is still one of the most powerful people in the world; he has nothing to fear from Palin. He probably advised McCain’s team to pick Palin.

  • Joanne

    It’s interesting to me that Obama doesn’t like discussing his legislative experience. While McCain has a proven track record of being on the forefront of bills that shake up the status quo in Washington, Obama likes to vote, “Present”. Yes, it’s true he signed on to other congressmen’s bills, but Obama did not originate a single bill as a Senator. Even today, hours after McCain’s press conference in which he outlined the principles necessary for Congress to judge the bailout of Wall Street, Obama –hours later– came out with a watered-down, almost carbon copy. Hilary had it right when she asked who we want to answer the phone in the White House at 3 AM. If it’s Obama, he’d probably say something like, “Take an aspirin and call me in the morning.” The man does NOT like making decisions… and that’s understandable. He has no experience doing so when it counts.