McCain-Palin, Obama-Biden hit the campaign trail

The day after the RNC finished up, both the Obama and McCain campaigns were quick to hit the trail and quick to begin sniping at each other. The newly minted McCain/Palin ticket was on the ground today in Wisconsin where they were greeted with a large crowd. Meanwhile, Obama and Biden were talking economy over in Pennsylvania.

First, the report on McCain/Palin from CBS News:

More extended comments from Palin on CNN:

The Iraq issues is definitely an area where public opinion seems to, at least at the moment, side with McCain’s view on the surge. However, the Obama camp might score points arguing that McCain and Palin aren’t focusing on economic issues as much.

Next, the report on Obama/Biden from CBS News:

Extended comments from Biden via CNN:

A very interesting dynamic here as it’s clear that Obama and Biden think they found an opening on the economy which they claim wasn’t discussed that much during the GOP convention.

So which campaign is making the better point?

  • I saw this picture and it had me chuckling like a loon. I hope Sarah Palin campaigns like this.

    I hope embedding pictures work.
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  • I guess not.

    Try —> THIS instead.

    Only a bit of fun 😉

  • Dreadsen

    nzpudding i hope you know that photo has been debunked already. Huffington post posted the real photo and the fake one right next to each other.

    Real Men of Genius:

    Portrayal of Obama as Snob is a step forward for blacks

  • Yes I know Dreadsen, I just thought it was hilarious, only a bit of fun.

  • Christopher Schwinger

    I suggest everyone ignore the Obama and McCain campaigns and join the Constitution Party. We don’t have to put up with the media telling us these are our only two choices.

  • bdjnk

    Obama talks a whole lot about the sorry state of the economy. He seems to focus solely on the negative situation, and berets McCain for not doing the same.

    McCain, on the other hand, has mentioned time and again what he plans to do to revitalize our economy. He is looking to the future with solutions.

    Meanwhile, that snake Biden’s only statements have been attacks against McCain or Palin. Yet the media continuously makes mention of Palin as a “pit-bull”, and glosses over Biden and his poison.

  • Dreadsen


    the sorry state of the economy is the reality. To ignore it or pretend that it is actually great is scary or calling us whiners is just beautiful.

    Don’t know if you have noticed but there have been complaints from women to Biden for not attacking Palin.

    In Palin’s speech she attacked Obama 56 times. In Obama’s speech he attacked McCain 21 times. I don’t know the stats of the rest but i will be you that Palin as far as attacks has topped everyone while at the same time didn’t do the very things you claim McCain did.

    Are you watching the same stuff everyone else is watching?