Market Betting on Palin to Drop Out

Traders on Intrade, the “prediction market” are currently betting on Gov. Sarah Palin withdrawing as the Republican Vice President nominee before the 2008 presidential election. Intrade is an online trading exchange website that speculates on political trends and developments, a sister company of TradeSports.

According to Katharine Zaleski of the Huffington Post, September 2, 2008:

The Intrade prediction market has opened trading on whether “Sarah Palin [is] to be withdrawn as Republican VP nominee before 2008 presidential election.” At 8:55 am, Tuesday morning, the market is selling the prediction at 18 a share and rising. That means 18 percent of traders think there is a chance that Palin will be removed from the ticket.

Intrade predicted Joe Biden would be Barack Obama’s running mate in August and its traders were also correct about every Senate race in 2006. It fell flat in predicting a Democratic majority.

Stock markets do not determine the future, but they do reflect consumer assumptions and feelings. If proven correct, this prediction would spell significant problems to the McCain administration. But as of now, it is only a commodified prediction.

  • Wouldn’t happen in a million years.. Palin wasn’t dumb when she signed on to the ticket, she knew there would be scrutiny as there would be for any candidate, especially a conservative, pro-life, Republican woman.

    Plus, if she dropped, the media would have a field day hammering McCain on judgment 24/7. It’s been less than a week and she hasn’t even got on the campaign trail yet. I’m betting the intrade quotes will change in the next 48 to 72 hours once she establishes herself, it would be a story to watch. Of course, I could be wrong but as you stated, the predictions market is more of a fun thing to watch than something to put serious stock in.

    I just watched Susan Estrich, a liberal Democrat, state that she has never seen such unfair, mean-spirited scrutiny of Palin from the media. Her point was that nobody questioned Arnold Schwarzenegger on whether he could be Governor with 4 kids, why the sexism against Palin?

    My two cents on the matter.. as if you wanted it.


    LOL how did I know this would be a Michael piece of work here once I read the title. there is no way she is ever dropping out. This is pure sexism by the liberal media. Today when Barack Obama’s records with Bill Ayers were released the major networks sent about 10 reporters all together to see what they did and what they spent 49 million dollars on. the media on the other hand has thousands out there in alaska trying to dig up dirt on Palin and her family. The funny thing is all the hard questions being asked about her have barely ever been asked upon the smug Obama who has never had a tough question yet. The media is gross and it is unfair and completely unbalanced.

    Michael come up with a real story some time not just stupid garbage.

  • Stop crying O_S that will happen on November 5th when you wake up knowing Barack Obama is your new President….LOL

    Schwarzenegger only became governor not Vice President and being a VP I would imagine garners more scrutiny in the media than being a Governor. Also most people already knew what there was to know about Arnie and Palin is a complete unknown to a lot of people, so Susan Estrich’s comparison is a bit dumb.

  • Grey

    I stopped reading at “Huffington Post”.

  • Frank
  • U.S.A.

    Would not shock me to see it. Don’t really matter anyway.

  • Robert

    That’s just silly.

  • Come on Michael, you’re REALLY digging for the left now. I never cried sexism like Ferrero was about Hillary, never really saw anything sexist about it. But this time it’s blatantly sexist and the Dems will pay for it. Even Joe on MSNBC this morning and his side kick called it sexist to question her ability to be VP with 5 kids, nad didn’t want any part of it. This is beginning to backfire on you liberals in a big way, and you’ve earned it.

    This out from the McCain campaign yesterday, does this look like Palin is going to run from a damn thing? I think not.


  • And you know what, I’m not finished here because something in this election has finally made me furious as a woman.

    The sexism shown towards Sarah Palin is beyond belief even for liberal idiots, and there’s one thing they’d do well to remember. Women make up 52% – that’s FIFTY TWO PERCENT – of all voters in this country, and you don’t want to piss us all off at the same time. You think Barack Obama has an advantage with over 90% of the black vote? Wait til you see McCain/Palin get over 90% of the women’s vote!

    All anyone could hear for a year now is Barack Obama and the Democrats whining don’t play the race card, leave race out of it, and Michael, you were one of the biggest champions of that. Well, I’m going to tell you all right now playing the gender card was a bad move, and it’s done. You can’t take it back, and you’ll pay for it. I’ve been to the Hillary boards for days now – all of them – and the McCain boards. My inbox has been slammed with emails from women. Women are offended, and rightly so. This blatant disrespect may not only crack that ceiling, it just may bust it all to hell and back.

    And by the way, the Huffington Post is a piece of garbage worse than the National Enquirer run by a female with real identity issues and bad hair who gives 1st amendment rights a bad name. It’s beneath to give credence to anything quoted in that rag.

  • Grey

    I’m a little lost here. Where did sexism or any criticism concerning Palin show up in this post? Personally, I thought that the article was insipid and that the Huffington post is probably the most biased “news” source in existence today, but I saw nothing in the post that even resembled an attack on her.

    No offense to the conservatives out there, but honestly, if the mere act of addressing the possibility of Palin dropping out is enough to rile you, than all chance at objectivity and intelligent discussion is lost on you.

  • IndiMinded

    This news piece was reported in Reuters, that’s where I read it first. They also reported the bets about Joe Biden. I don’t know why anyone’s pissed off at Micheal, like he’s responsible for this little betting ring. I do think it’s notable though, no matter how you feel about it.

    I’d be really surprised if Palin withdrew though, it surprises me that so many people think that she will.

  • PMG, Philadelphia

    THE MORE OBAMA AND HIS SUPPORTERS DISMISS GOV. PALIN AS A SERIOUS CANDIDATE WITHOUT CREDIBLE EXPERIENCE THE MORE IT EXPOSES OBAMA’S OWN LACK OF CREDIBLE EXPERIENCE. I have to agree that the Gov. Palin is not ready on Day One to be president, but it is Sen. McCain and not Gov. Palin at the top of the Republican ticket. The elephant in the room is not the Gov.’s lack of readiness day one, but Sen. Obama’s because he is the top of the Democratic ticket.

    SEN. OBAMA’s ‘PARTY FIRST’ FOLLOWERS, INCLUDING MOST OF THE MEDIA, ARE BLIND TO THE TRUTH: SEN. OBAMA HAS LESS PRACTICAL AND RELEVANT EXPERIENCE AND RECORD OF REAL ACCOMPLISHMENTS TO QUALIFY HIM AS THE VICE PRESIDENT CANDIDATE, LET ALONE TO BE PRESIDENT, THAN DOES GOV. PALIN. When push comes to shove, his (not so secret) backers in the national media grant him ‘double experience credit’. The Senator gets credit for his time in the senate and, at the same time, they give him ‘experience’ credit for simply running for president. Can you imagine getting a job that requires three years of experience by claiming you got the experience you need by looking for work over the last three years? If only it were that simple we’d all have better, higher paying jobs.

    Now let’s talk about the media’s biased treatment of women in general and Gov. Palin specifically.

  • Frank

    “The sexism shown towards Sarah Palin is beyond belief even for liberal idiots, and there’s one thing they’d do well to remember. Women make up 52% – that’s FIFTY TWO PERCENT – of all voters in this country, and you don’t want to piss us all off at the same time. You think Barack Obama has an advantage with over 90% of the black vote? Wait til you see McCain/Palin get over 90% of the women’s vote!”

    It would be racist to vote for Obama beceause hes black
    it would be sexist to vote for McCain/Palin just beceause there is a woman on the ticket.

    Hillary and Palin are 2 different worlds when it comes to the policys about the USA. So when your an Hillary Clinton fan who votes for Palin beceause sees a women, your not only sexist but very very dumb.

  • I didn’t say I was pissed off at Michael, I’m pissed off at all the left wing Obamabots who think it’s ok to do what they are doing to Sarah Palin, including placing bets about her dropping out. News flash – there’s a democratic operative email floating with the goal of forcing her out of the race within the next week – it’s been exposed. News flash – someone on the far left has now STOLEN Sarah Palin’s Social Security number which is a federal offense called Identity Theft, and for any Democrat on this board who doesn’t want to be associated with this extremist group that is going crazy over Palin, you might want to get your boy to control them, if he can but obviously can’t control his own operatives. Right, some leader. The McCain camp is going on the offense today, and the most common word I’m hearing on all the news networks is “outrage” over the leftist personal attacks on Palin and her family. Even mainstream democrats are outraged and are denouncing their party’s actions. The attacks are not about issues, the attacks are very personal. This has gone beyond the ridiculous and into slander, not to mention illegal invasion of privacy and identity theft.

    The very notion that it is the Democrats who have slammed Bush’s invasion of people’s privacy, and promoted working mothers is now completely become the biggest lie ever told by a political party. I’d vote for Ron Paul before I’d EVER vote for another Democrat, and you can bet I’ll be at the courthouse removing that (D) beside my name on my voter registration. This has gone beyond politics – it’s become a very personal attack that millions of us are not going to stand by and let happen. I’m ashamed for other countries to see what Americans will do to someone like this.

    Sarah Palin drop out of the race? Hell no, you’ve just pissed her off, that’s all. Is there anyone out there that doesn’t understand when you attack a mother’s children she becomes a vicious tiger, not a complacent doormat that tucks her tail. As we say in the south, ya’ll watch this.

  • Frank

    Everybody is calling Michael left beceause hes posting news about Palin that is not positive.
    How many news items have passed and the meida as a whole about Barack Obama’s ‘gaffes’ and Michelle Obama’s gaffes. Everything they have done and said from their childhood to now has been look at thoroughly.

    and now the media does the same with another new kid on the block, Palin. What liberal/sexist about it?

  • Frank

    Babs what about this from Senator Obama:

    ” Advisers said Palin’s daughter should be afforded privacy like the other candidates’ children. Said Schmidt: “If people try to politicize this, the American people will be appalled.”

    In Monroe, Mich., Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama condemned rumors involving the children of candidates and echoed the McCain campaign argument. Said Obama: “I think people’s families are off limits, and people’s children are especially off limits.”

    Obama adamantly denied anonymous claims that his campaign helped spread the rumors.

    “I am offended by that statement,” Obama said. “Our people were not involved in any way in this, and they will not be. And if I ever thought that there was somebody in my campaign that was involved in something like that, they’d be fired.” ”

    I havent seen his campaign attack her. Im i wrong?

  • “A press conference with women supporters of Palin was also scheduled and Sen. Joe Lieberman and Rep. Eric Cantor, who are both Jewish, were to hold a news conference to call on Obama to condemn comments by Obama’s Florida spokesman, Rep. Robert Wexler, who is also Jewish, suggesting that Palin is a Nazi sympathizer because she once wore a button for Pat Buchanan.”

    And that’s just one. Yes, Frank, you are wrong.

  • Stalin


    I am extremely pissed off too but yet I’m not surprised. What all these disgusting attacks tell me is that the libs are scared of Palin. Most of the people launching these attacks are far left nuts, not mainstream Americans who actually decide an election. I really hope there is decency left in this country and that this backfires in their face.

  • LG

    It is interesting that the Republicans, after decades of hyper-partisanship that was so extreme that once in power they felt justified in blocking “liberals” and Democrats from nonpartisan jobs, are now the party of “Country over Party.” Are you Country First Republicans aware of the K-Street Project? Monica Goodling? no bid contracts to partisan contractors? Karl Rove and Lee Atwater? Rush Limbaugh? Joe Scarborough? Bill O’Reilly? Can’t you win on the issues? We’re tired of your aggressive bullying on blogs, talk shows and in the House and Senate. That appears to be all you know.

    Be partisan, I don’t care, but at least make an attempt to see reality. Use your lies and smears, but at long last, I hope the Country has gotten tired of the permanent Republican majority and we throw you bums out.

  • LG, can’t YOU win on the issues? Must you smear a woman and her entire family on a personal basis just because you’re scared sh**less? It’s the Obamabots that are the trolls and bullies and we have tolerated them for over a year. No more. Now we fight back.

    Stalin, today is Sarah’s turn, and ours, too. If you’ve never invaded the liberal blogs on offense, now’s the time to do it. They have opened a new site today, and interestingly enough, there is so much traffic you might or might not get there as they are being bombarded with commenters in support of Sarah. It seems to be crashing the system moment by moment. I couldn’t be happier to have trouble getting on a site.

    I’ll tell you, Stalin, if the leftists wanted us to sleep through this election, they just blew it, didn’t they?

  • Dreadsen

    I’ve seen negative news which was reported. you all are extremely bias. Nate posted an article on Obama being a muslim and you all jumped up and down dancing jigs in front of your computers defending him for posting it. Now Michael posts something which is news that has been reported all over the place and he gets attacked? Why don’t you who disagree just admit that you only want news reported which is negative about Obama and anything negative about mccain will not be tolerated.

    I also see this is a reversal. The radical nut jobs on the right who ran all those bogus evil smearing campaigns which they are still running was perfectly fine. Now finally it is happening on the other side and you all now feel the passion and anger of when someone you like is being wrongfully and unjustifiably attacked when it isn’t warranted. you all should have shown the same passion for the opposition if you really felt this way. Because there was a lot of things which should have applied to McCain which did not. look on snopes and see the top of the urban legend list? Who is it ? Obama. Look at the number of bogus emails they have to verify in comparison to the number of Mccains. i think he has maybe 3? with one being true and positive? Now the left wing nut jobs who are just as bad as those right ones have finally risen. And as wrong as these attacks are just look on the other side and say to yourself. I know how those people over there finally felt. Now this does not make it right. But it does make it hypocritical to not have said a single word about it when it was happening to the person who you didn’t like.

  • Dreadsen

    And talking about can’t win on the issues. Obamabots were crying for someone to debate issues only for who knows how long and no one did it.

    Babs you yourself said that Obama doesn’t have a track record so McCain has to attack his character. This was when he put out the britney and paris ad. Which was all out false and was only a justification for the character assassination preference over policy debate.

    All I can tell you all is just calm down. The extreme leftist will bury their own grave if they keep this up. But i feel this was in design. McCain knew this was going to happen. The strategy is to keep Obama out of the media. Dont know if he meant for it to happen exactly like this though. Obama will not be able to buy media attention right now. Obama’s media position has just done a reversal with McCain. Whether it is good or negative on Palin it will still mean ZERO for Obama. And the more they hammer and they more they play the sex card the better it is for them. and Obama can not control the pro choice radical women or the Clintoneses who still want to make sure their woman breaks the glass ceiling first. I think this is a Pandora box that Obama will be trying to put fires out left and right and wont’ have enough pails of water to save his life.

  • Dreadsen, get off it. They’re not attacking Sarah on issues, they’re attacking her family and stealing her social security number, for Christ’s sake. They’ve gone nuts.

  • Dreadsen

    Babs that is exactly my point. They are not attacking her on Issues. The same as Obama was not being attacked on Issues. But you said yourself that he didn’t have a record to attack so this is the route they had to take. Both are false analogies because they both have a record on issues to attack.
    Like Conservative Girl said. We’ve got our Obama now. Well this is the type of bull that comes with it. They try to stretch the issue of her stance on sex education to cover their attacks on her daughter. But it won’t work. But lets not say that this is all of the left either. These are the extreme crazies. But I will say this. Anyone on the left who condones this type of madness and doesn’t stand up for it or speak out against it should be lumped in with the rest of them. The same stance I have on those on THIS BOARD who defended some of the most racist or hate mongering things some of the Obama haters spewed just because they both have the same disliking of the same person.

  • For the record, this post was not intended to be a pulitizer prize piece, but an interesting tidbit I saw. I am not in charge of InTrade, nor do I write for Reuters or the Huffington Post. I merely saw these events taking place and decided to note it– with the last line indicating that I think it is consumer-fabricated.

    I do not believe there has been any post on this website (nor comment) that has attacked Palin for being a woman. This might happen, as it did with Hillary, but so far there has not been any.

    Babs, if any person is attacked ad hominen– especially based on their race, religion, age, or sex, you should feel upset about it. But I feel it was misleading to not preference your feelings about the apparent sexism, when you posted this comment under a post that had directly had nothing to do with sexism.

  • Will

    Babs, you just got schooled.

  • Stalin


    That was one hell of an argument. You must be a blogger for the Daily Kos.

  • Will

    Stalin are you the type of person that needs to be told the same thing twice in order to absorb the information? Do I have to reiterate everything that’s been said in the last few related posts? Let me know, but I won’t do it.


    Stalin don’t even bother with this loon.

  • Grey

    Will, nothing personal, but that made you sound like a douche.

    Really, I like this site because it promotes thoughtful discussion; making callous remarks with regard to one another’s character is uncalled for. There’s no need for bashing each other and name calling- that’s what we have friends for.

  • Dreadsen

    Carville and gop rep from Minnesota discuss Palin’s expericne. The sex card got pulled for absolutely no reason at all. Looks like this will be a tactic. Any scrutiny at Palin people will just yell sexist card when nothing is being said sexist at all. Someone look at these videos and tell me how in the hell is this sexist.

    Part 1

    Part 2

    Part 3

    It also happened on fox with Bob Beckel and Alan Colmes. It wasn’t even 24 hours after he announcement and there were already two bogus sex card claims.
    Now I know there are some people who want to make the analogy that if it was a black guy people would go wild. Well look at those videos and ask yourself what would happen if an Obama supporter was being questioned on his experience and they yelled that this is offensive to Black people. The press would have ran with this a lot harder attacking them for pulling the race card unnecessarily.

  • bamaboy

    Listen this time in history is so important right now. We are in such a battle for our country, our concern should be to get the country back to economic success. I applaud governor Palin for an exceptional speech. I noticed something she said, she is not trying to gain popularity with Washington. She is trying to serve this fine country. This may be a true statement, but I feel that the McCain camp only wanted to exploit the fact that she can be a strong woman leader also. If McCain were elected he would eat her alive once in office just like his buddy Bush would do. She might be from a small town and accomplished a lot of things, but please don’t think for one minute Obama is going to let her bash his good name without a fight!! I hope she is ready because the game has begun!!

  • The Equalizer

    “Babs, if any person is attacked ad hominen– especially based on their race, religion, age, or sex, you should feel upset about it. But I feel it was misleading to not preference your feelings about the apparent sexism, when you posted this comment under a post that had directly had nothing to do with sexism. ”

    This is blah blah blah for “I am picking a fight with you because your message wasn’t in exact harmony with the subject matter that was reported on to begin with.”

    This is not a counter to anything Babs said, nor was she schooled. This is typical rhetoric politi-babble. Misdirection if I ever saw it. So rather than try to steer away from what was said, try to attempt to actually confront the issue at hand Michael. (Remind you of any politicians? Oh yeah, all of them.)

    So back to the matter at hand:

    “Stock markets do not determine the future, but they do reflect consumer assumptions and feelings. If proven correct, this prediction would spell significant problems to the McCain administration.”

    So basically Babs is countering Michael’s oppinion that this story somewhat reflects voter opinion, with her own assertion that to think so is sexist. I can see how she came to that conclusion. But to correctly counter Babs, Michael should have countered with why HE thinks this reflects on voter opinion and why it ISN’T sexist in nature and what other influences HE believes are the contributing factors to this hypothesis. It would appear to me that by the very nature of Michael’s choice of comment on the news article he apparently buys into the possibility or at least the probability that it could hold some merit.

    IE: “But as of now, it is only a commodified prediction.”
    Hinting the possibility of a probable inevitability.

    So professor?

  • Babs, there is nothing left to say, you won this argument!!! You make women across America proud, Thank You!!!

  • Equalizer, if anyone is trying to pick a fight in this thread, it is you.

    Babs already said she was not referring to me when she made the remark, so I do not know why you are trying to force the argument. My point was simply that it was a non sequitur (since she already said she was not referring to me). I was not trying to be offensive to Babs, or to attack her, nor to “school” her. I was merely pointing out that it was a misdirection from the thread.

    Let me refresh what I said earlier: “But I feel it was misleading to not preference your feelings about the apparent sexism, when you posted this comment under a post that had directly had nothing to do with sexism.”

    What don’t you understand about the word ‘directly’, Equalizer?

    But if you want to ‘blah blah blah’ as you so warmly debased my own words, let’s look at your assertions:

    Michael: “Stock markets do not determine the future, but they do reflect consumer assumptions and feelings. If proven correct, this prediction would spell significant problems to the McCain administration.”

    Equalizer in reference to the above quote: “So basically Babs is countering Michael’s oppinion that this story somewhat reflects voter opinion, with her own assertion that to think so is sexist.

    Again, what do you not understand about Babs saying she was not addressing my opinion? Also, what do you not understand about consumer? There was not mention of ‘voter’ in the post.

    You make the same mistake with your second claim:

    Michael: “But as of now, it is only a commodified prediction.”

    Equalizer‘s response to above quote: “Hinting the possibility of a probable inevitability.

    You completely missed the mark. The term ‘commodified’ is similar to ‘commodification’ and is generally used in a pejorative manner about commericializing something that is ordinarily not commercial. I was referring to how all this prediction is, is consumer-driven, it is commodified, and as such, should be seen as economically determined (not politically). It was one thing if voters from across the political spectrum placed their opinions in this way, but instead you have consumers (which we don’t know) doing this.

    One can argue either way on this one..and it is an interesting area to debate (unlike the one I have unfortunately agreed to engage in). Does consumer-based politics have more accuracy than politically-based ones? You could argue that interest groups could conceivably alter or unfairly influence/impact the consumer-based model with their large amounts of cash, whereas one person, one vote. However, on the flipside you could argue that economics forces out politics for the sake of the al’mighty dollar.

  • This thread is funny, not a lot else to say in it, but I will say one thing.

    It seems fair game for Republicans to smear Democrats but when the tables are turned all of a sudden it’s out of order. Can we not all agree that smearing is part of politics. The stakes are too high to play nice.

  • Dreadsen


    I actually have to agree with you on this one. There was a lot of singling out of Obama many times. Logic was being applied to him and no one else. Not one time did i hear him point out an example and say these people are doing this because they are racist against me. In less than 24 hours of the Palin intro 5 days ago sexism was being yelled across the roof tops when there was no sexism at all.

    You all think Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton yell racism for no reason at all. Boy oh boy just wait til you get a load of the cry for sexism.

    The False Claim of sexism does not hold the same weight as the false claim of racism.

    These people can yell sexism all day long for the exact same type of treatment Obama went through and get clean away with it.

    Imagine if Obama did this. This is why he tried to walk the finest line as possible to avoid mentioning it.

    But everything is ok as long as it is done in the name of the GOP. Tables have now turned and people now know how if feels to get their feelings hurt when innocent people are wrongfully attacked.

    Now lets see how they will feel if the more bogus irrelevant claims which are being raised actually cause their poll numbers to go down. And if they see someone from the opposition cheering it they will really know how it feels.

  • The Equalizer – I don’t who you are, but thank you. I couldn’t have said better myself.

    Will – it will take more than Michael to school me, sweetie.

    CG – thanks, there’s a time to be a voter, and a time to be a woman. It’s time to be both!

    Dreadsen – I don’t want to hear anymore comparisons to this situation and Obama’s Wrightgate or anything else Obama’s been “attacked” on. Until Obama is attacked for wanting to be President with 2 small children at home, it’s irrelevant. Until someone tries to say that one of his children is NOT his child, it’s irrelevant. Until someone tries to ruin one of his daughter’s lives by saying she’s the mother of her mother’s child, it’s irrelevant. It’s not in the ballpark, it’s not even in the same country.

    Michael, if you haven’t heard these things said, you have your head in the sand. You and I have argued before over the meaning of words before. Obama says “Don’t tell me words don’t matter” – those were plagiarized, but he claimed them nonetheless. And he’s right. These “words” that have come out of these extreme liberals mouths – they are accountable for them. They have nothing to do with political issues. They are a personal attack on an American family and their values. They are so over the line, not even you can deny it. And the average American and the average American VOTER is not going to stand for it. Trying to sweep what they’ve done under the rug at this point is useless, the damage is done.

    If this wound up in a thread you didn’t intend it to, that’s nothing unusual, is it? A tactical diversion attempt on your part, you can do better. 😉

  • PS – check your intrade markets this morning, I think Sarah made it pretty plain last night she’s not going anywhere but the White House. 🙂

  • The Equalizer

    Conratulations professor, you have once agin dance around the subject matter rather than confront it. A true liberal.

    Glossary and dictionary lessons as opposed to insight…..

    I don’t think I missed the mark at all, I think you try to juxtapose intellectual writings in the place of actual explanation in an attempt to deviate away from the subject matter. Rather than answer you lecture me on forms, definitions and tenses of the word commodity as if I am not intelligent enough to read or comprehend words larger than see Spot run. Rather than deviate with an assertion on commoditive predictions, you should have been explaining the “for now ” part as I previously pointe dout indicates BY YOUR OWN CHOICE OF WORDS, your belief in the possibility of this concept becomming reality.

    I read your initial post, her response, and your counter to her response. It was YOUR counter which I measured up, not her response. SO no the mistake wasn’t made by me professor.

    Sorry I’m just not impressed.

  • Dreadsen

    How about the sexism of the buttons they were handing out at the convention.

    “hottest vp from the coldest state”

    Do they hand those out for men? Have they ever handed out things like this for men?


    No IT IS ALL RELEVANT. We are talking about sexism well lets talk about racism huh? If McCain is guilty of the exact same things Obama is accused of but ONLY Obama is given the labels then what is that?
    There is a VERY SIMPLE CASE that can be made about McCain being a racist yet all of it was avoided to paint Obama as a racist. Why was this done? Out of all the other WHITE candidates in history I can show you things that they have done or been guilty of which got very little scrutiny if any at all. But soon as Obama did it it was national spot light and blasted all over the place. I didn’t see people yelling immediately that it was racism. So yes this is relevant. And the Conservative, Right Wing Dr. Laura yelled this attack on her Family? She brought this charge up as well. She may have been the first person to bring it up.

    Your argument. Applied to woman but not applied to men
    My argument applied to black man not applied to white man or woman.

  • And here comes the racist card. What took you so long?

  • Will

    Grey, I don’t take it personal because I don’t know you nor do I want to know you.

    Glad you find me to be a loon O_S, mission accomplished, because I’m just behaving the same way as three particular posters in here, you included.

    Easier than I thought to prove my point on what you are.

  • Babs, you rock on with your bad self! I have never seen you so mad, it looks good on you!

  • IndiMinded

    Well tensions sure are running high in here, aren’t they?

    I think sexism is clearly at play in recent days, but I also think people have been looking at it from the wrong direction.

    It’s true that no one ever brought up the fact that being president would mean that Obama probably won’t be a very accessible father. And as a slate editorial pointed out, when Joe Biden’s wife died, leaving him as the sole parent to two young boys, no one so much as suggested that he leave politics to focus on the kids.

    But when I think about those things, the revelation I experience is the question “Oh my god, how could Biden have simply continued on that way?”

    The truth is that we’re a sexist society, and we’re much more comfortable with a father figure being mostly absent in their children’s lives than we are with an absent mother. But if we, as a society, adjust to become comfortable with BOTH mother and father being absent, I think we’ll be much worse off as a result.

    What we need to do is start paying more attention to the role of the fathers, not less attention to the role of the mothers. We SHOULD be concerned for Obama’s 2 daughters, because he will have difficulty giving them the love and attention they deserve. And we SHOULD be concerned for the welfare of the Palin family, because God only knows that her family situation cannot be an easy one to manage at the moment.

    Personally, I could not even imagine having a newborn with downs syndrome and a minor giving birth and getting married all at once – it’s a lot to responsibly manage for any good parent, even before you throw in running for vice president of a country. I feel about this the same way I felt about John Edward’s presidential bid – I thought he was an alright candidate, but I couldn’t understand how such an intense job could fit into his life at a time when his wife was slowly dying. Like John Edwards, Sarah Palin has a lot going on in her life, more than I can really fathom, and I’m not sure how she could tend to both her country and family at once.

    Anyway, I do think that it’s important for us not to decide that absent parents are acceptable and good for children. I understand being angry about the sexism involved in the uneven application we’ve seen, because that’s exactly what it is, but that really doesn’t invalidate the concerns. Better that we remember not to be so dismissive of the father’s role in the future, because that’s where the real harm from sexism is done – it’s where the women get abandoned to be almost-single parents, and where the children lose their chance at a strong relationship with their fathers.

  • Michael

    Equalizer, my point was not to impress you.

    So far you have tried to say I am sexist, and in the previous post you are saying that true liberals dance around the issue, and that I lacked any insight. I really do not see the point in engaging with someone who is not interested in discussing issues, but rather in attacking people.

    By the way– learn how to use the words you choose correctly (e.g., juxtaposition).

  • Babs, I really think you are better than what you have said in this thread. I understand you are upset, so perhaps this is getting in the way of interpreting what I am saying (in the way I intend it).

    I am a little sadden to see you more upset about what is happening with Palin, than what has happened with Hillary Clinton over the past year (and in past posts, you have completely rejected racism with Obama, and you and I have had quite a go at it from that end). I do not think people can ‘choose’ which people to get upset about when it comes to important issues such as racism or sexism. Ideally, you should be fired up regardless of the person.

    I am upset about the racism that occurred with Clarence Thomas, just as I am upset about the racism Barack Obama has received (and I have written repeatedly on both of these cases). I am upset with the sexism Hillary Clinton suffered for many many months, and I have said now repeatedly that I condemn any comments made about Palin that collapse her political work with that of a stay-at-home mother.

    Like CG said, you are very fired up over this. I’m glad you’re upset about an issue like sexism, since it merits anger– and you have talked about this before. My point is simply that our feelings over such important issues needs to go beyond partisan politics.

    And no, I was not trying to ‘divert’ things. I had thought it would have been better to have a discussion about sexism and Palin under a different post, than one about Intrade (such as CG’s recent commentary).

  • Michael, I think I have just answered your comment on the Hillary/Palin sexism in a commentary to Nate – without knowing you had brought it up here, by the way. I’ll let you read my opinion on it there.

    Yes, I am very fired up over this, and it has nothing to do with partisan politics. It has to do with an attempt to literally ruin the lives of children here. To try and make an infant illigitimate as these liberal bloggers have done, and to try to say 17 year old Bristol is actually the mother of Trig, has nothing – I repeat NOTHING – to with politics, partisan or otherwise. It has to do with the degradation of our American culture, and the subhumans that promote it.

    No one has ever been able to micro manage the topics and comments here. They are invariably thrown off course by one thing or another. I don’t think any of us have ever had a problem keeping up, though, and it’s not really an issue, is it?

    To to whether or not I’m better than what I have said in this thread, please Michael, do not try to condescend to me. I stand by my words, if you feel that lowers me in your opinion, I do regret that. But I do not regret my words.

  • Bill Thompson

    I don’t know why no one else has noticed this. Gov. Palin would make a better president than Senator Clinton.

  • Sexism is good if Palin is using it to her advantage, just like racism is good if Obama is using it to his advantage.

    I’m finding it highly amusing that since Palin came on the scene it’s mainly the comparisons between her and Obama and not her and Biden. Poor John McCain, is he being overshadowed by his undercard? Would Palin then actually make a better President than McCain? Since she’d have to take on the responsibilty if something happened to McCain anyway, it kinda makes you wonder. Also, how serious would leaders from around the world take her?

  • votester

    *** Nuked ***

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  • Pudding, I’ve noticed that, too. I think it must be because Biden is the typical stereotype of a VP nonimee, once they’re announced, they fade into the background.

    Nate, thanks.

  • I think Biden would make a great VP, but after McCains pick of Palin he kinda looks ordinary with not much WOW factor for the press. Perhaps he should dress up in a skirt and put some lipstick on…LOL

  • tmg

    Well, I expected a post called “Obama sucks” to be one-sided and stupid and I was not disappointed. It’s hilarious to hear the right wing complain when the media does their job: i.e., give the American people basic info about an unknown candidate (Palin) who McCain chose after 1 brief mtg before the day he chose her. How in the world could a fair-minded person complain about trying to understand her policy views (where they exist)or her experience (short as it is). And to say Obama has not been questioned is laughable. Where have you been for the last 2 years? He’s been put through the wringer by the media, his opponents, and the voters, and he’s ended up still on top in the polls. I’m asking for a tiny bit of accuracy in these posts, please.