Video: Jesse Jackson wants to cut Obama’s “nuts” off!

This one is too funny to pass by. I’m a couple days late but it’s hilarious I think. Don’t you love it when you get to know what’s really going through someone’s head? Bless those “hot mics” since they always provide priceless material.

Here’s the video of Jackson whispering the statement to another dude while they wait to go on the air for Fox News Sunday this past weekend:

Here’s Jackson apologizing on Wolf Blitzer’s program:

Here is Jackson explaining his comment to Great Van-Susteren:

So he has managed to sort of weasel his way out of the statement, however, I don’t think we’ll see Obama and Jackson campaigning together anytime soon.

  • Dreadsen

    I heard he said more things than this but they couldn’t play some of the other things.
    Now I was watching Fox and Friends in the morning when they were covering this story. It was interesting to see how they stayed away from Jackson saying that Obama is talking down on black people. They tried to talk about the portion of his statement about the Faith Based programs.
    Now here is my spin on it. When Bill Cosby first came out making some tough and harsh statements to the Black American community there were so many conservatives jumping for joy. Rush Limbaugh, Bill O’reily and other people who probably have a poor view of black people were playing Bill Cosby sound bites and interviews with glee. They were very selective in WHAT they chose to talk about from his book.
    Some people were saying that Bill Cosby was talking down to black people as well.
    Now Obama is making similar statements in a Chicago Church about parental responsibilities and in Georgia about kids dropping out because they think they are a good basketball player or a good rap artist. And there have been complaints of HIM talking down on black people. These are the statements
    Jesse Jackson is talking about when hey says “he’s talking down to black people”. But notice the same people ( limbaughs, hannity, etc) who were so happy with Cosby aren’t going to give Obama the same credit lol!

  • Christopher Schwinger

    It’s unreal that someone could remain a preacher after scandal like that.

  • Dreadsen

    Hey Chris this is peanuts compared to that illegitimate child he had and was paying this woman like $30,000 a month on the side. You would have thought his career would have been long over after that!
    but i think most of his career is more of Operation Push organization then being in the pulpit. Is he currently preaching at a church now? I don’t think he is but i may be wrong.

  • Dreadsen

    Well there is a rise of people in Chicago asking him to step down from “Operation Push” now. Some group called “AmeriCAN” are rounding up people.

  • Josh

    It’s not surprising that Jesse Jackson doesn’t like Obama for two reasons. Number one, Jackson doesn’t like anybody that doesn’t blab on about how terrible White people are, because he’s a major racist. Also, a Black president would really take away from a lot of Jackson’s appeal to his constituency. The power of people like Jackson and Sharpton comes from a percieved atmosphere of unfairness and racism in America, thus a black president would be very unfavorable to these types. I wouldn’t be surprised if Jesse Jackson were to secretly work against Obama for this reason.

  • Christopher Schwinger

    The whole label “civil rights” is a joke, and more or less a hoax. Jesse Jackson clamoring for “civil rights” DOESN’T mean equal treatment for blacks; it means EXTRA-SPECIAL treatment for blacks! I’ll bet Josh is right that Jackson is going to work against Obama.

    I also agree with Dreadsen that this whole conservative-liberal sparring is getting to me, because both sides create undue stereotypes and tend to take people out of context. However, I also strongly disapprove of attempts to create “compromise for the sake of unity”; “I’ll support a bill for amnesty for illegal aliens if you agree to a national right to life amendment.” And socialist programs like the ones FDR set up have created trouble and need to be disassembled. Bernanke of the Federal Reserve admitted that the Fed created the Great Depression. What he didn’t say is that it was coordinated perfectly with Roosevelt’s tenure so that people would welcome socialism. Socialism makes the rise of a dicatorship many times easier.

  • Babs

    Dreadsen, you and I agree on this one. Except that I think Fox used some restraint on what they did compared to what they COULD have done. I give them credit for making the issue over the Faith Based programs and not a racial issue, like Jackson’s point was. The scuttlebut on the blogs is that the part of the tape that Fox with held (remember them saying they weren’t going to show it all?) was extremely racially charged with Jackson calling Obama the “n” word, and this was according to a Fox employee supposedly. Of course, I don’t see that being any worse than threatening to cut his testicles off, but kudos to them anyway for withholding it.

    I think Josh is 100% in his anaylsis, and it seems to be a popular one. I recall Jackson making a local appearance here when we had the 100 year flood, trying to rally a march among blacks (almost 80% of the population here) to claim white people built the dams on the river so that black peoples homes would be flooded. Twenty people showed up to march. Apparently Jackson’s “civil rights” movement is long dead among the black community as well.

    I am going to say this, though. Obama accepted Jackson’s apology through his spokesmen and has refused to comment on it. Would anyone here venture a guess as to what Obama and his campaign’s response would have been if a WHITE man had made those same statements about Obama?

  • nzpudding

    Now if Jackson said he wanted to cut Al Sharpton’s nuts off there wouldn’t be a problem. But yeah, if some white honky cracker made the very same statement about Obama, then it would be a whole different kettle of fish.