You Decide: Acceptance speech videos and analysis

Both conventions have come to a conclusion now indicating the final stretch of the campaign season is finally upon us. Just two short months now before voters enter the booths and make a decision.

The conventions illustrated much about each candidate and each party’s platform. Here now, in an unbiased presentation, are each of the 4 acceptance speeches from both the Republican and Democratic candidates.

In the order in which they were delivered:

Delaware Senator Joe Biden accepting Obama’s Vice Presidential nod:

Senator Barack Obama of Illinois formally accepting the Democratic nomination for President:

Next, the Republicans.

Alaska Governor Sarah Palin accepting McCain’s Vice Presidential nod:

Senator John McCain of Arizona formally accepting the Republican nomination for President:

After watching a decent amount of coverage from each convention, it seems to me that they both met their objectives. Obama kept up his campaign image by delivering his speech at Invesco field to a crowd of 80,000. In some respects that hurt him in some circles even though Democrats all loved his speech.

The Republican convention was less glitzy, even comparing the stages.



The RNC stage seemed simple, almost too simple at times when compared to the DNC stage. Then again, that isn’t what matters but so much of these campaigns is about image.

Palin clearly brought some energy to the GOP convention, no doubt about that. McCain won the day with securing conservative voters and energizing his campaign in general.

Obama continued his message of hope and change with the help of Joe Biden adding some foreign policy credentials to his ticket. Biden worked well as Obama’s own pit bull against McCain.

What I did notice was that President Bush was discussed much more at the DNC than the RNC. Bush spoke at the RNC via satellite but it was a real low key affair. In my opinion, McCain did a decent job of creating his own candidacy, away from the Obama campaign’s charges that he will be Bush’s “third term.”

So sound off below, how did the conventions compare?

  • I think the DNC did slightly better than the RNC and that’s taking Gustav into account.

    Palin did bring some energy to the RNC, some much needed energy and glamour. Apart from Palin’s there wasn’t any real ‘must see’ speeches, although Hillary’s is the one I think most interested the Dems.

    The RNC HAD to try and distance themselves from Bush and his unpopular policies, but Bush HAD to speak with him being the Republican President. Overall I think the RNC did a pretty good job not mentioning Dubya.

    Roll on the debates.

  • Stalin


    You didn’t think Guiliani had a good speech? Fred Thompson?

  • Guilani I find to be a boring speaker, especially when he goes on his 9/11 stuff for the hundreth time. And Fred Thompson looks like a grumpy old man most of the time, although I did watch some of his speech and what I saw wasn’t bad, it wasn’t great but not bad.

  • Stalin

    You must not have seen Guiliani’s speech. It was not in the least boring and he hardly talked about 9/11


    Giuliani’s speech was great. I love to see my former mayor and the man I would have voted for speak. I believe the RNC was better than the DNC. I believe Republicans dont make everything so fancy and dont seem as elitist and played up as the democrats always do. McCain delivered his speech in the form of a town hall meeting while Obama gave a speech as if he was greek god. I believe the RNC had better speeches overall and i feel the people were much more energetic and into the speeches at the RNC.

  • Grey

    I’m sorry, but only a conservative could like Giuliani’s speech. All it was was 10 minutes of liberal bashing.

    I liked the DNC better overall- the RNC was a lot more partisan and spent more time saying derogatory things about Obama and the Democrats (which they followed up by talking about how they would unify the country; that seemed a bit paradoxical). However, I liked McCain’s speech the most- it was straightforward, warm, and stuck to the issues.

  • Dreadsen


    McCain and Greek Columns photos.

    The DNC was much more exciting with music for every intro and dancing. RNC was dead as all hell. So much silence. I guess those people just didn’t have the rhythm to warrant that kind of fun.

    pick your highlighted speeches and I bet i can put up some highlighted speeches that had a lot more energy than everyone there. Well McCain bottom end had some powerful energy and fireworks that i will give him. It even had me going. But the rest of the convention was putting me to sleep. Palin’s had some punch too.

  • Dreadsen

    Man now this is bad. These people dislike them so much that they don’t even like the flattery of using their songs in the convention or campaign trail? The Republican brand name is trashed. They better hope Ron Paul, Bob Barr or Chuck Baldwin can fix it.

    Heart the band behind the song “Barracuda” sends McCain-Palin campaign a Cease and Desist letter.
    Heart’s Nancy Wilson says this

    “”Sarah Palin’s views and values in NO WAY represent us as American women. We ask that our song ‘Barracuda’ no longer be used to promote her image. The song ‘Barracuda’ was written in the late 70s as a scathing rant against the soulless, corporate nature of the music business, particularly for women. (The ‘barracuda’ represented the business.) While Heart did not and would not authorize the use of their song at the RNC, there’s irony in Republican strategists’ choice to make use of it there.”

    Van Halen is pissed wanted to make it clear that they want nothing to do with McCain nor would they have given him permission. Same song was used for Palin.

    Jackson Browne sues the Gop and the McCain campaign says he doesn’t want people to think he endorses him.

  • Dreadsen

    Bob Barr’s gives CNN his Analysis of McCain’s speech.

  • I’ve ignored much of what Bob Barr has had to say but I kinda like the guy.

  • Dreadsen

    You have to recognize truth where ever you hear it. Even if it’s from your opposition.

  • Ronniebeans

    I’m terribly partisan. It’s hard for me to understand how the Republicans can thrust Mrs. Palin into the queue to be president of the United States when she is so far out of the mainstream on key issues facing our country. While she has every right to believe in creationism; it’s sickening that she would force “Intelligent Design” on an academic curriculum in science. Abortion is an hellish choice for hundreds of thousands of American women, but it is a “choice” her daughter had the freedom to make. She has prospered in a political environment by aligning herself with the underbelly of political decision making (yet she professes virginal innocence when lashing out a Obama).

    Mr. Obama is articulate, but that should not be held against him. Obama may have only a couple of years in the senate and his record of performance is a legitimate target; but his history of service as a community organizer shouldn’t be denigrated because he was only helping “poor people” and not the fat cats.

    Mr. McCain is a brave soldier, but that alone is not a qualification to be a president. Lincoln was not a battle tested soldier, but he guided the salvation of the Nation as a leader in our most self-destructive war.


  • Dreadsen, sorry you didn’t like the RNC music. You probably don’t care for country music or its stars, like John Rich, Gretchen Wilson, Cowboy Troy, or Trace Adkins, who were all there and did a great job. Especially John Rich, performing “Raisin’ McCain”, a song he wrote just for McCain.

    I never heard of Heart before they said that’s who sang Barracuda, but it doesn’t really carry any weight with me that they don’t like McCain. It’s a who cares thing, and I don’t. I’m inclined to think you might hear another original for Sarah out of one of the singer/song writers I mentioned above, though. Gretchen would do a great job with it, I’m sure. She sure sent “Redneck Woman” all over the world. *L*