Day 3: The Republican National Convention (Update)

Newly picked Vice Presidential nominee Gov. Sarah Palin is set to take the stage tonight delivering what some are calling the “speech of her life.” I don’t know if I’d go quite that far, however, it will certainly be important considering the intense media scrutiny.

The 2008 Republican National Convention today announced the full program of events for Wednesday, Sept. 3. The evening’s program will feature remarks by Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, the Republican Party’s nominee for vice president. Among the other speakers participating in this evening’s program are former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney and former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee. The speakers’ remarks will reflect the convention’s overall theme, “Country First,” and the theme for Wednesday’s events, which is “reform.”

Report on Palin’s speech and appearance from MyWay:

ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) – After two days of silence, Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin will step to center stage at the Republican National Convention to prove to delegates that she can help John McCain win the White House despite distracting questions about her family life and qualifications.

Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, once McCain’s rival for the GOP presidential nomination, was to deliver the convention’s keynote address Wednesday. Both Palin, 44, and McCain, 72, also were to be officially voted onto the GOP presidential ticket by convention delegates.

Republicans hoped Palin’s speech – to be delivered before a nationwide television audience Wednesday night – would sell voters on her candidacy despite questions about her qualifications and the thoroughness of McCain’s selection process, to say nothing of the continuing distractions involving her family and her brief tenure as governor.

The addition of Palin to the ticket has excited Republicans here and across the country. She has earned a reputation for taking on entrenched interests in Alaska and is staunchly pro-gun and anti-abortion.

But the stunning disclosure Monday that Palin’s unmarried 17-year-old daughter, Bristol, is five months pregnant – and a continuing drip of potentially embarrassing details – had knocked the convention off message before a rousing program Tuesday night.

Speakers extolled McCain as a war hero and maverick senator while blasting Obama as an untested liberal. The 47-year-old Illinois senator is seeking to become the first black president.

“Democrats present a history-making nominee for president. History-making in that he is the most liberal, most inexperienced nominee ever to run for president,” former Tennessee Sen. Fred Thompson said as delegates roared with delight.

Another report from Reuters:

ST. PAUL (Reuters) – Sarah Palin has dominated the Republican convention for days without making a public appearance but on Wednesday she takes the spotlight with a prime-time speech that will introduce her to American voters.

Since John McCain made the nearly unknown Palin his No. 2, the Alaska governor has been at the center of a media storm fueled by disclosures about her unmarried teenage daughter’s pregnancy, a probe into her role in an Alaskan official’s firing and questions about the her political record.

McCain, 72, an Arizona senator, and Palin will be nominated by the convention on Wednesday to face Democrat Barack Obama and his vice presidential running mate, Joe Biden, in the November 4 presidential election.

Palin’s anti-abortion and pro-gun record have excited conservatives and party activists but the appearance on Wednesday will be her first chance to directly tell American voters her life story and philosophy.

It comes just five days after McCain shocked the U.S. political world by introducing the 44-year-old first-term governor as his running mate at an Ohio rally.

Will update again when the official prime time scheduled has been released.


Video from the Associated Press of Gov. Palin exploring the convention stage:

Gov. Palin is scheduled to speak around 10:30 pm eastern.

More to come later..


Former eBay CEO and McCain supporter Meg Whitman:

Former HP CEO and current McCain adviser Carly Fiorina:

Former Massachusetts Governor and 2008 Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney:

Former Arkansas Governor and 2008 Republican Presidential candidate Mike Huckabee:


Rudy Giuliani’s entire convention speech:

Report on Giuliani’s keynote speech from Yahoo News:

ST. PAUL, Minn. – Rudy Giuliani, mayor of New York during the Sept. 11 attacks, said Wednesday night that Barack Obama and the Democrats “are in a state of denial” about the threat of terrorism against the United States.

Giuliani said Republican presidential candidate John McCain can be trusted to confront and defeat “anything that terrorists do to us.”

He reminded the Republican National Convention that he’d said in a Republican campaign debate a year ago that had he not been running for president himself, he would have been supporting McCain.

“Well, I’m not, and I do,” he said in what was to have been a keynote address but wound up late on the convention agenda.

One by one, Giuliani, Mitt Romney and Mike Huckabee, all losers to McCain in the contest for the Republican nomination, urged delegates to send their former rival to the White House. The also-rans teamed up in a head-on lunge at Obama, questioning his ability to protect the nation in perilous times and delivering a hard-line partisan call to GOP arms on behalf of the man who ran against them — and beat them — with a promise to be less partisan.

The three told the convention that McCain and Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, his running mate, are the right choice for the future of America and that Obama would be the wrong one.

Giuliani praised Palin as “one of the most successful governors in America — and the most popular.”

She’s been governor for two years, after eight as mayor of tiny Wasilla, but Giuliani said she’s ready for the vice presidency. “She already has more executive experience than the entire Democratic ticket,” he said.

Giuliani said Obama is a celebrity senator without a record of leadership or legislation.

“He’s the least experienced candidate for president of the United States in at least the last 100 years,” he said to the cheering, chanting convention. “Nobama, nobama,” came the chants from the floor and the galleries. And “Zero, zero” when Giuliani said Obama has no experience.

Giuliani said that is not a personal attack — “it’s a statement of fact. Barack Obama has never led anything. Nothing, Nada …

“The choice in this election comes down to substance over style,” he said. “John McCain has been tested. Barack Obama has not.”

With that, Giuliani turned to the subject that once led Sen. Joe Biden, now the Democratic vice presidential nominee, to say that his sentences as candidate consisted only of a noun, a verb and 9-11. Giuliani came to national note with his personal leadership in New York after the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center in 2001, which killed nearly 3,000 people. His work in rallying the city vaulted him into the presidential race.

Giuliani sort of acted as the “attack dog” tonight by directly taking on Barack Obama on several fronts.


Here is the video of the entire speech delivered by Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin:

Report on Palin’s speech from Yahoo News:

ST. PAUL, Minn. – Claiming her historic spot on the Republican ticket, vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin uncorked a slashing attack on Barack Obama Wednesday night and vowed to help John McCain bring real change to Washington.

“Victory in Iraq is finally in sight; he wants to forfeit,” she said of the Democratic presidential nominee.

“Al-Qaida terrorists still plot to inflict catastrophic harm on America; he’s worried that someone won’t read them their rights.

“Government is too big; he wants to grow it.”

A packed Republican convention hall roared at every line delivered by the 44-year-old Alaska governor, the first woman ever named to a Republican national ticket.

The Alaska governor had top billing at the convention on a night delegates also lined up for a noisy roll call of the states to deliver their presidential nomination to McCain. At 72, the Arizona senator is the oldest first-time nominee in history, collecting his party’s top prize after pursuing it for the better part of a decade.

After days of convention-week controversy, much of it surrounding her 17-year-old, unmarried pregnant daughter, Palin drew cheers from the moment she stepped onto the convention stage, hundreds of camera flashes reflecting off her glasses.

“Our family has the same ups and downs as any other, the same challenges and the same joys,” she said as the audience signaled its understanding.

In her solo debut on the national stage, she traced her career from the local PTA to the governor’s office, casting herself as a maverick in the McCain mold, and seemed to delight in poking fun at her critics and her ticketmate’s political rivals.

Since taking office as governor, she said she had taken on the oil industry, brought the state budget into surplus and vetoed nearly one-half billion dollars in wasteful spending.

“I thought we could muddle through without the governor’s personal chef — although I’ve got to admit that sometimes my kids sure miss her.”

Not surprisingly, her best-received lines were barbs at Obama.

“I guess a small-town mayor is sort of like a `community organizer,’ except that you have actual responsibilities,” she said, a reference to Obama’s stint as a community organizer.

No arguing that tonight was a successful night for McCain and a very successful night for Palin. Her speech was chock full of red meat content for conservatives who desperately need reasons to get excited about McCain. Of course, her candidacy will continue to play out over the next few weeks as we find out where the polls are going to settle.

John McCain is going to have a tough time topping Palin’s speech in front of this convention crowd.


Various media reactions to Palin’s speech:


CBS News:

More to come shortly…

  • U.S.A.

    Debate policy, that is fine. The smart remarks to attack just show fear. She has no idea about the people she speaks about. Another example of poor choices by McCain.




  • Republican men everywhere are salivating and Conservative women are smiling!!!

    Talk about “fear” U.S.A, you wasted no time with the insults on both Sarah and myself. It seems to me that you’re drowning in estrogen. If you can’t swim with the big girls get out of the pool!

  • Stalin

    That was awesome. USA, you are a very poor sport. Palin just scared the crap out of you…admit it.

  • U.S.A.

    Im not looking to insult. I just hate to see people who are so biased claim they are fair. You are the most biased person I have read on this site. Again, not an insult. Take it personal if you want. It seems that may be your nature but when you claim to be fair and then post so different….its wrong. I like Palin but I don’t think she is VP material. It is fair for me to have an opinion. By the way, you are so stuck on this gender issue, tell us what do you think about Clinton? She is a woman. DONT BE A HYPOCRIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I mentioned this in my response to you on my commentary page, fix your spelling before you call anyone a hypocritE. Don’t you proof read? I also answered your Hillary question in my commentary posting!

  • U.S.A.

    What does that mean? Scared me? I have never met the woman. She has never made threats against me. I think I could take her on a one on one. I like her actually. She could do good things as mayor of my town. I never said she was an idiot. She is smart. She is HOT and she has nerve. She also has a big family and a group or people in her state that like her but she has no business in the white house yet. McCain picked her to get the Clinton votes. You know it as do I. You had no idea who she was really two weeks ago and now because McCain said she was good you jumped on the wagon. Don’t vote if you have no interest in making the right choice. If you want to loose the party Identity long enough to learn what you are doing then maybe you will help this country to pick a good leader.

  • U.S.A.

    Consevatrive GaLL
    Sory abot my spelig. do u 4 giv me????%$&*
    Don’t like it when someone tells you what type of person you seem to be do you? LOL

  • Stalin


    I’m talking about her politics man. You are scared of her politics, not physically. Please explain to me how Obama belongs in the White House, but Palin, who has more executive experience, doens’t belong…



    Actually I do not believe I should even write that out because you do not embody what the United States of America means and how its people are. You are from a small fragment who hates and despises this country and all its good. You are an ignorant, intolerant, person, and this is coming from someone who may not be the best poster and may not be liked by most on this site, but I never drop down to such low standards as you have been displaying lately. It is completely immature, and childish, especially to say to a woman I find it despicable, and down right gross. Learn some manors and act like an adult for once in your life otherwise be quite and grow up!

  • As for experience, how is it that Obama has more experience than Sarah? He’s never run anything, just his mouth!

  • U.S.A.


    First let me go back and find where I said Obama belongs in the White House……

    Ok, I did not see that so I’ll let you answer

    Don’t ASSume you know where I stand just because I speak the truth about Pailn. I still say I could take her…

  • Stalin


    Clever use of capital letters. OK, well you are obviously not voting for McCain/Palin, so you are either under 18, which is quite possible after reading some of your posts, or you are voting for Obama or a 3rd party. Truth is, I just don’t care.

  • U.S.A.


    LOL, That is a wild post man. Funny stuff there. I don’t know why you are speaking to me. I have said all along that I like Palin. Just because I don’t think she has VP qualities don’t mean I think she sucks.

    You are way off base here but that is ok. You people don’t scare me. You can attack, I can handle it.

    I’ll assume if I may that you are not an idiot although it may be hard to do. Back up, read, and tell me what you post was all about!

  • Christopher Schwinger

    Not a good idea for Sarah Palin to accept the VP slot; McCain is known for his adulterous affairs.


    Its about you using childish attacks on people and making yourself look more like a dumb ass than me on here. It is saying you are just a downright loser.


    Is that supposed to be funny because it wasn’t at all.

  • U.S.A.


    You care!
    That is why you lost control of your mouth and let you fingers prove your ASSumptions. And by the way, I’ll be 33 soon.

    How is my spelling?

  • U.S.A.


    You just posted this:

    “Its about you using childish attacks on people”

    Read what I wrote and what you wrote. Go ahead, I’ll wait….

    Now who is the LOSER!

  • Stalin


    When you have something intelligent to say, let me know. You are a child.

  • U.S.A.

    To all:

    Any of you post here just where I stand on this election without assuming anything. You claim I attack the candidates. You have no idea where I stand or who I support.

  • U.S.A.


    Did I shut you up that easy? Listen more and learn. You can be smart. I believe in you!

  • nyth

    Don’t feed the trolls?


    Your the real trolls.

  • U.S.A.

    I am guessing that it is rare that someone comes in and proves most of you to be biased idiots without any knowledge of right and wrong and without a party tag like I have done tonight huh? I hope you learn a lesson from someone you know nothing about.

    If you have kids it is their future you are putting at risk here. Stop looking for an arguement and start learning what needs to be talked about. What a bunch of HYPOCRITS. Can you read this spelling Conservative Gal? Even spelled wrong you get the message.

  • I don’t know whether I’m impressed or shocked that Obama_Sucks is married…LOL Perhaps Mrs. Sucks_Obama should be VP?

  • OBAMA_SUCKS and U.S.A: please drop the personal attacks here. There is a plethora of footage from this post to attend to, and issues to talk about, so perhaps turn to that.

  • U.S.A.


    I was the first to post here and I attacked no one. I just stated my opinion of Palin. Attacks were thrown my way because I spoke the truth so while I am guilty to some degree, I would say you should teach this to you regulars on here first.
    Seems they all want to fight and not talk about real issues.

    In a different post I did post facts about one of the others on here first. Sorry

  • IndyConservative

    The basic fact is: there is no unmediated experience. So, when USA claims that he ” just hates to see people who are so biased claim they are fair,” what he means is that he hates most, if not all, people…”Fairness” doesn’t exist–which is what the American Left doesn’t get: we can legislate and/or “talk” with our enemies (inside and outside our nation) but the basic fact is that someone (a person, people, or nation) always wants to be “on top.” I’d rather it be the United States than Iran or North Korea with power–if the Golden Child is elected, he’ll finish the project started by the Clintonistas–sell our technology secrets to other nations and negotiate our surrender (hence Biden’s claim that Obama may pursue criminal charges against the Bush administration; the moment a former President is tried in the Hague is the moment the United States loses its sovereignty and power). McCain’s not much better as a choice: South Park boiled it down correctly, methinks–an election is always between a giant douche and turd sandwich. McCain at least will only postpone the inevitable as the Left continues its assault on the Constitution…we need a true nationalist in power!

  • PeoplePower

    Wow! How the train has derailed here. Let’s hear it for personal attacks from the lot of you…

    Day 3 – things I found troubling and things I liked:

    Light stuff first – Governor Palin’s youngest daughter (Willow?) is a *tremendous* ham! Too funny to watch her when she knew the cameras were on her… 😉

    Lots of attacks on the character of a man who has had as much experience as the Republican Party’s founder. Was Abraham Lincoln a bad president? H*ll NO! Did he lead us through a difficult time in our history? H*ll yeah! Can Obama do the same? I am quite confident he can, else I would have fought for Hillary or be voting McCain.

    Leadership is more than simply running the daily business of a city or state or any office. It’s not a quality that can, or should, be simply pegged to legislation passed or whether one bill was fought against more than another. Leadership does include the ability to inspire the people to achieve greater things for greater causes. The jury’s out, for me, whether McCain can inspire people into service. Palin may very well be able to.

    The Republicans and Democrats have very similar plans for freeing us from a dependency on foreign oil. Neither should really say the other’s is worse, but they both did. Although, I’d have to say the Republicans made it sound like the Democrats had no plans at all for it, which is wrong.

    Why drill in ANWAR and offshore when there are millions of **leased** acres available for drilling *already*?? Why don’t we start in those places first and then consider the other areas?

    I didn’t notice personal attacks on John McCain at the DNC. I did notice attacks on his policies. On the other hand, there has been a fair amount of attacking Obama’s character and person, rather than his policies at the RNC.

    Although, I think a few of the former candidates did a pretty good job of focusing on their policies for attack.

    One thing that commonly gets missed when Republicans talk so brazenly about shrinking the federal government and pork barrel spending – they are extremely guilty of bloating the government. They had full rule of the roost for the first 6 years of this century…where were the fiscal conservatives then?

    There are a few things I like to point out – sure, the Democrats are known as the “Tax & Spend Liberals”. There’s some truth to that. But the other side of the coin is oftentimes worse – the Republicans are “Borrow and Spend Conservatives”. I’d prefer the former for fiscal responsibility, but the latter *can* work, if what’s being bought adds value.

    I equate this to owning a home. If you take out a 2nd mortgage on your home and spend the money travelling across the country or overseas – you’ve added a lot of debt to your home w/o any gain in value. A big loss in your financial situation.

    If, on the other hand, you take out a 2nd mortgage on your home and build an addition – the debt is “good debt” as you’ve added value for the extra debt you took on. Sure, you owe more, but your home has more value to make up for it.

    Both parties are talking about coming together for change. Perhaps some of these visceral attacks here can be put aside so we can discuss the actual issues?

  • U.S.A., I understand what you are saying. We welcome everyone’s point of views at this website and do our hardest to keep the temperament civil, but occasionally things get a little heated. It comes with the territory. Thanks for your understanding.


  • Dreadsen

    “the Left continues its assault on the Constitution…we need a true nationalist in power! ”

    LOL!!! It’s the left huh?

    Sometimes i am beginning to think there are a lot of trolls here. No one could say that and be serious.

    In case you are serious.

    It has been the Bush admin with the full on assault on the constitution lately. The dems just sit by and let him do it. And even with evidence to do something about it they still refuse to take action. So both of them are equally bad in making the constitution a joke

  • PeoplePower

    Ginger – no way you’re a Democrat. Were you, you’d know more about Obama’s background to know he’s not a Muslim, despite having a father who was…awfully vile statements you’ve made!

    IndyCon – we need a true Nationalist?? Nationalism is a horrible approach for our country. We are founded on a principle of three branches of government that are co-equal. Nationalism requires we all march in lock step. It means “my country right or wrong” and would make the Founding Fathers turn in their graves.

    It’s clearly stated in the Declaration of Independence that should the government of the USA become tyrannical the people should have a revolution to throw the tyrants out of power, *again*. They also cautioned to only use this under the most dire of circumstances.

    The tyranny of a nationalistic president could be one of those circumstances, but I think things would have to get much worse before a full out revolution could be on the table.

    Dems trample on the Constitution??? Hardly! Who pushed through warrantless wire-tapping, spied on the citizens of this country and has committed torture in the name of this country? The appointed president GW Bush. Stubbornness is *not* leadership. Whipping up a nationalistic fervor and calling your opponents traitors and cowards is not leadership – okay, it *is* leadership, just not in a Democracy.

    There are dictators across the world who are citing GW Bush’s actions as excuses for their own abuses of power. Is that the kind of leadership we want/need to inspire the world to greater heights of humanity? Would Reagan or GHW Bush think this was a good thing?? H*ll NO! They were statesmen!

    We will not lose our sovereignty if Bush gets tried in the Hague. If he truly committed war crimes, which there’s definitely arguments that he has, he should be punished.

    And before you get up in my face about this, please look at it from a different angle – how would you feel we should act if President Clinton had illegally spied on the American people? If he had ordered torture of prisoners? If he had slapped down dissent with an iron fist and called the dissenters traitors? I’d bet you’d be out for blood, as this is much much worse than any blue dress you can imagine.

    I am a Liberal-leaning Independent and I *love* my country. But I am also completely capable of not agreeing or supporting a government that is doing wrong. And until we can understand the difference between hating America and thinking the government is breaking the law or doing harm to the country, we will never hold them to account…We’ll be enfeebled in our protection of this country by falling into partisan bickering rather than holding the politicians feet to the fire – and I mean *ALL* politicians.

  • Jared

    PeoplePower, Finally…A rational person talking about the topic at hand. A couple of things though:

    “Lots of attacks on the character of a man who has had as much experience as the Republican Party’s founder. Was Abraham Lincoln a bad president?”

    Times have changed. An ideal candidate today should be experienced in foreign affairs, the global economy and todays markets. I think this is the same reason why Palin’s experience is being attacked. The VP and prez plays a much larger role today.

    “The Republicans and Democrats have very similar plans for freeing us from a dependency on foreign oil.”

    I totally agree on this. Why waste your time putting down the other parties energy policy when you could be talking about and moving towards solutions that include the combination of drilling here or there and forming alternative fuel. Let’s forget about what side or who believes mankind is responsible for global warming, we clearly need to move beyond our current problems.

    “I didn’t notice personal attacks on John McCain at the DNC.”

    There were a couple non-issues brought up during the DNC (7 home gaffe), but nothing compared to what happened tonight. I really do get a sense of fear coming from the Republicans when they attack non-issues. I guess it’ll always be a necessary part of politics but the entertaining part is how the other side tries to flips these issues on their head.

    One thing that I haven’t been sold on still is Palin’s experience. I believe it was Indiminded who pointed out that if you’re basing your vote on experience, then you’re screwed at this point in the election. So then what? Should that person base their opinion on ‘change’ in washington, health care, or the war, without experience in mind? In either case, I feel McCain has tossed out his core attack against Obama and it shows when Palin gives a speech to the choir and I’m still not convinced that she’s got the experience to be VP. That’s how I felt anyways.

  • Mike11

    This is the ultimate example of the media behaving like a bunch of elitists liberals…

    Every proud conservative and republican should read this.

    Babs, I dedicate this article to you.

  • Grady

    i love Sarahs way of speaking and her voice, but i hate their way of holding the country

  • Chris, your comment is beneath you and the very definition of sexism, so I’ll point the finger at you now as being a male chauvanist pig. That’s not name calling Michael, that’s identifying a bacteria. It’s scientific. 😉

    Mike11, you can stick your dedication where the sun don’t shine.

    Last night the RNC hit the ball way out of the park, and it’s about time. Sarah Palin is the breath of fresh air McCain needed, and his choice of Sarah was brilliant. I particularly enjoyed Rudy’s speech, he was having a really good time and drew me into it happily.

    Sarah presented herself with a lot of class. For anyone who called her (in the media) sarcastic, I would ask them to speculate on just how sarcastic and nasty she could have been considering over the last few days the media has 1) Tried to paint her helpless 5 month special needs child as the illigitimate child of her 17 year old daughter, 2) tried to crucify her 17 year old daughter as a slut and trash for becoming pregnant by a young man she has dated for over a year and planned to marry even before the pregnancy, 3) tried to crucify her as a bad mother of a 17 year old who has made no more of a mistake than 10s of millions of other teenagers have made over the last 100 years, 4) has stolen her social security number (a federal offense) in an attempt to either dig up dirt or plant dirt, and 5) has tried to crucify her for having a career and a family. Had I had that much mud slung at me during that time, you can bet my speech would have been more than a little sarcastic, it would have had to be censored and edited to high heaven. She showed grace, class, wit, and maturity, and my hat is off to her for rising above the no class liberal media.

    Oh, and USA, I’m not a Republican, I’m a registered Democrat and a self proclaimed Independent, so if that’s what you’re claiming to be, you’re not the only one here as you think. O_S is very passionate about his candidate, as am I and as is Stalin. Because we are, there are some here that view us negatively. That’s fine. He who laughs last, laughs best. 😉

  • Will

    “O_S is very passionate about his candidate, as am I and as is Stalin. Because we are, there are some here that view us negatively”

    Hardly…it’s more the way you carry yourself and how completely biased your posts are.

  • And you are so unbaised, aren’t you? Judge not, kid.

  • Will

    Please quote me where I’m being biased. But hey, I’m glad you consent to being biased. Case closed.

  • Babs: He who laughs last probably didn’t get the joke in the first place. 😉


    Liberals are to funny. WIll im not going to go back and find where you have been biased. You can never admit when you are actually wrong on something or admit that you do something. You liberals always think your above the average and feel like you are actually better in some ways. It is truly funny.

    I am biased and I wont deny it and wont act in a state of denial that you act in LOL. 🙂

  • Dreadsen


    You feel that anyone who opposes even a slight thought of yours is Liberal. I wish you and others who think like you would stop lumping everyone together. You even have called some people on here who were CONSERVATIVE liberal because they opposed you on ONE issue.

  • Listen, there is not one person on this board who is not “biased” for their candidate. That’s what it’s all about – speaking up for your candidate and their policies. If you’re an Obama supporter, you’re biased towards Obama and will argue til you’re blue in the face for him. Same for McCain supporters. Let’s not point fingers about pointing fingers. If you want to participate on a board somewhere where there is no bias for either candidate, I sure don’t know where you’ll find it. If it bothers you that supporters stand up for their candidate here, don’t participate. If you want to hear all glowing remarks for Obama, go to his forums. Same for McCain. Otherwise, get used to it if you’re going to stay here.

  • PeoplePower

    Let’s hear it for Babs! Well said.

    At this point we have two candidates who are running on the idea of bringing the country together. They both have their own ways of putting forth their ideas and ideals. They’re both valid approaches.

    I think we can all learn a lesson from them by working to find the best ideas that we can all agree upon rather than “MY idea being the best”.

    While I’d hate for this to be a Kumbaya moment, the idea is simple from my perspective:

    I love this country. I think we can do amazing things here and for the world. But this will never come to pass if we fight to the death over issues and tear each other up over little things.

    I am not a social conservative. I can’t bring myself to agree with their stands. However, I certainly can empathize with their feelings and the issues that are important to them.

    While I think that women should be allowed to make their own choices about their medical treatment – decisions best left to them, their doctor(s) and their God – I also don’t think we should poo-poo abortion as no big thing. It is a big thing.

    Do I have a solution? No. I can’t do it alone and my convictions cannot speak for everyone else’s. And therein lies the rub, your (any of you) convictions cannot speak for me or anyone else’s here.

    We need a reasonable approach to work on the causal nature of social issues rather than simply trying to force our convictions upon the rest of the country.

    Obama and McCain both want to reach across the aisle to help this country. They can’t do it alone. The partisan rancor and bickering in Congress needs to be turned on its head to allow what’s best for the country to supercede what’s best for the party.

    Kumbaya, my Lord, Kumbaya… 😉

  • Yaaay, we should vote Babs for President.
    Click —-> HERE

  • I love it!!! Babs your famous!