Day 1: The Republican National Convention (Update)

The gavel went down on day 1 of the RNC with an initial call to begin donating money to disaster relief. In the same spirit, I’ll repeat what they asked here since it applies to anyone concerned with the hurricane relief efforts.

Delegates and home viewers were asked to do the following:

Text the word: GIVE
To the number: 24375

This will donate $5 on your cellular bill to the American Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund. You can donate more than once.

Report on the opening from Yahoo News:

ST PAUL, Minn. – The Republican Party has gaveled its 2008 presidential nominating convention to order, ready to have Sen. John McCain carry the party’s banner this fall against Democrat Barack Obama.

The party stuck with its plan to proceed with the long-planned convention despite the distraction of Hurricane Gustav’s strike along the Gulf Coast earlier Monday. President Bush, who had been expected to appear at the convention Monday night, called that off so he could go to Texas to monitor the storm developments.

Party chairman Robert Duncan told delegates Monday’s session would be abbreviated and he urged them and people watching at home to help people whose lives have been disrupted by the hurricane. His first formal word was an explanation of how people can make donations on their cellular phones. Duncan said: “Through a simple text message, you can give help to your countrymen.”

Another report from AOL News:

The opening day program was shorn of political rhetoric, and trimmed to two and a half hours from an intended seven in deference to the threat Gustav posed to New Orleans and other areas along the Gulf Coast.

Rather than a keynote address or other political oratory, the convention programmers gave McCain’s wife, Cindy, and first lady Laura Bush top billing to make televised appeals for help for hurricane victims. The governors of four Gulf states were speaking by videotape.

Aides said they would determine the podium schedule for the balance of the week on a day-to-day basis.

The other business of the convention’s opening session was adoption of a party platform, a document that largely sidesteps the national debate about the Iraq War.

“The waging of war – and the achieving of peace – should never be micromanaged in a party platform. … In dealing with present conflicts or future crises, our next president must preserve all options,” it said.

It appears that Laura Bush, Cindy McCain, and others are still scheduled to speak this evening at some point.

Will update later as the day develops….


Laura Bush and Cindy McCain addressed the delegates and introduced pre-recorded video messages from 4 Gulf Coast Governors.

Laura Bush’s introduction and the recorded messages from the governors:

Cindy McCain speaks after Mrs. Bush:

That was about it for the convention activities today. Nothing major, of course, as the focus was solely on hurricane Gustav’s landfall on the Gulf Coast. Tuesday is supposed to be more of a normal schedule assuming there are no major disasters related to Gustav’s aftermath.

Will update on Tuesday with the speaking schedule and all important video.

  • How much of an impact do you think (if any) Hurrican Gustav will have on the Presidential race now that the GOP convention isn’t going to plan?

    I’m a bit disappointed in Michael Moore for saying that Hurricane Gustav is proof of divine intervention because it’s going to disrupt the convention. What a dickhole of a comment and I kinda like Michael Moore.

  • Dreadsen

    Well Pat Roberson I believe said the same thing. That God sent hurricane Katrina. Well what would be his explanation now that this Hurricane is sent right in the middle of the GOP convention stealing away their media dominance they just recently acquired.

  • CBtheobserver

    I believe that such a remark should be viewed as sarcasm, employing the self-righteous language of the Republicans to make a point. They are usually the ones who are quick to describe natural disasters and human suffering as judgment from God. I understand that some of them were even praying for bad weather to disturb the DNC. Well, it seems that their prayers were answered, only a week later.

  • Thanks for posting this Nate, I didn’t get to see any of it over the weekend.

    Dreadsen, it was atrocious when Pat Roberson said it, and it’s atrocious that Michael Moore is still on the planet to say it. Not to mention the S.C. democrat that said “God is on our side”. They should have all been strapped to a tree in the eye of the storm.

  • grady

    anybody noticed how many times that Laura said thank you. its really i hate her sound of laugh after her each sentence.i just got chilled.

  • Jake

    It cracked me up when Laura was trying to get the crowd calmed down and she was just giggling 🙂

  • Either of you notice how long that crowd cheered her causing her to say thank you that many times or requiring her to “calm the crowd down”? Geez, we have some kids onsite today.

  • Dreadsen

    hahahaha i agree with strapping Michael Moore to a tree with Pat Robertson. But as much respect hurricanes get we may actually be insulting the Hurricane by forcing it to keep such company.

  • Dreadsen

    Any way in defense of Laura Bush if you all noticed Bill Clinton had to say thankyou a million times as well. for the same reason Laura did. So if you are going to attack Laura Bush then you have to attack Bill Clinton as well. Both of them had such a strong applause which wouldn’t stop.

  • These conventions are filled to the rafters with rabid supporters, they get themselves all worked up into a frenzy, then can’t help themselves.

    I’m surprised Laura Bush got huge cheers, despite her not very bright husband being the President, she’s a very likeable person.

  • Hu Jintao

    yeah,nzpudding,we all know her husband is a
    and Laura appeared to be like him when she was

  • Pats

    I’m not in America but following the American Presidental campaign.What is amazing is Giuliani’s diffentiation of the Change the Democrats talk about and the Change the Republicans talk about. From Obama’s acceptance of his nomination speech, it’s clear that one of the changes he advocates is giving power back to the people and not the leader. The Republicans, so far, are showering praises on their leader. Are they preparing to reward him for his deeds as change?
    When I see the Republicans waving their slave masters’ hats instead of flags, it just occurs to me that they want to reverse America to the era of slavery as a form of change.
    Please please please Republicans, America has moved away from your type of change. Say this to Giuliani.