Palin to sit down with ABC News’ Charlie Gibson

News out that ABC News is confirming Charlie Gibson will land the first national interview with Gov. Sarah Palin following her selection as McCain’s vice presidential nominee. This will be big news for the Governor as she has been largely under wraps to the national media in the past week.

Story from ABC News:

Gov. Sarah Palin will sit down with ABC News’ Charlie Gibson for her first interview since winning the Republican vice presidential nomination, the network’s news division confirmed today.

Palin accepted the nomination to be Sen. John McCain’s running mate 10 days ago, but has yet to submit to questions from reporters covering the election.

The Alaskan governor was taunted by the spokesman of her Democratic counterpart, Delaware Sen. Joe Biden, for not submitting to a grilling by the press.

Reporters covering Biden gave the candidate a cardboard cutout of McCain, and Biden spokesman David Wade promptly used the gag to take a poke at Palin.

“You realize you could’ve made history if you’d found a cardboard cut-out of Governor Palin,” Wade said. “That’s the closest she would’ve been to taking tough questions from the national media since she was selected.” “Then again, I guess the Republicans are continuing their recent history of keeping their vice-presidential picks in secure, undisclosed locations,” he added, in reference to Vice President Dick Cheney’s use of an “undisclosed location” after the Sept. 11 attacks. “Yet another way that McCain-Palin is more of the same.”

The McCain campaign, however, has complained that the press coverage of Palin has been sexist and intrusive in asking whether she is capable of being a mother to five children and vice president at the same time, and delving into the pregnancy of her 17-year-old umarried daughter.

Rick Davis, McCain’s campaign manager, told Fox News today that Palin wouldn’t subject herself to any tough questions from reporters “until the point in time when she’ll be treated with respect and deference.”

No specific word on when the interview will be taped and will subsequently air. However, as your source for pertinent election news, we’ll have the video and a report once it does air.

More as this develops including when the interview will air…

  • I’d have placed money on her first interview being with Sean Hannity on Fox News.

  • Dreadsen

    And NOT Hannity and Colmes but maybe Hannity’s America.
    I think that would blatantly be too obvious.
    Gibson doesn’t like Obama so this should be fairly safe.
    Or maybe all the same accusations i read on here about Obama and O’Reily can also apply here.
    You know that Obama is only going on there because they have staged questions, etc.
    So maybe she is only going on here because they questions are all staged and they have an agreement to go extremely light on her.

  • I don’t see how the questions can be staged. You’ve got about a dozen key issues that need to be talked about. The interviewer that’s worth his/her salt will have to ask them and the interviewee has to answer them. It’ll be the same questions that’s been asked countless times these past few months.

  • Dreadsen


    I know i was just applying McCain supporter logic to Palin.
    You think he’s going to ask her about attending the succession group who her husband is part of that wants to break away from America? Could you imagine the spin which could be applied to this? They hate America so much that they want to break away and Palin was attending because if they break away she becomes president of her own country! ha!

  • Darlene

    I’m not sure why Gov. Palin is going to give NBC the chance to attack her again.
    I used to watch Good Morning America every morning, then one day my husband suggested I listen to Fox News. Now almost every issue that both stations were discussing were so different I couldn’t believe it. I used to think that Good Morning America was a great Fair show to watch, I’m sad to say that, is just not the case. Instead NBC has given away their fair thinking to Liberal Bashing story’s full of half truths and complete lies. I do not understand why NBC,CNN,MSMBC think they have the RIGHT to take away MY FREDOM to THINK FOR MYSELF. I want whats best for my Country, not what a News Media Thinks I should Want.
    I and My Family and Friends will no longer watch Any Shows on any of the Stations listed above. When Their VALUES Return, when their OPEN MINDS find their way back, only then will I ever watch Anything on your channels.

  • Darlene, it may interest you to know, then, that Chris Matthews and Keith Olberman have been booted off MSNBC as political reporters. The Neilson ratings for them went in the toilet, and MSNBC booted them.

    I can think of a few more that needs booting, as well. I watched the conventions on C-Span, no bias there.

  • Dreadsen, “NOT Hannity and Colmes but maybe Hannity’s America.” Why don’t you think Sarah would sit down with Hannity and Colmes? She would never be intimidated by Colmes, she could eat him for breakfast!

    I would love to see Sarah go up against Chris Matthews or Keith Olberman, she’d chew’um up and spit’em out. That’s why they call her the Barracuda.

    Darlene, I totally know what you mean when you said there was a big difference between Good Morning America and Fox News. I personally love Fox and Friends not just b/c there fair and balance which they most certainly are, but also b/c there hilarious. I have the book written by Steve Doocy who’s on Fox and Friends, “Mr. and Mrs. Happy”, a great read.

  • I think we can all pretty much agree that impartial non-biased journalism has gone down the toilet.

  • Dreadsen


    Fox and Friends is so fair and balanced for far right neo cons.
    Chris Wallace even complained on their show live about their excessive misrepresentation of Obama and bashing for 2 hours. Now Chris Wallace is no friend of Obama and for him to say that is really saying something. I don’t know why Far left people think MSNBC is fair while Far right keep chanting that Fox is fair and balanced. Goes to show news is fair and balanced if it keeps your interest happy.
    The reason why I was suggesting that she probably would not go on Hannity and Colmes is because if she honestly wants to be completely safe and clear from any type of vetting then they would not want to put her in front of someone who is 100% in favor of her with out even the remote chance of a challenge. All Hannity would do is team up with her on an Obama attack and we would still be left not knowing anything. Even if she is a barracuda ( By the way the band “Heart” has sent them a cease and desist letter out of disgust of them using their song for palin) and eats Alan up it will still be in some sort of a debate.

    If the Campaign was as confident as you seem to be i think they would have had her chew up everyone on Msnbc, meet the press, Stephanopolous, etc. The risk with that is right now she is dominating this so called liberal meida. Obama can barely buy air time over a story on Palin now. I hope now everyone understands what makes the media turn. The longer they keep her a mystery the longer she will dominate the meida and keep Obama yelling from the back “hey anyone remember me?”. But if she goes against some hard core media vetters and it does not go as well as everyone thinks then she will still be in the media but it will all go very negative. If she meets your expectations their numbers will shoot through the roof. Maybe this Crash course they are putting her through will pay off. But until then i don’t think their campaign is even in the ballpark of being as confident as you are. We’ll see.

  • arrowrod

    Then comes Rachael Maddow. I gave her a go. Touted as a Phd with a sense of fairness. I almost threw up. I am surprised that guests don’t physically attack her.

    What was MSNBC thinking? Especially after giving Matthews and Olbermann a time out. Now they have a more rabid dog.

  • ” if she honestly wants to be completely safe and clear from any type of vetting ”

    Dreadsen, I think if she wanted that, she would have turned down McCain’s offer. The campaign is extremely confident, otherwise they wouldn’t dare put the media in timeout for promoting the smears against. The last one I heard was now they’re saying she cheated to win the Miss Wasilla Contest.

    I agree with something Bill O’Reilly said last night, and I rarely agree with him. He said that everytime the media repeated one of these rumors, McCain gets another vote. I agree.

  • No Not Again

    We are so different as people.I want the strong comments by Keith and Chris.I am a born again Christian not like John M
    who has denounce that title.And I have been baptized unlike
    John who has denounced this also.

    I want to be challenged on my beliefs, but most of all I want the truth,not the dishonesty that was presented at Saddleback. I am so sad that MSNBC has bowed to the “Hands Off” stance of Palin. Had she been properly vetted most of these rumors may have been avoided.I too will not watch David Gregory and will view the debates on c-span and Public Radio.How can we teach our children to be critical thinkers we we slant the truth with our personal biases.We dislike people because they do not agree with us.This is how and why wars are started.Not to say we should not defend ourselves.

    Again had John M.vetted her accordingly some of this could have been avoided.And by the way who was on his vetting team ? Obama went public with his.These clouds of secrecy concern me.They Palin/McShame have bullied the media and no she (Palin) will not be presented with difficult questions that Biden was challenged with on Meet the Press this past Sunday.I do believe that Tim was as fair as you could get.Boy do I miss him

    What was Palin view concerning Freddie Mae and Mac?

  • Palin doesn’t have a view yet, she hasn’t been given it in a speech…LOL

  • Yeah, and Axlerod wrote Obama a speech about it immediately. Dang, that man is fast. Tell me again – are we voting for Obama or Axlerod?

  • Dreadsen

    The difference is. Obama has actually written speeches for other people and himself. I guess to be fair we have to give Palin more time to see if she actual writes her own speeches. But right now all she has is a speech written by someone else.And the big hit at the convention was a speech that was actually written for a man. So who are you all excited about? Palin or bush’s speech writers?

    Now does this sound like confidence to you?

    Davis says Palin won’t give any interviews until she feels “comfortable” giving one. And later he added that she wouldn’t give any “until the point in time when she’ll be treated with respect and deference.”

    The idea of facing the media is to debunk theories. All other v.p. candidates jump on all the shows immediately. It is obviously she is getting a crash course. I remember another candidate who people said was only good at giving speeches but avoids tough interviews. hmmmmm.

  • marie

    What’s wrong with the Media these days. I agree with Darlene (Sept. 8th) Liberal Basing is unprofessional and I too will block these stations and will not support their sponsors. We’ve had enough !!