Sarah Palin: The media’s next Clarence Thomas

Since John McCain announced Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as his choice for Vice Presidential nominee, my hopes have begun to rise for this campaign. You would think our open-minded society would welcome a strong, independent, charismatic, and self-made woman to the national spotlight as a Vice Presidential candidate. Sadly, however, the sexism toward Sarah Palin couldn’t be more obvious. Liberals who claim to support women’s rights have outright attacked her merely on the basis that she’s a woman and how dare she have a career and children at the same time? Shame on them, the liars that they are.

To quote Peggy Noonan:

Because she jumbles up so many cultural categories, because she is a feminist not in the Yale Gender Studies sense but the How Do I Reload This Thang way, because she is a woman who in style, history, moxie and femininity is exactly like a normal American feminist and not an Abstract Theory feminist; because she wears makeup and heels and eats mooseburgers and is Alaska Tough, as Time magazine put it; because she is conservative, and pro-2nd Amendment and pro-life; and because conservatives can smell this sort of thing — who is really one of them and who is not — and will fight to the death for one of their beleaguered own; because of all of this she is a real and present danger to the American left, and to the Obama candidacy.

Women everywhere have been standing up for Palin and rejecting the liberal media establishment’s sexist rhetoric and criticism:

The liberal media’s criticism comes on the heels of some sexist criticism I’ve received lately. So as you can imagine, I’m rather revved up by the issue.

Here’s my biggest question: Why can’t these pro-choice liberal women in the media give Mrs. Palin the decency of respecting her choices? Isn’t that the concept of “choice,” that women have a choice which needs to be respected? Mrs. Palin’s daughter, Bristol, chose life for her unborn baby which is another choice that should be respected.

Here’s yet another report on the sexism bias against Mrs. Palin:

Some in the media question her ability as a Vice President because of the fact that she has dared to have children, a loving husband, and a career all at the same time.

Next question: Where was the concern when Joe Biden became a senator after his wife was tragically killed?

Here’s a quote from a New York Post story covering the sexism against Palin:

HOLY hoop skirts: When did the clock tick back to 1958?

When Joe Biden tragically lost his wife and infant daughter in a car wreck in 1972, not a single colleague, friend or competitor advised him to quit his newly won Senate seat to raise his two little surviving sons.

Rather, he was sworn into office from the injured boys’ bedside, and took to commuting an hour and a half each way from Delaware to Washington. And when Biden’s second wife gave birth to a daughter, no one thought to ask him to step aside and stay home.

They all do it. John Kennedy did it; so did Barack Obama: Men run for office and serve in elected positions while creating small children without ever being patronized as “super dads” or “multi-taskers.”

Nor are they penalized, ridiculed or dismissed for ignoring their kids. They’re good dads.

If Sarah Palin, tapped as John McCain’s running mate, were a man, it’s unlikely we’d even be having this conversation. (A man, or a Democrat.)

Has feminism not fought to give women the ability to pursue a professional career alongside their male counterparts? Instead I have watched liberal female reporters, mainly at CNN, sit and question whether or not Palin considered her family when she accepted the VP position. Well my question to them, most of whom probably also have children, is did anyone question your decision to become a professional news anchor with regard to your children at home? Of course not, but you won’t give Mrs. Palin the same courtesy simply because you’re all afraid of her politics.

The liberal media establishment is trashing Sarah Palin not because of her issues, her record, or her qualifications. They are trashing Mrs. Palin because she is a strong, conservative woman who threatens the liberal feminist agenda. This in the same token as Clarence Thomas during his Supreme Court confirmation hearing when he was trashed for being a conservative African-American. Mr. Thomas was supremely qualified with impeccable credentials, yet he didn’t fit the liberal template for an African-American so he was demonized by the liberal media establishment.

Here’s to Sarah Palin overcoming the liberal media assault and triumphing similarly to Clarence Thomas. God bless the Republican Party for standing with Mrs. Palin and rejecting the sexism which the Democratic Party allowed to run rampant against Hillary
Clinton. In closing, liberals keep saying she’s a “scary one heartbeat away from the Presidency”, DUH!!! that’s the only reason why I’m voting for John McCain!!!

As stated above in the first video by Renee Amoore, we’re Republican women, we know what we’re doing, we know who we are, we’re not gonna take it, and we will get with you, when you keep messing with us, you have a good day!

  • U.S.A.

    What a damn HYPOCRIT you are conservative gal! LOL… A different woman in the white house would be a good thing. Palin is pretty. Does that qualify her? LOL

    I wonder…..What do you think of another Woman, say..Clinton? Talk about bias

  • You’ve got to be kidding me, did you not hear Sarah’s speech tonight? If you pay any attention you would know that I think Hillary is the Devil in Red. So I don’t know who’s worse, Hillary or the Anti-Christ B. Hussein Obama.

    I’m sorry, did you mean “hypocritE“, It’s always funny when bad things happen to good insults.


    I’M IN LOVE CG!!!!!!!

  • Are you cheating on me with Sarah? A joke of course
    (this message was approved by Nate,my husband)

  • Serafina

    Her lack of experience is a much bigger issue than her family.

    Even Peggy Noonan agrees, she just wont say it if she thinks anyone’s listening:

    “The most qualified? No! I think they went for this — excuse me– political bullshit about narratives”

    And it *is* painfully obvious McCain only chose her to try to recruit Hillary supporters. There are plenty of MORE QUALIFIED women he could’ve/should’ve chosen.

  • Michael

    CG, your Op-Ed would be more forceful if you had supplied the sexist rhetoric and examples, rather than talk overtly about this affront.

    I fear part of this is a smokescreen. I am certain there are a few people talking about this, but most of the criticism I have heard about Palin has been about her lack of experience and her extremely conservative values. I have heard nothing from spokespersons from the NPR, Air America, or Democracy Now about Palin not taking care of her children (or other sexist remarks).

    The only comment I did hear over the last several days has been from a caller to the Ed Schultz show. She said she has a 7 year old boy with Autism, and that she needed to commit herself to the home for many years to help him become capable dealing with society. She was worried about Palin’s newborn who has Down’s syndrome, and questioned the Palin household’s ability to address his needs. This complaint was questionable in its nature, as I do not think a male politician would have been critiqued this way. But this was a caller, and Ed Schultz did not “run” with the criticism. He moved on.

    People have some serious policy issues with Palin, especially her close ties to big oil, staunch abstinence demands, and recent news about hiring a lobbyist group to raise money for her city when she was mayor. I wonder if the clamor right now about ‘sexism’ is a distractor– trying to get people’s eye off the ball…

    Again, examples– a bevy of them– would have better supported your argument. Hillary Clinton dealt with sexism, and I did not see these Republican women arguing the way they did on this video. To me, this is all partisan politics.

  • Stalin


    I don’t see you writing any intelligent articles. Why don’t you put up or shut up! Great article CG!

  • Michael, this coming from someone who used “The Huffington Post” as a source. Enough Said!!!

  • Stalin


    Are you kidding me. Where have you been the past 5 days. She has been called a Redneck, Stewardess, Liar, etc. These people are not arguing policy and experience. The left wing media has been disgusting in their attack on Palin. Palin did a great job tonight and all the media has done is piss off a protective mother.

  • Michael,

    Wouldn’t you consider all the questions from reporters concerning whether she should take this position with children at home to be sexist? I have heard the question from many reporters on many networks, the same question which is never asked of a man.

    I believe that is the specific sexism CG is speaking of. The treatment of Palin which never happens to male candidates. The idea that she doesn’t have the right to accept the nomination because she needs to raise her children. The funniest part is that it seems to be the women in the media raising the question, as if they find that kind of unfair treatment acceptable when they would personally never accept that type of questioning of their own decisions.

    I’ve never heard a similar line of questioning asked of a man concerning whether he’s considered his children at home.

  • Michael

    Nate, i am not disagreeing with CG over what is sexist. I agree, to say that about Palin is sexist. I am just saying that I am not seeing the footage. I do not watch FOX or CNN avidly, as I do not think highly of their reporters (largely, not exhaustively). So, in answer to your question, yes, any reporter who made these statements made sexist statements. But I am skeptical as to how many there have been, since I have not heard them.

    Stalin– redneck and liar has nothing to do with being sexist. It is mudslinging, but not sexism. The “Stewardess” appellation could be, but I would need to know the context.

    CG– The news post was about an Intrade issue, and I used a direct reference to Intrade, and I then and checked the facts presented by The Huffington Post about the InTrade issue. After citing THP, I followed up with my personal skepticism of the actual significance. But I did not use the Huffington Post as evidence of the post, since the evidence was a direct link to Intrade itself (and the image for it was as well). I do not see a parallel here.

    All I am asking for is a litany of examples– since you are the one casting a wide net and saying:

    “Sadly, however, the sexism toward Sarah Palin couldn’t be more obvious. Liberals who claim to support women’s rights have outright attacked her merely on the basis that she’s a woman and how dare she have a career and children at the same time? Shame on them, the liars that they are.”

    And although you mentioned briefly a few times about the sexism toward Hillary Clinton, I did not hear a peep Renee Amoore or any of those other women who want to defend women in politics.

  • Stalin


    I was speaking about non-policy/experience jabs at Palin. However, there have been a ton of sexist remarks from the left, many from women! See Sally Quinn’s comments from the Washington Post on how Palin has too many kids to be VP.

  • When I look at Sarah Palin I think MILF! Does that count as a sexist remark?…LOL

  • Grey

    I have to back Michael on this one.

    I have no intention of challenging the veracity of CG’s argument. I, however, like Michael, have yet to hear anyone question Palin’s qualifications based on her being a mother of five kids. I haven’t heard it spoken of in casual conversation, I haven’t heard it from news networks, and I haven’t seen anything of it in internet news.

    Not to say that such remarks aren’t being propagated about in the news- I’m willing to accept the possibility that I just haven’t stumbled upon this particular criticism yet.

    Call me leftist and biased if you will, but I would very much appreciate a source of some sort- I prefer to see things with my own eyes and hear things with my own ears before formulating an opinion of my own, especially in the realm of politics, where intentions are so easily misconstrued.

  • I just noted a few articles on that address sexist remarks, but these are again references, not direct citations of them. One is an article indicating that Hillary’s aides are defending Palin and saying she was exposed to sexism and double-standards (but the same article indicates that Palin ridiculed Hillary Clinton for complaining about sexism and double-standards when Hillary was running):

    Also, CG, check out this clip I just pulled from Ben Smith’s Blog. Apparently Peggy Noonan slammed Palin when she thought she was off the mike, sharply contrasting what she said in the quote you have in your post:

  • Dreadsen

    OUCH!! jessejacksongate

    I swear this is the reciprocal of Obama on the conservative side.

    Would like to know where all the angry republican women were at when sexism was used against Hilary.

    And i would like to know about Palin’s remarks of Hilary whining about sexism. Where was the uproar?

  • Mike11

    Conservative Gal, I dedicate this article to you.

    This is the evidence you needed, the article that exposes the media as a liberal and elitist troup.

    Everybody should read this confession…

  • Thank you, CG! Every word you’ve said is true, and anyone not hearing the slams is just not listening!

    I never thought Hillary was being attacked by sexism, not even with Ferrero said she was. But this is blatant, and it’s interesting that you note some of the women are doing it. The day Sarah was announced Andrea Mitchell literally couldn’t put a sentence together on the air she was so devastated – in between laughing I wondered why they didn’t just turn her mike off. But think about it, when you were an immature teenager and another girl was one upping you with your boyfriend – same reaction as these females, wasn’t it? Obama is more like their boyfriend than their candidate, so they diss the new girl in school that makes them look like morons.

    This has outraged more than women, good men are outraged as well. Michael Steele used the word “appalled” yesterday, and on my local level, McCain signs and bumper stickers were pouring out of my office by the dozen yesterday – and it was all men coming in and raising hell about Sarah!

    My favorite line from her speech last night was the difference between hockey moms and pitbulls – lipstick. 😉

    For those claiming that McCain chose Sarah as a substitute for Hillary, you’re only showing your ignorance. There were plenty of women to choose from that fit the Hillary mold better if that was what McCain was looking for. Sarah is nothing like Hillary, and thank God for it.

  • Grey


    Really, you’re kidding right? Are you trying to back CG’s case by showing how some media bloggers are sardonic and cruel, or do you really not see that that article is a sarcastic criticism of Republican’s take on media bias?

    In either case, a liberal news blogger is a shaky source, which is actually good for you, Mike11- it helps mitigate the damage you would have unintentionally caused CG’s argument.

    Still waiting on a source- even us people who don’t “hear the slams” deserve proof of our own ignorance.

  • Grey, to provide links and your coveted “PROOF” is to just spead the trash further. But I’ll give you one link, you can google the rest as well as anyone here.

  • Stalin
  • Stalin, that’s why they call female dogs bitches, didn’t you know that? Did you see the over bleached bad hair of the writer? It’s jealousy, my friend. *ROFL*

  • There is nothing wrong with asking questions about Palin’s record, her view on the issues, or her qualifications with regard to her experience. The media MUST ask those questions or it isn’t doing a good job. However, the sexism comes when the line is crossed into questions about her capacity to govern while she raises 5 children and deals with issues as a mother.

    Take this video for example:

    “There’s also this issue that she gave birth to a baby with Down syndrome … children with Down syndrome require an awful lot of attention … the role of Vice President would take up an awful lot of her time”

    So basically because she had a Down syndrome baby, as a woman, she is disqualified.

    Ignore the fact that she has a husband and other children who I’m sure could fill in the time she spends as Vice President. Ignore the fact that everyday in America, millions of Moms work outside the home and raise families at the same time, and ignore the fact that this question would never be asked of a male candidate.

    They make it sound as if, and this is the sexism, that she as a mother has the duty to her children and the father isn’t qualified.

    It couldn’t be more blatant.

  • Dreadsen

    Well Dr. Laura who is from the RIGHT who is a McCain supporter is the one who i thought first threw this charge out there about raising 5 kids and running for VP. After that i heard about it a little bit.

    Or maybe it was Sally Quinn who is a Liberal

    So lets not make it look like evil men reporters are being sexist when these women from both sides are the ones who I remember raising these charges.

    So when Guliani wants to yell “how dare they?” I guess these two women are the “they” he is talking about?

  • I say how dare ANYONE – not just men. In fact, I believed I even named Andrea Mitchell as one. Of course, I’ll now put your Dr. Laura on the list (whom I’ve never heard of before this moment) and wonder how she has time to blog in between scrubbing her floors barefooted and washing her man’s clothes.

    Nate, CG is lucky to have you, and you make my case wonderfully for me. I’m too offended to to do a good job, you did a great job. 😉

  • CNN’s John Roberts said “Children with Down’s syndrome require an awful lot of attention. The role of Vice President, it seems to me, would take up an awful lot of her time, and it raises the issue of how much time will she have to dedicate to her newborn child?”

    Who in the Hell is he to tell her or any mother how much attention her child with special needs will requires? I will never respect that comment until men start bearing children and milk starts coming out of their breasts.

    On ABC, Good Morning America co-anchor Bill Weir said, “Adding to the brutality of a national campaign, the Palin family also has an infant with special needs. What leads you, the Senator, and the Governor to believe that one won’t affect the other in the next couple of months?”

    Once again a “man” giving an opinion because he has a penis.

    From Sarah’s speech last night:

    To the families of special-needs children all across this country, I have a message: For years, you sought to make America a more welcoming place for your sons and daughters. I pledge to you that if we are elected, you will have a friend and advocate in the White House.

    You liberals without children have no right to criticize her parenting abilities, I suggest you have a child before speaking as if you’re an authority on the matter. I bet your tune would change.

    Former Hillary Clinton advisors are coming to Palin’s aid since they watched similar attacks during the Democratic Primary:

    Georgetown University professor Deborah Tannen, who has written best-selling books on gender differences, said she agrees with complaints that Palin skeptics — including prominent voices in the news media — have crossed a line by speculating about whether the Alaska governor is neglecting her family in pursuit of national office.

    “What we’re dealing with now, there’s nothing subtle about it,” said Tannen. “We’re dealing with the assumption that child-rearing is the job of women and not men. Is it sexist? Yes.”

    “There’s no way those questions would be asked of a male candidate,” said Howard Wolfson a former top strategist for Clinton’s presidential campaign.

    PBS reporter Mark Shields stating she has chosen her ambition over her family:

    I mean, Republicans, it’s not a partisan question. It’s just a question of whether in fact family values, and whether family values collide in this case. All candidates – David and I have talked about this – have healthy if not overly healthy ambitions. But there had to be some tension here. The ambition of going on a national ticket, and her love and consideration of her daughter, being known once and for all as ‘Aren’t you the daughter who was pregnant of the vice presidential candidate in 2008?

    So as a mother, she’s not allowed to continue her career because she has to deal with her family? Would the same be asked of a male candidate? Did anyone ask Joe Biden why he accepted the senate seat after his wife was killed? Did they say he was putting his ambition over his two children? Of course not, because he’s a male candidate and a Democrat.

    Former Dukakis campaign manager, and current liberal feminist, Susan Estrich also acknowledges the sexism:

    “I’ve never seen anything this bad in my life, and, Greta, I was with Geraldine Ferraro in ‘84 – and this is worse. I do have to say to Laura, though, I have a lazy boy recliner, my kid eats macaroni, and I haven’t been to Europe in 10 years. But putting that aside, I don’t agree with Sarah Palin on the issues. I mean, she and I are very far apart, but I have never seen from some of my friends such vicious and mean-spirited attacks on her most personal choices, which is what they are. We ask that our choices be respected. Hers should be respected. And this questioning of whether she should as a mother of five be running for Vice President, I don’t recall anybody saying that Arnold Schwarzenegger shouldn’t run for governor of California because he’s got four kids. I think this is just really unfair, really sexist, and very likely to provoke a backlash.”

    Joe Biden even acknowledged the sexism today:

    “The truth is some of the stuff the press and the others have said about the governor are outrageous,” he said. “This stuff about how can she be a governor and a vice president and raise three kids, come on. Whoever those folks are don’t know any strong women. … Some of the stuff said has been over the top, totally unfair, and I think it has been sexist.

    Keep the sexist comments coming, it will only backfire in your liberal face. I think many of you are underestimating moms in this country who will be throwing major support behind Sarah Palin, so I encourage you to keep running your sexist mouths and you’ll see, not only will your wives stop giving it to you, but you’ll realize that you disparaged yourselves into a McCain/Palin administration.

    I find it funny that as Americans we will not tolerate racial comments, however it’s OK for Sexist comments to be spewed. Now that’s hypocritical. I guess its wrong to call someone a racial slur but it’s just fine to make a woman feel like dirt. Hey the last thousand years of civil rights advancements are calling and they want their Millennium back! To address the Hillary sexism remarks, open your eyes, a man is now the Democratic Presidential nominee, not the woman. Although 18 million people wanted her to be. Sexism? I think so.

    Thank you to the Gentlemen on the site who see Sarah for what she is, a women politician.You’ve acted with great integrity. Those who continue to misbehave, slither back under the rock you came out of.

  • Rock on, CG! 🙂

  • CG, I have not in any way disparaged Palin for her being a woman, so I hope you are not inferring I have misbehaved. All I did was ask for some examples, which you gave, and I am thankful for those. I do not know if you noted the two links I provided above in the past post… one was in reference to the Hillary Clinton aides, in which the journalist notes that Sarah Palin discounted the double-standards and sexism Hillary Clinton suffered….so it is interesting to note that – but still does not excuse what Palin is receiving.

    The second link that I posted I still have not heard your response to, which was about Peggy Noonan slamming Sarah Palin’s qualifications (after she just praised her in her article, which you quoted).

  • Dreadsen

    S E X I S T

    Babs wrote:

    “I’ll now put your Dr. Laura on the list (whom I’ve never heard of before this moment) and wonder how she has time to blog in between scrubbing her floors barefooted and washing her man’s clothes.”

    You have just insulted all of the women in this country who are stay at home wives. I myself a single parent also find this offensive and sexist. You have also attacked wrongfully any woman who makes the DECISION of her own free will and accord to provide for her family while being the anchor or the solid rock of the house. I can’t even type anymore i need a break

  • Grey

    Yep, I’m sold. Thanks for that, Nate and CG- even though it doesn’t seem like the reporters had any intention of being outright sexist, their words clearly portray a sexist mentality, and that’s truly inexcusable.

    I can definitely see why such thoughtless remarks by the media would infuriate anyone, especially conservatives.

  • Dreadsen, wrong again. You’re talking to a “stay at home Mom” – my choice. And before, after, and during, a business woman – my choice. You’re talking to the mother of a son who got his girlfriend pregnant and married her. And you’re talking to the sister-in-law of a Downs Syndrome individual. I don’t judge where I haven’t walked, but I defend where I’ve been. And that has nothing to do with the slander against Sarah Palin. I’m tired of reading garbage that people like your Dr. Laura writes and not striking back. It is your Dr. Laura who has insulted working mothers – their choice.

  • Stalin


    Nice job. I had spent about 30 minutes researching these examples but my browser crashed and I lost it all. I tried Mike… This one was not sexist, but Eric Zorn of the Chicago Trib wrote an article titled, “Is Palin a Redneck” Curiously enough the Trib has removed the article without explaination.

    If you really want to get pissed off, watch this piece of garbage tell jokes about Palin. I refuse to order HBO because of this filthy SOB.

  • You’re right Stalin, that’s disgusting, and did you notice? He couldn’t be just sexist, he had be racist, too. I turned it off after that.

  • Salin, great video! Its funny that someone would actually have the audacity to call her a redneck. If thats what a redneck looks likes then I’m on board. I mean come on, how many redneck women do you know that wear Burberry, Manolo and can rock a pair of Christian Louboutin’s the way Sarah can.

    Michael, I was not referring to you, do you have a guilty conscience? I will get back to you on that other thing you questioned later when I have a minute. Its been a busy day.

  • Well, I got the scoop on the State Trooper story. Here it is, I read somewhere else that the jerk defended tazing the child by saying he did it at the child’s request.

    “Palin’s political enemies have a stink bomb set to go off late in October, just before the election. That’s when voters will see fruits of a legislative investigation into the charge that the governor fired Alaska’s Public Safety Commissioner Walter Monegan because he wouldn’t get rid of Mike Wooten, a state trooper and Palin’s ex-brother-in-law.

    We can see where this is headed. Palin will be found to have done nothing illegal in firing Monegan, since public safety commissioners serve at the governor’s pleasure. But the media will frame this case in vague but sinister terms: Think “abuse of power.” It will also bury the back story that explains why Palin was so concerned.

    So here are some key facts to keep on file (for a full report on Wooten, see You may not be seeing much of them from here on:

    • Mike Wooten, 35, has been a trooper since 2001. He has been married and divorced four times. One of his marriages was to Palin’s sister, Molly McCann, with whom he had two children. That marriage ended in 2006. His behavior leading up to the divorce led Palin’s and McCann’s father, Chuck Heath, to file a formal complaint about him to the state police.

    • Heath and Sarah Palin, who was not yet governor, said that Wooten had threatened to kill Heath — telling McCann that Heath “would eat a f***ing lead bullet” if he hired a lawyer for her. They also charged that he had used a Taser on his own 11-year-old stepson, had drunk beer in his patrol car and had shot a cow moose without a license (the latter a crime in Alaska, where such licenses are not easy to come by).

    • The state police investigated these charges and substantiated all of them. Col. Julia Grimes, then head of the Alaska State Troopers, suspended Wooten for 10 days and wrote, “The record clearly indicates a serious and concentrated pattern of unacceptable and at times, illegal activity occurring over a lengthy period, which establishes a course of conduct totally at odds with the ethics of our profession.” She warned him he would be fired if he didn’t shape up. The troopers’ union got the suspension cut to five days.

    Now ask yourself this: If you were Sarah Palin and had such a revealing look at Mike Wooten, would you have wanted him on the force? Palin was acting as any concerned citizen should after a close encounter with an unfit cop. If there’s abuse of power in this story, it lies on the side of bureaucrats and unions protecting officers whose behavior makes them a danger to the public.”

    Copied from

  • In response to Nate:

    Down Syndrome kids do take a lot of time, but your assertions that her family other than her husband would be there to take up the slack is a bit blinkered.

    Her eldest son is off to Iraq (I wonder if he’ll get to go out of the greenzone?) her eldest daughter has gotten herself knocked-up and the other two are too young to do much, and they’re going to need attention themselves.

    I’m a stay at home Dad of three and that’s very challenging on the best of days and none of my kids are off to Iraq, none of them are knocked-up and none of them have special needs, not unless you class wanting to watch Bear In A Big Blue House first thing in a morning special needs.

    I admire her husband for what he’s doing and for what he’s going to be doing in the future. But lets be completely truthful here folks, Palin is an opportunist, there was an opportunity for potentially having the second highest job in the land and potentially becoming the first ever female VP, that’s an opportunity you don’t pass up every day.

    So her kids are going to take a bit of a backseat for potentially the next 4 or 8 years, depending on how good at her job she is, is that such a bad thing?

  • Is Joe Biden an opportunist? Will his children not be in the “backseat” for the next 4 to 8 years if Obama wins? What about Obama’s young children, will they not be in the “backseat” for the next 4 to 8 years?

    Does anyone ask those questions?

    Or, is it OK for male politicians to put their children in the “backseat” but not OK for female politicians to do the exact same thing?

    If the answer is that it’s OK for men to do but women must consider their role as mothers, then you have just found your sexism, case closed.

  • Since Joe Biden actually ran in the Primaries to be the Democratic nominee for President, his intentions have been clear for quite some time. Aren’t all of Joe Biden’s kids grown up? As far as I’m aware (and I may need to check my facts) neither of Obama’s two kids are pregnant or have special needs.

    Seems to me Nate that you’re agreeing that Palin is putting her kids in the backseat? whether you agree with the sexist comments or not.

  • Frank

    Palin shouldnt be disqualified beceause she has kids or anything like that.
    Palin should be disqualified beceause she thinks creationism should be thaught in schools.

  • So do I, Frank, do you think I should be deported for that? I’ll say this to you one more time. This is America, we do things differently here. We’re allowed to believe what we choose, without the judgment of foreign countries. Make sure they don’t teach creationism in your own country if you like. This is America.

  • Stalin

    I told you guys the left wing media’s disgusting attacks on Palin would backfire. Of course she helped herself on Wednesday as well.

  • Hey Stalin, someone at the Wallstreet Journal has written a factual account of Sarah Palin’s reform in Alaska. Excellent article!

    *LOL* Palin now has a one point lead on favorability over Obama AND McCain. Yep, the rest of these stats prove that the attacks have backfired. I see 51% of all those surveyed believe the media is trying to ruin her campaign. Guess that doesn’t make me the only one anymore. 😉

  • Frank, why are you telling Americans that we should not be allowed to teach our kids creationism? You live in the Netherlands, so why in the hell do you think you have a right to counsel Americans on what should be taught in the class room. Worry about your own country.

  • Since creationism is faith based and not science based then it should be taught in church and not school. If we were to take the Bible for every word then the planet would only be about 6000 years old, that miscontrude notion is mind boggling in itself. There’s more evidence that man evolved from monkey’s than from Adam’s rib.


    Why teach damn evolution if we cant teach creationism. I send my children to catholic high school so they can also learn creationism and be able to decide which they might want to believe. Now i believe in creationism but if my children dont thats fine, but it has a right to be taught in school. Why do liberals always get weird whenever God is involved in something. The pledge of allegance says “God” in it and people had to change that around. Why is it liberals can not accept peoples faith!?!

  • Why should God be involved in anything other than church? I have some very religious friends and we often have some heated discussions about the Bible, faith, what it means etc, but one thing we always agree on is that matters pertaining to a faith should be kept at church, home or special afterschool classes.

  • Michael

    CG, no, no guilty conscience. Just been under a lot of fire recently and wasn’t sure if this was party to it.

    For the record, it is nice to see that Biden and Obama are not getting dirty about Sarah Palin’s familial issues. Too bad the media can’t avoid it.

    Babs, the information you posted sounds strong, but there is part of me that just worries about the power dynamics here. Palin has absolute power in this situation– power to doctor the records, hold leverage over everyone involved. I am not saying she did this or not, but it makes me worried. To compound the issue, the article you cite for this information is an op/ed column, so nothing authoritative there. But to follow up to your report on the firing, there seems to be much more turbulence now. There are no subpoenas being considered, due to the firing of Walter Monegan. All in all, I feel this incident is really nit-picky, but I wanted to shout this out, since you put out one perspective:,0,3632293.story

  • vrob125

    “When Joe Biden tragically lost his wife and infant daughter in a car wreck in 1972, not a single colleague, friend or competitor advised him to quit his newly won Senate seat to raise his two little surviving sons.”

    Actually, the story was incorrect. Many people did think that he should reconsider the job–because some felt that he might be more needed at home–since one parent was tragically taken. Some of us remember that time.
    I think what irks me most is the stupid hypocrisy. If the candidate (Palin) were a Democrat, I think we can reasonably surmise that the Republican right wing would have made a point of exploiting that fact, pointing out the if the right family values were adopted–the children would come first and a pregnant 17 year-old would have been beyond the pale. The Republican Party is actually changing their so-called family values in front of the entire country. This is fascinating. I am beginning to see the day when a Homosexual Republican (do they exist?) will run for the Presidency and be defended by the Republican Party. Now,I don’t care if they change their “values”–just be honest about it.
    Also–I am finding that some Republicans are not drinking the Kool-aid. They are not changing with the wind. I find that refreshing.

  • Michael, I knew the article was an op ed, I chose it as the example because the NEWS articles I read that contained the same facts quite frankly didn’t lay it out as well as the op ed did. You and I are a little alike in that respect, I want clarity and good readability, and the op ed gave me more of that. I don’t know how this issue will play out, but I will keep my opinion on it to myself. You see sadly, these events are all too familiar to me on a personal level, and I really can’t be unbiased about how the Palin family handled it. I WILL say that I think this issue will dissolve into one of two discussions; 1) either it will become a discussion of corruption and abuse of power in politics, or 2) it will become a discussion of corruption and abuse of power in law enforcement. Because of my own experience, I’m betting on the latter, but I could be wrong.

  • No Not Again

    Babs I agree with you I don’t judge where I have not walked.

    My water broke with my first child who was not diagnosed (Special needs)and I did not board a Comm.airline to fly 8 hours.Again I agree with you I don,t know how it feels to be a gov. of a state and parade my daughter who is a teenage high school drop out and pregnant with her boy friend in the parade also.

    Babs you are right again, I don’t or have not walked in her shoes concerning my ambition.I postponed my ambition util my children were of age and pursued my career with vigor and was also classified as a working mom and was successful.

    Babs you are right again I did not have Major crisis (thankfully)in my home ( two high school drop outs and a pregnant teenager, and put my ambition as a priority rather than my family needs, which are obvious to everyone but

    Gosh Babs you are correct I can not accused Palin for being a ambitious,power hungry,throw your children under the bus,use for them for the highest market price they will bring all the while being a pit bull with lipstick .Because Babs I have never walked in those shoes.

    I must say honey you are on point…….

  • Damn straight I am, sweetie. 😉

  • Bill Hedges

    No not yet–I am sorry for your son condition. Because of your commends, I am certain you will stay home and give great care. You will hire help because you must sleep. Your will hire hrlp to do laudry, cook, grocery shop, etc. You must spnd 100 % of you time caring for you child. You obviously are against equal rights for Mothers. You need a husband who works. Another man as companion. Another man to cut grass and other physical around the house. You believe a person can only perform a single facet in life. If more is done,and only then, will one’s children get pregnant, smoke dope, and commite crimes

  • Mike

    DEAR GOP and others,

    You right wingers are such hypocrites. Where was the outcry of sexism when there was a female presidential candidate? And lets be honest, if Obama or Biden had an unmarried pregnant teenaged daughter you would all be saying what a bad example they are and would be for the country and what bad fathers they are. You would all be saying how UNFIT such a man or woman would be if they had a pregnant teen.

    Shame on you for setting bad examples for the youth of America. Shame on you all!

  • Babs

    Mike, you can keep your self rightous indignation. No one would slam Obama or Biden for having an unmarried pregnant teen, not even the leftists who are slamming Bristol.

    No one has slammed Biden for his recently arrested (again) child.

    Your remarks are better addressed to the Dems on this subject, it’s the GOP that’s outraged at the attacks from the Dems over Palin. You have your information backwards.

  • Des

    I’m not an American, so I don’t get to vote. Unlike the 50% of Americans who choose not to vote, I am very interested in this election as the choice of President of the USA affects everyone, not just US citizens. I personally don’t care if Palin if male, female, transexual, mother of five or childless by choice (deliberately barren as a particularly stupid Australian politician called our Deputy Prime Minister.) What worries me is that the woman seems to have little idea of national or international politics or economics (the Bush Doctrine? What…?) And she is more than likely to be President within the next four years. McCain points to his 95 year old mother when asked about his longevity, but his father died at the age of 70 and his grandfather at 60. And neither of them had suffered the kind of physical and mental trauma that McCain has lived through. I have watched various US Presidents age visibly during their presidency; if McCain is elected, he is quite likely to die in office. Do you really want this inexperienced small town Governor as the most powerful person in the world? Outside of the US, we don’t get a vote. But you do.

  • Babs

    Des, my biological mother died at 40. I’ll be 54 tomorrow, do you think I have any time left or should I start getting my affairs in order? I’m concerned about people like you who do not bother to read the many inches thick medical reports on a healthy 72 year old male. It could be that Obama will drop dead on his first day in office. He’s a smoker, a past drug user, and is genetically predisposed to high blood pressure and heart disease because of his race. His mother died at 52 of cancer. Should we be concerned that Biden will be really be the next president? And should we be concerned that he is 65, and has had multiple anuerysms? Maybe we should send Biden, Obama and McCain home to sit in a chair and wait to die given their ages and medical histories and dangers, and elect 36 year old Jindal to the White House. He might live for the next 4 years.

    The Bush Doctrine is not a real or tangibly defined doctrine. We have discussed and reported that ad nauseum.

  • Renee’

    Who wrote this? Sounds like a man’s perspective. I as a woman, don’t relate to women who don’t support other women!

    Examples: Palin making rape victims pay for their own rape kit? Get raped and then pay???

    No abortions, even if you’ve been raped as a child by a street person???

    Extreme right wing religious views!

    Kills animals? Promotes keeping animals off endangered species list? Wants to drill for oil in a protected wilderness area?

    Is so hypocritical that she excludes sex education from school while obviously not teaching it herself at home?

    I had hoped for a female candidate, but this is not someone I would even want to have a cup of coffee with.

    It’s an insult to educated American women everywhere. It shows me how TRULY disconnected McCain is with women’s issues.

    Obama/Biden 08

  • media hype

    Governor palin, is not a pitbull in lipstick she’s dick cheney in drag. she may speak more coherently then GW but but she is just as uninformed. is this really the best female candidate the republicans could find in their party?

  • Jim/ NH

    If Governor Palin was as articulate as Obama, the MSM would just find something else to tear her down with. I mean, if she had no kids they would ridicule her for not wearing contacts. I loved this pick because she is not a moderate republican, she is a TRUE conservative. To all the PRO – CHOICE whiners, even two diehard Christian conservatives would never even touch overturning Roe v. Wade, and it is pathetic to think that anyone would have abortion rights controlling who they vote for, that is so irresponsible, it makes me sick. It is a good thing Palin isnt friends with admitted terrorists like Obama, people hone in on her Religion, LOOK AT HIS CHURCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • UT Greg

    In response to Renee(‘) with an apostrophe, which I am sure increases your IQ by a full 20 points, I have a few questions for your almighty self, if you do not mind lowering yourself to answer:

    – On abortion; as tragic, horrifying and life-shattering as an experience like the one you described must be, does it call for the destruction of a defenseless and voiceless life?
    – My mother-in-law is the offspring of a date raped mom who gave her up for adoption. If she had adhered to your line of reasoning I never would have met my beautiful wife and been fortunate enough to have an amazing 2 year old daughter, Annabelle, myself.

    – On religous views; does actually believing in one’s religon, not just paying lip service to it for political expediency, somehow make one irrational and/or unfit for office?
    – If so, then 90% of the world (excluding God-less europe) must be a bunch of cro-magnon troglodytes.

    – On sex education; do you really agree with Obama’s position that we should have comprehensive sex education for children that are in preschool?
    – I know that Obama says that the preschool SEX education would be “age appropriate”, but most self-respecting parents know that there is no such thing as “age appropriate” SEX education for 2 & 3 year olds.

  • Jinaque

    You write: “Some in the media question her ability as a Vice President because of the fact that she has dared to have children, a loving husband, and a career all at the same time.”

    I am sure this article was written in the heat of the moment, when Palin was still a sort of ‘mystery.’
    HOWEVER: If you did not see after her many now publicly disastrous interviews, specially the reply to Katie Couric when Palin said ‘Putin flying over Alaska adds to my foreign credentials…’ piece (factcheck: Putin has NOT flown over Alaska for at least last 21 months when Palin was in office)
    – so if you have not seen it then, I hope that you WILL see it after tonight’s Biden-Palin debate – and that you will be honest enough to admit that:
    “the media question her ability as a Vice President BECAUSE: she simply does NOT have the ability to function as a Vice President….”
    Be honest!

    McCain could not have done a better favour to Obama than to have choose Palin as his running mate….. AND that speaks something about his smartness and judgement too. HA HAHA.

  • David Goldsmith

    Conservative Gal:

    You don’t get it! We don’t care how many kids she has or how many kids her kids have. Just don’t lecture me or my kids about abstinence instead of birth control.

    What we care about is whether Palin is qualified to be VP or, god forbid, President of this great country. To answer that with a big NO we only have to look at her recent actions and statements.
    * As mayor of the bustling metropolis of Wasilla, she tried to fire the long serving town librarian because she wouldn’t remove the books Palin objected to.
    * Again as mayor, she thought it appropriate to charge rape victims for the so-called rape kits. Were they having enough rapes that this was a significant source of income for Wasilla or did Palin think that the victims encouraged their rape and should have to pay for their fun?
    * As Governor, she tried to misuse the influence of her office to get back at her former brother-in-law. Here again, she fired a long serving state employee that disagreed with her and stood in her way.
    * As the VP candidate, she seems to have trouble with the accuracy of her claims – she didn’t say “no thank you” to the infamous Bridge To Nowhere. In fact, she lobbied Congress very hard for it, even after Congress voted it down.
    * Any woman that believes that being the governor of a state next to Russia and Canada gives her foreign policy experience can’t be trusted to walk my dog!
    * Not being able to name one newspaper or magazine that she reads for news speaks volumes about her lack of intellect. Speaking of poor intellect, why did she need to attend 4 different universities over 5 years to earn a degree.
    * Not being able to name a single Supreme Court case that she disagreed with is another scary indicator of her lack of qualifications. This is especially troubling as her state just recently, on her watch, lost a Supreme Court case against Exxon about Exxon Valdez oil spill. I thought she was the “energy governor”.

    Like most conservatives today, you attack and try to destroy all that oppose you. When that fails and the attack is turned on you and your failures, you play the victim extremely well. Now that the light of day is shining on Palin and the truth is emerging, you are quick to claim “sexism” and “anti-feminist”. Not so! She simply isn’t qualified for the VP slot and certainly not to be President.

  • Babs

    Check your facts, George, you haven’t watched the news in a while. Everyone of your claims have been debunked. Keep up.