Video: Joe Biden reacts to Palin’s speech and the RNC

Democratic Vice Presidential candidate Joe Biden was making the press rounds this morning giving somewhat of a response to Palin’s speech and the Republican convention in general.

Biden’s interview on ABC News:

Biden’s interview with Fox News:

Biden’s interview on CNN:

Biden’s interview on MSNBC:

It appears as though the Obama campaign has shifted their criticism of Palin away from her “small town” record and have begun defending her a bit on media treatment. However, Biden is right on the campaign line of filling on the holes from the RNC and Palin’s speech.

  • Syn

    So when Mccain says Obama is going to raise your taxes. Is he speaking to the 5% of rich people and corporations that Obama says he’ll raise taxes on? When he looks at the camera and says he’ll raise your taxes, It seems he’s trying to scare me but now I think its that 5% he really talking to.

    I also haven’t heard, as a middle class American, what he or she will do for me. Seems the issues, unless its foreign policy and war are getting buried. While those issues are important, the economy is what I want to hear about the most. Not the smear campaign, not the war or pow record. I want to hear what these people really stand for.

    If Mccain dies and Palin win’s, do I have to be worried she’ll start trying to ban books? What about healthcare? The government staying out of our way mean they don’t plan to insure everyone is covered? What exactly are they going to do for me?

  • Well, for one group, Syn, he’s talking about 80% of the farmers in this country. Obama’s tax plan increases taxes for those individuals earning $200,000 or more. 80% of all farmers fall into this category and file individual tax returns. How much do you want to pay for groceries in 2009? And when Obama raises those taxes on corporations, how are you going to buy your groceries when you no longer have an employer because Obama taxed them out of business?

    What exactly are they going to do for you? They’re going to make it possible for you – a middle class American – to become one of those 5% of rich people that Obama wants to tax if you choose to. But they won’t hand it over to you, you’ll have to earn it just like every other American not draining the welfare system does.

  • bdjnk


    Your final question was “What exactly are they going to do for me?” Meaning, what benefits are the federal government going to send my way.

    This attitude is the reason we have reached a point where the country is even considering the candidacy of an unqualified Marxist. The idea that in order to ‘solve’ problems we must have more government involvement.

    The government does not have the power fix the economy by increasing federal spending and therefore taxes (the money is coming from somewhere), but by allowing businesses the freedom to do well and succeed.

    I advise all those who favor the socialist horror the democratic party seems enamored with, should open up a history book. Take a good look at the section on soviet Russia, and think about the future you want for the country.

  • Stalin


    Keep in mind that a Corporation isn’t always a Fortune 500 company. Many small businesses, which often times are sub-chapter S corporations, only have a few people that they employ. Since small businesses employ the most people in this country, who are you really punishing when you are punishing corporations?

  • Republican Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is raising taxes in California to help pay for a $15Billion budget shortfall. There’s no way McCain as President wont raise taxes in some way to help pay for the country’s debt. Cutting spending will help but it isn’t the miracle cure.

  • Stalin

    A large portion of that budget shortfall is due to the cost of providing education, healthcare, and prisons for illegal immigrants.

  • So is the budget too small to begin with or mis-managed?

    Personally I think they should boot illegal immigrants out, especially if they commit a crime. If they want to stay, then they can join the military.